Days Transcript Thursday 5/19/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/19/16


Episode #12849 ~ Marlena helps Paul cope with post-traumatic stress he's experiencing from being kidnapped and brainwashed; Fynn offers Adriana a nursing job at the hospital; Deimos tells Kate he wants her to sign a prenup; Eduardo is haunted by his past.

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[Hospital monitor beeping]

Marlena: How's he doing?

John: Ah. [Laughs]

Marlena: That's great.

Paul: Hey.

John: Hey. You made it, kid.

Paul: You didn't think I was gonna let you coach the pirates all by yourself. I want those kids to win. [Laughs]

John: Oh. [Laughs]

JJ: Hey.

Gabi: Hey. Shh, she's sleeping. [Sighs] Hey, how come you get to wear sweats and I'm still in this hospital gown?

JJ: My mom doesn't know how to open your closet.

Gabi: Oh. She must have been so happy that you're better.

JJ: Yeah, except it looks like she hasn't slept in a week.

Gabi: Well, no wonder, you were very sick. And you didn't want to take the antivirus medication until after I did.

JJ: I didn't know how much they had.

Gabi: But, JJ, you should--

JJ: Ari needs you, and you were getting weaker.

Gabi: Yeah, but you were worse than I was, and you know that.

JJ: Hey, I didn't, you know, put on my pants and sneak down here to get my--my chops busted.

Gabi: [Laughs] So then why did you come here, then?

JJ: Well, I'm the guy that just found out he's gonna be okay, so why else would I come down here?

Kate: So you want to get married?

Deimos: Isn't that what I just said?

Kate: Don't play games.

Deimos: I wouldn't do something like that.

Kate: Well, when I first suggested it, you seemed less than enthusiastic, so what happened?

Deimos: I thought it over.

Kate: Hmm. And spouses can't be forced to, um, testify against one another now, can they?

Deimos: Well, that's not very romantic.

Kate: Well, what do you say we jump on the Kiriakis jet and we can drink champagne all the way to Vegas. [Clears throat] Your nephew, Justin, he is here, sir.

Kate: Get rid of him.

Deimos: No. [Laughs] Show him in.

Yes, sir.

Nicole: Hey.

Dario: Hey.

Nicole: So they let you out of the hospital, huh?

Dario: I was going crazy in there. I wasn't even sick. Feels like it's gonna rain any minute. You want to take this over to the Brady pub?

Nicole: I have an umbrella. Plus, I want to keep this private.

Dario: Okay.

Nicole: I'll give you the short version. So I'm pretty sure Victor has some other plan to get his brother 'cause he doesn't believe I'll go through with it. And I found out Kate is trying to talk Deimos into marrying her, so maybe there's no time for Victor's plan.

Dario: She doesn't really want to marry this guy, does she?

Nicole: I don't know. But she's definitely not all about the sanctity of marriage.

Dario: Maybe she's afraid she's gonna lose him to you. Doesn't that mean your plan's working?

Nicole: I heard her talking about Vegas. She really wants to nail this guys down as soon as possible. And if that happens, Victor's never gonna get his fortune back and Deimos is gonna get off scot-free for what he did to Maggie. And I can't forget, cannot, I will not let that happen.

John: Kid, this never should have happened to you, man. It's all on me.

Paul: Well, I know you're a big-shot secret agent, but I don't think even you could make a virus.

Marlena: No, but his father could.

Paul: That doesn't make sense. I mean, he was all about how I was supposed to be his successor. Why would he try to kill me?

John: Well, it seems that the virus had A... fairly long incubation period. So I assume if my father was successful in... brainwashing you and turning you, he also would have the ability to cure you of the virus. You know, on the other hand, if he was unsuccessful, the virus was his backup plan.

Paul: So he was ready to kill me and let me spread the virus to most of Salem. The guy doesn't mess around.

Marlena: There were only two deaths.

Paul: And they died because of me.

John: No, because of him. Let's just pray to God that my old man didn't have any other tricks up his sleeve.

Adriana: [Clears throat] This is how you behave, Gabriella? With my granddaughter in the room?

Dario: From what I hear, Kate doesn't waste any time when she wants something. So that means you're gonna have to step up your game, if you know what I mean.

Nicole: Go back to that house and try and seduce him out of marrying her? Tonight? I'm--I'm-- I'm not ready to go that far.

Dario: Well, somebody's got to stop him from going to Vegas with Kate. I mean, your friend, Deimos, has been in prison for, what, 20, 30 years?

Nicole: That's what they tell me.

Dario: Yeah, so that means he's making up for lost time. I mean, I don't think he's the no-sex-before-marriage type.

Nicole: Maybe I can tell him I'm the no-sex-before-marriage type. I mean, you think I can convince him I'm worth the wait?

Dario: I don't know about him, but you wouldn't have to try very hard with me.

Nicole: Stop.

Dario: I'm serious. In this game, you're the perfect package.

Kate: Justin, I don't know why you're here, and I don't really care. Just make it quick.

Deimos: Kate, please. I've been expecting your visit.

Justin: I'd rather not talk in front of Kate.

Kate: Fine. So, are we going to be taking that trip a little later?

Deimos: Tomorrow's as good as tonight.

Kate: Hmm. Of course.

Justin: Kind of soon to be traveling, isn't it? You just took control of Titan.

Deimos: One of the many good things about being very, very rich is I can do whatever I want whenever I want.

Justin: And with whomever you want.

Deimos: Not always the case.

Justin: Meaning what?

Deimos: I'm beginning to learn just how many people want something from me.

[Dramatic music]

Justin: Look, uncle, you're the one who called and told me to come over here. And you said that you had made up your mind about my proposal.

Deimos: So I settle some money on Victor and I get preferential treatment from the DA's office?

Justin: That's what I said.

Deimos: I'm gonna take you up on your offer.

Justin: You made the right decision.

Deimos: I'm not interested in your approval. I just want to know whether I can trust you to keep your word.

Justin: I'm family.

Deimos: Don't make me laugh. I expect you to cover up any... difficulties that I or anyone I employ happens to encounter or create.

Justin: Could you give me a hint about what you mean by "difficulties"?

Deimos: I'm not gonna make this easy on you. I want to see just how quickly you can think on your feet. So just know that when the test comes, and it will come, you're gonna have to recognize it for what it is and act accordingly. I'm gonna keep my eyes on you, nephew. So you might want to keep on your toes.

Gabi: We were just kissing, mommy.

JJ: Yeah, Mrs. Hernandez, I-- I hope you didn't think that--

Gabi: It's okay, JJ. Look, Mommy is old-school about what I do and--and who I date, but I'm a grown woman.

Adriana: I just came to tell you that it seems I may be hired here as a nurse.

Gabi: Mommy, that's great.

JJ: Yeah, yeah, totally is.

Adriana: And I'm happy to see the two of you looking so well.

Gabi: Hmm.

Adriana: Look at her sleeping so peacefully. [Sighs] With her mother beside her.

Gabi: Thanks to JJ. I don't know if you know this, but he wouldn't--he wouldn't take the antiviral medication until he'd made sure I'd had it.

JJ: Well, we're all getting over it now, so let's-- let's just not talk about it.

Gabi: I-I want to talk about it. And I want to talk about you and what you mean to me. It's very important to me.

Marlena: I looked at both of your charts. This virus has taken a toll on both of you. There you go, sweetie.

Paul: Yeah, I know that. I don't even think I've got a middle school fastball right now.

John: [Laughs]

Marlena: Yeah, it'll take a while to get your strength back.

John: Hey, you know, maybe there's something we can do together, you know, hit the gym. You know, maybe we can get ourselves a trainer, put us on a program and--

Paul: I don't even want to think about that.

John: I mean, if you need someone to push you, I'm the guy.

Paul: No, what I meant was I can handle my recovery myself.

Justin: Can you talk or is Maggie with you? Okay, good. I just came from your house. Kate was with Deimos and she wasn't too happy to see me. No, no, he got rid of her. So, he agreed to my proposal. At least that's what he said. I'm not sure. All I know is that things are about to get very interesting.

Kate: Well?

Deimos: Well, what?

Kate: What did Justin want? Did you cut a deal with the DA?

Deimos: Nothing that interesting.

Kate: So, what was it?

Deimos: Just a boring legal matter.

Kate: Justin isn't in private practice anymore. You know, as your fiancée, I think I have the right to know if you're in trouble.

Deimos: I'm not in trouble, and that's all I'm gonna say about it.

Kate: But--

Deimos: Leave it alone. [Clears throat]

Kate: Okay.

Deimos: This is how I do business.

Kate: By keeping secrets from your business partner? What about your wife?

Deimos: I don't know. I've never had one before.

Kate: You know... when I found out what you did to Maggie and to Victor, it gave me pause.

Deimos: Hmm.

Kate: I've been loyal to you.

Deimos: Hmm. What I've done may give you pause, but it also excites you.

Kate: You know, I don't think that you went after me because of my good looks. I think you saw someone who was up to being your lady Macbeth.

Deimos: It's true.

Kate: I saw that.

Deimos: What's that?

Kate: I saw that look in your eyes, just for a moment. I scare you, don't I?

Gabi: Mommy, I'm really happy that you're back but... you can't treat me like I'm 16, okay? Those days are over.

JJ: And if this is about me, I don't know what you've heard, but I have turned my life around just like Gabi has. And I'd never hurt her or Ari.

Adriana: I saw how good you were to them, even when you were sick.

Gabi: So, mommy, can you accept that JJ and I are a couple?

Adriana: Um... only if he's brave enough to come back for another meal with the Hernandez family.

JJ: Are you guys gonna yell at each other like you did before?

Adriana: Mm, probably.

Gabi: [Laughs]

JJ: Awesome.

Adriana: [Laughs]

Deimos: If we're gonna get married, there are gonna have to be some rules.

Kate: Ah. Well, I break rules. That's just the way I am.

Deimos: Too bad. Because you're gonna have to sign a prenup anyway.

Kate: A prenup?

Deimos: Mm-hmm.

Kate: That's for gold diggers. I can take care of myself.

Deimos: Oh, come on, Kate. I'm a very rich man now.

Kate: Oh, I see. So you think I'm just interested in your money.

Deimos: [Laughs] I'd be an idiot to believe that's not part of it.

Kate: Oh, what about me? How do I know you're not after my money?

Deimos: Fine, protect yourself. Draw up your own prenup.

Kate: Dueling prenups? We're just talking about getting married and that's what we're-- that's what we're discussing now.

Deimos: We don't trust each other, Kate. It's what makes life exciting.

Kate: [Laughs]

Deimos: How about another glass of champagne?

Kate: Sure.

Deimos: To us.

[Glasses clink]

Kate: To us.

[Rain patters]

[Cell phone rings]

Nicole: Hey. I need a favor. Oh, come on, Dario. Kate just left the mansion, and this... might be my one chance with Deimos. Someone needs to make sure she doesn't come back here. Okay, there's only one way into Salem and she's driving a red two-seater. Just pick her up where the Salem road turns into main street and follow her. I don't know. I don't care what you do with her, just make sure she doesn't come back here. Thanks, Dario.

[Cell phone signals off]

Nicole: [Sighs]

John: You know what? I think I'll--might check in with the nurses' station and see if they have any idea when you can be released.

Paul: Thanks.

John: Yeah.

Marlena: What was that about?

Paul: I don't know what you mean.

Marlena: You know exactly what I mean. John has shown you incredible kindness, and you dismissed him. Look, I know you care about him, so I don't understand why you would hurt him.

Paul: The last thing I want to do is hurt him. I was trying to protect him.

Marlena: From what?

Paul: Me.

Marlena: [Scoffs] I don't understand.

Paul: You heard John. He said he hopes his father doesn't have any more tricks up his sleeve. But what if that's what I am?

Marlena: You mean because of the mind control? That was all stopped before anything happened.

Paul: He stopped the iv that was giving me the virus, too, but I still got the virus.

Marlena: So do you think you have some subliminal thoughts still floating around in your head?

Paul: Yeah. And--and what if it comes back and tells me to hurt him or worse?

Marlena: Why don't you just tell John what's going on?

Paul: You know John. He's--he'll just say, "oh, the hell with that."

Marlena: I know. He would, but... isn't that better than you just--you just excusing him, dismissing him and not explaining anything? And--and not--not saying anything because you're afraid of what might happen? And what do you want to do? Stay locked up in a room? Your grandfather would love that.

Paul: Aren't you a little bit scared of what I might do to him?

Marlena: Yes, I am. But I saw the look on his face when he knew you were going to be okay. So... I'm willing to risk that if you are.

JJ: I wasn't uncomfortable because you guys were arguing. I-I just left because, you know, I felt like your family didn't need an outsider around.

Adriana: Hmm, are you sure you were not put off?

JJ: No, no. What I was thinking was, you know, this would never happen in a million years in the Horton house, but maybe it should.

Adriana: [Laughs]

Gabi: All right, just think about what you said there, babe.

Adriana: Well, if you feel that way, then you definitely have my blessing to see Gabriella.

JJ: Thank you.

Adriana: Well, now I'm gonna leave you three alone.

Gabi: No, mama, you don't have to go.

Adriana: I'm starving, mi hija, and I'm longing for a shower.

Gabi: Thank you for everything.

Adriana: A mother is supposed to do anything she can to keep her children healthy and happy, mi hija. I'm sorry I wasn't here for such a long time.

Gabi: Well, you're here now. And I meant it when I said I was glad you're back.

Adriana: I am where I belong.

Gabi: Yeah.

Nicole: Hi.

Deimos: Nicole. What are you--

Nicole: Well, I-I got a flat tire halfway down the road.

Deimos: What are you doing? Get in here.

Nicole: And I--I'm gonna drip all over your beautiful carpet. I'm sorry.

Deimos: Oh, I don't give a damn about that. Did you call a tow truck?

Nicole: Yeah, I tried, but my phone died.

Deimos: Oh. Look at you, you even carry off the drowned rat look.

Nicole: I'm sure.

Deimos: All right, look, why don't you go upstairs and have a hot shower. I'll have the maid come up and get your clothes and dry them.

Nicole: Oh, uh, what should I wear while she does that?

Deimos: She'll bring you a robe, too.

Nicole: Okay. Uh, thanks.

Deimos: Sure.

Kate: What happened?

Dario: Corporate world and I you just came into town, right?

Dario: Yeah

[Dramatic music]

Kate: Oh!

Dario: Oh, my--

Kate: What? Why don't you watch where you're going?

Dario: I am so sorry.

Kate: Look what you did.

Dario: I will pay for the drink.

Kate: No, forget it.

Dario: Let me get you another cup of coffee.

Kate: I-I think I know you. Are you--are you Rafe's brother? You just came into town, right?

Dario: Yeah, yeah. The whole Hernandez family is here. Let me--let me find some paper towels for you.

Kate: Wow, yeah. No. No, no, no, that's okay. You--you worked for Titan in-- in Argentina, right? You were in that office.

Dario: Yeah.

Kate: What happened?

Dario: Corporate world and I didn't get along.

Kate: Really? That's not what I heard. I heard that you went right to the top.

Dario: Yeah, I didn't like it up there.

Kate: Huh. So what are you doing now?

Dario: Nothing. So I came back. I was tending the bar at the beach in Malibu.

Kate: Really? Corporate exec to beach bum?

Dario: Worked for me.

Kate: [Scoffs] Yeah. You know, that really doesn't make sense. Why did you--why did you leave? What really happened?

Dario: Let me buy you another cup of coffee and I'll tell you the whole story.

Kate: Actually I can't. I have a-- I have a trip. I need to pack, so, um... [Laughs] But you know, you have piqued my interest. Okay, a cup of coffee.

Dario: Okay.

Kate: Tell me the story.

Dario: Mm-hmm.

John: Okay, here's the deal. Everyone who was infected with the virus must remain in the hospital for another 24 hours for observation.

Marlena: Oh, no, you too?

John: I fall into that category.

Marlena: Oh.

John: Yeah, they want to do some more blood work to make sure we're not contagious or capable of a relapse.

Paul: So, uh... well, looks like we're gonna have to wait a day before we can start hitting the gym.

John: It kind of looks that way. We?

Paul: Well, I figured you could benefit from the advice of a former professional athlete.

John: I would definitely.

Paul: [Laughs] And besides, I-- there's a lot that I need to talk to you about.

Kate: So, tell me why you left Titan.

Dario: I got bored.

Kate: Of Buenos Aires?

Dario: No. No way.

Kate: I wouldn't think so.

Dario: It was the corporate world that turned me off. All the meetings and politics, it just wore me out.

Kate: Really? I thrive on that.

Dario: Not me. I turned in my resignation and came back to the states to chill for a bit.

Kate: No scandal?

Dario: Sorry.

Kate: Oh, man. Why am I sitting here? I am so busy. I have so much to do.

Dario: Okay, okay, okay, look. Here's the deal. I brought some real innovative changes to that office.

Kate: Yeah, I know you did. That's why I didn't understand why you left.

Dario: Because everything I tried to do was an uphill battle. You start trying to change the way people do things, people get nervous.

Kate: Yeah. I need people like you at Titan.

Dario: You offering me a job?

Kate: What? No. Not yet. Although, I would like to keep talking.

Dario: I don't think you're gonna change my mind.

Kate: Well, I want to make the same type of bold changes at Titan, so... if you change your mind, you should, um, give me a call.

Eduardo: Well... what are you two talking about, pray tell?

Kate: Just getting to know each other.

Eduardo: Really? What business do you have with my son?

Nicole: Um... [Clears throat] The maid forgot to bring my robe, and I-- I got cold. This is all I could find in the closet. Neither do I.

Eduardo: Yehse

[Hospital monitor beeping]

[Hospital monitor beeping]

Your chest sounds good. Fever's gone. Now you need to rest. You too.

John: No, I feel fine.

If you don't take care of yourself, a virus like you had can develop into a secondary bacterial infection.

Paul: What's that?

Things like bronchitis, pneumonia.

Marlena: Mm-hmm. What he said.

You need to be back in bed.

John: Okay, I think you made your point. [Laughs] Good. I'll see you tomorrow.

Paul: Thanks.

John: I guess I'll sneak back in later.


Marlena: You are awful.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: John, I was thinking that we should bring Paul home with us when he's released because, you know, I don't want him to be alone, and I-- and I think our guest room is very comfortable--

Dario: What Kate and I are talking about is none of your business. My whole life is none of your business.

Kate: Dario, relax. He's just trying to protect you.

Dario: I needed his protection when I was a kid. Do you know where he was then? Neither do I.

Eduardo: Yeah, yeah. It is a failing of mine. I tend to keep my life a secret even from the people I have actually cared about.

Dario: You wanted to know all about me, and you didn't care to mention that?

Kate: Ancient history.

Eduardo: Which is why I'm wondering what you want from Dario.

Kate: [Scoffs] I was simply talking to him about the possibility of him coming to work for me.

Eduardo: I didn't know you had any interest in the world of fashion.

Dario: I don't.

Kate: Actually, I've had a sort of promotion. I run Titan industries now with Deimos Kiriakis.

Eduardo: Uh-huh. Well, isn't that lovely? So, it turns out Mr. Kiriakis had exactly what you were looking for.

Adriana: Good evening.

Dario: Mommy, they let you go from the hospital.

Adriana: They did.

Dario: Que bueno. And Gabi? Arianna?

Adriana: Doing very well. Thank God.

Dario: [Laughs]

Kate: So is anyone going to introduce me or--

Eduardo: Kate Roberts, I'd like you to meet Adriana Hernandez, the mother of my children.

Dario: Four of them anyway.

Kate: Mrs. Hernandez, it's very lovely to meet you. I'm a--I'm a friend of your son Rafe.

Adriana: Oh. I haven't met many of my children's friends.

Eduardo: Can I walk you home, Adriana?

Adriana: Yeah, thanks. See you later, Dario.

Dario: Of course.

Kate: [Laughs]

Dario: [Chuckles]

Kate: So anyway, if you do want to come in for an interview, give me a call. Thank you for the coffee.

Dario: We could talk about it now if you want. And you can tell me what went down between you and Eduardo, maybe over--

Kate: No. No, I have too much to do.

Dario: Oh, that's right, you have to pack.

Kate: Business trip. Leaving tomorrow.

Dario: Oh, well, I won't keep you then. I look forward to speaking to you when you get back.

Kate: Me too.

Dario: [Exhales sharply]

Nicole: I guess this is Kate's.

Deimos: If you're cold, I can have the maid bring you some tea, coffee.

Nicole: I'd rather have a brandy.

Deimos: Hmm.

Nicole: You're lucky you can play this. I always wanted to learn how to play.

Deimos: Would you like me to play you something?

Nicole: Yes, I would.

Deimos: Do you know any classical, romantic music?

Nicole: No. But I've heard it, and I think it's beautiful.

Deimos: Yeah.

[Piano music]

[Gentle music]

Marlena: Oh, Mama. What was that for? Not--not that I mind. Not that I'm complaining.

John: Oh, I happen to know that you talked to Paul when I left the room that is why he did the complete 180 about us working out together. Oh, the kiss. Well, that was just me saying "thank you." No, actually, that was all of us saying "thank you."

Marlena: You know that I would do anything for you.

John: I know that. And I hope you know I feel exactly the same way.

Marlena: Mm.

Gabi: Did you wake up because I was yelling at your abuela? Or do you just not like that bed?

Arianna: No.

Gabi: No!

JJ: We're in luck. The cafeteria didn't run out of ice cream.

Gabi: What? Look at that. He brought you ice cream. You want some ice cream, baby girl? Yeah? Hey, what about my treat?

JJ: Oh, it's right here.

Adriana: Black roses? Who would send something like that?

Eduardo: "Rest in peace Patrick Johansen."

Adriana: Oh, they were delivered to the wrong house.

Eduardo: Nah, this is the right house.

Adriana: I don't know any Patrick Johansson.

Eduardo: Many... many years ago, I, uh, I had business with him.

Adriana: He's a man you killed?

Eduardo: Yeah. Yeah. Really sorry to say, but yes.

Adriana: I was just thinking that yesterday I was trying to help people stay alive, including our daughter and our granddaughter, but you, you killed people just because someone else wanted them dead.

Eduardo: It was unforgiveable. But like I told you, given the way I was programmed, it didn't feel like a choice.

Adriana: [Sighs] Why would these flowers come now to Rafe's house?

Eduardo: The person who sent them didn't know where I was but probably assumed that you or Rafe would-- would tell me about them.

Adriana: This is some kind of threat, isn't it? You say you left your old life behind. Can you ever really do that? Can we?

[Piano music]

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