Days Transcript Monday 5/16/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/16/16


Episode #12846 ~ André strikes a deal with Aiden; Hope tells Rafe she needs to take things day by day; Fynn finds an antidote for the virus; Steve heads to Los Angeles to find Joey, but he may be too late.

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Marlena: John. You shouldn't be in here. Come on. Let me help you get back to bed.

John: Not gonna happen, sweetheart. No way I'm gonna leave my son right now.

Fynn: You received the chemical makeup of that iv bag hours ago. You must have run it against your database by now. Well, put more people onto it. Do something, for God's sakes! Look, I'm sorry. We're under a lot of pressure here. Please hurry. Any word on Arianna's blood?

Almost finished.

Fynn: How the hell could a three-year-old develop antibodies when none of the adults did?

It's pretty obvious they're going to be the key.

Fynn: Once we identify them, there's gotta be a way to kick-start the same process in the rest of the patients. And it better be soon.

Gabi: Hey, you.

JJ: Hey. How's Arianna doing?

Gabi: Better. Still restless. But my mom's concoction keeps pulling her fever down.

JJ: That's good. That's really great.

Gabi: JJ, you just... you mean so much to me. And I know you're gonna get better soon too. Please, God.

Ciara: Right, Thomas is ready for his trip to the park. Does dad want to come with us?

Chad: No.

Ciara: Come on. It'll do you good.

Chad: I said no!

Hope: Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah?

Hope: Hang on a minute. When you asked me how I feel Aiden... [Sighs] So much has happened.

Rafe: Yeah, you can say that again.

Hope: I mean, finding out that he wasn't the one who tried to kill me, I... it just... just hit me that he was a victim too.

Rafe: In a way.

Hope: And since I thought for so long that he was dead, I... I don't know how to feel about him.

Rafe: Or me.

Aiden: What the hell are you smiling at?

André: I'm just so happy when I get visitors. Not many people want to associate with me.

Aiden: You put me in a hole for over six months.

André: And you're welcome. I saved your life. In my book, a few months in a hole is far better than death by gunshot any day.

Aiden: Well, for those entire six months, I wished I were dead. I want the truth from you. Why did you keep me alive?

[Cell phone ringing]

Kayla: Steve. Any word where Joey is in la?

Steve: No, nothing. But I've arranged for a guy to fly me there. But I'm not leaving yet.

Kayla: What's the holdup?

Steve: I'm not gonna go off to find Joe until I know you're okay.

Joey: People here are pigs.

Jade: Hey there.

Joey: Who is that?

Jade: Oh, his name is Dirk. Met him when you were working on your motorcycle. [Sighs] He's cool. Writes poetry, plays the guitar.

Joey: Like 10 million other guys?

Dirk: Hey. How's my small-town girl doing? Feeling like you're part of the family yet?

Hope: Rafe, please. [Sighs] Don't take this the wrong way, okay? But I feel... I don't know, I... I feel lost. I feel... completely discombobulated. I mean, what I used to feel was really simple.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: But now everything has just gotten turned upside down. It seems so long ago, but I... I mean, I did--I... I fell in love with him and that was huge for me.

Rafe: I know. I know, okay? No. You thought that he was the one that tried to kill you. And he was dead, and now he's back, and here I am. I'm standing here. I'm asking you how you feel about me--okay, just forget it. Honestly, just forget about it, okay? What you need right now is you need time. That's all. You don't need to tell me how you feel about me right now. That is not important--

André: Why did we keep you alive? Simple. We needed a contingency plan, just in the case the man we hired to be you didn't work out.

Aiden: So if he didn't kill hope, you thought you'd bring me back and I would do it? What's the matte with you? I love her.

André: Sometimes it amazes me how stupid you can be, Aiden. The plan was, when hope died, your duplicate would collect the insurance money. We invested a great deal in you for a year just in case the man who was to replace you didn't follow through with the plan. Anyway, who cares now? Everything's moot.

Aiden: Because Bo killed your man.

André: Exactly.

Aiden: Then why would you keep me in that prison? To torture me?

André: Not everything is about you, old boy. We had a couple of unfortunate incidents like... hope murdering my father.

Aiden: Excuse me?

André: Oh, you didn't know? Oh, yes. She shot my father and then she framed me for the murder. [Grunts] That's why I'm here.

Aiden: No, no, no, no. Hope would never do something like that.

André: Why, because she's you're little sweetheart? Oh, she did it, and I'm going to prove it.

Aiden: Really? From behind bars?

André: I know. It's been rather difficult here. I'm gonna get my freedom so I can get out there and do what I need to do. So I'm going to need a good attorney to make sure all this clears for me.

Aiden: Wait a minute. You're not asking me to take your case, are you?

André: You'll find that... it's gonna benefit both of us.

Chad: I'm--I'm sorry I-I snapped. It's just going to the park...

Ciara: I just thought I could take your mind off things.

Chad: Yeah, well, I'm-- look, I just--I have all this work I gotta do. Financial statements-- and we're restructuring DiMera enterprises and I just... I'm a little on edge, so I'm sorry.

Ciara: Yeah, whatever. I'll see you later.

Chad: Hey, look, why don't-- if I finish early, I-I'll come and meet you.

Ciara: Sure. Text me.

Hope: Got an idea how I feel about you now?

Rafe: I definitely didn't expect that.

Hope: I love kissing you.

Rafe: Oh, right back at you.

Hope: Now you know how I feel about you. But, Rafe... Aiden... it's complicated.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Hope: I mean, I did love him. I married him. I'm trying to wrap my head around everything... why didn't I know right away that it wasn't Aiden? I mean, who was this other guy who took his place?

Rafe: It's a hell of a story, isn't it? And it's a lot to take in. One day at a time, I guess.

Hope: Is it okay if we take one day at a time?

Rafe: Yeah. I'm gonna give you all the time and all the space you need, and I'm not... saying that I like it.

Hope: Thanks.

Rafe: Yeah. In fact, let's start right now 'cause I really need to get to the hospital and see my family.

Hope: Give them my love.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: I'm glad we talked. And kissed.

Rafe: Yeah. I liked that part. Talk soon?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: The only thing that would benefit me is seeing your ass in prison for the rest of your life.

André: Don't be so quick to write me off.

Aiden: Would could you possibly offer me except another six months in hell?

André: I could offer you an alibi.

Aiden: Why the hell would I need an alibi?

André: Well, I'm quite sure that Mrs. Jennings wasn't exactly excited to see you. Even if she believed it was you. But if I was to back up your story...

Aiden: DNA did that.

André: And DNA can't explain how you came this close to snuffing the life out of her.

Aiden: Well, I already told her that you kidnapped me, put a new man in my place right after I proposed.

André: And she believed you? Yeah, exactly as I thought. But I can convince her that you are telling the truth.

Aiden: I'll take my chances.

André: You'll lose her.

Aiden: I'll lose her if I represent you.

André: You don't need to show your face in court or even here. Hire a surrogate. I'm sure... that you can find-- and you must know a lot of attorneys-- who are willing to accept a fee while you do all the work.

Aiden: My son is behind bars on rape charges because of you.

André: Me?

Aiden: Yes. Because of you, I couldn't protect him. I couldn't protect hope either because of you.

André: You needed money. You accepted our offer. Don't blame me for your failings.

Aiden: You son of a bitch.

André: Is that the thanks I get for getting you out of dire straits?

Aiden: Let me put it this way. You have a better chance of being canonized than you have of me working for you again.

André: [Chuckles] Saint André. Oh... no. You'll help. You'll be there.

Aiden: Enjoy the big house. I'm sure they will enjoy you.

André: [Sighs] See you soon.

Kayla: Look, I'm not just saying it. My fever is down. And not to mention that the CDC is close to coming up with a serum that's gonna defeat this thing.

Steve: How close?

Kayla: It's hard to tell.

Steve: All right, that's it. I'm coming down there. I need to see you, even if it's just through the glass.

Kayla: And what good is that gonna do? Will it bring our son back? Will it keep Joey from being in trouble? No. I am fine. Joey's the one that's vulnerable right now. You can't abandon him just because you want to make sure that I'm gonna be okay.

Steve: I would never abandon him.

Kayla: No, no, really. You need to go.

Steve: Listen. I'm gonna call you every ten minutes from the plane, you hear me?

Kayla: And I'll answer it. But please. Just go bring our boy home.

Jade: Yeah, I'm getting to know my way around.

Dirk: Good. The more you know, the better it'll be. Where'd you get those eyes?

Joey: Yeah, you know, I'm standing right here.

Dirk: Right. What's your name?

Jade: This is Joey. The guy I was telling you about with the cool bike, yeah? This is Dirk.

Dirk: Hey, man.

Joey: Why don't you take your hand off my girlfriend?

Dirk: Your girlfriend? Huh. Didn't know you belonged to anybody, jade.

Marlena: You have got to think of your own health.

Paul: So many times in this kid's life that I wasn't there for him, doc. There's no way I can leave him now. [Coughing and clearing throat]

Marlena: All right, fine. Then I'm not leaving either.

Fynn: What the hell are you doing out of bed?

Kayla: Have you heard from the CDC?

Fynn: Yes, I was on my way to tell you. They isolated the virus. It ravaged a small province in china back during the cultural revolution. They thought it'd burned itself out, but apparently this one's a mutation.

Kayla: Well, are they gonna be able to get us a anti-viral to beat it?

Fynn: It's already on the way. We analyzed Arianna's blood, found the antibodies she used to fight it. We sent that info off to the CDC. And now they're manufacturing a serum. Thing is, it's gonna be very slow. The first three doses should get here in the next hour or two. The next three doses, an hour later. They'll keep it coming till we've put out the fire.

Kayla; okay, that's great. All right, so one of the first doses will go to Arianna. We'll get her cleared and out of here. The second will be Paul Narita because he's the sickest. And the third will go to JJ Deveraux.

JJ: No. No, Gabi gets the next dose 'cause Arianna needs her mother.

Kayla: No, JJ, your fever has been surging, and that is not good.

JJ: I can make it. Gabi gets the next dose.

Gabi: JJ, just let the doctors decide--

JJ: No, you need to go home with Ari. Okay, I'm not gonna let you inject me. There's no point in fighting me on this.

Kayla: JJ, you can't--

Fynn: Tell you what, JJ. We'll do it your way. The next three doses get here a few hours later anyway. But you gotta get back to bed, is that clear?

Kayla: Listen to Dr. Thompson. I'll get you back to your bed.

Fynn: You get back to bed yourself.

Ms. Hernandez?

Gabi: Yes--is it Arianna?

No, no. Your brother wants to see you.

Gabi: Oh, thank you.

Rafe: Hey. Hey, kiddo.

Gabi: Hey.

Rafe: How are you and Ari doing?

Gabi: I'm fine, but... Mami found a way to bring down Arianna's fever and she's much more comfortable now. I just heard that they have a serum coming and supposedly it's gonna fix us up.

Rafe: That's great.

Gabi: I just-- I hope it gets here in time.

Ciara: I really doubt your dad's gonna come. Let's see what Claire's up to.

Aiden: Ciara?

Ciara: Oh, my God.

Aiden: I know it's gotta be a shock for you. And I'm sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you.

Ciara: Why aren't you in jail? My mom said that you were arrested.

Aiden: My DNA results came back and proved that I... I wasn't the man who tried to kill your--your mother. Look, Stefano DiMera had me kidnapped, kept me prisoner in--in some place-- I don't even know where I was.

Ciara: So you weren't...

Aiden: No! Look, Stefano DiMera had a-a look-alike to do what he wanted done.

Ciara: No, no. This--this is crazy, okay. I don't believe you.

Aiden: You can talk to your mother. She'll tell you everything. I...I... I want to talk to you, Ciara, because you know me. You know that I would never do anything to hurt your mother. You know that. I love her. I love her more than ever. In fact, I want to get back to where we were.

Ciara: Yeah, that's probably not gonna happen. Not after what your son...

Aiden: Hey, look, okay. I, um... I heard about that, and, Ciara, listen to me. I-I... help me here, because I have a real hard time believing that chase would do something like that. Do you think maybe whatever happened was just some sort of mistake?

Ciara: No. It was not a mistake. Your son raped me. There's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber.

JJ: It's not good, huh?

Kayla: Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. You're having these temperature surges. Sweetie, I think you should call your mom.

JJ: No, don't, okay? Look, I... I'm just resting right now. I probably shouldn't have gotten out of bed. It's gonna be okay though.

Kayla: I still think that you should take the third dose.

JJ: Nope. Gabi has a daughter. She's been sick longer than me. She gets the dose.

Kayla: Well, you're either very brave or very foolish.

JJ: I'm just doing what's right.

Kayla: You know, if you were my son, JJ, I'd be really proud of you.

JJ: How's Joey doing? He's not sick, is he?

Kayla: No. He's off doing his own thing.

Joey: Hey, why don't you go hang with your buddies-- give me a second with jade?

Dirk: Why not?

Jade: What's going on? Since when did we get so serious?

Joey: I split town with you. I traveled halfway across the country with you. That kinda does it for me, but if you want to go off with your new friend, be my guest.

Jade: Okay, relax. I was just testing you. You passed. I kinda like it when you want me all to yourself.

Dirk: Time for a food run, guys.

Joey: What?

Dirk: Food run. You drive, Joey. Kinda got a buzz on.

Jade: Okay.

Dirk: Come on! Today--let's go!

[Dramatic music]

Aiden: Ciara, I can... I'm sorry, but I-I just... I just... I can't imagine chase doing something so horrible like this. I mean, he--he loved you like a sister. He admired you. He wanted to please you in every way, so I'm just--

Ciara: No, no. Okay? He kept coming at me. No matter how many times I said no, he wouldn't stop. [Crying] He held me down and he...

Aiden: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just...I-I'm having such a hard time understanding because you two used to love to tease each other and push each other's buttons. Do you think maybe he-- he misunderstood and he thought that maybe--

Ciara: No, he did not misunderstand, okay? His life was a horrible mess and he got off hurting people. It wasn't-- it wasn't even about sex. He just wanted to hurt me and he did.

[Baby crying]

Ciara: Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry. Was I being too loud?

Rafe: What's going on?

Aiden: Ciara and I were just talking.

Rafe: Uh-huh. Maybe it's time you moved on, Aiden.

[Baby crying]

Ciara: It's okay. Um, I just-- I'm gonna take the baby back. Bye.

Rafe: What the hell is the matter with you? Huh? Why would you even go there?

Aiden: [Stammering]

Rafe: What?

Aiden: Look, chase is my son. Help me understand this. How can a boy who I raised with the right values-- how is he capable of doing something so vile?

Rafe: I don't know. I don't know and I understand that this is hard for you. But chase raped Ciara. And he is going to prison. Maria really loves the newest scent from gain.

Kayla: Good news. We have a serum. It's on its way. It won't be long now.

John: Great job, Kayla.

Marlena: That is wonderful news.

John: You hear that, Paul? Serum's on the way. Just hang in there, kid.

Marlena: Kayla, shouldn't you be in bed?

Kayla: No. I gotta do this. I'll rest later.

[Monitor beeping alarm]

John: What's wrong?

Kayla: His SATs are too low.

John: What's that mean?

Marlena: Not enough oxygen in his blood.

Kayla: No. There's a kink in the line. I got it. There, he's better now. All good.

Gabi: Hey, go back to sleep. I just wanted to say thank you. Not for me, for... for Arianna.

JJ: It's worth it. You are worth it.

Abigail: Chad? I'm home.

Chad: What?

Abigail: I'm home. Home--I'm home for good. The only way I can get better is if I'm here with you and Thomas, so I'm home.

Chad: [Stammering] Hi.

Abigail: Hi. It's okay. It's over. It's all over now, okay? Now we can... we can live our happily ever after, finally. Every single day, together, just you and me and Thomas.

[Baby crying]

Abigail: I think somebody needs his mommy. I'll be right back.

[Baby crying]

Ciara: It's okay, little one.

Chad: Hey. That was quick. You're--you're back.

Ciara: Yeah, we are. And you're never gonna believe who I ran into.

Aiden: I've just been so... desperate, you know... locked away... six months, I... made it back here. Wanted to make it right with hope and with my son. Now it's... look, I heard that the same thing happened to you, years ago. Stefano DiMera found a way to create a different you, right?

Rafe: Yeah. I know what it's like to have a chunk of your life disappear. But you can't just walk back through the door as though nothing's changed.

Aiden: Because everything has.

Rafe: For better or for worse, yeah.

Aiden: Yeah. And by better, I assume you mean hope. Saw you two, you're... involved, right?

Rafe: I'm not gonna talk to you about hope or my personal life.

Aiden: None of my business, right? Rafe, we were gonna be married. I loved her and I never stopped.

Rafe: Talking to the wrong person. The person you need to talk to is hope.

[Somber music]

Aiden: Hope... will you marry me? For the fried,

Karl: It is good seeing you, man.

Steve: Mm-hmm.

Karl: Hey, you made-- you made good time, huh?

Steve: Yeah, smooth flight. It's good to see you too, Karl.

Karl: Yeah.

Steve: [Laughing]

Karl: [Stammering] What?

Steve: Uh... I don't know, man. I mean, when you told me you'd quit the company and gone private out here in la, this is not what I expected. Don't you kinda stick out in a crowd? What's with the jimmy buffet look? Why don't you just get a parrot hat and be done with it?

Karl: Says the guy who looks like a pirate.

Steve: Touché.

Karl: Actually... this look fools people every time. I mean, who'd think I was a private eye, huh? Trust me. I get the job done.

Steve: Well, it is what counts, isn't it?

Karl: Okay. You said you needed help. What's happening?

Steve: My son is missing.

[Knock at door]

Hope: What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here.

Aiden: Look, I... I haven't forgotten what you told me-- not to--not to pressure you. But...

Hope: Aiden--

Aiden: Hope. I just want to show you something that's very important and reminds me of how much we love each other.

Hope: Aiden--

Aiden: Just...

[Instrumental music on phone]

Allergies can distract you.

Karl: Okay, so... your boy rode off on your hog with a cute, dark-haired girl named jade Michaels, and you think they're out here in la somewhere. That's it?

Steve: Yeah. Not much to go on, is it?

Karl: No. But you've come to the right guy. Let me start checking around. If he's new, on a hog, cute girl, he's caught somebody's attention.

Steve: Right.

[Cell phone ringing]

Steve: Hey, sweetness. How are you?

Kayla: Well, at least I-- feeling a little bit better.

Fynn: I got it.

Kayla: Oh, terrific. Listen, I'm gonna have to call you back.

Steve: Wait. What's going on? Are you all right?

Kayla: The answer we've been waiting for just came in.

Dirk: First his face turns all red-- seriously, I think he's gonna have a heart attack. Then he turns white as a sheet. I think he's gonna pass out. Like, dude, make up your mind. All right, come on. This is a stickup, let's go.

Joey: That whole thing was so messed up. The last thing I need is to go to prison for some robbery I didn't even know was gonna happen.

Jade: Come on, Joey. We both knew this place didn't run on air. I mean...

Joey: Okay, if... if a box of phones falls from a truck, whatever, but... armed robbery?

Jade: Admit it. It was a rush! I mean... you felt it too. The way you drove when we got away? I was so turned on. The look in your eyes made me think of our first time together in bed. So awesome. Come on. I know how turned on it makes you. Hey, why don't we find some privacy so you can show me how much?

John: He keeps getting weaker.

Fynn: Okay. The serum has arrived. But it is experimental so I do need your permission.

John: Oh, you got it. Let's go.

JJ: Kayla, she's getting worse.

Kayla: I'm on it. I've got the serum. Gabi. I gave Arianna her dose as we discussed. Now let's do you, okay? Here we go.

JJ: Please, God, this has gotta work.

Ciara: Yeah, and Aiden just kept going on and on, trying to make it seem like it was just some big mistake.

Chad: You shouldn't have been alone with him. I should have been with you, and I-I'm sorry-- it's bad enough you had to see him, but the guy's supposed to be dead. The whole thing doesn't make any--

Ciara: He's not. He's back. And he was trying to convince me that his perfect, loving son couldn't have raped me.

Chad: You know, what-- what Aiden doesn't realize is that... people change. Sometimes the people we love... sometimes some things change forever.

[Instrumental music on phone]

Aiden: I will never forget that night. When we first realized how much we cared. Look, I know this is still overwhelming for you and for me too. But I'm lost here. And I'm desperate. And I don't know what comes next. I don't even know what to think. So I'm just gonna say it. Please... please tell me what I have to do to make you fall in love with me again.

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