Days Transcript Monday 5/2/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/2/16


Episode #12836 ~ Deimos gets a visit from Justin; Theresa confronts Brady about his hero complex; Maggie & Victor suggest that Summer move into the town house with them; a man from Summer's past shows up; Kate walks in as Deimos ask Nicole to be CEO of Basic Black.

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[Dramatic music]

Nicole: No.

No. You haven't given me what I want yet.

Deimos: Just name it. Nicole, please. I've got to have you.

Tell me. Tell me.

Tell me what it is you think you're gonna get from me.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Oh, my God. I'm late. Oh. Brady and Theresa are gonna kill me.

Brady: [Snoring]

Theresa: Brady. Hey. Brady.

Brady: Hey.

Theresa: Wake up.

Brady: Oh, my God, what time is it?

Theresa: No, hey, it's okay. It's fine. It's not that late. I just--I checked on you at about 3:00, but I decided to let you go ahead and sleep out here.

Brady: Yeah, I'm sorry. I came out here because I... I couldn't fall asleep.

Theresa: Yeah, I know. You're worried about Victor.

Victor: Of course I've got bank accounts that Deimos doesn't know about. Nothing huge, but it's enough.

Justin: Nice surprise. So the lease on the condo is finalized?

Victor: Yes, well, not a mansion, but it'll do.

Justin: Good. Let me know when you're released. I'll come and pick you up.

Victor: No, no, don't bother with that. You concentrate on Deimos. Make him think that he's in charge.

Justin: I'll make sure he takes the bait.

Victor: You'd better. Don't be like Philip and screw this up. This may be our last chance.

[Heart monitor beeping]

Fynn: Came by for one last checkup before you're discharged. How are you feeling?

Victor: I'm going home to a condominium, instead of a mansion. How do you think I feel?

Fynn: Victor, Victor, Victor. You know all this anger causes you a lot of stress?

Victor: Yeah, well, I won't be angry much longer.

Adams: Sir, it is your nephew.

Deimos: Ah, yes, Justin.

Justin: Morning. What happened to Henderson?

Deimos: Who?

Justin: The previous butler. He'd been here for decades.

Deimos: Oh, yeah, right, the--the one who was loyal to Victor, along with the rest of the staff. They all quit. Or maybe I fired them en masse. I don't know. So when you called, I told you I'd give you ten minutes. Clock's ticking. But if you're here to threaten legal action for whatever you think I did to Maggie, you can leave right now.

Justin: No, I am not here as a district attorney. I'm here as your nephew. To make a deal.

[Foreboding music]

Fynn: That does it. You're good to go, although you must promise me if you feel anything wrong or unusual, you'll call.

Victor: Fine. What about my wife?

Fynn: Mr. Kiriakis, we'll have to see how her healing's progressing.

Victor: She said she feels fine.

Fynn: Yeah, she's very upbeat, but you do know if she leaves the hospital, she'll need round-the-clock monitoring for a week or so, and then a great deal of assistance after that.

Victor: Well, then, she'll get it.

Fynn: It's a very large expense.

Victor: Well, that's not your worry. Why the hell'd you bring that up, anyway?

Fynn: I'm sorry. Your nephew Justin came in to discuss aftercare, and he asked for a complete rundown on expenses.

Victor: Well, Justin is not in charge. I am. I'll pay the damn bills.

Fynn: Victor, if you keep blowing up over every little thing, you won't be in your new home very long. You'll be right back here, flat on your ass, waiting for your heart to finally give out.

[Dramatic music]

Brady: My grandfather thinks he's a tough guy, always in charge, but he's vulnerable right now.

Theresa: Yeah, probably more than he realizes.

Brady: Mm-hmm, but bringing Deimos down would answer... a lot of our problems.

Theresa: Wait, you said you hated Victor's idea. I mean, Nicole could wind up getting hurt.

Brady: No, I--I don't--I'm-- I'm against Nicole taking that kind of a chance, Theresa, but-- especially when it doesn't even seem like it's necessary anymore.

Theresa: Why is it not necessary? Brady.

[Door opens]

Nicole: Hey, I made it. [Laughs] Guess who overslept? You have no idea how fast I had to go to get here.

What? What's wrong?

Deimos: And what makes you think that I'd be interested in any kind of a deal? Especially with the man who is the right-hand man to Victor.

Justin: Oh, I'm hardly that. He doesn't even know I'm here.

Deimos: Really.

Justin: All I am looking to achieve is a little détente. Victor's a very proud man, and you have humiliated him. You took everything he had.

Deimos: Yes, I have, haven't I?

Justin: He's being released from the hospital today, maybe Maggie too. From what I've heard, all he could swing was a-- a month-by-month lease on a condo.

Deimos: I'm surprised he could afford even that.

Justin: Well, he does have friends.

Deimos: Good for him.

Justin: Now, of course, he's in denial, but he's at serious risk of another heart attack with all the stress of caring for Maggie and having no financial resources, and I'm really worried about him. I don't want to lose him.

Deimos: Hmm. Frankly, I don't know why the old man still wants to live. He's dead broke, powerless.

Justin: Yes. He has Maggie, though.

Deimos: [Scoffs] A cripple. Come on, Justin. Face it. My brother's life is over, and if I've in any way helped to speed that along? Well, then, good for me. So what is this deal that you want to discuss with me?

Justin: Uncle Deimos, the doctors think that with reduced stress, uncle Victor should be able to recover, and with the right physical therapy and a--maybe another operation, Maggie should recover too, and I really seriously want that for both of them. What you did to them... the attempted murder, the blackmail--it's-- it's constantly on his mind, and it's--it's stressful, and it's--it's almost killing him.

Deimos: Okay, all right. Let's get to the point.

Justin: He needs some reassurance that--that these threats are gone, for good.

Deimos: I'm not a reassuring kind of guy.

Justin: You know, a district attorney has a lot of leeway when it comes to deciding which cases do and don't go to trial, and knowing your history, I'd say that certain situations are bound to come up involving you--tomorrow, next month, next year. You may need someone in a position to help.

Deimos: [Chuckling] I think you overestimate my bad side, Justin. I have no intention of breaking the law, and if I do, I'm sure I'll get away with it.

Justin: Said the person who spent thirty years in prison... because you didn't have the right connections.

Deimos: Because my brother framed me.

Justin: In the past, yes. In the future, if you're prepared, whatever happens to you could be solely up to you.

Deimos: Let me make sure I understand this. You won't try to press charges for whatever you think I did, and if anyone accuses me of anything in the future, you'll be there to look out for me. Is that right?

Justin: If we have an understanding.

Deimos: And what do you get out of this?

Justin: Nothing, but Victor has to have something. First of all, an assurance from you that this is over. No more pressure, no more attacks.

Deimos: Hmm. Second of all?

Justin: Return some of what you took. Give him some dignity. Relieve the stress.

Deimos: And then what? I own you?

Justin: We'll have an understanding. It's your call, of course. You're completely in charge.

Deimos: You're damn right I am. So what happens if I don't agree to this "understanding"?

Justin: I'll wait 24 hours, and then... who knows? Thanks for seeing me.

[Dramatic music]

[Heart monitor beeping]

Victor: How are you feeling?

Maggie: I'm fine. Why are you dressed?

Victor: She been here all night?

Maggie: Yeah, she was there when I dozed off, and she was there when I woke up. [Laughs]

[Phone chimes]

Maggie: Oh.

[Phone beeps]

[Dramatic music]

[Phone beeps]

Maggie: Who was that?

Victor: Justin. Not important.

Maggie: You didn't answer my question. Why are you dressed? Are you being released?

Victor: I am.

Maggie: [Exclaims]

Victor: And so are you.

Maggie: Oh, Victor, I-- I doubt that. Fynn would have said something. Where are you gonna live? With Justin?

Victor: No, I got us a little place over on pinewood avenue, just something temporary until we get the mansion back.

Maggie: Victor, I don't want the mansion back. I don't want you to try and get anything from Deimos.

Theresa: Brady's worried about his grandfather.

Nicole: Oh, no, did something happen?

Brady: No, no. He's the same. Maggie's the same.

Theresa: But Brady was just saying that maybe you don't have to get involved with Deimos, because--

Brady: You know, yeah, we-- we don't--actually, that's not important right now. What's important is--is our business, which reminds me. I need you to go to new York. You need to meet with Gloria day.

Nicole: Why?

Brady: Because her magazine is thinking--thinking--about doing a giant spread on our fall line.

Theresa: Oh, wow.

Brady: Yeah. So I need you to go there and... wine her, dine her, gush over every single idea that she has and make sure that we get all that free publicity that we so desperately need, okay?

Nicole: No, no, why don't you do that?

Brady: Because I have to stay here, Nicole.

Nicole: Well, I'm swamped.

Brady: Well, we're all swamped. I'm swamped, and you have a good rapport with Gloria. She likes you from--from the basic black days. I remember.

Nicole: She likes you too, and she likes Theresa.

Are you trying to get me out of town or something? Oh, my God, this is about Deimos, isn't it?

Brady: About--let's--let... you don't know what's gonna be happening with Deimos or anything, so you don't need to--

Nicole: Yes, of course I do, Brady. It is my call. Where is this coming from?

Brady: Will you just do me a favor and trust me on this one? Please, go to new York. Get the publicity.

[Phone ringing]

Brady: That's what's important.

Nicole: I'm sorry, I-- I'm sorry, I have to take this.

[Phone beeps]

Nicole: Hello?

Deimos: Good morning. How are you?

Nicole: Fine, you?

Deimos: Terrific, now that I've gotten hold of you. Are you free anytime soon?

Nicole: I could be.

Deimos: Great. Why don't you drop by my place for a little chat?

Nicole: About?

Deimos: I have an offer to make you, one I think you'll want to hear.

Nicole: Fine. I'll see you soon.

[Phone beeps]

Brady: Was that Deimos? Caring for someone with Alzheimer's means...

Maggie: I mean it, Victor. You can't start a war with Deimos over anything, or you could end up back in the hospital.

Victor: The s of a bitch took everything I had.

Maggie: Well, then, it's gone.

Victor: Not for long.

Maggie: Victor, we're gonna be all right. You said the other day that you have hidden funds, and I'm not exactly a pauper, so there's no reason to--

Victor: I want what's mine.

Maggie: Victor, if you have a choice between being rich and being alive, you can't risk having another heart attack.

Victor: I am not letting that bastard get away with what he did to us!

Maggie: Okay, so nothing I say matters?

Victor: Of course it does. Look, we're not talking about chump change here, you know.

Summer: What's wrong? What--why are you two arguing?

Fynn: Good morning.

Maggie: Morning.

Finn: I--[Chuckles] I assume you've heard. Your husband's leaving us today.

Maggie: Yes, good news.

Victor: I'm taking her with me.

Fynn: Yeah, well, as I mentioned, it depends on the state of her healing, so let me see how things are progressing. Mind if we have a few minutes?

Summer: Victor. I'd like to be able to help Maggie when she gets out.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Summer: I'm willing to do whatever it takes, and I'm completely free.

Victor: You mean, you're unemployed. Well, we're not hiring. Keep moving.

Summer: Right. Whatever's best for Maggie.

Victor: Damn right.

Kate: You were impressed?

Deimos: Yes, I was, immensely. That memo showed how quickly you got up to speed on Titan.

Kate: Well, if I'm not up to speed, I don't send a memo. I do aim to please, Deimos.

Deimos: Good, because I wasn't pleased with the note you left me when you slipped out this morning. Seriously? "I do hope you're not about to disappoint me"?

Kate: That's my hope.

Deimos: I will never disappoint you, Kate, as long as I can help it. Why would you think something like that?

Kate: Well, I've been involved with business associates before, and it can get complicated.

Deimos: Well, then, we have to make sure our relationship stays the opposite of complicated. We both know what we want and how to get it, right?

Kate: Yes, we do.

Deimos: Frankly, I couldn't be happier that I've met you and that you're in my life... and in my bed.

Kate: Well, that part isn't complicated at all, is it? See you soon?

Deimos: Can't be soon enough.

Nicole: I know you don't like me taking risks.

Brady: Was that Deimos?

Nicole: Brady, I have been taking care of myself for a very long time, so if I decide to play games with Deimos--and that is a very big "if"-- I can handle myself.

Brady: Why would you take the risk, Nicole? What's in it for you?

Nicole: That's none of your business.

Brady: Do you remember when you went after the evidence against Xander? How did that turn out? Or when you got mixed up with that freak that was dating Jennifer? These things don't turn out...

Nicole: Okay, you know what?

Brady: Well for you, Nicole.

Nicole: Just put a sock in it, Brady, will you? I'll be fine. You'll be fine. We'll all be fine as long as we concentrate on our own lives, okay? And as for Gloria day, I will call her and have a nice schmoozing session over the phone.

Brady: No, absolutely not. I want a clear answer from you. I want to know what it is that you and my grandfather are cooking up. What kind of scheme are you--

Nicole: Stop--will you stop? I am grown woman here. Haven't you known me long enough that don't like to take orders--

Brady: I've known you long enough that you're stubborn. Your stubbornness will get you--

Theresa: Excuse me! Nicole's right. You need to back off, Brady.

Many people clean their dentures

Victor: The condo is wheelchair accessible, and it's all on one level.

Fynn: That's excellent, but as I mentioned, she'll need round-the-clock care to make sure that--

Victor: I've already contacted a nursing agency. They're just waiting for my call back.

Maggie: Victor, that's very expensive.

Victor: Not to worry. It's all taken care of.

Maggie: But I do. We can't keep making assumptions like we used to, and--and shouldn't Fynn check on that nursing agency and make sure the staff--

Victor: The doctors don't have to be involved in everything. All he's got to do right now is sign your papers. Today.

Maggie: I'm actually feeling fine... at least from the waist up. God knows, I wish things were different, but I can cope. I've handled this before, you know.

Fynn: Right.

Maggie: Believe me, Fynn, I know what kind of condition I'm in. I'm not too proud to ask for help and accept it.

Fynn: You're very lucky you have many people to turn to.

Maggie: I am. So can I go home?

Fynn: I'll sign the papers.

Victor: Finally.

Fynn: Okay, Maggie, good luck. I'll see you in a few days for your evaluation, and don't hesitate to call me, either of you.

Maggie: We won't, thank you.

[Phone beeps]

Victor: Charlie, bring the car around to university hospital, main entrance. What? Son of a bitch.

[Phone beeps]

Maggie: What's wrong?

Victor: Deimos fired the driver and sold the limo.

Theresa: Come on, don't look at me like that. Look, Brady, I get it. You're just trying to protect Nicole, right?

Brady: Yes, because Deimos is dangerous, that's why.

Theresa: Okay, okay, and Nicole, I'm sure you appreciate that Brady has your back, right? Right?

Nicole: Of course, but Brady, I can handle myself.

Brady: Nicole, I know, I just--I--I've lost track of the amount of times where you've put your nose into trouble, and you've almost gotten killed, for God's sake.

Nicole: All right, please, guys, look. We all have a lot of work to do, and quite frankly, I'm running out of time for the day.

Brady: [Stammering] Nicole, but I can't let you--

Nicole: Brady, can we just please stop talking about me and my personal life, all right? Okay, now, look. I've got the budget for the designs. The buying schedule that needs to be funded, and we need to check the trends that are showing up in Asia, 'cause a lot of the times, it jumps the pacific faster than people think.

Brady: Fine, all right. Let's--let's get to it.

Nicole: Okay. Why don't you two go ahead? You know, the work has to be done separately, and I have somewhere to be.

Brady: Are you meeting Deimos?

Nicole: Brady, if you want to hire a private detective to follow me, then why don't you go ahead and do that? Or I have a better idea. Why don't you worry about your own life instead? And, Theresa, thank you for your help, but some guys are just dyed-in-wool control freaks, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Brady: Thanks, thank you. She's gonna get herself killed.

Theresa: Brady, when will you let this go? You know what, I--I've done everything I can to try to let this whole situation not get to me, but Nicole's clearly past that point.

Brady: [Stammering] I'm sorry, what do you mean, Theresa? What "whole situation"?

Theresa: You do everything you can to try to rescue everyone, and-- I mean, it's like you're just-- you're just looking for--for someone, anywhere, to--some poor soul to rescue. I mean, God, what the hell, Brady? Is your life so empty with just me and Tate in it?

Brady: Are we really gonna do this again? Theresa, with the--the insecurity and the jealousy--

Theresa: Stop making this about me! It's not my problem. It's yours.

Brady: Theresa, look, all I'm trying to do is help a friend. It--it's not my life's work to rescue people or save people--

Theresa: Okay, fine, fine. You want to talk about it? Let's talk about it. Let's get into it. Let's talk about your problem. Just promise me you're going to listen, okay?

Brady: Of course I will listen.

Theresa: I really mean it, Brady; I need you to listen...

[Phone ringing]

Theresa: This time.

Brady: Hold on, hold on.

[Phone beeps]

Brady: Okay. Granddad.

Victor: Can you arrange for a car to pick us up at the hospital? We've been released, but Deimos fired my driver and sold the car.

Brady: Wow, what a terrific brother. Granddad, that's great that you're getting released. I'll come and get you myself. I'll be right there.

[Phone beeps]

Brady: I have to--

Theresa: No, I get it. Go.

Brady: Theresa, I promise you. We'll talk about this later.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: [Scoffs] Yeah, promise.

Victor: Condo has got plenty of space, and it's nicely furnished.

Maggie: Victor, I was sold the minute you said it was the same complex where Marlena and John live, and Brady too.

Victor: It's got three bedrooms, so we can have a live-in if you want, and if you need any extra therapy, we've got the room.

Maggie: You know what I just thought of? What if summer came to live with us?

Victor: That's the worst idea you've ever had.

Maggie: Victor.

Victor: She's a flake. I don't want her around.

Maggie: Will you please listen? Try to remember that she's my daughter.

There's gonna be a lot of things that I'm gonna need help doing every day, day after day, and we both know that you're not gonna be able to be there every minute.

Victor: I've already got a call in to an agency that--

Maggie: I know you do, but I don't really know if I want to deal with a lot of strangers coming and going and never knowing who's gonna be there next... and how much it's gonna cost. Summer being with me--I mean, even for a short time, that'll be ideal. I trust her, Victor. We've gotten close lately, and I'd like us to get even closer still. And she'd have a place to live. I mean, she can't keep paying for that hotel... and I'd have my daughter with me.

So what do you say?

Victor: I say, my wife gets what she wants.

Maggie: Thank you.

Oh, there she is. Summer, we're gonna be leaving the hospital and moving into a condominium today. I'd like very much if you would... come and live with us for a while. You know, to help me out. Do you think that you would like that?

Summer: Maggie, that-- that sounds wonderful. Oh, my God. [Crying] Thank you. Thank you, thank you, Victor.

Victor: It's short-term.

Summer: Of course, and this way, I can give Maggie anything she needs--shopping, cooking, exercising your legs.

Maggie: Victor, do you have that card?

That's the address. Brady's gonna be picking us up any minute, so we'll be there before you--you probably have a chance to pack or check out, so we'll see you soon, though, all right?

Summer: Yeah, this is-- this is so exciting. I will pack as fast as I can.

Maggie: Did I thank you?

Victor: No need. Whatever my wife wants, I want.

Maggie: Liar.

Victor: You make it very difficult to say no.

Maggie: Because you love me.

Victor: Uh-huh. I do, even when you make me crazy.

Maggie: [Chuckles] Well, as long as I'm in your heart.

Victor: [Scoffs] Foolish woman. You are my heart.

Maggie: [Crying] I love you.

Adams: Ms. Walker, sir.

Deimos: Yes, I see. That'll be all, Adams. I'm glad you came. Can I get you anything? Coffee, a drink? Champagne?

Nicole: Why? Are we celebrating something?

Deimos: I do hope so.

Maggie: Oh.

Brady: Hi.

Maggie: Hi. Oh, I am tickled pink, getting out of here, especially knowing that we're gonna be neighbors, and I'm gonna get to see you and Tate a whole lot more than I used to.

Brady: I know.

Maggie: Yeah, yeah.

Brady: It's great. It's great.

Victor: Not to mention Theresa.

Both: [Sigh]

Maggie: [Chuckles]

Brady: Listen, if you need anything, anything, you call me. You text me. We'll be there for you, you understand?

Maggie: Yes, I will, but I'm gonna have a live-in helper. Summer's agreed to live with us. She's probably checking out of the hotel as we speak. [Chuckles]

Summer: Yes, I will be checking out in a few minutes, so if you could finalize my bill and put it on my card? Thank you.

Dario: You're still living on credit, I see.

Summer: No luck finding a job yet, and now I'm gonna be a little too busy to work, taking care of Maggie.

Dario: Well, maybe she or the old man could pay you for it, and you could make a bundle.

Summer: They don't have a bundle.

Dario: Yeah, I heard Victor lost his estate to his brother, but that doesn't mean he's not smart enough to have some accounts offshore.

Summer: If that were true, why would he be living in a rented condo?

Dario: Maybe he's just biding his time to cash out.

Summer: [Scoffs] Okay, even if you're right, I'm not gonna see a penny of it. Victor doesn't trust me. Actually, he can't stand me.

Dario: Why? What's his problem?

Summer: You mean besides the fact that I made a career out of conning people?

Dario: Well, at least Maggie still likes you.

Summer: Yes, and I want to keep it that way.

Dario: You know, you could offer to run the restaurant. You skim a little bit off the top. In her condition, I doubt she'd even notice.

[Dramatic music]

Summer: I won't do that to her.

Dario: Are you sure you're the same summer that I knew back in la? I mean, that lady was down for anything.

Summer: Yeah, and you know where that got me: In the pacific, ready to end it all.

Dario: So--so what's next? You--you go from one extreme to another? What--what, you--you become a nun?

Summer: No, I get to know my birth mom, and who knows? Maybe--maybe I'll even find out what it's really like to be loved by someone. Look, this is my chance at a new life, and I will not be drawn back into the old one.

Nicole: You're doing it again.

Deimos: Staring.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Deimos: Yes, I know. You're very beautiful.

Nicole: Thank you. Is that what we're celebrating?

Deimos: No.

Nicole: Should I guess, or are you gonna tell me after we drink the champagne?

Deimos: I have an offer to make you, and I know you're going to accept.

Nicole: You do.

Deimos: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Oh, sounds... intriguing.

My belly pain and constipation?

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: You're back.

Brady: Yeah, it didn't take long. How's our boy?

Theresa: He's fine. I just put him down. How are Maggie and Victor?

Brady: They're good. I mean, all things considered. Their place was actually fully furnished. Everything was there.

Theresa: Yeah, where is it?

Brady: Right next door.

Theresa: What?

Brady: Yeah, it's--it's-- it's amazing, actually.

Theresa: Yes, that's-- that's great. Should we go over and see if Maggie needs anything?

Brady: No, she said she would call, and they're exhausted. And they have help too, because summer is going to be staying with Maggie.

Theresa: Summer, wow, great. That's--that's great.

Brady: Theresa, please. Don't start.

Theresa: Okay, I won't.

Brady: Will you please come back here? Please. I want to finish our conversation, honestly. I want to know what you meant by what you said. That it was all on me and not on you.

Theresa: You're not gonna like what I have to say.

Brady: I'm a big boy.

Theresa: Okay, Brady... you have a hero complex.

Brady: [Scoffs] Excuse me, what are you--

Theresa: Look, you're forever running off to save someone, and not just anyone, either, okay? Women. You did it with Kristen. You did it with me, and then as soon as I got my life together, you were just itching to save someone else.

Brady: Theresa, that's ridiculous.

Theresa: What, you think?

Brady: A hero complex?

Theresa: You and I spent all day fighting about Nicole, who you're determined to save, whether she wants to or not, and then there's summer, who conveniently lives next door now.

Brady: Hold on a sec. I had no idea that she was going to move there.

Theresa: Okay, fine. Brady, you know what? It's a pattern, and I can see it, and so whether you see it or not, that's fine. But it's clear as a bell to me, so just... just think about it.

Summer: Baby I was a fool for you and I know I

[Dramatic music]

Clark: Did you really think I wouldn't be able to track you down?

[Wheelchair humming]

[Foreboding music]

Maggie: Victor? Victor? Ah, Victor. Oh, couldn't be happier.

Victor: I could.

Maggie: Oh, now, come on. Don't be negative. This place is perfect. Exactly what we need. All that we need.

Victor: Well, if you're happy, I'm happy.

Maggie: I'm gonna go check the closet space in the bedroom.

[Dramatic music]

[Phone ringing]

[Phone beeps]

Victor: Don't tell me he's already swallowed the hook.

Justin: No, I'm just calling to make sure you got my text.

Victor: I got it. You gave him 24 hours.

Justin: Yes, without letting him know what happens if he says no.

Victor: Deimos will bite, no question, even if it's just to test you. The beauty of it is, he'll fall into one trap or the other.

Deimos: I've been going over the paperwork for basic black. You do know that Titan acquired it yesterday, right?

Nicole: There was something on the internet, yes.

Deimos: Mm-hmm. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice that for a time, you ran the company alongside Kate Roberts, yes?

Nicole: And?

Deimos: Well, Kate is stepping in as co-CEO of Titan.

Nicole: Lucky you.

Deimos: Indeed. But I'm gonna need Kate to focus full-time on Titan, which is why I was thinking that perhaps you would like to become CEO of basic black?

Kate: What the hell are you talking about?

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