Days Transcript Wednesday 4/27/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/27/16


Episode #12833 ~ The teens attend Salem High's prom; Kate & Deimos celebrate their new partnership; Hope pulls away from Rafe just as they are about to make love; Victor & Nicole seal the deal to bring down Deimos.

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[Fiona Kernaghan's "Ready for a Miracle" playing]

When you've said all you had to say...

Henry: All right.


Claire: Thank you so much for doing this, Henry. I just really needed a friend with me tonight.

Henry: Are you kidding me? I mean, guess how much I'll be able to sell this for when you go viral.


Claire: Just hope I don't screw up.

Henry: Hey, you've got this. Okay, stop worrying. Somebody's out there having fun.

Get ready for a miracle...

Claire: Yeah.

Let if feel a little magical...

Theo: This is cool.

Ciara: Yeah, you know what. I don't think I ever told you, when you went after mark protecting me like that, that really meant a lot. Thank you.

Theo: Ciara, you gotta know I'd do anything for you.

Anything you want would you play nonchalant or loosen up those tight heartstrings and reach for bigger things?

Maggie: Hi there.

Summer: Hey. Excuse me. What--what's going on?

Oh, I'm stimulating her leg muscles to give them increased blood flow.

Summer: Right. Do you think maybe you could show me how to do that? Then I can help Maggie when you're not here?

Would that be all right with you, Mrs. Kiriakis?

Maggie: Yes. That would be fine.

Kate: Well, I make a hefty profit, and I no longer own basic black.

Deimos: You're right, Titan does. And now, you're its new co-CEO.

Kate: A position I wouldn't have if it weren't for you.

Nicole: So here's my position if your offer still stands. I am gonna take Deimos Kiriakis on a one-way trip to hell.

Victor: [Chuckles] I knew you'd come around. What cinched it for you, his ego or the arrogant smirk?

Nicole: No. It happened when I paid him a little visit. Interesting guy, your brother-- cagey, crafty, vicious, and it was very clear he was damn proud of what he did to Maggie. But I'm not gonna take that personally because it will make me lose focus. No, what sold it for me was this woman, Helena.

Victor: You do look like her.

Nicole: Helena is definitely this guy's kryptonite. So if I become her ghost, I really think I can bury the son of a bitch, but you're gonna have to tell me everything about her.

Victor: And I will.

Nicole: What's so funny?

Victor: Oh, whoever thought that you and I would be jumping back into bed again?

Nicole: No, hold it, grandpa. We're not jumping into anything. Okay? Deimos is already on to me, so that makes him even more dangerous than I thought, which is why you and I are gonna talk terms.

Rafe: Mm. [Chuckles] The '80s had some great movies, didn't it?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Forget about the '80s. I'll take the here and now. Rafe?

Rafe: Yeah. Me too. Me too.

Hope: Come with me.

Joey: That was...

Jade: Awesome.

Joey: Yeah. What are you thinking?

Jade: This is our last night in Salem. We should go out and celebrate. Dancing. I know just the place.

Joey: Are you talking about prom? You said you didn't want to go.

Jade: Yeah. I changed my mind. We should go crash it. [Giggles]

Go on and fill it up


[Upbeat music]

Ciara: Hey, why aren't you guys dancing?

Claire: I will. We will. I just--

Henry: She's still sweating a little because of her song, a Claire Brady original which will be all over YouTube the minute it's over.

Claire: Hey, stop joking. You know, I'm nervous enough.

Henry: Who's joking? YouTube's happening, 'cause I'm gonna put it on there. And, yeah, it's going viral.


Henry: Hey, Theo, you wanna grab some food, dude? I'm starving.

Theo: Yes. You guys want anything?

Claire: No way, no.

Ciara: No, we're good.

Theo: All right.

Ciara: Hey, you should hire Henry as your publicist.

Claire: Never mind that. Let's talk about you and Theo. You guys are looking good out there.

Ciara: We--we've been friends for a long time.

Claire: Yeah.

Ciara: And he's a great guy.

Claire: Well, maybe more than friends someday, you think?

We're gonna light up this town...

Henry: So what's going on with you and Ciara? I mean, you two look like you were having fun out there.

Theo: Yeah, we're... good. She's really nice.

Let the games begin

Mark: Oh, hey, guys. Got a question, Theo. Is tonight everything you were hoping for? For you and Ciara?

Rafe: You okay?

Hope: No. I'm not. Rafe, I can't do this. Max and I just discovered

Theo: Look, mark, I don't want any trouble, okay?

Mark: Whoa! Hey, just a friendly question. I don't want any trouble either. I apologized to Ciara. I was in the wrong, totally. We can just move past this, right? I hope you two have a great night.

Jade: Oh, oh, my God. [Sighs] See, what'd I tell you? This place is so lame!

Joey: Come on, I mean, at least we might get to hear Claire sing.

Jade: Whatever. After that, we are turning this place loose.

Joey: [Chuckles]

Ciara: You're gonna do awesome up there.

Claire: Thanks. It's the before time that's so hard.

Hey, Claire, we're all set. Ready?

Claire: Yeah. Let's do it, okay.

Ciara: Hey, you're gonna be awesome.

Claire: Thank you.

Ciara: [Giggles]

Theo: How's she doing?

Ciara: Oh, she's nervous. But she'll be good when she gets up there.

Theo: Joey.

Joey: Hey, guys.

Ciara: Hey.

Joey: Hey, you--you remember jade, right?

Ciara: Yeah. Hi.

Theo: Yeah.

Ciara: I didn't think you guys were gonna come.

Jade: What? And miss this? Hey, I'm starving.

Ciara: You guys seem friendly.

Joey: Yeah, I guess we are. [Laughs nervously] Mm, looks like we're not the only ones.

Maggie: You don't--you don't have to do this, you know.

Summer: I want to. And it's good for you. You know, I never had to take care of anyone until now. Who knows, maybe I found my calling. I'm not hurting you, am I?

Maggie: Summer, I know finding out that I was your biological mother must have been a shock. If I had been older when you were born and I had the use of my legs, things would have been different. I hope you know that.

Summer: Don't beat yourself up.

Maggie: I guess what makes everything worse is that you have lead such a hard life, and if there's anything I can do to make it better--

Summer: Maggie, Maggie. Please. You need to stop. The last thing I want is for you to feel sorry for me. I don't need anyone's pity.

Kate: Wow, you certainly don't need any further instruction.


Kate: Ah, power suits you.

Deimos: Mm-hmm. Oh, yes, it does. It's quite exhilarating knowing that I've gotten everything I ever wanted.

Victor: You haven't changed one bit, have you?

Nicole: Neither have you, you old fox. [Chuckles] So what do I get, huh, now that I hold all the cards? How are you gonna make it worth my while?

Victor: Seducing a man is hard work for you now, is it?

Nicole: It is when one mistake could cost me my life. Yes.

Victor: Oh, you're a pro. We were married, remember?

Nicole: Hmm.

Victor: With Helena's looks and misty circle's talents, you'll be just fine.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. So if I do just fine, what do I get?

Victor: You will be handsomely paid.

Nicole: You're damn right I will. I want 50% of your net worth.

Victor: Oh, 10.

Nicole: 40.

Victor: 20.

Nicole: 40.

Victor: 30.

Nicole: Sold. To the downfall of Deimos Kiriakis and anyone who gets in the way.

Victor: She had this way about her, confident and yet... vulnerable. I mean, she wanted to please you, but God forbid she should get mad at you. She'd toss back that black hair and stare down at you like you were dirt.

Nicole: You really loved her.

Victor: Yes, in my own way. Frankly, I wasn't the best person. No joke.

Nicole: Never crossed my mind.

Victor: Yeah, well, I wasn't rich then, but I sure wanted to be. So while I was out stirring every pot looking for drachma, into town comes Deimos. Takes her dancing, picnics, concerts.

Nicole: She fell for him.

Victor: He was the lover that I should have been.

Nicole: Did you really love her? Not just because she was beautiful?

Victor: She was everything. She was beautiful. She was smart. She was funny as hell, carefree, that's the word, uninhibited. And, boy, could she dance.

Nicole: I wish I could have known her.

Victor: You will. You'll also know that bastard who seduced her. Another couple of things you have to learn. When she got mad, she'd put her hands on her hips. Well, she wouldn't just put 'em, she'd slap 'em on. And then if she was curious or intrigued about something, she had this way of tilting her head.

Hope: I'm sorry.

Rafe: No. No, no. Don't, don't, don't. Don't apologize. Now, if it's not right for you, then--

Hope: No, I want it to be. I mean, it is... just not here.

Rafe: Yeah. In this house.

Hope: In this room. This bed. Aiden and I--

Rafe: Yeah. Shh, shh, shh.

Hope: We were right here.

Rafe: Shh, shh, shh. It's okay. All right, tonight has been terrific. It really has. I've had so much fun. I mean, the movies and you, the laughs. And frankly, it is a little weird, you know, being here.


Rafe: It's--it's, you know, whatever. So, yeah, it should be our room, our place.

Hope: I couldn't agree more.

[Upbeat dance music]

Joey: I gotta admit, I didn't see this coming.

Ciara: Uh, we had--

Theo: Yeah, we're just having a date for prom, but we'll see after that.

Ciara: Yeah.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Joey: Cool.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, a special moment at the Salem high prom, written especially for all of you here tonight, performed by the artist herself, Claire Brady!

[Cheers and applause]

Both: Yeah!

[Light country music]

Claire: It's been a long night the moon was bright on the back porch of your old house in the summertime we were anywhere the stars could find we were just kids all lost in the heart of time we were everywhere no expiration just me and you and this dream for two and after we wake up the story's just begun yeah, we're lost out here these dreams now are fears for us and after we wake up the story's just begun yeah, we're lost out here these dreams now are fears for us ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ooh ooh it's a long way through this pathway of pain and the finish line is something we can't find it's gone in those pretty lights we were mesmerized they were twinkling while we're sinking in this life and after we wake up the story's just begun yeah, we're lost out here these dreams now are fears for us and after all we were bound to fall yeah, our suffering was just living in this town ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ooh ooh ooh

[Cheers and applause]

[Cheers and applause]

Jade: Hey, what do you say we turn this into a real party?

Joey: Like?

Jade: Follow me.

[Cheers and applause]

Yeah, Claire!

Together: Whoo!

Ciara: Yeah, Claire!

Henry: Let it go!

Ciara: The star herself.

Henry: Yeah. By the way, you are now on YouTube.

Claire: Oh, my God! Aah!

Theo: Oh, yeah, you were totally having fun up there. I could tell.

Claire: Yeah, I was. Wow, what a cool night, guys.

Henry: So do I get to dance with the diva?

Claire: Definitely.

Henry: Lead the way.

[Upbeat dance music]

Theo: You wanna go again?

Ciara: Let's do it. Man, this is definitely a better party than the last one we had here.

Theo: [Chuckles]

Mark: Don't count on it, bitch.

What the hell did I do with those request sheets?

On the minimum emotion lost centuries and broken promises lost in a sense of overconfidence and all I ask is friends leave me alone today I know you're supposed to be brave just don't get me started there's blood in the water the same damn shark that I was warned of

[Upbeat rock music]

[Cheers and applause]

Mark: Yeah. When I give the signal, you're on.

Maggie: Summer, I understand that you don't want my pity, but that's not what I meant.

Summer: Well, then why talk about me leading this hard life?

Maggie: Because I'm your mother, sweetheart. Mothers feel bad when their children aren't happy, especially when at least some of it was my fault.

Summer: Okay, I get it.

Maggie: I mean, at the time, I thought I was doing the right thing for both of us. Now I know I was wrong. The idea that you'd hate--

Summer: No, Maggie. I don't hate you. I don't know what I feel, frankly, but it's not hate. Okay?

Maggie: Well, things are looking up a little. You keep stopping by to see how I'm doing. Even learned how to massage my legs.

Summer: If that's how you want to look at it, that's fine. But all I'm doing is trying to find my way, one step at a time. I hope you're okay with that.

Maggie: I am.

Kate: I could get very used to celebrating with you like this.

Deimos: Million-dollar deals appeal to you, huh?

Kate: They do.

Deimos: Tonight, you didn't just sell basic black. You became co-CEO of a company that we're going to turn into a powerhouse.

Kate: Well, now I really hate to rain on your parade, but Titan was doing really well before you got ahold of it. It is a powerhouse.

Deimos: Mm-hmm. I stand corrected. That's why I wanted you with me. You've already given me ideas in the bedroom. Now you're gonna teach me about running a business.

Kate: Oh. Well, well, well. That-- that could be a very, very interesting process.

Deimos: Oh, absolutely.

Victor: That's about all I can tell you tonight, Nicole.

Nicole: That's okay. We're both a little weary. I'm gonna head out. But first, I'm gonna stop by my favorite store and get some supplies for my new assignment.

Justin: What are you two up to?

Nicole: Well, what do you think? I came by to check on Victor so I could report back to Maggie.

Justin: No, you didn't.

Nicole: Okay, fine. You caught me. We had sex, it was wonderful. Satisfied?

Justin: [Sighs]

Victor: Don't try to cover it up, Nicole. He's gonna hear the whole thing from me. I had him stop at the safe-deposit box to pick up this album. Let me have it.

Nicole: Are you sure you want to tell him everything? I mean, he's not gonna like it, you know.

Justin: Stop talking about me as if I'm not here. What am I not gonna like? Oh, hell. This is about Deimos, isn't it?

Justin: Uncanny.

Victor: Isn't it?

Justin: But you're both insane. It won't work. Deimos is smart. He'll see right through you, Nicole.

Nicole: He already has. I was at the mansion earlier and he flat-out called me on it.

Victor: She was smart. She played it cool. She hinted that he might get more if he worked at it. Then she walked away.

Nicole: Leaving him hungry.

Justin: You hope. Uncle Vic, I can't let you do this. It could ruin any chance I have to bring him down legally and get your assets back.

Victor: I told you we're not gonna go that route.

Justin: I'm the DA, remember? Not you.

Victor: My way is faster.

Justin: It's too risky. For God's sake, if he poisoned Maggie and then blackmailed you into giving him everything you had, we could put him away for extortion and attempted murder.

Victor: With what proof? No, we're gonna do this my way. What I need is your assurance and Brady's that you're not gonna interfere and stay out of it. Yes or no?

Justin: Fine. But don't be surprised if this blows up in your face. Faces.

Helena: Deimos.

Deimos: Helena, what are you doing here?

Deimos: No, no, no. Please listen. Kate is a wonderful woman, but I would never betray you. I love you, Helena, and I always will.

Deimos: Yes. Yes, I do.

Deimos: [Sighs heavily]

Kate: Can't sleep?

Deimos: No, I was just-- I was just thinking.

Kate: About what? Are you regretting that you got involved with me? Would you rather it was someone else?

Deimos: No, Kate. No, not at all.

Kate: Kiss me. Show me how much you care.

Henry: Okay, it was amazing.

Claire: Yeah. I can't believe you guys hijacked the sound system.

Joey: Yeah.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to announce the 2016 Salem high prom king and queen.

Ciara: Oh, I thought we got rid of that this year.

Henry: Oh, they put it back 'cause it was so '80s.

After careful consideration, the voters have decided that the king and queen are... Theo carver and Ciara Brady.

[Cheers and applause]

Both: What?

Ciara: You're kidding.

Claire: No, they're not. Go up there and get your roses.

Henry: Go, go, go.

[Cheers and applause]

Mark: Yes, of course I rigged the ballot. Okay, go now.

[Cheers and applause]

[Static crackles]

All: [Groan]

I got this, no problem.

Theo: What?

Ciara: That's disgusting.

What the hell?

Ciara: No.

Hey, somebody kill the power on that thing.

Theo: Hey, who's doing that?

Claire: Shut that off!

Joey: Somebody get the son of a bitch who's doing this!

Ciara: This is stupid.

Joey: Hey, Ciara, you see what I see?

Ciara: You! I think it's time we teach this punk a lesson.

Allergies can distract you.

Summer: I really hate what happened to you.

Maggie: I'm not overly thrilled about it myself. [Chuckles] But at least I have been able to spend most of my life able to be on my feet.

Summer: I can't believe how positive you can be.

Maggie: What else can I be? You know, it's strangely ironic. When I was unable to walk when I was young, when I gave you away, and now you're back and I'm back to square one. [Sighs] Where--where is that little red shoe charm? Ah. [Laughs] Hmm. You know, way back when I was on the farm, my late husband, Mickey, he brought me a pair of red shoes. [Sighs] I swore to him I'd wear them. Hmm. And we'd dance the night away. And it happened. And now you've brought me back my missing charm. So call me a cockeyed optimist, but I think it's a sign... I'll dance again.

Summer: Wow.

Maggie: What, honey?

Summer: I think I found the reason why I'm here. I know what I'm supposed to do. See you dance again.

Rafe: Well, that's not a bad price for a getaway weekend.

Hope: Yeah, no.

Rafe: All right?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: I say we go for it. Right.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Oh, sorry. Hey, sweetheart. How's the prom going?

Ciara: I'm not at the prom. I'm at the police station.

Hope: What?

Ciara: I've been arrested. Dare to rock nude.

Hope: Dylan, what's going on?

Dylan: Oh, we've got ourselves a situation. Those five have been arrested. I'm sorry, detective.

Hope: What on earth?

Theo: Yeah, I came to make sure they get treated right, Mrs. Brady.

McNair: Not that they deserve to be treated as anything but the lowlifes they are.

Rafe: Judge McNair.

Hope: Kind of late for you to be in the building, isn't it, sir?

McNair: Correct. I should be at home enjoying Jimmy Fallon, laughing. Instead, because of your delinquent daughter, I'm here.

Rafe: Hey, maybe we could take it down a notch.

McNair: Why would I want to do that?

Hope: Dylan.

Dylan: Your daughter and the others allegedly spray-painted an obscenity onto the hood of the judge's Mercedes.

McNair: Which I let him drive to the prom, never suspecting there'd be criminals there.

Rafe: Hmm.

Hope: Spray-painted? Why would she do something like that?

McNair: Because she's clearly a budding psychopath.

Theo: There's nothing wrong with Ciara. If you want to know why they did it, ask your punk-ass son.

Nicole: [Exhales sharply]

Kate: Deimos? What is it? Are you okay?

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