Days Transcript Monday 4/25/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 4/25/16


Episode #12831 ~ Theo promises Ciara a magical night at the prom; Rafe surprises Hope with a 1980s night of her own; Abe addresses his concerns about Theo & Ciara with Hope; Marlena shares her worries about Eric with Belle; Rafe discovers something about Deimos.

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Ciara: Get off of me! God.

Mark: Come on.

Ciara: Don't touch me.

Mark: I just want a chance to prove we can be good together.

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: Theo, stop! Theo, stop! Stop, Theo!

Mark: Get off!

Ciara: Theo, you got to stop! You're gonna hurt him.

Theo: I told you to leave her alone! I told you that! Don't hurt Ciara!

Henry: Come on! Come on! Theo, Theo, Theo!

[All shouting]

Henry: Calm down.

Claire: For God sake, what the hell were you doing?

Mark: You stupid loser! You're gonna pay for this!

Henry: It's not worth it, dude.

Claire: Theo, what happened? Did he do something? Did he say something?

Ciara: No, he was protecting me; mark was... never mind, I'll tell you later. Theo, I'm so sorry. Look at your hand.

Henry: Oh, man, that does not look good.

Claire: Okay, Henry, help me. There's a first aid kit somewhere in the club. We'll be right back.

Ciara: I'm so sorry.

Theo: It's okay. It's no biggie. What I care about is... Ciara. Ciara, hey. You okay? Come on. You okay?

Marlena: Oh.

Belle: What's wrong?

Marlena: Well, the prison won't let me see Eric. No calls, no visitors, until he is processed.

Belle: Well, that's pretty standard, but I'm his lawyer, and I can see him whenever I want, so I'll just find a way to take you with me.

Marlena: Well, that's odd. You fixing things for me; normally I fix things for you. What's the matter?

[Phones ringing]

Abe: Lani, I just want your brother to be happy.

Lani: Then let him, okay? Tomorrow night is big for him. He has Ciara on his arm, he's doing the whole tuxedo thing. You know, he's just excited.

Abe: Yeah, but if she doesn't see him the way he thinks she does--

Lani: Then he'll figure it out. You know, you just got to trust him. Did you ever think that when Theo was diagnosed that he would even be going to senior prom?

Abe: Yeah, he's come so far. I'm really proud of him.

Lani: Then why not tell him that?

Abe: Hey, hey, it's your dad. How about having dinner and we can talk about what's happening with the prom? I'll meet you at the pub when you're finished decorating. I'm looking forward to it.

Ciara: It's okay, Theo. I'm good.

Theo: You're sure?

Ciara: Yeah. Mark was--

Theo: An ass?

Ciara: [Laughs] Oh, my God.

Theo: What?

Ciara: I've never heard you talk like that.

Theo: Well, he was-- he was, right?

Ciara: Yeah. Yeah, he was.

Claire: Okay, Dr. Brady here, ready to perform knuckle surgery. Let me see those paws.

Theo: It's fine, honestly. I'm gonna walk Ciara home now.

Ciara: Actually, um, Claire's gonna do that. Thanks, though. We just--we need to discuss--

Claire: We got to discuss some serious dress and makeup.

Theo: Okay. You sure?

Ciara: Yeah. I'm good. Thanks.

Theo: Um, okay. I'll see you tomorrow at school then. Um, are we still on for prom, right?

Ciara: Yeah. I can't wait.

Claire: Hey, are you sure that you're going to be okay? I can stick around if you need someone to.

Ciara: No, I'm fine. Okay? I'll just--I'll text you later.

Claire: Okay. Bye.

[Ominous music]

Ciara: Chase, please. Chase, please. Get off of me!

Hope: Ciara? Hey. Hi, sweetheart. Hi. How'd decorating go?

Ciara: Um, fine.

Hope: 24 more hours. Can you believe it? It's prom time. [Laughs]

Ciara: Yeah.

Hope: I was in the attic getting these old albums. I thought possibly we could go through them together, get some ideas for '80s dresses.

Ciara: Yeah, I'm not really into the whole nostalgia thing.

Hope: Yeah, but the prom theme is '80s.

Ciara: Wish it wasn't.

Hope: Then what do you wish?

Ciara: That it was over.

Hope: Have you decided not to go?

Ciara: Maybe.

Belle: I... signed the divorce papers, and I gave them to Shawn. And before you ask me, no, this had nothing to do with Philip. I don't know where that's going or if I even want it to go anywhere, but still...

Marlena: Still what?

Belle: I know this is the right thing for me, but telling Claire.

Marlena: Honey, she's going to be very upset.

Belle: To say the least. And her prom is tomorrow night. I don't want to ruin it all for her.

Marlena: Well, no, no. Find a different day to tell her.

Belle: I know. I mean, I didn't even want to tell you with Eric and...

Marlena: I'm fine.

Belle: I know. But I think about him a lot too.

Marlena: I know you do.

Belle: Maybe you could help me something. I want to make her prom extra special.

Marlena: Oh, I will help you with that.

Hope: Baby, talk to me. Hey, you don't have to make a commitment to anything. Or anyone, including Theo. If you don't want to go to the prom tomorrow, then don't go to the prom. Honey, all you have to do is whatever feels right to you.

Ciara: I don't--I don't even know what feels right anymore.

Hope: Honey... you will again at some point. But for now, don't put pressure on yourself. It's like Grandma Julia has always said, okay: Be on your own side.

Ciara: I'm trying to be, but Claire was, like, saying something today about how I can't let chase be the center of my life and how I have to go to go prom and I have to have fun.

Hope: No. You don't have to do anything. Telling someone they have to have a good time is like telling them you have to go to sleep. It's not something you can be told. The only thing I will say, my sweet beautiful girl, please be patient with yourself. Okay? You'll have a good time when you're ready to have a good time.

Ciara: Whenever that is.

Hope: That's right. Whenever that is. And if it's tomorrow night at the prom, great; if it's not, if you're not feeling it, then just walk away. It's fine. Okay? Many people clean their dentures

[Door shuts]

Belle: Hi.

Claire: Hey.

Belle: I saw your dress hanging on the door. Looks great.

Marlena: How was the decorating? Was it fun?

Claire: Oh, was what fun?

Marlena: Decorating for the prom?

Claire: Um, yeah, yeah, it was fine. It's done now.

Marlena: Claire, you seem a little distracted. Is something--

Claire: Grandma, please. No therapy session tonight, okay? Today's been, um, not fun, not fun at all!

Belle: Honey, if you don't want to talk about it--

Claire: No, I do-- I have to or I'll go crazy.

Marlena: What's going on?

Belle: Did something happen?

Claire: It's Ciara. I'm really worried about her.

Ciara: I'm just so confused. I mean, part of me wants to go to the prom, but I don't know if I'm able to have fun anymore, and everyone else is going to be having a good time but me.

Hope: Honey, of course you are going to be able to fun again, but it's like I said, your feelings aren't something you can control. Your thoughts are, but not your feelings. Baby, please. Be patient with yourself.

[Doorbell rings]

Hope: I'll get that. Hey. Hi, Theo.

Theo: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Theo: How are you?

Hope: I'm well, honey. How are you? Good to see you always.

Theo: I'm here to-- I came to see Ciara.

Hope: I figured.

Ciara: Hi.

Theo: Hey.

Hope: You know, I just, um, I remembered where the other photos are, so I'm going to go get them and leave you two to talk.

Theo: I was just thinking about, um, I'm worried about you and I just couldn't wait till school tomorrow.

Ciara: Thanks, but I'm still pretty much a mess. I mean, what's tonight gonna be like? Am I gonna have nightmares or just not be able to sleep?

Theo: You need to relax.

Ciara: Zero chance.

Theo: Okay, well, we could watch a movie on my tablet. Come on, I got tons, gazillions.

Ciara: Yeah, but what kind?

Theo: Well, it doesn't even have to be a baseball movie. You know, I--this is kind of dumb, but I downloaded a couple movies from the '80s just, you know, to figure out what I'm going to wear. They're mostly comedies. You want to see?

Ciara: Yeah. I'd love to. Let's just sit here.

Theo: Here you go. Okay, you choose. See, it's a long, long list. That one's actually pretty good.

Ciara: Hmm, yeah.

Claire: No matter what Ciara does, something always comes along and screws it up for her.

Belle: Did something happen today?

Claire: No, it's... it's just, she can never catch a break.

Marlena: I bet she's so glad to have you as a friend.

Claire: Yeah, but...

Belle: But what?

Claire: Sometimes when I think too much about what Ciara's been through and how hard it must be for her, it-- it just makes it really hard for me, too, to get excited about stuff, especially the prom.

Marlena: It's because you have so much empathy for her.

Claire: Part of me wishes I didn't, 'cause then I wouldn't feel so sad and upset whenever she does. That's really selfish of me, isn't it?

Marlena: No. I think that's really normal. You really care about your friend. She cares about you, so much that I don't think she would want you to be so worried about her that you don't enjoy your own prom.

Claire: Well, I think you're right. [Sighs]

Marlena: I'm so proud of you, Claire. I'm so proud of you two. Look, we're all going through a lot right now, but it's going to be fine and we're all going to get through it.

Ciara: [Moans softly]

Theo: Oh, Ciara, wake up. It's morning.

Ciara: Huh?

Theo: Great, I have a million texts from my dad. You awake?

Ciara: I guess.

Theo: Well, I got to go see my dad, like, now. He's gonna be so pissed at me. Um, I'll see you today at school.

Ciara: Okay.

Theo: Okay. Bye.

Hope: Hey, good morning, sleepyhead.

Ciara: We slept here all night.

Hope: Yes, I know, honey, I checked on you a few times and I called Abe to let him know what was going on, so he wouldn't worry.

Ciara: We watched this '80s movie last night with this lady that was a secretary or something and she wound up running her own company.

Hope: Oh.

Ciara: It was kind of like what you said.

Hope: What did I say?

[Both laugh]

Ciara: Just that you have to choose to be happy. That's what she did, and she fell in love and... happy ending.

Hope: Sometimes that's how it works out, yeah. We'll talk about it later. Though. You need to get ready for school.

Ciara: Right.

Hope: And I need to clean up a little bit. Hey, oh! Wait, wait, wait!

Ciara: What?

Hope: I guess I haven't told you the best news ever. Guess who gets to move home today.

Ciara: Really?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: Really? I thought that was tomorrow.

Hope: No, they finished early so we're moving back today. It's so great, isn't it?

Ciara: Yes. Oh, my God, I'm so glad I get to go home and get in my room, and it's not... here.

Hope: Right.

Ciara: Yeah. Oh, you know, last night was, like, the first night in a while that I haven't had nightmares.

Hope: Yes.

Theo: Hey, dad. Sorry about last night.

Abe: Hope gave me a heads up. I would have appreciated one from you.

Theo: Uh, we just fell asleep watching a movie.

Abe: I thought we were going to have dinner at the pub. No texts, no calls. I waited at home. Nothing. I expect to know where you are at all times.

Theo: Why? I'm not a little kid.

Abe: You're not 18 either. Look, Theo... son, I was scared. Look, I know you're growing up and you have... you've been handling things really well these days. You're my son, and I will always worry about you.

Theo: I know. I'm sorry; it won't happen again.

Abe: What happened to your hand?

Theo: Oh. Nothing. I was hanging a banner and then the ladder slipped, so I banged my knuckles, but I'm fine. Hey, I got to go get changed for school, okay? I'm sorry about last night.

Abe: Mm.

Belle: Oh, good morning. You look nice. Hey.

Claire: I just, uh, got a text from dad. Henry and I were gonna go over there to take pictures before the prom. He cancelled, 'cause of work. He says that he'll be out of town till late.

Belle: Honey, I'm sorry. But, you know what, we'll send him pictures, okay? Honey, hey, listen. Work happens. I know he's bummed that he can't be here tonight. He would definitely want to see you all dressed up.

Claire: Yeah, I know, but...

Belle: But what?

Claire: I just really wanted a shot of with him. Just as badly as I want one of you and me, you know? I...I have two parents. They're supposed to be together. You know, never mind, okay? I've got to get to school.

[Indistinct chatter]

Theo: Hey, you.

Ciara: Hey. How'd it go with your dad?

Theo: Oh, he was pretty mad.

Ciara: Really?

Theo: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: You forgot your tablet.

Theo: Oh, thank you. I thought I lost it.

Ciara: It was really nice that you stayed over, I mean. And the movie too.

Theo: Yeah. Too bad isn't wasn't about baseball.

Ciara: Yeah, that would have made it perfect.

Theo: Yeah.

Ciara: So pick me up around 6:00?

Theo: 6:00, yeah, and my dad rented us a limo.

Ciara: Really?

Theo: Yep.

Ciara: That's great. That's so nice of him. Oh, so change of plans: I am moving into my old house again.

Theo: You are?

Ciara: Yep.

Theo: That's really good, right?

Ciara: Yeah.

Theo: Good?

Ciara: That's great.

Theo: Okay, awesome. Yeah, I mean, I'll pick you up there, 6:00?

Ciara: Cool, in your '80s suit, right?

Theo: Yeah, I hope I don't embarrass you or anything.

Ciara: There's nothing that you could possibly do that would embarrass me, Theo.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Ominous music]

Hope: Hey.

Lani: Hey, get anything?

Hope: No, the lab's backlogged. Oh, by the way, we're moving back into the house today, so when the time comes...

Lani: I got ya.

Hope: Thank you.

Abe: Hope.

Hope: Yeah--oh, did you have that meeting with roman yet?

Abe: Yeah, I'll fill you in on that later. Right now I'd like to talk to you about our kids.

Hope: Oh, Abe, I am so sorry. I just--I didn't have the heart to wake them up. They looked so sweet. They were fine, believe me.

Abe: Yeah, I'm sure they were, but I still have a problem.

Hope: Oh, okay.

Abe: I know what a lovely girl Ciara is, and Theo's taking her to the prom tonight, which is fine. But I worry.

Hope: What do you-- you're worried that Theo will get hurt. Ciara would never do that.

Abe: Not intentionally. Of course not. Let's face it, Theo is different, and to see him in a close relationship with anyone--

Hope: Abe. Your son is a wonderful young man. Smart, kind, and, yes, maybe a little more vulnerable. Ciara is sensitive to that, though. We've talked about it a lot.

Abe: Well, I have talked to Theo about that too. Let's... let's be open about this. What chase Jennings did to your daughter has left her in A... very precarious place emotionally.

Hope: I'm a aware of that. And I know that Theo is a very innocent kid, but even with everything that's happened, so is my daughter. It'll be fine.

Abe: I hope so.

Mark: Hey. Oh, just relax. When they said we were going to get out early for prom, I knew I wasn't gonna get a chance to talk to you, and so I caught you before you left. Ciara, I'm really sorry for grabbing you like that. And kissing you. It was so not cool, and it won't happen again, okay? And I don't blame Theo for kicking my ass either. He's right to protect you like that. He obviously really likes you.

Ciara: Yeah. And I like him a lot.

[Ominous music]

Rafe: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Rafe: Wow.

Hope: Hi.

Rafe: Did you get moved in yet?

Hope: No. Well, I got off to slow start this morning. I'm out early today, though, 'cause we have to move. Plus tonight's the prom, so I can keep working at it later.

Rafe: Yeah. Come on.

Hope: What? Why are we coming in here?

Rafe: Listen. Just listen. I talked to my guy, Tim, at the FBI. I got him to do some research for me on Deimos' time in prison.

Hope: Did he find anything?

Rafe: Well, you might say that. The guy made a hell of a lot of money while he was locked up, or someone made it for him.

Hope: So obviously he's connected. Any idea who helped him?

Rafe: No. Not yet. But there is something that I discovered later, which you should know. Now, Deimos owns part of a corporation. There's a subsidiary of that corporation called Athena research. Now, Athena research made a rather large payment to none other than Dr. Seth Malcolm.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Wow.

Rafe: Well, it's not rock solid proof--or not yet. But I think if we keep digging we're gonna find the guy who authorized that payment to Malcolm and ordered him to kidnap and torture Bo.

Hope: I don't think it's a good idea.

Hope: Last night I did a lot of thinking. I'm not gonna be involved in any investigation of Deimos Kiriakis.

Rafe: So what? You're cutting yourself off?

Hope: Rafe, here's the thing. Ciara seems to be getting stronger, but frankly I'm not sure she's just trying to fake it, hoping it'll happen.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I'm sure she's under a lot of pressure.

Hope: Yeah, she is. I just pray to God that she'll be able to recover from this trauma with no long-term psychological damage. Bottom line is nailing Deimos isn't gonna bring back Bo. Or make up for what I did to Stefano.

Rafe: What we did.

Hope: It might be smart for you to stay out of it too. Okay. I'm not telling you what to do; it's your call. But as for me, family comes first.

Rafe: Well, you're not gonna get any argument from me on that point. By the way, if we do shelve this, it's just gonna make things better for us later. I mean, you are still free tonight?

Hope: Um... yeah, sure.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: As soon as I get Ciara off to the prom, get some more packing done for the move.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: Yeah. You know, I'm just-- what you have planned tonight, are you, um, you want to tell me what it is?

Rafe: Mmm. No.


Marlena: Oh, honey. Oh, you look lovely.

Belle: Oh, my God, that dress is perfect. You look amazing.

Claire: Thank you. I can't believe this thing. Who would wear something like this?

Marlena: Well, anybody who wanted to be cool in the '80s.

Belle: You never know,

you might see your daughter go to a retro prom in clothes you thought were cool.

Claire: I never got a chance to get into the movies from back then. I know that people had big hair, so is mine okay?

Belle: Yes.

Marlena: It's fine.


Claire: Okay, well, is there anything else I should do? Please, just give me a quick run-through on what things were like back then.

Belle: Well, I think they're pretty much the same, except for the technology and the clothes, of course.


Claire: It's hard to imagine life without cell phones.

Marlena: Yes, but we managed. In fact, we had to be home if we wanted to get a phone call from somebody. Yeah, not hang around the mall shop, checking our cell phones all the time.


Claire: Yeah, that sounds kind of nice.

Marlena: Well, actually it kind of was. Downsides was that we had to be home. We were expecting a phone call.

Claire: Did you wait by the phone for grandpa John to call?

Belle: [Laughs]

Marlena: Well, I might have.


Marlena: Yeah, I was pretty sweet on him. Still am.

Ciara: Well, here's the dress.

Hope: Wow. Wow, wow, wow. It's nice.

Ciara: Mom, you're such a bad liar sometimes. You hate it, and so do I. I mean, it looked great in the window, but, mom, it just really sucks. I can't go to prom in this.

Hope: Honey, don't worry. It's gonna be fine, because guess what. We're home again, which means we have access to the attic.

Ciara: Yeah.

Hope: Yes, yes. Where I still have a ton of old dresses from--well, as you would say, "back in the day." Oh, dear.

Ciara: You saved your dresses from 30 years ago?

Hope: Excuse me, I have some wonderful amazing memories associated with those clothes.

Ciara: You mean like you and dad on the motorcycle?

Hope: Yeah, that would be one of them. I would say probably a lot of them. You know what I also remember, us pulling on some football jerseys and playing in the stadium in Florida. I tackled your dad, you know.

Ciara: [Laughs] That would be pretty cool.

Hope: Yeah. Come on, let's go find you the perfect dress.

Ciara: [Sighs]

Hope: Come on, beautiful. Careful you don't trip.

Claire: No, I'm serious. Forget Facebook and twitter. Without a cell phone, it just must have been so hard to meet up and stuff.

Marlena: Well, me managed somehow, and probably as often as you did.

Belle: Hey, you know what, I think that we should try an experiment. Tonight you and Henry only have face-to-face conversations. No texting.

Claire: Well, that certainly would be very '80s, right, to actually talk to each other the whole night.

Marlena: And in keeping with the theme.

Belle: Oh, just so you have a good time.

[Knock on door]

Marlena: Got it.

Claire: [Laughs]

Marlena: Oh!


Marlena: Wow, come in.

Belle: Wow, oh, my gosh. I have to get my phone.

Marlena: Yes, yes.

Henry: This is for you.

Claire: We were just saying that cell phones weren't important.

Henry: Oh. Well, they're not. I mean, unless you want to communicate with people or take photos.

Claire: Yeah, this is beautiful.

Marlena: Okay. We're gonna do that?

Belle: Look at me. Look at me.

Henry: Oh, um...

Belle: Smile. [Squeals] Oh, I bet you guys are going to get elected king and queen.

Marlena: Oh...

Claire: Actually our school doesn't do that anymore. We voted it out. Yeah.

Marlena: Oh. Kind of a shame. But you look really wonderful.

Henry: And don't you mean "rad to the max"?


Marlena: That's what I meant to say.

Claire: Okay, my "rad to the max" prom date, let's bounce.

Henry: I see you've done your '80s history. It was nice seeing you guys.

Belle: Bye, you two. Have a wonderful time.

Claire: Oh, don't you mean "majorly boss" time, mom?

Belle: Yeah, sure, that's what I meant.


Marlena: Oh. You did good, mom.

Belle: Thanks.

Marlena: You did good.

Hope: Just like that. Perfection. Oh, honey. Go on, check it out, while I get something you need to see.

Ciara: Wow. [Laughs] I feel like I'm in some old movie.

Hope: Great. Would you please not use the word "old" while you're wearing one of my dresses?

Ciara: Okay, sorry. It's a little weird, but it's actually kind of nice.

Hope: Honey, everyone is going to love it, and you in it. Come here. I want to show you something. Here, sit next to me. This is my high school yearbook, but before I show it to you, you have to promise you're not gonna laugh.

Ciara: Okay.

Hope: Oh, my God, you're already laughing.

Ciara: Okay, sorry.

Hope: No laughing.

Ciara: Okay.

Hope: Okay?

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Hope: All right.

Ciara: Oh, my God.

Hope: You would have worn some of those clothes, you know?

Ciara: Look at their hair.

Hope: I know, it's crazy, isn't it? I think my hair was all permed.

Ciara: Oh. Oh, wow, mom, you looked so hot. I mean--I mean, you still are. I mean, you're even prettier now. I swear.

Hope: I'll let you stay out an hour later.

[Doorbell rings]

Hope: Ciara Alice Brady, are you ready to redo history?

Ciara: I guess.

Hope: Okay. Here we go. Theo, oh, my gosh. Theo, look at you.

Theo: Hi.

Hope: Oh, you look terrific, honey. So handsome. Come on in. Hi, Lani.

Abe: All right, now, we're just here for pictures.

Hope: I know, I know. Come on in. You're always welcome here.

Theo: Kind of embarrassing having my whole family following.

Ciara: Hey. [Chuckles]

Theo: Wow. You look so beautiful.

Ciara: Yeah, you look great yourself.

Theo: I got you this.

[Gentle music]

Hope: Oh, wait.

Lani: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take your camera.

Hope: Turn around. Let me get some photos, please. Oh, you two. Smile. One more. One more.


[Indistinct chatter]

Abe: Oh, very good.

Theo: Get another one.

Abe: I'm not done yet. Yeah. Ooh.

Lani: Smile.

Yeah. Prom night.


Theo: Okay, that's enough pictures, guys.

Ciara: No, we don't want to be late.

Abe: Absolutely not. Your chariot awaits.

Hope: Have fun.

Lani: Have the best night ever, guys.

Theo: Thanks.

Ciara: Oh, Mom. Thanks for letting me wear the dress, Mom. I love you so much.

Hope: I love you too, baby. Have fun. Be careful.

Ciara: I will.

[Both chuckle]

Hope: [Laughs] Hey.

Rafe: Hey.

Hope: Come on in.

Rafe: Are you ready to celebrate the '80?

Hope: Huh?

Rafe: Nope, we are not going to the prom, but I did bring everything '80s. I have got VHS tapes. I have got '80s junk food. Oh. I made you a mixtape.

Hope: You made me a mixtape?

Rafe: I made it for later.

Hope: Oh, are we dancing?

Rafe: Maybe.

Hope: Hmm. Well, you know what, slow it down, cowboy, because if you thought that I was into romantic comedies and brat pack movies, you obviously don't know me very well.

Rafe: Oh, is that right?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: I'm a detective. Did you forget that?

Hope: No.

Rafe: I researched you. I know all your favorites.

Hope: Well, I'm impressed.

Rafe: You should be.

Hope: '80s, huh?

Rafe: Yeah. '80s. We are gonna OD on the '80s. But first... there's something I need you to do for me.

Marlena: Oh, thank you, honey. Ooh, cute girl.

Belle: I know.

Marlena: You know, what Claire said got me thinking about... the first time I fell in love.

Belle: Yeah. I've been thinking about that too. You know, when I was Claire's age, I was so full of hope, I was excited about tomorrow, just positive everything was going to work out just fine. [Chuckles] It never occurred to me that everything could just fall apart, that I could be hurt, that I could hurt someone I love so much. If only I knew, right?

[Upbeat music]

Ciara: Wow. This place looks amazing.

Theo: Yeah. Glad you came?

Ciara: Yes, I am. Very glad. Hey, look, there's Henry and Claire.

Claire: [Gasps] Ciara! Oh, my God, your dress is perfect.

Ciara: Thank you.

Claire: And so is your hair.

Ciara: Yours too. And your shoes.

Henry: Oh, my God, Theo, your outfit's so awesome! I love what you've done with your knuckles.

Theo: Ha ha.

Claire: Smart-ass. Come on, let's go get some punch. Are you coming?

Ciara: Maybe later.

Claire: Okay.

Theo: Can I make you a promise?

Ciara: Okay.

Theo: I am going to make this the best night ever.

Ciara: We'll make it together.

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