Days Transcript Tuesday 4/19/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/19/16


Episode #12827 ~ Abigail comes clean to Marlena about what she did to Ben; Deimos makes Kate an offer she can't refuse; Theresa has a surprising suggestion for Victor & Maggie; JJ tells Chad that Ben has been locked up.

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Justin: Right. Victor Kiriakis, the multimillionaire who still steals soap from hotel rooms, decided to just give away his entire empire.

Brady: To a man he loathes. It's got to be blackmail.

Justin: But how can you blackmail someone who doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks of him?

Brady: Except Maggie. What Maggie thinks means everything to him.

Justin: Right. There's an answer here. I just can't see it.

Brady: And Deimos made sure of that.

Theresa: I'm sorry, did I just hear that right? Did Victor Kiriakis give Deimos everything he has?

Justin: No wonder he had a heart attack.

Theresa: What happened?

Brady: I don't know. But I'm gonna find out.

Deimos: I need to see you. I have a proposal to make.

Kate: I hope it's an indecent one.

Deimos: No, but that certainly can be arranged.

Kate: Well, I'm having coffee in the square. Why don't you come join me?

Deimos: I would love to. I'll be there shortly.

Philip: Well, for such a smart, savvy woman, you can be so damn stupid.

Nicole: Have you started physical therapy yet?

Maggie: No.

Nicole: Well, how about I go with you? The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll be back on your feet.

Maggie: Nicole, I'm never gonna be back on my feet. The surgery didn't work, and I'm probably never gonna walk again.

Theresa: Please don't say that. That can't be true.

JJ: Okay. I've got some good news. I just spoke to my friend at the DA's office. He said that Weston's going straight to prison. Maximum security.

Chad: Good. That should've been done in the first place.

JJ: I agree. But Ben is gone. Abigail doesn't have to look over her shoulder anymore. She can finally start to heal. It's over. Chad... I think Abigail is going to need some professional help.

Chad: Yeah, so do I. That's why I asked you here. Marlena's at the house right now talking to her.

Marlena: Abigail, Dr. Thompson was discussing post traumatic stress disorder with you before Ben came back.

Abigail: I kept seeing him, and I thought I was losing my mind.

Marlena: After everything Ben put you through, it's not surprising you had PTSD. By the way, you know it's a disorder? It does not mean you're losing your mind. It means your mind is trying to cope with, well... an unspeakable chain of events.

Abigail: I just wanted it to be over. Chad stopped me. He told me that Thomas wouldn't have a mother if...

Marlena: Go on.

Abigail: Chad stopped me. But I was trying to kill him. I had him there on the bed. I tied him up. I stabbed him. I poured lighter fluid all over him, and I lit him on fire. And I wanted to see him burn to death. Ben has all of you tricked. You think you can stop him and you think you can just put him somewhere and that that will stop him, but it won't. But I tricked him. I made him think that I missed him, and I made him think that I loved him and that--that I wanted to make love to him. That's how I got him to the bed. And then when he was there... I tied him up. I stabbed him. I know you're probably thinking what Chad thinks right now, that I should've just stopped right there and called the police.

Marlena: And why didn't you?

Abigail: Because I can't trust anybody. I mean, really, Marlena, who can I trust? Nobody believes me. Nobody sees what's really going on. Ben won't stop until he kills me. So he has to die.

Maggie: Dr. Thompson ran some tests. I didn't feel anything. I can't move my legs.

Nicole: Maggie, you just had surgery. They said it might take some time.

Maggie: Well, from the look on Fynn's face, he doesn't believe it any more than I do.

Theresa: I'm so sorry, Maggie. I could only imagine how devastated you must be.

Nicole: Theresa, Maggie just needs time to process this. And while she is, I just think everyone around her needs to have a positive attitude.

Theresa: Right. Of course. There's always hope.

Nicole: Fynn isn't gonna stop trying to help you. Besides, everybody in the hospital loves you. I'm sure you have an army of people on your case.

Theresa: Yeah, and I just-- I read this article in the "spectator," I think, recently about how there's all kinds of advances in spinal research.

Nicole: Oh, yeah, I think I read that article. You know what? We should find it online and let Maggie read it.

Theresa: Yeah, good idea.

Maggie: Theresa, Nicole, I just don't feel like reading right now. My head's swimming, and then there's Victor to worry about.

Theresa: Well, Brady said that he's getting stronger every day.

Maggie: Well, maybe he was, but I'm scared to death of what this news is gonna do to him.

Kate: You can be so tedious.

Philip: It's an inherited trait.

Kate: Well, given your track record since you returned to Salem, I don't think you're in any position to call anyone stupid, much less me.

Philip: I heard you on the phone flirting with the guy who set out to destroy my father.

Kate: Not "who set out to destroy" him, who succeeded. And I think your indignation would be--well, it would carry a lot more weight if you yourself hadn't tried to stab your father in the back.

Philip: What about what Deimos did to Maggie? Maggie, who's never hurt anyone in her whole life. It doesn't bother you he's responsible for what happened to her?

Kate: You don't know that. I don't know that.

Philip: I thought... maybe Deimos might have shared with you how he managed to get his hands on dad's estate. You know... pillow talk.

Kate: There's not a lot of talk when Deimos and I are in bed.

Philip: Dad's bed. You're in dad's bed with dad's brother, who's living off dad's money. My father is down, but he's not out. He'll deal with Deimos, and when he's done with that, he'll deal with you.

Kate: Well, I can take care of myself.

Philip: Not this time. Not if you do the right thing.

Kate: Oh, the right thing?

Philip: Okay, the smart thing.

Philip: Help me get everything back from Deimos.

Marlena: Abigail, I really came by to remind you that the way you're feeling right's not the way you're always going to feel.

Abigail: I'll feel this way until Ben is dead.

[Footsteps approaching]

Chad: Sorry. I thought you guys would be done by now.

Marlena: Yeah, we were just finishing up.

[Baby crying]

Abigail: I'll go get Thomas.

Chad: No, it's fine. Maria's taking care of him.

Abigail: No. Not Maria--he needs his mother.

[Baby crying]

Chad: How'd it go?

Marlena: She said she told you that she was questioning her own sanity.

Chad: Yeah, she's been seeing Ben when he's not really there.

Marlena: And then he was there. I'm afraid that experience may have been too much for her to handle. I'm afraid of a psychotic break.

Chad: What?

Marlena: And if she doesn't get treatment, she could be a danger to herself and the baby.

Chad: No, absolutely not. She loves Thomas.

Marlena: She wouldn't hurt him intentionally, but I'm afraid she may lose the ability to cope.

Chad: [Stammering] What do we do?

Marlena: Well, I think we try outpatient therapy for a while,

Chad: Try?

Marlena: And if that doesn't work, there's a clinic not far from here. They specialize in PTSD. And she would be in a very controlled environment.

Chad: So, am--am I hearing you right? You're talking about putting my wife away?

Chad: What, you think she has to be institutionalized?

Marlena: No, I didn't say that. I'm talking about short-term intensive therapy, hopefully, in a controlled environment.

Chad: But you're talking about locking her up.

Marlena: Will you think about what she's been through? Everything in this house reminds her of that burning bed. When she sees me, she's reminded that Ben killed my grandson. When she sees you, she's reminded of that burning cabin. When she sees her own child, she's reminded that Ben killed the woman who delivered that baby. She needs to feel safe.

Chad: And she will. I just found out that Ben's been locked up.

Marlena: That's really good news. But I'm not sure that's gonna change how she feels. At least, not right away.

Chad: Maybe you're right.

Marlena: Let me put a call in to the clinic.

Chad: Okay.

[Somber music]

Abigail: Well, Thomas was already back asleep by the time I got up there.

Chad: Hey...hey. Can we sit down? I want to tell you something.

Abigail: Oh, do you mind if we wait? It's just that whole talk with Marlena kind of took a lot out of me.

Chad: Sure. All right.

Abigail: Okay. We'll talk later. We will. I just want to maybe take a nap, sleep for a little.

Chad: Okay, is there anything that I can get you?

Abigail: Yes, actually. That prescription that Dr. Thompson gave me. Marlena said she thinks it could really help, so I ordered a refill, but if you could get it for me, that would be great.

Chad: Are you sure you don't want to--you don't mind being alone?

Abigail: Chad... in this house? Please, I'm never alone. There's a million people here. It's fine. Unless you don't-- unless you don't trust me to be alone here.

Chad: No, I do. Of course not.

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: I'll be right back.

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: I love you.

Abigail: Love you.

Chad: I love you.

Abigail: Thanks.

[Foreboding music]

[Line trills]

Abigail: Hi. It's me. I need to see you right away.

Kate: I know your father put you up to this. My fear is that he can still play you like a poker hand.

Philip: It's no wonder I have such wonderful self-esteem.

Kate: What you have is a lot of nerve for threatening me like that.

Philip: Mom, I'm trying to get through to you. Look. I know that right and wrong means nothing to you, but you used to have a good sense of self-preservation. I think that dear old uncle Deimos is only getting started. I think that he plans to bring father's entire family to its knees, and you are so in line to be collateral damage.

Kate: Your concern for me is touching... of course. But I know all this scrambling around has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you want to get back into your father's good graces, right? Since you've fallen out with Deimos, your former co-conspirator.

Philip: I was forced into that.

Kate: Yeah. By that mistake with the police officer's daughter in Chicago? How stupid was that?

Philip: I know I've made mistakes. A lot of them. But I am trying to right a few of them by helping my father. I am asking my mother for help.

Kate: A boy's best friend.

Philip: But if you won't help me, I'm not sure I'll have a mother anymore.

Nicole: You didn't really want coffee, did you? You just needed a break from Theresa.

Maggie: Well, she would do anything for me right now, and that's very sweet of her. But she's not exactly a soothing presence. You are. I appreciate it. What?

Nicole: [Laughs] I'm just wishing Daniel was here to see us. He didn't exactly see me as soothing.

Maggie: Well, you are. Not in a saccharine way. You don't-- you don't try to make me put on a good face on things. You just let me feel what I feel. And I feel pressure from Theresa, especially from Victor, too.

Nicole: To buck up? Smile through?

Maggie: Maybe I'm not being fair to them, but it's--it's just...

Nicole: Oh, Maggie, tell me.

Maggie: I'm just scared that it's gonna be too much for me to go through this again, and then I think what a miracle it was back then to start walking again, and how complacent I've become, and that I'm just-- I'm not grateful.

Nicole: Oh, Maggie. Don't say that. You are the least complacent person I have ever met. Besides, who ever said there's only one miracle to a customer?

Maggie: [Laughs] It's no wonder Daniel was so crazy about you. Can you do me a favor? Can you check in on Victor for me? I mean, tell me how he is, honestly.

[Dark music]

Victor: 30 years ago, you went after what was mine, Deimos. I paid you back then, too.

(Flashback, all in Greek)

Young Victor: You slept with my brother... Whore!

Helena: I'm sorry.

Young Victor: I could kill you!

Helena: No, please!

Young Victor: I loved you in my own way.

Helena: Deimos loves me much more!

Young Victor: Helena!

[Dark music]

Young Victor: Oxi. Oxi...oxi. (

Young Deimos: Oxi! (No!) Helena! You can't die. You have to hang on! Helena! You have to help her!

Policeman: I'm sorry. It's too late. She's already dead.

Young Victor: Murderer.

Young Deimos: What did you say?

Young Victor: I saw the whole thing. You killed my Helena! What did you do? I saw everything. You pushed her!

[Melancholy music]

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: So, I-- I tried to kill Ben. Chad stopped me, but I did-- I tried to kill Ben.

JJ: I knew that Chad wasn't telling me the whole story that night. You don't have to worry about anything. And no one needs to know what really happened.

Abigail: Well, I told Marlena what happened, and she thinks that I'm crazy.

JJ: No, she doesn't.

Abigail: Yeah, she does. She thinks that I'm losing it. She thinks that I need to be put away. That's what she told Chad. She said I need to be put away and that maybe I had a psychotic break, and that I might do something to hurt Thomas.

JJ: I don't believe it.

Abigail: What--you think I imagined it? Yeah? You think I imagined it just like I imagined Ben coming back for me?

JJ: No, that's not what I'm saying. All I'm saying is that I think that you're overreacting a little bit. All I know is that Chad, Marlena, and me just want to see you get well.

Abigail: Because I'm sick? 'Cause I'm mentally ill? Which, let's be honest, it's really just a polite word for crazy. I'm crazy just like Grandma was crazy.

JJ: Abigail, don't say that.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

JJ: Just think about what you've been through in this town and in that house. I think the best thing for you is to just get away from this place.

Abigail: Yeah, maybe... just be a whole lot easier if I just disappeared from this--

JJ: That is not what I mean, and you know it.

Abigail: No. I don't know it, because I don't know anything. I don't. I mean, honestly, I don't know what's real, and I don't know what isn't.

JJ: Okay. Just let me take you back home, okay? Come on.

Abigail: You know, I--I... these pills I'm taking just make me feel a little dizzy, and my throat gets so dry. Would you just-- would you get me a water? I just need to stay here for a second and just kind of...whew.

JJ: Yeah.

Abigail: Is that okay?

JJ: Sure...okay.

Abigail: Thanks.

JJ: I'll be right back.

Abigail: Okay. [Sighs]

[Dramatic music]

Kate: You're really pulling out the stops, aren't you? Even giving the ultimate threat: I'll no long be your mother. 'Cause I think I'll just implode. You know, how am I gonna live without the joy of being your mother? Cleaning up your messes one after another. Dealing with that list of marginal women that you named to be Heloise to your Abelard. Chloe, belle, Melanie... tell me, are you still dating from bottomofthebarrel.Com?

Philip: You're hilarious.

Kate: You know that threat? That threat doesn't work with me anymore, because all of my children have disowned me at one point or another. And you know what? They all come back. And you know why? Because in the end, you need your mother.

Philip: You might not be around for the reconciliation. I think that Deimos is gonna hurt you, the same way he hurt Victor and Maggie. And deep down, you know I'm right.

Deimos: This isn't a good time.

Justin: No, this won't take long. Return everything you took from Victor, or I'll bring charges. Blackmail, extortion... I'm sure there's more. You'll be right back in prison where you belong.

Deimos: Not that this is any of your business, but all of my dealings with my brother were legal and binding.

Justin: Coercion. That's the one that slipped my mind.

Deimos: Coercion, blackmail, extortion... call it what you want. You're not gonna get anywhere without Victor pressing charges, and that's simply not gonna happen. So why don't you get off my property, Mr. District attorney, before I call the police?

Justin: Always a pleasure, uncle Deimos.

Deimos: Right.

Jennifer: I know Abigail needs help, but... don't you think an institution is too much?

Chad: It's not about putting her away. It's about--it is about-- it's about getting her away from all of those terrible memories.

Jennifer: Well, you're getting her away from people who love her.

Chad: It's just a possibility.

Jennifer: And right now she needs stability and she needs her family, and she--

Chad: Jennifer.

Jennifer: Needs her mother.

Chad: I agree.

Jennifer: I can't even-- I can't even think about this.

Chad: Okay, listen--JJ told me about her grandmother. I am not gonna let that happen to Abby. I want her at home even more than you do.

Jennifer: Did you tell her that?

Chad: No. No, I haven't, okay? I've been--I've been trying to figure out the right time.

Jennifer: [Crying]

[Tense music]

[Dramatic music]

Philip: Look what you've done: You've put yourself right between father and Deimos. If man-to-man they're equally matched--and I don't think they are--father's got me, Brady, Maggie, and Justin behind him. Deimos is going down. I don't want him taking you with him.

Kate: So you care?

Philip: I don't want you hurt.

Kate: I'm sure you don't. But I don't think my safety is your only concern. You were bested by Deimos, and now you want to get back at him.

Philip: I want to get back at him for what he did to father, to Maggie.

Kate: Okay, your father has a history of heart problems. Maggie fainted and fell down the stairs. How is that Deimos' fault?

Philip: I don't know, but I think you do.

Kate: You know what I know? That for whatever reason, Victor decided to give his fortune to Deimos, and that's between the two of them. It's not your concern, and it's not my concern.

Deimos: Wow, this looks pretty intense.

Philip: Was just leaving.

Deimos: Don't.

Philip: How I love direct orders.

Deimos: I'm sorry. Please don't. I have an announcement to make, and I think you'll want to hear it firsthand.

Brady: Do you think you tipped your hand a bit, telling Deimos you could press charges?

Justin: Well, he already knew we weren't gonna sit back and let him get away with this. And now I just learned that he's not really worried about a legal challenge.

Brady: Well, he doesn't seem worried about any kind of a challenge whatsoever.

Justin: No. He's not dumb. And he's a Kiriakis. He knows deep down there's going to be some kind of pushback.

Brady: Granddad. The heart attack was real. I mean, Fynn-- Fynn is worried about him.

Justin: Damn right, it was real.

Brady: I just get the sense that grandfather's... hiding something. 'Cause the Victor I know-- he would be screaming to get released out of that hospital room, especially if he knew that someone was trying to take over his company. I think you're right. I think he's up to something.

Justin: He wants Deimos to have a false sense of security.

Brady: You know, right before the Greeks sacked troy, they said they were giving up.

Justin: Uncle Vic's not giving up. He's building himself a Trojan horse.

[Knocking at door]

Nicole: Knock, knock.

[Light instrumental music]

Chad: Trust me. Putting my wife away is a last resort. I know she needs her family right now.

Jennifer: Yeah. Well, if you decide on your last resort, you better be really careful how you tell her that, because it is her darkest fear that she would end up like her grandmother.

Chad: I know. JJ told me.

Jennifer: Okay, and I'm telling you the truth. If Marlena is worried about Abigail having a breakdown, you sending her away to some institution could be the thing that pushes her over the edge.

[Line trilling]

[Phone rings]

Jennifer: Ciara, what's up?

Ciara: Hey, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm here to babysit, and I can't find Abigail or Thomas.

Chad: All right--did you ask Harold to check the nursery?

Ciara: Yeah, I just did. There was no sign of them. And Thomas' carrier is gone.

Chad: All right, Abby probably just took him for a's fine. I'll check it out.

Jennifer: Is something wrong?

Chad: No--I asked Ciara to babysit, and Abby must have forgotten and taken him for a walk.

Jennifer: Well, I'm coming with you.

Chad: It's fine. I'll check it out.

Jennifer: You are lying. You're as scared as I am. I'm gonna text JJ.

Theresa: You know what will be great? When you and Victor move in with me and Brady, we can play cards anytime we want.

Maggie: Honey, that's very sweet, but you don't know Victor. [Laughs] He doesn't-- he doesn't like to be a house guest. He likes being lord of his very ostentatious manor.

Theresa: Well, yeah, but I mean, now that... you don't know.

Maggie: Don't know what?

Theresa: What? Nothing.

Maggie: Theresa. Don't lie to me. What, exactly, am I not supposed to know?

Brady: Well, I'm glad grandfather wants to fight back. I'm just concerned that at this point in time, he may not be a match for Deimos.

Justin: He's broke. He's in the hospital. He's worried sick about Maggie.

Brady: So--so Deimos just gets away with this?

Justin: Well, Victor did tell us specifically to stand down.

Brady: Like he'd ever obey an order like that. I don't like the idea of Deimos thinking he can screw with my grandfather and just get away with it.

Justin: I don't like him acting like he's the new head of the family.

Brady: I don't like him at all.

Justin: I think he needs to be taught a lesson.

Brady: I agree. I think he needs his Greek ass kicked.

Justin: And we're just the Greeks to do it.

Brady: Oh, this is gonna be interesting.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: I did a little research on this Helena woman, and you're right. Deimos not only seems obsessed with her, but--

Victor: But with me.

Nicole: Right.

Victor: Let me ask you a question. What are you willing to do to pay him back for what he's done?

Philip: I'm not sure what you could announce that has anything to do with me.

Deimos: I thought you might be interested to hear that I'm offering your mother a new job.

Kate: Well, maybe you haven't been paying attention, but I already have a job.

Deimos: Yes, you do, and you're very good at it, which is why I'm proposing that I buy basic black and fold it into Titan.

Kate: Basic black isn't for sale.

Deimos: Hm. Sure about that? I'm offering top dollar. You'd still be running it, more or less, along with a lot of my other holdings. That is, if you accept my offer to run Titan along with me.

Chad: Abby's purse is gone, and she's not answering her phone.

JJ: I just got confirmation Ben was processed a couple hours ago and he's in a cell under constant surveillance.

Jennifer: Then why did she run?

Chad: Oh...

JJ: What?

Chad: I was just about to tell her that Ben was locked up, and then out of nowhere, she asked me to go and get her prescription. So she was trying to get rid of me.

Jennifer: You-- you talked to her. You didn't tell her about Ben?

JJ: Mom, she got rid of me too.

Jennifer: Why?

JJ: Because she was freaked out about going to the clinic.

Chad: No, she doesn't know about the clinic.

JJ: Yeah, she does. She heard you and Marlena talking about it.

Chad: Did she have Thomas with her?

JJ: No, she didn't.

Chad: Okay, so she came back to get him. Where the hell would they have gone?

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: [Sighs] Okay, Thomas. Okay. There we go. Ben isn't gonna find us, and Marlena won't find us... Daddy won't find us. Nobody's gonna lock me up. Nobody is gonna take you from me. Nobody. Nobody. Nobody. Okay.

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