Days Transcript Friday 3/25/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/25/16


Episode #12810 ~ Maggie & Summer attempt to make up for lost time; Deimos offers an olive branch to Victor; Philip tells Claire about starting a record label & showcasing her talent; Nicole opens up to Dario.

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Philip: Hi.

Belle: Oh, hi. [Chuckles]

Philip: Everything okay with your mom?

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: What was going on last night?

Belle: Uh, nothing. It's a long story.

Philip: Which you don't want to tell me about because, let me guess... it was about you and me.

Here you go.

Nicole: Thanks.

I'll be right back to take your order.

Dario: Thank you. Wow. You rate.

Nicole: I'm kind of a regular. I used to work from home, but now I...

Dario: Sorry.

Nicole: Please. It's not you. I-I mean, someone can say, "have a nice day," and I'm crying into my latte because I miss Daniel so much.

Dario: Maybe we need something a little stronger than coffee.

Nicole: I have to work later. But please, have a martini for me.

Dario: [Laughing] Yeah. No, that's...that's okay.

Nicole: I bet you're regretting taking me up on that offer to buy you a drink.

Dario: Not at all.

Summer: Mrs. Kiriakis--

Maggie: Please, call me Maggie. May I come in? Summer, I owe you an apology. I behaved very badly last night when you gave me the news that I was your mother. I-I was stunned. I had no idea that I had a child out there all these years.

Summer: I understand. Um...I handled it all wrong. I am so sorry for telling you the way I did, and I should--

Maggie: No, you should have. You should have and I'm glad you did. [Exhales] Where are you going?

[Dramatic music]

Deimos: Victor. I want to see you.

Summer: I'm going back to la.

Maggie: Oh, please don't.

Summer: [Sighs] I understand why you weren't happy to see me. You don't need another complication in your life.

Maggie: You're not a complication. You're my d-- daughter. I want to get to know you. I want that very much.

Summer: Really? Because if that's true, why did you give me up in the first place?

Victor: [Coughing] You have ten minutes.

Deimos: You sound terrible. You should take better care of yourself.

Victor: Yeah, well, I've got germs to spare. Enter at your own risk.

Deimos: I'm happy to hear that you're in a sharing mood because I come in peace. I'd like to end this war between us.

Victor: You mean the one that you started?

Deimos: Don't even. You're the one that started it.

Victor: Yeah. You sound like that eight-year-old boy that I remember. "He started it, ma." "It's not fair, ma." You're still a jealous child.

Deimos: Jealous of what?

Victor: I have a beautiful wife. I have a wonderful family. That's why you felt compelled to turn my son against me.

Deimos: [Laughing] Aren't you and your grandson estranged as well? I suppose that's also my fault, right?

Victor: You know, your apology tour is off to a lousy start.

Deimos: I didn't come here to apologize. And as for Philip, I simply wanted you to know how I felt, to be betrayed by your own flesh and blood just as you did to me.

Victor: And you end there why? Because you realized you couldn't win?

Deimos: No. Because I listened to some wise advice and decided to try and make love, not war.

Victor: And just what brought on this change of heart? Did you see an image of mother Teresa in your toast this morning? Or was it one too many downward dogs?

Deimos: I met a wise and beautiful woman. She convinced me that my hatred for you was like poison, and that the only cure was to let it go. She's the reason I'm here today, Victor.

Dario: Of course everything makes you think about Daniel. You're surrounded by reminders. Have you ever thought about getting away?

Nicole: I can't. I just started my new company.

Dario: How about a new place to live?

Nicole: They say you shouldn't make major changes for at least a year after... well, anyway, um... Daniel's son, Parker, used to live in our apartment with Daniel, and I-I want him to have a familiar home to come back to when he visits.

Dario: I get that. When I was a kid, nobody wanted to talk about my dad because he left.

Nicole: I wish my dad left.

Dario: I wish my dad never came back.

Nicole: I'm sorry. It's unfair, isn't it? People who shouldn't be parents are, and the people should be parents never get a chance.

Summer: I'm sorry, but I have to ask. I've been wondering my whole life.

Maggie: Of course you have, Summer. I was very young when I had you. I wasn't ready to have a baby.

Summer: Who... who was my father?

Maggie: His name was Noah. He'd come to work on the family farm. He was charming. He was very sweet. And as you know, I was injured in a car accident and I couldn't walk. And he... he gave me attention that I never thought I'd have again. I felt special. Then one day, we just got carried away. I don't know why I was shocked when I found out that I was pregnant. But I was all alone. My parents died in that same car accident.

Summer: I'm so sorry.

Maggie: I wasn't really totally alone. Hank was... he was the farmhand, worked with my dad. So he became my surrogate father, my family. He was there all through my pregnancy and when I gave birth... [Inhales] He's the one that told me you had died.

Summer: And my father? Did he leave you because of me?

Maggie: No. [Sighs] He left before I had a chance to tell him that I was pregnant.

Belle: So why would you think my mom was upset about us?

Philip: Because everyone is.

Belle: Okay, narcissist.

Philip: Part of my charm.

Belle: I don't really know how my mom feels about us. But last night, there was this situation with my dad.

Philip: Situation?

Belle: Yeah, I mean, it's all fine now, but I can't really talk more about it.

Philip: Isa, code of silence. Got it. Thank God everything's okay.

Belle: Yeah, I mean, they didn't even tell Brady because they were afraid the stress would affect his health. In case you're wondering why he's having a big party tonight.

Philip: I didn't even know about it. I'm sure you're shocked I'm not invited. What's the occasion?

Belle: Uh, well, apparently he and Theresa have some big news.

Philip: Good for them.

Belle: Come on. Don't you want to get along with Brady?

Philip: Has to be a two-way street.

Belle: Exactly. Brady's all about new beginnings right now. It's the perfect time to reach out. You know, you keep saying you want to be close with your family. Why don't you just-- just call Brady and ask him if it's cool if you come tonight?

Philip: Why would I crash his party?

Belle: Because you'd be my date.

Philip: He'll be thrilled about that too.

Belle: Well, you know what? Everyone's gonna have to get used to it, whether they like it or not. Come on. It would mean the world to me. And you don't want to stay away, because then people will think you don't care and you don't want that, do you?

Victor: So you met a woman who caused you to change your whole reason for living in the course of 24 hours. What was her name? Oprah?

Deimos: Her name isn't important.

Victor: When do you start the seven-day cleanse?

Deimos: You know something, Victor? You're not making this easy.

Victor: Because it's impossible.

Deimos: And why is that? Look at your wife. Maggie. Didn't the love of a wonderful woman turn you into the warm, fuzzy, teddy bear of a man everyone thinks you are today? Victor, I'm here right now doing my best to extend an olive branch to you.

Victor: You know, talk is cheap. You want to show me that you've changed? Then show me.

Nicole: I knew Daniel and I were never gonna have kids. It was one of my biggest regrets. But we had Parker and now I barely see him... oh, my God, I am so tired of talking about me. I'm sorry. I--have you seen your dad since you've been back?

Dario: Yeah, yeah, I visited him in the hospital last night.

Nicole: Hospital? What happened?

Dario: He got shot.

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Dario: His past came back to bite him...again.

Nicole: What past?

Dario: We found out why left our family.

Nicole: I-I thought it was another woman, Paige's mom.

Dario: No. No, that happened later. Although he did work with plenty of women.

Nicole: Are you saying he was a--

Dario: No, no. He--he never made money off exploiting people. What he did was a lot worse than that.

Nicole: What could be worse? Dictator of a small island?

Dario: He was a trained assassin.

Summer: My father never knew about me.

Maggie: By the time I realized I was pregnant, there was no way to tell him. I-I didn't know where he had gone. I-I didn't even... I didn't even know his last name. After he left the farm, I never saw him again.

Summer: Wow.

Maggie: I had so much guilt, Summer. I thought if I'd taken better care of myself, if I'd taken better care of you... for the longest time, I didn't know if I could have a biological child. And I thought that was my punishment for not appreciating what I'd been given. [Sobs]

Summer: Why did hank tell you that I died?

Maggie: He probably was just trying to protect me. I don't know. But Summer, I want you to know that losing you was one of the most painful things I've ever endured. And to have you here now, it's a gift. It is. And I have Daniel to thank for that. My son and I used to watch the red carpet shows on TV

Philip: You make it very hard to say no.

Belle: Mm-hmm. That's the objective.

Philip: If I go, it won't be to listen to Brady lecture me about how I betrayed the family. It'll be for you.

Belle: So, um... if you're not gonna go back to Titan...

Philip: I won't.

Belle: Will you stay in Salem?

Philip: Of course I'm staying in Salem.

Belle: And have you given any thought to what you want to do?

Philip: I've been thinking about your offer to bankroll a new business. [Sighs] If the offer still stands, I got a great idea.

Deimos: [Chuckles] And what do I have to do for you, brother, to prove my sincerity?

Victor: Leave town and never come back. Forget about me, forget about my family, forget about Salem.

Deimos: No, no, that's not gonna happen. All the family I have left is right here.

Victor: Why should I trust you? Hm? And why do you feel so compelled to get my approval so that you can stop hating me? Ah... did this woman ask you to make amends as a condition to jumping in bed with her? Because obviously she knew it wouldn't work.

Deimos: [Laughing] Oh, that's funny. That's very good. Yeah, nice try. You know something? I was here yesterday. I had a nice long chat with your lovely wife. Now judging by your surprise at my visit, I'm guessing she didn't tell you? What's going on, big brother? Is there trouble in paradise?

Summer: I grew up saying my prayers every night, spent Sundays in church. [Sighs] I'm not sure where I went wrong when my parents raised me so right.

Maggie: You said that they were strict.

Summer: Well, it's not like I was Cinderella, scrubbing floors on my knees all day long. They were fine with me. It's just that they didn't know what to do with a girl like me.

Maggie: A girl like you?

Summer: "Free spirit" would be a nice way to put it. They, uh, probably would have thought more like "demon-possessed" when I was having my mood swings.

Maggie: Well, everyone is moody from time to time.

Summer: I was moody all the time.

Maggie: Oh?

Summer: I dyed my hair green, broke curfew, swore in church. I, uh, bet your kids never did stuff like that.

Maggie: My daughter, Melissa. Um, her first boyfriend, Pete, was in a gang. [Chuckles] Her father and I, we were just so-- we were just-- we were so upset about it. But then, you know what? We wound up in a double wedding with Melissa and Pete.


Summer: Wow. My parents preached biblical values, but when it came to forgiving, that really wasn't their thing. When I shoplifted a soda from a grocery store, they made me stand outside for a couple of hours in the hot Texas afternoon sun holding a big poster saying I'd never do it again.

Maggie: They shamed you.

Summer: Look, it's not like they cut off my hands or something. There were a lot of kids that had it a lot worse. I didn't grow up in an orphanage. I-I wasn't neglected. It wasn't your fault.

Maggie: So where are your parents now?

Summer: They died a couple of years ago.

Maggie: I'm sorry.

Summer: I hadn't seem them for a long time.

Maggie: So when you left home, you were all alone?

Summer: Yeah, I was.

Maggie: And you got a job?

Summer: Yeah, I did this and that. Uh, fast food, hostess. Some other stuff to get by.

Maggie: Uh...are you saying--

Summer: No, no, no. No, no, it's not what you're thinking. Um...

Maggie: [Exhales]

Summer: I, uh... stole some jewelry from my landlady. I tried to pawn it, got caught.

Maggie: What happened?

Summer: I went to jail.

Maggie: I see.

Summer: I'm sorry.

Maggie: No, listen, you don't need to apologize.

Summer: I see the disappointment in your eyes. I just needed to be honest with you. And I figured, if you're married to someone like Victor Kiriakis, you'd understand.

Maggie: Everyone-- everyone makes mistakes.

Summer: This wasn't a one-time thing. Just so you know.

Philip: I don't mean to be cocky.

Belle: Oh, but please, go ahead.

Philip: I'm good at being cutthroat.

Belle: Wow, never thought of that as something to brag about.

Philip: It is in the business world. I've made a lot of money. And a lot of enemies.

Belle: I'm shocked. [Chuckles]

Philip: At Titan, we publish books, we sell makeup. We're so diversified I didn't know what I was hocking half the time. If I'm gonna work in business, I need a job that I'm passionate about.

Belle: Okay, and what are you passionate about?

Philip: It hasn't changed since high school. How did I spend all my free time?

Belle: Besides making out with Chloe? [Chuckles] Uh, playing rock star with Shawn? Didn't your dad used to send you out to the barn, right, 'cause he hated pearl jam?

Philip: My dad had a victrola.

Belle: [Laughs] So...what? Music is your passion?

Philip: When I was a kid, it was like this impossible dream to get discovered. Now there are so many avenues, and yet, the top 1% of the artists are still making more than 3/4 of the money.

Belle: That's crazy.

Philip: Especially now that it's easier than ever to put a song up on the net and get thousands of hits. There's this huge untapped market. [Exhales] I am thinking about starting a record label that looks to monetize and market that music. Give new artists a chance.

Belle: And you want to do this with my seed money.

Philip: Like I said, if the offer still stands.

Belle: Of course, it does.

Philip: The business has changed so much. There's no reason all the major labels need to be on the coast. There's a ton of talent in the Midwest.

Belle: Yeah, you're right. I know exactly who your first client should be. Claire.

Nicole: No way. Your father, Rafe's father...

Dario: Killed people for a living.

Nicole: Well, was he on the side of the good guys or...

Dario: The guy who trained him was pure evil. He kidnapped my dad and John Black yesterday, because he was pissed that they had tried to move on.

Nicole: John Black?

Dario: This crazy dude was John's dad.

Nicole: And I thought I had daddy issues.

Dario: This crazy dude, yo ling--

Nicole: Yo Ling?

Dario: He kidnapped my little niece and John's wife--

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Dario: And my mom.

Nicole: That's unbelievable. I mean, are-- are they okay--

Dario: Yeah, everyone's okay now. But if my dad had just stayed gone, none of this would have happened in the first place.

Nicole: Are you sure about that? I mean, he was after John too and John black is definitely one of the good guys.

Dario: John got away from them years ago. He created a life for himself, a family. My dad never even tried.

Nicole: I-I'm just saying, maybe he's changed.

Dario: Why are you defending him?

Nicole: I'm not. But you've been in town for, what, a day? Would it hurt to give him another chance?

Dario: There is no way in hell he's getting another chance from me.

Summer: You're shocked.

Maggie: No.

Summer: Brady and Theresa both told me you wouldn't judge.

Maggie: I'm not-- I'm not judging. I... I-I just didn't expect you to be so forthcoming with the fact that you were a thief.

Summer: Ex-thief.

Maggie: Ex-thief.

Summer: I'm reformed. And you can thank your son for that.

Maggie: Really?

Summer: Daniel gave me so much support when I was going through a really rough time. I mean, he was... he was like a big brother to me. He made me see where my future was going. And I don't think I would be here otherwise.

Maggie: Thank you for telling me that.

Summer: I'm sorry. I laid a lot on you all at once. But I just told myself that if I did have another chance with you, I would tell you everything, because I know Daniel would have wanted me to do that.

Maggie: And I'm glad you did. [Inhales] Um... Summer, I really think I need to get home. Ooh...

Summer: Are you okay?

Maggie: Uh... [Clears throat] I think I-- I just got up a little too quickly.

Victor: The only trouble I have is you. And why would Maggie tell me about your visit? She obviously doesn't believe you any more than I do. So why should I let my guard down?

Deimos: I'm staying in Salem, Victor. Now we can be civil or we can mortal enemies. I'll leave that choice up to you. Personally, I'd prefer the former.

Victor: Since when?

Deimos: You know what? If you spent 30 years in jail because of me, I'd be at the bottom of the Salem river right now wearing cement shoes. And yet, I'm here right now, willing to let it all go. On one condition.

Victor: Of course, a condition.

Deimos: All I want, all I've ever needed from you, Victor, is for you to look me in the eye and say, "I'm sorry."

Maggie: Thank you.

Summer: Yeah.

Maggie: Thank you.

Summer: I guess I made your head spin. Maybe I shouldn't have blurted out everything all at once.

Maggie: It's all right. I'm glad you did. Summer, I-I think I need... to go home and lie down.

Summer: You can lie down here.

Maggie: That's very sweet, but I-I think it'd be better if--if I went home.

Summer: Okay, yeah. Okay. Um... uh, well, uh, bye. [Laughs awkwardly] Talk soon.

Maggie: [Cries] [Sniffs]

Summer: [Sniffs]

Maggie: I'll see you soon. Hmm? Okay.

Philip: You're not serious.

Belle: Why wouldn't I be?

Philip: Belle, I haven't heard Claire sing. I-I'm sure she's very talented, but--

Belle: But what?

Philip: What kind of experience does she have? School choir? Her teacher just left town. She didn't get into Juilliard.

Belle: Uh, you didn't get into Wharton, and look at you.

Philip: The first artist you sign says everything about who you are as a company.

Belle: Mm-hmm, I know.

Philip: Don't we want the very best?

Belle: Philip, how do you know she isn't? I wouldn't have bought her a nightclub to sing at if she wasn't amazing.

Philip: It might come off as nepotism.

Belle: [Chuckles] Says Philip Kiriakis, whose father got him every job he's ever had.

Philip: Not this one.

Belle: Yeah? Well, you're not getting this one without Claire. You heard me. No Claire, no cash.

Philip: Any other conditions?

Belle: Come on, what? You don't trust my taste?

Philip: [Scoffs] From the girl who dragged me to a spice girls concert in eighth grade?

Belle: I was a trendsetter.

Philip: [Laughing]

Belle: I was!

Philip: I should know by now, you always wind up getting your way, don't you?

Belle: Yes, I do.

Philip: I'll have the papers drawn up.

Belle: I look forward to being your partner. [Laughs] Oh, I can't wait to tell Claire.

Philip: Can you wait a few more minutes?

Belle: For what?

Philip: This.

Victor: You want me to say that I'm sorry?

Deimos: Yeah, that's right. The words-- they came out of your mouth just now and the world didn't come to an end.

Victor: Then what am I sorry about?

Deimos: [Exhales] Oh, man. I spent 30 years in prison for something you did. You killed Helena. All right, you know what, Victor? Even if you didn't, you had the power to help me and you turned your back. Come on, Victor. I have to believe there's a human being in there somewhere beneath that-- that stony exterior. All you have to do is say you're sorry and I will forgive you. It's as simple as that. Oh, my God. What was I thinking? All right. So it is. I should have known. I'm sure you remember what our father used to say. "How you make your bed is how you're gonna sleep."

Dario: Sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bite your head off. Truth of the matter is, my father has never been part of my family's life. And we sure as hell don't need him now. He agrees, for the record.

Nicole: Well, I feel the same way about my creep of a father. So if you ever want to swap war stories, I'm your gal.

Dario: Back at ya.

Maggie: Nicole!

Nicole: Hi--oh! Maggie.

Maggie: Oh...

Nicole: Are you okay?

Maggie: Just...oh.

Claire: You want me? Why?

Philip: Your mom tells me that you are the best of the best.

Claire: Yeah, well, my mom's a little biased. So... I-I just don't know if I'm ready to... [Laughs awkwardly]

Philip: We're in this for the long haul, Claire. We will take the time into developing you as the complete package. We will get you a vocal coach, a terrific band, songwriters with a proven track record. And when you're ready to make your debut at the edge, we will make sure all the right people are there to hear you.

Belle: Listen, it's completely up to you. This is a wonderful opportunity, but I just--I don't want you to feel pressured, okay?

Claire: Okay, I just need to know one thing. Mom, you bought me a nightclub to give me a place to sing. And now you and Philip are throwing more money at me to try and make me happy.

Belle: No-- honey, you are so talented and you've worked really hard. Okay, this-- this is something you deserve. You deserve it.

Claire: I mean, do I? It just feel like a bribe. You know, so--so maybe I won't hate the idea of you and my mom being together quite so much.

Belle: Listen, honey, this is about you and only you. I promise.

Philip: We believe in you.

Claire: Okay, well, if that's true... how could I say no?

Belle: [Laughs] Yay!


Summer: God, she hates me. Okay. She's just shocked. It's gonna be okay. It has to be.

[Tense music]

Maggie: Ooh...

Nicole: Careful.

Maggie: Just-- [Exhales] Just been a little lightheaded this afternoon.

Nicole: Did you have lunch?

Maggie: Um... no. Uh, I-I-- I had so much on my mind. I-I'm--I'm sure that, um... I-I'll feel better when I get something to eat.

Dario: Can I get you something from the café?

Maggie: Um, thank you, Dario, no. I-I'd really like to go home. Um... I didn't realize you were back in town.

Dario: I just got here.

Nicole: Let us take you home.

Maggie: Oh, I'd hate to ask you to.

Nicole: You're not asking. I insist.

Maggie: Okay, then. Thank you.

Nicole: Come on.

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