Days Transcript Thursday 3/24/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/24/16


Episode #12809 ~ Maggie tells Victor the truth about Summer; Dario encourages Summer to take advantage of Maggie's riches; Eduardo's return causes havoc in the Hernandez household; Hope gets a phone call with disturbing news.

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Maggie: Victor? Oh. I thought he was here.

Henderson: Mrs. Kiriakis, is there anything I can do?

Maggie: Uh, no. I just--I just wanted to be with my husband this morning.

Victor: I'll be back in the office soon. Just have a list of all the calls I have to return on my desk. No, do not contact Philip. Philip will not be returning to Titan. In fact, send a memo out to all the department heads. From now on, they report to me and only to me.

Brady: Hey, uh, dad. Is there any chance that you and Marlena could attend a small party tonight? Well, I know the timing isn't great, but I have an announcement to make and I wanted the whole family there. Edge of the square. Great, thank you. I'll see you there.

[Phone beeps]

Brady: Granddad.

Victor: So what's your big announcement?

Brady: Well, you'll have to wait till tonight. You and Maggie of course are invited.

Victor: This has anything to do with Theresa Donovan, you can count me out.

Nicole: Have you given any more thought to Abigail's wedding dress being the centerpiece of our collection?

Theresa: Actually, I was thinking about my own.

Nicole: What?

Theresa: Brady proposed to me last night.

Nicole: He did?

Theresa: Yeah! I didn't even know that he was thinking about it, but--

Nicole: Wow, that's-- that's wonderful. Congratulations.

Theresa: Thanks! Yeah, so we told my mom and dad, and eve knows, of course, but-- oh, listen. We--we haven't really had a chance to tell Brady's family, so if you could maybe keep this to yourself until we tell them?

Nicole: Sure, yes. No problem. Well, I guess we've talked about everything we need to talk about.

Theresa: You're upset, aren't you?

Nicole: No.

Theresa: Well, how could you not be? I mean, you and Daniel are supposed to be married by now, and I just got everything you ever wanted. Look, I didn't mean to dump this on you, okay? I just--I thought maybe you'd see the ring, and--

Nicole: Theresa... don't be silly. I am genuinely happy for you and Brady. Really.

Adriana: What is your father doing here?

Gabi: Mami, why don't we--

Adriana: Answer me! What is he doing in Salem? Why is he in the hospital? And since when do you know about him and you say nothing to me?

Dario: Go ahead, Rafe. Fill her in.

Adriana: I am not leaving this room until you tell me everything.

Nicole: So, have you two set a date?

Theresa: Uh, no. I wanted some time, you know, to plan.

Nicole: I'm sure the wedding is gonna be beautiful.

[Baby crying]

Theresa: Somebody's up.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

[Baby stops crying]

Nicole: [Gasps] Oh, my goodness. Look who's up. Hey, buddy. Did you have a good little nap? Yes, I bet you're hungry. You're so cute.

Theresa: Thanks. Hey, Nicole, you don't have to go.

Nicole: No, it's okay. I want to go to the warehouse and make sure all the fabrics got delivered, so I'll just talk to you later.

Theresa: Please don't rush out.

Nicole: I'm not rushing out.

Theresa: I should have realized how hard this was for you. I just--I'm an idiot, okay? And I-I-I'm sorry.

Brady: Theresa's the mother of my son.

Victor: Hence your big announcement.

Brady: We're a family, and I'm very happy about it, and I would love if you and Maggie would come tonight and just... pretend to be happy for me.

Victor: I'll think about it.

Brady: Thank you.

Victor: Of course I have a lot of catching up to do at Titan. I was out with this damn cold all day yesterday and of course I'm by myself over there again.

Brady: I'm sorry Philip let you down.

Victor: Yes, well, I'm getting used to that experience with family members.

Adriana: Where's the baby?

Gabi: Oh, she's with the officer stationed in the hallway. She was--I didn't want her to get upset with all the yelling.

Eduardo: Hello, Adriana.

Adriana: You recognize me after all these years?

Eduardo: I understand something terrible just happened to you. Are you all right?

Adriana: I'm stronger than you think, Eduardo. Because raising four children alone will do that for a woman.

Eduardo: But you just were held prisoner against your--

Dario: And you did that to her too, you sinverguenza! And to your granddaughter! You should be down on your knees begging for their forgiveness!

Gabi: Dario!

Adriana: You see what you do? Can someone tell me what's going on here?

Eduardo: What's going on here is that you... and little Arianna were kidnapped because of me.

Maggie: Oh. When I woke up, you were gone. Where did you go?

Victor: I went to the office.

Maggie: How's your cold?

Victor: It's better.

Maggie: Good... 'cause I need to tell you something.

Victor: If it's about Brady's party, he already told me. I overheard something about a big announcement he was going to make. I'm sure it's about that damn Theresa.

Maggie: I think we need to go to the party.

Victor: Why?

Maggie: Well, because you miss Brady. And the two of you need to fix this.

Victor: All right, if you insist. Is that what you wanted to talk to me about?

Maggie: No. Um...something else. Something important.

Theresa: Sorry that took so long. Tate's got this new thing where he does the raspberry when his mouth's full of puréed plums. It's disgusting. I had to clean myself off.

Nicole: Theresa, Theresa... you don't have to apologize for telling me you're engaged.

Theresa: Yeah, but I feel like I kind of just flung it at you.

Nicole: Because I made you feel like that. You're right. It's hard to hear news like yours and not think about Daniel and everything we lost, but I have to figure out a way to deal with it.

Theresa: Yeah, and I have to figure out, you know, how to be more sensitive, which is gonna be a whole new experience for me because I'm not used to putting other people first.

Nicole: I see you do that with Brady and Tate every day.

Theresa: Yeah, but you're my partner. And if you're okay with it, I'd like to consider you a friend.

Nicole: You already are.

Adriana: How could you let this nightmare happen to me?

Eduardo: It was because of the work I was involved in. It was dangerous, and there were a lot of dangerous people involved in it.

Adriana: Is that why you left us? Because you love danger more than you love your family?

Eduardo: You could say that. But I was finally able to get out of it. And as soon as I did, I came back to Salem to beg for forgiveness.

Rafe: I don't remember you doing a lot of begging.

Eduardo: I asked to be allowed to get to know my-- my children, to become a proper abuelo to my--

Adriana: A proper abuelo doesn't get his granddaughter kidnapped.

Eduardo: Okay. The people who I used to work for tried to force me back into that life, and I refused. They used you and the baby to try to get me to change my mind. I'm so sorry and I was foolish to hope for forgiveness after the things I've done. It would be easier for everyone if I were to just leave home again.

Adriana: Salem has never been your home.

Eduardo: Well, I just don't know where else to call home. So if I may, what have you been doing?

Adriana: Being a mother and a father. And I was working as a nurse in a clinic.

Eduardo: Well, you've clearly done a wonderful job being a mother and a father. As I look at my children, they're all so strong and beautiful. I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Adriana: I don't want your gratitude. I don't want anything to do with you. And why your children are still dealing with you is beyond me.

Rafe: Mami.

Eduardo: What your mother said was--was the truth. You know, and I wouldn't blame either one of you if you wanted nothing to do with me from here on out. I mean, that's--Dario. Dario's made it clear that's how he feels.

Gabi: Dario is a hothead.

Eduardo: Yeah, but he's right. I did something that put all of your lives in danger. It's pretty much unforgivable.

Gabi: I just feel, um, confused right now.

Eduardo: Yeah, I can understand that.

Gabi: You know, when I saw everybody together here-- I know we were all mad at each other, but I don't know. It made me realize that I'd love to have my family back.

Eduardo: Well... you haven't said very much, Rafe.

Rafe: Try not to open my mouth till I know what I want to say. I need time.

Maggie: Last night, after you had gone to sleep, something happened.

[Knocking at door]

Maggie: Yes?

Brady: I'm sorry. I thought you were alone.

Victor: Obviously. So why did you lower yourself so much to come to my house?

Maggie: I asked him to come over.

Victor: Oh, should have known it was something like that.

Maggie: Please. Stay, Victor. I might as well tell the both of you at the same time. Brady, I'm sorry that I ran out on you and summer last night. Obviously, your news came as quite a shock to me.

Brady: Summer had made up her mind that she wanted to tell you... before she lost her nerve. And I should have considered how it would affect you.

Victor: What? What are you two talking about?

Maggie: Victor, remember I told you that Brady brought summer back to Salem because he found out that she was a friend of Daniel's? Well, it turns out that she's more than that.

Victor: What, she's claiming to be an old girlfriend?

Maggie: No. His sister. She says she's my daughter.

Victor: What? How could she be your daughter?

Maggie: I was very young and I got pregnant, and, um, they gave-- they gave me something called "twilight sleep" during the birth. I don't remember anything at all, and when I came to, they told me that the baby was stillborn.

Brady: What?

Victor: You never told me about this.

Maggie: Victor, I never told anyone. I was very young. It was so awful, I just-- I guess I just-- I pushed that memory down and I just went on with my life.

Brady: Maggie, all this time you didn't know your child was alive?

Maggie: No.

Victor: How did you find this woman?

Brady: Let me preface this by saying that you're not going to believe it, but after the transplant... I started seeing this woman in my dreams. And one of the dreams I had was in Malibu, California, specifically, and I knew Daniel had lived there. It was like he was communicating with me.

Victor: You can't be serious.

Brady: I went to Fynn, 'cause I knew that he had lived with Daniel in California. They shared an apartment together, and Fynn told me that Daniel had befriended a woman named summer Townsend. That's how I tracked her down.

Victor: And by golly, it turns out she's the daughter of a woman who's married to a wealthy man. What a coincidence.

Brady: It meant enough to Daniel to have a DNA test done. And we lost him before he could share the results with all of us, but I found the results. It's not a con. Summer is Maggie's daughter.

Victor: Well, I don't like this. She may be your biological daughter. It doesn't mean she's not after something.

Hope: Hey.

Rafe: Hey.

Hope: How come you're working in here?

Rafe: Well, I couldn't concentrate in the squad room, but turns out it wasn't the noise, it was me.

Hope: Marlena told me the great news. You and Steve got John out. That's great.

Rafe: Yeah, how about that? Yeah.

Hope: Thank God you're all right.

Rafe: Well, thank you, yeah.

Hope: You want to talk about it?

Rafe: What? No. I'm good. How's Ciara?

Hope: I found her at her birthday party totally wasted.

Rafe: That doesn't sound like her.

Hope: What chase did to her, it's killing her, Rafe. The only hopeful sign is I think I finally convinced her to start therapy with Marlena.

Rafe: Well, that's good. It's got to be really hard for you to watch her go through this.

Hope: I know I've said this before, but... what really gets to me is I couldn't see that chase was going off the rails. I left my daughter alone in the house with a potential rapist. I should have sensed it. I should have sensed that something was off--

Rafe: Hope. You're a great mother. You invited chase into your home, into your life. That was a loving and generous thing to do, and what he did, no one could've predicted that. And you blaming yourself and taking responsibility for that, that's not--that's not right. It's not right for you and certainly not helpful to Ciara.

Hope: You're right about that. You always seem to say something that helps me. I don't know what I'd do without your friendship.

Rafe: Well, you don't have to worry about that, 'cause I'm always gonna be here. You know that, right? You know that?

Hope: Okay, I do.

Rafe: Okay, good. You should.

Adriana: Oh.

Rafe: Mmm!

Adriana: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--

Rafe: No, no, no, no, no. This is my friend, hope Brady. Hope, I want to introduce you to none other than my mother, Adriana Hernandez.

Brady: All summer wants is a chance to know her birth mother. She's on the level about that.

Victor: Says the man who's living with Theresa Donovan.

Maggie: You're not helping, Victor.

Victor: I'm sorry, Maggie. That's all I really want to do. Can't believe you've lived with this pain for so long.

Maggie: I grieved for my baby, and then I just-- I had no choice but to go on. But when summer told me that she was that baby... all that shame and...guilt, it just came flooding back, and after the way I behaved last night, I couldn't imagine what summer must be feeling. I mean, I ran out of the room without even talking to her. I abandoned her again! And that's why I called you, Brady, to find out how she is.

Brady: Maggie, she's-- she's shocked. She's scared. She had no idea that you were told that your baby had died.

Maggie: I have no idea why that happened.

Victor: Who's the father?

Maggie: A boy, um, who worked on the farm. Please, no more questions. Not now.

Victor: I can't tell you what to do, Maggie. This is your life. But please be careful. You know I have a hard time reconciling the fact that the woman just popped up out of the blue. If Daniel had suspected something like this, he would've told one of us at least.

Brady: Then how do you explain the DNA test?

Victor: As somebody who's already found out that he had a son he didn't know about, I can tell you, it's filled with emotional complications. And now you're confronted with this woman after you've been grieving for Daniel? I mean, it's-- with no warning?

Maggie: What I need right now is your support, not your suspicion. I need to go lie down. I haven't been feeling very well this morning. Oh. Ooh.

Brady: Maggie, what's wrong?

Victor: Maggie, you all right? What is it?

Hope: Mrs. Hernandez, it is so wonderful to finally meet you. I've heard so many fantastic things about you from Rafe and Gabi.

Adriana: Thank you.

Hope: I'm sure you two have a lot to catch up on. I...I will go. Again, it was very nice to meet you.

Rafe: I'll talk to you later.

Hope: Yeah, we'll...

Rafe: I hope you know you just froze out my partner and friend.

Adriana: I was perfectly polite. And I'm afraid that impressing your friends from work is not that important to me today.

Rafe: Oh, yeah, you made that perfectly clear.

Adriana: I have decided that I want to stay here in Salem with my family.

Rafe: Well, that's great.

Adriana: But I'm worried that Gabriella seems to want to forgive her father, and that you're not dead set against it. What do I have to do to convince you that Eduardo can never be part of our family again?

Maggie: I'm okay, but I think I'm getting your cold.

Victor: Did you remember to take your meds?

Maggie: Oh. No, no, I was-- I was gonna take them with my tea. [Sighs] Goodness gracious me. Thank you.

Brady: You're welcome.

Maggie: Okay. Thank you.

Victor: Come on, I'll walk you back to the bedroom.

Maggie: Honey, um... I think I'd like to go out for a while.

Victor: You said you wanted to lie down.

Maggie: I'm feeling better now. I just--I want to get-- I want to get out of here and get some air.

Victor: Now don't you drive yourself anywhere.

Maggie: Oh, no. Thanks.

Victor: So, springing this woman on her with no warning? How did you suppose that was gonna work out?

Brady: I was trying to do the right thing. Daniel would've wanted it.

Victor: Oh, and of course he speaks to you from the other side. Behold the oracle of Salem.

Brady: Granddad, why do you think everybody is just working an angle?

Victor: Because I do, and I'm usually right.

Brady: Well, I choose to believe that people are out there just doing the best they can. I'm hoping that belief of mine will keep me from turning into you.

Summer: I should call Brady, tell him I'm taking off. Why?

Julie: You have a baby you never told me about?

Maggie: Julie, it was too hard to think about it, much less talk about it. So I buried it. Then I met Mickey and my whole life changed.

Julie: And now this girl is in Salem? Well, what are you gonna do?

Maggie: I don't know.

Julie: Has she tried to find her father as well?

Maggie: I don't think that she could, 'cause he had already left--left my life by the time I found out I was pregnant.

Julie: What was he like, Maggie?

Maggie: Handsome. Funny. Very sweet. At least, that's what I thought. I was a young girl with a disability. I didn't know very much about boys. So when he started paying attention to me, I felt like my dreams had come true. And then... when he got what he wanted, he forgot all about me.

Julie: You never told him you were pregnant?

Maggie: I didn't know where he was. His family had moved.

Julie: Why on earth did they tell you your baby had died?

Maggie: I can't figure that out. But when Brady and summer showed up at the house with the DNA test results with them, I--

Julie: You must've been shocked, to say the least.

Maggie: Yes, yes, I was, and I still am. I have a daughter I didn't know about. And the person who brought us Daniel.

Julie: So in a way, Daniel is still being your loving son.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. If only he could be here now. He's given me this gift... and it's one that comes with so much pain, I don't know how to accept it.

Rafe: My father may have come back to beg for forgiveness, but he also came back to attend the funeral of a daughter he had with another woman.

Adriana: What?

Rafe: Yeah. She was 19. And, uh... she was murdered.

Adriana: And yet you can stay with this man in the same room?

Rafe: I didn't want to. For a long time, I didn't want to have anything to do with him, especially when he was trying to worm his way back into Gabi's life after she got out of prison, but...he's persistent. And I saw him grieving sincerely over the loss of his daughter that was killed.

Adriana: So he drew you in.

Rafe: A little... when I found out what he really did for a living.

Adriana: That dangerous work he was talking about?

Rafe: That dangerous work. He makes it sound like he worked for the bomb squad or something. He was a hit man.

Adriana: Excuse me?

Rafe: He was a cold-blooded killer for hire.

Adriana: You know this for sure?

Rafe: Yeah, I do.

Adriana: Cannot be true. Why is he not in prison?

Rafe: He was never arrested.

Adriana: Does Gabriella know this?

Rafe: Yeah. I told her.

Adriana: And yet she encourages this man to stay in Salem?

Rafe: Well, he says he's leaving town.

Adriana: We have to make sure that he does. Don't let him convince you that he's a changed man. Eduardo will never change.

Eduardo: I just, uh... I just called you in here because I want to find out how long it'll be till I can get the hell out of here.

Nurse: Mr. Hernandez, you had a serious gunshot wound. Your recovery's going to take some time.

Eduardo: Yeah, I know, I just-- how much time, exactly?

Nurse: You'll have to discuss that with your doctor.

Eduardo: Yeah, of course. Yeah, okay, thanks.

Nicole: Dario?

Dario: Oh. Hi.

Nicole: You look like you could use a friend.

Dario: I could. You look like you could use one too.

Maggie: What happened to me isn't this girl's fault. She wants a relationship with me, so shouldn't I be open to it?

Julie: Maggie, please. Take the time to absorb the news. And before you make a decision one way or another, think this through.

Maggie: But if I take all this time, what will that do to her?

Julie: She's not a little girl. She's a grown woman. Seems to me she's survived just fine up to now.

Maggie: Actually, she hasn't.

Julie: What? What do you mean?

Maggie: Brady told me that she has some serious emotional problems. Just recently she tried to kill herself.

Julie: Oh, my God. Well, that's terrible, of course. Not your fault. You didn't even know she existed, darling.

Maggie: But I do now. And if I turn my back on her now, because it's--what, it's too difficult to face that she exists? Isn't that pretty heartless?

Julie: You could never do anything heartless. Maggie, you have the biggest heart of anybody I think I've ever met. So listen to your heart. It will never lead you astray. Real cheese people,

Theresa: We're getting married, your daddy and I, and we are going to be the happiest family ever. You know why? 'Cause we have him, and your daddy is the most incredible guy on the whole planet.

Brady: You're not so bad yourself.

Theresa: Hey. When did you get home?

Brady: Just now, just now. I've been busy planning a little get-together at belle's club with the entire family. You ready to make this announcement or what?

Theresa: I don't know.

I mean, your dad's gonna be there, and your grandfather, right?

Brady: Right, they're all gonna be there, but the purpose of the evening is not to get their permission, it's not to get their opinions, it's just to let them all know what is going to happen, okay? Baby, you're gonna win them all over, just like you did me. And they are gonna end up loving you.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: Just as much as I do.

Victor: I need a background check on a woman named summer Townsend. Last known address, Malibu. Everything. Tax returns, report cards, credit history, and if she's got a rap sheet, I want to know every word that's on it.

[Knocking on door]

Summer: Mrs. Kiriakis.

Maggie: Hi. I'm sorry about running out on you last night, and it's, um--it's obvious you and I need to talk.

Dario: We were supposed to get together for a drink last night, but you never texted me.

Nicole: I'm sorry. No excuses, I totally forgot.

Dario: What about now?

Nicole: It's a little early for a drink, isn't it?

Dario: Coffee. Whatever you want. I'm just sick of being alone.

Nicole: Are you okay?

Dario: I will be if you let me buy you that cup of coffee.

Eduardo: [Grunting] [Grunting] Time to hit the road, Eddie.

Hope: Hey.

Rafe: Hi.

Hope: Hi.

Rafe: I am so sorry for the way my mom acted. That was not about you. It wasn't, I swear.

Hope: Fine, don't worry about it. Seems like all of a sudden you're overrun by family. Full house.

Rafe: "Overrun"'s a good word, yeah. But at least they're all here. They're safe, and they're in one place.

Hope: Right.

Rafe: That's good.

Hope: Yep.

[Phone ringing]

Hope: Excuse me. Brady, what's up? Are you absolutely sure? Who the hell let that happen?

Ciara: Must've dropped it around here. I had it when I left Belle's.

Chase: What are you looking for?

Ciara: My keys, I just-- what are you doing out?

Chad: Look, Ciara, you don't have to be scared of me.

Ciara: Just tell me.

Chase: I made bail.

Ciara: Where'd you get that kind of money?

Chase: Look, Ciara, it doesn't matter.

Ciara: It does to me.

Chase: Look, I'm just trying to figure out what I'm gonna do and where I'm gonna stay.

Ciara: Well, I can tell you where to stay, and it's the hell away from me.

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