Days Transcript Tuesday 3/22/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/22/16


Episode #12807 ~ John struggles to free himself; Yo Ling drugs Paul in order to brainwash him; Rafe makes a startling discovery in Yo Ling's labyrinth; Dario learns his father's grim history.

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Steve: Unbelievable.

Rafe: Yeah, that clinic was the last of their safe houses in the area.

Steve: So where the hell is John, huh?

Rafe: I don't know. All I know is, we're back right where we started.

[Cell phone beeps]

Steve: Might be my guy from the ISA.

Rafe: Huh?

Steve: He's gonna give me some more intel on phantom alliance. What do we got? [Sighs]

Rafe: What? What?

Steve: It's way worse than we thought.

[Dramatic music]

Yo ling: Eat a hearty breakfast, John. My associates will be coming for you shortly.

John: I don't want your damn breakfast. I want to know what you've done with my son. Answer me!

Yo ling: You need to calm down. Trust me; I have wonderful things planned for my grandson.

John: Like the wonderful things you have planned for me-- gonna drain all my blood.

Yo ling: Not all, most. But we'll re-transfuse you. And as I told you, there are some risks involved, but in this case, the benefits will far outweigh the risks.

John: The benefits? The benefits? Your benefits! I am your son! I am your son. I'm your only son.

Rafe: So the phantom alliance no longer exists?

Steve: Yeah, they staged a coup against their leader, some nut job named Yo ling. Looks like he was too extreme even for them.

Rafe: "Infighting erupts into violence. Roaming hit squads. Assassinations." Oh, my God.

Steve: "Organization effectively ceased to exist September 2015." Great. So we thought the phantom alliance staged this kidnapping, and we're six months behind the curve.

Rafe: Yeah, but--right. But it just means if Yo ling is no longer with the phantom alliance, he's acting on his own.

Steve: So where is he? Where's John? Okay, all right. We can't stand around bitching about this. We have to get back to work. Got to expand the grid. And if we come up empty, we expand it again.

Rafe: Yeah, the problem is, every time we expand the grid, we waste valuable time--

Steve: What are you thinking?

Rafe: This could work. Yo ling's a whack job, but he's a smart dude, right? I mean, he ran this organization for, what, years, decades?

Steve: Yeah.

Rafe: So what if he's playing us?

[Monitor beeping]

[Dramatic music]

Eduardo: Who's there?

What time is it, Dario?

Dario: Dawn.

Eduardo: You were here all night? Why did you stay?

Dario: Simple. I have some questions for you... dad.

John: [Grunting]

All right. Now we're talking. Come on!

Rafe: See, it's been bugging me all along, but it didn't click until you said "expanding the grid."

Steve: Okay?

Rafe: Okay. So we saw John and my father go into that warehouse. The minute we saw them go in, we call for backup. Backup came fast. Yo ling, he was still able to make John disappear. There were never any sightings, nothing reported at the roadblocks.

Steve: So maybe they had some kind of secret route ahead of time and they got out before the roadblocks went up.

Rafe: Yeah, or maybe there was no secret route, no route, period.

Steve: So you're saying John never even left the building?

Rafe: Bingo.

Steve: Come on, Rafe. Simple two-story structure.

Rafe: Mm-hmm.

Steve: Warehouse, offices on the second floor, no annex buildings, all doors in plain sight.

Rafe: Exactly. So the only way that John could have disappeared is if he went...

Both: Down.

John: [Grunting] [Straining]

[Metal clatters]

John: [Breathing heavily, groaning] You know that you're working for a total nut job, right? Come on, use your head, pal. This guy just drank a big cup of crazy. You're just along for the ride, and the situation here is gonna end badly for everyone. So here's my deal: You get me out of here, I can see to it that you walk free. How's that sound?

Quit making so much noise. I don't want to keep checking on you. Be back to get you in a few hours.

John: [Coughs] [Grunting] [Grunting] Come on! [Grunts] Come on! [Groans] [Breathing heavily]

[Dramatic music]

Steve: So you pulled these blueprints before you went into the warehouse?

Rafe: That's right. All building blueprints are registered with the assessor's office. I've got these photos, taken by forensics after the shoot-out.

Steve: Okay. So... where's the entrance to this alleged basement? All the doors lead to the outside.

Rafe: Except this one.

Steve: Uh-uh. No door there. That's a wall.

Rafe: Now it is.

Steve: Yeah, got to be something pretty important down there for them to go to these lengths to cover it up, right?

Rafe: That's right. Except how do we get through a wall? We can't just go hacking into it.

Steve: Not if we don't want a bullet between the eyes.

Rafe: No. Hey, let me see that photo.

Steve: This one. Yep.

Rafe: That's pretty big for an air duct, don't you think?

Steve: Big enough to crawl through. Let's move.

Rafe: I'm gonna call a team, have them meet us there.

Steve: Just remember, we go in first. I don't trust this to just anybody.

Yo ling: Excellent. Perfecto. All right, Paul. Wake up. Nap time's over. You were a rare talent at your sport, and you will be a rare talent again, but this time, you'll be playing a man's game, not just a boy's. I'll show you the way. [Speaking a Chinese language]

[Muffled speech over headphones]

[Muffled screaming]

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Hey.

Oh, son of a bitch.

[Both grunting]

[Bone snaps]

John: [Breathing heavily]

Dario: Now we're getting somewhere. You were trained to be a cold-blooded killer, right?

Eduardo: Yeah. I was trained to kill. That's a fact. I spent my whole childhood in a panic. No attachments, no worth. Soon I had people telling me that I was... special, I belonged somewhere, that being different, not caring what happened to other people was not a bad thing. They admired me for it! To them... made me important.

Dario: How many people did you kill?

Eduardo: I very rarely failed an assignment. Before long, they were sending me all over the world. Sometimes I'd have to embed myself for months, years, even, so that people wouldn't know what I was really doing. And sometimes... to complete the infiltration, I-- I had to have... a family.

Dario: And you did that so well... two sons, two daughters, and of course their loving mama.

Eduardo: It's not something I'm ever gonna be able to make peace with, Dario.

Dario: Yeah, well, neither will we. So, what, when the gig was up, you just... left, you went someplace else, started another family?

Eduardo: For what it's worth, what started with your mother as... pretty much a tactic turned into something real.

Dario: [Scoffs]

Eduardo: I loved all of you guys.

Dario: Yeah? Well, you must have loved killing even more, destroying families, 'cause you destroyed the hell out of ours.

Rafe: Oh, boy.

Marlena: Don't shoot!

John: [Breathing heavily]

Rafe: Okay. I don't care why you came, but you need to leave now.

Marlena: I came here to help.

Steve: No, you got to go. Got to go.

Marlena: You want me to stay home when the two of you are out trying to find John?

Rafe: For God's sake, this is crazy. You need to leave now!

Marlena: No, I'm here. Figure it out.

Steve: It's too dangerous.

Marlena: I've been in danger before. I can handle it. I might even be able to help you or you.

Rafe: Okay. Fine. Welcome aboard.

Steve: Please don't shoot me.

Marlena: Please don't tempt me.

John: Paul. Hey. Hey. Hey! Wake up! Can you hear me? Wake up. Hey! Oh, my God. No, no. It's all right, kid. I'm here. I'm gonna get you out of this thing, kid. [Groans]

[Dramatic music]

John: Come on. Yes! Hang on, kid. Just hang on, kid.

Yo ling: [Over headphones] The first one is disease, a plague to be wiped from the face of the earth. You will be the messenger. You will be both the end and the beginning.

John: Shut up! Hey, Paul. Paul. Hey, look, come on. Hear me? Can you look at me? Look at me! Look at me! Open your eyes. Look at me. Look at me! Look at me! Who am I?

Paul: Where am I?

John: Paul.

Paul: Dad?

John: Yeah. We're on the move. I'm gonna get you out of here. Are you ready? We're going now. Look at me! We're going now. Here we go. Come on. Let's go. [Grunting] That's right. I got you. I got you. Let's go. [Grunting] Hang in there, kid. All right, we got this, kid. [Grunts]

Yo ling: Not quite.

John: [Exhales deeply]

Yo ling: Ah, ah. I wouldn't do that if I were you. My men would like nothing better than to use the back of your head for target practice. Be that as it may, I like to give credit where credit it due. You almost escaped. Very daring, son. You clearly learned very well at Winterthorne. Excellent training never leaves you, does it?

Steve: That's right. It never does.

Rafe: Freeze! Drop your weapons. Drop it, big fella!

Steve: Do it!

Rafe: Get down. Hands behind your head. Lace 'em up.

Steve: Come on.

Rafe: That's it. Now, knees. Now!

John: It's over, son. We're going home.

Eduardo: I understand why you wouldn't believe that I loved you or your mom, but at a certain point, I had to leave to protect you.

Dario: Let me guess. If you hadn't, they would have killed us all.

Eduardo: Within days.

Dario: Oh, man. You know how to spin it, don't you? So now what? You-- you're all sorry? You-- confession is good for you soul? You want forgiveness, right?

Eduardo: Dario, I'll be sorry for the rest of my life.

Dario: That's fine by me, but why did you come back? To apologize, make it up to us?

Eduardo: If I can, yeah.

Dario: Wow, so... you gave up that life, you put it all behind you, you figured it was safe to come crawling out of the woodwork to make it up to us, except it didn't work out that way, did it?

Eduardo: No, it didn't.

Dario: Instead you got shot. It wasn't safe. And Rafe almost got killed by those sleazebags you used to be teamed up with.

Eduardo: I can't deny that.

Dario: Yeah, well, try denying this: We'll always be in danger while you're around. The only way we'll be safe is if you give up this apology tour you're on and you disappear.

Marlena: What happened? And what is Paul doing here?

John: Doc, he was brought here just like you and Ari were. How is he?

Paul: I'm okay.

Yo ling: So this is your wife, the beautiful doctor. You should be very proud. She risked her life to save yours.

Marlena: Who are you?

John: He's my father.

Marlena: What?

John: No, actually... this... pathetic man simply fathered me. Now he calls himself Yo ling.

Steve: The head of the phantom alliance is your father?

John: Lucky me.

Yo ling: Maybe we could all have some tea. Seems we have a good deal to talk about.

Rafe: Talk, yeah. Why don't we talk about your Miranda rights?

Yo ling: Rights? Rights. What do you know about rights? You people who poison your planet. You slaughter your people in ethnic wars, wars on drugs and wars on terror. They even have wars on wars. They ought to be thanking me for lifting them up out of the muck that they're drowning in. Kind of like you.

John: Your greater good has made this world a better place? He was about to transfuse my blood so he could squeeze out a couple extra years to complete his mission and then have Paul follow in your footsteps, right?

Yo ling: He still will. Mark my words.

John: No, you mark my words. You and your phantom alliance are finished as of right now.

Steve: It's already finished, John. They turned on each other and threw this bastard out months ago.

Yo ling: Please don't think they threw me out. They didn't throw me out. I threw them out. They were a bunch of imbeciles. They were bloviating carcasses whose only purpose is power. You know, I would talk to them and warn them about Robespierre and what happened to him. Equality, fraternity, liberty, all of those things. It's a joke. Cost him his head. And it'll cost you yours. It'll cost you yours if you stand in the way. People take power all their lives.

John: I have a gift for all of humanity.

[Dramatic music]

We call it capital punishment, father.

Yo ling: Don't be a fool, John.

John: He's all yours.

Rafe: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law--

Yo ling: Court of lies. Court of lies, by the wealthy for the wealthy. Man at his best is the best of animals, but separated from law and from justice, he's the lowest.

John: It's too bad that you didn't die in Korea, but we're gonna get it right this time.

Yo ling: John, I'm not gonna go out of this world on anybody else's terms but my own.

John: You don't have a choice anymore.

Yo ling: My son... there is always a choice. Remember that. There's always a choice. [Sighs]

Steve: Poison capsule!

John: No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. No, you don't get to go out like this. This is too easy. You owe me answers. You owe me answers, father. You owe me answers, father. You owe me--you owe me answers. You owe me answers.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Great, I'll see you up top. Backup's been here for a while now. They found another one of these goons in the video surveillance room, so they're searching the place now. Got body bags and stretchers on the way.

Steve: Good, I got these two if you help me get them up.

Rafe: Yeah.

Steve: You'll go quietly, won't you, boys? Come on. Turn around.

John: Things are gonna get better, son. You mark my words.

Paul: I hope so. Are my eyes still not working right, or is your wrist...

John: Yeah, it's nothing. They'll be black and blue for a couple weeks.

Marlena: We will get you checked out first thing. We'll get you to the hospital, get those drugs out of your system. Do you know-- any idea what those drugs are?

John: Strapped to a chair, being pumped with propaganda. Had earphones on listening to Yo ling's rantings.

Marlena: Brainwashing.

John: Thing is, he wasn't in there that long before I shut it down. I don't think anything had a chance to take.

Marlena: With some people, it doesn't take very much.

John: I am really distracted here. Doc, while I am always happy to see you, the fact that you took a risk, just--just--just--we've had this conversation a hundred--

Rafe: Hey, John. For what it's worth, Marlena being here wasn't part of the plan. She just wouldn't take no for an answer.

John: [Sighs] Now, why do I believe that absolutely? How's Eduardo? I watched him take a bullet.

Rafe: A bullet meant for me. He's doing okay, just had an operation. Evidently he's gonna make a full recovery.

John: That's good news.

Rafe: Yes.

John: Son, I'm sure what he-- what he told you about his past and the things he's done came as a shock.

Rafe: Yeah, you could say that.

John: Look, Rafe, I don't know where things stand between you and Eduardo, but I hope it's something you can work out, because your father loves and cares about you more than you'll ever know. So just think about your father as who he is now, not... who he used to be.

Rafe: All right.

Eduardo: Yeah. You're right, you know? I got--I got to admit. I really believed I could make this work. It was over. I was out. I'd come back here and make things good with my family. But that was wrong. I never should have come back into your lives.

John: [Grunts] Hey, how you feeling, kid? Want to try to make it out of here?

Paul: Oh, yeah.

John: All right, let's go.

Rafe: This way.

Marlena: I've got you. I've got you.

Paul: [Breathing heavily]

Rafe: You all right?

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on a second.

Rafe: What?

John: There's another person in this compound. I found this woman. She's unconscious, unresponsive, probably got drugged just like Paul.

Rafe: Where?

John: Right through this door here.

Rafe: Mami? [Moans] Mami? Mami? Mami?

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