Days Transcript Monday 3/21/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/21/16


Episode #12806 ~ Ciara shares her pain about the rape with Hope; Joey confesses to Roman; Steve connects with Kayla; Belle worries about her mother's plan to rescue John.

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[Crowd cheering]

Just can't get enough

All: [Chanting] Drink! Drink!

Just can't leave it alone

Drink! Drink! Drink, drink, drink, drink! Drink, drink!

[Crowd cheers]

[Ciara laughs]

[Cheering continues]

Ciara: Whoo!

Just can't leave it alone just can't leave it alone

[Music stops]

Ciara: Hey, what the hell?

[Crowd murmuring]

This party sucks!

[Crowd murmuring]


Hope: What's going on here?

Ciara: No one can touch me. No one can hurt me.


Lani: As our culinary tour of Salem continues... this is good, but I think your Grandma's is better.

Shawn: I think you're right. And I'm sorry--we probably should've just stayed at the pub, but, um...

Lani: No, I'm glad you said something. I've always had the world's worst timing. I'm sorry your ex-wife saw us kissing.

Phillip: I had a nice time tonight--thanks.

Belle: Yeah, me too.

Phillip: You sure?

Belle: Yeah, why?

Phillip: After we walked in on Shawn and Lani, I feel like you were trying to prove a point when you kissed me. I mean to yourself. Belle, I know you think you're ready to move on, but... it's a whole different thing being okay with him moving on.

Belle: Why wouldn't I be? He needs to make a new life. And so do I.

Roman: Kayla, Joey just told me--

Steve: I got your text. What's going on?

Roman: We were discussing the murder case we've been building against you.

Steve: Well, isn't that something we should talk about in private with my attorney present?

Joey: Dad. It's too late. I told him everything.

Hope: This party's over. Go home!

Oh, come on.

Party pooper.

I didn't serve her. One of her friends must've.

Claire: Hey, we're not going anywhere.

Hope: We had an understanding, did we not? You're 18, not 21. You're breaking the law, Ciara. You told me I didn't have to worry. Even after the last time I caught you drinking...I trusted you. No, don't-- you'll hurt yourself.

Theo: I got it.

Claire: I'll go get a broom.

[Somber music]

Steve: Roman, whatever Joe told you--

Joey: Dad!

Steve: He was not a witness to anything that happened in that hospital room. Because when he came in, Ava was already dead. I killed her, and I'm not sorry. Now, Joe is just trying to protect me. And I love you for it, son. But I am 100% responsible for what happened.

Roman: Save it for the judge.

Kayla: Roman--

Roman: I mean it. I have no intention of arresting Joey for Ava's murder.

So my kids don't have

to forage,

Roman: So listen close, all right? Here's what we're gonna do. We are all going to pretend this conversation never happened. Do you hear me, Joe?

Joey: Uncle roman, you don't understand--my dad's the one who's lying! Why do you think you found my blood in the room?

Roman: Joey, stop! Stop. I know very well what kind of woman Ava was... how she manipulated you in order to get to your parents.

Joey: But I'm the one who let her--

Roman: You should never have been in that situation. I will not let this ruin your life.

Kayla: Thank you, roman.

Roman: So whatever went down in that hospital room... whatever happened, in the end, your dad is responsible. Just like he said. This began with him years ago. It will end with him, too.

Belle: Hi, mom. Mom? What's wrong?

Shawn: There's nothing wrong with your timing. I couldn't care less that belle saw us.

Lani: Then why did you want to leave?

Shawn: It's Phillip. He just, uh, he gets under my skin. Always has. But he's her problem now, not mine. As long as he doesn't interfere with my daughter, belle can do whatever the hell she wants.

Lani: Okay, then.

Shawn: And about that kiss... let me show you just how much I don't regret it.

Hope: Thank you. I'd like to speak to Ciara alone.

Ciara: I feel sick.

Hope: I'll get you some water.

Ciara: No, no. Stay with me. I didn't even drink that much. I just feel sick from ever since...

Hope: Oh, baby.

Ciara: Mom, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know that you trusted me. And I wasn't even going to drink, I just thought that this party was gonna help me forget and... it was too hard to pretend.

Hope: Baby, you don't need to pretend. You can't pretend, you have to face it--this horrible thing happened to you.

Ciara: I don't want to talk about it.

Hope: But you have to. As painful as it is, it happened. It's not gonna go away. And as much as I want to take away all of your pain, believe me, I would if I could, but I can't. Ciara, you need help, honey... professional help. And we're gonna get that for you.

Phillip: I'll leave you two alone to talk.

Marlena: No, that isn't necessary, really--

Belle: Mom.

Phillip: I'll call you tomorrow.

Belle: Thanks. What is going on?

Marlena: Honey, it's nothing for you to worry about.

Belle: How can I not worry? I haven't see you this upset since--

Marlena: All right, all right. Look, I-I...didn't want to tell you this in case I didn't have to. I didn't even want to tell Brady because he's too--

Belle: Tell me what?

Marlena: Arianna and I were taken from the square today.

Belle: You mean like kidnapped?

Marlena: We're both okay, everybody's fine, but your--your dad was trying to rescue us, and something went wrong.

Belle: Oh, my God, is he hurt?

Marlena: No, he--in fact, Rafe's father was shot, but he's going to be all right.

Belle: And dad?

Marlena: Well, dad was taken.

Belle: Taken where? Who has him?

Marlena: We think it's the organization that he's been trying to fight for most of his life. And we think we know where they have him.

Belle: Okay. Well, what are we waiting for?

Marlena: As soon as Rafe tells us that it's safe to go, we're--we're going to go and get him back.

Belle: "Safe--we're gonna go get him back." You're not going--

Marlena: Oh, yes, I am.

[Dramatic music]

Claire: God, how could I be such an idiot?

Theo: What do you mean?

Claire: Why did I make such a big deal when Henry asked about chase? I should've just changed the subject. Instead, I went off on him when he's the last person that Ciara wants to be thinking about.

Theo: Well, I'm pretty sure she can't avoid that.

Claire: And then there was the song. You know, I was hoping that it would make her see how strong she is, but it just made her all emotional.

Theo: No, it made everyone emotional. Claire, it was beautiful.

Claire: No, I made it about me instead of thinking about what Ciara really needed. I just feel like I ruined her party.

Theo: It wasn't just you.

Claire: Well, yeah, I didn't give her the tequila, but--

Theo: Look, chase is the one who ruined everything, okay? All we can do is be there. I just want... I just want everything to be okay. Maybe I shouldn't have called her mom.

Claire: Wait, you did-- no, no, that was the right call, Theo. It was.

Theo: I just--I didn't know how to help her. I hope her mom can.

Hope: Come on.

Ciara: I don't want to.

Hope: Honey, I know it's hard. But Ciara, please... you need to talk to someone. You can't keep this inside. It's not healthy. It's not--

Ciara: Okay! Okay.

Hope: Okay.

Ciara: I know that I shouldn't feel ashamed, but I can't help it.

Hope: Honey. Ciara.

Ciara: I liked chase. I thought he was cute, and I liked that he liked me.

Hope: You did nothing wrong.

Ciara: But I hate that I felt that way. How could I have trusted him? How could I have had those feelings?

Hope: I've asked myself that same question so many times.

Ciara: About chase's dad. I know. I'm sorry. You've been through hell yourself, and all of this is just bringing it--

Hope: Stop, stop, stop, stop. This isn't about me, this is about helping you to heal... by making sure that you understand that what happened is in no way a reflection of what a wonderful person you are. And always have been.

Ciara: I tried so hard to be strong.

Hope: Baby, you are strong. But you need to be honest with yourself. And with the people that love you.

Ciara: Thank you for understanding.

Hope: I'd give anything to take away your pain. Anything.

Ciara: I know. I know.

Hope: Baby, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Ciara.

Joey: If you're not gonna listen to me, then I'll find somebody who will.

Steve: No, you will not!

Joey: Where's aunt hope?

Roman: She's not here.

Joey: Then I'll find someone I don't know! Someone who actually cares about the truth. Because I'm not letting my dad go to prison for something I did.

Roman: Joey! Why do you think your dad did this? You are just starting your life. Something like this on your record will destroy your entire future. You don't need jail time. You need counseling.

Kayla: I'll make sure he gets that.

Roman: And that anger that you're feeling inside, I get it. I understand where that's coming from, but what you need to do is learn how to control that so nothing like this ever happens again.

Joey: I know.

Roman: And if there's any kind of justice at all, your dad will beat these charges.

Joey: But I'm a kid; a judge will go easier on me--

Roman: You don't know that. And your dad is not going to take his story back.

Steve: That's right, I'm not.

Roman: The bottom line, Joey--if you come forward now, your dad will face perjury charges, too.

Kayla: Listen to your uncle, Joey, please. Come on. Let's go home.

Joey: So you've decided for me.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: That's right.

Joey: I'm the one who finally does something to get Ava out of our lives... and now I can't do anything on my own because you're treating me like a child!

Steve: You are a child!

Kayla: Joe--

Steve: Joe!

Kayla: Joey! Joey, where are you going?

Steve: Come back here!

Kayla: Joey!

[Dramatic music]

My mom loves giving me advice. She even gives me advice...

Claire: Do you think we should just go back? I mean, maybe we should just tell my Grandma that this was all my fault.

Theo: But it's not.

Claire: I don't know how much more Ciara can take. If her mom's mad at her, too--

Theo: I think hope is sad. Just like we are.

Claire: Oh, my God, is that your sister with my dad?

Theo: When did that happen?

Claire: Yeah, I don't know. Wow. I knew my mom was all about moving on, but I thought my dad still wanted to work things out.

Belle: Mom, are you crazy? I mean, I can't even believe that Rafe and Steve would say you could go with them.

Marlena: They didn't. I didn't ask.

Belle: Well, you can't.

Marlena: Your father risked his life to save me.

Belle: He was an ISA agent. You're--

Marlena: I am a trained professional, and I have dealt with hostage situations before. And I am not gonna sit around here and do nothing.

Belle: But mom--

Marlena: Listen to me! You listen to me. You cannot talk me out of this. Nobody can.

Steve: Joe, come on, wait. Wait!

Joey: Dad-- dad, I don't want to talk about this.

Steve: That's good, because it's done.

Joey: I can't keep lying!

Steve: You have to!

Joey: How am I supposed to live with myself? Knowing that you went to prison for something that I did? All that time that you were away, I was so angry... that you were away from your family. But now if you leave, it's because of me.

Steve: Okay. But all those years I was away, you needed a father to stand up for you. Let me be that father I should have been all those years. Joe. This is on me. I'm responsible for bringing Ava into our lives. Her death is on me.

Joey: But I did so many stupid things. I can't forgive myself.

Steve: I understand. But the worst thing you could do right now is to break your mother's heart. And that's what would happen if you go on trial.

[Melancholy music]

Joe. Listen. I got to leave town to take care of something. A good friend is in trouble.

Joey: Who?

Steve: I'm sorry, I can't talk about it. But I can't go if you're gonna be a loose cannon. Now, if it helps, it's gonna be a long time before this case goes to trial. It's gonna work out. Just trust me when I say it'll work out. In the meantime--look at me. I need you to keep your head down and keep your mouth shut. Can you promise me you'll do that?

Kayla: Roman, I, um... I don't know how to thank you. I know what you are putting on the line to keep Joey's secret.

Roman: What secret? We're not talking about this anymore.

Kayla: You're the boss. I just appreciate the sacrifice you're doing for me.

Roman: You know what, sis? I've been doing this a long time, this law and order thing, and I've come to acknowledge that the fact--actually, to accept the fact that sometimes there are different ways to make sure justice is done.

Hope: It's been a long night. Let's get you home, baby.

Ciara: When can we go home home?

Hope: Soon. Soon, honey.

Ciara: Every time I walk into Jennifer's house, I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I stare at the ceiling all night. After what happened there, I can't get him out of my mind.

Hope: You know he can't hurt you now, right? Ciara?

Ciara: Part of me wishes I would have hurt him when I had the chance. So he wouldn't do this to anyone else. But now it's too late... because I called you and I got him arrested. Which was the right thing to do. What if he gets out, mom?

Hope: We have a really strong case, honey.

Ciara: I didn't go to the hospital when it first happened. They have no evidence. It's just my word against his confession.

Hope: Hey, it's okay. Ciara, I talked to him. Listen, honey. He isn't going to recant, I promise.

Ciara: Yeah, but no matter what, I have to go on trial. Which is gonna be really hard. Doesn't matter anymore, 'cause then he'll get away with it.

Hope: Hey. I'm gonna be there with you. Right beside you. And you're brave. Hey, you are, you're--

Ciara: No, I'm not! When he was in that warehouse, I wish I was brave enough to...

Hope: To what?

Ciara: To kill him! So I don't have to be afraid anymore!

Hope: I don't ever want to hear you say that ever again. You did the right thing. You called me. Chase will answer for his crime in a court of law, Ciara.

Ciara: Juries let people off all the time. Look at the DiMeras.

Hope: We are not-- do not compare us to the DiMeras. We are nothing like them. If you ever did something violent, I swear to God... the guilt that you feel never goes away.

Ciara: How do you know? Mom? Is it something that you did? St korspanst a

Kayla: If there was real justice, Ava would have been behind bars, and none of this would have happened.

Roman: [Sighs] Damn it. I am so sorry we didn't lock her up that night.

Kayla: I know you couldn't do that. But what makes me so crazy is that after everything that she did to our family, after everything that she's done to Steve... he can't--he can't claim self-defense! The jury might think that he-- well, that this was a crime of passion.

Roman: You and Steve, are you, uh... you trying to work through things?

Kayla: I can't even think about that right now. My only real concern is Joey. My God, he took another person's life. I mean, I don't care what the circumstances are. I don't care how much he was provoked. How's he gonna deal with that in his life? The trauma, the guilt?

Roman: It's gonna be rough. Very rough. No doubt about that.

Kayla: My other concern is Steve not going to jail.

Roman: Kay, if Steve is convicted--

Kayla: Don't even say that.

Roman: Damn it! You know... I just wish to hell I can make this all go away for you.

Kayla: Just knowing that you're on our side, that means everything to me. I don't know what would have happened if Joey would have gone to any other person in this building.

Roman: Yeah, well... I'm not sure how much I actually helped him. I'm afraid Joey is going to be haunted by what he did for a very, very long time. I love you, sis. I love you.

Joey: I can't do this to mom. And I'm not gonna be the reason you can't help your friend.

Steve: So you won't be talking to anybody else, right? Good.

Joey: Dad, should I be worried? I mean, this sounds dangerous.

Steve: No, I'm not worried. I'm working with law enforcement on this. I'll be back before you even know I'm gone. But I'm trusting you to keep it together.

Joey: You probably want me to lock myself inside the house.

Steve: No. Joe, I know you're in a tight spot. I know you're hurting. But what Ava did to us was sick and sadistic. And she was gonna stop at nothing to destroy our family. You knew that and you couldn't take it. So you protected our family. Well, that's what I'm trying to do for you now. I hope someday you can accept that. Love you, son. You're a good man.

[Somber music]

Belle: What if something happens to you? Brady and Paul don't even know dad's in danger, let alone you.

Marlena: You are not going to tell them!

Belle: Are you kidding me? I can't believe you didn't tell me!

Marlena: Just give me tonight, okay? If all goes according to plan, your father will be home by morning.

Belle: And if he isn't?

Marlena: You just have to have a little faith.

Hope: Honey, every cop's worst nightmare is to take a life. Innocent or guilty... it haunts you forever.

Ciara: Mom, have you ever done that?

Hope: Aah!



Stefano: [Laughs]


[Dramatic music]

Phillip: Rough night?

Roman: I've had better.

Steve: You're still here.

Kayla: Uh, yeah, I was on my way out, but, uh, Stephanie called.

Steve: How's our Stephanie doing?

Kayla: She's good. She sends her love.

Steve: You didn't tell her.

Kayla: I lied. Pretty scary how good I'm getting at that. I hope it's not all for nothing.

Steve: I'm pretty sure I got through to Joe.

Kayla: You know, if he had gone to any other officer here, I...his life would be over.

Steve: He promised me he'd keep quiet. It's gonna be hard for him. He's so tortured... with regret and guilt. I mean, how could he not be? At his age... at any age, to take a life... no matter what the circumstances. But I think he finally understands that what we're doing is best for everyone.

Kayla: I hope so.

Jade: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Jade: How come you weren't at Ciara's party tonight?

Joey: How come you're not at Ciara's party now?

Jade: Her mom came. You didn't miss much.

Joey: Yeah, well, sorry it was lame.

Jade: You didn't answer my question.

Joey: Well, you didn't give me a chance. I was at the police station.

Jade: You didn't turn yourself in, did you?

Joey: I tried. But I couldn't do that right. Just like I can't do anything right. Because the only thing I'm good at is killing people.

Jade: What? [Laughs]

Joey: You think that's funny?

Jade: Just a tad. [Laughs] You sound like "The Godfather." [Mimicking gangster] "Seems like the only thing I'm good at is killing people." [Laughs]

Hope: Ciara, I want to talk to you about something.

Claire: Hey. Sorry, I hope we're not interrupting

Theo: Yeah, we saw the lights were still on.

Claire: Wanted to make sure everything was okay.

Hope: First of all, I want to thank you for being such good friends. And secondly, of course there will be consequences for tonight. I'll be calling your parents to let them know what happened.

Claire: Yeah, I figured.

Ciara: Mom, I was the only one that drank.

Hope: Who gave you the alcohol?

Ciara: Nobody you know.

Hope: But I will. You know what? Let's deal with all of this in the morning. Let's go home. Okay?

Ciara: Mom? Can I please stay at Claire's tonight? I know that there's no reason for you to trust me, but I can't stay at Jennifer's. Not tonight.

Hope: Hey, Claire, would that be okay?

Claire: Yeah, yeah. Of course.

Hope: I'll drive you. Hey. Thanks for looking out for her.

Claire: Of course.

Ciara: Thank you.

Claire: Oh, my gosh, I almost forgot about the presents.

Ciara: Hey, Theo. Hey, I'm really sorry.

Theo: For what?

Ciara: For earlier. When I kissed you. That was really inappropriate.

Theo: Why? I'm not complaining.

Claire: Oh, my God. [Laughs] Ciara, this is heavy.

Ciara: Here, I'll help you.

Hope: Theo?

Theo: Yeah?

Hope: Thank you so much for calling me tonight.

Theo: Yeah, um--I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing.

Hope: You were.

Theo: Is Ciara, um... is she ever gonna be okay again?

Hope: She will be. It'll just take time. You're a good friend, Theo. You really care for her.

Theo: Yeah. I really do.

Jade: You know, I'm glad you were such a total failure at turning yourself in. I have been on some pretty weird dates, but never with a guy I could only see through a glass partition.

Joey: Who says we're dating?

Jade: Come on. We both know it's gonna happen. Why don't you ask me out already?

Joey: I thought you said you were trying to be careful about the people you hang with. Remember? I'm the guy who killed the woman he was crazy about.

Jade: Yeah. A crazy woman.

Joey: If you're looking for quality boyfriend material... you should probably look somewhere else.

Jade: Maybe I kind of like that you're so screwed up.

Joey: You're not freaked out? You're not scared of me?

Jade: Honestly, I think it's kind of exciting. Not that, you know, she's dead or that your dad's in trouble, but... you're exciting. Kind of noir-ish.

Joey: What-ish?

Jade: [Laughs] Oh, wow. Looks like I've got a lot to teach you.

Phillip: Every cop I've run into lately seems to be in a bad mood. Maybe they need to add a little yoga and meditation to the academy curriculum.

Roman: Maybe it's you. I got my eyes on you, Phillip.

Phillip: Lucky me.

Roman: I understand you're seeing belle.

Phillip: What's it to you?

Roman: Well, even though she's divorcing my nephew, she's still family and it doesn't make me happy to hear you may or may not be in the pocket of Deimos Kiriakis.

Phillip: Who told you that?

Roman: Who cares? You've got much bigger things to worry about.

Belle: Well, you look... professional. Mom, please, I really--

Marlena: Belle! I've got to do this.

Belle: What if something happens? Is somebody gonna call me? Who do I call?

Marlena: The police will notify you if it's necessary. Oh, I love you.

Belle: I love you.

Marlena: I will be home with your father.

Kayla: Are you still going to find John?

Steve: Yeah. I'm just waiting for the go from Rafe.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: Sweetness--

Kayla: Please. Don't call me that.

Steve: I can't call you anything else. Listen. We're gonna bring John home. And nobody's getting hurt, I promise.

Kayla: You can't promise that.

Steve: Hey, hey. Come on. You know me, baby. I'm your one-eyed tomcat. Nine lives, remember?

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: I love you.

Kayla: You better come back.

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