Days Transcript Friday 3/11/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/11/16


Episode #12800 ~ Gunfire erupts as John & Eduardo attempt to rescue their loved ones; the threat of Ben looms as Abigail & Chad's wedding begins; Hope angrily grills Chase about what he did to her daughter; Ciara confides in Theo.

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Abigail: Wow.

[Chuckles] It's perfect.

Chad: You're perfect.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Chad: I'm going to, uh, tell Harold to start letting people in.

Abigail: Okay, yeah.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: Mm, okay.

Jennifer: Oh, no, aunt Maggie, you do not have to apologize. I mean, if Victor's feeling under the weather, you need to be home with him. Don't you worry. I will call you right after and fill you in. Okay, love you. Bye-bye.

Julie: Well, you know, it's a good thing we're so early 'cause there's always a million last-minute things, and Abigail is bound to be a bundle of nerves.

Jennifer: Oh, I hope not.

Adrienne: No, we'll keep things upbeat, right?

Jennifer: Thank you.

Julie: Sweetie, we can try, but finding out that Ben Weston has escaped from the institution, I mean, that's enough to ruin anybody's wedding day.

Abigail: Well, I'm not going to let it ruin mine.

Jennifer: No, of course not. [Chuckles] This is your day and it is going to be wonderful, it is.

Adrienne: You bet.

Julie: That's the spirit.

Abigail: You want to know why?

Jennifer: Why?

Abigail: Why I'm not worried about Ben. Because he would never show his face here and risk getting caught. He's a million miles away by now. It just stands to reason, right? I need to go check on Thomas.

Chad: Uh, excuse me. Ben, no, Ben-- Ben, Ben, Ben.

Abigail: Don't do this. Ben. Ben, please don't do this. Ben, Ben. Ben. Ben, please don't do this. Ben. Ben.

Ben: Say good-bye to your ex-mama. Bye, mama.

Abigail: Ben.

Chad: Ben! Ben!

Abigail: Don't take my baby!

Chad: Ben!

Abigail: Don't take my son, Ben!

Chad: Abby? Come here. It's okay. It's okay.

[Suspenseful music]

John: I won't be serving that stuff at my next cocktail party.

Eduardo: You think not?

[Cup clatters]

John: All right, your turn. Let them go.

Chad: Look, if all of this stuff with Ben is freaking you out, I-I think that we should postpone the wedding.

Abigail: No.

Chad: Yes, we have plenty of other days we can choose from.

Abigail: No, no. Ben is not taking this away from us. Chad, he's not going to ruin our wedding. Okay?

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: This is happening, so get ready.

Chad: Oh, I'm--I'm ready.

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: Good, right. Now all we have to do is track down the maid of honor and the best man, because I have no idea what happened to them.

Chad: Right, them. And I've left them voice messages and text messages, and they're not responding.

Abigail: I don't understand. It's so not like them to just bail like this.

Chad: No, it's not. Okay, well, what do we do? I'm gonna--uh, okay. I'm gonna do my best to track them down, and you...hang tight.

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: Breathe.

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: Hey, I'm gonna ask security to take some extra precautions for the day. It's gonna be fine. Okay?

Abigail: Yeah. Thank you.

Chad: I won't be long.

Abigail: Good.

Gabi: Please be all right. Please be all right. Please. [Sobbing] Arianna. [Sobbing]

John: You okay, Doc?

Marlena: We're fine.

Eduardo: Come on.


Eduardo: Ah! Ah!

Stay where you are.

Eduardo: Getting tired of this.

Move and you die. All of you.

[Dramatic music] 

Ciara: You don't look weird. You look great. Perfect for a wedding. Here, let me fix your tie.

Theo: I wish you'd change your mind and come after all. I mean, don't you want to see your cousin get married?

Ciara: I'd just be moping around... bringing everybody down. It's a celebration.

Theo: Why won't you tell me what you did to chase when we left you with him?

Ciara: 'Cause I didn't really do anything. I mean, as bad as I wanted to hurt him, I couldn't. So I called my mom and she had him arrested. But now...

Theo: What?

Ciara: I don't know. Just I don't feel like I'm gonna get the payback that I deserve.

Hope: What's this?

Justin: Our case against chase Jennings.

Hope: That's it?

Jennifer: Oh.

Abigail: You okay, mom?

Jennifer: Whoo. Yeah. Good. Just get a little stiff still sometimes. It's good though. Thank you.

Adrienne: Jenn?

Jennifer: Hmm?

Adrienne: Are you okay? You look like you're really hurting.

Jennifer: Uh, I'm good. I just--I have a couple of aches and pains left from that accident. But it's no big deal. I'm--I'm feeling better and better every day.

Abigail: Gabi, it's me. Hi. I don't know where you are, and I'm starting to get worried, so will you please call me back? Thanks.

Gabi: Aunt Estrella? Hi, something's come up and I need to speak with Mami. Is she there? What? No, no, I thought that she was with you. To Salem? Cuando? Okay, are--are you sure? Two weeks ago?

John: Go! Now, get out of here!

Marlena: John.

John: We've got this, doc, just go. Go. Go.

Eduardo: Okay. Okay. Now what?

[Suspenseful music]

Now you go with these men.

Justin: Hope, chase's confession was made to you, the victim's mother. It's hardly what you'd call admissible. Now, if chase wants to confess with his lawyer present, great. Otherwise...

Hope: Otherwise it'll just be he said, she said.

Justin: Exactly. And while we're facing reality, you do know that if this case goes to court, it will be Ciara who's on trial.

Abigail: Okay. I think everything's good. Yeah.

Jennifer: It's good. This room, it's perfect, honey.

Julie: It's gorgeous.


Abigail: Wow. Thank you so much. I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you. And now I think it's time for me to get in my dress.

Adrienne: Well, da-da-da-- don't rush off just yet.

Jennifer: Yeah, not--not yet.

Julie: There's plenty of time yet.

Jennifer: Yes, because we still have to give you your something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

Abigail: Oh, really?

Julie: Yeah, really.

Abigail: Okay.

Julie: First, something old. You know, I thought just my participation would cover that.


Julie: But then... then I remembered this. This was written by your great-grandfather, tom Horton. And you may not be aware of this. He was not only a beloved doctor, a wonderful man of science, he was also an artist. He was a poet, with a pen name: Norm de plume. Remember? His best poems were of course were about Grandma. And about love. And he gave this one to Doug and me when we were first married. And we want to share it with you.

Abigail: "The only one who really knows is the one... the one you first danced with in perfect time, the time your heart said yes." Oh.

Julie: Gets to you, doesn't it?

Abigail: Yeah, definitely. Wow. Thank you so much.

Julie: Oh, you're so welcome, sweetheart.

Jennifer: Oh, boy.

Adrienne: I know, I know. Okay, okay, ahem. Now for something borrowed.

Julie: Borrowed.

Adrienne: I asked my mom to send this to me. Inside there's a picture of your father when he was a baby. And since everyone's always saying how much Thomas looks like jack, I want you to wear this close to your heart today to know that your father is with you.

Abigail: [Chuckles] It's beautiful. Thank you so much.

Adrienne: Oh, honey.

Abigail: It's just... he really does look like him. Thank you. Thanks. Wow, good thing I didn't have my makeup done yet.


Adrienne: Well, I think your mom has new and blue covered.

Abigail: Uh-oh.

Jennifer: Yes, um, I would just--I would love to do this alone with Abigail, if you don't mind.

Adrienne: Oh, of course.

Julie: As it should be.

Jennifer: We won't be too long.

Adrienne: We got things.

Abigail: Thank you.

Jennifer: Okay. [Laughs] This is your something new.


Abigail: Well, I can see that you really went all out there, mom.

Jennifer: I did, didn't I? Well, this is for your shoe. You put it in your shoe, and it's for good luck. But I know that you and Chad are gonna be happy. And that is all I've ever wanted for you, from the moment you were born.

Gabi: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, the wedding.

Chad: Gabi where've you been? Abby's been looking all over for you.

Gabi: I am so, so sorry.

Chad: Is something wrong?

Gabi: Yes, yes, something is wrong. Arianna and Marlena were kidnapped and--

Chad: Wait, whoa, whoa, what?

Gabi: Yeah, the police, they're trying to find them. And I haven't even received a phone call from them, and I don't know if I'm going to see my little girl again, and if I don't see her, I'm gonna go insane, okay?


John: Move it.


Eduardo: What the hell?

John: Looks like someone's got our back.


Eduardo: Rafe?

Justin: Get chase to give us a signed confession, and I'll work out a plea deal where the kid does some time. Otherwise, if we have to go to trial, you and Ciara need to know what you'll be up against.

Hope: To drag her into that kind of hell, Justin... she's already been hurt so much.

Justin: I know. But if chase won't confess, you may feel you have no choice.

Abigail: Thanks.

Jennifer: Sometimes I just cannot believe that my beautiful little girl has turned into this amazing woman. And sometimes I just-- I imagine your dad being here right now and what he would think of you.

Abigail: I imagine that, too.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Abigail: Yeah, and I... I think about that a lot, but especially today.

Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah, I, uh, I managed to save your bouquet.

Abigail: What?


Abigail: What?

Jennifer: I know. You went to play hopscotch, and I just couldn't help myself.

Abigail: Oh, my God.

Jennifer: So I put it away, and I saved it for this very day. So there you are, honey. Violets... your something blue.

Abigail: Thanks, mom.

[Jennifer laughs]

[Abigail sighs]

Chad: Hey, listen to me. Okay, you have to stay strong. If the cops are on this, it's gonna work out. You have to believe that.

Gabi: I know.

Chad: Okay?

Gabi: Mm-hmm.

Chad: Look, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna cancel the wedding. There's no way that we can be getting married.

Gabi: No, please, please.

Chad: Abby would want to be here with you.

Gabi: Don't do that, please, because this is her day, and I want her to be happy. I want something good to happen today, okay?

Chad: Look, I understand, but Abby wants to be here. I'm sure she does, okay? And I do too, so...

Gabi: I'm all right. Really, please. I just want her to be happy. This is--she deserves this. Please, don't tell her. Okay?

Chad: Okay, all right. Well, you're gonna text me as soon as you hear anything.

Gabi: Yeah, yeah. The second I hear something, okay? And, um, please give her a hug for me and tell her I'm sorry that I let her down.

Chad: Well, no, come on. You--it's--you didn't. That's crazy. We're gonna be fine. Okay? And listen, Rafe is going to find Arianna, okay? You're gonna hear good news soon, I promise.


John: Damn drug's wrecking my vision.

Eduardo: Dude, I gotta move. You gotta give me some cover.

John: Didn't I just say I can't see?

Eduardo: Pretend you can.

John: On three. One, two...go! [Grunts]

Eduardo: Rafe?


Eduardo: Rafe! Rafe!


John: No!


Rafe: Hold your fire! Hold your fire. Hey, hey.

Rafe: It's over, it's over. Can you hear me?

Eduardo: I lost...I lost Arianna.

Rafe: No, man, no. Arianna's okay. She's okay. Her and Marlena are safely-- they're at the hospital, okay? They're just getting checked out.

Eduardo: I left my ammo in my jacket.

Rafe: Shh, stop it, stop it, stop it. Save your strength. I need an ambulance over here now.

Lani: This is detective price, we need an ambulance...

Rafe: We're going to get you to the hospital, okay? Okay?

Eduardo: Rafe? Rafe?

Rafe: You're going to be okay.

Eduardo: Rafe?

Rafe: Hey, I'm okay, man. I'm okay.

Chad: Theo. Hey, bud.

Theo: Hey, hey.

Chad: How are you?

Theo: Good, how are you?

Chad: Good. Hey, Ciara.

Ciara: Hi.

Theo: Ready for the wedding?

Chad: Yes, look at you. A sharp-dressed man. I was, um, I was just about to call you. I've kinda run into a problem.

Theo: What's wrong?

Chad: Well, hey, you know initially I-I, you know, I really wanted to ask you to be my best man, but I didn't want to put that kind of pressure on you, so...

Theo: Rafe's your best man.

Chad: Right. Well, he--he was. He got called into a really important case, so he can't make it. And I was--I was thinking maybe you could step in, give it a shot after all.

Theo: Oh.

Chad: Unless--unless you don't--unless you don't want to. If it's too much, then all you have to do is say so. I don't want to put too much--

Theo: Ciara has to come with me.

Ciara: What?

Theo: Yeah, I'll go, but I-- I'd just be too nervous if you weren't there.

Ciara: But I'm not dressed.

Chad: Yeah, no, no. You--you look fantastic. Okay. He helps me, you help him. Hmm?

Adrienne: Look who I found.

Julie: All righty then.

Jennifer: Oh, hey. Doug, I'm so glad you made it.

Lucas: Well, we wouldn't miss it. The place looks great. You know, you look better.

Doug: So, where's the cute bride? Let's get this show on the road.

Julie: No, no, no. Ground rules first. Nobody, I mean nobody, mentions Ben Weston. Abigail is convinced that he is long gone from the area, so, um, problem solved.

Lucas: Well, God, let's hope. The mere mention of that guy's name gives me the creeps.

Adrienne: Ah, here's the bride now. Yay!

Abigail: Hi.

Lucas: Hey.

Abigail: Great to see you both.

Lucas: Yeah, you too.

Doug: Hey, cute bride, any last-minute instructions before I walk you down the aisle?

Abigail: Just don't trip.

Jennifer: Oh, boy.

Lucas: Don't do that. Don't jinx him like that. Where's Chad?

Abigail: Uh, Chad is-- he had something to take care of, so... and so do I, actually. I need to go get into my dress now.

Adrienne: Hey, if you need some help.

Abigail: Okay.

Eric: Good, I'm not too late after all.

Julie: Eric. Welcome.

Eric: Thanks for having me.

Lucas: You're looking good. Good to see you.

Eric: You too. The place looks great, Jenn. You must be in high spirits.

[Phone trilling]

Gabi: Hello?

Rafe: Arianna's safe. She and Marlena are fine.

Gabi: Oh, my God, Rafe.

Rafe: It's okay. I just had them taken to the hospital to get checked out. You can meet them there. Just don't drive, okay? Take a cab.

Gabi: Are you kidding me? I'm going to go run over there now. Oh, my God, Rafe, I-I love you so much. Thank you so much. I asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was

Abigail: Hi, Thomas. Well, it's mommy's big day. What do you think? You think daddy's going to like it?

Chad: Wow.

Abigail: Chad! You are not supposed to see me before the wedding. You're--I'm in my dress.

Chad: I know, I know, I know. I don't believe in any of that superstition, remember? Hey. [Exhales]

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Chad: Life is what we make it, and we are going to make it awesome.

Abigail: Okay.

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Chad: Uh, Gabi texted me. She's not going to make it, and neither is Rafe.

Abigail: Why?

Chad: Well, I--it's fine. I'll, uh, I'll fill you in later.

Abigail: Wait, seriously? So we have no best man and no maid of honor.

Chad: No.

Abigail: Okay. Okay.

Chad: Well, actually, no. Theo is going to step in for me. As for maid of honor, I don't know. You're on your own.

Abigail: It's fine. I-I--totally fine. I will, uh, give the bouquet to my mom. Right? No worries.

Chad: Right, it's fine.

Abigail: We can--yeah. It's still going to be a perfect wedding.

Chad: It's going to be perfect.

Abigail: Perfect.

Chad: All right. Uh, on that note, I got you a gift.

Abigail: Another gift?

Chad: Yeah. It's Thomas's birth certificate.

Abigail: Oh, my God.

Chad: Yeah, since he wasn't born in a hospital, I had to contact the county clerk in mammoth falls and have them process it for me.

Abigail: "Father: "Chad DiMera. Mother: Abigail Deveraux."

Chad: And since we weren't married, I had them enter Thomas's name as Deveraux.

Abigail: [Whispers] Chad.

Chad: Okay. You're the best of both of us. And my last name has... hasn't done any-- hasn't done any good things for me through my life, so I didn't want him carrying it around the rest of his.

Thomas: [Cooing]

Chad: Did you hear that? I think Thomas agrees with me.

[Abigail murmurs]

Chad: I love you.

Theo: You can't be so serious, okay? You're making me more nervous.

Ciara: Theo, you're going to be fine, okay?

Theo: You're smiling. That's good at least. Hey, your birthday's coming up. You going to have a party?

Ciara: I doubt it. With everything that's happened.

Theo: No, Ciara, you... you should throw a party. Here you're going to be 18, that's a really big deal.

Ciara: Seriously don't think I'm up for it. Hey, let's find out where you're going to stand, okay?

[Theo murmurs]

Chase: I love you.

Ciara: Don't touch me.

Chase: Okay, here she is to tell me how big of a piece of crap I am all over again.

Hope: Hey!

Chase: You know what?

Hope: Lose the attitude.

Chase: What do you want? Why am I here?

Rafe: Hey.

Eduardo: Hey. Hey there, man.

Rafe: Hey.

Eduardo: I need to move.

Rafe: No, no, no. Listen to me, we got an ambulance a minute out. All right? In one minute.

Eduardo: Made me-- us drink a really bad drug.

Rafe: Shh. Hey, hey.

Eduardo: It's not good.

Rafe: You just hang in there. Okay.

JJ: All guns confiscated.

Lani: No ids.

Rafe: Right.

Eduardo: What happened to him? What happened to him?

Rafe: What? What do you need?

Eduardo: Where's John?

Lani: Oh, he's right--

JJ: He was just here a minute ago.

Eduardo: John.

Lani: Well, maybe he went to check on Dr. Evans and Arianna.

Rafe: Yeah, I doubt that. Go find him! Find him. [Heavy breathing] What the hell? [Heavy breathing] 

Hope: What I want... is simple. You admitted you raped Ciara. Tomorrow morning you'll be arraigned in court. I want to know if you'll hold to that confession so it becomes part of the official record.

Chase: You think I'll back out?

Hope: Will you?

Chase: No. I don't really care what happens to me, hope. Go to jail. Who knows? I mean, it might make up for what I did. And what my dad did. A little bit anyway.

Hope: You and Aiden hurt us. No doubt. But you didn't ruin us. You can't. Ciara and I are too strong for that.

Theo: Ciara? Look, I'm sorry I... I didn't mean to grab you. I just thought you were falling, so... I'm just--I'm really sorry.

Ciara: No, you were just trying to help. I totally freaked out. How stupid is that?

Theo: Look, what chase did is know, take some time to get better.

Ciara: No. No way. I want to forget about this freak. I just want to move on with my life. Hey, and you were right. When my birthday comes around, I am going to throw the biggest party that this place has ever seen. Come on. Let's do this wedding. You are the best man.

[Both murmuring]

Chad: Uh, okay...thanks.

["Here Comes the Bride" playing]


Abigail: Aah!

Marlena: I know, I know. The pediatrician gave her a clean bill of health.

Gabi: Was she--was she, um...

Marlena: No. I think there was an awareness, but I don't think she knew what was going on.

Gabi: Thank God. And thank you so much. Thank you.

Marlena: Oh, are you kidding? Of course. Look, I want to, uh, get back there and see what's going on with John.

Gabi: Okay, we're gonna-- we're gonna try to head home and have ourselves a tubby time. Yeah?

Marlena: Oh, good.

Excuse me? I just got off the phone with detective Hernandez. He wants you both to stay right here, and I'm not to let you out of my sight.

Gabi: What?

Marlena: Wait a minute. I thought everything was fine out there. Where is John?

John: [Slurring] Hey! Anybody home? Hey. Hey.

[Suspenseful music]

Who the hell are you?

Yo Ling: [Hoarsely] Those who know me call me Yo Ling. But you may know me better as Timothy Robicheaux.

John: That drug you gave me must be a hallucinogenic. I thought you just said that... you were my father.

Yo Ling: No, you heard right. Do you recognize me? Look closely. The eyes... these are your eyes.

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