Days Transcript Thursday 3/10/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/10/16


Episode #12799 ~ Ciara has an intense confrontation with Chase; Claire spies her mom & Philip sharing a kiss; Philip's past comes back to haunt him; John & Eduardo receive instructions from the kidnappers.

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Belle: Oh, my God. Philip, are you okay? What is wrong with you?

Philip: It's okay.

Belle: He hit you.

Philip: Let me handle this.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Hey, Gabi. Hey, sweetie.

Gabi: [Crying] Hi.

Hope: What's wrong?

Gabi: Arianna and Marlena are missing.

Hope: What?

Gabi: Marlena was babysitting her, and--and she never showed up to the pick-up spot, or maybe they did, because Arianna dropped this, but then-- but then they vanished!

Hope: What do you mean, vanished?

Gabi: They're gone. And no one's seen them or heard from them.

Hope: Are you sure?

Gabi: Yes, JJ and I looked everywhere, and Rafe made tons of calls, and they're gone.

Hope: Where's Rafe?

Gabi: I don't know. He said he went off somewhere to make some calls that--he said he was gonna handle it.

[Line trills]

Hope: Rafe, I'm at the station with Gabi. Call me ASAP. Come here.

[Knock at door]

Eduardo: [Scoffs] I asked you to stay away.

Rafe: I have a unit standing by, and I'm ready.

Eduardo: So--so you're willing to risk your niece getting killed over this?

Rafe: Me?

Eduardo: You.

Rafe: Me, because I'm the one that dropped this on everyone?

Eduardo: No, I dropped it on everybody! I asked you to take care of your sis--where's your sister?

Rafe: She's safe. She's at the station. Now, I need to know what the hell I'm dealing with here.

John: You're not dealing with anything. Your father's right.

Rafe: Okay, John, I don't know how you got in the middle of all this, but--

John: They have Marlena, too, because of me.

Rafe: "They, they." Who is "they"? Who are we dealing with here?

Eduardo: Men who would kill Arianna without hesitation.

John: It's a very delicate situation.

Rafe: Okay, so then... what's the next move?

John: Just waiting for our instructions.

Rafe: What kind of resources do these guys have?

Eduardo: They have state-of-the-art weaponry, psyops. They have manpower that could bury the Salem pd three times over.

Rafe: Okay, yeah, 'cause that wouldn't draw any attention.

John: They'll be in and out of Salem before anybody even sees them.

Rafe: Th--and you're ready for this? You--what--what are we talking about here, huh? Is it money? Ransom?

Eduardo: No, no, they don't want ransom, and I told you: They want us.

Rafe: "Us"?

Eduardo: Us.

Rafe: Yeah, "us," who's--

Eduardo: John and me, us.

Rafe: Okay, why John? Why--I still don't know why he is part of this.

John: Same as your father.

[Cell phone ringing]

Eduardo: Yes?

Mr. Hernandez?

Eduardo: Yes.

Mr. Black is with you as well.

John: Yeah, I'm here.

Listen carefully. Here's what's happening now.

Ciara: I can't--I can't do this.

Joey: Do whatever you want to this creep. You're in charge. There's nothing he can do about it.

Ciara: I don't want to.

Theo: Ciara. You okay? I mean, we could get out of here if it's too much for you.

Ciara: [Breathes sharply] [Sniffles] No. No, it's--this is-- this is good. You guys can go.

Claire: Okay, text us if you need anything.

Theo: What if he gets loose?

Joey: I tied him up. He's not going anywhere. Look at him.

Ciara: I'm okay. Okay, Theo? I promise.

I still have your stats... from little league. I glued them to the back of my journal... when you were starting pitcher, that first summer. I was so proud of my new brother. I loved you, chase! How could you do this to me?

Philip: I'll call you later.

Belle: I'm not leaving you alone with this guy.

Philip: What are you doing?

Belle: I'm calling the cops.

Chilton: I am a cop.

Philip: It's okay, belle.

Chilton: Philip and I are having a meeting.

Belle: Oh, really? That's how you start a conversation?

Philip: Commander Chilton was just trying to get my attention, which he has. Go on. I'll catch up with you later.

Chilton: Listen to your friend.

Belle: Whatever this is, you don't have to do this alone.

Philip: I'll call you a little later. I promise.

[Dramatic music]

Chilton: Another willing victim?

Philip: You have no jurisdiction here.

Chilton: You think I care about the law right now, huh?

Ciara: Answer me!

Chase: I didn't mean to hurt you.

Ciara: What the hell do you think you were doing?

Chase: I don't know. You kissed me back.

Ciara: And then I said no. I tried to pull away, and I said no! What, you couldn't hear me? You couldn't feel me trying to fight and get away?

Chase: I didn't know. It felt like you were with me.

Ciara: Are you seriously trying to tell me that you couldn't tell?

Chase: No. But I couldn't stop.

Ciara: Why couldn't you stop? Hmm?

Chase: I don't know. I didn't mean to hurt you.

Ciara: Why 't you stop? You heard me say no. You heard me say stop. You felt me trying to get away! Say the words! What did you do to me, chase? Say the words!

Chase: I raped you!

Ciara: You raped me! You knew exactly what you were doing, and you raped me. Look at me, chase. Look at me.

[Intense music]

Philip: I didn't kill your daughter.

Chilton: You left her to die. What's the difference?

Philip: No. She was dead when I woke up.

Chilton: From the garbage you were doing that you gave to her.

Philip: No, I didn't-- we were drinking. If she took something else, I never saw it. I didn't know.

Chilton: Wait, are you telling me that she died without making a sound, huh? No coughing, no throwing up, no sign at all?

Philip: I didn't--I was passed out.

Chilton: You let her die, you punk!

Do you need to write this down?

Eduardo: No, we know the drill.

You're about to receive a text with an address. Go there immediately. If we detect any sign of the police, the woman and the girl die.

[Dial tone hums]

Ciara: I wish I'd never met you. I wish you and your dad had never come into our lives. You've ruined everything! Now I can never... that was my first time!

Chase: Mine too. I'm sorry.

Ciara: You're sorry? Like you lost my backpack or took my phone? You're sorry?

Chase: Look, Ciara, there's nothing that I can say that's gonna--

Ciara: No, there isn't. You're a disgusting creep, and there's no excuse. You've had it tough. You lost your dad. Well, guess freaking what! You're not alone! Nothing ever gave you an excuse to rape me.

Chase: So what are you gonna do now?

Ciara: Are you worried? You feeling helpless? Like the one thing that you want in the world right now doesn't matter? Just hoping that you can stay still and not make anything worse? Like maybe, if you're lucky, you'll survive? And I haven't even laid a finger on you, let alone ripped your clothes off and then, like, forced myself on you!

Chase: I'm sorry! Just-- is there anything I can do? Just... just please, there's got to be something I can do. I'll do anything.

Ciara: Just shut up. Just shut up! There's nothing that you can do to take it back. You're a monster. You're just like your dad. You are so done.

Philip: I'm really sorry Debbie OD'd. It was a terrible tragedy, but I had nothing to do with any of the stuff--

Chilton: No, come on. No, say that again, bastard. Say you had nothing to do with it again, come on.

Deimos: Is this man under arrest?

Chilton: Back off, pal.

Deimos: You need to get your hands off of my associate.

Chilton: Shut it off, or I'll break you both. What are you doing?

Deimos: Just emailing this to my good friend commissioner Felton.

Chilton: Who are you?

Deimos: What matters is who you are, commander Chilton, and what happens once this is added to your already questionable record with the Chicago pd.

Chilton: Yes, wouldn't hurt me.

Deimos: You know something? You may be right, but do you really want to gamble on what else I know about you that hasn't been added to the record? I'm happy to share with your boss. It's your call.

Chase: Just do it already. Whatever it is, I just want it to be over.

Ciara: Too bad.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Hey, honey, what's up? I'm at work.

Ciara: Hey, are you busy?

Hope:, not at all. Ciara, honey, are you okay?

Ciara: No.

Hope: What's wrong? Ciara, where are you?

Ciara: I need you now. I'm at the old mill warehouse, by the docks.

Hope: Okay, I'm on my way. Do you need a doctor? Should I--

Ciara: No. Just you. Please hurry.

Hope: Don't move. I'll be there in ten minutes tops.

Ciara: You'll never get to hurt someone this way again.

Hope: JJ. I have an emergency. Can you stay with Gabi?

JJ: Sure, Rafe didn't call in?

Hope: No. Gabi, I have to go, but JJ's gonna stay here. Call me as soon as you hear from Rafe, okay?

JJ: All right, will do.

Hope: Thanks.

JJ: Hey.

Gabi: Hey, did you hear anything?

JJ: No, Rafe's on it.

Gabi: JJ, I thought that nothing could make me feel more hopeless than being in prison, but I was so wrong.

JJ: Look, Arianna's with family. Marlena will look out for her.

Gabi: How do you know that?

JJ: Are you kidding me? Anyone would throw themselves in front of oncoming traffic to keep her safe. She's the sweetest little girl.

Gabi: Yeah, she likes you too.

JJ: Well, she's a heartbreaker, that's for sure.

Gabi: Hey, we're gonna find her, right?

JJ: My gut? Ari's going to be safe. We'll find her.

Eduardo: Okay, here--here's the address.

Rafe: Where?

Eduardo: Doesn't ring a bell to me.

John: Yeah, I know it.

Rafe: Where?

Eduardo: Rafe.

Rafe: That's an old warehouse by the airport. Abandoned.

John: Not today.

Rafe: I'm calling backup.

Eduardo: Did you not hear the man?

Rafe: Oh, come on! John, will you back me up on this? You were a cop. You know the only thing that makes a hostage situation worse is when they cut the cops out.

John: Not this time. There's no negotiation. There's no protocol to stop them. Just a body count.

Eduardo: Please, please, let us do this. We can bring Marlena and the baby back. We can do it. We can give these people what they want.

Rafe: All right. You better hope so. Because if this crap-- if this crap that you have dragged our family in gets them hurt, I swear-- I swear I will make you pay.

Eduardo: Yeah. Yeah, we're gonna pay... with our lives if need be.


Claire: Hey, your tea's here.

Joey: Next round's on you, Claire.

Claire: No, I'll be wired all night if I drink any more caffeine than this. Theo, are you doing a paper or project for the history midterm?

Joey: Seriously?

Claire: Sorry, I was just trying to change the subject.

Theo: So did your dad really get arrested for killing that Ava woman?

Claire: Whoa, that's not my idea of small talk.

Joey: Yeah, next?

Theo: You guys, back to the warehouse.

Claire: Theo.

Theo: It's been too long. We need to go see if Ciara's okay.

Claire: No, just let her decide if she wants-- fine.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Ciara?

Ciara: Over here.

Hope: Chase, what-- what-- what happened here, kids? Why--why is chase--

Ciara: Don't!

Hope: What?

Ciara: Don't untie him.

Hope: I don't understand. What--who did this?

Ciara: I did.

Hope: Why?

Ciara: Chase raped me.

Hope: What? Is this true? When did this happen? When did this happen?

Ciara: A while ago.

Hope: But you didn't say anything. Why didn't you tell me, honey?

Ciara: I couldn't. I couldn't. I just--I couldn't. But I know that he needs-- he's sick. And I can't let him do this to anyone else.

Chilton: What's your name?

Deimos: Irrelevant. What matters at this very moment is what you choose to do. Now, I suggest you leave town immediately and never bother Mr. Kiriakis again, or I will become your very worst living nightmare.

On: I will see you again.

Deimos: No. You won't.

Quite the eventful afternoon you had here, nephew. Fortunate enough for you, I came along.

Rafe: So you're walking into an ambush?

Eduardo: We didn't--we don't know what we're walking into, but we're gonna do whatever it takes to bring Marlena and Arianna back. It's the mission. It's simple, really. And we can do it if you just... give us the room to operate. I'm begging you, son. Let me make this right.

Rafe: One hour. One hour. If I don't hear from you in an hour, I'm calling Salem pd for backup.

Eduardo: You don't hear from us in an hour... it'll be because we're dead. Changing pose. 

Hope: We're in the back of the warehouse. The north-side entrance is open.

[Dramatic music]

There was a unit in the area. They'll be here soon. Honey, can you tell me what happened?

Ciara: It was when chase was missing. He was in the square, and that cop you sent found him. Only he didn't want to come home, and I saw him, and I begged. So we went back to Jennifer's, and I apologized for accusing him of starting the fire.

Hope: Honey.

Ciara: And I told him... I was sorry and never to run away again and scare us like that. And he told me he loved me, and I said it too, but like a brother. And he said no, and he kissed me, I kissed back. At first, it was like a shock, but then... I started saying "no," and "stop," and I tried to get away and... mom. Did--did I do this? Did I--

Hope: Sweetie, stop. Stop! Breathe. Baby, breathe. Look at me. You said stop. You said no. That's enough.

Ciara: I know, but it's like it doesn't make any sense.

Hope: This isn't your fault. It's not your fault, baby. Look at me. How could you? [Yelling] How could you?

Chase: I don't know!

Hope: How could you?

Chase: I don't know! I was...

Hope: How could you do this?

Chase: I'm a monster.

Detective Brady!

Hope: Lopez. We need to arrest chase Jennings. The charge is sexual assault in the first degree.

Chase Jennings, you're under arrest for sexual assault.

You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney being present with you during questioning. Do you understand?

Chase: Yes. I am truly sorry.

Hope: Get him to booking.

Chase: I never meant to hurt you. You're the greatest part of my world. I love you!

Ciara: Shut up! Just shut up!

Hope: Ciara. Ciara!

Ciara: You bastard!

Hope: Come on. It's okay. Ciara.

Philip: I'm fine. Chilton's gone.

Belle: How'd you get that guy to stand down?

Philip: He just needed to blow off steam. I'll see you later, okay? Is this where you tell me you own me?

Deimos: Nah. Way too dramatic.

Philip: Why?

Deimos: You kept your word to me regarding the serum formula. You'll find that a significant deposit has been made into your Cayman account.

Philip: What's the catch?

Deimos: No catch. You said you wanted to work with me. Well, you passed the test. You're hired.

[Suspenseful music]

John: So why'd they pick this spot?

Eduardo: There.

What the hell is that supposed to be?

John: Happy hour.

Welcome. So glad you could make it.

Theo: Ciara! Where are you?

Joey: Wait. They were cut.

Claire: Who did this?

Theo: Ciara!

Joey: Someone did.

Theo: You guys, she's not here anywhere. What if he got loose and took her?

Claire: Well, she would have texted us.

Theo: Not if he took her phone.

Claire: Okay, guys, just regroup. Okay, we don't know. We don't know anything.

Joey: We need to find her.

Claire: Right, then let's just go to the house and see if she's at home.

Theo: It's not going through, you guys.

Claire: Okay, then let's get out of here! Okay, come on, we've got to find her.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Here you go, sweetheart.

Ciara: Thanks.

Hope: You were so brave at the hospital.

Ciara: It was too late to help.

Hope: Maybe not. But no matter what, it was good for you to get tested to make sure that you're okay.

Ciara: Yeah, I'm okay. At least, we'll find out, right? I have to take the HIV and pregnancy test again just to be sure since it's so soon.

Hope: Right.

Ciara: I'm not worried about the other STDs. He said he was a virgin. Do you believe him?

Hope: I don't know what to believe. Can I ask you something? Why didn't you come to me?

Ciara: I was... I don't know. I didn't believe it myself, so I didn't expect you to believe.

Hope: I would have. I would have. Don't-- Ciara, always know that I will believe you. Honey, you can always come to me with anything.

Ciara: Okay.

Hope: Did they talk to you at the hospital about counseling?

Ciara: Yeah.

Hope: Will you? Do the counseling? I think it would be really good for you.

Ciara: Okay.

Hope: Okay what? Baby, what happened was in no way your fault. You have to know that.

Ciara: Sure. Look, I'll survive. That's what they call them, me: Survivors of rape. Don't worry.

[Pounding on door]

Hope: I'll be right back.

Hey, kids.

Theo: Is Ciara here?

Hope: Yeah, she's-- it's not a good time.

Claire: Okay, well, is she--

Theo: Is she okay?

Hope: She is. Why do you ask?

Claire: Well, we were waiting for her in the square, but she didn't show, so just tell her we came by.

Hope: I need to ask you: Were you with chase and Ciara earlier?

Joey: Earlier when? Like, today?

Claire: I mean, we were at the café in the square waiting for Ciara, but chase wasn't with us.

Hope: Okay, I'll tell her you were here.

Claire: Okay. Bye.

Joey: Bye.

Hope: Okay.

Claire: Okay, so that's it. Ciara called the cops.

Joey: Well, at least her mom, but we know she's home safe, right?

Theo: Yeah.

Claire: Do you guys think chase was arrested?

Joey: Don't know. Guess we'll find out soon enough. You coming?

Theo: No, I'm gonna stay and check my messages and stuff.

Joey: All right. Later.

Theo: See you.

[Phone chimes]

Philip: It was a misunderstanding.

Belle: With a cop. You had a big misunderstanding with the commander of the Chicago pd. Was this--was this about the girl who OD'd in your room?

Philip: Belle, it's done.

Belle: Unless it isn't. What if commander Chilton comes after you?

Philip: He won't.

I see you've found your refreshment. Fill both cups from the thermos and drink it all.

John: Not until we see Dr. Evans and the little girl alive. Or you can kill us right here.


Drink now. You'll have time to see them released.

Eduardo: We'll have time? Time before what?

[Intense music]

[Soft music]

Theo: You called your mom?

Ciara: Chase is in jail.

Theo: Good. Are you...good?

Belle: How can you be so sure that he won't come back?

Philip: Officer Chilton has a few skeletons in his closet. Once he realized they weren't so secret, he was gone.

Belle: Well, I hope you're right. I think you need to get some ice for that jaw.

Philip: I... had something else in mind.

Belle: You are one sketchy character, aren't you?

Philip: Not anymore. And I promise I will not let my shameful past affect you.

Gabi: Rafe, did they find her? Did they find Arianna?

Rafe: No.

Gabi: What--what is going on? What?

Rafe: I don't know--hey. I do not know where Ari and Marlena are, but John and Eduardo, they're using some of their contacts to try and find some stuff out.

Gabi: What does that mean? What other contacts are you talking about?

Rafe: Well... from their work.

Gabi: What work?

Rafe: Can you give us a sec? Just--

JJ: Sure.

Rafe: Thanks. Okay, listen. Listen to me.

Gabi: Uh-huh.

Rafe: Shh. Someone took Marlena and Ari, okay...

Gabi: What?

Rafe: And our father--our father thinks it is someone who is connected to his work, something he did in the past, okay?

Gabi: Wait, somebody did this to get back at Eduardo?

Rafe: And John.

Gabi: And now they're using my baby and Marlena to do that?

Rafe: Well, yeah, because they knew that's exactly where it would them the hardest.

Gabi: Rafe, are they gonna hurt her?

Rafe: No, no, Gabi.

Gabi: Rafe, what is it that they want? I will do whatever it takes.

Rafe: Gabi, listen, shh. Just listen, okay? They know what they're doing. They know the people that they are dealing with. And they are gonna bring everyone home safe. They will.

Gabi: Yeah, well, what if they can't?

Rafe: They will, all right? Okay?

Gabi: [Sobbing]

[Dramatic music]

John: Not poison.

Eduardo: If they wanted us dead, we'd already be.

John: Time to find out.

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