Days Transcript Thursday 3/3/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/3/16


Episode #12794 ~ Steve searches for a way to get himself off the hook; Brady asks Fynn to check into Summer's DNA; Chad reels over the news that Ben escaped from the psychiatric hospital; Summer has a run-in with Maggie.

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Kayla: Are the handcuffs really necessary? I'd like to speak to my husband privately. How did you do last night?

Steve: I laid awake all night, worrying about you and Joe.

Kayla: Joey and I didn't sleep very well, either.

Steve: How's he handling this?

Kayla: He told me the truth. I know that Joey killed Ava and I know that you are covering for him.

[Ava screaming]

Steve: I killed her. Arrest me.

Jade: Hey.

Joey: Hey.

Jade: What's the matter with you? And don't tell me it was just a hangover.

Theresa: So good to be home.

Brady: Be it ever so humble.

Summer: It doesn't look humble to me.

Theresa: Oh, hey. Sitter left a note. She took Tate out for a little walk.

Brady: So, I will show you to the guestroom.

Summer: Sure.

Nicole: Down, girl. It's only temporary.

Theresa: Okay, I don't know if summer sees it that way.

Nicole: Okay, look, she's either Daniel's half-sister or she's not, and if she's not, then she's out of here.

Theresa: Yeah, and what if she is?

Nicole: Well, then she's Maggie's problem.

Theresa: Oh, I hope so.

Brady: Summer is settled in.

Theresa: Oh, goodie.

Brady: And I'm gonna go to the doctor, and I'm gonna get checked out. That should make you feel better.

Nicole: You might want to mention that you pulled miss thing out of the ocean and carried her up the beach.

Brady: I will. And I'm also gonna see if I can find out what happened to that swab kit that summer supposedly sent Daniel. In the meantime, be nice.

Nicole: What? We're always nice?

Theresa: Yeah.

Nicole: Okay, I think we should turn our attention to Abigail's wedding dress, okay?

Theresa: Okay, yep.

Summer: Where did Brady go?

Theresa: Out. It's just us now.

Chad: I don't believe this. He sweet-talked one of the female guards from the funny farm, and they're letting him just walk out.

JJ: Ben would be crazy to come back here.

Chad: Ben is crazy.

JJ: Look, if he shows his face, he'll be back in the pen or dead. After what he did to Paige and Abigail, I will kill him myself.

Chad: Yeah, which might mean something to a normal person, but Ben Weston is not normal.

JJ: Clyde did this. I know it.

Chad: No, Clyde's in the federal pen.

JJ: Yeah, but he still has a network, and Ben is his pride and joy. I bet you Clyde has him on a flight right now to a country that doesn't extradite to the U.S.

Chad: Great.

JJ: Someone's got to tell Abigail.

Abigail: Tell me what?

Kayla: How could you not tell me?

Steve: I didn't know what to tell. I didn't know how you'd react. I don't-- listen. Joe can't tell anybody else. You understand that? He can't talk to anyone.

Kayla: I have tried to make him understand that, but he feels horrible, and he wants to take responsibility.

Steve: No, no. Kayla, roman already knows that Joe was in Ava's room.

Kayla: How?

Steve: His blood's on a pillow. I covered for him, I hope. But he has to keep quiet.

Kayla: How is he gonna live with this inside of himself? And what if you don't beat this?

Steve: I'm gonna beat this. Now, listen, I know this is a nightmare, but we can't give up. That's what Ava wanted. She wanted to destroy all of us.

Kayla: What does belle say?

Steve: I'm gonna plead "not guilty" today. She thinks I have a shot with self-defense, given what's already on the record with Ava.

Kayla: And I'll testify about what Ava did to me.

Steve: Yes and hopefully that will be enough to get me off. And, baby, we will put this behind us.

Kayla: Is Joe ever gonna be able to put this behind him? Come on.

Steve: We are gonna have to help him do that, aren't we? Were you able to keep Stephanie out of the loop?

Kayla: I did my best, but, I mean, if she sees through my act, she's going to quit her job and she's gonna come here, and there's nothing that she can do.

Steve: I don't want you to worry, baby. Listen, we are gonna prove that Ava did you bodily harm and she intended to do us all in.

Kayla: I hope to hell we can.

Steve: We can.

[Knock at door]

Belle: Hi, guys.

Steve: Hey.

Belle: You're up next before the judge.

Kayla: Okay.

Chad: Honey, I didn't know you were home.

Abigail: So, what did somebody have to tell me? And why are you involved, JJ?

Chad: JJ, tell her the truth.

[Dramatic music]

JJ: Truth is, is that... I found out that you guys are moving the wedding up to Friday.

Abigail: That's right. We are.

JJ: And I just--I didn't want you walking down the aisle thinking that I didn't like the idea of you two getting married. So I came over to talk to Chad, because I just saw how happy he makes you. I'm glad that you two found each other, and I think that Thomas is a very, very lucky kid.

Abigail: So is this you giving us your blessing?

JJ: Well...sure, I guess so.

Chad: Thank you, really.

JJ: And dad's not here. So, I figured someone with a "y" chromosome should, you know, make peace.

Abigail: Hmm. So, then, this means you'll be there Friday?

JJ: I'll even wear a tux if you want me to.

Abigail: JJ... thank you.

JJ: And nothing and no one is gonna ruin your wedding day.

Kayla: Oh, Steve.

Steve: Oh, baby, it's okay. It's okay. Belle's gonna take care of everything. Don't worry.

Justin: You'd better get going. This is the last arraignment of the day, and you have enough problems without making the judge cranky.

Steve: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Justin: I should think it would be obvious.

Steve: If you think this is some kind of slam dunk for--

Belle: Then he is very much mistaken.

Joey: I know I was a jerk to you before, but--

Jade: You were way worse than that. But I...might have something in my bag that could help you mellow out a bit. Want to go to the park and get high?


Joey: Look, thanks for the offer, but I have to go.

Jade: [Scoffs]

Nicole: I cannot get over Abigail's wedding dress. You did a fantastic job.

Theresa: Thanks.

Nicole: You know, Abigail's wedding is gonna get a lot of press.

Theresa: Yeah.

Nicole: We could launch our line if we promote it.

Theresa: Well...

Nicole: What do you think?

Theresa: Yeah, I mean--

Nicole: It's a great idea.

Summer: I just wanted to say thank you.

Theresa: What?

Summer: For letting me stay here. I don't know any people in Salem, and I don't have the money to stay at a hotel room.

Theresa: Yeah, no problem. Hope it all works out the way you want it to. Anyway...

Nicole: Okay, so...

Summer: Would you happen to have another tablet? I would love to go online.

Nicole: Um...sure. Mine's sticking out of my purse right there.

Summer: Great.

Nicole: Okay. So we just have to find a way to let the public know that Abigail's wedding dress is the centerpiece of our first collection. Ooh. And when Abigail's photo goes viral--which, how could it not? I mean, it's like a Horton marrying a DiMera. It's free publicity.

Theresa: Mm-hmm. Yeah, but how do you suggest that we let the public know that it's our dress?

Nicole: I'll figure it out.

Theresa: Without alienating our very first, most important client?

Nicole: [Scoffs] Alienating? I'm not gonna alienate anyone. Come on, you know me. I know how to dig. I know how to do it right. My belly pain and constipation?

Abigail: The caterer has officially approved our menu.

Chad: Great.

Abigail: Okay, so if you want to make any last suggestions, this is it. Like, the main course dessert, or if you want--

Chad: No, no, everything is fantastic.

Abigail: You're sure?

Chad: Yes, as long as I get to marry the woman of my dreams. But for now, I unfortunately have an errand to run, so...

Abigail: Oh, wait, what kind of errand? Is it a wedding errand?

Chad: No questions. If you need anything, you can ask Harold. He knows more about DiMera weddings than anyone. Will you be here when I come back?

Abigail: Yes, I will be, because I will be glued to this phone.

Chad: All right.

Abigail: Good-bye, fiancÚ. Okay, all right, so... [Gasps] Dress. Dress. Oh...

[Phone ringing]

Theresa: It's Abigail.

Nicole: Ooh.

Theresa: Abigail, hi.

Abigail: Hi, Theresa, I have some news for you, and I hope it's okay.

Theresa: What?

Abigail: Chad and I decided to move the wedding up to Friday.

Theresa: Really?

Abigail: Yeah, but if the dress isn't ready by then, it's...

Nicole: What? What'd she say? What?

Theresa: Don't worry about it.

Nicole: Don't worry about what?

Theresa: It'll just mean the seamstress will have to work overtime. I mean, for all I know, the dress might already be done.

Nicole: The dress isn't ready; you know that.

Theresa: Shh. And if it is, I'll bring it over.

Abigail: Thank you so much, Theresa.

Theresa: No problem. Bye.

Nicole: What happened?

Theresa: Uh, Abigail moved the wedding up to Friday.

Nicole: Friday?

Theresa: Yeah, so I'm gonna go to the shop, and I'm gonna tell everybody that we have to work overtime.

Nicole: Okay.

Theresa: Can you keep an eye on things here?

Nicole: Yeah, sure, no problem. You're good. Breathe, we're good. Okay, bye. Whew. So... you and I finally get a chance to get to know each other.

Maggie: Where is he? Oh!

Brady: Hi.

Maggie: Hi.

Brady: Hi, good to see you.

Maggie: Oh, my goodness, you're already back from L.A.?

Brady: I just got back, just now.

Maggie: I was a little surprised when I heard you were going out there. I mean, that's a long trip for someone who's still recovering... from a heart transplant.

Brady: Mag. I know, I know. I don't want you to think that I was being careless with my health, and especially with this heart that I have now. But I'm fine. I'm okay. I just got checked out.

Maggie: Okay. Well, it must have been a really important trip.

Brady: It was.

Maggie: And was it a success?

Abigail: Theresa, really, you did not have to come all this way. You could have just called.

Theresa: Oh, no, it's no problem. I just wanted to reassure my most important client that her wedding dress will be ready on time.

Abigail: Oh, thank you so much. I'm sorry to do this to you.

Theresa: No, hey, it's your wedding. Do it any way you want. So should I have the dress delivered here or to your mom's place?

Abigail: Yeah, my mom's would be great.

Theresa: Okay, well, then I think we have everything under control.

Abigail: All right.

Theresa: Well...

Abigail: Is it something with my dress? Is there something wrong?

Theresa: No, it's nothing with your dress. It's... it's my life.

Abigail: Oh. Well, do you want to talk about it?

Theresa: Know what, I shouldn't have said anything. I'm sorry.

Abigail: No, hey, why not? I mean, really? I know that we're not friends, Theresa, and we're not close, but I've really enjoyed working on the dress with you, and, look, if you need someone to talk to, I'm happy to listen, really.

Theresa: Well, it's a little weird. [Sighs] Okay.

Abigail: Okay.

Theresa: You know how Brady received Daniel Jonas' heart?

Abigail: Yeah.

Theresa: Yeah, of course you do, okay. So, after that, Brady has been dreaming over and over again about the same woman, and... anyway, we just got back from L.A., And while we were there, he found her.

Abigail: You're kidding.

Theresa: I'm not. Her name is summer Townsend. She's this woman that Daniel befriended when he lived in Malibu before he ever moved here.

Abigail: That is weird.

Theresa: We brought her back with us.

Abigail: Why?

Theresa: Well, she says that Daniel and her stayed in touch, and she claims that he was helping her find her birth mom, and he thought he knew who that woman was.

Abigail: Someone from Salem. Who?

Theresa: I really hope I'm doing the right thing telling you about this.

Abigail: No, no, you have to tell me--who? Who is it?

Theresa: Okay, well, according to her, according to summer, Daniel thought that that woman was his mother.

Abigail: Maggie?

Theresa: Yeah.

Abigail: My aunt Maggie?

Theresa: Uh-huh.

Abigail: My aunt Maggie had a child that she gave up for adoption, and no one in my family knows anything about it? No, come on, I cannot believe that.

Theresa: That's exactly what I said. I said the same thing. But, okay, summer, she's keeping this whole thing going. I mean, Abigail, she's totally playing Brady, I know it. And I've got to tell you, there is something off about her, and, oh, here's the kicker. He's letting her stay with us.

Abigail: What?

Theresa: Yeah.

Abigail: In your house? She's staying with you in-- with your baby in your house?

Theresa: Yeah, I mean, Brady thinks that he's doing what Daniel wanted, but he doesn't even know the woman.

Abigail: Theresa, you have to talk to him. I mean, she can't-- she can't stay in your house. That's-- you have to talk to him.

Theresa: Yeah. You're absolutely right. Thank you, Abigail. I'm so glad I told you about this.

Abigail: Yeah.

Theresa: Okay.

Abigail: Okay.

Brady: You remember those dreams I told you I was having?

Maggie: About the woman, over and over?

Brady: Yeah. I, uh--I found her.

Maggie: In L.A.? In this short of time?

Brady: Well, I had a little help. It's difficult to explain.

Maggie: I'd like to hear about it. But, Brady, I'm late. I'm supposed to meet a distributor at chez rouge, and then I have to get back here and interview applicants for the volunteer program and--

Brady: It sounds like you have a busy day.

Maggie: I-I just do better if I stay busy, you know?

Brady: Sure.

Maggie: But we'll catch up soon?

Brady: Very soon.

Maggie: You stay well.

Brady: You too.

Nicole: I really am glad we get a chance to chat without anyone here. You know, the last few days have been kind of wild.

Summer: Yeah. So Brady told me that you and Daniel were thinking of getting married?

Nicole: That's right.

Summer: I'm sorry.

Nicole: Thanks. Where you and Daniel ever...

Summer: A thing? No, no. We were always just friends.

Nicole: Ah.

Summer: That's a relief, right, since he told me that I might be his sister before he...

Nicole: Died. It's okay, you can say it.

Summer: Is it tough for you, knowing that Brady has his heart?

Nicole: You know, it took some getting used to. Sorry. But Brady is an old friend and if I lost him too that night, I don't know, I--

Summer: So you go way back, huh? So what's the story with him?

Nicole: I think you should let him tell you that. Look, I want to hear more about you.

Summer: There's nothing to tell. You'd be bored stiff. I am going to take a walk, get to know Salem a little bit. The town square is about a block from here, right?

Nicole: Yes, it's just down the driveway and make a left.

Summer: Great, thank you.

Nicole: Sure.

Here's your belongings. Check it over. Make sure everything's there.

Steve: I trust you dudes.

Then you're free to go.

Steve: You were great in there just now.

Belle: Couldn't believe the Ada requested remand. Whose idea was that?

Justin: Mine.

Kayla: You were gonna deny Steve bail? He's not a flight risk.

Justin: Look, I have to be impartial, even though I consider Steve family.

Steve: Come on, really?

Belle: We are gonna prove that Ava was a threat.

Justin: If you have a moment, can I speak to you in my office?

Belle: Sure, why not? Call you guys later.

Steve: Okay. Have you heard from Joe?

Kayla: I texted him, but I have not heard back.

Steve: Well, at least he stayed away from this place. If he'd heard what Justin just said...

Kayla: I know.

Steve: Well, I'm free to go. I just don't know where to go.

Kayla: You should come home.

Steve: You really okay with that?

Kayla: Joey's a mess. And no matter how I feel, the two of you should be under the same roof.

[Phone ringing]

Abigail: Hello? Hello? Hello, is anybody there?

[Ominous music]

[Suspenseful music]

Eric: What the hell is your problem?

Chad: I'm so sorry, Eric, I thought you were somebody else.

Eric: Well, if I run into that guy, I'll let him know that a real jerk's looking for him.

Maggie: Oh!

Summer: Sorry.

Maggie: No, no, it's all right, really. You know what? I should learn not to text and walk at the same time. I'm as bad as a teenager. Thanks.

Summer: Sure.

Justin: So, who came up with this self-defense idea, you or Steve?

Belle: I'm not gonna answer that.

Justin: And why did Steve hire a lawyer fresh out of law school instead of getting himself a heavy hitter?

Belle: I don't know. You know, have to ask him that.

Justin: I think I know the reason why. You see, he wants a lawyer who will let him call the shots, because I think he knows more than what he's saying about what happened to ms. Vitali.

Belle: Are you trying to intimidate me?

Justin: No, no, no. I'm trying to keep you from walking into an ambush. The best thing you can do is to convince Steve to let you plead him out.

Belle: He'll never agree to that.

Justin: You can't win this, belle. I'm being completely honest. Do not let this go to trial.

Joey: Hey, I just got back from the courthouse. You guys had already left.

Steve: You should have stayed away from there.

Joey: Well, what happened? I mean, you're here, right? So does that mean everything's okay? Did they drop the charges?

Steve: No, I'm out on bail. This is going to trial.

Joey: It is?

Kayla: But your dad pleaded "not guilty."

Steve: Belle thinks I can beat this.

Joey: Is that true?

Kayla: Absolutely. She thinks, given Ava's history and, you know, her mental illness, that your dad can claim self-defense, and we just have to--we just have to hope for a sympathetic jury.

Joey: And if you don't get one, dad goes to jail for a murder he didn't do?

Steve: Joe...

Joey: I'm not gonna let that happen.

Nicole: Oh... where are my sunglasses?

[Line trilling]

Nicole: Hi, Dario, it's Nicole walker.

Dario: Miss me already, huh?

Theresa: Summer, hi.

Summer: Your son is a lucky kid. You have a beautiful family.

Theresa: Oh. Guess you don't really know what that's like.

Summer: Look, I don't like being here any more than you like having me be here. I just don't have the money to be anywhere else.

Theresa: Oh, well, hey, what if I helped you? I mean, if you'd really rather have a place of your own, I could get you a hotel. I mean, it gets really hectic in this house. And Nicole, we just made it our office, and--

Summer: You know what? You don't have to sell me on the idea. It's fine. Tell you the truth, I haven't even unpacked yet.

Theresa: Oh. Okay, then, it's settled. Let's go get your suitcase.

Steve: Joe, this is not the time to do something crazy.

Joey: How is it crazy to not want you to go to prison?

Steve: I'm not gonna go to prison. We are gonna find a way to prove in court that Ava used you to get to us because she wanted to destroy us. And once that's done, I'm gonna do everything in my power to make up for my part in this. We're gonna make this right.

Joey: Dad, come on. Ava may be gone, but... she got what she wanted. Look at us. She tore this family apart, and I helped her do it.

Kayla: Joey, listen to me. Listen to me. Stop blaming yourself for what happened with her. She worked on you until she got you to do what she wanted.

Joey: And it worked.

Steve: Joe, you're right. Ava put us through hell, but she's dead now. She can't do anything else to us. So you know what we got to do? We've got to pull together now and fight our way out of this mess.

Joey: How?

Steve: I think I know where to start.

Nicole: The reason I'm calling is to find out if I left my sunglasses in your bar.

Dario: I didn't see them, but I could take a look around.

Nicole: Thank you.

Dario: How's Salem?

Nicole: Interesting.

Dario: Meaning what?

Nicole: Meaning I stopped by Brady's last night after I left you, and I found out that he was bringing summer back to Salem with us.

Dario: How's that working out?

Nicole: I don't know yet.

Dario: I guess I'll just have to see for myself.

Nicole: You're coming back here?

Dario: I'm thinking about it. You were right. It's time I saw Rafe and Gabi and met my little niece. Also take you up on that drink you offered to buy me.

Nicole: You're on.

[Phone beeps]

Abigail: Hi.

Chad: Hi.

Abigail: What's up?

Chad: Nothing.

Abigail: What do you mean, nothing? Is everything okay?

Chad: Mm-hmm, just tired.

Abigail: Yeah, I'm exhausted. I've been up with the baby. And between these wedding plans and the day and then-- I'm gonna have the worst bags under my eyes for our wedding. Oh, my God. It's gonna be awful.

Chad: Speak of the wedding...

Abigail: Was that your-- your errand? Chad... oh, my God. I love it. It's--it's beautiful.

Chad: It's Thomas' birthstone. I ordered it the minute I found out he was mine. I thought that maybe you could wear it for the wedding.

Abigail: It's beautiful. I love it. Oh, God. Yeah, it's so funny when I think back on that time... the crazy time when Thomas was born, and everything that he went through, and that horrible snow storm, and how... I was sure that Ben was going to kill both of us. I just... can't believe that everything turned out so right. I mean, I can't believe that I am here with you, like this, right now.

Chad: I can. Nothing like that will ever happen to you again.

[Gentle music]

Brady: You took summer to a hotel without even calling me?

Theresa: There wasn't time, okay? She kept insisting that she didn't want to stay here.

Brady: You couldn't talk her out of it?

Theresa: To be honest, I didn't really try. Look, Brady, we have a child to think of, okay? And, I mean, even if she is Maggie Horton's love child, she's not exactly what I would call well-balanced.

Brady: All right, Theresa, maybe she's...neurotic.

Theresa: Yeah.

Brady: But she's lost. She's only been a danger to herself.

Theresa: I don't know if I follow your logic, Brady. I mean, does that mean that she's not gonna be a danger to anyone else? Come on, you don't even know this woman.

Brady: No, but she's a woman that's trying to make a new life for herself. Why is it so damn bad that I'm trying to help her do it?

Belle: So you want me to get Steve to cop a plea? Sounds like you're not too confident about your case.

Justin: You really think you can sell this self-defense idea to a jury?

Belle: Yes, I do. See you in court.

Joey: Where do you think dad went?

Kayla: I don't know.

Joey: Do you really think you guys are gonna be able to prove what Ava was up to?

Kayla: You know, the one thing that I learned about your dad a long time ago: Never underestimate him. And I can tell you for sure that he's not gonna let Ava Vitali have the last word.

Steve: Where's your diary, Ava? You always kept a diary.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: [Sighs] No. It's not a diary. But it's a start.

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