Days Transcript Wednesday 2/24/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/24/16


Episode #12788 ~ Brady urges Summer to return with him to Salem to uncover the truth; Nicole gets reacquainted with Dario; Ava accuses Kayla of trying to kill her; Joey makes an intriguing new friend.

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Nicole: Damn it, Theresa. Don't blame me. I couldn't stop him, okay? I did try to help him, because when we got back here, I called that heart doctor, and he didn't seem to think there was anything to worry about.

Theresa: Nothing to worry about? He just had a heart transplant. He just decided that over the phone? God, I mean, I know LA's supposed to be laid-back, but do you really want a heart surgeon to be that nonchalant?

Nicole: I know you're worried about Brady.

Theresa: Ah, well, that's an understatement. I mean, he just ran after some woman who-- who's been in a mental institution and sounds like she should still be there.

Nicole: Brady thinks he needs to do it for Daniel.

Theresa: Well, you know what? He needs to stop thinking about Daniel and start thinking about his son. He belongs in Salem, and I'm going to make sure that that happens.

Nicole: Theresa, Theresa, stop. You cannot go after Brady.

Theresa: Like hell! Let go of me.

Nicole: Would you just stop, please? Listen to me. Now, that woman, Summer, I grant you, she's a little strange and kind of out there.

Theresa: Yeah, you think? Trying to drown herself?

Nicole: Brady saved her. She seems to trust him. And he could be the one person that might be able to get through to her. Theresa, he needs to know what her connection is to Daniel, okay? So let's just-- let's just give him some time. Let Brady deal with this.

Theresa: Nicole, give it a rest, will you? You think I care about some random stranger and her stupid secrets? I care about Brady, and he could've died trying to drag her out of the ocean. So stay here if you want, but I'm out of here.

Nicole: Theresa. Theresa!

Brady: You and Daniel--I mean, that's odd.

Summer: Weird, right? But it was definitely his theory. He said he was close to having proof that I was his sister.

Brady: Stop. Stop. Wait. Wait. Sorry. I'm having a hard time here. Let's go back a little bit. How did you and Daniel even meet?

Kayla: Oh, why did you do this? God.

Steve: Kayla?

Kayla: Oh, don't ask. She got it here somehow, and-and--and she injected herself with morphine.

Steve: What? Is she dead?

Kayla: No, at least she's still breathing.

Steve: Ava?

Kayla: I don't know. I walked in here and--and--and-- and pulled this needle out, and...she had emptied the whole thing before she blacked out.

Steve: Ava. Ava, wake up! Come on. Ava! Hey! Hey, listen. Wake up.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: You should see. Huh. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. [Gasping]

Steve: Come on, wake up. Wake up. Ava. Hey!

Summer: Anyway, I had been dating this guy for a year and a half when he finally decided that he couldn't handle my mood swings anymore. Off he went. I had to check myself into... St. John's for a few days. I was still a mess when I came out, but, um, I ran into Daniel on the beach -- he loved to surf, you know.

Brady: Yes, he did.

Summer: Anyway, one thing led to another-- nothing romantic. We were just sort of...two lost souls. He had moved out here after his wife died.

Brady: Cancer, right.

Summer: Yeah. He was in a dark place. But he always made time for me. He said that I helped him too. You know, he always had kind things like that to say. But he didn't like LA much. He wanted to live where the pace was a little bit slower. It broke my heart when he moved away. My best friend was gone. My rock.

Brady: I know how you feel. He was my best friend, too.

Summer: Well, I'll make you a bet.

Brady: What's that?

Summer: You said Daniel was your best friend. Bet your relationship wasn't as wild as his and mine. [Chuckles]

Brady: Why?

Summer: I told you. I have. My moods. -- If I don't take my meds, I get in big trouble. Daniel always pulled me back up or back down...was more than once. He held me, he was holding me so tight because... I think I was shattering. My whole world was black. I couldn't breathe. I felt like I was drowning. All I wanted to do was give up. [Inhales sharply] And I just kept hearing him whisper in my ear, "Hang in there. I'm here. I will never let you go."

[Melancholy music]

Summer: You know, if it hadn't been for Daniel, I wouldn't be here talking to you. He saved my life.

Brady: He saved mine too.

[Suspenseful music]

Steve: I'm sorry, Joe. But I know what happened, man. She turned on her so-called charm and she used you--

Joey: Okay! I know. I was wrong about her. And I'm-I'm sorry, but I don't--I don't like to think about how much of an idiot I was, but it's better than thinking about what you did with her. Maybe it's not grown-up and maybe I don't like to talk about it, but I don't-- I don't want to talk about it with you! I wish I was dead.

Steve: Joe!

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Okay, they're on their way.

Steve: What should we do?

Kayla: Well, if she stops breathing, I'll give her mouth-to-mouth, but otherwise, there is nothing we can do. Morphine is an opiate, and depresses your breathing. And-- I mean, I don't know; maybe she injected a full syringe, and if she did, there's a good chance that she won't survive.

Steve: Talk about off the spool. I mean, to come here and do this in our home? Kayla. Listen to me. This is the last time we're gonna have to deal with Ava Vitali.

Kayla: As long as she has a heartbeat, she's always gonna try to wreck our family.

Nicole: I am not making this up, okay? Look, I talked to Dr. Mayer, the heart surgeon Fynn recommended we talk to when we got here, and he said that Brady's heart could handle the strain.

Theresa: What, you're just gonna take the word of some quack over the phone?

Nicole: Okay, he also said that exertion wasn't good on a prolonged basis but a one-time event wasn't dangerous. And Brady feels fine now.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, yeah. He just--he looked so peachy. I mean, why would he-- why would he go into the Pacific Ocean after some lunatic?

Nicole: Because he was trying to save her. And that's Brady. Would you expect him to do anything else?

Theresa: No. I mean, Brady's so... [Sighs] No, Brady would never let anyone drown, not when some... wacko, but still.

Nicole: I get it. You're scared.

Theresa: Just-- I keep thinking about how I could've lost him because of some freak, some--some girl out of his dreams. I mean... [Sobs] I just-- I mean, Nicole, he could-- he could've died, you know. And, Nicole, we just, Tate and I, we need him. And we can't-- can't lose him. I mean... he's all we've got.

[Dramatic music]

Summer: Talk about saving your life, having Daniel's heart, that's pretty awesome.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, it is. You know, he also saved me from myself... more than once.

Summer: Yeah, he was my rock, too. I always felt-- actually, I know he understood me better than anybody else. It was like he could tell what I was thinking.

Brady: Yes, you said this connection you had with him-- was never romantic at all?

Summer: No. No. No, never.

Brady: When did he first mention to you that he thought you might be related?

Summer: Oh, about two or three years after he moved to Salem.

Brady: Do you know-- do you remember exactly when? I mean, could you try to think back?

Summer: [Sighs] You know what? I'm ready for some darts. How about you? You any good?

Brady: Darts? I'm good enough.

Summer: Good. Well, I have to warn you that hold the record for most wins in this place.

Brady: Oh. Oh, boy. Lucky for you, I'm always up for a challenge.

Summer: Ooh.

Kayla: There's something useful in that cabinet. How the hell did she get in there anyway. I mean, what if Joey would've been here? What if she would've injected Joey? I mean, it's just-- it's just one more way for us to be hurt by her.

Steve: Listen, listen. Take a breath. Joe was here earlier. And when I tried to explain to him what happened, he bolted. I went after him.

Kayla: Did you catch him?

Steve: Yeah, and I told him... everything, what I did, why. Listen, I just didn't want him to hear it from her. I didn't want him to hear her sick version of things.

Kayla: How did he take it?

Steve: Not great. Then he said he, uh-- he needed to go off and think.

Kayla: Where did he go?

Steve: I don't know. Didn't say.

Kayla: Oh, great. So he's just out there somewhere doing God knows what. And th-- th every little bit is--is

Steve: My fault, I know.

Kayla: No, no.

Steve: It's my fault.

Kayla: No, it our fault for ever letting that crazy bitch back into our lives.

Theresa: Okay, I just-- I need to go find him. I need to make sure-- I need to see him with my own eyes, make sure he's okay.

Nicole: Well, not with those eyes. Brady'll be scared out if his mind.

[Both laughing]

Theresa: It's okay. I can fix it. [Sighs]

Nicole: Listen, um, while you do that, I'm gonna go jump in the shower and rinse the salt water off. Can you hang tight and then we'll go track him down together?

Theresa: [Sighs] Yeah, just make it quick.

Nicole: Actually, it's better if we give him a little time. Brady needs to see this through to the end.

Theresa: I know.

Nicole: This isn't just about Brady.

Theresa: Yeah, know. It's you and Daniel too. It's why you came racing out there.

Nicole: I need to know what his connection to her is-- was. You know, in all the years that I've own Daniel and all the years that I was in love with him, he never once mentioned her name.

Theresa: Maybe there's a reason for that.

Nicole: I'm sure there is. Which is why we need to give Brady time to figure it out. Five minutes. Okay? You'll be here when I get out of the shower? Say yes.

Theresa: [Chuckles] Yes.

Nicole: Okay.

Theresa: Just make it quick. I'll text him again.

Brady: Oh, that is how it's done. See?

Summer: Not bad.

Brady: Thank you.

Summer: Not good enough but not bad. Okay. Are you ready?

Brady: Ready.

Summer: [Laughs]

Brady: Whoa!

Summer: Best in the dart biz. Ain't that right, Dario?

Dario: Never bet against her. How you guys doing?

Brady: I'm--I'm good.

Summer: Will have-- actually I have to take my meds, so.

Dario: Coffee? Light and sweet?

Summer: You know everything about me.

Dario: Be right back.

Brady: So, uh, did Daniel ever tell you why he suspected that you two were related?

Summer: Well, ever since I was little, I had known that I had been adopted. Church-run orphanage. My family lived in Texas. Really heavy on the bible-thumping but decent, you know, good people. Hope you're keeping score.

Brady: Oh, I don't think I should at this point.

Summer: [Chuckles]

Brady: Did your parents ever tell you anything about your birth mother?

Summer: No, they didn't. But a deacon at the church told me there was a woman who lived on a farm somewhere in the Midwest. She apparently had some kind of condition, so she couldn't take care of me.

Brady: Anyone ever mention Salem?

Summer: Somebody might have. I mean, before Daniel. But it's all kind of hazy. Anyway, when Daniel told me that he found his birth mother, that's when I told him that mine was a farm girl and she had a condition, couldn't take care of a baby.

Brady: Did Daniel tell you who his mother was?

Summer: Yeah, he was up front. Her name's Maggie, and when she was a little girl, she lived on a farm just outside of Salem.

Brady: It's Maggie Kiriakis now.

Summer: Yeah, Daniel told me not to get my hopes up. He eventually sent me a swab kit and asked if I could send it back. I had lost it because I was off my meds. But I eventually found it. Around Christmas, I sent it back, but I never heard anything.

Brady: Not long after that the accident happened.

Summer: Right. He probably never had a chance to run the test before he...

Joey: [Sighs]

Jade: Hey. Are you okay?

Joey: Whatever.

Jade: Joey, sorry to bug you. Just seems like you're having a crap day.

Joey: How about a crap month?

Jade: Hear that.

Joey: You too?

Jade: Oh, God, yeah. Welcome to my life. I'm Jade.

Joey: Hi, I'm Joey.

Jade: I know.

Kayla: Well, at least her pulse is steady and not decreasing.

Steve: Let her die.

Kayla: Stop.

Steve: Let her die, Kayla. She wanted to overdose. Why should we deny her the right to die? You're a doctor. You tell the EMTs she stopped breathing, you couldn't revive her.

Kayla: You're right. I am a doctor, and as much as I hate her, I am not gonna let her die as long as I can help it.

[Siren wailing]

Steve: Too late. Too bad.

[Dramatic music]

Dario: Some nachos too. You need to keep something in that belly when you're on those pills, remember?

Summer: Thank you.

Dario: Mm-hmm.

Summer: This guy's the best.

Dario: Oh, stop.

Brady: This is wild. I mean brother and sister.

Summer: So he never mentioned anything about it, huh?

Brady: No, no, I mean, I think he obviously wanted to make... sure of it. Then we lost him. And then I started having the dreams and seeing you on the-- the beach. It was like these were Daniel's ears.

Summer: Like he was using them to talk to you.

Brady: Yeah and I'm not that guy. I'm not the spiritual type. ESP, karma, it's not really me, but these images were so clear. They were so strong, and the fact that I was determined to track you down...

Summer: What?

Brady: It's like he wanted me to finish what he started: To get you back to Salem to get that DNA test done, to have you meet Maggie. Summer, what do you say?

Joey: So you, uh-- you know me somehow?

Jade: Yeah. We go to school together.

Joey: Oh.

Jade: Hey, let me see your phone. Maybe I can undo the damage.

Joey: All right, good luck.

Jade: Hmm. Your music is really --

Joey: You hate it, don't you?

Jade: No, like, I can't even believe you've heard of those guys. I thought I was the only one.

Joey: Oh, no, yeah, I, -- yeah, I like-- I like different stuff. You fixed it?

Jade: Yeah. No big deal. Just a glitch when it was loading or something.

Joey: Thanks.

Jade: Welcome.

Joey: You know, sorry, but I don't think we have any classes together.

Jade: I was in one of your classes last semester. When you enrolled there? Yeah, but you never really paid much attention to anything.

Joey: Oh, yeah, that's-- that's when got kicked out of boarding school. Thank God.

Jade: [Chuckles]

Joey: Were you, uh--were you at Salem before last semester? 'Cause I was there too.

Jade: Yeah. I know. I saw you sometimes. I was a grade ahead of you, though, but then I got held back 'cause I missed so many days.

Joey: That sucks, like once isn't enough at that place.

Jade: God, I know that's why I'm working my tail off to get out this year.

Joey: Ah. Doing the whole, the whole good behavior thing?

Jade: That's me. Plus, I promised my parents I'd try to make better choices when it comes to school, when it comes to making friends.

[Both chuckle]

Jade: Hey. So what do you say? Do you want to come with me to this totally rad party?

Kayla: Here is what she used. And if you have any questions, I'll be there shortly.

EMT: Okay, Doctor.

Kayla: And keep an eye on her breathing, all right? It's crucial. If you have to intubate, do it.

EMT: We're on it.

Kayla: Thank you.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: I guess I should let Roman know, because he's gonna have to deal with this.

[Line trills]

[Cell phone rings]

Roman: Kayla, I'm up to my eyeballs here.

Kayla: Well, I'll keep it short. Ava Vitali broke into our house and tried to commit suicide.

Roman: What?

Kayla: Yeah, I don't know how she got in. She, but she--she injected herself with morphine, and I don't even know where she got that. We found her, we called an ambulance, and they just took her away.

Roman: Is everybody else okay?

Kayla: Yeah. Steve and I are headed to the hospital.

Roman: I'll get there as soon as I can.

Kayla: All right. Thanks. Are you ready?

Steve: She was going for something else.

Kayla: What?

Steve: Ava didn't overdose in our house, because she was trying to commit suicide. She had a reason.

Kayla: Yeah. She loved herself too much to want to end it all. You know what I'll bet? I'll bet that that tox screen comes back with just enough to make it look bad, but not enough to kill herself.

Steve: She's planning something else. We need to figure out what it is.

[Cell phone beeps]

Theresa: Oh, finally.

Nicole: What? I wasn't in there all that long.

Theresa: No. Brady finally texted me back. He and his precious Summer are at some bar on the beach in Malibu.

Nicole: Oh. Great, that's where we rescued her. At least we don't have to go traipsing all over Los Angeles.

Theresa: I mean, what kind of name is that anyway? Summer? What do you want to bet she's a stripper?

Nicole: Okay, you know what? That's enough. Just stop it. Leave that attitude at the door. Okay?

Theresa: What?

Nicole: [Mockingly] "What?" I know that Brady is the best thing that's ever happened to you. Do not let yourself get jealous over that woman.

Theresa: [Scoffs]

Nicole: Admit it. You get very insecure when Brady looks at any woman who isn't you. Do not bring that with you when we go to meet them.

Theresa: Nicole... [Laughs] You are so obvious, it's pathetic. All you want to find out is how some psycho mermaid got involved with Daniel. Well, guess what. I don't give a damn about her. All I care about is Brady. So we're gonna go to that bar, and I am going to collect him, like it or not, and I am going to take him straight back to Salem. End of story.

Summer: It's a lot to take , Brady.

Brady: I realize that.

Summer: You drag me out of the ocean, then tell me the best friend I've ever had is dead. Now I'm supposed to fly off somewhere I've never been with somebody I don't really know?

Brady: I know. It's a lot.

Summer: What's Salem like?

Brady: It's nice. It's not too big. It's not too small. The people are friendly, open. You'd love my family. I have a son. My dad, my grandfather, they're all good people.

Summer: Sounds like you have a nice life going for you.

Brady: I do. Honestly, though, since the accident, things have been...different. I've been trying to find my way back again, figure out who I am and what I want.

Summer: If anybody gets that, I do. You know, my whole life I spent feeling not like I'm fitting in, you know? At least you have your family. My family washed their hands of me a long time ago. Too many trips to the psych ward, not enough for Wednesday night prayer meetings.

Brady: I'm sorry. Nothing is ever easy without family. But, Summer, if Daniel's right, this could be a new start for you. New family, hanging out with people that really care about you and that want to see you build a new life for yourself.

Summer: [Chuckles] Wow, that, um-- that sounds--I don't know-- exciting, scary. Problem is...

Brady: What?

Summer: What if Daniel's wrong? The DNA is not a match? Then no Maggie, no new family, just another day with a hole in it.

Brady: I believe in Daniel. And I don't think I would've ever experienced these dreams if he weren't positive about this. What do you say? You want to take a trip?

Fynn: The EMTs have shown me the evidence. I've ordered a tox screen. Is there anything else you can tell me about Ava Vitali?

Steve: Aside from the fact that she's unhinged?

Fynn: Right. Her records do show mental history. You think this is another episode?

Kayla: At this point, I just--I just don't have a clue.

Fynn: Okay. Let me check on her.

Steve: Kayla. Talk to me again about the run-in you had with Ava in the square.

Kayla: I told you. She provoked me. She-- she kept telling me how much you loved her and how you couldn't get enough of her.

Steve: And what did you say? Did you argue with her?

Kayla: I attacked her. I know. I know. I know. I just lost it. I couldn't help myself.

Steve: Well, that's exactly what she wanted you to do.

Fynn: Hello. It's Fynn Thompson. How are you feeling?

Ava: Where am I?

Fynn: University Hospital.

Ava: Really?

Fynn: Try not to worry. You're safe. You're gonna feel a lot better soon. Just rest. There are some tests I need to run. Then I'll come back in to see you, ok?

Ava: Okay.

Fynn: Okay. Ms. Vitali is conscious. Breathing normally. I'll copy you on the tox screen.

Kayla: Thanks, Fynn.

Fynn: Okay.

Steve: Oh, good. She's awake. Time for a talk.

Kayla: Oh, no, you don't. You stay away from her. Do I make myself clear?

Steve: Kayla, I'm just--

Kayla: No, I know exactly what you were gonna do. Leave it to me.

[Dramatic music]

Summer: Brady, I'm not sure I'm ready to meet a mother that I've never seen. I don't even know if Daniel said anything to her. She's gonna be blindsided. Not good.

Brady: No, listen, you- you don't know Maggie. She will open her arms to you unconditionally. What? You don't believe me?

Summer: No. I'm sure she's amazing, but once she meets me, gets to know me, who I really am-- even my psychiatrist thinks I'm a mess. Maggie won't be able to stand me. I can't stand me half the time.

Brady: Did Daniel ever say that he didn't want you around?

Summer: No.

Brady: Well, Maggie's his mother, and he took after her.

Theresa: There they are.

Nicole: Okay. Oh, my God. Dario.

Dario: Nicole Walker.

Nicole: Hey, I'll just be a second. Don't run away. Hi!

Brady: I meant to text you, we--we just got to talking.

Theresa: Oh, good. Well, now that you've done that, I think we should check out of the hotel ASAP and get you home.

Summer: You know what, Theresa? I was thinking the same thing. I think it's time for Brady to go back.

Brady: I absolutely agree. But the question is, are you coming with us?

[Dramatic music]

Joey: You want me to go to a party?

Jade: Yeah. It's at op-uspE. Should be fun. If you want to come, fine.

Joey: Don't know. I just-- it's just been such a weird day, you know

Jade: Yeah, I hear you. But sometimes when have one of those, getting out, you know, kicking back, it kind of helps. But if you're not feeling up to it...

Joey: No, no, I-- yeah, yeah. A party sounds cool. Let's go.

Jade: Okay. Let's go.

Steve: Hey, Roman.

Roman: Hey, Steve.

Steve: Ah.

Roman: Any idea why Ava would want to die in your living room?

Steve: To get our attention. But I think it's more than that.

Roman: She is a piece of work, yeah. Where's my sister?

Steve: She's in there with her. She's conscious now. Probably cooking up her next scheme. What?

Roman: Kayla told me what happened between you and Ava. Steve, I thought the days of you hurting my sister were long ago.

Steve: There was a reason it happened, Roman.

Roman: Hm.

Steve: But it's not worth talking about. I'm sorry.

Roman: You know what, Steve? That doesn't cut it anymore. To be frank with you, after all this is over, I hope she kicks your ass right out the door.

[Dramatic music]

Ava: I guess I have you to thank for saving my life.

Kayla: Cut the crap. What kind of game are you playing?

Nicole: Well, we sort of just got here; I don't know how long we're staying, maybe a night.

Dario: Well, why don't you come back later? We'll talk. I know right now, you're a little...

Nicole: Worried about something going wrong over there, yeah.

Theresa: I don't understand. You came out here. You found her. Now you want her to come back to Salem?

Brady: Listen, there's a very, very good reason, but it's Summer's call.

Summer: Okay, here's the thing, Brady, Theresa. I'm not ready. I appreciate you coming all the way out here-- I really do--but I can't. My life's too complicated.

Brady: Summer, you-- you need to--

Summer: No! I am not going back with you. Sorry.

Roman: Thank you for the update. Appreciate it, you know, attempted suicide is not generally the kind of crime we prosecute, but with that little piece of crazy in there, I could make an exception.

Fynn: Right. The law says you automatically get a copy of the tox screen. So it shouldn't be too long.

Roman: Okay. Thank you. Appreciate it.

[Dramatic music]

[Monitor beeping]

Ava: Why are you being so mean, Kayla?

Kayla: Answer me.

Ava: I'm not playing any games.

Kayla: Of course, you are. That's what you do. But guess what? It stops right now.

Ava: No, that's where you're wrong, sweetness. Gotcha. No!

Kayla: What?

Ava: Somebody. Get away from me! Somebody help me. Somebody help me!

Roman: Ava, calm down.

Ava: Don't-- don't let her do it.

Roman: Calm down!

Ava: She's the one who injected me. She's trying to kill me. [Breathing heavily]

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