Days Transcript Thursday 2/18/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/18/16


Episode #12784 ~ Brady takes off for California to track down the woman in his dreams; André is furious when he realizes Hope & Rafe have set him up; Shawn angrily tells Belle he's moving on; Eric receives devastating news & ends up seeking comfort from Jennifer.

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Shawn: So the money you've been spending like water, that's, uh--that's the money that Sami stole from the DiMeras, right?

Belle: You don't think she has the right to pay them back for everything they've done to her?

Shawn: Look, I don't think it was right that she dragged you into it. But, hey, you know, you've got some mad money now, and what could go wrong with stealing from the DiMeras?

Belle: They don't know.

Shawn: Did it--did it ever cross your mind that you would be putting our family, our daughter, in their sights? The DiMeras, they are not picky about how they exact revenge.

Belle: Do you hear yourself right now? I mean, maybe, maybe I would listen to what you had to say about this particular issue if you hadn't judged everything that I've said and done for the last two years.

Shawn: Okay. [Stutters] Oh, I'm sorry, am I supposed to just not care that you had an affair?

Belle: [Chuckles] Okay, Shawn. You know what? You're right. You're right, right right, and I'm wrong, wrong, wrong, but that was true before I strayed. You and everyone who says that they love and trust me think that I'm incapable of making a good decision.

Shawn: Look, did you think that aiding and abetting Sami in an embezzlement scheme was a good decision?

Belle: [Scoffs] Sneering condescension-- that's what I miss most about you, Shawn.

Shawn: Fine. I'm done. But you are screwing up big time, Belle. And if you think that I'm just gonna sit back and say, "fine, whatever," well, that's not gonna happen. You put our daughter in harm's way, and that is wrong. And I'm sorry if saying that hurts your precious self-esteem.

Belle: You arrogant son of a bitch.

Shawn: You know what? I'm gonna watch Claire like a hawk. So the next time you come up with one of your terrific decisions, maybe you could factor our daughter into that process.

Belle: You know what? Why don't you just go straight to hell, Shawn?

Eric: I'm sorry. Maybe this isn't a good time.

I was a fool for you and I know why you do the things you do you've changed

Summer: [Echoing] I'm right here.

Oh, you're never gonna come back never gonna

Summer: No! No! [Sobbing, screaming]

[Intense music]

André: It seems the police have some questions about my father's disappearance. Perhaps you'd like to share your ideas on the subject.

Rafe: We all have ideas about what happened. Why don't you share yours first?

Roman: So, Andy... I like that name for you. What happened to your face?

André: What happened to yours?

Roman: Oh, Andy, I'm so glad you haven't lost your sense of humor. But we'll see who's laughing when we're done here. Where's your father?

André: To be honest, I'm not quite sure. My brother Chad and I, we got a text saying that he had relocated to Europe.

Roman: I see. Why do you suppose he would feel the need to relocate at this time? Wait a minute, unless, of course, maybe he was running for his life. Maybe he thought you would shoot him... with this. This is my brother's gun, my late brother's gun. We found it at the DiMera mansion. Can you tell us how it got there?

Chase: André! Damn it!

Ciara: Please, stop.

Chase: Don't. This is what you want. This is what we both want.

Ciara: [Sniffling] [Sobbing]

Brady: [Mumbles] Daniel, what are you-- what are you telling me? What are you telling me?

Theresa: Brady? Hey, what are you so worked up about?

André: I'm not sure how it got into my father's house. But, for the record, I don't live there anymore.

Rafe: Well, we found it wrapped in your suitcase. How would you explain that?

André: Well, one can only make suppositions. Uh, perhaps Harold found it and put it in there by mistake.

Rafe: Kind of a weird mistake. Maybe he thought it was your dopp kit.

André: Or maybe my father took it from your late brother at some point in the past or maybe from his widow.

Rafe: Yeah. But that still wouldn't put it in your suitcase.

André: Well, maybe the dynamic duo brought it with them to my father's house. Well, you know, it's common knowledge that my father and the Bradys, there's no love lost between them. And this is not a supposition. I have never seen that gun before.

Rafe: You're positive you never saw it before.

Roman: Like Rafe says, are you sure about that? Because, you see, André, this is the same gun that Bo used to shoot you on that roof, the one that put you in the hospital and led to your supposed death.

André: And yet, here I am.

Roman: Yes, you are. But Stefano DiMera has vanished from the face of the earth. The only trace he left behind is some blood on the statue that was in his study. We think your father's dead, André, and the only person who had motive, means, and opportunity to murder him was you.

[Door opening and closing]

Ciara: [Gasps] You scared me.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Oh. Hi, Ciara.

Ciara: Hi. Thought you were at work.

Jennifer: Uh, yeah, I-I was for a while. Have you had anything to eat?

Ciara: Nope.

Jennifer: Oh, okay, well, I'm gonna make you something to eat. And guess what? I still have not been to the grocery store, but I will figure out something.

Ciara: [Exhales] [Sobbing]

Belle: No, Eric, this is a great time. Shawn was just getting the hell out.

Shawn: Good to see you, Eric.

Belle: Always so fun to work things out with Shawn.

Eric: Listen, maybe you'd rather be alone.

Belle: No, it's fine.

Eric: I can come back another time.

Belle: No, Eric. There's no time. Your sentencing hearing is coming up, and we need to talk. Let me get my notes. [Clears throat] Okay, so you've already pled guilty to one count of vehicular manslaughter.

Eric: Yeah, that's right.

Belle: I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Nicole: I finished packing all of Daniel's personal things from his office. Well, uh, actually, not as hard as seeing all the presents. Yeah, Maggie, we were gonna have our apartment painted, so we told the wedding registry to, um... we told them to have all the presents delivered here.

Brady: So when I woke up, I, uh--I wrote down the name of the place. It's called--it's south coast psychiatric care. I don't even know if it exists, but I'm willing to bet that it does.

Theresa: Hey, Brady. Hey, look at me. I'm worried about this. All right? I-I--I just--I don't think it's healthy for you to be, you know, obsessing about this dream.

Brady: I think these dreams are Daniel's dreams, Theresa.

Theresa: All right, say that they are. You can't do anything about them, all right? And you need to rest. You're already pushing yourself way too hard.

Brady: No, I'm-- I'm, I'm-- I'm fine.

Theresa: I don't think it's fine that every time you sleep, you wake up agitated or upset about something--

Brady: I'm not agi-- I'm sorry. I'm not agitated. I'm just curious about this whole thing.

Theresa: Brady, please don't brush me off like that, okay? Look, this woman, she's in your dreams, but I'm here, all right? I'm the one that knows you're not sleeping. You're not taking care of yourself, and I-- just please, please listen to me.

Brady: I'm listening.

Theresa: Look, I'm just scared. We're starting this new business, and you just had a heart transplant, and you're mourning the loss of Daniel, and it's already too much, okay? You don't need to add the stress of these dreams, this obsession. Just... promise me that you'll stop brooding about this woman, whoever she is.

[Phone beeps]

Ciara: No. [Gasps] Theo!

Theo: What--what's wrong?

Ciara: Please get me out of here.

André: It appears that your mother's not the only Brady that has lost touch with reality. If I was going to frame Hope Brady, what was I waiting for? Why didn't I just bring the gun to you and tell you my father was missing?

Rafe: You know, nothing you say makes any difference. We have evidence that your father met with foul play. And that evidence links back to you.

André: My father's dead. You'll find him buried in the foundations of a building that is being constructed up route 43. He was shot. Most likely with that gun.

Roman: So you're confessing.

André: Oh, not in the least, commissioner. I don't, uh, have to confess that I killed my father because it was detective Brady that pulled the trigger. And your detective Hernandez is doing everything he can to cover it up.

Hope: Hey, I, um-- I didn't hear you come in.

Lani: You were pretty much focused on the interrogation room. Any idea what's going on in there?

Hope: No. I'm not a cop anymore. I'm here as a witness.

Lani: Really?

Hope: My house was broken into. Property was stolen. Oh, and it was torched as well.

Lani: Well, if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Hope: I appreciate that. Thank you, Lani. But I think roman and Rafe have it under control.

Lani: Okay.

Roman: You are sorely mistaken if you think I'm gonna take your word over the word of my detectives.

André: Why am I not surprised?

Roman: I do appreciate you telling us where the body's buried, though. We'll get right on that. And when we match the bullets in that corpse to the gun, a gun, by the way, that has your fingerprints all over it, I think we're gonna have more than enough to lock you up for the rest of your life.

Belle: So you are going to have to serve time. The question is how much time. And the state has taken most of the discretion out of the judge's hands. They're really cracking down on drunk drivers, so probation's not really an option. There are mandatory sentences built into the statutes. The minimum here is three years.

Eric: And the maximum?

Belle: Fourteen.

Nicole: [Sniffing]

[Somber music]

[Line trilling]

Brady: You don't have to worry about me. I'm fine, I'm fine. I have Fynn's word on it.

Theresa: But I do worry. Brady, you just--you had a heart transplant. We almost lost you.

Brady: Look, I know. There's been a lot of stress.

Theresa: No, there is a lot of stress, Brady. Present tense, okay? I mean, look at all I'm up against. And you just had a heart transplant. You act like it's no big deal, but it is. And you don't want me to worry about Nicole, but she kind of has a history of being obsessed with you, and now that you have Daniel's heart, I don't really see that obsession going away. And then to top it all off, you're dreaming about some California girl on a beach.

Brady: You don't have any competition. Promise you that.

Theresa: [Inhales] It's just with one real woman and one imaginary dream woman getting all your attention, I'm starting to feel left out, and I don't really like feeling left out, so...

Brady: You--look at me. You are always on my mind. And you're always in my heart.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: Okay.

Theresa: I'm sorry, I just-- I'm just scared. I don't know what's happening with you.

Brady: I don't--I don't know what's happening either, but I think that maybe these-- my God, Theresa, I think these are Daniel's memories in my head. I need to find the answers so I can focus on you, so I can focus on our baby, so I can focus on our business, everything.

Theresa: Okay, okay. But what if you don't find the answers? Brady, what if they're just dreams?

Brady: Then I let it all go.

Theresa: Okay.

Brady: Baby, look, before I do that, I need to make sure that I've done everything I can to find the truth about this. That's why I've decided that I'm leaving for LA today.

Theresa: Like hell you are!

What'll it be?

Eric: Whiskey. Make it a double.

[Inhales sharply]

Nicole: It's nice to finally meet you, Mr. Alvarado. Daniel told me so much about you and everything you do for Salem cares.

Alvarado: Oh... sending that mug was a mistake, miss walker. Dr. Jonas helped us out so much, we sent out these little tokens of thanks, and I'm afraid that was sent before his accident. I am sorry if it caused you any pain.

Nicole: No, it didn't. I like hearing how people felt about Daniel.

Alvarado: We all really admired him. We could always count on him.

Nicole: That's nice. Oh, but actually, that's not why I asked you to come here. Um, one, I'd really like to keep the cup. And two, I was hoping maybe you could take all these presents off my hands. I was thinking there are probably people who could put them to good use.

Alvarado: [Sighs] You and Dr. Jonas both have such good hearts. Thank you.

Nicole: You're welcome.

Alvarado: I'll have these picked up as soon as possible.

Nicole: It really was a pleasure to meet you.

Alvarado: It was very nice meeting you too. Thank you.

Nicole: Wait, wait, um, I changed my mind.

Alvarado: Of course.

Nicole: I'd still really like to keep the mug, um, and one blender. I realize I have the perfect place for it.

Theresa: Damn it, Brady, flying off to California could kill you!

Brady: Listen to me, I've chartered a private plane that's taking me to LA. There's a heart specialist out there on call. I know it sounds crazy.

Theresa: No, it doesn't sound crazy; it is crazy!

Brady: I believe in my heart that Daniel is guiding me out there, and what I find out there could change my life. You understand me?

Theresa: What's wrong with the life that you have?

Brady: Nothing.

Theresa: Really? 'Cause it kind of seems like you're latching on to some dream girl because you're not happy with who you actually are.

Theo: Ciara, I know you're upset, I just don't know why.

Ciara: I can't-- I can't talk about it.

Theo: Did someone hurt you? Did chase hurt you?

Ciara: [Sobs]

André: You will not get away with this.

Roman: Get away with what?

André: Framing me for my father's murder. Hope Brady shot my father, and now roman Brady is subverting justice to protect her.

Roman: I always get so tickled when a DiMera talks about subverting justice.

André: That is not funny!

Roman: You're absolutely right. It is not funny.

André: I'm not gonna be putting up with this. You will not get away with this.

Rafe: No. You won't. My constipation and belly pain

Rafe: Callahan! Would you escort Mr. DiMera to a holding cell?

André: You and your little bitch aren't gonna get away with this.

Rafe: That's a nice ring you got there. Didn't it use to belong to your father?

Theo: I don't--I don't know what to say.

Ciara: Just talk about anything. Just talk to me, okay? Tell me a story, like-- like, when you were little.

Theo: Okay, well, um, this one time I was at Nonno's house, and I got lost. And I was scared, but I didn't want to yell, because I thought he was gonna laugh at me, but he was looking for me, and he didn't laugh. He was nice. And--I just--I miss him. I don't get why he left without saying good-bye to me. That was a bad story. You're still unhappy.

Ciara: [Sighs] I'm sorry you miss your grandfather.

Theo: Ciara, I don't-- I-I-I'm sorry. I don't know how to help you.

Joey: Hey, guys. What's up?

Theo: I don't know. Just, Ciara's unhappy, but she's not telling me why.

Joey: Yeah, I get that way. Sometimes I-- I don't want to be alone, but I don't want to talk either.

Theo: Yeah, I'm like that too.

Ciara: Thanks, guys.

Joey: Hey, that's what friends are for, right, Theo?

Theo: Right.

Ciara: Look, you don't need to worry about me, okay? I'm just kind of freaked out.

Theo: By what?

Ciara: By life.

Jennifer: Hi, honey, I'm sorry that took so long. I put a frozen pizza in the-- in the oven, and I forgot to turn it on.

[Knocking at door]

Eric: I'm drunk. Well, you said you wanted to help me, so here I am.

Brady: I am very happy with my life. I just feel like I owe it to Daniel to do this. And I'm sorry that you are not happy about it. And I guess I wish that you could understand why I think I have to do this, but, Theresa, I've got to do it, and I'm going.

Theresa: Okay, okay, so then--look, I'll just go with you, and we'll figure it out together.

Brady: I would like that, but you can't. The launch is coming up for the business. It's too important. You have to be a part of it. You know that. Do you really want to leave Tate with the nanny when both of us are gone?

Theresa: No.

Brady: I'll be gone a couple days, okay? And the-- this trip may just end up being a big waste of time.

[Knocking at door]

Brady: Will you get that? I'm gonna say good-bye to the big guy.

Theresa: [Exhales] [Sighs]

Both: Hi.

Nicole: I brought you a blender. It's kind of a housewarming gift now that you and Brady are living together.

Theresa: Nicole, um, the thing is, this-- this isn't actually a really good time.

Nicole: What's wrong? Where's Brady? Is he okay?

Theresa: No, yeah, he's fine. His health is fine. His heart is fine, but he's just obsessed with this woman from his dreams.

Nicole: Obsessed?

Theresa: So much so that he's going to LA to look for her today.

Nicole: He's looking for someone in his dreams. Maybe--maybe she's not even real.

Theresa: Yeah, I know that, obviously. But, I mean, Brady won't even consider it. I mean, to him, Daniel's heart is making him dream about her. He thinks that she holds some key, some secret to Daniel's past, and-- God, Nicole, even in his dreams, she's in a psych ward. He's looking for answers from a woman who, even if she isn't imaginary, she's crazy.

Nicole: The heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing.

Theresa: You want him to go, don't you?

Brady: He's sleeping, so... hi. Did she tell you I'm taking off to LA?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, I did. Brady, please promise me that you won't push yourself, please?

Brady: I promise. I promise. And I'll call you as soon as I check into the hotel. I'll give you the room number and everything.

Nicole: Good luck.

Brady: Thanks. I'll need it. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. [Clears throat] I promised that I won't push it, so you promise me that you're not gonna stress out too much.

Theresa: Okay. Easier said than done, but I'll try.

Brady: I'll see you.

Shawn: Solitaire?

Lani: [Chuckles] I wish. Case notes.

Shawn: Nice work. Do you mind--can I ask you, um-- can I ask you a question? Do you--do you want to-- do you want to grab dinner sometime?

Lani: Uh, do you really think that's a good idea?

Shawn: Well, I guess you don't think so. Well, you know what they say about fraternization.

Lani: Uh, hey. You want to know something about me?

Shawn: Sure.

Lani: I've always thought what they say about fraternization was none of their damn business.

Shawn: Well, I guess you and I have something in common, then. So what night works best for you?

Lani: How about tonight?

Hope: You think you'll be able to make the charges stick?

Roman: With Stefano's body, yeah, yeah, we can. And André gave it up. Okay, get a court order, dig up that foundation. Kind of weird, though. You know the one good thing I knew about Stefano? Was for him, family came before everything, and yet, it was his own son that brought it all down. Strange. Very strange.

Hope: Do you think the charges will stick?

Rafe: I do. I do. I think it's all good. We've got André dead to rights. We got him, okay? So you stop worrying. You just-- you just take care of your kids.

Ciara: I got to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back.

Joey: Theo, do you know what's wrong with her?

Theo: No, no. All I know is it's bad, and she won't tell me about it.

Ciara: [Sobbing]

Jennifer: I'm gonna put on a pot of coffee, and I'm gonna get you something to eat, okay? Come on, come sit down on the couch over here.

Eric: You know what? Don't waste your time.

Jennifer: Eric, it's no trouble, really. Please sit down.

Eric: Really? Because I think it would be really hard to muster up a meal when you're as stoned as I am.

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Eric: No, how many pills have you taken today?

Jennifer: What?

Eric: [Chuckles] [Groans] Oh, I saw them. I did, they're here. I swear. Oh! Look at that. 'Cause you're a lot more than fine. 'Cause these were full, and now they look a little bit empty since you were trying to drag me to AA meetings.

Jennifer: Give me that!

Eric: [Chuckles]

Jennifer: Don't you dare come into my house drunk and judge me. I'm not hurting anybody. And Daniel's dead because of you.

Eric: What, you wish it was me? It's okay. You know what? It's written all over your face. Just like everybody else. It's okay. 'Cause you know what? I wish it was me too.

Jennifer: Don't say that.

Eric: You ever notice people say, "Don't say that," 'cause you're telling the truth.

Jennifer: I know how horrible this has been for you. But you can beat this, Eric.

Eric: Come on! I don't want to beat this. I want it to kill me! Think about all the people, all the people that I hurt.

Jennifer: I think that we should call Lucas, all right? Let's call him.

Eric: What? Call Lucas? You call Lucas for you because I don't want it. I'm beyond help. I don't deserve it. What about you? You know, even from rock bottom, I can see that you're sinking because these pretty little pills are right here.

Jennifer: No, I'm not.

Eric: Look at those pills. Do you see those?

Jennifer: I'm not.

Eric: Don't worry about me. I want to worry about you. Just worry about you.

Jennifer: I'm fine.

Eric: No, you're not. What are you gonna grab on to when you're sinking? What are you gonna grab ahold of when there's nothing left to hold onto?

Jennifer: [Sobs] I don't know.

Nicole: [Sighs] What were you doing in LA, Daniel? And who is this woman?

[Waves crashing]

Nicole: Hi. I'd like to book a seat on your next flight to LA. Thank you.

Rafe: Got everything set to excavate the foundation. I never thought it would come to this. But I got to hand it to you. Once they find Stefano's body, we've got André signed, sealed, and delivered.

Hope: Don't get cocky. We're not in the clear yet. Right now, I just want to go home to my kids.

Rafe: All right.

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