Days Transcript Wednesday 2/17/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/17/16


Episode #12783 ~ Chad confronts André, wondering if he killed Stefano; Ava returns to Salem just as Steve struggles to keep the truth from Kayla; Claire learns a shocking secret about Belle.

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Kayla: I made it.

Steve millions of loving cats and dogs, in shelters and rescues, .

Kayla: I made it.

Steve: I got it, I got it. Let me do it. [Zipper pulls] Oh, there we go.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: I'm so glad you could go in late to work today.

Kayla: Well, be careful. I might get spoiled with all this attention.

Steve: You won't. I'm never going to take anything for granted now, after what just happened.

Kayla: I keep thinking about what you told me, that you don't believe that Ava's ever going to leave us alone.

Steve: Sweetness. Look at me. She's gone. It's over.

Kayla: Then what is it? What happened when I was gone?

[Dramatic music]

Ciara: Seriously, though, you need to come next time. I thought it was going to be like some emo pretentious artsy thing, but it was really fun.

[Phone rings]

Ciara: So, yeah.

Theo: Cool.

Ciara: Hold on.

Theo: All right.

Ciara: Hey, mom.

Hope: Hey, sweetie. Have you heard from Chase?

Ciara: Not yet. Have you talked to the police?

Hope: I'm at the station now. Uncle roman has patrols out looking for him. Where are you?

Ciara: I'm at the square with Theo.

Hope: With the guard?

Ciara: Yeah, constantly. Mom, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. We just--we have to find Chase.

Chase: Mmm.

André: Would you like some more?

Chase: No, I'm good. Thank you.

André: No, I'm glad I could do it. I'm just sorry that things got a little complicated with hope and Ciara. It's just so nice to feel at home.

Chase: I never really did. I just kind of moved in after my father-- I wasn't ever really a part of their family.

André: That's a terrible feeling. I remember how my father sometimes didn't appreciate me. I used to feel so alone.

Chase: You know, my father...

André: You don't like to talk about him.

Chase: No, I don't like thinking about him.

André: Why not?

Chase: I mean, you've read the papers. You know what he did.

André: I've seen worse. Doesn't mean that part is in you.

Chase: What--what part?

André: The darkness in your father. That's the thing that you fear most, isn't it?

Rafe: Can you confirm that this is André DiMera's luggage?

Chad: Yeah.

Rafe: You see this? This was Bo Brady's gun. It was stolen from hope Brady's house.

There were some bloody bandages in the trash upstairs.

Chad: That--it was from André. He was hurt in some explosion.

Rafe: Uh-huh. Bag 'em. Bag everything, starting with this and anything that's upstairs in the bathroom that shows signs of blood.

Chad: So is this--is this still about the break-in at hope Brady's house?

Rafe: I don't know, Chad. Your father seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I have so many questions right now.

Chad: So and--and--what? You think André had something to do with Stefano's disappearance?

Hope: You called the security firm, right?

Shawn: Yes. We're being careful.

Hope: Okay.

Shawn: So what brings you to the station?

Hope: Oh, Chase. He's missing. He took off last night and, uh, we have uniforms out looking for him. I filed a missing persons report and a theft report and a fire report.

Shawn: Wow. Geez. Who do you think did this?

Hope: Rafe thinks it was André. He's gone to rattle his cage.

Shawn: André DiMera? You think he's going to back down?

Hope: Honey, don't worry. I mean it. Hey, I've been meaning to give this to you. Welcome to Salem pd.

[Gentle music]

Shawn: Dad's?

Hope: St. Jude. Your dad wore this every day. He claimed it didn't just protect him, but it helped him solve the toughest cases.

Shawn: Oh, this is, uh...

Hope: He'd be so proud of you, Shawn. I'm so proud of you, honey. Shawn Douglas, there's no crying in the squad room.

Shawn: You, uh, you are as tough as they say.

Hope: Who says that?

Shawn: If I could only be half the cop dad was... or you.

Hope: You're gonna be even better.

Shawn: I'm hearing stories around the station already. And not just about dad. They're about you. You're kind of a legend, mom.

Hope: Not true.

Shawn: Better deal with it. You're a good cop. You got killer instincts, pure guts, you do everything by the book. Everyone here wishes you'd come back.

Chad: André says Hope killed our father and that you covered it up and now you're saying that it's him.

Rafe: I'm not saying anything. I'm just collecting evidence.

Chad: Of what? A murder? That's--that's your theory. I mean, André's nuts, but--

Rafe: Is he? Is he? Do you know his whole history?

Chad: I know enough to know that, yes, he can be extreme, but it's out of loyalty to Stefano.

Rafe: Okay. Well, what else did he tell you about hope murdering Stefano? Is there any other evidence that I should know about?

[Tense music]

Chad: On the back.

Rafe: Harold's getting a little sloppy with his job, huh? That looks like blood. Any idea how it got there?

Chad: André had it tested. He said it's Stefano's blood.

Rafe: Must be a lucky guess.

Chad: Proof, he says, that hope killed our father.

Rafe: Proof? How is that proof?

Chad: He was just sure. I don't know, that's safe. That's all of it.

Rafe: Sure that your father's dead? Interesting. How can you be so sure?

[Door opens]

Belle: Hey, you.

[Door closes]

Belle: Dump the books. Go pack.

Claire: Um, hi, Mom. What's going on?

Belle: We're going on a trip.

Claire: For?

Belle: For fun. For mother-daughter bonding, for retail therapy, spa days. Let's go.

Claire: Uh, where?

Belle: I don't know. Paris? London? They have really good fashion there. Tokyo? I don't know, all three?

Claire: Okay, you're seriously loony.

Belle: Is that any way to greet a fully-paid shopping spree? Come on. Don't you want to spend time with me?

Claire: Yeah, no, it's not that. I mean, I--I have school. Also, this trip will cost a fortune. How could you even afford it?

Ciara: Sorry, my mom's smothering me right now.

Theo: It's kind of nice. She's looking out for you.

Ciara: Yeah. I mean, it's kind of annoying, but lately, with everything that's happened, it does feel kind of nice. Don't tell her.

Theo: I wouldn't. I know how to keep my mouth shut.

Ciara: Yeah, you do. Would have never guessed.

Theo: What?

Ciara: What you said? About how you feel?

Theo: Yeah. Look. Um, it's not a big deal, okay?

Ciara: Okay. Theo, we've been best friends forever. And I don't want that to change.

Theo: Then it won't.

Ciara: You want some more hot chocolate?

[Soft music]

André: You can't fear that darkness in yourself, Chase.

Chase: You want to bet?

André: Well, then, it's going to consume you. But I have a better way.

Chase: What?

André: You befriend every ugly impulse and then you control it, and you take all that energy, put it into a worthy goal.

Chase: Like what?

André: Love, of course.

Chase: What's that?

André: It's the thing you miss the most in this world. You want a family. You want to feel loved.

Chase: That'll never happen.

André: It already has. Ciara Brady.

Chase: She doesn't... I would give anything.

André: Then that would be a worthy goal, and you can attain it.

Chase: Ciara hates me.

André: Ah, nonsense. [Chuckles] I saw the way she was looking at you at that bicentennial party. Ah, you can win Ciara.

Chase: I just... I thought that if I was just a nice guy, hung in there, eventually she would... but I blew it.

André: That's because you are in fear of your impulses. And then you suppress them. And then you went and did something even worse, yes?

Chase: Yeah. Yeah, you get it.

André: To the core of my soul. That energy, that power you have, Chase. That is what a woman like Ciara wants.

Chase: No. She likes nice guys.

André: Ah, she's got a litter of 'em following her around but they just get to remain friends. It's not about nice, no matter what they say.

Chase: So I should be a jerk?

André: No. You got to be strong. You got to be a strong man. That's what a woman wants. She wants to know that you will fight for her and that you will do anything to be with her.

Chase: I, um... I have to go.

[Suspenseful music]

[Door closes]

André: Ah. Youth. Hmm.

[Knocking at door]

Steve: Good. Hey, roman.

Roman: Hey, Steve. Kayla.

Kayla: Hi.

Roman: All right, I got your message. You want me to arrest Ava.

Kayla: Yes, I do.

Roman: Well, I would love to. I need charges for that.

Kayla: How about kidnapping?

Steve: Ava took Kayla prisoner. She locked her up until I agreed to help her find our child.

Roman: Wait, wait, you and Ava have a child?

Steve: Well, that's what she says. I don't know if it was mine, but she did have a baby her father gave away. Ava held onto Kayla to make sure that I would go with her to get the kid.

Roman: [Growls] I knew that woman was still trouble.

Kayla: So did I.

Steve: Well, I was the idiot who believed her line about being sick.

Roman: So, we got some kind of fraud on top of kidnapping. We'll get creative. Where is she?

Steve: I left her in Jakarta when I found out that Kayla was safe.

Roman: Ah, damn. I don't know that I can get extradition.

Steve: Well, I don't know if you have to, man. I mean, she said she wasn't going to bother us anymore.

Kayla: I don't believe that, and neither do you. No, she is going to be back.

Roman: All right, tell you what. I'll flag her at the airport. Be on the lookout. Let's just hope she's smart enough to stay away now that her plan blew up.

[Dramatic music]

Belle: I have managed my money very well, thank you. And the practice is going well, and I have savings.

Claire: Okay, well, I heard you and dad fight about money all the time.

Belle: Well, that's over now. Everything's fine.

Claire: Are you borrowing from Grandma?

Belle: No, I don't need to.

Claire: Oh, my God. It's Philip, isn't it?

Belle: What?

Claire: You're taking money from Philip.

Belle: [Scoffs] I would never.

Claire: Yeah, it's the only place that you could be getting it.

Belle: I just told you--

Claire: Yeah, you showed up here with expensive jewelry, I heard you talking to the car dealer on grant street last night--

Belle: What, you're eavesdropping now?

Claire: A sports car? Convertible? In freaking February?

Belle: Excuse me, language.

Claire: Oh, yeah, 'cause that's the real problem here, right? You whore yourself out to Philip and then you--oh, go ahead.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: Steve, what is it?

Steve: What is what? Why do you keep looking at me like that?

Kayla: It's just this feeling I'm getting. Something in this room.

Steve: What's in this room? Come on, it's--we're here, you and me, and that's it.

Kayla: Joey. How was school?

Joey: Fine.

Kayla: So how's the bio lab? Did you--did you ace it?

Joey: Yeah, yeah I did.

Kayla: Wait, I wasn't finished talking to you.

Steve: Hey Joe, don't walk away from your mom when she's talking to you.

Joey: You have a problem with the way I treat mom? Seriously? You have a problem with it?

Steve: Where are you going?

Joey: Anywhere but here. I can't breathe in this room.

Kayla: What was that?

Steve: He's a teenager. He's permanently ticked off about something.

Kayla: No, stop it. Stop it right now. This is the line. Something happened between you and Joey when I was gone and I want to know what it is right now.

Ciara: So how well do you know your uncle André?

Theo: Mmm, he's kind of new.

Ciara: Hmm.

Theo: What?

Ciara: He's, uh, kind of creepy.

Theo: Agreed.

Ciara: I mean, he comes by it honestly with Stefano for a dad, but, man, I'm so glad he's gone at least. Oh, I'm sorry. I know you miss him.

Theo: No, I get it, I get it. Everyone hates Nonno, but he was always good to me. When I was little he used to read to me.

Ciara: With funny voices?

Theo: Bonus points, right? Yeah, he taught me how to play chess and now he's gone.

Ciara: He didn't, like, tell you anything before he left? Text? Email?

Theo: Nothing.

Ciara: That sucks.

Theo: Yeah.

Ciara: I'm sure he'll be in touch with you, though.

Theo: He's the only one besides my dad who remembers my mom the way I do. I just don't want to forget her.

Ciara: You won't lose your mom. Okay, I mean, not like that. You'll never forget her like I'll never forget my dad.

Theo: Mm. [Giggling]

Hey, hey, hold it right there.

Rafe: Stay close to Shawn. Full paperwork. Don't want any chain of custody issues.

Roman: Looks like you found something.

Rafe: Yeah.

Roman: How was André?

Rafe: Absent. Luckily, his bags were still there. He had Bo's gun.

Hope: What?

Shawn: So he's the one that broke into mom's house.

Rafe: I don't know. At least one of them.

Roman: Where did these, uh, bloody bandages come from?

Rafe: André's bathroom. Remember I told you someone did a number on his face? Check that statue. There's blood on that. I would see if it matches Stefano's DNA.

Roman: You think?

Rafe: It's the only thing that makes sense. I think André may have killed Stefano.

[Intense music]

Belle: I--I would never hit you. I'm sorry.

Claire: Yeah.

Belle: But what you're saying, Claire, is horrible and it's wrong. I would never take money from Philip.

Claire: Okay, then, how do you have so much money all of a sudden?

[Solemn music]

Belle: Your Aunt Sami gave it to me.

Claire: Aunt Sami gave you money? Aunt Sami has that kind of mo-- oh, my God. That's the money that Sami stole from the DiMeras, isn't it?

Belle: How do you know about that?

Claire: I heard you and Grandma talking about it. Aunt Sami got some passwords from EJ or something and took off with all of Stefano's money.

Belle: So eavesdropping is your new hobby.

Claire: And Grandma doesn't know that you have the money, does she?

Belle: I don't--I don't have the money. I don't--don't have that money. Your aunt Sami gave me a loan from her own money to help me start my business.

Claire: Oh, okay, so it was enough to start your business, buy diamonds and sports cars, and take me on a trip? Bull, mom. This is dangerous.

Belle: Okay, Claire, it's just a big misunderstanding.

Claire: No, and if the DiMeras find out that you have their money, they'll kill you, right, that's what they do.

Belle: Claire, listen to me. I don't have the DiMera money.

Claire: I don't even recognize you anymore. When did you become such a good liar?

You've got a lot of people looking for you.

Chase: Well, they shouldn't be, I'm fine.

Okay, but you need to come with me.

Ciara: Chase. Where have you been?

Chase: What do you care?

Ciara: Look, I was mad when I said that, and scared. I didn't mean any of it. Look, just come back home. Everyone's worried about you. Mom sent out the troops.

Chase: Yeah, we met.

Ciara: Please come back.

Chase: Is that what you want?

Ciara: Yes, it is. Let's go back to Jennifer's. Tell my mom that we're okay. We're going back to the Hortons' house.

I'm going to escort.

Ciara: No, no you don't need to--okay, fine. Okay, I'll call you later, okay?

Theo: Yeah, sure.

André: Oh, how lovely of you to stop by. Would you like me to give you a private tour of the grounds? The ice machine, the fitness center?

Chad: Oh, no, thank you. I've lived here.

André: Oh, and I suppose your lovely fiancée, she's redecorating our family home. Please tell me she hasn't brought the Horton family Hummel collection with her.

Chad: Yeah, so, I'm cleaning out the house and who shows up to my door but Rafe Hernandez with a warrant asking a lot of questions about the burglary at hope Brady's house.

André: I trust you had an alibi.

Chad: Enough, André. All right, they found Bo Brady's gun in your luggage.

André: That's impossible.

Chad: Oh, I saw them find it. And, André, they claim that you killed our father.

André: [Scoffs] That's unbelievable. I mean, that's almost laughable.

Chad: Yeah? Well, he was dead serious.

André: Yeah, I'm quite sure he was and I'm sure he was playing his part to the hilt. They really think they're going to get away with this?

Chad: Who's they?

André: The murderous harpy and her lovelorn poodle.

Chad: Come again?

André: Hope Brady and Hernandez. This is all their doing. Can't you see this is what they're turning around back on me?

Chad: Is it true? Did you kill our father?

Roman: Rafe... let me ask you this. Why do you think André killed Stefano?

Rafe: It's the only thing that makes sense. We all heard that the DiMeras hit some sort of a cash crunch, right? That they were laying people off, not paying people, stuff like that? So I figured I'd get in touch with John, see if he knew anything.

Roman: And?

Rafe: And sure enough, all of Stefano's bank accounts? Drained.

Roman: That's got to be one dead hacker.

Rafe: Uh-uh. The call came from inside the mansion.

Roman: Really?

Rafe: Yeah. I tracked it. The computer that transferred funds out came from inside the mansion, roman. Inside.

Roman: So Stefano emptied the accounts and he's playing dead?

Rafe: Or someone else did. Someone else took the money.

Roman: André.

Rafe: Stefano finds out, he goes ballistic, André kills him, frames hope for it.

Roman: Man. Rafe, that's a stretch.

Rafe: Okay. But why did André break into her house? Why did he vandalize it, set a fire, bug it? Why did he take Bo's gun? Why did he do that?

Roman: But why hope?

Hope: Why not? Why not me? It makes perfect sense. The DiMeras have been after the Bradys for years.

Roman: Yeah, but there was more Stefano.

Hope: But like Rafe just said, those calls came from inside of the house, right?

Rafe: Yep.

Hope: So maybe... maybe it was André.

Commissioner, they're bringing in the perps on the Westside arson.

Roman: All right, thanks. Okay, I've got to go. I'll be back.

Rafe: All right. Oh, my God.

Hope: He's asking a lot of questions.

Rafe: Well, yeah, of course he's asking questions. He's a good cop.

Hope: Do you think he bought it?

Rafe: I don't know.

Shawn: Blood on the statue matches Stefano's type and RFLP. You want me to run a full DNA?

Roman: Maybe, but for now, keep those samples in a safe place.

You got it.

Roman: All right.

Claire: Thank God you're here.

Shawn: Wait, what's wrong?

Claire: Uh, Mom's in trouble.

Shawn: How?

Claire: Okay, first you have to promise me that you can keep a secret.

Shawn: Oh, Claire, tell me--

Claire: No, promise.

Shawn: Fine, I promise. Okay, what's the problem?

Claire: Um, Mom got some money from Aunt Sami... like, a lot of money. And I think that it was stolen from the DiMeras.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Sit down. Come on. [Sighs] And I think that it was stolen from the DiMeras.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Sit down. Come on. [Sighs] Yeah, you're right. Something did happen in this room. After Ava locked you up, she proposed a... a trade.

Kayla: A trade?

Steve: She wanted me to have sex with her in exchange for letting you go.

Kayla: Oh, my God.

Steve: I know.

Kayla: My God, she's completely insane.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: I mean, she's not even original. I mean, that's exactly what she tried before and it didn't work. Why did she think that it would work now?

Steve: I don't know, but she went for it.

Kayla: Right here. In this room?

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: I knew--I just had this feeling here, I just--

Steve: Yeah, but it didn't go anywhere. It didn't go all the way, obviously. Joe walked in on us... he drew his own conclusions. But there's more. I think Joe thinks that he fell in love with Ava.

Kayla: What? If she laid one hand on him, I swear I would rip her limb from limb.

Steve: No, I don't think she crossed the line. I think she went right up to it and maybe pulled him over. And now he's upset about that, too.

Kayla: There is no limit to what that woman will do.

Steve: I think, um, Joe will be fine. He just needs some time.

Kayla: You know, frankly, I'm... I'm kind of relieved.

Steve: What do you mean?

Kayla: I, um, I knew something had happened and I--I mean, this is bad, but it's not as bad as I feared.

André: That question is beneath even you.

Chad: Like you're not capable? I've seen your Wikipedia page, brother. I know that you could.

André: Oh, it's jujitsu. Can't you see what they're doing? They're taking all the evidence that I've collected, everything that points to the truth, that makes them the guilty parties, and now they're turning it back on me. I didn't see this coming. This is an incredible plot.

Chad: A plot? Hope Brady is plotting against you?

André: Well, obviously you've not read her Wikipedia page.

Chad: 'Cause I can't see two detectives offing Stefano and then--and then what? Planting the evidence against you? No, my money's on the guy who brainwashed me.

André: Oh, you're never going to let that go.

Chad: No.

André: Okay. Okay, that's fine. Right, then if I do that, because I wanted to help the family, why would I then turn around and kill my father?

Chad: Maybe he had turned on you first.

André: But there was no reason to.

Chad: Yeah, maybe he found out you tried to get those pass codes from Sami to use right, then if I do that, because I wanted to help the family, why would I then turn around and kill my father?

Chad: Maybe he had turned on you first.

André: But there was no reason to.

Chad: Yeah, maybe he found out you tried to get those pass codes from Sami to use for yourself.

André: But that's not what happened. Don't you see, Chad? This is a set-up. They're trying to pin this crime on me.

Chad: So, I--I believe two respected detectives or the guy who tried to ruin my life? Yeah, that's a conundrum.

André: Okay. And don't worry about me.

But if you allow yourself to get sucked in by hope and Rafe's lies,

that means that our father won't get justice. He was murdered by hope and we cannot let her get away with it.

Rafe: The same evidence can cut either way. Either André looks guilty, or you do.

Hope: That's why it works. We knew it was going to be a risk. A risk I wanted to take.

[Door opens] Hey.

Roman: The blood on the statue is a match for Stefano.

Rafe: There you go.

Roman: I'm not going anywhere and neither are you. As much as I would love to nail the son of a bitch.

Rafe: You can. André killed his father.

Roman: Find me a body then. Otherwise he's going to say that he's hiding out in Europe. There's no way to prove that wrong.

Hope: Bring André in. Sweat him. He'll give up the body.

Roman: Worth a try. Do we know where to find André?

Rafe: Chad says he's staying at the Salem inn.

Roman: All right, bring him in.

Joey: Man, you look how I feel.

Theo: What happened?

Joey: My dad's being a jerk.

Theo: Why, what'd he do?

Joey: He just, uh, proved who he really was yet again. What's your deal?

Theo: I told Ciara that I'm into her.

Joey: I called it. That day at this very square, I knew it.

Theo: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Joey: Well? What did she say?

Theo: She said that I'm a great guy, but...

Joey: Damn.

Theo: Yeah. I mean, we're friends and all, but then Chase shows up and she forgets that I'm even here.

Joey: He's her step-brother.

Theo: That doesn't stop him.

Joey: Seriously?

Theo: Yeah.

Joey: Man, that's messed up.

Theo: Hey, Chase doesn't care. He does whatever he wants.

Ciara: Jennifer. JJ?

Chase: Nobody home?

Ciara: Guess not. So where'd you spend the night last night?

Chase: I, uh... I found a spot.

Ciara: Outside? You must have frozen to death.

Chase: I found a spot inside, actually.

Ciara: Chase, I'm sorry for accusing you for starting the fire.

Chase: It just sounded like me.

Ciara: No.

Chase: Like father, like son?

Ciara: I don't think that.

Chase: Why not?

Ciara: You're not your dad.

Chase: No, I'm not. I'm never going to be. That's not me.

Ciara: I know. I won't be so stupid again.

[Suspenseful music]

Chase: Don't say that. You're not-- Ciara, I love you.

Ciara: What?

Chase: I love you. I love everything about you. You get me.

Ciara: Yeah, Chase, but not like that. I mean, you're like my brother.

Chase: Those aren't the feelings, and you know it. Not for either of us. Admit it.

Ciara: What? What are you doing?

Chase: What you want. What we both want.

André: I saw where they buried our father's body. Ah, not buried. They dumped him like a piece of garbage in an abandoned warehouse. I tried to take you there. Why would I have done that if I had killed our father?

Chad: I don't know. Maybe you're the one using jujitsu. Trying to cover up the crime by taking me to it and pointing your finger somewhere else?

André: You really don't know me, do you?

Chad: Oh, I get you.

André: I'm your brother, Chad. Now that father's gone, I'm all the family you have left.

Chad: Do not try that, all right? I cut the cord, André. You and I are not family.

André: Then why did you come here? Why did you come to warn me at all?

Chad: 'Cause I, uh... I had to see for myself. You are telling the truth about Stefano, aren't you?

Our father is dead, isn't he?

André: Yes.

Rafe: Hi. That was fast. André DiMera, I need you to come down to the station and answer some questions for me.


Belle: Ah, I knew it. Claire ran out of here and went straight to you.

Shawn: Of course she did. She's scared that her mother's lost her mind. So what's the deal, belle? You took money from Sami?

Belle: Yes, I did, but it's not--

Shawn: DiMera money. That's what Claire told me.

Belle: Well, she's wrong. There's nothing nefarious going on here.

Shawn: Okay, so it's fine then. Then why didn't you tell me about it when I asked you about the jewelry you bought? You're hiding something, belle. What is it?

[Solemn music]

Steve: [Sighs]

Kayla: Thank you for telling me everything.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: We're going to talk to Joey, and we're going to make him understand that she's crazy.

Steve: Well, I hope he can hear it.

Kayla: I can't believe we ever let this nightmare back into our lives.

Steve: It's on me. You paid the price.

Kayla: I'm okay.

Steve: Never again. Never again.

Kayla: [Exhales sharply]

Steve: It's over.

[Dramatic music]

[Phone beeps]

[Phone beeps]

[Thunder crashes]


André: Well, well, well, this is quite the party.

Roman: Well, thank you for coming here voluntarily.

André: Well, with two armed men at the door, it hardly felt optional. I didn't even have time to change. I mean, what does one wear at an ambush?

Roman: You know, we just have a few questions about a robbery at hope's house and your father's disappearance, and, André, all we want is the truth.

André: Oh, so do I.

Ciara: Chase, stop. We shouldn't.

Chase: Yes, we should. Just let it happen.

Ciara: No. I don't want to talk about this.

Chase: Well, we have to. I'm--I'm not going to lose you. I can't.

Ciara: You're not going to lose me. But this, I'm not ready.

Chase: Yes, you are. Deep down, you know that.

Ciara: Chase, stop. I want you to stop.

Chase: No, you don't.

Ciara: [Whimpers]

Chase: This is what we both want. I love you.

Ciara: Please. Stop.

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