Days Transcript Thursday 2/11/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/11/16


Episode #12779 ~ A dangerous fire breaks out at Hope's house; Steve reunites with Kayla, who demands to know what happened with Ava; Ava makes mysterious plans; John resolves to bring down the agency that made him an assassin, much to Marlena's dismay.

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[Dramatic music]

[Objects clatter]

Steve: Kayla.

Kayla: Oh, Steve! Oh, God! Oh, God!

Steve: Oh, baby.

Kayla: Where were you? Tell me what happened. Tell me what happened.

[Tender music]

Ava: The things we do for love. [Sniffles]

We had ve babies who me in during that time frame. Two were African-American. One was Asian.

Ava: And the other two?

I'm very sorry.

Steve: You don't know what happened to them?

No, I do. Both children contracted pneumonia within weeks of arrival. They didn't make it.

Steve: Could have been mine.

Ava: [Sobs]

Steve: Maybe not.

Ava: [Sobbing]

Steve: Well, there's nothing tying us together now.

Ava: Wait, wait, wait. You're just gonna leave?

Steve: I don't ever want to see you in Salem again.

Ava: [Sobs] Steve! Steve. [Screaming]

[Glass shatters]

Ava: [Screaming]

[Soft music]

John: Tim Robicheaux... wish I had the chance to know you.

[Ominous music]

[Cell phone ringing]

[Flames whoosh]

[Suspenseful classical music]

[Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries"]

Ciara: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Mom! Mom! Chase, get away from there!

Hope: Chase! Chase, you're too close! Get away!

[Soft music]

Rafe: She's probably asleep. [Sighs]

Hope: Chase, I mean it. Step away. Back away from there. Ciara, call 911 now.

[Smoke detector blaring]

Hope: Get out of the house!

Ciara: Hi, this is Ciara Brady. Please come to 526 scuttlehole road right now. There's a huge fire! [Coughing]

Hope: Kids, get out of the house! Get out of the house!

[Fire extinguisher whooshing]

[Suspenseful music]

Get out of the house! So my kids don't have to forage,

[Soft music]

John: Not exactly the family reunion I was hoping for.

Marlena: How could a mother sell her child?

John: And then set me up to be taken again... trained killer.

Marlena: She was only one of your parents. What about your father? What do we know about him? Seems like he was a good man.

John: Oh, Tim Robicheaux was everything that Maude wasn't. But all I have of him is this box and some clippings, photographs, and couple chunks of metal.

Marlena: He was a war hero. He died in battle. What else do you know about him?

John: Well, from what I can gather from these newspaper clippings, he-- he grew up poor, pulled himself up from nothing, formed his own business. Never made any money, but he was--he was charitable and well-respected in his community in baton rouge.

Marlena: Someone to be proud of.

John: Yeah. I just wonder what my life would have been like if my father hadn't died in combat and he and Maude had-- had raised me in baton rouge.

Steve: Baby... I was so worried about you. Where was Ava keeping you?

Kayla: Just in a room in some building on the east side.

Steve: Were you hurt?

Kayla: I was just-- I was just terrified. But I went to the hospital, and I'm fine. But listen. Tell me what happened with you. Did you find the boy?

Steve: I, uh-- I traced him to Jakarta, found the man who handled the adoption. He said the baby didn't make it, said that, uh, he died a couple of weeks after he arrived. Pneumonia.

Kayla: I'm sorry.

Steve: I don't even know if he was mine. I'll probably never know. But it's over now. We can put it behind us.

Kayla: Can we? There's something you're not telling me.

Steve: What do you mean?

Kayla: Something in your eyes--I don't know. I--the way you've been looking at me since you got here and the way you're looking at me now, it's... and then Joey, he's been acting so strange since I got back. He's distant. He's distracted. I ask him what's wrong. He doesn't tell me.

Steve: Well, you know, he was so worried about you. And he's a kid. He doesn't know how to express it.

Kayla: No, no, it's not that. I know my son, and I know you. When you would come back from those missions, you would have that same look on your face, like-- like there was a part of you that was out there still trying to fight the good fight and protect me from something. I don't need protecting. We're not doing that anymore. No secrets. I don't want any secrets.

Steve: I will always protect you, Kayla. And I am here with you now, 100%. There's no place else I want to be. Don't ever doubt that.

Kayla: You're leaving something out, something important. Ava... where is she? Did you not have to break the news to her because she was with you when you found out? I asked you on the phone, and you didn't answer me. Please tell me that she was not with you.

Ava: [Sobbing]

[Dramatic music]

[Fire extinguisher whooshing]

[Smoke detector blaring]

[Blaring stops]

Chase: [Coughs]

Hope: [Coughs] Chase. It's okay.

[Siren wailing in the distance]

Hope: You're okay. We're gonna have the paramedics check you both out, make sure your breathing's okay, okay?

Chase: I'm fine.

Hope: Thank God the smoke detectors went off before the fire spread more. Where the heck did it start?

Ciara: What about over there?

Chase: That seems likely. I bet a short in the outlet caused a spark. [Coughs]

Hope: Yeah. That's possible. (Vo) your love is purely thoughtful,

[Soft music]

Marlena: I know how hard this is for you. Although your father never got a chance to raise you, I think you probably have some of his qualities: Strength, kindness-- things you pass along to your own children, to Brady and to belle, even to Paul. And as for you... [Chuckles] Oh, you just are who you are. And that's fine by me. You're brave. You're honorable. And I've got a feeling that even if your parents had raised you, you'd have those same qualities. The only difference is, if they had raised you, we might never have met.

John: Well, when you put it that way... hell, I wouldn't change a damn thing.

[Both laugh]

Marlena: Oh, honey.

Steve: Yes... Ava went with me. It was her condition for letting you go.

Kayla: Of course it was. She used that opportunity to get close to you. I mean, that's no surprise. Well, where is she now?

Steve: I left her in Jakarta.

Kayla: Why would she stay there?

Steve: I don't know. I just know that I had to get away from her.

Kayla: Well, you know she's gonna be back, just to further torment us. You know what? I am gonna call roman, and the second she steps into Salem, I'm gonna have her arrested.

Steve: Kayla, Kayla, I would like to think that she's done with us, that finding out about the baby is enough to keep her away for good.

Kayla: [Scoffs] Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll never see her again. I mean, wouldn't that be such an incredible relief to finally put this nightmare behind us?

Steve: Yeah.

Hope: [Coughs]

Chase: Are you all right? You look pale.

Ciara: Yeah, I'm fine. I can't believe you went after the fire like that. It was really brave.

Chase: Yeah, I know how much the house means to you and your mom.

[Indistinct radio chatter]

Hope: I'm, uh--I'm pretty sure the fire was caused by a short in the outlet. I'll have my electrician check all the others in the house.

Well, ma'am, we still need you to stay someplace else tonight, just as a precaution.

Hope: Right, of course. Thank you.

You're welcome.

[Dramatic music]

[Line trills]

[Cell phone ringing]

Jennifer: Hello.

Hope: Jenn, I'm sorry. Did I wake you?

Jennifer: No. No, it's fine. Um, it's fine. What's going on?

Hope: The kids and I need someplace to stay tonight. Can we crash at your place?

Jennifer: Uh, yeah. Yeah, you know you always have an open invitation. What's going on? Is everything all right?

Hope: It is now. Could have been a lot worse.

John: I'd like tnk. That--that fate would have brought the two of us together no matter what my last name was.

Marlena: I'd like to think that too.

John: Well.

Marlena: [Chuckles] You know... I think you resemble your father.

John: Really? You think?

Marlena: I do. I do. Something around the eyes, you know? It's... well, gentle, determined. I think he'd be very proud of you. Well, now that you've found this piece to the puzzle, are you ready to move on?

John: Not quite.

[Soft music]

Steve: When I found out that Ava had knocked you unconscious and was keeping you God knows where, I lost it. I was so afraid I would never see you again. And there was a moment there where I almost killed her with my bare hands. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I needed her to tell me where you were. Sweetness... I love you so much.

Kayla: I love you too. The whole time I was in that room, I just kept-- I kept thinking about all the time that we wasted being apart. And I know now more than ever that we belong together. And I am never, ever going to let you go again. Maybe something good came out of this.

Steve: No! Nothing good came out of that woman being back in our lives! I knew that I never wanted to be apart from you before Ava put us through hell. I'm pretty damn sure you knew it too.

Kayla: Yes, I knew it. I just-- I'm just trying to put some kind of positive spin on it.

Steve: No, there's no positive spin! That woman is poison! God, I hate her. I hate her for what she tried to do to us.

Kayla: You know what? You've been through enough. We both have. I think that we just need to be grateful that we're together and that we're all right.

Steve: I am grateful. I am beyond grateful that I have you back and that you're safe. I just wish...

Kayla: What?

Steve: I just wish I could turn back the clock, that we had sent Ava packing the minute she showed up in Salem. We shouldn't have let our guard down. We should have followed our instincts.

Kayla: I told you, let's just focus on being together and that we're all right, our son's all right.

Steve: This is my fault. It's on me that Ava stayed. You tried to warn me. I wanted to think that she'd changed and that she was repentant. It was all a pack of lies, even the leukemia.

Kayla: What? She's not dying?

Steve: No. She's as healthy as you and me. She just pretended to be sick to get our sympathy. You know, she had a blood pack on her arm under some fake skin and makeup.

Kayla: That woman is out of her damn mind.

Steve: Yeah.

[Dramatic music]

Ava: [Sniffles]

[Doorbell rings]

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: Hey.

Hope: Hi. I am so sorry. Are you sure it's okay?

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Yes, of course. Come on in.

Hope: Come on, kids.

Ciara: Thank you so much, Jennifer.

Jennifer: You know you are welcome here day or night.

Chase: Yeah, thanks.

Jennifer: Don't thank me. Stop. Just come on in. Let's get settled.

Hope: Okay, come on, kids.

Jennifer: Please.

Hope: I can't thank you enough, really.'s so late.

Jennifer: Just tell me, what's--what's going on? What happened?

Hope: We had a fire at the house.

Jennifer: What? The house?

Hope: The house is fine. We're fine. Most importantly, thank God, we--we're fine. Apparently it was something electrical, but we put out quickly.

Jennifer: My goodness. I'm just so glad the house didn't burn down. That's so scary.

Ciara: Yeah, it was. Chase was really brave. He tried to put out the fire himself, which was really dangerous. But then mom got the fire extinguisher.

Jennifer: Oh, I'm just so glad you're okay. Thank God.

Hope: Yeah, thank God. That's right.

Jennifer: Well, um, the guest rooms are ready. I took care of them, so they're all set up for you. And you don't have to worry about waking anybody up 'cause Abigail is with Thomas at Chad's and JJ's not home yet.

Hope: Kids, go on up, okay? Go to bed. [Sighs] I feel terrible that I woke you up in the middle of the night.

Jennifer: No, no, no, please.

Hope: I didn't know where to go.

Jennifer: Sit down. You're fine. You know you're welcome here day or night. You know that.

Hope: Well, thank you, cuz. You seem really exhausted.

Jennifer: I just-- I just really haven't slept a full night since the accident. That's all.

Hope: Yeah, I understand. Believe me. I know you're still in shock over Daniel. We all are. Obviously it was very-- well, obviously you two were very close.

Jennifer: We were. It's just so sad, isn't it?

Hope: It's very sad. Hey, um, you know, maybe the kids and I should have gone to Julie's b&b instead tonight.

Jennifer: No, no, no.

Hope: Are you sure?

Jennifer: Yes, yes. I'm sure, really. Like I said, it'll be really nice to have the company and... it's good. I can make us a big breakfast in the morning, and that'll be great, and... right now, I can make us some tea, okay, and we can catch up.

Hope: I would love that. But can we rain check the tea? I need to get back to the house.

Jennifer: If you forgot something, just borrow from me.

Hope: No, no, no. It's not that. I need to talk to the fireman. I need to see if I can get some definitive answers about exactly what took place and what happened, what started the fire. I just didn't want the kids to stay in that smoky house.

Jennifer: Okay, but you're exhausted. Just wait till morning, please.

Hope: No, I'm fine. Jenn, I need to go back. It won't take too long. And believe me, I'll feel a lot better once I know exactly what started that fire.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, don't worry about the kids. They're gonna be fine. I'll look after them.

Hope: Okay. Thank you.

Jennifer: I love you.

Hope: I love you, cuz. Get some sleep. I won't be too long.

Jennifer: Okay.

Hope: Okay.

[Dramatic music]

[Cell phone rings]

Rafe: Hope.

Hope: Rafe, thank God. I was afraid you weren't gonna pick up.

Rafe: You okay?

Hope: I don't know. I need you to meet me at my house right away. I think André finally struck back. I'll see you there.

John: Doc, there are people out there that are destroying young orphaned men and women's lives. They're turning them into assassins, like they did with me and Eduardo. And those people got to be stopped.

Marlena: I thought you said that Eduardo had resolved the threat against you.

John: Temporary. The organization won't stop till I'm dead or back under their control.

Marlena: I won't let you go after them. I won't let you do that.

John: Doc, I have--

Marlena: No, no, no, I won't let you. I will not lose you. I will not let you take on this battle.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: I admit I'm-- I'm mourning the boy who could have been my son. I mean, my head tells me it was just another one of Ava's lies... but I still can't help feel a sense of loss.

Kayla: Of course.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Soft music]

"I regret putting you through this journey only to have it end in tragedy. I'm devastated. I can hardly breathe. I have to go away and grieve for our child. You won't see me again, Steve. Good-bye. Tell Kayla and Joey I'm sorry." Do you believe her?

Steve: Not one word.

Jennifer: Is everything okay?

Ciara: Yeah, thanks.

Jennifer: Good. Uh, do you need anything?

Chase: I'm good.

Ciara: Yeah, me too. We're still pretty wired, so not really sleepy.

Jennifer: Really? I mean, it's so late. I guess you're just running on adrenaline, huh?

Chase: Yeah, definitely.

Jennifer: Okay, well, I could make you something to eat. I mean, I haven't been to the market this week, but I could scramble some eggs, or maybe some French toast?

Ciara: No, not really hungry. Thanks anyway. But you go to sleep. We'll wait up for mom.

Jennifer: Okay, that'd be great, 'cause I'm pretty tired. All right, you just let me know if you need anything, okay?

Ciara: Yeah. Thanks for everything, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Sure.

[Dramatic music]

Chase: You want to see what JJ has on his system?

Ciara: No, not really in the mood.

Chase: You okay?

Ciara: Yeah. Why do you ask?

Chase: 'Cause you're... acting weird. Ciara.

Ciara: What?

Chase: [Sighs] I can't help wondering if you think I started the fire. Is that why you can't look at me right now?

André: So hope has called for backup. Oh, that's no surprise. Running scared. As well she should be. [Chuckles]

Hope: I think we should call Shawn, have him do a forensics investigation, and get proof that André tried to kill us.

Rafe: No, there cannot be an official investigation. That's gonna raise too many damn questions.

Hope: It doesn't have to be official, does it?

Rafe: Well, that's gonna put Shawn in a very bad position.

Hope: You're right. What was I thinking? It's bad enough I dragged you into this mess.

Rafe: Hey, I volunteered for this. Hope, we have been over this, okay? Listen to me. We're in this together, all right?

Hope: Rafe, the fire was in my living room. My kids...

Rafe: I know.

Hope: Were upstairs. They were asleep.

Rafe: I know.

Hope: If the smoke detectors didn't wake us up, we'd all be dead! We've got to do something to stop André!

John: Come on, doc. You know, I wouldn't be me-- I wouldn't be the man that you fell in love with if I backed away from this now.

Marlena: Mm, it's not going to work.

John: [Sighs] What isn't?

Marlena: You're trying to appease me. Look, I admire that you want to do what's right, follow through with that, but as far as taking on this shady agency with no help, no backup-- that is sheer madness.

John: Really? Or is it madness to let other people suffer the way that I did when I know that I could help?

Marlena: You don't know--

John: I have the training. I have the experience to bring down this organization. And I'll be fine doing that. I can swear to you. Wasn't that you just a minute ago who said I was brave and heroic?

Marlena: Yes. What I didn't say is, you're also stubborn, pigheaded, and exasperating.

John: And you also know that nothing can ever separate us.

[Soft music]

Marlena: I do know that.

John: I love you, sweetheart. I love you.

Marlena: I love you.

Joey: Mom? I thought I heard-- dad...

Steve: Hey, Joe.

Joey: You're home.

Steve: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Kayla: Oh, it's the hospital. I have to, um-- I have to take this. Dr. Brady.

Joey: Don't touch me ever again.

Steve: Joe, what you saw between me and Ava--

Joey: I don't want to hear it. I know what I saw. You betrayed my mom.

Steve: No, no. Listen. There's something else you need to know.

Kayla: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I know what this is about. But you don't need to be upset with your dad. He told me the truth about him and Ava.

Chase: Do you think I started the fire?

Ciara: No.

Chase: Took you a while to answer.

Ciara: Well, because, well-- okay, to be honest, the thought did cross my mind. Look, I know you didn't do it, but...

Chase: But what?

Ciara: I just keep thinking of everything that's happened since your father tried...

Chase: Since my father tried to murder your mom. It's cool, Ciara. You can say it.

Ciara: Yeah, and, well, I saw you throwing matches at the bloodstains on the floor.

Chase: Right. And then, of course, I sent those mean texts to Theo. I don't know how the hell you could ever trust me.

Ciara: I want to trust you, okay? Look, I thought maybe you did it not to destroy anything or to hurt anybody but to make me think that you're brave and heroic.

Chase: Oh, my God, you actually think that I would do that, that I would start a fire just so that I could come to the rescue so that you would think I was cool again 'cause I'm so brave?

Ciara: I don't know, chase! Like, you've been through so much, and just when I think that I don't have to worry about anything anymore, something else crazy happens.

Chase: I get it. You think I'm nuts, don't you? Sadistic, cruel. You think I'm out of my mind, just like my father.

Rafe: Hope, no. No--listen to me. I can tell by the look in your eye what you're thinking. We're not doing that, okay? We are not going to take out André! We need this to stop!

Hope: Then you give me options! Give me options. Because I can't and I won't live in this kind of fear, not anymore. André has to be stopped, end of story.

André: [Chuckling] "Oh, Rafe, that bastard André is out for revenge. He must be stopped." [Laughs] "Not to worry, little woman. I will protect you."


Rafe: So you think one of André's goons got in here and rigged the outlet?

Hope: I think whoever André sent must have lifted Bo's gun and rigged the outlet all in the same trip.

Rafe: What? What?

Hope: What if it wasn't killing two birds with one stone? What if he left another present for us?

Rafe: Right. Well, let's have a look.

[Suspenseful music]

André: What the hell are they up to?

Hope: [No audible dialogue]

Steve: Joe, I told your mom I had no choice. I had to go to Indonesia with Ava.

Kayla: And I understand that he did what he felt he needed to do to save my life.

Joey: Yeah. I bet he did. I'm gonna go get a sandwich.

[Dramatic music]

Ava: Yes, I'd like to book a flight. One-way, please. Final destination: Salem, USA.

Ciara: I never said that. I don't think you're like your father, okay? That's not what I'm saying--

Chase: I don't want-- I don't want to hear it!

Ciara: What are you doing?

Chase: Leaving you alone, leaving you all alone. I don't need your family. I don't need you. And you guys obviously don't want me here anyway.

Ciara: Chase, that's not fair. Please... there's nowhere for you to go.

Chase: Well, I would rather take my chances out there than stay in here with someone who's gonna judge me for what my dad did. You guys can go to hell.

Ciara: Okay, you know what? You're right. No one wants you here anyway!

[Door slams]

Harold: Detective Brady...

Hope: André!

Harold: Stop. This is not acceptable. You and detective Hernandez cannot just barge in here in the middle of the night.

Hope: If you just tell us where André is, a search would not be necessary.

Harold: Mr. DiMera packed up his things a little earlier, said good-bye, and took off without revealing where he was going.

Hope: I somewhat doubt that, Harold.

Harold: The house is in foreclosure. It's been purchased by somebody else. We all have to relocate before tomorrow night.

Rafe: Place is empty. Looks like André left in a hurry.

Harold: Just as I was saying. Now, if you don't mind...

Hope: Damn it. Where the hell would he go?

Rafe: Well, hopefully the fire was a parting shot.

Hope: No. That fire was just the beginning.

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