Days Transcript Tuesday 2/9/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/9/16


Episode #12777 ~ Deimos leads Philip into a trap; Brady presents Theresa with a romantic surprise; Belle tries to reach out to Claire, but Claire angrily rejects her mother; Fynn flirts with Lani.

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Brady: Hey.

Theresa: Hey, uh, uh, don't worry. I'll be done with these in time for the meeting.

Brady: No, Theresa, you don't--you don't have to be here. It--it's only Nicole and me. It's just financial stuff.

Theresa: Yeah, I know. I'll be ready.

Brady: There's no need for you to sit in, honey. It's okay. I thought you were gonna take Tate for a walk, anyway.

Theresa: Yeah, the sitter took him. I want to be here.

Brady: Why?

Theresa: Because I want to learn... and I want to keep an eye on you.

Brady: On me... or Nicole and me?

Lani: Did we get any latents from this area?

Shawn: I got a partial palm and two fingerprints that I'm running through the database now.

Lani: Okay.

Fynn: Excuse me, officer. I, uh-- hey. I didn't know you were a cop. This is great. Is--is there somewhere we can talk in private?

Lani: Why?

Fynn: Hi. My apartment was broken into. Some sensitive... personal items were taken. Can you take the report?

Shawn: I'm--I'm actually in forensics. You need to talk to detective price.

Fynn: Where's he?

Lani: Right here.

Belle: Claire, when did you get home?

Claire: I don't know.

Belle: Honey, what's wrong? What happened?

Caroline: Oh. [Chuckles] Victor. Hi. I-I just wrote you a note.

Victor: Why are your bags in the foyer?

Caroline: I'm leaving. I-I-I just can't stay here in this house another minute.

Kate: Well, that's exactly what I was aiming for. I reimagined basic black from the ground up. Yes, yes, it was a terrific launch. I have a wonderful team. I have to run. I'll tell you what-- call my assistant, and they will set up a full interview. Great. Talk to you then.

[Cell phone beeps]

Philip: So basic black's a one-woman show.

Kate: [Sighs] Joel and I go way back. He's aware of my capabilities.

Philip: So it's true? It's just you? Just tell me, mom-- are you in business with Deimos? Because it would be a bad idea. You need to be careful around him.

Deimos: Philip, this is my third message. Don't make me leave another one. If you're betting that your father is more dangerous than I am, you will lose.

[Cell phone beeps]

Fynn: Detective, so sorry.

Lani: I've heard worse. You were robbed, mister...?

Fynn: Doctor... Fynn Thompson.

Lani: What was taken?

Fynn: Uh, my wireless speakers, my blu-ray player, TV, a really good camera, and my tablet.

Lani: Electronics?

Fynn: Right.

Lani: So which one of these items were so sensitive and personal?

Fynn: The camera had some videos that are creative... but very private.

Lani: I assume they're not videos of you.

Fynn: Not me alone.

Lani: A date? A wife? Maybe a husband?

Fynn: Dates. Women.

Lani: Plural? Okay, I'll get the paperwork to file the report. Meanwhile, you might want to make some calls.

Fynn: Is there any way to avoid that?

Shawn: Electronics are tough to get back. Is it a long list?

Fynn: Long enough.

Shawn: [Exhales sharply] You got nobody who'd be happy to share the tough times?

Fynn: That's really not what I had in mind when I said that to you.

Shawn: I figured as much.

Fynn: So did you do it?

Shawn: What?

Fynn: Did you call her... the woman, the one that hurt you?

Belle: Claire... what happened at Juilliard?

Claire: I blew it.

Belle: Oh, honey, I doubt that. You have a beautiful voice.

Claire: Yeah, they said that.

Belle: See?

Claire: No, mom, I didn't make the cut.

Belle: But they said...

Claire: Yeah, yeah, I have a good voice, not a beautiful voice, but a good one, and I have promise. They said that I should come back next year.

Belle: Well, that's something--

Claire: Yeah, something you say to be nice.

Belle: No, not to be nice. You should feel encouraged by that.

Claire: I don't. No, I just feel awful, humiliated.

Belle: Oh, honey. What does eve say?

Claire: She doesn't know.

Belle: She doesn't know what?

Claire: Well, I didn't tell her I blew it. I went straight from the audition to the airport.

Belle: You left new York without telling the woman who was supposed to be taking care of you? Claire, you can't just--

Claire: Mom, relax! I texted her that I was coming home.

Belle: Still, you can't just go to the air-- [Sighs] I'm sure Eve was very understanding.

Claire: Yeah. I told her that I choked and that I couldn't even do the audition. I knew she'd feel like a failure if I told her.

Belle: Honey, you do not have to protect eve, and there is no shame--

Claire: Mom, I'm wiped. I'm going to bed.

Theresa: I-I don't know what you're talking about.

Brady: Really?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Really, babe? You want the list... of how many times you've walked in on me talking to Nicole and I've seen that exact look on your face?

Theresa: [Chuckles] What look? There's no look.

Brady: Honey, honey... you... have nothing to worry about. We're all going into business together. You have to be comfortable with this.

Theresa: Yeah, I am. I-I totally am. I... I, uh... okay, look--just look, I'm not-- I mean, come on, Brady, it's weird. You have Daniel's heart and his thoughts and his dreams, and I... [Sighs] I mean, does it just take over? Is it like you see her and-- and then--

Brady: No, no. No, listen, it does--it doesn't take over. It's... [Sighs] It's just weird, like you said.

Theresa: Right. Well, do you think it's okay for you to see her? I mean, I just-- I know you have a lot of complicated feelings, and... having Daniel's heart... and you always say that you want to live your life the way that he would've, so I just-- you know, I mean, do you see her and--and--

Brady: Theresa, l-look at me. I'm fine. I'm fine. Yeah, I'm getting stronger every day. I feel good.

Theresa: Okay. It's just-- take it easy, you know. Just relax.

Brady: [Sighs] You know what I miss? I miss ten-hour workdays.

Theresa: Okay, well, you'll get there.

Brady: I miss running five miles in the morning.

Theresa: Well, then read a book.

Brady: I-I've read a-- I've read every novel, every magazine, every newspaper on my pad. [Sighs] I'm frustrated with just sitting around here.

Theresa: Mm, you need a hobby.

Brady: Yeah, that's what "women's weekly" said.

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: [Laughing] Oh, my God. I'm sorry. You are desperate, you are--

Brady: I am desperate. I'm reading "women's weekly." But, no, listen to me...

[Both laugh]

Brady: They had one good suggestion, though.

Theresa: Oh, yeah?

Brady: Yeah, it's a form of therapy that's silly... kind of fun, but I-I tried it.

Theresa: Well, that's-- good for you.

Brady: Don't laugh. Listen, stay here. I have a surprise for you.

Theresa: Okay.

Kate: Why do you feel the need to warn me about Deimos again?

Philip: Because you're not listening. The guy is bad news.

Kate: And you know that how?

Philip: I just get the feeling.

Kate: You just get the feeling? Is that all you can say?

Philip: The man did hard time. Did he tell you that?

Kate: Yes, he did. For a crime that he didn't commit.

Philip: [Chuckles] Of course he'd say that. 30 years in jail, so you know this wasn't petty theft.

Kate: Deimos was innocent, so what does it matter?

Philip: So... tell me, how does a guy who was in prison have money to put into your company, anyway?

Kate: [Sighs] He invested well.

Philip: From prison... in Greece? You read the papers?

Kate: You know what I've learned? That it doesn't pay to question a Kiriakis about their money. Hmm? So is that all? Philip, why are you so adamant about this?

Philip: I'm late for a meeting.

Kate: Philip. What aren't you telling me?

Shawn: My wife. Yeah, we, um... we spoke.

Fynn: No holds barred? Told her how you feel?

Shawn: Yeah. And, uh, she wasn't moved... at least, yeah, not enough.

Fynn: What does that mean?

Shawn: Well, she'll be cordial. We have a daughter together, and we both want to have the same--

Fynn: You both want to...

Belle: Hi. What are you doing here?

Shawn: I, uh--I work here. I told you I'm sticking around.

Fynn: I better go see about that report.

Belle: I, uh... thought you meant for a long visit.

Shawn: No, no, I moved back. I'm living here now. Why? Does that bother you?

Brady: [Clears throat]

Theresa: [Laughs] No.

Brady: Don't laugh.

Theresa: No.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah.

Theresa: You're gonna be an ironic hipster?

Brady: [Chuckles]

Theresa: Will I find you busking on street corners?

Brady: Not until I'm good enough.

Theresa: Oh, my God, you're serious.

Brady: I'm a very serious student at this.

Theresa: Where?

Brady: I took two classes... online.

Theresa: When? I have been with you the whole time right here.

Brady: What do you think I'm doing when you're cooking?

Theresa: [Laughing] Wait. My cooking drove you to this?

Brady: All right.

Theresa: So sorry.

Brady: Stop. Just stop. Wait until you hear the song that I-- I did learn a song.

Theresa: [Laughs] Okay.

Brady: You ready for this?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: [Clears throat] 5 foot 2

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Brady: Eyes of blue coochie, coochie coochie coo has anybody seen my girl?

Victor: Why would you want to leave?

Caroline: Oh, well, I-I-I want to be in my own place again.

Victor: This isn't about the cook kicking you out of the kitchen, is it? Because she has orders.

Caroline: No, it's not just that. I-I need to be at the pub. I'm gonna boss my help around.

Victor: Caroline, you have to be monitored.

Caroline: I... Victor, I'm fine. I don't need any more injections.

Victor: Oh, I beg to differ with you. With all due respect, you don't know that. You need to see the doctor.

Caroline: Victor, I love it that you care, but I got to go.

Victor: Why? We could get you anything you want here.

Caroline: Well, I-I want the pub. I want my life back.

Victor: Caroline, if you want any life at all, you have to stay here. It is not safe for you outside of this house.

Deimos: Finally. Why don't you tell me a story about a broken phone or a broken-down car or some reason why you haven't called me?

Philip: What the hell are you doing with my mom?

Deimos: I'm hoping to invest in her company.

Philip: Why?

Deimos: Oh, I don't know, because she's an enchanting woman. She's very smart, someone I'd like to help.

Philip: She can find other investors.

Deimos: I'm sure she can, but I would like to see her business grow, and I need to build capital.

Philip: Do it somewhere else.

Deimos: Excuse me?

Philip: Leave my mother alone. Leave my father alone.

Deimos: Do you honestly believe that you're in any position to dictate terms to me?

Philip: You'll lose, Deimos. Nobody beats Victor.

Deimos: Nobody betrays him either, and yet here you are.

Philip: Go to hell.

Deimos: Eventually. But not before I send my brother there first. Now, have you brought me what I asked for?

Belle: I'm really glad you're here, Shawn.

Shawn: Yeah, it, um, you know, makes it so I'm not rushed, and, you know, it gives us time to figure out what's going on between the two of us--

Belle: No, I-I meant I'm glad you're here for Claire. She's in really bad shape.

Shawn: Why?

Belle: [Sighs] I just ran into her in the square.

Shawn: Wait. She's back from new York?

Belle: Yes, and the audition did not go well. She was so upset that she put herself in a taxi and got herself to the airport alone.

Shawn: What?

Belle: [Laughs] Yeah. But trust me--that's not even the headline, so don't start in on that. The point is she's heartbroken, and she feels like a failure. She needs a shoulder to cry on, and she's made it very clear she doesn't want it to be mine.

Shawn: Well, I'm sorry.

Belle: So am I.

Shawn: I mean, if you were around more, I think that maybe--

Belle: [Scoffs]

Shawn: All right, fine. Look, the truth is, if you want to make headway with Claire, Philip can't be in the picture.

Fynn: That's the full list.

Lani: Okay. I'll send a uniform and someone to collect evidence as soon as I can.

Fynn: I imagine it wouldn't be a high priority.

Lani: If we'd seen a lot of these robberies in your area or even if someone was out fencing electronics, then it'd be more likely. So did you make those calls... to, you know, your costars?

Fynn: Not yet.

Lani: Any chance one of them is the culprit? Maybe jealousy? Maybe concerned that their... artistic efforts not see the light of day?

Fynn: [Chuckles] That's a very interesting theory. Let me take you for a drink after work, and we can explore the--

Lani: Did you really just try that?

Fynn: I look like such a clown right now, I've got nothing to lose.

Lani: Oh, there's always something to lose, Dr. Thompson. I'll pass.

Fynn: Pass as in...

Lani: No. I won't be going out with you to explore anything. Dr. Thompson?

Fynn: Sorry. I-I got stuck at "no."

Lani: Uh-huh. [Chuckles] Well, you can stay there.

[Door opens, closes]

Brady: Ain't she sweet with little feet? But, oh, she makes my life complete has anybody seen my... I got it. Girl?

Theresa: Whoo!

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: That was so good.

Brady: All right, that's enough.

Theresa: No, I love it. I love it.

Brady: Maybe I should've stuck with meditation...

Theresa: No, come on, honey.

Brady: 'Cause I got some clunkers in there I have to work on.

Theresa: No, please, stop it. That's boring and quiet, and this is... great, and it's truly... truly a surprise.

Brady: Well, it's not easy to surprise you with all the, you know, hovering that you're doing lately.

Theresa: Oh. True. But I hope you don't mind the hover.

Brady: I love it.

Theresa: Yeah? You mean it?

Brady: [Sighs] Yeah, I do.

Theresa: Good... because you know what? I'm not going anywhere. I love you, Brady.

Brady: I love you too.

Caroline: What do you mean it's not safe? Are you worried about that vision that I had about you?

Victor: What, you mean about that "heart attack" thing? No.

Caroline: No, no, de--de-- whatever the name--the man with the gun.

Victor: Caroline, I'm worried about you.

Caroline: Well, you know, I'm starting to think that maybe my visions aren't true, I mean, at least some of them.

Victor: Maybe so. I think you should stay with the doctor and find out.

Caroline: Oh, Victor, you're slipping. That really wasn't smooth.

Victor: But it was sincere. We need to find out more about the serum. The least you can do is help me out. I mean, we did cure you, or it seems like it, anyway. Help us refine the medicine.

Caroline: I don't have to be in the guest wing in order for that to happen. Oh.

Maggie: Caroline, are those your suitcases?

Caroline: [Scoffs] Yes, yes. I want to thank you. You've been a wonderful h-hostess, but would you please convince this silly man that I've got to get out of here?

Philip: All that anger... [Clears throat] The venom... it's not a good look, Deimos. You walk around with that much vengeance in your heart, people will smell it.

Deimos: So you're concerned for your uncle. That's very touching. Or is this your simple way of telling me that you're empty-handed?

Philip: Victor didn't set you up, Deimos.

Deimos: Philip, you had a simple task!

Philip: If you want money, I'll pay you.

Deimos: All I want is what I asked you to bring me! Now, do you or do you not have the documents?

Philip: It's everything you asked for. We're done.

Fynn: You would've loved it, mate. I'm clearly losing my touch. The only thing missing was you there to give me grief... different grief than this. [Sighs] Too bloody soon. Ooh, I'm sorry.

Claire: Oh, sorry. No, it was--it was me.

Fynn: I was in the way.

Claire: No, it was my fault.

Fynn: Claire Brady? Are you Shawn Brady's daughter?

Claire: You know my dad?

Fynn: I do. I was just at the police station with him. We're buddies. He's a good guy. Very proud of you.

Claire: [Scoffs] Right.

Fynn: He's talked about you a lot.

Claire: [Laughs] That's mortifying.

Fynn: You should go tell him off.

Claire: Well, I thought he was your friend.

Fynn: He is. That's why I'm sure if anything's upsetting you, he'd really want to know. Take care of yourself, Claire.

Claire: Uh, did you know Dr. Jonas?

Fynn: He was my best friend.

Claire: I'm sorry.

Fynn: Yeah, me too. You know, I just moved here. I thought, "this is great. Now we have all the time in the world." But you never know.

Belle: You're the one who filed for divorce, Shawn.

Shawn: Yeah, only after you-- I don't want to fight with you. I don't.

Belle: Well, you drop a bomb like that, what do you expect?

Lani: Counselor.

Belle: Detective.

Lani: I need to see the ballistics on the Kenyon shooting. We need to rerun it.

Shawn: Got ya. Yeah, sure.

Belle: Okay, and I will let you get back to work.

Shawn: Look, belle, I don't--

Belle: I have a client.

Shawn: All right. I'll call Claire.

Belle: Good. That'll make her night. She loves being with you.

Shawn: Don't give up.

Belle: Oh, well, I'm the evil mom who ruined everything, so I'm not holding my breath.

Shawn: Well, you're also the mom who spent hours helping her memorize her lines for the school play. And you teed up a "Gilmore Girls" marathon for her when she broke her foot.

Belle: [Chuckles] Yeah. That's a long time ago to a teenager.

Shawn: Yeah. But whatever happens with us... look, you don't need to be the bad cop. I'll work on her.

Belle: And what if she gets mad at you too?

Shawn: She won't. She needs us... both of us. So keep trying.

Victor: I think she should stay here so we can keep an eye on her health.

Caroline: I keep telling him that I am fine.

Maggie: I think Victor's right. I-I think you should stay on with us.

Caroline: Maggie, aren't you gonna be glad to see the back of me? Come on, tell the truth.

Maggie: You're not company. It's been a pleasure to have you around.

Caroline: Well, y-your staff would disagree.

Maggie: You and Julie were so good to me after Daniel-- I'm just grateful that you were here... so I would hate to see you go.

Caroline: Oh. Well... [Scoffs] I'll stay put tonight, and we can all sleep on it.

[Women chuckle]

Philip: Those are the biggest of Victor's personal accounts. That'll give you locations and account numbers.

Deimos: Yes. I see.

Philip: I know you can't access them without a password, but...

Deimos: You brought me what I asked for.

Philip: Yes.

Deimos: And this... is useless.

Philip: I thought so, but, hey, you asked.

Deimos: And this you brought me... easily, quickly. But the one thing that I really need, the one thing that could save you--

Philip: Nobody can get information on the topits disease cure. I told you that from the start. The serum's under armed guard, as is Dr. Salinas. And God knows where the hell he is. He keeps getting moved. I've hacked into Titan pharmaceutical computers. I've gotten into Victor's private vault. There's nothing.

Deimos: That's not true. There's nothing that you can find or that you choose to find... which means you're of no use to me. We are finished.

Theresa: [Grunts]

Brady: Come here. [Grunts] Wait. Wait. Hold on.

Theresa: Brady. Oh, my God, oh, God...

Brady: Hold on.

[Cell phone beeps]

[Line trilling]

Claire: Yeah, so I tried to tell my mom and dad what I wanted, but they-- I don't know. They just weren't the same. And my mom was like, "I want to have fun. I don't have time." And my dad was like...

[Cell phone beeps]

Fynn: Sorry. I just got to check this. It could be work.

Claire: Sure, yeah.

Fynn: A patient.

[Cell phone beeps]

Fynn: Oh, I have to go to work.

Claire: Sure.

Fynn: Look, Claire, I don't know what to say--anything that wouldn't sound like a lame cliché.

Claire: [Laughs] That's okay. There's nothing to say.

Fynn: I'm sure there is, and your dad's probably the one who knows. So give it a try.

Claire: You've been more help than you think.

Fynn: Hang in there, kid.

Shawn: Hey.

Claire: Oh, my God, wait. Was this a total setup?

Shawn: Was what-- honey, I heard about new York.

Claire: God, is mom just telling everyone?

Shawn: No, she just--she just told me.

Claire: No, she--she can't do that. It's humiliating.

Shawn: I know. They're idiots. All right, Juilliard lost out.

Claire: Yeah, I'm sure they're just kicking themselves right now.

Shawn: Well, if they're not, then I'll go over there, and I'll give them a kick.

[Both chuckle]

Shawn: All right? We'll find a better place. We're gonna find the right school for you. Come on, you're talented. You're all that.

Claire: And a bag of chips?

Shawn: And a bag of chips. Yeah.

Claire: [Giggles]

Shawn: You have time to hang out with your old man, few minutes?

Claire: Yeah.

Caroline: I'll ask Henderson to bring my bags back up. [Laughs]

Maggie: Okay.

Caroline: Oh.

Maggie: Thank you.

Caroline: Right.

Maggie: [Giggles]

Victor: Thank you.

Maggie: I know you're scared for her, Victor, but she's determined to go. And unless you come up with a very good reason, she's leaving in the morning.

Victor: I'll think of something.

Maggie: How about the truth?

Victor: Bad idea.

Maggie: How about giving me the truth? Stefano's in Europe. He's of no danger now. So why are you so determined that this is still a problem?

Victor: Because Deimos could be an even greater threat.

Philip: What does that mean-- "finished"? You're gonna turn me in to the police chief in Chicago?

Deimos: That would give me nothing.

Philip: Then why hold it over my head?

Deimos: To make you behave... to get you to betray your father.

Philip: I tried to get you what you want--

Deimos: You have no clue as to what I really want.

Philip: [Sighs] Okay, you don't want the formula for the topits serum?

Deimos: Oh, that would be useful, but I really want only one thing.

Philip: You want to hurt Victor.

Deimos: Mm-hmm. And you handed me the means to do that.

Philip: No.

Deimos: Sadly, Victor's own son was willing to betray him to save his own skin.

Philip: You wouldn't. You can't.

Deimos: Oh, I can... and I will. It's gonna break the old man's heart.

Fynn: You're fine.

Brady: [Sighs]

Theresa: You're sure? He had a pain.

Fynn: Everything sounds normal. Your heart is fine.

Brady: [Sighs] Thank you. Thanks for coming by so soon.

Fynn: Caught me on my way to work. Not a problem. A few pains here and there are normal, as long as you're not exerting yourself.

Brady: Okay, what, um-- what counts as exertion? [Sighs]

Fynn: Whatever you were doing when the pain came on.

Theresa: Well, it won't happen again.

Fynn: Better not.

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Fynn: You just have to wait a little longer. A wonderful man gave you that heart, Brady black. Give it a chance.

Brady: I will.

Theresa: Yes... he will.

Shawn: So this here--this is the interrogation room. You probably don't want to go in there.

Claire: Well, where do you like to go?

Shawn: I don't know. The lab, morgue.

Claire: Blech.

[Both laugh]

Shawn: Yeah, you probably don't want to go there either.

Claire: Okay, so I'll just stand, like, right here.

Shawn: Mm. Your uncle roman's office is pretty cool, if you want to check it out.

Claire: Okay, good to know. I just can't believe your here for real.

Shawn: For real. And, um, speaking of which, I probably better get back to work so I can keep my job.

Claire: Yeah.

Shawn: Yeah, cool?

Claire: Yeah, yeah. It just feels so much better to be in Salem if you're here too.

Shawn: The truth--I would've been happy to see you go to Juilliard, but I'm... I'm thrilled that you're staying here in Salem... and so is your mom. Hey...

Claire: You don't know what--

Shawn: Hey, listen, Claire... would you just cut her some slack? Just... at least try?

Claire: Okay. Fine. Only for you.

Shawn: Thank you.

Claire: [Chuckles] Bye.

Shawn: Bye.

Belle: Hey, there.

Philip: Not now, belle. I'm busy. John, please call me as soon as you get this. I've been waiting to hear back. I need information on Deimos Kiriakis yesterday.

[Cell phone beeps]

Belle: Sorry. I haven't seen my dad in, like, three days, but I can--

Philip: Look, I got to run. Can we meet later?

Belle: Sure. Go.

Philip: Please don't do that.

Claire: What'd I do? I just said, "go." Go do whatever you have to do.

Philip: I know, but I can see that you're upset, and--

Belle: It's fine, Philip.

Philip: Those pictures in my room of that woman--she's the one who OD'd. Deimos sent--

Belle: Go do whatever you have to do.

Philip: Okay, I'll call you.

Maggie: Well, what do you think your brother would do?

Victor: [Sighs] That's--that's it. I have no idea. I-I have no idea what he's up to.

Maggie: But you think he's still up to something.

Victor: I know that he would use Caroline, he would use you, or he would use anybody who he thought could hurt me.

Maggie: What does that mean? I mean, what do you think that he would do to hurt you?

Victor: Truth?

Maggie: Yes.

Victor: If it wasn't clear how Daniel's accident had happened, I would swear that Deimos was behind it.

Maggie: [Gasps] Oh.

Kate: Well, tell Christian that we'll feature him. The publicity that basic black is already getting will be great for him. [Sighs] Well, make the decision soon. I want to lock up the holiday campaign. Right. Bye.

[Cell phone beeps]

Deimos: You really are a force of nature, Kate... a siren.

Kate: Just taking care of business.

Deimos: Something wrong?

Kate: No, you just caught me at a busy time.

Deimos: You've been talking to someone who doesn't like me, haven't you?

Brady: I can still make the meeting.

Theresa: No.

Brady: It's fine.

Theresa: No way. I already texted Nicole that you need to rest, okay? Hey, you heard the doctor. Hmm?

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: You need to take care of that heart... your heart.

Brady: It isn't.

Theresa: Well, it is now, Brady... okay? And, um, we need to start thinking about it like that.

Brady: [Breathes deeply] Can you do me a favor?

Theresa: Well, that depends.

Brady: Can you...

Theresa: [Giggles]

Brady: Grab my ukulele? I have a song coming on. I want to-- I got to get it out.

Theresa: Oh, yeah?

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: You want a song?

Brady: Yeah. A song.

Theresa: [Clears throat] [Strums chord] 6 feet 2 eyes of blue

Brady: Oh, you're good.

Theresa: But, oh, what those six feet can do

Both: Has anybody

Theresa: Seen my guy? [Scatting] Has anybody seen my guy?

[Strums final chords]

[Indistinct chatter]

Shawn: Replacing your wedding ring?

Belle: I saw it in the window, and I couldn't resist.

Shawn: Looks expensive.

Belle: It's my money, Shawn. I can spend it however I want to.

Shawn: What money? What are you talking about?

Deimos: Your son is very protective of you, isn't he?

Kate: Philip?

Deimos: Mm-hmm.

Kate: He can be.

Deimos: Told you to be careful around me, right?

Kate: No one tells me to do anything, Deimos.

Deimos: Hmm. Well, I would've thought that, but clearly something has changed.

Kate: Well, actually, I feel like this whole thing is moving a little quickly.

Deimos: Hmm. As wise as she is beautiful.

Kate: [Chuckles] Thank you for understanding.

Deimos: Well, I am a little confused about one thing. How is it possible that we're moving too quickly when we haven't even had a proper first date? Look... I appreciate your son's concern. I do. I'm sure he would be suspicious of any new man coming into your life, especially one with such a colorful past.

Kate: [Sighs]

Deimos: I want to know more about you.

Kate: Too bad. You know what I'm tired of? Men who want to know all of my secrets but don't tell me the smallest thing about themselves.

Deimos: Well, this is obviously about another man and not me. I already told you the worst part about my past, and I don't even know what you like for dinner. Now, that seems very unfair, and, frankly, I'm tired of it.

Kate: Fish... and steamed vegetables.

Deimos: Ah. Healthy.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Deimos: So no youvetsi?

Kate: Oh, no, not anymore.

Deimos: It's good comfort food.

Kate: That's exactly what Victor used to say.

Deimos: Hmm. But you didn't agree.

Kate: No. Too heavy.

Deimos: So that's why the two of you are no longer together, huh?

Kate: No, actually, we had more than enough reasons not to be together. Truly... Philip--even though his birth and conception were unorthodox-- he was actually the best thing to come out of that relationship.

Deimos: Hmm.

Philip: Dad, I'm so glad you're here. Why don't you answer the phone?

Victor: What the hell is this all about?

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