Days Transcript Thursday 2/4/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/4/16


Episode #12774 ~ Steve goes to extreme lengths to save Kayla; Belle accepts her feelings for Philip; Deimos threatens Philip; JJ rescues Gabi.

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[Knock at door]

Deimos: Mr. Hamlyn. I certainly didn't expect to see you on my doorstep.

Landlord: I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd just drop off the lease.

Deimos: [Chuckles] Wow, hand delivered at this time of night. Quite the personal service.

Landlord: It's a straightforward, boilerplate contract, no hidden clauses, so if you could just go ahead and sign it, I can get you moved in.

Deimos: Why don't you come on in? Please. You know, after I saw your place, I saw three others.

Landlord: We could talk about the rent.

Deimos: You didn't let me finish. None of them were furnished and yet they all cost considerably more than yours. You mind telling me why you're so anxious to rent this place?

Landlord: The previous tenant's name was Ben Weston. He was a serial killer.

Deimos: A serial killer.

Landlord: Nothing happened in the apartment. He just lived there. It's a great deal. There's absolute nothing wrong with the apartment.

Deimos: It's all right, Mr. Hamlyn. I didn't say there was. In fact, it's perfect. [Chuckles] [Sighs]

Philip: I was beginning to think you stood me up.

Belle: Oh, sorry.

Philip: Come on, sit down. You look like you could use a drink.

Belle: Yeah, I will just have a glass of wine. Pinot grigio, if you have it.

Philip: I just happen to have... pinot grigio!

Belle: You have a scary memory.

Philip: It's hard to forget your likes... dislikes. You know, when I talked to you before, I heard something in your voice you weren't telling me.

Belle: Maybe because I didn't want you to know.

Philip: But maybe I do. You were with Shawn, weren't you?

[Dramatic music]

[Glass shatters]

[Tense music]

Steve: I'm here, sweetness. Everything's okay now. Just take my hand.

Steve: So you have no idea when the storm will be over?

Ava: Patch, the bathroom is fabulous. Marble everything.

Steve: Come on, man. Can you give me an estimate of when you'll reschedule the flight? Right. Yeah. Aloha to you too.

Ava: What did they say?

Steve: Nothing. Airport's closed. Nothing coming in or going out.

Ava: There are worse things than being stranded in Maui.

Steve: You know what? You need to get out here and do what you said you were gonna do. You need to call Joe and tell him where Kayla is right now.

Ava: I slipped into something more comfortable.

Steve: Good for you.

Ava: Don't be like that. You want Kayla free. You know what you have to do. And this time, your son isn't gonna interrupt us.

Paul: I mean, that went great, huh? The photographer-- I mean, he seemed pretty happy, didn't he?

Gabi: Mm-hmm. Yeah, it was a good shoot.

Paul: This is just a job for you, isn't it? I mean, you don't seem to be all excited about this.

Gabi: Well, no, it's-- it's a great job, especially compared to working in the laundry at the prison, so.

Paul: But?

Gabi: The hours are a bit unpredictable. And I think Ari needs a routine.

Paul: Is there anything else?

Gabi: Well, yeah. Sometimes I just-- I wish I had time for other things.

Paul: [Laughs] Gosh, I wonder what you mean by that.

Lani: Don't you have to actually graduate from the police academy before you show up for duty?

JJ: Hello, Lani.

Lani: That was actually a nice way of asking what you're doing here and at Rafe's desk.

JJ: Oh, I--I was just returning a book that he lent me on forensics, which was a good thing because that exam was pretty difficult.

Lani: Well, from what I hear, you aced it, along with everything else. So some advice for graduation.

JJ: Yeah.

Lani: When you go up on stage to get your badge, do not trip on the top step. No one will ever let you forget about it.

JJ: Okay, well, thank you for sharing. I'll keep that in mind.

Lani: And I probably shouldn't tell you this, but you got people's attention.

JJ: People?

Lani: Roman. My dad.

JJ: Well, I'm really looking forward to getting started.

Lani: Yeah, well, let's see how you feel in a week, 'cause no one makes it easy on rookies.

JJ: Yeah, even you? Lani, I got to tell you, I'm a little worried for you. Do you think you'll be able to handle the competition?

Lani: I can handle it. Can you?

Belle: Yes, I was talking to Shawn about Claire.

Philip: Just Claire?

Belle: Well, no matter what we start talking about, we end up talking about us.

Philip: So, there's still an us?

Belle: No, I don't think there is. Listen, the truth is, I'm a mess today, for about a dozen different reasons. I mean, right now, I should be at work. But instead, I'm here with you, proving that I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I mean, I am seeking out the one person who's as messed up as I am these days.

Philip: A match made in heaven.

Belle: Or hell.

Philip: Okay, you're in a mood, but you are so wrong, think about it, belle. We are great for each other, because, wait for it... we don't have unreasonable expectations for each other.

Belle: Speak for yourself. My expectation is that you will be everything I need, when I need it. You know what that makes you, right? You're like a drug to me, Philip. And it's just not healthy.

Steve: Put this on.

Ava: When did you become such a prude? You know, the robe-- it just delays the inevitable. You make love to me, and then I will call Joey, and I will tell him where his mommy is.

Steve: Let's get something straight, Ava. This isn't happening. I'm not gonna give you what you want. I'm here to help you find your son, and that's it. That's gonna have to be enough for you.

Ava: Well, I was hoping that you would be unable to deny your feelings for me. But if nothing else, I am a survivor.

Steve: So are cockroaches.

Ava: A determined survivor. I want you. I love you. And I'm going to have you no matter how long it--

Steve: No matter how long it takes?

Ava: No matter what I have to do.

Steve: No, no. That's not what you were going to say. You were gonna say, "no matter how long it takes." Implying you can wait. You have time. But you don't have time, do you, Ava? Unless you're not really dying.

Gabi: Hey, hey. Wait up.

JJ: Hey, how did the shoot go?

Gabi: Uh, it's good, but I don't want to talk about it. I want to talk about you graduating from the police academy tomorrow.

JJ: Yeah, I'm still not sure I can believe it's really going to happen.

Gabi: It's gonna happen. It's gonna happen because you've worked really hard for it, okay? Hey, you okay?

JJ: Yeah, why?

Gabi: What was that?

JJ: Nothing.

Gabi: That wasn't nothing. Did you hurt yourself?

JJ: No, no, just self defense class got really intense today.

Gabi: Yeah, that looks really awkward. You should probably let me do it. Here, let me do it. Sit down.

JJ: Okay.

Gabi: Does it feel good?

JJ: Yeah, it does. It feels really good.

Belle: I feel drawn to you, and I don't want to be.

Philip: Why not? Your marriage is on the rocks, you're having a tough time with your daughter. Don't you deserve something good?

Belle: Good is not a word I would associate with you.

Philip: Maybe my moral standards are a little fluid. But there are things that I'm good at. I can be a quite a good distraction, remember Vegas?

Belle: I do. And it was fun. But it wasn't real.

Philip: Reality is vastly overrated.

Belle: Don't be glib. Vegas was nothing but an escape. We got on a plane and we ran away from our problems. But whether you like it or not, we are back in reality, and your problems are actually more intense than mine. Not to mention potentially dangerous.

Philip: I know that. And yes, here we are in the real world. I'll tell you a secret. You don't have to get on a plane to escape. Sometimes, it's not about where you are, but what you're feeling and who you're with.

[Knock on door]

[Knocking repeatedly]

Joey: Theo, this isn't a good time.

Theo: I need to tell you what chase did. Okay, he sent me texts, he put a flyer in my locker, saying I was a retard and a freak and that everyone was laughing at me.

Joey: Chase wouldn't do that. Okay?

Theo: He did; he told me. And what, I'm supposed to forgive him?

Joey: Theo, did you hear what I just said?

Theo: Well, he said that was because of Ciara, and it doesn't even make sense.

Joey: Theo, listen. I'm telling you, this is not a good time.

Steve: I'm right, aren't I? You're fine. No leukemia. That was just another lie like everything else, right?

Ava: I prefer to call it an opening gambit.

Steve: You've really outdone yourself this time. You're as despicable as your father was. I didn't think that was possible.

Ava: That's not true. Because everything he did, he did for power and money, and everything I have done, I have done for love.

Steve: So how'd you do it? Did you bribe some lab technician to say you had leukemia?

Ava: I didn't bribe anyone. I had infected blood under some fake skin on my arm. I saw it on a TV show, and I thought, "why not?"

Steve: You're unbelievable. You lie about everything. You lie and say you have leukemia. You lie about having a son--

Ava: No--

Steve: There's no son.

Ava: No, we do have a son. I didn't lie about that. I told you two things that were true. We have a son. And I love you.

Steve: You don't know the meaning of the word.

Ava: All right, well, screw semantics, okay? Use whatever word you want. I want you. And I'm gonna do anything to have you, just like I know you will do anything-- you will sacrifice anything for Kayla and Joey. So try to relax, okay? 'Cause once you accept the inevitable, you might realize that you enjoy your sacrifice.

Dean: Hey! You're Paul Narita.

Paul: Hey.

Dean: You're that... gay baseball player.

Paul: Not anymore.

Dean: You're not gay?

Paul: I'm not a ball player anymore.

Dean: So if you're still gay, what were you doing with that girl?

Paul: That was a girl?

Dean: Yeah. I work at the prison and I know. And man, she was hot in that orange jumpsuit, but now... wow, she could be a model.

Paul: [Chuckles] She is. She's my friend.

Dena: Yeah, but you're gay.

Paul: You know, you keep pointing that out. It's amazing, isn't it? I mean, things are really changing for us. Not--not only can we get married, but we can be friends with girls. It's a brave new world out there. And Gabi, I mean, she's got a ton of gay friends, but she's probably got permission. Crazy, huh?

JJ: Thank you. It feels a lot better.

Gabi: Good. I'm glad. I was gonna-- [Laughs]

JJ: What were you gonna--

Gabi: No, you--you go first.


JJ: Well, I--I remembered that I promised you a frozen yogurt if we were getting together tonight.

Gabi: That's right. You did.

JJ: Yeah, so maybe we should get going before they close.

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah, let's go.

JJ: So what were you gonna say?

Gabi: No, it was the same thing. Let's get going.

JJ: Okay.


[Sultry music]

Woman: Be with you yeah

Kayla: I knew you'd come. I'd get scared. I thought, "Steve will come take me home."

Steve: I will. Just take my hand and I'll get you of here.

Ava: It all boils down to this. I have all the power. Your wife's life is in my hands. And there is only one thing that you can do if you want to save her. Sweetness is counting on you. And so am I, patch, because I know that once this happens, everything changes. You think that sounds crazy? Indulge me. A girl can dream. Stop fighting this. Stop pretending this isn't happening. It is happening right now.

JJ: So she put this idea of tripping in front of everyone in my head, and I can't stop thinking about it.

Gabi: You know, I think the person that created graduations was a sadist, for sure.

[Cell phone ringing]

JJ: I got to take this real quick.

Gabi: Yeah, no problem.

Dean: Hernandez, fire on the line. Remember me?

Gabi: Hard to forget.

Dean: I got to say, you're dressing a lot better these days. Not that you didn't always look pretty sweet to me.

Gabi: I don't want to talk to you.

Dean: Hey, what's with the attitude? I always looked out for you. You too good to talk to an old friend?

JJ: She says she doesn't want to.

Dean: You got another one of your friends to protect you? What's he gonna do?

Gabi: I'm telling you, just please leave us alone.

Dean: Looking for your boyfriend? He just left. Why don't you go look for him and leave us alone?

JJ: Why don't you just move on before there's any trouble?

Dean: The last thing I want is trouble. Let me buy you a drink--

Gabi: Don't touch me!

Dean: I know a nice place--

JJ: She told you not to touch her.

Deimos: I'll be moving in very soon. Thank you for the personal service.

Landlord: You need anything, you let me know.

Deimos: I certainly will.

[Dramatic music]

Belle: Sometimes, you have the best ideas.

[Cell phone beeps]

Philip: Don't answer it.

Belle: It might be Claire. It is. She's in new York. She said she can't sleep. She's nervous about her audition tomorrow. "I can get on the red-eye and be there in the morning."

Philip: She has eve with her.

Belle: What a comfort.

[Cell phone beeps]

Belle: Well, I guess I'm not heading to the airport. She said she has eve there to coach her and that's all she needs. "Then good luck, sweetie. Let me know how it goes. Love, Mom." [Sighs]

Philip: Was there ever something you wanted to do but you were scared you'd screw it up?

Belle: Sure.

Philip: Did you want your mother there when you tried?

Belle: No.

Philip: She loves you, belle. She's just trying to figure out who she is on her own.

Belle: [Chuckles] First you convince me to escape with you. And then you say just the right thing when reality rears its ugly head. I hope I didn't ruin our escape.

Philip: No, you didn't. I don't think anything could.

[Cell phone rings]

Philip: Sorry. Hello?

Deimos: We need to talk. Now.

[Tense music]

[Somber music]

Ava: The things we do for love.

[Dramatic music]

Dean: You just made a big mistake. I'm a corrections officer.

JJ: And I'm a cop. And cops don't like men who disrespect women. So get out of here before I drag you in. Are you okay? Gabi, that guy is a creep.

Gabi: Yeah. You know, sometimes... sometimes I forget what I did and paying for what I did. And then, without fail, it just comes crashing-- crashing down.

JJ: Look. I know what you're saying. Okay, the things that I did when I came back to Salem...

Gabi: You didn't kill anyone.

JJ: No one was pushing me like nick was pushing you. Okay, I screwed up all on my own. We keep talking about these weird things we have in common, but here's another one. We both need to focus on the present and the future. And we both need to get over our pasts.

Gabi: Yeah. I mean, that's kind of easy to say though.

JJ: It's not easy. Easier. When you have something, someone, that makes you really enjoy the present. A lot.

Belle: Was that Deimos?

Philip: You could tell.

Belle: Yeah, you had the same look on your face as when you told me about him.

Philip: Yeah, it was him. Dude feels real free to talk in the imperative. Do this, do that. Now. I got to get out from under his thumb, belle. I hope your dad can help me with that.

Belle: How dangerous do you think Deimos is?

Philip: I don't know. Yet. If I had to guess...

Joey: Theo, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but something's wrong and I need to fix it, and so I don't have time to talk right now, okay?

Theo: What happened to the picture?

Joey: I broke it. It was by accident.

Theo: It looks like you threw it.

Joey: I was mad, okay? I was mad at myself. I trusted someone, and she... I shouldn't have trusted her.

Theo: Your mom?

Joey: No! Look, I can't talk about it right now. All right? If I do, it'll make things worse than they already are.

Theo: Can my dad help?

Joey: No. Thank you, but, Theo, do you ever just need to be alone? Just to think?

Theo: I'm sorry you're so upset. I mean, whatever happened, it must have been really bad.

Joey: Really, really bad.

Ava: I know that you were angry and you were trying to make it ugly, but I was in your arms again, and that's all I wanted.

Steve: Now I get what I want.

Ava: Don't spoil the moment.

Steve: Just make the call. (Music plays)

JJ: I want to say something. If you're gonna continue to keep modeling, you're gonna get a lot of attention. And that might not be the last time you get harassed like that.

Gabi: So you think I should stop doing it.

JJ: No. No, I just think you need to know how to handle yourself with a creep like that. Maybe I can show you some of the stuff that I've learned in self-defense class.

Gabi: Okay. Okay, I like that. Maybe you can meet me at the gym sometime.

JJ: Actually, I think there's no time like the present.

Gabi: But the gym is closed.

JJ: Who needs a gym?

Gabi: Here?

JJ: Yeah, why not?

Gabi: Uh, well, for one reason, I might hurt you.

JJ: I will take my chances. Come on, get up. Face me.

Gabi: Okay.

JJ: So I'm gonna do what the creep did. I'm gonna reach out to grab your arm.

Gabi: All right.

JJ: Now, I'm stronger than you are.

Gabi: You don't have to brag about it.

JJ: So you're gonna use my strength against me. Right, you need leverage. So we're gonna do this in slow motion. So I'm gonna reach out to grab your arm, and you're gonna go underneath, and you're gonna pivot.

Gabi: Okay, do you mean like this?

JJ: You didn't pivot.

Gabi: I'm sorry.

JJ: I'm not.

Ava: Joey, it's Ava. I need you to do something for me.

Joey: Are you kidding me? After what you did to me? After I caught you with my dad?

Ava: Okay, Joey. You need to grow up here now. We don't have time for a tantrum. And don't even think about hanging up on me or you're gonna regret it big time.

Joey: This better be about my mother.

Ava: Oh, it is. I'm gonna tell you where you can find her.

[Dramatic music]

Deimos: I hope I didn't interrupt you while you were working.

Philip: You're leaving?

Deimos: [Chuckles] You didn't quite disguise the joy in your voice. No, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not leaving. In fact, I just rented an apartment.

Philip: Welcome to Salem.

Deimos: Thank you. Fun fact: The last tenant was a serial killer.

Philip: And you couldn't care less, 'cause you're cold as ice, I get it. So, um, since you're taking up residence here, I think I get to ask. What do you really want with my father?

Deimos: You don't need to know. All you have to do is worry about your part of the plan. And even though you've been a dismal failure so far, I'm still trusting that you're gonna get that serum into my hands.

Philip: I've already told you, my father won't let me anywhere near it.

Deimos: You know, Philip, I'm starting to wonder about you. Is it really that difficult to get that serum? Or have you been playing me all along? Now, I'm sure you've guessed this about me by now. I don't take kindly to being played.

JJ: I'm sorry.

Gabi: No, don't be sorry.

JJ: No, I said I was gonna teach you how to defend yourself, and I came on to you.

Gabi: Okay, I don't need to be defended from you. I like you, JJ. And I really liked that kiss, so...

JJ: Yeah, me too, it's just that we said we didn't want any complications right now.

Gabi: Right. Another thing we have in common.

JJ: Yeah, I just don't want to push too hard. Maybe--maybe we could take things slow.

Gabi: Yeah, I can do slow.

JJ: Slow actually sounds kind of nice.

Gabi: Yeah. What? Oh, yeah.

[Tense music]

Philip: I have been nothing but loyal.

Deimos: Perhaps that's true. But the question is, to whom? Now even if you have been loyal to me, you've been nothing but incompetent. A trained monkey could have gotten me that serum by now.

Philip: Have you tried

Deimos: But they wouldn't be family. Now as family, I give you the benefit of the doubt. And to that end, I've devised a simple test. If you pass, you win back my trust.

Philip: If I fail?

Deimos: Won't that high-ranking police in Chicago be very interested to find out that you were right there when his daughter overdosed? From what I understand, he's a very dirty and extremely vicious cop.

Philip: So... what's the test?

[Pounding on door]

Joey: Mom? Mom, are you in there?

[Metal clatters]

Joey: Mom. Mom, I'm here. It's okay. It's gonna be okay.

Kayla: Oh, God. Oh, Joey. [Sighs] Thank God.

Steve: I hope you're happy. That's all you're gonna get from me.

Ava: Oh, patch. A little credit, please. I mean, if all I wanted was some quickie in a hotel room, I wouldn't have gone through all this rigmarole. I am getting much, much more from you, my love. Unless you want Kayla to know what we just did.

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