Days Transcript Thursday 1/28/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 1/28/16


Episode #12769 ~ At Daniel's funeral, Nicole, Chloe, & Parker struggle with their loss; Abigail helps JJ deal with Daniel's death; Eric declines to attend the funeral, but he finds a way to pay tribute to his friend; Melanie runs into Brady and Theresa.

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Nicole: [Sobbing] Buried. God, it's not fair. It's just not fair!

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Oh, God.

Parker: Nicole!

Nicole: Oh, hey! Whoa, hey. [Chuckling]

Abigail: [Sighs] If you can't do this, mom--

Jennifer: I can. I have to be there. Honey, you really should change. We got to go soon.

JJ: No, I'm not going. I have classes.

Both: What?

Abigail: What do you mean? You can't miss one day?

JJ: No, no. I got to run. I'll see you later.

Jennifer: JJ--

Abigail: Wait, what--

Maggie: [Sniffles] Damn it.

Melanie: Hey, here. Whoa, I'll help you. Hold on. I got it.

Maggie: [Crying]

Melanie: Okay.

Maggie: Thank you, honey.

Melanie: Of course.

Maggie: [Sighs] Your father gave me this last mother's day. Hmm. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Melanie: It is. He knew you so well.

Maggie: I should be taking care of you.

Melanie: No. Let's take care of each other.

Maggie: Deal.

Melanie: I don't know what I would do without you.

Maggie: You don't have to worry about that.

Fynn: You'll need to fill out the prescriptions as soon as possible.

Theresa: Yeah, all done. I just can't wait to get this guy home.

Victor: I'll take it from here. I have my driver waiting downstairs.

Theresa: You can't do this.

Victor: Yes, I can.

Theresa: Come on, isn't this day hard enough on Brady?

Victor: Brady needs his family now, and that is not you.

Theresa: Hmm.

Abigail: I'll go find him, mom, okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, that would be great. Maybe you could get through to him.

Abigail: Maybe I shouldn't leave you though. I--

Jennifer: No, I'll be okay.

Abigail: Are you sure? I mean, you're so exhausted and you've been in pain. I don't know if it--

Jennifer: No, I just-- I didn't sleep well last night. That's all.

Abigail: Why not? Are you taking your pain medicine?

Jennifer: Honey, I don't want to depend on these pain pills.

Abigail: I understand that, mom, but you have to--

Jennifer: Please, just go find JJ. I'll be fine.

Abigail: Okay. All right.

Victor: He will have peace and quiet at my house.

Theresa: Peace and quiet? Are you kidding me? What, with you bugging him day and night to take the baby and dump me?

Fynn: Do I need to remind you that Brady is sitting right here?

Brady: No, he's not sitting--

Fynn: Hey--

Theresa: Brady, no--

Brady: I want you two to give it a rest, all right? I-I got this.

Fynn: Are you sure?

Brady: Yeah, I'm fine. You have a funeral to get to.

Fynn: But if you need backup--

Brady: I don't need backup. Thank you. You know, it's probably my fault that this farce has gone on as long as it has. All right, I want to talk to you privately.

Victor: Of course. Now please, get back in your chair.

Brady: I will sit when it's settled.

Theresa: I'll wait right here.

Brady: [Clears throat]

Victor: All right, you made your point. Now sit down.

Brady: No. I want to look you right in the eye when I say this to you.

Victor: Say what?

Brady: I love you, but I need you to back off! Now!

Abigail: [Clears throat] Hey.

JJ: Looking for me?

Abigail: Yeah. [Clears throat] After I called the academy and found out that you don't have a class today.

JJ: You're wasting your time. I'm not going to that funeral.

Abigail: Remember dad's funeral?

JJ: That's why I'm not going to this one.

Abigail: You know, JJ, as painful as that was for both of us, when it was over, in a way I felt like I could start living my life again, and I don't think you felt that way.

JJ: I just kept taking it out on Daniel.

Abigail: Yeah, but as angry as he did get at you, he never gave up on you.

JJ: And I just kept screwing up.

Abigail: Hey, JJ, we both lost our way after we lost dad, and Daniel got that, you know? He was always in our corner. JJ, if you don't go to the funeral, I think you're gonna regret it. You're gonna feel guilty and... you know, it's actually the-- the first step towards letting him go.

JJ: Letting him go? Can you maybe show me how to do that?

Nicole: I have to say, I like a man who looks good in a suit and tie. Can't say you don't know how to accessorize.

Parker: Mommy made me wear it.

Chloe: Yes, I did.

Nicole: Hmm. Think your mom will let you check out your fort in your new suit?

Chloe: I see you left it up.

Nicole: I told you I would.

Chloe: Well, you can check it out as long as you don't get dirty or wrinkly. How are you holding up?

Nicole: I'm all right.

Chloe: I know. Well, you look great.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Parker: [Sobbing]

Chloe: Hey, baby, why are you crying? Why are you crying? Will you tell mommy why you're crying? No? Well, will you tell Nicole?

Nicole: Hey, Parker. You want to tell me?

Parker: I never went to a funeral before. I don't know what I'm supposed to do there.

Brady: [Sighing] Mm.

Theresa: Hey.

Brady: Hi.

Theresa: Brady, that trip home from the hospital was really hard on you. So, you know, people will understand if--if you're not at the funeral.

Brady: No, no. I got to go. I have to be there. It's okay if you don't go. I mean, you and Daniel didn't exactly have a very good history, so-- I didn't say that right. I--Theresa--

Theresa: No, you said it-- you said it exactly right. I... I did so many rotten things to Daniel and I never got to tell him how sorry I was and how much I really, really respect him.

Brady: Don't. Don't do this to--

Theresa: You know what, now I have this amazing future and... [Sighs] And he's gone.

Brady: He is gone. I'm dealing with that too, so I think you and I should both go to the funeral and honor him. Express our gratitude to his family, okay?

Theresa: [Sniffles] I'll go get changed.

Nicole: Parker, days like today, they're, um-- they're not about rules. It's not about what you're supposed to do. It's an opportunity to think about how much we love the people we lost.

Parker: My daddy?

Nicole: Yeah. You know, and people do it in all kinds of different ways. Some people have a lot they want to say, and some people don't want to talk at all, and both are okay. And it's a--it's a chance to get together with other people who loved your daddy. Now does that make sense? Do you--do you understand what I'm saying? Yeah?

Chloe: Hey, baby, do you think you maybe want to bring something with you to the church? Maybe something from the fort?

Nicole: [Sniffling] Come here. [Sighs] [Chuckles]

Woman: How are you doing in there baby girl?

[Somber music]

Victor: Maggie and I would like to thank you all for joining us in this very difficult occasion. We're here to mourn the passing of Dr. Daniel Jonas. He was so many things. He was Maggie's son, Melanie and Parker's father, Nicole's fiancée, and a surgeon's surgeon, and a friend to everyone in this room, and so many others. I had the good fortune to be his godfather and watch him grow up. I wish I could wax philosophical about the meaning of this day, but I can't. This doesn't make any sense. Daniel was our rock, the one that we turned to... till he was taken from us by a freak accident. Now we're asked to find a new way to soldier on without him, as patently unfair as that is. But what I thought was if each of us could say what Daniel meant to them, we might find a... a beginning for this grim journey.

Maggie: And although I feel cheated out of so much time with my son, Daniel... he left me with the gift of beautiful grandchildren. I see him in Melanie... and in Parker, every time I look at you. I believe in an afterlife, and I am comforted by the knowledge that my son, Daniel, his soul is with those of his loving parents who raised him... to be the man who made me so proud.

Jennifer: Daniel saved my life... figuratively and literally. And that's why I would give anything on this earth if I could've returned the favor when he needed it the most. And our relationship, it... it ended in one sense. But I got to know him all over again as my friend. And because of that, as sad as this day is... I'm a very lucky woman.

Chloe: And Maggie and Melanie, since you are Parker's family, you will always be my family as well, and I will do everything I can to keep Daniel alive in his son's heart for as long as I live.

Brady: Um... I am reminded with every beat of my heart... that I received probably the greatest gift that a friend can give to another friend. So, uh, Maggie, Melanie, Parker, and Nic, I promise to you that I will not take for granted the gift that I've been given.

Melanie: Um... every time I come up against a tough situation, where it's so important to do what's right, even if it's not maybe the easiest, I just think, "what would my dad do?"

JJ: Almost everybody here knows all the stuff that Daniel did for me, and for as long as I live, I will never forget that, or him.

Nicole: Um... I, uh, I can't. I'm sorry, I don't--I don't have anything to say.

Maggie: Please, everyone, uh, help yourself to, uh, food and drink, and stay as long as you like.

Chloe: Hey. Honey, listen, I know that this is really, really hard, but maybe you should try to say something.

Nicole: I can't. If I try to, if I-- if I see Parker, I'm-- I'm gonna lose it. I know it, and I-- I won't do that to him. Your little man has been through enough.

Melanie: Hey, I hope I'm not hurting you.

Brady: Hmm, I'm good. So good to see you.

Melanie: You too.

Brady: I don't even know how to say how grateful I am for--

Melanie: You don't. You don't have to. This is what my dad would've wanted. I mean, if you had been taken too...

Theresa: I don't mean to interrupt. Melanie, I just want to say how incredibly sorry I am about your dad, and how incredibly sorry I am in general.

Melanie: Maggie tells me you two are really good parents.

Theresa: She did?

Melanie: I hope you guys are really happy together.

Brady: I don't know what to say.

Melanie: [Sighs] Oh, hi. You need a hug? Oh! [Chuckles]

Brady: Hi.

Parker: Hey.

Brady: Did that--did this belong to your dad?

Parker: It's for listening to people's hearts.

Brady: Really? You want to--you want to listen to mine? Hmm? Yeah, let me help you. There are those ears. Go ahead.

Melanie: [Whimpers]

Brady: You hear that? Yeah. A strong one. You know, buddy, your, uh-- your dad was a really-- he was a really great man. And I know this because you know what he did? He saved my life.

Parker: Really?

Brady: Really. And that's why he'll always be a part of me. So will you. So will you. Come here.

Fynn: Did either of you happen to walk through the square on your way?

Maggie: No, uh, we drove.

Nicole: Us too.

Fynn: Something amazing happening there. I don't know how to describe it. I think it's better to see it. I think everyone in this room should see it.

Maggie: Well, then you should make an announcement.

Fynn: Everyone, if I could have your attention for a moment. My God. It's even bigger than before.

Nicole: Excuse me, do you know whose idea this was?

I'm sorry, I don't.

Roman: Um, how did you hear about it?

A friend of mine was a patient of Dr. Jonas. So was my husband.

Nicole: So it was just sort of spread by word of mouth?

My friend saw a notice at St. Luke's.

Roman: Really?

Dr. Jonas saved my husband's life. I brought a photo of our baby. We wanted to say thank you.

Nicole: [Chuckles] You know, um... this is who Daniel was. He changed people's lives. I know because he changed mine, and I-I learned the real meaning of--of forgiveness and understanding and love.

[R&b song plays in Brady's mind]

Nicole: And love most of all.

No you're never gonna come back never gonna come back

Nicole: Daniel looked at life and death every day. It seemed to give him this innate sense of what really mattered, and maybe-- I don't know, maybe that's why he had this amazing ability to make his patients and the people that he loved feel like they really mattered too. Come here, buddy.

Roman: Eric! That was you, wasn't it?

Eric: What are you talking about?

Roman: Now I know why you wanted to be alone after you made bail. You wanted to put up a notice at St. Luke's.

Eric: Made a few phone calls.

Roman: Eric, come back with me. Be with your friends. Grieve with them.

Eric: I can't do that.

Roman: Son, if they're honoring Daniel, then they know Daniel was a forgiving man. They will accept you.

Eric: Dad, you want that to be true because you love me, but I know what I did, and asking them to accept me, let alone forgive me, is asking too much.

Nicole: Hey. I saw you come over here. Are you okay? Do you need help?

Brady: No, I'm okay. Nicole, I, um, uh, when I heard you talking, I had a-- I had a memory.

Nicole: One of Daniel's memories?

Brady: It's not one of mine, I can tell you that. This is something new. Woman: How are you doing in there baby girl?

Brady: I heard that same song again in my--in my dream. [Hums R&B song] Does it--does that mean anything to you?

Nicole: No, nothing.

Theresa: Uh, Brady? I think you should go home and get some rest now.

Brady: I will, I will. I just, um, I have a couple more questions for--for Nicole.

Theresa: Okay, uh, but Chloe and Parker need to get going too.

Brady: I know, I just--I just want a couple more minutes. Listen to me, the song--the song is--is being played over an image of a--of a--of a beach with a--with a high bluff. I came back here and I was looking at images of, uh, of beaches in southern California, 'cause Daniel had told me he had lived there once before.

Nicole: Right. In Malibu.

Brady: Are you kidding me?

Nicole: Wait, what? What--what?

Brady: 'Cause the-- the image that I found in my dream of the beach and the bluff is point Dume in Malibu.

Nicole: Daniel said he and Fynn had an apartment not far from the beach.

Brady: I need to talk-- I need to talk to him. Where'd he go?

Maggie: Well, I don't know about the two of you, but I... I think I need to lie down.

Victor: Why don't you go ahead?

Melanie: Yeah, uh, before you do that, I have to tell you guys something. Um, my flight leaves this afternoon.

Maggie: [Gasps]

Melanie: Yeah, my-- my mom called. Her clinic is understaffed, and she said I could take as much time as I need, but I didn't want to do that to her. Do you understand?

Maggie: Of course, I understand. I-- [Whimpers] I just thought you'd be with me for a little longer.

Victor: Listen, why don't I have Henderson pack your things? That way you can get a little more time.

Melanie: Yeah, that would be great. Thank you.

Victor: You are always welcome here. You know that, don't you?

Melanie: I'll be back. I'll be back. You know, you could come visit me.

Maggie: Yes.

[Both chuckle]

Melanie: I know what you're thinking.

Maggie: That I'm incredibly proud of you?

Melanie: [Chuckles] Well, that I'm leaving when everything is really hard, but I hope you know that in my heart, I will always be there for you.

Maggie: You are my heart. Know that.

Melanie: [Crying]

Maggie: My sweet girl.

Maggie: I'll be all right.

Melanie: Okay.

Maggie: [Chuckles] Okay.

Abigail: Hey.

Jennifer: Hi, honey.

JJ: You guys were right. I'm--I'm glad I did that.

Abigail: Hey, I'm so sorry I couldn't be there, I tried really hard to find another sitter after Diana cancelled, but I didn't have any luck. How are you feeling?

Jennifer: Um, I'm good. I'm--I'm just gonna lie down for a bit.

Abigail: Okay. You should do that. Uh, Thomas has been napping for about an hour, so he'll be waking up soon. I probably should check on him.

JJ: Yeah, and I have some reading to do for tomorrow.

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah, both of you go do your thing. I'll be fine.

Abigail: Okay.

Jennifer: [Exhales] I finished the whole bottle?

Chloe: Take care of yourself, okay?

Nicole: I will do my best. And you can come and visit me any time. You just talk to your mommy. We'll work it out, okay? Come here, you. Give me a hug. Ohh.

Chloe: Well, I'm glad you finally talked. You had a lot bottled up inside.

Nicole: I just had to figure out what I wanted everyone to hear. And just so you know, that fort is gonna be here when you come back and see me, okay?

Chloe: Oh, really, huh?

[Both chuckling]

Chloe: Mm, all right, I better get going.

Nicole: I love you both.

Chloe: I love you, okay?

Nicole: Bye.

Chloe: Bye-bye.

Parker: Bye.

Chloe: Bye.

Nicole: Bye. [Sobbing] [Exhales] [Sighs] I love you, Daniel.

Daniel: I love you so much. I am so grateful I found you. For everything we have, for everything we've been through to get right to this moment.

Nicole: Daniel, I was so scared. I never thought I'd see you again.

Daniel: Well, you're gonna see me again and again and again and again and again and again. I promise you. Well, I've been thinking.

Nicole: Hmm?

Daniel: It's great that you're getting out of here, but why go home and be alone? Why not come to my place?

Nicole: Just for tonight?

Daniel: I was thinking for good.

Nicole: Yes! This is a yes, yes, yes, yes!

Daniel: Yes?

Nicole: Daniel Jonas, I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much. This is the most right thing that I have done in a long, long time.

Daniel: I love you so much.

Nicole: I love you, Daniel.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: [Sighs] God.

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