Days Transcript Wednesday 1/20/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 1/20/16


Episode #12763 ~ Rafe & Hope share an unexpected kiss; John gets answers about his past from his mother; André makes a disturbing discovery at the mansion; things heat up between Belle & Philip during a trip to Las Vegas.

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[Dramatic music]

[Upbeat dance music]

[Intense rock music]

Eric: Tell me Daniel's okay.

Marlena: I can't.

Eric: I killed my best friend, didn't I?

Shawn: Claire, if your mom really did go to Las Vegas I don't know what it is that you think that I can do here.

Claire: Okay, she only did that because she didn't know how you really feel.

Shawn: About?

Claire getting back together with her.

Shawn: Honey, your mom and I, it's not--

Claire: Dad, I know, I know, but you're here.

Shawn: I'm here for you, because you said that you needed me.

Claire: Yeah, right, and none of it was about mom? Come on, dad. You have to fight for her. She shouldn't be with Philip Kiriakis.

Philip: So I have a while before meeting Mr. Woo. What would you like to do? Eat, drink, gamble, go to the pool, or-- or that.

Belle: Works for me.

Philip: Or since we both know I have that meeting later, maybe we should just distract ourselves for now?

Belle: What'd you have in mind?

Philip: You still play blackjack?

Belle: [Laughs] Only if we play by my rules.

Abigail: Chad? Hey.

Chad: Hey.

Abigail: Is she okay?

Chad: Yes, yes. Your mom just froze. Her whole back seized up. It's been happening since the accident apparently, just not this bad.

Abigail: Oh, my God. Thank you. Mom! Oh, my God, are you okay?

Jennifer: Yeah, yeah.

Abigail: It doesn't sound like you're okay.

Fynn: She's gonna be in pain for a little while until the meds kick in.

Abigail: I don't understand. You've been in pain since the accident? Why didn't you say anything?

Jennifer: Because it would just come and go. It was brief.

Abigail: Mom.

Fynn: There was some inflammation around one of her lower vertebrae. It was a good thing Chad brought her in when he did. She could've sustained some serious damage if we hadn't found it and treated it.

Abigail: Chad.

Chad: Hey.

Roman: Got a minute?

Hope: Of course.

Roman: Look, I just wanted to say how glad I am that this whole Malcolm shooting is closed.

Hope: Yeah, me too.

Roman: Okay. So give me a date. When are you back on the job?

Hope: I don't know. I'm not sure, actually, if I'm even coming back to the force at all.

[Suspenseful music]

[Camera shutter clicks]

André: Blood.

Maude: You remind me of him. Your father. I truly would've known you anywhere.

John: Is my father alive?

Maude: Well, he...

John: When did he die?

Maude: He died--

John: Were we ever close? I mean, did he ever know me? I'm sorry. I know I have a lot of questions here, but...

Maude: I understand, of course.

John: All right, I'll just slow this down, and we'll take it from the beginning. And try not to leave anything out.

Maude: You were born in baton rouge. I named you John Robicheaux.

Roman: Hope, look, I know you've been through hell, but, you know, sometimes the only cure is to get right back in the saddle.

Hope: Not this time. Roman, it was a lot. It was too much all at once.

Roman: True. But this is you, hope. Come on. You're the most dedicated cop I've had, day in and day out. And now you got me standing here trying to figure out a way to make you come back. We need you on the force.

Hope: Nice to be needed.

Roman: All right, well, promise me you won't rule it out.

Hope: Roman, it's not just about me. It's about Ciara and chase. I haven't given them as much as they need. Not nearly as much. It's time for me to focus just on them.

Roman: You're gonna be a stay-at-home mom? You?

Hope: I can do it. Learn to do it. Yeah.

Roman: Is that all it is?

Hope: My family's sanity, health, and well-being? Isn't that enough?

Roman: I don't know, hope. It just feels like-- feels like something else is going on here. Now, if there's anything you need to get off your chest, I'm here.

Fynn: Here's the referral for the physical therapy.

Jennifer: Okay.

Fynn: Here's a prescription for the muscle relaxer. That should help with the spasms.

Abigail: I will take this because someone is not very good at taking her meds.

Jennifer: Oh, I will this time. Trust me.

Fynn: Meanwhile, you wear that back brace. Take it easy. Don't lift anything over five pounds. Walk but don't run and don't walk more than you need to.

Jennifer: Okay, no problem.

Fynn: All right. I'll see you next week, and we'll reassess.

Jennifer: All right. Thank you so much.

Abigail: Thank you.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Abigail: Here, I'll take that. Chad, thank you again.

Jennifer: Yes, thank you. Seriously, I would still be standing there if it weren't for you. You should have seen him trying to get me in the car.

Chad: It was a little tricky.

Jennifer: No, it was like bending a statue.

Abigail: Oh, Mom.

Jennifer: Really, I mean it. Thank you so much.

Shawn: I know that you want your mom and me back together. And we both just want you to be happy.

Claire: Well, I'm not saying do it for me.

Shawn: The thing is, is your mom and I haven't been close for some time now. And a lot of that is my fault. I was so focused on school, I--I wasn't paying attention.

Claire: Well, neither was she. God, I can't believe she ran off with some random guy.

Shawn: You're not even supposed to know about that.

Claire: Okay, well, now she's doing it again, but she's just lonely. She loves you, dad.

Shawn: And I love her. Sometimes that isn't enough.

Claire: Okay, but how do know that? How do you know until you try? Dad, this is it. You have to try. You can't let Philip take her away.

Philip: Hit me.

Belle: Big mistake. Bust.

Philip: You dealt that card from the top?

Belle: You haven't been counting cards. Pay up. Oh, no, no, no, no. Mm-mm. The briefs.

Philip: Wait, I still have two socks. Each one counts separately, like your stockings did.

Belle: No, winner gets to pick any visible garment. Those are the rules.

Philip: Your rule.

Belle: My game, my rules. The briefs.

Philip: There. Satisfied?

Belle: Well, not yet, but... I'm about to be.

Philip: I still have my socks on.

Rafe: Mr. DiMera. What can Salem pd do for you today?

André: Well, you can start by losing the smarm. And then you can start investigating. I know that'll be quite a stretch, but maybe I can help you walk through it.

Rafe: Yeah, well, I'm real busy.

André: You know, hope Brady is the reason why my father disappeared, and not because he was afraid of what she found, but because of what she and her accomplice did to him. So when the evidence comes out, detective Hernandez, hope Brady and her accomplice will pay a terrible price.

Rafe: Did you just threaten someone?

André: Oh, come on. You're a decent fellow. A good egg, as they say. Do you really want to throw your career away because of hope Brady?

Rafe: Like I said, I've got real work to do. So if you'd like to file a complaint, you can do it with the desk sergeant.

André: What, you don't want to see the evidence of foul play?

Rafe: What are you talking about?

André: What, do you think I came to your house of detention with empty hands? That would be rather rude of me, don't you think? No, no, no. I have it here. Right here. Shall we look at it? Want a different way to cleanse?

[Dramatic music]

Eric: I can't believe this is where they put you. Where I put you. If I could trade places with you right now, I swear I would. So many people need you, love you. I put holes in their lives too. [Crying] Even with Nicole and all the ways and all the times that I ever hurt her... this was the worst. I don't know who it was that got behind the wheel that night or how I became that man... but I will pay the price. I'm gonna find a way to make this--make this right. I promise you.

Shawn: You said that your mom went out of town on-- on a business trip?

Claire: Yeah, that's what she said, but...

Shawn: Well, maybe it's true. She starting her law practice. Maybe--maybe Philip is trying to help her out.

Claire: See? You don't want it to be true, because you don't want mom with him either.

Shawn: It doesn't matter what I think, Claire. Your mom's gonna do what she wants.

Claire: But it's not what she wants. I hear her crying. At night, when she's alone in her room when she thinks that nobody hears. She really misses you.

Shawn: You don't know that.

Claire: Do you wish it were true?

Shawn: I do.

Claire: Okay, then just call her, please. What if this is your last chance?

Philip: You're more fun. Did you know that?

Belle: Than a business meeting? Better be.

Philip: No, than before. I mean, you're more grown up. You always were.

Belle: Yeah, forever. Since birth.

Philip: No, but now you're more playful.

Belle: Doesn't feel like I've played ever.

Philip: We need to change that.

Belle: I do.

Philip: Are you where you want to be, belle?

Belle: What do you mean? In this bed or in this life?

Philip: Are you where you thought you'd be in high school?

Belle: No, no. I never used to think about career or divorce. You?

Philip: I never though about running Titan then.

Belle: It's a big job.

Philip: I'm ready. I just wish my father were a little more ready to let go. He second-guesses everything.

Belle: Yeah, including me.

Philip: Victor likes you.

Belle: It didn't seem like he wanted you to bring me along.

Philip: I want you here. I want you.

Rafe: What's this?

André: Blood.

Rafe: Where?

André: It's on the bottom. Enlarge it.

Rafe: That's blood? You're sure?

André: Oh, it's blood, and I'm having it analyzed. That will find itself in court, and it will prove that it is my father's blood, and you and your partner know exactly where that came from. We offered women a mystery beauty treatment.

John: Distinguished cross. Purple heart. Korean war.

Maude: Yes. Your father died three weeks before you were born.

John: I'm sorry.

Maude: Things were very tight with us, but after your father died, well, there were benefits, but I couldn't take care of you and work at the same time, so everything went at auction. That must have been the most terrible day, but God sent me a miracle. There was a young couple there. A friend of mine worked for them, and she took one look at you, and she fell in love with you. And they had money, so I knew you would never want for anything, and I would get by.

John: How much?

Maude: It would seem paltry now, but I'm sure at the time--

John: It bought you your freedom.

Maude: No! I did it for you, so you could survive, so we could-- so we could both.

John: I don't understand. The Alamains adopted me out of an orphanage. I was in an orphanage. I have the records.

Maude: That was much later. The couple that adopted you were killed in an automobile accident, and their other relatives didn't like the idea of you being the sole heir of all that money, so they had the adoption nullified, and they put you in an orphanage. But that's where the Alamains found you. And you grew up there?

John: I was with them. Until I died.

Belle: Ugh, meeting?

Philip: Yeah.

Belle: Good discipline.

Philip: I'm not feeling it, but...

Belle: Oh, you got to go. Go.

[Cell phone ringing]

Belle: Hello, Shawn.

Shawn: Hi.

Belle: You called?

Shawn: Yeah. I'm--I'm in Salem, and I need to see you.

Belle I don't think there's anything left to say. You filed divorce papers. I'm not going to--

Shawn: I made a mistake.

Belle: What?

Shawn: I--I still love you. I don't care about what happened or what it is that you did, but it was my fault too. I don't want us to end.

Belle: I don't--

Shawn: Don't say anything. Just get on a plane and come back to Salem, and let's work this out.

Rafe: Maybe it is Stefano's blood. So what?

André: You can't be that sanguine about this. The DNA tests will prove--

Rafe: It's Stefano's house. His DNA is probably all over the place. Isn't he also a diabetic? So he's got to prick his finger at least once a day and draw blood, so it wouldn't be surprising that his blood is around his house.

André: On an art piece? Far away from the bathroom? The master bathroom?

Rafe: It'd be pretty easy for him to get a tiny bit of blood anywhere. And it certainly doesn't prove that hope Brady is guilty of anything.

André: She chose well, assuming it's you. Hope's coconspirator. She's not worth saving, detective.

Rafe: Like I said, if you want to file a complaint, the desk sergeant will take your statement.

Roman: Talk to me. What is the problem?

Hope: I'm fine.

Roman: All right. Okay. I'll leave it to it for now, but if there's anything I can do to help...

Hope: I know where you live.

Roman: We have been through the wars together, haven't we?

Hope: We have. I'd trust you with anything.

Jennifer: Well, thank you for everything.

Chad: It's really no trouble at all. Good-bye.

Abigail: Mom, don't even think about going up those stairs without me, okay? I'll be about two seconds.

Chad: Okay, so on a scale of one to ten?

Abigail: Ten being she loves you? I think we've definitely-- definitely passed five.

Chad: It's not the drugs talking?

Abigail: No, she's not that loopy. I mean, this is--this is really something.

Chad: Yes!

Abigail: Yes, I know!

John: Thank you. So the story was that I had drowned, but that was a ruse. Death was faked, and I was simply sent away.

Maude: Where did you go?

John: Well, from what I'm told, I was placed in a-- in a special school that was run--it was run by an agency that you're better off not knowing about.

Maude: Oh, son. I'm so sorry. I only tried to do right by you.

Belle: You gave up on us without even so much as a conversation. You want to talk now?

Shawn: That's why I'm here.

Belle: Well, you wasted a trip.

Shawn: Well, when are you coming back?

Belle: Tomorrow.

Shawn: Then I'll wait.

Belle: You know what? Do whatever you want, Shawn. Stay, go. It has nothing to do with me. Just like, as long as Claire is safe, where I am has nothing to do with you.

Roman: All right. Do it. Trust me. Whatever it is, we'll figure it out. Talk to me. Hope--

[Knocking at door]

Rafe: Hope? Hope? Hey, okay, I just-- hey, roman.

Roman: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: How are you?

Roman: You do know where I live.

Hope: See you soon.

Roman: Okay. All right, I'll see you at the station.

Rafe: Yes, sir.

Hope: What?

Rafe: Okay. André came just to the station with his version of "forensic evidence" that "proves" Stefano was harmed.

Hope: Is it real?

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, my God.

Rafe: Yeah. Okay, yes, it is real blood, but it can be explained.

Hope: Wait, wait, wait, wait. We left blood at the scene?

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, my God. We're crazy. We're out of our minds. We're never gonna get away with this. There's just no way. What's gonna happen when...

Rafe: Stop it.

Hope: Everything comes crashing down on us, Rafe?

Rafe: It is not gonna come crashing down on us, unless we panic.

Chad: This is good. This is--so um, you know, we found a way to make your mom be okay with it for now, but--

Abigail: Now we just have to live happily ever after.

Chad: Yes.

Abigail: Three of us.

Chad: And the baby, of course.

Abigail: Don't push it.

Chad: And I just need to find a home for us. I'll work on that.

Abigail: But you still have to pick out the napkins and also the invitations.

Chad: You want me on real estate duty, trust me.

Abigail: I do trust you. I trust that you are gonna pick the perfect place for us.

Chad: All right, well I have to go meet the real estate broker, so bye.

Abigail: Bye. We'll be here.

Shawn: You're right. It's none of my business where you are right now. But I'll be here in Salem when you get back.

Belle: We'll talk then.

Philip: That did not sound fun.

Belle: Nope.

Philip: Maybe you're not as over your ex as you thought.

Roman: Doctor. Can I ask you a few questions about Eric's care?

Fynn: Of course.

Roman: How long does he need to be in the hospital?

Fynn: That's entirely up to him. He needs to take his recovery very seriously.

Roman: Isn't he doing that?

Fynn: I just went to check on him, and he's left his room. We're looking everywhere for him. I'm sure...

Eric: I'm right here.

Claire: Hey, did you speak to mom?

Shawn: I did. And we made a plan to talk tomorrow, all right? But enough about that. All right, let's talk about you. Let's talk about you. Let's talk about school. You haven't said anything about it. What have you been doing since you've been back?

Claire: School's fine.

Shawn: Fine? That's all you got for me? Come on. What's your favorite part?

Claire: After school.

Shawn: That was my favorite subject too.

Claire: Oh, no, I mean, there's this singing program. I kind of have a vocal coach, and she thinks I'm good.

Shawn: Wow, we always said that.

Claire: No, I mean, like, good. She set up this audition for me at Juilliard.

Shawn: Are you serious? What--wow! Wait, why didn't you tell me about this right away? Are you excited?

Claire: Well, I don't know if I should even try out. Just not with mom being the way she is.

Shawn: Hey. Rule number one: Don't worry about your mom and me.

Eric: I didn't mean to scare anyone. That's why I turned off all the alarms. I just needed to stretch my legs.

Fynn: Next time, you buzz a nurse.

Eric: I will.

Roman: You went to see Daniel, didn't you?

Eric: I had to. But how do you apologize to the man you killed with your stupidity? There's nothing that can make it right.

Roman: You can't think like that.

Eric: I have to be honest. I can't duck from what I did.

Roman: No, that would never be you.

Eric: If that were true, none of this would've happened. I have to look at it.

Roman: You just have to get yourself well. That's first. Don't push it.

Eric: Dad, if it were up to you, you'd want me to stay here forever, wouldn't you?

Roman: Son, no. You're not right.

Eric: Dad, when I get released from here, you're gonna have to arrest me. I'm ready.

Shawn: I'm serious. Your mom and I are adults, and we can take care of ourselves. Now, Juilliard. Juilliard is a big opportunity for you. If you want it.

Claire: I don't know. It's big and very scary. Well, the people who go there just have to be so driven. What if I can't cut it?

Shawn: Claire, you have a gift. All right, if they take you, that means that you've got what it takes.

Claire: You're so confident.

Shawn: You can do this. I confident because I know you. Come on, I know you. Why aren't you jumping up and down?

Claire: I don't know. Things can always go wrong. Stuff happens.

Shawn: I know that the stuff hasn't been so great lately... but I've got a feeling things are gonna turn around. For all of us.

Belle: I am over it. Shawn just surprised me, courtesy of Claire.

Philip: Yeah? A little sabotage?

Belle: He said he wants to talk when I get back, but there's nothing left to say.

Philip: Really?

Belle: And you know, I have more important things to focus on.

Philip: Like?

Belle: Like keeping those socks off.

John: It must've been hard to be a single mother back then. You probably didn't have a lot of options.

Maude: That didn't matter. I thought I had found the best for you, John. That's all I cared about. And the couple that adopted you, they loved you. They'd have given you such a good life if they had lived. And I'm sure the Alamains would have done it too. This is just devastating.

John: Well, I appreciate your time.

Maude: Of course.

John: You know, I've been searching for these answers for such a long time, and now I finally know. You drugged me.

Maude: [Screams] [Crying]

André: You'll get your check soon. Chad.

Chad: I'm busy.

André: No, no, no, just--

Chad: I have nothing to say to you.

André: Listen for two minutes. Our father is dead.

Chad: I've heard all this before, and--

André: No, no, I know. I know it to be true. I have proof. Hope Brady killed Stefano. The question is now, what are we going to do about it?

Rafe: Quit the force? You can't quit the force.

Hope: I'm not fit to serve right now.

Rafe: Okay, then take a leave. You need a break. Everyone will buy that. If you quit the force, you're gonna set off alarms.

Hope: People quit jobs all the time.

Rafe: Yes, but not you, and not the PD.

Hope: I can't even think about being a cop right now after what I did.

Rafe: What we did. You're not in this alone.

Hope: I know. Thank God for that.

Rafe: I'm here for you. I'm here for you, through this, through everything.

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