Days Transcript Friday 1/15/16

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 1/15/16


Episode #12760 ~ Hope debates making a risky move; Kayla squares off against Ava; Chad is unnerved by André's theory; Jennifer tries to hide the pain she's suffering.

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[Suspenseful music]

Kayla: Ah, good morning.

Steve: Morning. Hope you slept well. You deserve it after the last couple days. What's with the suitcase?

Kayla: I got an email that I need to go before the, uh, national donor organization.

Steve: What, they already found out you gave Daniel's heart to Brady?

Kayla: Without consulting them--yeah.

Steve: Who turned you in?

Kayla: It could have been anybody. Um...I have to fly to D.C. Tonight.

Steve: Well, you can make a case for that decision.

Kayla: I hope so. You distracted. Is everything all right?

Steve: Not really. You know, um... I went to Ava's to return those pictures that she dropped... of the baby.

Kayla: And that upset you?

Steve: She claims he's mine.

[Dramatic music]

[Knock at door]

Ava: Joey.

Joey: Why aren't you answering any of my texts?

Ava: Come in.

Joey: You don't want anything to do with me anymore?

Ava: Okay, calm--calm down. Don't stand out there in the hall. Come in. I-I'm not avoiding you. I've just--I've been busy.

Joey: Doing what?

Ava: Does it matter?

Joey: It does to me.

Ava: Okay, Joey, we can't have that much contact anymore, all right? What if your parents find out that I helped you get them back together? What if Julie Williams saw you come in here? She'll go straight to them.

Joey: Are you dumping me?

Abigail: Good. You guys are both here.

Jennifer: Hey. How's that little baby?

Abigail: He's great. I fed him, gave him a bath, and I put him to sleep.

JJ: Why're you glad we're both here?

Abigail: Well, uh, because I have some good news. Okay. Chad asked me to marry him. And I said yes.

JJ: Are you nuts?

André: Yeah, I want you to find out if father is in Paris. I wanna know how he got there and who he's with. Well, of course I checked to see if he used the DiMera jet. Would you stop--stop asking me stupid questions and just get out there and find him. You I've got to talk to.

Chad: Keep it short. I'm just here to pack up the rest of my stuff, and then I'm out of here for good.

André: Ha-have you had any contact...with father in the last 12 hours?

Chad: I got a text from him saying he was going somewhere in Europe because hope Brady figured out what he did. What's that about?

André: I don't know. I got the same text. Just doesn't seem like him not to speak to us directly. Do you agree?

Chad: Couldn't care less. Wherever he is, I hope he loves the place... and that it's very far from me, Abigail, and our son. As a matter of fact, you should think about going there too.

[Tense music]

Rafe: Hope... you're not thinking straight.

Hope: Yes, I am, but you know what? You're right. I can't say that Stefano had Malcolm killed and made it look like I did it.

Rafe: Yeah, because then they're gonna look for Stefano. We don't want that.

Hope: Exactly. But what if... what if I said that I killed Malcolm... that it was in self-defense? Then I keep Stefano out of it, and I may just beat this rap.

Rafe: I don't know. There weren't any witnesses.

Hope: Which I would think would work in my favor.

Rafe: Are you telling me that you are ready to confess to a crime that you didn't commit?

Hope: Well, it's a hell of a lot better than having my family watch me go to prison for a crime I did commit.

Ava: Joey, I-- I can't dump you. We're not a couple. I think you are a great guy, and I am so glad to know you, but... we're just friends.

Joey: Well... "just friends" at least answer each other's texts. I hardly ever see you anymore. How's that friendly?

Ava: Look, it--it's... just gotta be this way for now, all right? I can't see you so much anymore.

Joey: But that's killing me! Okay? I'm like... I'm in love with you.

Kayla: Ava is claiming that her child is yours? I-I mean, I had a feeling that she wasn't done messing with us, but this--really? Does she think we're gonna fall for this garbage? Wait a second. You believe her?

Steve: I don't know what to believe.

Kayla: It's not possible.

Steve: Sweetness... we both know it's possible.

Kayla: If she had your child, do you really think that she would wait this long to tell you about it?

Steve: Well, a sane person wouldn't, but Ava, well...

Kayla: Well, obviously, she wants something, and she thinks this is how she's gonna get it.

Steve: Yeah, she definitely wants something.

Kayla: Well, what is it?

Steve: [Sighs] She told me...she wants to see her son...once before she dies. And she expects me to find him.

Kayla: I-- [Scoffs]

Rafe: You change your story and claim self-defense now, roman and Justin are gonna think that that's weird. They gave you that option at the time. You insisted on pleading not guilty--

Hope: I know, just... Rafe, just hear me out, would you?

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: Okay. What if I... told them I pled not guilty because I was so traumatized after Malcolm attacked me... that I blocked out shooting him? Which is exactly what happened after I shot Stefano. Yeah, I'll say that my memory failed me. But now I remember everything, and I want to do what's right.

Rafe: Right. And given the hell that you've been through...roman and Justin just might buy that. can say that you're stronger now because you've distanced yourself between what happened that night...

Hope: Right.

Rafe: Right? And then...Malcolm attacked you. You were defending yourself. You thought that he was gonna attack your daughter was self-defense. And given your reputation, people are gonna want to believe that.

Hope: Think they'll buy it? You think it'll work? Do you?

Rafe: I think you have to be 100% sure that you want to do this. 'Cause once you confess to murder, there is no going back.

Hope: I know.

[Tense music]

JJ: What happened to you taking things slow?

Jennifer: Honey...yes.

Abigail: I realized that I don't need to take things slowly because Chad and I love each other and...we have Thomas to think of now.

JJ: Exactly--how can you trust that guy after the way he's treated you?

Abigail: JJ, listen, that's-- that's all in the past, okay?

Jennifer: Is it...really?

Abigail: Mom, are you saying that you're siding with JJ?

Jennifer: Honey, when you came home from the hospital with Thomas, you told us that Chad wanted nothing more to do with you, and you were so upset and--

Abigail: Right, but I knew instinctually that something didn't make sense. You guys, that's all... straightened out now, okay? And...Chad and I love each other, and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. I don't know why you guys can't be happy for me.

Jennifer: Wait--[Stammers] Don't you think that we want that? I wanna believe that you're right about Chad. I really wanna believe that he's a good man--

Abigail: He is a good man, mom, yes, he is. I wouldn't be marrying him if I didn't think so.

JJ: Isn't that the exact same thing you said about Ben?

[Somber music]

André: How can you just turn your back so...easily on--on your family?

Chad: After what the two of you have done to me? It's a piece of cake.

André: That was done... for the sake of the greater good--the family. La famiglia.

Chad: Whoa! [Laughs] Uh-oh, there's that secret word again. Should I turn into a zombie now? Sorry, but Abigail broke your little hold on me.

André: Oh, yeah. True power of love.

Chad: Don't knock it till you've tried it.

André: Yeah, well, I've had experience, and what I found out is that the DiMera men are not capable of a love that lasts. Just gets in the way. And I don't foresee...any kind of longevity between you and Abigail.

Chad: I don't care what you see. Abby and I are getting married. We picked a date. I wouldn't hold your breath for your invitation, though. So I'm just gonna finish getting the rest of my stuff together, and then I never want to see you or the old man again. I am gonna...miss this place, though. They just don't build 'em like this anymore. Hmm. The two of you? Not so much.

André: Before you go... I think there's something you should probably know.

Ava: Joey... you're 16 years old. You don't know what love is.

Joey: Don't tell me that.

Ava: It's true.

Joey: Why wouldn't I love you? You're beautiful... you're sweet. You're, like, the only person that gets me. After I took off from boarding school, I was...I was messed up. I thought I hated both my parents...but you listened to me, and you helped get me through that. And, yeah, I know you're older than me, but...

[Ava laughs]

Joey: I don't care. All I know is I want to be with you, and I don't care what it takes.

Ava: Okay, all right, you know, th--that--that is-- that is impossible.

Joey : Why?

Ava: Because I can't be with anyone. I have leukemia. I'm dying.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Ava said she gave the baby up. Well, actually, her--her father made the decision for her. He sold the baby on the black market as soon as it was born.

Kayla: I can't believe that you are buying this.

Steve: I'm not buying anything. I'm just...I'm just not rejecting it all together.

Kayla: Why not?

Steve: Because, if she's telling the truth, God only knows what that kid's life is like.

Kayla: Did you already tell her that you're gonna go out and look for this so-called son?

Steve: No. No, I didn't do that--I didn't tell her yes or no. I wouldn't do that without talking to you first. I've been up since the middle of the night trying to make sense of this.

Kayla: I do not like how this feels.

Steve: No. I don't either.

Kayla: When we found out that Ava was sick, we decided that we would believe her, that she was trying to win our forgiveness. Now I feel like it was just... bait, and she's reeling us in. No, no, not--actually, not us. You. This is the oldest trick in the book! "Oh, Steve, we have a child that I forgot to tell you about and, oh...I just need you to find him with me and, you know, before I die. Oh, and by the way, maybe you could fall in love with me in the process."

Steve: Kayla, come on.

Kayla: Please! Please tell me that you are not thinking about doing what I'm afraid you are.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Kayla... can we forget about Ava for a minute and focus on the child?

Kayla: I think they come as a set.

Steve: No, they don't. It wouldn't be hard to find out if Ava had a baby or not. Now, if I can prove that she did and that a son of mine was sold on the black market--

Kayla: You know, just because she had a baby doesn't mean that you're automatically the father!

Steve: No, you're right. You're right. But if it's true...and a son of mine was sold on the black market, he could be anywhere in the world, living the worst possible life you can imagine. Some little kid, maybe my kid, is paying for Ava's craziness. Now, I don't think I can live with that.

Kayla: Great--that's just great!

Steve: And what if he's not my kid? Don't I owe it to him anyway to try to find him, maybe rescue him from a horrible life? Kayla, you know...I know what it's like to have a rotten childhood.

Kayla: I know you do. And so does Ava. And she knows that any story about some mistreated kid is gonna press your buttons... especially if she convinces you that this child is yours. [Sighs] We don't even know that there is really a child! This could just be the beginning of some crazy...crazy goose chase, and who knows what else?

Steve: Well, there's one way to find out--locate the boy. Do a DNA test. Please, Kayla. You know it's the right thing to do.

Abigail: I really don't think it's fair for you to throw my relationship with Ben in my face, JJ.

JJ: I'm not doing that. I'm just reminding you that it hasn't been that long since you said you wanted to spend your life with him.

Abigail: Look, it became more and more clear to me that something was off with Ben. I just didn't listen to my instincts.

JJ: A-and you're listening to them now?

Abigail: Yes! I am. And I don't know why you two can't trust me.

JJ: EJ DiMera. Ben Weston--

Jennifer: JJ.

Abigail: Oh. Wow. I'm marrying Chad, and he and I are gonna raise our son together as a married couple. That's what's happening.

Jennifer : That's it-- it's settled?

Abigail: Yes, it's settled, mom. We have a date and everything. We're gonna get married on valentine's day.

Jennifer: That is so soon!

Abigail: It is soon. I didn't know that St. Luke's would have something available, but turns out that they have a cancellation. So that's when we're getting married. Mom, what? What?

Jennifer: Nothing. That--that was the day that Daniel and Nicole...were supposed to get married at St. Luke's.

Abigail: Okay, well, obviously I'm gonna change the date, I-I-- it's still gonna be that month.

Jennifer: It still doesn't give you a lot of time to plan a wedding.

Abigail: Stop, please, mom. It doesn't matter, okay? It's not about the time. We don't need some big, fancy wedding. We just want our close friends there and my family, but... Chad doesn't even want his family there because after what his father and André did to him, he doesn't want anything to do with them.

André: I don't believe father fled the country.

Chad: All right, well, what do you believe?

André: The last time I saw father, he had a late-night visitor...hope Brady. She got into this house and up into this room without being seen. And then she demanded that I let her talk to him.

Chad: And what did she want?

André: Father came to the room before I could find out. And then he sent me to find you. But it was clear that she was enraged. So that's why I think there's a strong possibility that she's done something to him...because she really believes that father was responsible for Bo's death.

Chad: Is he?

André: Of course not!

Chad: You-- [Stammers] You think she killed him?

André: Perhaps, but also maybe she's holding him somewhere, trying to...get a confession out of him.

Chad: No. Hope's a cop, all right? And not one that would ever go rogue.

André: What, you don't think she--she could be pushed to the point where she could break?

Chad: No. No. No, not even then. [Stammers] Face it, André. Father took off because he's guilty as charged. The text said he left town because hope figured out what he did. So I'm sorry, you know. It looks like he left you holding the bag with no money or assets to pay for it.

André: Wait a minute. That's all you've got to say?

Chad: No. If father did do something to Bo Brady... well, then he deserves whatever he gets.

André: He's your father, for God's sake.

Chad: That was an accident.

André: [Sighs] You have no compassion.

Chad: No. None. Not for you. Not for him. For the last time, leave me the hell alone.

Hope: I hate doing what I'm doing. Killing Stefano was unthinkable.

Rafe: Yeah, but you weren't in your right mind when you did it, hope.

Hope: If it weren't for Ciara, I'd be telling that to a judge right now. She's so fragile. I don't know if she'd survive that. Look, I'm willing to do whatever it takes, and that's including saying that I killed Malcolm. And hopefully, it'll keep the department from looking for Stefano.

Rafe: Well, now that Stefano's gone, it may actually be easier to prove that Stefano's responsible for Malcolm...or what happened to Bo.

Hope: No. Stefano DiMera? Leaving a trail? He never does. And even if he did...André would have gotten rid of the evidence by now. Believe me, he made it very clear that he doesn't buy that Stefano left town of his own volition. Rafe, he's going to be watching my every move--every move I make.

Rafe: I tell you something. I'm actually more concerned about you lying to roman. He's a good cop. You're gonna have to stay cool and give a very convincing statement. You understand that?

Hope: Yeah. I know. It scares me.

Rafe: Hey, hey, hope. You can do it. I believe in you. Many people clean their dentures

Joey: Do you really have leukemia?

Ava: Yes.

Joey: I mean, like you went to a doctor and--and you're sure?

Ava: I'm sure.

Joey: I'm so sorry.

Ava: Me too.

Joey: Did they... did they tell you how much time you have?

Ava: Not long. Maybe now you'll understand why I was so anxious to get your parents back together.

Joey: I mean... you told me you were sick a couple of times, but...oh, man. I had no idea.

Ava: Oh, Joey. You're such a great guy, and I am so glad...we got to know each other. You've been a real friend. You have to get over this crush on me--you know that, right?

Joey: I don't know how.

Ava: You'll figure it out.

Joey: I don't want to figure it out.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: You can't pressure me to go along with this.

Steve: That's not what I'm trying to do.

Kayla: You know, I--I have to get to the hospital. I have to see Eric and Brady before I go to D.C.

Steve: Kayla...I understand how you feel about this. But--

Kayla: Please, don't do anything until I get back.

Steve: All I'm going to do is try to verify whether Ava had a baby or not--that's all.

Kayla: We should have run her out of town the second she came into Salem.

Steve: Yeah, but we didn't. And this is where we are now. And I promise you, we are gonna figure this out. And we're gonna do it together.

Kayla: I have to go right from the hospital to the airport. I will let you know as soon as I know my schedule.

Steve: [Whispers] It's okay.

Abigail: I'm gonna go see Chad, and I don't know how long I'll be out.

Jennifer: Honey, what we said before--we said that because we want you to be happy, baby.

JJ: You deserve that.

Abigail: [Laughs and sighs] I am happy, you guys. You just don't wanna believe me or see it or something. It's like you just think I'm stupid.

Jennifer: No, we didn't say that, honey, we just want--

Abigail: No, mom, whatever. Okay, then you think that I'm gullible or naive or... [Exhales] It still hurts.

[Soft music]

I want both of you at my wedding, I do. But if you're not gonna be there, if you decide that you don't want to come, then you need to know that... that I'm gonna marry Chad anyway, so...

Jennifer: Abigail, w--

[Somber music]

[Light knock at door]

Chad: [Exhales] Nice house. It's just full of bad memories.

[Tense music]

Is that blood?

Rafe: You sure? Okay. No, no, no, don't say anything. Okay, thanks, Lani.

[Beep] All right.

Hope: What'd she say?

Rafe: Roman's leaving the hospital now, heading straight to headquarters.

Hope: I'm really doing this.

Rafe: Yeah. You're doing this.

Hope: I hate--

Rafe: No, no, no, you just need to think about what you're gonna say, all right? Plan it in your mind and then remember when you say it for real, I'm gonna be right there next to you.

Hope: I just--I hate that I got you involved in this, Rafe.

Rafe: I'm right where I wanna be.

Hope: You sure? Because I hope so. Because I don't know what I'd do...if I didn't have you to back me up.

Rafe: [Murmurs] You don't have to worry about that, all right? We should get going. You can tell me what you plan to tell roman in the car on the way, all right?

Hope: Just tell me again... that I can do this.

Rafe: You can do this. All right? Hey. You ready?

Hope: Let's do it.

Rafe: All right.

[Tense music]

Abigail: Hey, there, bartender. You've got customers.

Chad: Hey, little old man! How are you? I missed you...and you.

Abigail: Hi. So how did it go at your house?

Chad: Uh, well, not my house anymore. I moved out. André gave me a little bit of grief, but nothing I can't handle, and my father left town last night, so I didn't even have to deal with him.

Abigail: Wait, he left town? Is he well enough to travel?

Chad: You know, just, uh, let's forget about both of them. Let's just forget that I was ever a part of that family.

Abigail: Well, I can't do that, because I am gonna be in that family soon.

Chad: Yeah, well, we'll have our own family.

Abigail: Uncle Steve, hi!

Steve: Abby.

Abigail: Hey!

Steve: Wow! Is that my, that my grand-nephew?

Abigail: Yes, it is, and this is, uh, this is Chad. My fiancé, Chad DiMera.

Chad: Hi. It's a...pleasure.

Abigail: [Cooing] Thomas...

Steve: Good to meet you.

Abigail: Look, this is your great-uncle Steve. Yeah!

Steve: Oh...

Abigail: You think you remember how to hold a baby, uncle Steve?

Steve: Well, yeah! Come on, just like riding a bike, isn't it?

Abigail: I think so.

Steve: Get the blanky and the baby?

Abigail: Yep. Gotta get 'em both--you got him?

Steve: Yeah, let go. I got him.

Abigail: Sure? Okay.

Steve: Yeah. Oh...

[Abigail chuckles]

Steve: Oh, look at that. Oh!

[Abigail giggles]

Steve: I think I see my brother Jack in that face.

Abigail: Really?

Steve: Yeah, I think so.

Abigail: You think he looks like him?

Steve: Little bit. I'm really sorry that he's not here his first grandbaby. Yeah, he'd be making lousy jokes about how he's too young to be a grandpa.

Abigail: [Giggles] Yeah, you know what, I know--it kills me too.

Steve: Well, you know what? I'm back now...and I'll do my best to fill in for him. And, you know, for his dad too.

Abigail: Uh...uncle Steve, I found out that Ben isn't Thomas's father. It's Chad.

Steve: Okay. All right.

Abigail: And Thomas is gonna be raised by a wonderful father.

Steve: Well, then he's a really lucky boy.

[Gentle music]

Ava: Joey, honey... you've gotta let me go...okay? We did a wonderful thing. We got your parents back together.

Joey: Did you want that so bad because you were sick?

Ava: Yeah, yeah, a-and--and because, you know, w-what I've got ahead of me. But I have to face that alone, okay? I don't want you to watch me go through it.

Joey: I wanna be there!

Ava: Okay, damn it, Joey!

Joey: I wanna help you!

Ava: You can't. There's nothing you can do. You know what? There is. You--you can walk out this door, and don't come back. Please.

Kayla: What are you doing here? What the hell are you doing with my son?

Abigail: Chad, I wanna get married next month with or without my family there.

Chad: Abby, you would hate that...and so would I. I want your whole family to be there. I-I want them to see how much I love you. I'll do my best to try to convince them that I would never hurt you. Think your mother and JJ are still at home?

Abigail: You're gonna go now?

Chad: Well, it's probably best if I do it without you there.

Abigail: Well, I don't want you to expect...the warmest reception.

Chad: It's a good thing I have loads of natural charm.

Abigail: Good luck with that.

Chad: Mm-hmm. Ohh... and I love you. [Murmurs] And I love...

[Soft music]

Joey: Mom, nothing's going on--I knocked on Ava's door by mistake because Julie told me that there's a guy from my class, and his parents are--

Ava: Okay, Joey, Joey, you don't--you don't need to lie. We didn't do anything wrong.

Kayla: Oh?

Ava: Look, Joey and I know each other because we worked together to help get you and Steve reconciled.

Kayla: Really?

Ava: Yes. He's a great kid. You should be really proud of him.

Kayla: Go home, Joey. We'll deal with this later.

Joey: Mom, don't be mad at Ava--she was just trying to he--

Kayla: Trust me, I know exactly what Ava is trying to do. Now, get going. You stay the hell away from my son!

Ava: Look, I didn't ask him to come here--

Kayla: No, I'm not finished! I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I-I even told you that I forgive you for all the horrifying things you did to me and my family...and all that time when you were begging Steve and me for our forgiveness, you forgot to mention the fact that you were colluding with our son behind our back.

Ava: I was trying to help you!

Kayla: No, you were setting us up! And when Steve finds out that I caught you here alone with Joey, he isn't gonna lift one finger for you to help you find your fictional son. I don't know what your master plan is here, but I have a pretty good idea. But you can just kiss it good-bye, because I'll tell you one thing, one little promise. I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure that you never hurt me or my family again.

Lani: Detective Brady, it's so nice to see you.

Rafe: Is Roman back yet?

Lani: Yeah, but he just wanted to pick up some paper and get briefed before he heads back to the hospital.

Roman: Hope. Hi.

Hope: Hey.

Roman: How you doing?

Hope: As well as can be expected, I guess. How's Eric?

Roman: Ah, well, a little better every day. We're, uh, all optimistic about his recovery.

Hope: Thank God.

Roman: Appreciate it. Now that we've discussed that... you wanna tell me why you're here?

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: Chad.

Chad: Can I talk to you and JJ?

Jennifer: JJ's not here right now, but I am.

Chad: Can I come in?

Jennifer: Yes.

Chad: I... I came to tell you that... I love your daughter... more than anything. I'd really like to spend the rest of my life trying to make her happy. I promise you, I will never, ever hurt her.

Jennifer: Okay. Well, that's just words, you know, and you're gonna have to prove your words with your actions. And I'm not really sure how you plan on doing that when you're thinking about getting married--

Chad: Are you okay? What's wrong?

Jennifer: I don't know, I just need to go sit down for a minute.

Chad: Oh--

[Joey crying]

[Door opens]

Steve: Joe? What's going on, man?

Joey: Do you remember when you asked me if Ava was helping me get you and mom back together?

Steve: Yeah...

Joey: You were right.

Steve: So you lied to me and your mom. Did Ava put you up to that?

Joey: [Shouting] It's not her fault! She was so nice to me. She got me through a really hard time, and she listened to me. I can't believe she's dying. Dad...what am I gonna do without her?

Ava: Kayla, why would I make a big plan? You know better than anyone how much time I have left.

Kayla: Oh, come on, that is part of the plan. Steve's supposed to find this kid of yours before you croak. Well, guess what. He's not doing one little thing for you, and you are gonna spend the rest of your days rotting in a prison.

Ava: For Pete's sake!

Kayla: Uhh!



Kayla: Oh... you're as big a pain in the ass as you ever were.

[Dramatic music]

Roman: Well...Hope? Why are you here?

Hope: Because I need to come clean. I am here to confess to killing Dr. Seth Malcolm.

[Music swells]

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