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Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/28/15

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Episode #12747 ~ Chad surprises Belle with a kiss; Abigail questions Marlena to figure out what's going on with Chad; Kate delivers a devastating blow to Theresa; Hope zeroes in on the person responsible for Bo's kidnapping.

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Theresa: Hey, if I fall over, just wake me up, okay?

Anne: Who says I will be awake?

Kate: This is unbelievable.

Theresa: What's wrong?

Kate: Well, first of all, this thing would only work with--[Stuttering] The jewel neckline. Who graded the pattern? It's--she's swimming in it, Theresa.

Theresa: It's for Geri, okay? She's that really tall model.

Kate: I don't want to hear excuses. I don't want to hear excuses, all right? This is out. Go, change it now. Theresa, the seams. The seams are totally crooked.

Theresa: Well, the machine, it just kept binding, and I didn't--

Kate: Never mind, you know what the truth is? The seams are the least of it. It--I can't have this in my show.

Theresa: Our show.

Kate: If you want to be part of the launch, you have to have things that are worth being launched.

Rafe: The three numbers I highlighted came from Seth Malcolm's burner phones to someone here in Salem. Run 'em through the computer for me, will you? Get names, addresses, phone numbers, credit cards, anything you can find.

Lani: Right away.

Hope: Hey.

Lani: Hey, hope.

Hope: Hi, detective.

Lani: [Chuckles]

Hope: Congratulations on your promotion.

Lani: Thank you. I still can't get used to coming to work in street clothes.

Hope: Looking good, Lani.

Lani: Thank you.

Hope: Hey.

Rafe: Hey, there.

Hope: What was that about Malcolm?

Rafe: Hope, you know I can't discuss that with you. You're the number one suspect in his murder.

Andre: Father, Harold tells me you haven't had breakfast yet. Would you like me to order a tray for in here?

Stefano: Uh-uh. I just got off the phone with our... crack investigators.

Andre: Yes, the ones that are trying to trace the money that Samantha stole. I spoke to them myself, and they told me what I've told you repeatedly, which is that these things take time, that we got to be patient. Even when it's a cyber crime, there's a trail that has to be followed, and they'll find it. We're going to get our money back.

Stefano: Mm-hmm. Then again... [Chuckles] Maybe we won't.

Abigail: Hi.

Marlena: Oh, Abigail, hi-- good morning, Marlena. Can I come in? Listen, I know that it's early, and I couldn't sleep, but I knew you'd be heading into the office and once you got there that you would have a lot of patients and I probably wouldn't be able to get an appointment to see you, so--

Marlena: Okay, slow down. Tell me what's happening.

Abigail: I need you to tell me what happened.

Marlena: What happened?

Abigail: With Chad. He wanted to see you, he wanted an appointment with you, you hypnotized him, and I need you to tell me what you did to him.

[Baby crying]

Chad: I love you, Abby. That never stopped. It never will. What the hell do you expect me to do? Miraculously find Sami and convince her to give you your money back?

Andre: The key is Samantha's sister, belle Brady. Where did the lovely Mrs. Brady go?

Chad: Called it a night, but don't worry. I'll handle it.

Andre: Oh, I'm not worried, 'cause I know you're driven to do what needs to be done. And that will be the best Christmas present of all.

Abigail: Forgive me for interrupting, it's just that 24 hours ago, Chad was planning our future together, and he was promising me that he would take care of me and my son.

Chad: You should go.

Abigail: Is this because of your family? Are you doing this because this is what your father and André want you to do?

Chad: Stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

Abigail: No, you don't do what they tell you. You don't act like this. This isn't who you are.

[Knocking at the door]

Chad: Hello.

Belle: Oh, you can lose the smile. I have not come with good news.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."

Anne: You know, Kate, Theresa and I, we have been up for two solid days.

Abigail: Yeah, because you put all the seamstresses on the other lines, we have to do everything ourselves, okay--

Kate: Okay, you need to just stop whining, okay? You missed your deadline. You didn't finish. We're gonna deal with what's real now.

Theresa: I did not miss my deadline, Kate, okay, we still have a few days!

Anne: Yes, exactly. We're gonna work all day today, and all night tonight, and then all day tomorrow, and I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

Kate: You know, thankfully, this launch isn't riding on your tiny share of the show. We did hire other designers who know exactly what they're doing and they did a really great job.

Theresa: Listen, if I could just get two seamstresses--

Kate: Theresa, I am not throwing good money after some half-baked ideas. You didn't do it, it's not good. I have no choice. You're out of the show.

Hope: Hey, you can't blame me for asking.

Rafe: No, of course not.

Hope: Ciara found out I was arrested.

Rafe: I'm sorry. Well, would you please tell her that everyone in this department is working their butts off to figure out who really killed Seth Malcolm? And we will. Trust me.

Hope: I do. I have all the--all the faith in the world in you, Rafe.

Andre: Father, I didn't want to say anything over Christmas, but you've been extremely pessimistic lately. What's going on?

Stefano: You know-- [Clears throat] I've begun to wonder... if this is the end game. Perhaps our time-- [Chuckles] Has passed.

Marlena: Come sit down. Tell me why you're so upset with Chad.

Abigail: Because he's acting completely different.

Marlena: Different how?

Abigail: He loved me, he-- he came to the mountains, he risked his life to save me-- to save my son. He held me, he promised me that he would stay with me and that we would be with me, and... he loved me.

Marlena: Okay.

Abigail: [Sighs] And now, suddenly, after one session with you, all that's changed. He's suddenly told me that that was all a lie, and he's-- he's told me that he just said those things and did those things to just help me get through what was happening to me.

Marlena: You mean what Ben did and having to find the baby?

Abigail: Yeah. He doesn't want anything to do with me anymore, Marlena, and all of that changed after his session with you. You hypnotized him, right?

Marlena: What did he say?

Abigail: He said that you hypnotized him, so I just need you to tell me what you said. What did you do to him?

Chad: Not good news, huh? Well, come in. Might make it easier to take it at least.

Belle: [Clears throat]

Chad: So did you come here to--

Belle: Put some clothes on.

Chad: Sorry, just woke up.

Belle: You don't have a case.

Chad: Hmm? What case? Oh, my case, right.

Belle: Yeah, you asked me to sue the DA's office because they arrested you and charged you as a serial killer. Well, you can't. There was plenty of evidence. Planted evidence, yes, but they were completely justified in arresting you.

Chad: Well, that's too bad.

Belle: I knew it. I knew you wouldn't give a damn. You just hired me as an excuse.

Chad: To do what?

Belle: [Chuckles] Get close, see how far you can get. I see you're not denying it.

Chad: I can't. You're right, I'm guilty. What can I say? Sometimes I just can't help myself.

Belle: [Clears throat] So much for keeping it professional.

Chad: Well, you just said I have no case. You're not me lawyer anymore. Besides, you already nailed it. You would have never gone out with me if I just would've asked.

Belle: Hmm. So you just went through the motions of keeping it professional until what, I warm up to you?

Chad: Did you? I think you did. Beautiful, smart, exciting. What am I supposed to do, just look past all that? Mm-mm. I wanted to see if we had a shot. Do we?

Abigail: Marlena, just listen, okay? I know all about the confidentiality rule, okay? All right? I get it, I know. I know that you can't really say what happened in your session with Chad, but I know that something is wrong with him, and I need you to just tell me what you did to him.

Marlena: I didn't do anything.

Abigail: Marlena--

Marlena: Listen to me. We didn't really have a session. I mean, that--that sounds so bizarre, considering the fact that it's a DiMera, it shouldn't be surprising to me, but it was. I had put Chad under hypnosis, and at that point, a hand clasped my mouth with this odd-smelling rag and everything went black.

Abigail: What--what?

Marlena: When I came to, john was there. Turns out there was chloroform on the rag. Chad was gone. Office had been ransacked.

Abigail: Who would do something like that? You don't think it was Chad, do you? Oh, my God. Marlena, I love this man, and I know that there's something wrong with him. What's going on?

Marlena: I'm gonna tell you something. It has to stay between us.

Andre: Please don't talk like that. I know you don't approve of what I had to do to Chad for him to change, but it was justified, because it assures that our family's gonna survive and prosper.

Stefano: Eventually-- [Chuckles] We all run out of road. Even the DiMeras.

Rafe: Man, I'm really swamped with paperwork today, hope, so--

Hope: Well, hey, it's okay, I don't want to keep you. I just wanted to give you a little late Christmas gift, that's all.

Rafe: [Laughs] Wow. I love it! I love this.

Hope: Uh-huh. Mm. You don't remember, do you?

Rafe: Of course I--

Hope: No, you--prove it.

Rafe: Okay, we--that's right, yeah, we were on an all-night stakeout in Brookville. That's what it was, right?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: And there wasn't a damn thing to eat except the old peanut brittle-- it was the best peanut brittle in the world, though, wasn't it?

Hope: It was, yeah. Not gonna give me any, are you?

Rafe: This is great, thank you.

Hope: We practically lived on it for two days, do you recall?

Rafe: I do. Thank you. This is cool. I didn't--I didn't get you anything, I'm sorry.

Hope: No, no, no, don't worry about it, I just-- hey, you've got my back.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: I know it. And that means the world to me. Thank you.

Rafe: Yeah, of course. I always will. I'm always gonna look out for you, you know that.

Lani: Rafe, I did a computer check on those numbers--

Rafe: Lani.

Hope: Hey, no, I got it. I understand.

Lani: Sorry. Speak of the devil. Hello? Yeah.

Rafe: Did you find out anything?

Lani: No, it's weird. All the numbers you highlighted have all been disconnected. Maybe we need to get the phone companies involved.

Anne: Excuse me. For your information, Theresa is 1/3 partner in this company, okay, so her stuff just doesn't get, you know, thrown out because Kate says so.

Kate: Great. Perfect, the other designers are going to be here at 12:00 noon tomorrow with their clothes ready for the runway and an entourage of models.

Anne: Did you hear anything I said?

Kate: Anne, this is between Theresa and me. [Sighs] Sweetheart, look, it's not personal, okay, it's business. I told you from the very beginning that you weren't quite ready. You just refused to believe me.

Theresa: No. No, what I refused to believe, Kate, was that I was unimportant--that you knew everything and I was some wannabe copycat. I stood up for my vision and I stood up for my rights, and you know what? I wouldn't back down, and that just drove you crazy because you just love being in control. So you did your usual. You threw mud on everything-- everything I did, everything I said, and everything I made. Well, you know what, Kate? You can just go straight to hell!

Rafe: Tell you what, I'll deal with the phone companies. You contact the authorities down in Merida. See if they have any idea what Seth Malcolm was up to down in the Yucatan, all right?

Lani: Okay.

Rafe: Maybe we'll get lucky.

Lani: All right, I'm on it.

Rafe: All right.

Hope: Okay, thanks. Hey, Rafe, I can see you are completely bogged down with work here, but could I ask a favor please? I have a case of that peanut brittle down in my car and I kind of tweaked my back a little bit trying to get it in. Would you be so kind to get it for me? I just want to make sure that everyone has a little Christmas cheer.

Rafe: Your back gonna be okay?

Hope: It'll be fine.

Rafe: Okay. I'll get it.

Hope: Thank you.

[Dramatic music]

[Camera snaps]

Nicole: You proud of yourself? You just drove 1/3 of tomorrow night's launch right out the door. We're gonna look like amateurs, Kate.

Kate: Come on, Nicole. I just pointed out how inept she is. It's hardly a surprise, right? And we would look so much more amateurish if we let her so-called designs saunter down the runway to an audience who's what, hooting and snickering? Come on.

Nicole: Excuse me, but the invitations all say three designers. If only two show up, we're gonna look like we can't deliver.

Kate: Okay, relax, I'm getting the third designer. Donatella! Hello, my darling. No! [Laughs] No, I'm not in prison. Believe me, I'm taking that to my grave. No, we would've totally made it work out if you hadn't taken off with that boy toy in Milano. [Laughs] Look, love, I have a favor to ask. Do you have a hot designer who's looking for a new house? Yes, yes, they would have to sign a long term contract and have a collection that's ready to show tomorrow night. Yes, I'm serious. F-- [Sighs] Very funny. Right, I'll talk to you later.

Nicole: Well, that went well.

Kate: Shut up.

Nicole: Kate, stop. You can't get someone on 24 hours' notice.

Kate: I can do anything, all right, just watch me.

Nicole: Oh, my God. Just stick your ego in a drawer for, like, a minute, please? Turn your phone off. I will handle this.

Theresa: [Sobbing] God! [Sobbing]

Anne: Okay, cupcake, don't lose your cool. All right, okay. You lost your cool, it's okay. Hey, listen, you gave it to Kate, all right? You told her off and I'm really proud of you, but you can't-- Theresa, stop, you can't just litter the whole area. We're gonna get arrested.

Theresa: Yes, I can, Anne, it's hopeless!

Anne: No, it's not hopeless.

Theresa: Yes, it is. Look, Kate's right, okay, I can't--I can't do this, and I'm nowhere near a top designer. I never was and I never will be. And you know what the worst part is? I let Brady down.

Anne: No, no, no. No, no, no, no, listen, you stand up. You can still stand up, and you fight for those--

Theresa: No, he believed in me and he trusted me, Anne, and he gave me all this money so that I could have my chance, and then I just-- I just blew it.

Anne: Don't, no. Theresa, come on, now. Hey, listen. Look at me. You cannot let Kate do this to you, all right? Listen, you are stronger than you think, okay?

Theresa: [Sobs] Oh, God, I let Tate down. Anne, I let Tate down, he's gonna--

Anne: No, no, no, no, stop. Shh, it's okay, stop.

Theresa: His mother's a completely failure!

Anne: Honey, you know what? You are so tired, you haven't slept in days, and now you're just running on fumes, you know?

Theresa: No, I'm not, Anne, I am facing reality, okay? I'm not good enough.

Anne: Okay.

Theresa: I'm not.

Anne: Okay.

Theresa: I never was.

Anne: Okay. Okay.

Theresa: I can't--I just--

Anne: Okay. It's okay.

Theresa: [Sobs] I don't-- I don't have talent.

Anne: Shh, shh, okay.

Theresa: I don't have-- [Sobs]

Anne: Shh.

Abigail: EJ really thought that his father was planning his murder?

Marlena: He said that... in the letter he wrote to Sami, which she read when she came back for will's funeral. The odd part is that he gave her pass codes that would give her access to Stefano's cash accounts. She was so angry, she cleaned 'em out, completely, and then she disappeared.

Abigail: Oh, my God. Do you have any idea where Sami is?

Marlena: I don't. I wish I did. Sometimes I get so anxious-- anyway, the DiMeras must think that I know. That's why André ransacked my office.

Abigail: And Chad helped him, you think?

Marlena: Chad denies knowing anything about it.

Abigail: When Chad was under hypnosis, you got chloroformed, and...I don't know, is it possible that maybe André took over the hypnosis session, and he convinced Chad to break things off with me and focus on belle?

Marlena: Wow! That would be odd, but wait, wait, that could make sense. Yeah, they might-- they might believe that belle knows where Sami is.

Abigail: Right.

Chad: I got to admit, me in this robe, you this close--

Belle: [Clears throat] You're incredible.

Chad: Is that a compliment?

Belle: You know very well that I'm married.

Chad: Nah, separated. Your word.

Belle: I also know that you're not over Abigail Deveraux, no matter what you say.

Chad: Well, if you would have talked to Abigail this morning, she would've set you straight on that. We made things very clear last night. I'm free. Free and open for anything.

Belle: Well, I am not a free woman.

Chad: Then why did you come to my hotel room?

Rafe: So what's your plan?

[Dance music playing]

I want to be in love

I want to be alive

[Music volume rising]

Theresa: And now, an exclusive showing of the latest collection of Theresa Donovan.

I want to be alive

[Camera snaps]

I need you, babe

[Camera snaps]

I need--I need you, babe

[Camera snaps]

[Both cheering]

Nicole: You go, Theresa!

[Both laughing]

Theresa: Oh, God. Oh.

Brady: I'll take it from here.

Nicole: Okay.

Brady: Hi.

Theresa: Hi, hi.

Brady: How you doing?

Theresa: Good.

Brady: Listen, I have a question for you. How many times do I have to come down here and cheer you up?

Theresa: This is the last time. It's over, I failed.

Andre: We're not at the end of our road or anything else. We're strong. We're capable of great things. And we are still the DiMeras.

Stefano: I'm tired, André. Oh, God, just...tired.

Abigail: Almost every single time I have seen Chad, he's been with belle. Dinner, drinks, he's definitely moving on her.

Marlena: He thinks she can lead him to Sami, which is why I keep warning her off him.

Abigail: Yeah, but is she gonna listen to you? I mean, really, all he has to do is look at her with those blue eyes, and I mean-- you know, I've fallen for it several times.

Marlena: I will make sure she listens to me. God knows what the DiMeras could do to her before they realize she does not know where Sami is.

Abigail: Marlena... do you think it's possible that we can get the real Chad back?

Marlena: Wow, well, I'd say... yeah, that's doable. Of course, he would have to agree to be hypnotized again.

Abigail: Right. Yeah. Yeah, it's just, he's changed so much, I-I don't know how he would allow that to happen.

Belle: Isn't it obvious? Came here to explain to you why you don't have a case.

Chad: Is your phone's broken?

Belle: No. But I'm a professional, and I like to look my clients in the eyes and make sure they understand what I'm telling them, and since you do and I have, I'm going to leave, so good luck. And I do hope that you find what you're looking for... from someone else. (Music plays)

Rafe: So? You trying to whip up business for the department's dentist?

Hope: [Chuckles] I just wanted to make sure everyone got one for the holidays.

Rafe: I think they will. Tell you what I'll do, I'll leave it right here, and that way, people can just help themselves when they cruise by.

Hope: Terrific. Thanks, I'll let you go.

Rafe: Yeah, hey.

Hope: Oh. [Chuckles] Keys.

Rafe: And I'll call you when I have something I can share with you and your lawyer.

Hope: Great. Thank you, I mean it, for everything.

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: I really don't know what I'd do without you. Thank you. Bye.

Nicole: Kate. Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you.

Kate: Why?

Nicole: Why? Because I told you I would take care of the missing designer problem, and I did, so you don't have to call eve or Christian or Stella or--

Kate: No problem, relax, relax, I already got a replacement.

Theresa: Turns out I'm the joke Kate always said I was.

Brady: You're kidding me, right? [Clears throat] You have as much talent as any designer on the planet, Theresa.

Theresa: I don't, Brady, look, my dressed didn't fit any of the models, and all my designs, they're just--

Brady: Stop it, stop. You knocked the socks off Nicole when she first saw your sketches. And I don't care what lies Kate is telling right now. She loved them as well. My--my own father was completely impressed by you, remember? He used to own this company.

Theresa: Brady, I just--

Brady: Theresa, you're tired, you're--honey, you're tired, and when you get tired, you don't see things as clearly as you should, but you can do this.

Theresa: No, I can't.

Brady: Yes, you can. Yes, you can, you're gonna do this. You're not a quitter, okay? I-I didn't fall in love with a quitter, and I'm not gonna let you off the hook. There's no reason why you can't get out there and do everything that you need to do to make this a tot--

Theresa: Brady, I-- did you just say... you love me?

Andre: I heard you. Don't run.

Chad: Wasn't. I was looking for father, make sure he's okay.

Andre: Oh. Well, let's see. Samantha just stole a ton of cash from him. Belle Brady, her sister-- remember her? Yeah. And so it's been up to you to get it back for him. So how's that going?

Chad: I'm-I'm working on it.

Andre: Yeah? Terrible liar, aren't you? 'Cause you haven't even gotten close to belle, have you? No, because you're still hung up on sweet, dear Abigail.

Nicole: You did what? I told you I would take care if it.

Kate: You went running after Theresa to tell her that all is forgiven, didn't you?

Nicole: No.

Kate: Look, we run an international fashion company. Just to be clear, we're having a launch that's going to be covered by international pres, and I don't want some little knockoff artist ruining that, Nicole.

Nicole: Yeah, but we can't bring in some last-minute wannabe to replace a very talented designer who you know damn well has a potential to hit it big. This is her shot, she's earned it, and it would hurt our company tremendously if we showed any signs that we're not unified in the look that we want.

Kate: Oh, and what's that look, lopsided and droopy?

Nicole: No--okay. Okay. Her construction still needs work, but we still have time to call in help to make that happen.

Kate: Not on my dime.

Nicole: Kate, she will be ready for this event. I stake my reputation on it.

Kate: Nicole, you don't have a reputation.

Nicole: Look who's talking.

Kate: I've run three major companies.

Nicole: So I've run one too, I--

Kate: Therefore, I am making this decision.

Nicole: Whoa! You would dump me right along with Theresa if you thought you could get away with it.

Theresa: Brady. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry. You don't have to answer that. Pretend I never asked that. I mean, it's just an expression. People say it all the time-- talk shows, birthdays. "I love you" doesn't really mean anything anymore, so-- uh--God.

Brady: Theresa? We've been at this a while now. [Sighs] I feel like I've gotten to know you. The real you. And I figured it out. I love you.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: I love you.



Brady: Chad still loves us. I know he does, honey. And I am going to find out a way to bring him back.

Chad: What is it with you, André? Why do you always assume I'll fail?

Andre: Because I'm a clever little devil.

Chad: Well, I'm not still in love with Abigail, okay? With belle, I--

Andre: What? What? You need more time? Have a new angle? Why don't you just admit that you've let your family down?

Chad: Fine. Belle's made it clear that she's just not interested. She can't trust me. How's that for honesty?

Theresa: Oh, Brady. I've waited to hear you say that for so long, and when it just popped out, I just-- oh, my God.

[Both laughing]

Theresa: You know what, oh, yeah, and in case I didn't say it yet, I mean, I've know I said it before, but I love you too. I do, I mean, so I guess-- I guess that's nothing new there, right?

Brady: It's always good to hear. So we got that out. That's out. I love you, you love me, and-- we still have one thing to deal with, though. We still have this little fashion show that we have to--

Theresa: [Sobs]

Brady: Gotta deal with this.

Theresa: Yeah, Brady, like, I just--

Brady: [Sighs]

Theresa: Look, I can't, okay? I-I can't fix those dresses. I don't have the skills, so... like, I don't really have a choice, I have to give up. And please don't try to talk me out of it, okay, because I just really don't want to cry again.

Brady: Listen, listen, listen, listen, listen. Whatever you want. Okay?

Theresa: Thank you. I don't really want to be here. Can we go home?

Brady: Are you sure?

Theresa: Yeah, I'm sure.

Brady: Okay, well, okay.

Andre: Belle Brady doesn't trust your name.

Chad: Excuse me?

Andre: You're a DiMera.

Chad: Yeah, I am. What--what do you expect me to do, go back to Chad Peterson-woods?

Andre: Well, if it works. You can call yourself Dudley do-right for all I care, but your get close to belle Brady, and you better do it soon.

Belle: Mom? You home?

Marlena: Okay, be right there.

[Door opening]

Marlena: Honey? What is it?

Belle: [Sobs] Shawn filed for divorce.

Marlena: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Abigail: No wonder you didn't want to nurse. Sweet boy. It's okay, mommy's just-- mommy was upset. I'm sorry that I had to leave you, but you know what? Every single time your mom is gone, that is because she's working so hard to make sure that you grow up to have the best life you possibly can. Yeah. You're so quiet today, buddy. Yeah. You're so warm.

Hope: Did you find anything?

Rafe: Bo Brady was a cop for quite a while, and he made plenty of enemies. You'd better get used to that, detective.

Lani: Roger that.

Hope: Wait a minute, not on even one of the numbers? They're located here in Salem.

Lani: I guess what I'm really asking is, if someone kidnapped him, tortured him, I mean, it would have to be a guy with real brass.

Rafe: It would.

Hope: They never existed? Sure, yeah, okay. Thank you. How does a phone number exist?

Rafe: And when it comes to that, there's one name that jumps to the top of the list.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Stefano--

Hope: DiMera.

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