Days Transcript Friday 12/18/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/18/15


Episode #12741 ~ Abigail's devastated when Chad breaks things off with her; Kayla angrily tells her to get lost, but Ava has news that gives her pause; John's shaken when Eduardo sheds light on his past; Rafe bonds with Hope as he helps her get into the holiday spirit.

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John: You were sent here to kill me.

Eduardo: Essentially, yes.

John: Well, I know that my assassin skills are a little rusty, but it never seemed to me to be a good idea to tell the target that he was a target.

Eduardo: Well, not if you intend to go through with the assignment. I don't.

John: Good to know. So why the heads-up? Why not keep it to yourself?

Eduardo: 'Cause I think your life is still very much in jeopardy. These people--they tend not to give up.

John: Okay, I'll bite. Who's "they"?

Belle: So, I made a list for my assistant of everything that needed to get done for my office to open, and then I realized, I don't have an assistant and I can't afford an assistant. Mom? Hello?

Marlena: I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. What were you saying?

Belle: Wow, you were a million miles away. That's not like you. What's wrong?

Marlena: I think I should tell you that I was attacked in my office this morning.

Belle: I'm sorry, what? What-- by whom?

Andre: Everything is going according to plan. I dropped Chad off at the hotel. He didn't remember anything about our sessions this morning. Now he's going to use his considerable charms on belle, who will lead us to Samantha and our money.

Stefano: You know, you'd better hope that this is true.

[Knock on door]

Abigail: Chad, are you there?

[Knocking continues]

Abigail: Chad? Hi! I am so glad you answered, because I have some great news. You okay? What's wrong? Did something happen at your session with Marlena?

Chad: No, I'm fine.

Abigail: Oh. Okay. Good. Because I have some amazing news.

Ava: Hello, Kayla. Been a long time.

Kayla: Not long enough.

Ava: Look, I know you have every right to hate me, but--

Kayla: Hate isn't a strong enough word.

Ava: But if you could just please listen. E d

Justin: This has really been a fun case. Hope buries her husband one day, then gets arrested and arraigned for murder the next.

Rafe: I don't think she did it.

Justin: Look, I feel for what hope's going through right now, and I know I may sound like a coldhearted sob, but this is bad. Bad for the department.

Rafe: I don't know about that. I don't think this even goes to trial.

Justin: Well, I hope you're right--about everything. But don't just tell me she didn't do it; get off your butt and find out who did.

Ciara: What is that you're hiding?

Hope: What? Uh... nothing.

Ciara: Mm-hmm. Why don't I believe that? Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without you keeping secrets.

Hope: That's right.

Ciara: So, I was just down at the square, and I realized that we are seriously behind schedule. We don't even have a tree yet.

Hope: Well, honey, I guess maybe I was thinking that this year...

Ciara: We'd skip it? Come on, mom. What would dad think of that? Come on, get your coat and let's head down to the lot before all the best trees are gone.

Hope: I don't know. I'm not sure. I have a lot of work I have to do.

Ciara: Mom, it's almost Christmas. Look, I know that it feels really sad and weird, but I really think we need to have Christmas this year. Please? Do it for me?

Belle: So you think it was Chad who attacked you?

Marlena: I think he was involved in it. The DiMeras will do anything to find out where Sami is.

Belle: And what did the police say?

Marlena: I didn't call.

Belle: Oh. Well, why would you? You were only chloroformed and your office was ransacked.

Marlena: And I don't really have any proof, do I?

Marlena: Well, just a thought, but I think of think roman would believe you. And isn't your office proof?

Marlena: No. I cleaned it up.

Belle: Again, why?

Marlena: I don't want to explain to anybody why the DiMeras are looking for Sami.

Belle: Because then they would issue a warrant for her arrest.

[Phone rings]

Marlena: Sorry, honey. I've got to take this. Excuse me.

[Ringing continues]

Abigail: So, the doctor said that Thomas is doing great, and he said that I could take him home today. Which means that he's gonna be home in time for Christmas. Isn't that wonderful, Chad?

Chad: Wonderful.

Abigail: I know. It's just, like, uh! Amazing, because I came here 'cause I want you to come with me. I think the three of us should leave the hospital together and we should start our new life, the three of us, together, and I think--you know, I know we can't stay here, obviously--

Chad: Abigail, you and I-- we need to get something straight. T.

Ciara: Hey, remember that time that I knocked down that tree?

Hope: Yes.

[Both laugh]

Ciara: And I remember you telling me that you and dad thought it was funny.

Hope: We did.

[Both laugh]

[Knock on door]

Ciara: Hey, I'll get it.

Hope: All right. Thanks, honey.

Ciara: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Hi. How's your mom holding up?

Hope: She's fine. Yeah. We're getting ready to go buy a Christmas tree.

Rafe: Right. Right. Uh, hey, can I talk to you for a few minutes? Got a case; I need your pov.

Ciara: It's nice to see you too, detective scrooge.

Hope: Uh, you know what? Actually, um... sweetie, why don't you go get the tree, and we'll decorate when you get back?

Ciara: Well, it's so nice having a cop for a parent.

Hope: Hmm. I love you.

Ciara: Love you too. I am getting the biggest tree that they have. [Laughs] Maybe two.

Hope: Okay.

Rafe: You didn't tell her?

Hope: I was praying that we'd be able to get through Christmas before she found out that her mother's been arrested for murder.

Rafe: I'm so sorry.

Hope: You're doing your job. I get it. Hey, I was going over some information about Malcolm before Ciara got back, and I was thinking that if we just--

Rafe: Don't. Just don't. Don't do it. Do not investigate on your own. Just trust your lawyer. Trust me.

Hope: I'm being framed. What am I supposed to do? Sit home and paint my nails?

Rafe: You need to just stay out of it. I'm gonna find out who did this. I'm gonna find out who kidnapped Bo and who is framing you for Malcolm's murder if it is the last thing that I do.

Eduardo: You made certain people very unhappy when you started asking questions about your past, and they really didn't like your questions about Winterthorne academy.

John: They hired someone to kill me because I asked questions about a school?

Eduardo: A school that was a cover. A front.

John: A front?

Eduardo: A front. They recruited kids-- especially kids without parents--orphans, like me. We were watched 24/7. We were constantly evaluated-- how we did in school, how we did in sports. Those who did well in both were pushed hard to see who would break. You and I didn't break. So we were handpicked to be lifted out of the program and sent to a secret training facility.

John: Training facility for assassins.

Steve: Well. Look who it is.

Justin: Best of the season to you too, Steve.

Steve: Uh-huh.

Justin: I can tell Adrienne's brought you up to speed.

Steve: Yeah, we had a couple beers. She told me about those great kids, her good-for-nothing cheating husband...

Justin: I get that you're mad at me.

Steve: Let me put it this way: After the way you treated my sister, it's a damn good thing you're out of her life.

Kayla: How about instead of talking, you turn around and get the hell off my property?

Ava: I'm so sorry. I was gonna call, but I thought that you would just hang up.

Kayla: Oh, well, you got that right.

Ava: Well, what I have to say, it's-- it's very personal, and-- I'm asking for your forgiveness.

Kayla: No.

Ava: I know I did terrible things.

Kayla: Terrible things? Let me see--kidnapping three people, shooting hope, sabotaging an airplane-- those aren't terrible things, Ava. Those are sick, depraved, sociopathic things. And just a little hint: If you're looking for forgiveness, maybe just skip the woman whose father you killed.

Ava: I never, ever meant for the plane to take off. No one was ever supposed to get hurt.

Kayla: You know, the only reason you're not rotting in jail right now is because you dragged your sorry ass out of here, but now that you dragged it back, it is time for you to pay the piper.

Abigail: Chad, wait. What--what's wrong?

Chad: It's just, you're moving way too fast.

Abigail: What?

Chad: You need to focus on your son, and I need to-- I need to work things out with my family.

Abigail: [Laughs] I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. What?

Chad: My family is going through a crisis right now. They need me.

Abigail: Do you not remember what your father did to you? To us? Well--

Chad: Yes, I remember. But I also remember that he took me in as his son. Treated me like a member of the family when he didn't have to. He and André are all I have left right now. I can't turn my back on them.

Abigail: Whoa. All you have left right now? What are you talking about? Chad, you-- Chad, you have me, and you have my entire family. They are all ready to welcome you with open arms.

Chad: I already have a family. I don't think you understand, or maybe I didn't make myself clear. My family is going through a crisis right now. They need all my attention.

Abigail: Well, it feels to me like you are choosing your family over me, Chad.

Chad: I guess I am.

Belle: Shawn, I'm really sorry. Please call me back. I'm really sorry.

Marlena: Everything okay?

Belle: No. [Clears throat] Shawn and I keep playing phone tag. We're trying to figure out how to make Claire's Christmas not suck, but I don't think that's gonna be possible.

Marlena: Maybe you should go back to Maine. Talk to him face-to-face.

Belle: I can't. If I'm going to take care of my kid, I have to open my office, and that's a full-time proposition.

Marlena: Anything I can do to help.

Belle: Thank you. Anyway, I didn't want to make this all about me.

Marlena: Well, you're not. You're concerned with Claire. That's exactly what you should be doing.

Belle: Shawn and I-- we know it's over. It's just coming back here to start over. [Laughs] I even told Philip it just feels like a defeat.

Marlena: You told Philip about this?

Belle: Mom, I just ran into him. Oh, don't give me that look. I told Philip my one and only focus is putting my life back together for my daughter's sake.

John: So Winterthorne academy. Established to recruit and train assassins. I think I'll skip the reunion.

Eduardo: The blood on my hands, man. The families I left behind.

John: Family? They were your cover?

Eduardo: God forgive me, they were. Who'd believe that a loving husband and father was actually a killer by profession? What I'm most ashamed about is how I could just walk away so... easily, as if my wife and my children were props, not people.

John: Well, that's why they went after orphans. If you never knew what a family meant, you wouldn't have any regrets about walking away.

Eduardo: You weren't an orphan.

John: Only in spirit. You remember everything, don't you?

Eduardo: I dream about it too.

John: Well, I guess I do owe Stefano something. You see, he erased all my tapes. I don't remember any of it-- training, missions.

Eduardo: Well, then you do owe him.

John: Hmm. Well, now, thanks to you, it just makes me wonder. How much blood do I have on my hands?

Justin: I don't expect this to mean that much to you, but I am truly sorry for what I did to Adrienne. And if it's any comfort, I've paid and continue to pay for being such an idiot.

Steve: You're right. It doesn't mean much.

Justin: Guess you don't worry about being-- let's say, smug?

Steve: Oh, so you think I'm the pot calling the kettle black because I left Kayla?

Justin: Something along those lines.

Steve: Well, you weren't there, so you don't know the whole story.

Justin: No one ever does, do they? I would like to ask you a favor, through.

Steve: Kind of pushing your luck, don't you think?

Justin: You won't be helping Adrienne by fanning the flames. We're both trying very hard to move on and do what's best for the kids.

Steve: So you want me to chuck her on the shoulder and tell her to buck up?

Justin: Adrienne has always been tough and resilient. Just help her to look forward and not back. Okay?

Steve: Oh. Well said, Mr. District attorney. You know, you could have a second career as a motivational speaker.

Justin: Speaking of the DA's office, one of my responsibilities is to make sure the police department runs very smoothly.

Steve: Yeah? What's the got to do with me?

Justin: Well, I understand you and john are going into the pi business. So if and when that happens, I want you to be very careful not to interfere with the Salem pd. Just dial back the Sam spade impersonation.

Steve: Adrienne told me about you cheating on her. She didn't say you'd turned into a pompous ass.

Justin: Whereas you haven't changed a bit. Unfortunately.

Ciara: Uncle Steve. Just the man I was looking for.

Steve: Hey, baby. How you doing?

Kayla: I'm calling the police.

Ava: Wait. Kayla, please. I really, really, really am sorry.

Kayla: You know what? You belong in jail. You know, you think you can just come back here and pick up where you left off? You kill a few people, bat your eyelashes, get whatever you want?

Ava: Look, I came to make amends. I know what I have done, and I know that asking for your forgiveness may be just--

Kayla: Yes, ludicrous. Appalling. Completely delusional. I want to make something clear to you, Ava. Steve and I will never, ever forgive you. So why don't you just turn yourself around and get the hell out of here?

Ava: Kayla... I'm dying.

Abigail: I don't believe this. You just told me you loved me.

Chad: You were a mess. I told you what you needed to hear.

Abigail: It's not what you said. Chad, you just risked your life to save me and my baby, and it's not what you said that made me know you loved me; it's what you did.

Chad: I did what I needed to do. Ben couldn't get away with another murder. Don't romanticize it, Abigail. Realistically, this just isn't the right time for us.

Abigail: I know what you're doing. You did this before. You're just pushing me away to protect me from your father, right?

Chad: No.

Abigail: Yes, you are. Chad.

Chad: No, I just don't have time for a relationship right now.

Abigail: What are you talking about? You were just telling me a bedtime story to help me fall asleep and talking to me about a family, the three of us, and now you--

Chad: That's the thing, Abigail. It's your son.

Abigail: Chad...

Chad: Yours and Ben's. It's not mine.

Abigail: "It"?

Chad: Whatever I call him, he's not mine. I know you've had a horrific time, but now that the dust has settled, I realize that... I can't be with you.

Abigail: "The dust has settled"?

Chad: I can't be with you. Not the way you want.

Abigail: [Crying]

Gabi: Abigail? Abigail, what's wrong?

Abigail: Chad...

Gabi: Did something happen to him?

Abigail: No. No. Yes. Yes, the man I talked to is not Chad. He...

Gabi: I don't understand. I'm sorry.

Abigail: He told me that he couldn't be with me because of Thomas. Because Thomas is Ben's son.

Gabi: Oh, god.

Abigail: But it doesn't make any sense. He knew that all along. He knew when he saved us that Thomas wasn't his son.

Gabi: Abigail, you know that--you know that he's always had this other side to him.

Abigail: No. Gabi, this isn't just him having another side. He's being a completely different person. I'm telling you, he-- the things that he said and the way he said them, he doesn't even sound like himself. It doesn't-- it doesn't make any sense.

Andre: Well, father, you don't need to threaten me. I know I'll have to pay if this plan doesn't work, but I truly believe that Chad will--

Chad: I'm right here. What am I supposed to do?

Andre: Chad-- Chad. Welcome. Welcome. Father and I, we were expecting you, weren't we?

Chad: What do you want me to do?

Andre: Well, before we get into that, how are Abigail and the baby doing?

Chad: They're fine.

Andre: Yes. Well, you know, we thought you'd like to spend probably more time with Abigail and Ben.

Chad: I told her we can't be together.

Andre: Because the baby isn't yours?

Chad: Because the baby isn't mine.

Andre: Yes. Yes. Well, yes, that's understandable. And, listen, we're glad that you're back. Oh, by the way, have you met belle?

Chad: I saw her when I went to Marlena's office today--

Stefano: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is it, son? What--whoa.

Chad: My head. Must have happened when I was hypnotized by Marlena. I don't remember the session. I don't remember going to my hotel room, but I just woke up there.

Andre: Oh, Chad. I need to tell you that I knew you were going to have a session with dr. Evans. So I took the opportunity to disable her so I could search her office.

Chad: To find Sami. We need to find Sami.

Andre: Yes. Yes. It's imperative.

Chad: For our family. I have to do whatever you ask. For our family.

Hope: It means the world to me that you want to help, but I told you, I don't want you to stick your neck out for me.

Rafe: Nothing's gonna happen to me. I'll do it by the book.

Steve: Ho ho ho! Dude and dudette. Look at what we have here.

Ciara: Isn't it beautiful?

Rafe: Wow.

Hope: It's great, honey.

Rafe: Well, I'm gonna let you guys get to your decorating. Hope, thank you. I'll be in touch.

Ciara: Rafe, you got to stay. This tree is huge, and we need a man's help.

Rafe: I think he's got it under control.

Ciara: Well, he has to go home. Please, Rafe? It'll actually be fun.

Hope: I think maybe Ciara's right. You should stay.

Rafe: Well, that sounds like it's two against one. Guess I'm staying. Hmm.

Kayla: I can't imagine anyone lying about their own death. But since I don't believe one word that comes out of your mouth, I think I'm gonna need a doctor's note before I offer my condolences.

Ava: I understand that.

Kayla: Any idea what you have?

Ava: Leukemia. My doctor says that I only have a few months to live. That's what I came back. I have so little time to make up for all the terrible things that I did.

Kayla: You can never make up for what you did.

Ava: Well, with this diagnosis, all I can do is try. Could you please just give me the chance to try?

Steve: All right. All right. Right. Straight. It's straight. Cool.

Ciara: It looks wonderful. Hey, Rafe, could you help me get some decorations down? They're kind of heavy.

Rafe: Yeah, sure. Lead the way.

Steve: Well, your little girl seems hell-bent on having a Christmas with all the trimmings, huh?

Hope: Yep.

Steve: Yeah.

Hope: She and Bo always got the biggest tree in the lot. And then I would pretend to be upset about it, and of course that made it a lot more fun for them.

Steve: What's going on, hope? Come on, talk to me.

Hope: I'm just--I'm so scared that she's gonna find out. That it's gonna make everything worse.

Steve: Find out what?

Hope: I was charged with Malcolm's murder.

Steve: Son of a bitch!

Hope: Forensics proved my gun killed him. And I'm the one, Steve, that was gonna pay him for information. He never showed up. They kidnapped Ciara.

Steve: What? My god. When? How?

Hope: She was leaving the house. And in order to get them to release her, I had to tell them about the serum. I had to. And Malcolm ended up dead.

Steve: Damn it, hope, this is exactly what I didn't want to see happen. And you get pulled into this mess.

Hope: Well, I'll get myself out of it. I will find out who did this.

Steve: No. No.

Hope: Steve--

Steve: You will not. You listen to me. You need to take care of Ciara. You need to think about her. Now, roman and Rafe will do all they can to clear you. Victor will use all his resources to find out who's behind this. You think about Ciara. Please, don't try to do this on your own.

John: So that's why you came to Salem? To kill me.

Eduardo: No. I was actually trying to get out of the life. I came to my senses. I was desperate. I went into hiding. I thought that I had gone off their radar. So when I heard about my daughter's death... I-- I missed every important moment of her life. Every moment that mattered, I missed it. But I did show up for her funeral.

John: They took it all away from us, didn't they?

Eduardo: They found me, john. Tried to force me to kill you. But I won't do it. I will never do their bidding again.

Gabi: This could be for the best.

Abigail: We were finally gonna be happy. And we were. Last night, we were. We were so happy, and then this morning, the things that he said--the way he said it--he doesn't even sound like himself. I'm telling you, Gabi, there is something seriously wrong with him. I know that there is. I know it.

Marlena: Honey, please let Claire know she doesn't have to pretend to be happy.

Belle: Mom.

Chad: Your secretary told me where I could find you. I'm really sorry about what happened at your office. All right? It was all André's doing.

Marlena: And you knew nothing about it?

Chad: I swear I didn't know what he was gonna do. I don't know what happened. I woke up in my hotel room. I don't know how I got there. I went to see my father and he said that André had followed me. Then he did what he did to you so he could search your office. I mean, he's-- he's desperate to find Sami.

Marlena: I don't know where she is. I don't want to know where she is.

Chad: I'll tell him that.

Belle: And you tell him to back off or there will be repercussions. Serious legal repercussions.

Chad: I think the stunt this morning was just-- look, he knows that Sami won, and, you know, there's nothing they can do about it.

Marlena: Of course. And we know that Stefano DiMera always graciously accepts defeat. Let's go.

Chad: Actually, belle, I was hoping that you could give me a minute. I heard that you're a lawyer, and I have some legal matters that I would really like to discuss with you.

Marlena: Well, I wouldn't be in business with DiMeras, but if you decide you want to do that, you need to be careful. Chad.

Chad: Thank you. I really appreciate your time.

Belle: Hmm. Well, I didn't stay here to hear what you had to say. I stayed here because I'm gonna tell you a thing or two.

Rafe: Where's this go?

Ciara: Dad and I always put that on the mantle.

Rafe: Oh. The mantle. Mantle.

Hope: Yeah. When it came to Christmas, Bo was the gaudy one. He never thought less is more.

Rafe: He was right.

Ciara: Mom, look. Dad gave you this. Mom and dad had, like, this big adventure where they were looking for a prism or something, and mom was ice skating-- mom? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll put it back.

Hope: No, no, no, honey. Let's put it over here like always. Okay?

Ciara: Right.

Rafe: Hey, Ciara. You know what I just noticed?

Ciara: What?

Rafe: You and I are the only ones doing work here. Hello, hope? [Whistles] What, are you too good for this? Come on. Help out here. It's Christmas.

Hope: [Sighs] You know, I almost forgot what a pain in the... pain you are.

Rafe: Ooh. Look at this one. Wow.

Andre: Oh, father. It's so good to have Chad back in the family, isn't it? I know you're skeptical, but I promise you, you will be pleased... when Chad gets belle to lead us to Samantha. [Laughs] And that's going to be very, very, very soon.

Belle: I wasn't gonna say this in front of my mother, but André attacked her in her office. Now, I get that André doesn't have a soul or a conscience, but what he did was not only cruel; it was criminal. So you tell him if he comes near my mother again, I will tear his head off. You got that?

Chad: I can see you're a formidable adversary.

Belle: Damn straight.

Chad: That's exactly what I'm looking for.

John: I appreciate you warning me, but I can't turn back now.

Eduardo: Then you'd better be very careful.

John: Always am. And I'll find a way to neutralize the threat on my life.

Eduardo: I'm already working on that.

Ava: Thank you. What?

Kayla: I'm just trying to figure out, is it leukemia or the Italian academy of dramatic arts?

Ava: Kayla, I-- I own the things that I did. But it was you yourself who figured out that my father was feeding me those meds that made me do those terrible things. I am not on those meds now, and I am not lying about being sick.

[Door opens]

Steve: What the hell are you doing here?

Ava: Wait, please. Please, Steve, just please listen.

Steve: Shut up! Get the hell out of here.

Ava: [Gasps]

Steve: [Grunts]

Hope: Hey, uh, thank you for everything.

Rafe: Yeah, it was fun.

Hope: I wasn't really talking about the tree. Thank you for believing I'm innocent. I know. I know. I almost went off the rails.

Rafe: But you didn't. Right? So you just keep helping Ciara through this Christmas. And I'm gonna prove you didn't kill anyone. Promise.

Hope: Thank you. Bye.

Rafe: Bye.

Eduardo: Gabriella.

Gabi: Oh, hi.

Eduardo: Hi. I, uh-- merry Christmas.

Gabi: The same to you.

Eduardo: Speaking of which, I was wondering if it would be all right if I were to drop off a little gift for Ari.

Gabi: No.

Eduardo: Okay. Well--

Gabi: Not unless you stay awhile and start to get to know her.

Eduardo: I'd love that.

Gabi: So would we. I'm sorry, I have to run, but I will see you soon, right?

Eduardo: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure.

Gabi: Okay.

Eduardo: Okay.

Chad: I am now more convinced than ever that you are the right person for the job. I want to sue the DA's office.

Belle: What?

Chad: False arrest, wrongful incarceration. You're ready to tear André's head off; I think you are exactly the right person to go after Justin Kiriakis.

Belle: Boy. I can't think of a better first case. Representing a DiMera against the DA's office. No, thank you. Best to the family.

Chad: Look, I don't want to be your adversary or your family's.

Belle: Then don't be.

Chad: Belle. Please do not hate me because of my family's actions.

Belle: Oh. Is there a better reason? Listen: Let's not talk about how we feel about each other. Let's just have nothing to do with each other, okay?

Chad: Your call. But I think you are being a little hasty. Now, I think my case is the perfect way for you to tell Salem that you are one hell of a lawyer. Right now, I'm the only one-- besides you-- who knows it.

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