Days Transcript Tuesday 12/15/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/15/15


Episode #12738 ~ Chad & Abigail solidify their relationship with a special night alone; old feelings are stirred up when Belle & Philip run into each other; Theresa encourages Brady to take his life in a new direction; Gabi & JJ go on a date.

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[Baby crying]

Theresa: Okay. Okay, I know, I hate this as much as you do, but we just need to let him cry, okay?

Brady: Why don't we let him cry tomorrow?

Theresa: Brady, no. I just fed him, and he's dry and--he didn't start crying until I left the room so he's just testing us.

Brady: Okay, well, he wins. He wins, okay? I'm going to put him in the carrier, I'm going to put him on my chest, he's going to fall asleep, and we're going to be fine.

Theresa: Hey, and then we're going to put him back in the crib, and he's going to wake up and then he's going to start to cry and then one of us is going to pick him up, and we're going to prove that his crib is a bad place.

Brady: No, you can't possibly know that. He doesn't talk yet. He could not have said that to you.

Theresa: No, he didn't. The pediatrician did. Come on. She said that, you know, I told her we were moving, and she said that he needs to learn how to soothe himself, because the transition's going to be hard.

Brady: Come on, what do pediatricians know anyway? I don't want to hear him cry. I hate that sound. I don't want to hear that sound.

Theresa: I don't like that sound either, but hey, have you noticed, by the way, he stopped crying.

Brady: Oh, my God.

Theresa: And he's sleeping like a little proverbial angel.

Brady: I don't like it when you're right all the time.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, well, get used to it. Uh-huh. So, now that the baby's asleep, what should we do for the rest of the night, hmm?

Brady: Hmm.

Gabi: I'm just so tired of movies being about dry, ironic superheroes.

JJ: Yeah, me too. Or women fighting over bridesmaid dresses.

Gabi: Yeah.

JJ: So what's your favorite movie ever?

Gabi: "Citizen Kane." You?

JJ: Uh, "Faster, pussycat, kill, kill."

[Both giggle]

JJ: No, really? Um, "Citizen Kane," uh...

Gabi: You're just saying that because I said that. You probably have never even seen it.

JJ: Yeah?

Gabi: Yeah. What are you doing?

[Holiday music]

JJ: Rosebud.

Gabi: [Laughs] Okay, all right. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Belle: Some things never change. Your free throw still sucks.

Philip: And you're still a critic. Hey, Belle.

Belle: You're back.

Philip: Who says you can't come home again? You look amazing.

Belle: Oh, I do not look amazing. I look like hell.

Philip: I beg to differ. Not to pry or anything, but what are you doing roaming the deserted streets of Salem at this late hour?

Belle: Couldn't sleep.

Philip: Coffee's not gonna help with that.

Belle: Oh, warm milk. God, I hate warm milk.

Philip: Who doesn't?

Belle: Ugh. Well, I could ask you the same question. Isn't it a little late for hoops?

Philip: Like you, I'm an insomniac. Don't you remember?

Abigail: The doctor said that he was doing well. I just was shocked. I can't even process it.

Chad: The doctor also said that you should go home and get some rest. Baby's going to need you in the morning. Got to get some sleep.

Abigail: I know. Yeah. Probably just crash in the, you know, call room.

Chad: No. No, no, that's a terrible idea. Come on. I have a better one. Come with me.

[Gentle music]

Theresa: I think I am going to be just aces at this whole housekeeping thing. A real Martha Stewart.

Brady: Martha Stewart, yeah. That's how I've always thought of you.

Theresa: Hey, come on. Give me a chance. I just need to learn a few things, like, uh, oh, I was thinking earlier, if I want to get food in the kitchen, I have to go to one of those, uh, what do they call it... grocery stores, right, and then you have to buy it?

Brady: We don't have any food, do we?

Theresa: What, are you really hungry again?

Brady: I'm sorry, I've been unpacking boxes. I've got an appetite I'm working up.

Theresa: I'm sorry, Brady, I should have had snacks for us. I'm so sorry. What is that?

Brady: It's a fondue pot.

Theresa: Why do you have a fondue pot?

Brady: I have a fondue pot because it was a wedding present from a wedding that didn't happen. That happens a lot in Salem.

Theresa: Yeah. Okay, so you have a pot and nothing to fondue.

Brady: Right.

Theresa: Okay, Brady, I know that I'm supposed to be honest and above-board and I've turned over a new leaf and all that, but, uh, you know, John and Marlena, they kind of strike me as the types who would have a well-stocked pantry.

Brady: Marlena does have a good collection of cheeses.

Theresa: Uh-huh.

Brady: I know she's got bread. We could have a meal.

Theresa: Yeah, are you down for a little breaking and entering? I mean, it would be horrible of us. We'd be the worst neighbors ever if we just woke them up.

Brady: Uh, Theresa, Theresa. I have a key to their place. Wait, wait, wait, we can't leave the baby, though.

Theresa: Come on. We've got the monitor. Let's go. You know, I had reservations about having John and Marlena as neighbors, but now I'm just going to think of them as a convenience store.

Philip: So, you came here for the funeral.

Belle: Yes.

Philip: How's Shawn holding up?

Belle: Like father, like son. Holds it all inside.

Philip: Well, at least he has all that extended Brady family.

Belle: Actually, he went back to Maine.

Philip: Oh. But the funeral was just this morning.

Belle: Mmm.

Philip: Sorry, none of my business.

Belle: Well, to use the hated euphemism, we're on a break.

Philip: You and Shawn, who thinks you hung the moon. What happened? Is there another woman?

Belle: Remember when you said it was none of your business? It's none of your business.

Philip: Sorry. Ex-husbands shouldn't pry.

Belle: No, I'm sorry. I'm more than a little snarky. Which is so surprising, you know, because everything's always so calm here in Salem. Well, um, I should get going. Or...

Philip: Or.

Belle: Or I could kick your butt at HORSE.

Philip: You could try.

[Ball bounces]

Belle: [Chuckles]

JJ: I remember doing this as part of my probation.

Gabi: Yeah, it's something like cleaning up the prison yard.

JJ: We have weird things in common.

Gabi: Yeah, we do.

Chad: The other side. I, um, I know a lot about this place. It's where I stayed when my father kicked me out. It's really quiet and we can get to the hospital in just a few minutes. So why don't, um, why don't you give me your phone. I promise to answer it on the very first ring. I just want you taking care of yourself right now.

Abigail: Seems like that's what you're doing. Thanks.

Chad: So, uh, do you want to go to sleep or I can run you a bath or I'll order you some tea or some food if you're hungry. Are you hungry?

Abigail: No. No, I just want to be here alone with you. Oh.

Brady: Well, here's to our first home-cooked meal. Mmm.

Theresa: Mmm. Yeah, stolen food always tastes extra-good, doesn't it?

Brady: Yes, it does.

Theresa: Look at that.

Brady: What?

Theresa: Look.

Brady: Oh. Not tidy enough for you?

Theresa: No, I mean, look at the way the fabric drapes. Would be really cool in a plaid or something.

Brady: I'm glad to provide inspiration.

Theresa: I'm sorry. That was so rude.

Brady: No, hey, hey, hey, look at me. Continue. It's really cool. You know how long it's been since I've seen you excited about anything?

Theresa: Oh, you mean, other than sex, drugs, and easy money?

Brady: Hey, take it easy. That's the mother of my son you're talking about. Don't go there.

Theresa: Yeah. That's in the past and I definitely don't want to go there especially when the present is so perfect.

Brady: Sitting on the floor with gooey cheese. That's perfect, right?

Theresa: Well, it is when I'm here and my son's in the next room and I have a job I love and most of all when I'm just sitting here with... in our living room in our new home and, yeah. Life just doesn't get better than this.

Belle: Oh!

Philip: [Laughs] Is that, uh, how you kick my butt?

Belle: Oh, shut up and shoot. Oh, yes. Sweet!

Brady: I just had to let you win to soothe your bruised ego.

Belle: Oh, right, I buy that. You Kiriakises hate competition. In fact, you just came back here and took Brady's job because you thought he should have more time to bond with the baby.

Philip: I didn't take his job from him. Father did that. I decided it would be condescending to let you win.

Belle: Mm. How involved you are, Philip.

Philip: The real truth is, I'm worried about my dad. Losing Bo, he's pretty raw these days.

Belle: I'm sure that's part of the truth.

[Suspenseful music]

Belle: Ah. God, you know, I'm having this really weird dj vu thing. You know, you playing games with me, not telling me the whole truth. Philip, feels like we're still married.

Chad: And have I told you how much I love the name Thomas? Thomas J. Deveraux. Sounds like a Supreme Court justice.

Abigail: [Sighs] You know, I never, um, never even told Ben I wanted to name him that. Should have known something was wrong. Should have known everything was wrong when I couldn't even tell him what I wanted to name our son.

Chad: Something was wrong. Really, really wrong, and you just kept trying to do what was right for you and for Thomas.

Abigail: I did.

Chad: Abby, I think it might take a while for you to feel safe. But you are... safe. I promise to keep you safe.

[Gentle piano theme]

Abigail: [Sniffles]

Chad: Hey. When you are ready to close your eyes, I will--I will sit right next to you, wide awake, for as long as you want me to.

Abigail: You never gave up. My son and I are alive because you never gave up.

Chad: I never will.

Theresa: Last one. You want it?

Brady: No, you take it.

Theresa: Mmm. You know, it kind of makes it clear why no one ever says, "Hey, let's go to that new Swiss restaurant."

Brady: Hmm.

Theresa: You're thinking about Philip, aren't you? What he's going to do to Titan?

Brady: No. No.

Theresa: Liar. Brady, I'm really sorry. I feel like I messed everything up between you and Victor, and, look, it's going to be great, though, okay? You're going to have time with Tate, and you'll have time to figure out your next move.

Brady: Right. No, it's going to be great.

[Quiet piano melody]

Theresa: You know what, you're such a nice guy, and you're trying to make the best of it, and you're trying to say it's all going to be fine, but I know you, Brady. I know how much that job meant to you and how much your career meant to you. You know what? You should have never left Titan. You should never have left Victor or that mansion. I--I think you should go home where you belong.

JJ: You really want to know all about me? Well, you've come to the right spot, 'cause this place is like the JJ Deveraux History Channel.

Gabi: Oh, yeah, you're a Horton and this is the Horton Town Square.

JJ: Yeah, but I'm more a Deveraux than a Horton. I'll prove it. Right there is the bookstore window that I smashed in. Right there is the store that I got arrested for shoplifting at. Um, and actually right here is where I got in that fist fight.

Gabi: Oh, well cry me a river. You ever done time for murder?

JJ: Yeah, but you ended up a model. I want to be a cop.

Gabi: To redeem yourself or do you just like the excitement?

JJ: I don't know. Okay, well, something else about me. Um, I'm kind of clueless about a lot of things, and I screw up royally.

Gabi: That's just something else we have in common.

[Holiday music]

Gabi: You're thinking about Paige, right?

JJ: That's where I met her for the first time. Just right over there.

Gabi: [Sighs] You helped catch the man who killed her. He-- he took her away before I even knew who she was, so uh, thank you, really.

JJ: I loved her so much and, um, I made her life hell. I took away everything that she loved.

Gabi: I doubt that.

JJ: No, no, I really did a number on her. Even--even when I met her.

There was this voice that was in my head that said, "Nah, pal, she's out of your league. You're not good enough for her." The voice was right.

Gabi: Yeah, I know it. I know how that feels. I always thought Will was way out of my league.

JJ: No, he's just--he just didn't know who he was yet.

Gabi: Yeah, and the list goes on, though. I fell for Chad after. Chad DiMera. He's totally out of my league.

[Gentle music]

Abigail: Oh, it's-- is something wrong?

Chad: Yeah. Yes.

Abigail: What?

Chad: I need to take better care of you than this. You just had a baby, and you went through hell. It's my job to keep my head on straight, so we--

[Tender piano music]

Abigail: Right, yeah.

Chad: Yeah.

[Both chuckle]

Abigail: Yeah, uh, yeah. I guess I'm not, uh, I'm not all there.

Chad: All there, yeah. [Laughs] Oh. Maybe.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Chad: But you're still you. I can tell. It might... it might not feel like it right now. But you got through it. You got through it for you and for your son.

Abigail: [Laughs] [Inhales deeply] Oh. With a little help from my friends.

Chad: We are friends. I want you to know that's as special to me as everything else.

Abigail: [Yawns] Sorry.

Chad: [Chuckles] "Sorry"? Thank God. You got to get some rest. I'm going to--I'm going to tuck you in. If you don't want to close your eyes, don't, but you have to at least rest.

Abigail: I think it's going to be okay. I feel safe now.

Belle: [Giggles]

Philip: So, if Shawn's gone back to Maine and you're still here, does that mean you're staying in Salem?

Belle: Hmm, I guess.

Philip: Did you, like, go to basketball camp or something?

Belle: [Laughs] Law school.

Philip: Same difference.

Belle: Ah. Yeah, coming back here, I mean, there are a million good reasons to do it but it still feels like a defeat. Oh.

Philip: You can do that over.

Belle: Oh. I thought you weren't going to condescend.

Philip: The rule is, you get a do-over if you miss a shot after a painful personal admission.

Belle: Oh, well, some things never change. Making up the rules as you go. Yeah. And don't think I didn't notice.

Philip: Notice what?

Belle: That you, uh, are doing that thing. You know, I ask you about you and then you get me to open up and you give me, as the Spanish say, nada. It's your shot.

Philip: [Sighs] It's scary, you still know me better than anyone.

Belle: It feels like this game's never gonna end.

Philip: Me? I don't have a problem with that at all.

Brady: The hell are you talking about?

Theresa: I just think all of this--moving in here with me and Tate, it's too much too fast.

Brady: Where is this coming from? Wh

Theresa: Brady, I saw how upset you were when you found out that Philip was going to be running Titan, and it's because you don't trust him and he's done bad things in the past, but honestly, Brady, he is a pillar of honesty compared to me.

Brady: Oh, God--no, no, there's a big difference.

Theresa: There's not a difference.

Brady: Yeah, there is.

Theresa: He's lied and he's cheated and he's screwed everything up. And I've done all of that and I also put your father in a coma and I--I was ready to let you take the blame for it.

Brady: Theresa, Theresa, listen, listen. Bringing this up, and you don't have to, and I'll tell you why. You're sorry for the things that you've done. I know this. Philip is not. What's worse, Philip doesn't believe that he's ever done anything wrong in his life. He just feels that he's smarter than everybody else. He's more pragmatic.

Theresa: Yeah, but you still don't want him running Titan. You don't want to be a house husband and--Brady, I ruined everything with you and Victor and now I'm sitting pretty and you're being nice about it.

Brady: Well, I'm sitting here with you. In a very nice apartment. It's beautiful. And very tasty cheese.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: With our beautiful boy in the next room. I'd say I'm sitting very pretty.

[Intense music]

Theresa: You know what? I'm going to make sure that you always feel that way.

Brady: Okay.

Theresa: [Chuckles] Mm-mmm. [Laughs]


JJ: Okay, Chad DiMera is not out of your league. The guy is a sleaze with a rich daddy.

Gabi: I'm no one to pass judgment on people, especially after the things I've done. Okay, sorry, I'm trying to stop beating myself up for things I've done in my past. It's just not easy.

JJ: It's not easy.

Gabi: You know what's not easy? My brother.

JJ: Rafe's giving you grief?

Gabi: No, actually, the opposite. He's like, my rock. When I got pregnant, when I found out the baby's father was gay, when I killed Nick... he was there. It makes me--made me--makes me feel sad. And if he yells at me or screams at me--

JJ: He's just like my mom.

Gabi: I'm not saying anything against him. You know, he's always been good, strong. Took care of our family but I just feel like I keep letting him down.

JJ: Tell me about it. It's kind of a weird thing we have in common.

[Both laugh nervously]

Gabi: What?

JJ: No, I--we went to the movies and it's just not a date. It's a self-help group.

Gabi: Well, no, it wasn't a date, and it's--I've made that very clear, JJ. I don't want anything serious, you know?

JJ: Well, lucky you're with me, the least serious guy on the planet.

Gabi: Oh yeah?

JJ: Shall we?

Gabi: Let's do it.

Belle: All right.

Philip: And that's an E and that's HORSE and you lose.

Belle: Wow. You always were a gracious winner but you know what? I challenge the ruling. I want a do-over.

Philip: On what grounds?

Belle: On the grounds that I have made a series of painful admissions and you have not revealed anything even slightly personal about yourself. Your rules, you said so.

Philip: You really are a lawyer, and I see it now.

Belle: And a very good one. I seldom lose. In court. I lose at relationships and basketball and marriage. Basically anything that doesn't really matter.

Philip: Well, any time you need relationship advice, you can always come to me. I have all the answers.

[Small piece of metal falls]

Belle: Ah. What's this?

Abigail: Ben! Ben! Ben! [Screaming] I can't! Please hold my hand. Ben! [Gasps] Oh, Chad.

Chad: Hey, hey, it's okay. It's okay, I'm right here. It's over. Breathe. It's over.

Abigail: [Hyperventilating]

Chad: It was the cabin, wasn't it? Okay. Thomas is in the hospital. He's warm and safe. People who love you are taking care of him. The cabin burned down and Ben can never, ever hurt you again. I'm right here, and I'm going to stay right here until this is all just one bad dream. Okay.

[Somber music]

Philip: It's called a challenge coin. I got it in the Marines.

Belle: What for?

Philip: The what for doesn't matter. What matters is my first commanding officer gave it to me. [Sighs] It's my most prized possession. Brings me luck.

Belle: Oh, so that's why you beat me at basketball.

Philip: Maybe that's why we bumped into each other in the first place.

Belle: Well, as they say, don't press your luck. See you around campus.

Philip: How about dinner tomorrow?

Belle: No, thanks.

Philip: Why not?

Belle: It seems like you need to focus on work and I need to figure out what I'm doing with the rest of my life.

Chad: You only slept for like, a few minutes. Why don't I just turn the lights off?

Abigail: No, don't. I don't want you to turn the lights off. I don't want to fall back asleep. I don't want to have another nightmare.

Chad: Okay.

[Abigail sighs]

Chad: You know what? Why don't I tell you a bedtime story?

Abigail: Chad--

Chad: And if you like it, you can tell it to Thomas when he gets older.

Abigail: You don't know any bedtime stories, Chad.

Chad: I sure do. I know the best bedtime stories in the whole wide world. [Clears throat] Once upon a time...

Abigail: Oh, that's it? You spacing out on me?

Chad: No. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Abigail, and she had three ugly stepsisters.

Abigail: I think there's only two sisters.

Chad: Well, Abby--Abby had three, and an ugly duckling who grew up to be a corporate lawyer which is an entirely other story, though.

Abigail: I think I want to hear that story.

Chad: Well, I'm the storyteller and you're the story-listener. It is freezing in here.

Abigail: No, it's fine. Leave it.

Chad: [Sighs] Right.

Abigail: Chad.

Chad: What?

Abigail: The story.

Chad: Oh, right, the story. So, Abigail was stubborn as hell and moved to Antarctica, because she liked the climate there.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Chad: But before she moved, she stole some magic beans.

Abigail: Oh, so she was a thief then?

Chad: Uh, the beans were in a supply closet for three months and were not being used. Very wasteful, so it was not really wrong. Anyway, she couldn't plant the magic beans because the ground was frozen.

Abigail: Well, that's weird because you don't plant magic beans. You just throw them out the window and then--

Chad: Okay, why don't you tell the story if you know everything there is to know about once upon a time.

Abigail: Stop. Come on. I mean, I am a much better storyteller than you, but that wouldn't work because I wouldn't get to hear the sound of your voice.

Chad: Oh, then close your eyes, and I shall continue talking.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. Go ahead, but she has to meet the prince soon.

Chad: Yeah, I was just about to get there.

Abigail: All right, well get there.

Chad: I'm getting there. As it turns out, there was a whaling captain...

Abigail: Named Chad?

Chad: Named Chad. Chad the whaler. And was he ever good-looking. But he had been very unhappy.

Abigail: Mmm.

Chad: See, he had been in this terrible relationship with a white whale, and he thought that his life was over. Until one day, he saw Abigail climbing up her vine, and he said to himself, "Sea-faring man, forget the white whale. Thar's the girl for you." From now on, I'm going to do whatever it takes for us to live happily ever after.

Abigail: I hope that story takes a really long time.

[Tender music]

[Gentle guitar melody]

Singer: If only to hold you only to taste your lips if only for this moment for you I would do it again even for just one kiss I'd risk it all just for this 'cause I want to love you forever it only gets better from here and I'm with you come whatever as beautiful days turn to years if only to love you only for this sweet caress only to know you just for the warmth of your breath even for just one kiss I'd do it all just for this I'd do it all just for this

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