Days Transcript Monday 12/14/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 12/14/15


Episode #12737 ~ Hope is forced into a tricky situation as she tries to rescue Ciara; Rafe fears Hope has gone too far; Philip pressures Victor to make a bold business decision; Belle shares a big secret with Brady.

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Lani: Can I help?

Rafe: Yeah, I wish.

Lani: Who is he?

Rafe: He, well, we believe that he is responsible for capturing and torturing Bo Brady.

Lani: Wow. You think you might be able to find him?

Rafe: Oh, we already have. He's here in Salem.

Lani: Well, that's a stroke of good luck.

Rafe: Yes. The only thing is we don't have any hard evidence against the guy.

Lani: I mean, that's what we were saying about the necktie killer, but now we have Ben Weston in custody.

Rafe: Yeah, well, thanks to you.

Lani: I was just in the right place at the right time. You did the legwork. And you'll get this guy too.

Rafe: Yeah, I hope you're right.

Lani: Well, let me know if I can lend a hand.

Rafe: Thanks, Lani.

[Phone beeps]

[Line trilling]

Rafe: Hope, it's me. Again. Hey, listen, I get that you don't want to talk to me right now, but... I just--I need to hear your voice to know that you're okay.

[Phone beeps]

Ciara: I know someone's there. Who are you? Why am I here?

Hope: What the hell do you want? Let my daughter go! Hasn't she suffered enough?

That depends.

Hope: On what?

On you. Tell us what we want to know, and your daughter will be free.

Philip: I've been looking at titan's financials from the last several quarters.

Victor: Of course you have.

Philip: With shipping costs down I'd expect to see better performances in several divisions. Especially cosmetics.

Victor: Talk to your mother about that.

Philip: She's not exactly gonna be thrilled I took this job, is she?

Victor: Well, after the way she stabbed your brother Lucas in the back, she can't accord to let you see how she really feels. She hasn't been around to meddle yet? Vet your girlfriend?

Philip: I don't have a girlfriend.

Victor: Comment on the feng shui of your room?

Philip: I haven't even unpacked.

Victor: Weighing in on how you're running the company, even though you haven't started yet?

Philip: Bring it on, I say.

Victor: That's the spirit. Bear in mind that Brady and I have been more than a little distracted recently. For a number of reasons.

Philip: I understand, dad. I was thinking to boost revenues globally, the first thing we should--

Victor: Before you start making any proposals, I think maybe you should spend a little more than half a day going over the data. Philip, I'm very grateful and proud to have you back at the helm at titan. There's no need to be hasty. The company's in pretty good shape. For the most part. I don't expect you to turn anything around overnight.

Philip: You do realize you're sitting on a gold mine, right? We need to figure out a way to monetize that drug you developed for Caroline Brady, and we need to do it right now, before somebody else beats us to it.

Hope: Look. Look. There's a half a million dollars in here. Go ahead, count it.

Did you honestly think Dr. Malcolm would have told you anything in exchange for such a relatively paltry sum? He's not coming, by the way.

Hope: What did you do to him?

As if you care. You wanted him dead.

Hope: What I wanted was information from him.

It so happens that's just what I want from you. Tell me about the experimental pharmaceutical that Victor Kiriakis has been funding.

Hope: What would I know about it?

Your late ex-husband, God rest his soul. Researching that drug became his life in his last few years. He knew more about it than anyone.

Hope: It's the reason he's dead.

Speaking of dead, do you think you'll get your daughter back if you don't cooperate?

Hope: If I tell you what little I know, how do I know you'll keep your end of the bargain?

I guess you'll just have to trust me.

Hope: I don't even know who you are. Let me see Ciara. I need to know she's okay.

Does she not look okay?

Hope: I need proof of life.

Very well.

Hope: Oh, my baby.

Ciara: Mom?

Hope: Ciara.

Ciara: Mom!

Hope: Ciara.

Ciara: Mom!

Hope: Tell her I'm here.

Ciara: Get your freaking hands off me!

Hope: Tell her I'm here and that I'm okay. Tell her she's gonna be okay. Tell her she's going to be okay. Please.

But it would be cruel to make her a promise that I can't be sure to keep. Not until you've told us about the serum.

Hope: I'll tell you. I'll tell you everything. I'll tell you everything. Please.

Belle: Well, I always thought two brothers were more than enough for me.

Brady: Trust me. One little bratty sister was enough for me.

Belle: Hey!

Brady: Look, you got to admit, I mean, Paul, he missed all the tattletale years.

Belle: Who says they're over?

Brady: Mmm. I'm so glad to have you back.

Belle: It's really good to be back.

Brady: So you sticking around or what?

Belle: That's the plan.

Brady: And Shawn?

Belle: He's in Maine.

Brady: Oh.

Belle: Yeah. Seems like he wants to put as much distance between us as possible. And Claire, I think she'd rather we just get it over with and get a divorce already, so...

Brady: You fightin' a lot?

Belle: Not anymore. But the silence is pretty terrible.

Brady: Mm, that I understand.

Belle: Yeah. So, you left your job at titan, you moved out of the mansion.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Belle: That's a lot of change for you too.

Brady: Yeah.

Belle: That could be good.

Brady: It can be good, it can be scary as hell. Question for you. Why do you keep lookin' around over your shoulder? Are you looking for a better dinner date than me?

Belle: No.

Brady: Then there's something you're not telling me.

Belle: [Sighs] You can see it on my face, right?

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Belle: I'm a terrible liar.

Brady: That's a good quality, belle.

Belle: No, I think it's actually gonna get me in trouble this time.

Brady: Want to tell me why? Come on, tink. I know you're dying to tell me anyway, so just do it, tell me.

Belle: I know, I know, I am. I know. I didn't put myself in this position, but Sami--

Brady: Sami. I'm shocked. How much trouble does she have you in now?

Victor: I developed this drug specifically for Caroline Brady. I really didn't have any commercial applications in mind.

Philip: Right, but now that you've seen how it works... not just the effect on her memory, but these visions that she's been having. Who wouldn't pay millions to be able to predict the future? If we pour cash into r&d now, the return on our investment could be unbelievable.

Victor: I've kept this under wraps for a reason. Until we know exactly what we have, our number one job is making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Do you understand?

Hope: The drug was developed to treat topit's disease. It's a rare neurological disorder that mimics Alzheimer's. Bo's mother was diagnosed with it a few years ago.

Go on.

Hope: It was discovered by a scientist in Peru. Bo did a lot of research and thought the drug sounded promising, so he asked his father, Victor Kiriakis, to invest in the research. And no matter how much he was tortured, he never revealed any of the details. He was determined his mother would get the cure, and nobody was gonna take away her only chance.

And now she's received this so-called cure.

Hope: And she's doing very well.

Then if you don't help me, perhaps she's the one I should take this up with.

Hope: No! He gave his life for her. You lay one hand on her and I promise you, I swear to God, he will come back from the grave and he will haunt you till you take your last breath.

That would be quite a trick. Did the drug give him special powers too?

Hope: It did nothing for him.

It won't do anything for your daughter, either. Only you can save her now.

Hope: My precious girl. You know she can't fight back. If you had any guts, you would've gone after Victor Kiriakis, but you're a coward.

Am I?

Hope: Yes, you are. Bo would never stand for this, and neither will I.

You don't exactly have a choice. Do you think I care about your empty threats? All we want to know is the doctor's name and the current location of his lab. If you don't start talking now, this is the very last you will see of your precious Ciara. Her life is in your hands.

Hope: Please. My daughter's innocent in this. All she ever wanted was her dad to come home. Hasn't she been punished enough?

All I want is information. I've asked nicely. Now I suppose I'll have to resort to--

Hope: No, okay! Okay. The doctor's name is Pedro Salinas. But I swear I have no idea where his lab is. No! No, Ciara! Ciara! Please! Please! Please.

Philip: Dad, Bo gave his life to get this cure for his mother. Don't you think he'd want to share it with the world if he could?

Victor: Well, eventually, that would be an ideal outcome. But we can't even go to the FDA without a double-blind study.

Philip: Who says we have to go through the FDA? Market it as a supplement. It's unregulated.

Victor: Listen, Philip, I am not taking any shortcuts on this. We're talking about people's lives here. And I won't have Bo's legacy tarnished by putting profits first.

Philip: Of course not.

Victor: End of discussion.

Philip: All right. All right.

Victor: Don't stay up all night.

Hope: What did you do to her? Answer me! Aah! I did everything! I told you everything you wanted to know. Please, please. [Sobs] Don't hurt my daughter, please. Please. Please. Please! [Gasps] Ciara! Ciara!

Ciara: Mom!

[Both crying]

Hope: [Gasping]

Ciara: Here I am.

Philip: Mom.

Kate: Baby. I cannot tell you how good it is to have you home.

Philip: And I cannot tell you how glad I am to be back. You are still the prettiest woman in town.

Kate: Really? Well, flattery like that will get you everywhere.

Philip: And if I heap on the compliments, will it erase a multitude of sins?

Kate: I don't want to talk about the past. We have a fresh, new start. So let me look at you. Ah, I can't believe you're here.

Philip: I wish I could say I came back for you, because that would be reason enough. But dad needs me.

Kate: I know. And you were right to come back and help him. He is lost without Bo. He's so sad. [Sighs] I just can't imagine anything like that happening to you. [Sighs]

Philip: Okay. Even in the privacy of my own house, a grown man being accosted by his overbearing mother can get out of hand real fast.

Kate: Oh.

Philip: One minute it's, "mommy!" "Baby!" And the next second, it's just clingy and weird.

Kate: Okay. Okay, sorry. I will try to curb my enthusiasm.

Philip: I know you try to pass yourself off as this heart of stone killer businesswoman, but deep down inside, you're a softy.

Kate: Well, don't dig too deep or you might unearth some character traits you might not like. Don't mistake my inner softness for a lack of killer instinct.

Philip: I guess we've got ourselves an acorn/tree scenario going on here.

Kate: Yes, we do. So are you going to use your killer instinct that you inherited from me in your dealings with your father's business?

Philip: Yeah. Brady has taken the company so soft, and dad's...tired. Well, he just needs somebody who thinks more like he does. Like I do. I am gonna do great things with that company, mom.

Kate: Yes, you will.

Brady: Marin? I had no idea that Sami was still in touch with her high school buddies.

Belle: Yeah, well, only when she needs them. Which, I'm sure, is the only reason I heard from her. Ew, that was really bitchy. It's not like I was picking up the phone to chat either. After everything she's been through... I just feel terrible that I wasn't able to be here for will's funeral.

Brady: I still can't wrap my head around the fact that he's gone.

Belle: I remember when Claire was a baby and we thought we were gonna lose her. I will never forget that feeling of just desperation and helplessness. I mean, how do you go on without your child?

Brady: I don't know. I--I'm a dad now. I understand. I mean, little Tate-- he's only been in my life for less than a year and already, I don't know what I would do without the little guy.

Belle: Yeah, well, Sami only knew how to do one thing to get her through it.

Brady: So she went after Salem's version of "the sopranos" on her own? Is she nuts?

Belle: No comment.

Brady: What did she do, belle?

Belle: [Clears throat] Don't ask me how, but she figured out how to embezzle a boatload of money from Stefano.

Brady: Define "boatload."

Belle: All of his liquid assets. Like somewhere in the ballpark of $500 million.

Brady: Whoa. How the heck do you know this?

Belle: Because Sami kept half of it and she put the other half in an offshore account in my name.

Brady: And is she trying to get you killed? What is she doing?

Belle: According to Marin, she thought I'd be the best person to keep it safe. And I swore I wouldn't tell anyone, Brady, so...

Brady: So--so you turned around and promptly told me. Do I have a target on my back now? I mean, am I in danger?

Belle: I'm sorry, you asked.

Brady: No, I-- fine. Fine, I'm glad you-- I'm glad you told me, belle, but dad would flip.

Belle: He and mom know what Sami did. They just don't know that she parked half of the money with me. They've been trying to get her to give it back, but she won't return their calls.

Brady: Of course not. You could give it back.

Belle: Hm. Would I rather cross Stefano DiMera or Sami Brady?

Brady: Tough call.

Belle: Yeah, well. I don't know why she thought that I would be a good steward for her fortune. I mean, I used to blow my allowance the day I got it.

Brady: Now I remember. Look...

Belle: Thanks.

Brady: Where is Sami now?

Belle: God only knows. She took the kids and split.

Brady: So she's-- she's out there all on her own?

Belle: Well, not exactly. I guess EJ is the one that set this whole thing in motion.

Brady: Great, so Sami's being helped by a ghost. What have you got?

Belle: I don't know. But I wasn't even really worried until...

Brady: Until what?

Belle: I keep running into André DiMera around town. And seriously, he creeps me out.

Brady: He creeps everybody out.

Belle: I mean, he couldn't possibly know that I have his father's money, right? But I just get the feeling... I think he's trying to get to Sami through me.

Brady: He's gonna have to get through me first.

Belle: I love you, Brady.

Brady: I love you too. But I-- belle, I hate this situation you're in. It scares me. I don't like it.

Belle: Well, I wish Sami would have learned her lesson the last time, or the time before that, or the time before that.

Brady: Or the time before that.

Belle: I mean, because everybody knows you don't cross Stefano DiMera or you and everyone you love will pay.

Hope: Baby. I'm so sorry, baby. It's okay, you're home. It's okay, you're safe now.

Ciara: Who did this to us?

Hope: I don't know.

Ciara: Was it the person that took dad?

Hope: I think it probably was.

Ciara: God, I hate them so much.

Hope: I know. I know, me too. Hey, you must be hungry or thirsty, right? Let me get--

Ciara: No, I'm just scared. Mom, I can't stop shaking.

Hope: Hey, look at me. It's okay. Look at me. Okay? You're here with me. It's okay. I'm gonna protect you. I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you. Okay? Hey, it's all right. Baby, I know it's hard to talk right now. But I really need to know exactly what happened. Can you do that?

Ciara: [Sobs]

Hope: Take your time.

Ciara: I was walking out of the house. And as I walked out the front door, he grabbed me.

Hope: What did he look like, baby?

Ciara: I don't know. He was wearing a mask.

Hope: Was there more than one person?

Ciara: Mom, I don't know, I can't think right now.

Hope: Okay, all right. All right, all right. I got it. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push you. We can talk about this later, all right? Baby, it's very important-- look at me. I need to know that you're hearing me here. You can not tell anyone. Say anything to anyone about what happened. Can you do that?

Ciara: Why not?

Hope: I need to be the one to handle this, okay?. And I will.

Ciara: Why do you think this happened?

Hope: They wanted information. They held your father captive trying to get it.

Ciara: Oh, my God.

Hope: Baby, he was strong. He never told them anything, but tonight I told them everything that I knew.

Ciara: You had to. To save me.

Hope: They have the money, now they have the knowledge, and worst of all, they got away.

Ciara: Are you going to try and catch them and make them pay? Answer me, Mom.

Hope: Baby, you're never gonna lose me. That's all you need to know. You are never going to lose me. Not ever, do you hear me?

Kate: Now, we may be a mutual admiration society for now, but we are still, um... business competitors. And you're running titan, which I just found out launched a fashion line.

Philip: Don't worry, we're not focused on that. You go and play with your fun clothes and handbags and stuff, and I'll rule the world. How's that sound?

Kate: Ah. So I'll be mother of the king of the world. I like the way that sounds.

[Doorbell rings]

Hope: Victor, thank you for coming over so late.

Victor: Of course. I have three men outside. We're gonna shadow your every move until this whole thing is resolved. How's Ciara?

Hope: I'm so sorry. Bo died to protect your secret and I told them everything I--

Victor: Listen, I am much more concerned about your safety and Ciara. Besides, they're never gonna find Salinas. I have him in a very secure place.

Hope: Good.

Victor: Yeah, I never dreamed that you would get involved in this. If I'd had any idea you'd get dragged into it--

Hope: I want to be involved in this. I want to look those bastards in the eye and I want to make them pay for what they've done.

Victor: I'm so sorry I didn't get over here sooner.

Hope: I'm grateful that you're here now. I'm not usually the type of person who needs taken care of.

Victor: We'll take care of each other. How's that? Is there anything else I can do for you right now?

Hope: Yeah. Yes, actually, there is. I need for you to stay here with Ciara. There's something I need to take care of tonight.

Victor: I suppose I shouldn't ask what it is.

Hope: You shouldn't.

Victor: I know I'm not gonna talk you out of it. You're as stubborn as my son.

Hope: That's right.

Victor: Listen, I don't want you to worry about Ciara. And I don't want you to feel like you're in this alone. I am going to use every resource at my disposal to find out who did this to Bo.

Hope: I'm sure you will.

Victor: Can I send somebody with you?

Hope: No.

Victor: Please take care.

Hope: Always. Thank you. Thank you, Victor.

Belle: I never should have agreed to keep that cash. I just didn't feel like I had a choice.

Brady: Well, it's not like Sami asked you first, right?

Belle: Right. I don't want to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder. Marin said the money was untraceable, but I just have a pretty awful feeling the DiMeras will find their way.

Brady: You thinking about giving it back?

Belle: Maybe.

Brady: All right, well, whatever you decide to do, I'm here for you. Okay, but I'm gonna be honest with you. I think you should tell dad and Marlena.

Belle: No.

Brady: They've been through it all with the DiMeras, and if there's anybody on this planet that would know what to do--

Belle: I'm not going to involve them in this too. I'm just not.

Brady: Belle, if something happened to you, they would never forgive themselves. I got news for you. If you plan to keep this cash, you're gonna need all the help you can get.

[Phone beeps]

[Line trilling]

[Phone rings]

Good evening, martin house.

Rafe: Hi, this is detective Hernandez from Salem pd. I was just wondering if Dr. Seth Malcolm's still staying there?

Sorry, he just checked out. Funny, someone else just called with the same question.

Rafe: Oh, yeah? Any idea who that was?

She didn't give her name.

Rafe: "She," okay. Well, will you do me a favor and give me a call if you hear from Malcolm?

Of course.

[Phone beeps]

[Phone beeps]

[Line trilling]

Rafe: Come on, hope. Pick up the damn phone. [Sighs]

[Phone beeps]

Rafe: [Sighs]

Malcolm: No. Yes, I'm following your orders. No, I'm getting ready to leave town. And then no one will ever hear from me again again. Yes. No, I assure you, no one has any idea of our connection. Not the police, not anyone. Thank you for your mercy.


[Phone ringing]

Rafe: Hernandez. Get ballistics to the park ASAP. I'm on my way.

Belle: Brady, promise me you won't say anything.

Brady: Unlike you, I can keep a secret.

Belle: Ew!

Brady: Granted, belle, I don't think it's a good idea, I really don't. But it's your call.

Belle: Thank you.

Brady: You're welcome.

Belle: Anyway, enough about me. So, what are you gonna do now that you've left titan?

Brady: I'm not gonna jump into anything right away. Probably wait until the basic black launch happens and take it from there.

Belle: That's good. Good luck with that.

Brady: Thank you.

Belle: Victor's going to be hurting without you.

Brady: No, he already found his replacement. Philip.

Belle: Uh... Philip is moving back to Salem?

Brady: Yeah, he's already here. I had a drink with him at the pub. He wanted to talk and clear the air and make sure there was no bad blood between us.

Belle: Mm-hmm. That's...good.

Brady: You're not upset about it, are you?

Belle: No, why would I be upset?

Brady: Well, when you and Philip were divorced, it was my understanding that everything was okay--

Belle: It is, it's fine. And he's had, like, 63 relationships since then, so...

Brady: And then when you see him around town, it's not gonna be weird at all for you, right?

Belle: No, of course not.

Philip: Mom, I love you. And I love dad. And I don't want to sound insensitive when I talk about my ambitions. All that I do, I want to do it for dad, for the company, and for myself. I know that you would love for me to usurp my father, but I did not come all the way back here to stage in a coup d'état.

Kate: Really? Well, we'll see about that.

Philip: I've got a lot to catch up on here, so...

Kate: Sure. Sure, let's have dinner soon.

Philip: That'd be great.

Kate: I love you. I'm so glad you're back.

Philip: I love you too. Good night, thanks for coming by.

[Phone beeps]

[Line trilling]

Philip: Hey, it's Philip. Can we talk off the record? Yeah, I need to figure out a way to fast-track a pharmaceutical in development with or without FDA approval.

Lani: Ballistics recovered a single shell casing.

Rafe: Any witnesses?

Lani: No surprise. I mean, the park is usually pretty deserted at this hour. No apparent signs of a struggle, but here's something. The victim's wallet was still on him. Cash, credit cards inside.

Rafe: Where's the coroner?

Lani: She just finished her preliminary exam. She believes he's been dead no more than an hour. Apparently he's not a resident of Salem. His name is Dr.--

Rafe: Dr. Seth Malcolm.

Lani: You know him?

Rafe: The sketch, remember? He was questioned as a person of interest in Bo Brady's disappearance.

Lani: Oh, my God. I see it now. Well, in that case, do you have any idea who might've wanted to do him in?

Rafe: Nope.

Brady: Wow. Theresa, you move fast.

[Baby cries]

Brady: I'm coming, buddy. Daddy's coming.

[Baby continues crying]

Philip: [Sighs] Greater the risk, greater the reward.

[Safe beeps]

[Knock at door]

Hope: Guess I should've guessed that it would be you. I don't want to talk about it anymore, okay?

Rafe: If you don't want me here as a friend...fine. I'll just be here as a cop. Seth Malcolm is dead. He was shot while walking through the park.

Hope: Shame.

Rafe: You want to tell me where you've been the last two hours?

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