Days Transcript Friday 12/4/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/4/15


Episode #12731 ~ Ben seals Abigail & Chad's fate; Rafe stops Hope from making a huge mistake; Caroline has a distressing vision concerning Victor; Brady gives up everything for Theresa.

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Brady: Now, listen, it's not exactly--no electricity, okay. It's not the Kiriakis mansion.

Theresa: Yeah, which is what I love about it the most. No grandpa Munster bellowing, no Henderson measuring the vodka that's left in the bar. It's just you, me, and Tate.

Brady: And Emma sometimes.

Theresa: Yeah. I hope she comes by with Tate soon. I can't wait to show him his new room.

Brady: Oh, he's got a crib. He has his blankie in there. I think he's gonna like it.

Theresa: Yeah. Well, you know what, he might not appreciate it now, but he will some day. Brady, I'm so grateful that we get to start again-- all three of us.

Roman: Ma.

Caroline: Roman. I didn't expect to see you again tonight.

Roman: Well, you know what, that pecan pie I had earlier was so good, had to see if you had any left.

Caroline: I didn't raise two detectives for nothing. You're here to check on me.

Roman: What, are you sick of seeing this ugly mug? Is that it?

Caroline: Never, never. [Laughs] But I'm stronger than you think.

Roman: Yeah. Stronger than I am.

Caroline: Oh, Ciara. Hi, dear.

Ciara: Hi, grandma.

Caroline: Hi. Would you like a piece of pie?

Ciara: No, I'm good.

Caroline: Okay.

Ciara: Thank you. Uncle roman, I'm really glad to see you. Have you talked to my mom since the funeral?

Roman: No, why?

Ciara: I'm really worried about her.

Malcolm: What are you doing?

Hope: Can you guess what my favorite game is? It's Russian.

Malcolm: Detective...

[Gun clicks]

Hope: Well, you lucked out. On your feet.

Rafe: Hope.

Hope: Maybe we should try again if you don't want to talk.

Rafe: What the hell are you doing?

Hope: I want this bastard to talk, and I'm gonna get him to, no matter what. Who is responsible for Bo's death? Who are you working for?

Abigail : Ben, no, don't do this, please. Ben, don't--don't kill Chad. Ben, listen to me. Please. If you kill him, then Stefano is never gonna let you live, and I want you to live, Ben. Please. Do this for Colin. I want--I want our son to have a father, Ben. Please don't do this. Ben, please don't.

Ben: Make him stop crying! Damn it!

Abigail: He's scared, Ben. All this violence and yelling.

Ben: Shut up, both of you!

Chad: [Coughing] No, no, no, Ben. Ben, why don't you just let them go, okay? I ruined your life. Kill me; let them go.

Ben: Turn around. Turn around! Swaddle the baby. Make sure he's wrapped up nice and tight and he's ready to travel.

Chad: [Groans]

Ben: Hurry up!

Theresa: You know, Tate might

Theresa: You know, Tate might not care what his nursery looks like, but I certainly do. You don't--you don't mind if I paint it, do you? I just want it to be something more cheerful and not so mausoleum-esque.

Brady: I agree.

Theresa: Yeah?

Brady: I think we should paint it. I was thinking... maybe ducks.

Theresa: Oh, my God. Brady, you remember.

Brady: Yeah, well, that-- that day when we were waiting for you to get your pregnancy test results, you were sharing with me your hopes and your dreams for our child, and all I could think about was, if this test is positive and if Theresa's pregnant, it's gonna be a nightmare. And now I look at my little boy, and he's the most important thing in the world to me. Theresa, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry the way I treated you, that I didn't believe you.

Theresa: Look, I wouldn't have--I wouldn't have believed me either back then. So I was thinking, hey, for the living room, we could-- yeah, some leopard print and leather--

Brady: I'm sorry, whoa, whoa, leopard print?

Theresa: Those wooden carved things, you know, where they've got the totem--totem--

Brady: A totem pole?

Theresa: I'm totally kidding.

Brady: Oh, my God, I thought you were serious about-- are you kidding me?

Theresa: Come on, Brady. If my last place had a theme, it was a early garage sale chic.

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: Come on, I don't care--I don't care what the sofa looks like as long as it's comfortable.

Brady: Totem pole, that was cute. No, I agree with you, comfy sofa.

Theresa: You know, at the Kiriakis mansion, that sofa, I always felt like I was, you know, like, sitting on a torture rack. Hey, maybe that's what Victor's problem is.

Brady: Could be.

Theresa: [Sighs] It's cold today. You know, my favorite thing about this room is this fireplace. All it's missing is a fire. But, you know, if I close my eyes, it's like I can almost-- almost feel it.

Brady: Me too.

[Soft piano music]

Caroline: Here's a slice.

Roman: Can't say no to your grandma's pie.

Caroline: So, what's going on with your mother?

Ciara: I went home today, and she's obsessing over work stuff.

Caroline: Well, shouldn't she be on leave?

Roman: Ma, believe me, I tried to convince her.

Caroline: Oh.

Ciara: So did I, and she bit my head off.

Caroline: Honey, you have to know that's got nothing to do with you.

Ciara: Everything that's happened, it just-- it doesn't feel real.

Roman: No. No, it doesn't.

Ciara: And I thought mom and I were supposed to help each through this. I swear, it's like I don't even know who she is anymore. Grandma, I feel like I'm going to lose them both.

Hope: Who are you working for?

Rafe: Hope, get out of here. Go.

[Door slams shut]

Rafe: All right, so understand, we're not after you. We're after your boss. So you start talking, tell us exactly what happened with Bo's imprisonment, you're free to walk out of here.

Malcolm: Oh, I'm going to walk out of here, all right. You drag me down to the police station, you advise me not to contact an attorney, and then your partner assaults me. I may not know much about your criminal justice system, but if I choose to act like a litigious American, I can assure you, I won't be the one who ends up in jail, detective.

Rafe: Well, like I said, I'm really sorry about what just went down. Obviously, my partner is out of her mind with grief.

Malcolm: Not my fault, not my problem. Now, I'm leaving.

Rafe: No, no, no, no, no. You are not leaving.

Malcolm: Well, in that case, I demand that I talk to my attorney. And I'm going to tell him exactly what transpired here. "Transpired," it means what just happened.

Rafe: All right. You're free to go... for now.

Malcolm: You'll still be hearing from my attorney, copper. Nice place.

Hope: Don't you smirk at me and don't even think about going back to that b&B.

Malcolm: Why not? It's a free country, as you're so fond of saying here in the colonies.

Hope: Not for you, doctor. This is far from over.

Malcolm: Really?

Hope: You haven't won, Malcolm. We could've done this the easy way, but now... I'm gonna get the answers I need, no matter what.

Malcolm: Yes, quite.

[Sultry music]

Theresa: [Laughs]

Caroline: Well, we all have different ways of dealing with loss. Myself, I like to keep busy with work. And roman's keeping himself busy checking on me every two hours.

Roman: Ma.

Caroline: I think your mother is throwing herself into work for the same reason.

Ciara: But why is she pushing me away? Doesn't she know that I need her? I'm so glad to have you.

Caroline: Well, you can come to me any time. But I think you should try to talk to your mother again, because a hug from you might be the gift she needs right now, hmm?

Ciara: Oh, Grandma. I love you.

Caroline: Back at you. Back at you.

Ciara: I should probably get going.

Roman: Why don't I walk you out, okay? You know what, I almost forgot. I picked this up on the way in. Victor must've dropped it after the wake. Anybody else would've probably noticed it's gone by now.

Caroline: Mr. Moneybags.

Roman: I can take it to the station or--

Caroline: No, no, no, I'll give it to him.

Roman: Okay, good. All right, thanks, ma. Good night.

Caroline: Good night.

Roman: I love you.

Caroline: Love you too.

Ciara: Bye, grandma.

Caroline: Bye.

Hope: Next time you offer to help, remind me to tell you to go to hell.

Rafe: You can't get info out of a dead guy.

Hope: At least I know the bastard suffered the same way Bo did.

Rafe: You hear yourself right now?

Hope: For god's sake, I wasn't gonna kill the guy. I was just about to crack him when you came in and screwed everything up.

Rafe: So you want to go to jail?

Hope: I knew I should've done this on my own.

Rafe: You don't want Ciara to have any parents at all?

Hope: Don't tell me what my family needs.

Rafe: You know, hope, I'm really sorry for what you are going through right now.

Hope: If you hadn't insisted--

Rafe: I didn't know you were gonna pull a stunt like this.

Hope: Lawyering up right now.

Rafe: Yeah, exactly, and he is gonna lawyer up, and once internal affairs gets involved, there's nothing I can do to protect you. I was a witness, damn it.

Hope: So, what, you're worried about yourself now?

Rafe: No, I'm worried about you, hope.

Hope: Well, you want to know who I'm worried about? My dad, Julie, Ciara, Shawn, all of us. As long as that scum and especially his... especially the person who's responsible for killing Bo, he's still walking around free. Why did Malcolm come to Salem? Oh, that's right. We'll never find out, because he's not here anymore.

Rafe: Maybe we would've if you'd have been a little more patient.

Hope: You think we have forever? Time is precious. Don't you get that?

Rafe: Yes, I do.

Hope: I promised Bo I would get justice for him, and I will.

Rafe: That's not what he wanted.

Hope: How do you know what he wanted?

Rafe: He told me.

Hope: What did he tell you?

Rafe: Just... I'm sure that he would not have wanted you--

Hope: Don't lie to me. Rafe. You talked to Bo about me, didn't you? What? Tell me. What did he say to you?

Ben: Hurry the hell up.

Abigail: I'm sorry. I hope you're coming with us.

Ben: I would never leave my son.

Abigail: Of course. Of course. Okay. Okay, we're ready.

Ben: Great. Now cuff yourself to Chad.

Abigail: Ben, I thought--

Ben: Cuff yourself to Chad.

Abigail: I thought you were letting us go.

Chad: Ben. Ben, you can't.

Ben: Just do what I say, now.

Brady: You know what? I don't think we need a couch.

Theresa: [Laughs] Stop.

[Phone beeps]

Brady: Oh, it's my grandfather.

Theresa: Oh, he misses you already.

Brady: He wants to finalize my exit at titan.

Theresa: Brady, I'm so sorry. Look, I never meant for you to lose your job.

Brady: Hey, no, no. I know you didn't. But I wasn't about to have my son grow up in an environment where his mother was being treated like crap. It's not acceptable. Who knows? Maybe one day, he'll realize that people make mistakes. That man has no business throwing stones.

Theresa: You know he's never gonna be able to run that company without you.

Brady: He has before. He'll be fine.

Theresa: Hey. Hey. We'll be fine too. And I was thinking maybe you'd like to take a more active role at basic black.

Brady: I don't know. There's too many cooks.

Theresa: Yeah, well, you could replace one of them, hmm?

Brady: Oh, yeah. Let me guess. Kate.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Theresa, you can handle her. Seriously. Hey, listen, listen, listen. She pushes you, just push her back. That's the relationship she's had with Sami for years. There's no reason why you two can't have a successful collaboration, and you will.

Theresa: Fine. Ugh, I hate when you're right. Hey, you know, since you're so optimistic about our financial future, how would you feel about me ordering some furniture? I found some great deals online. You can check 'em out.

Brady: I don't have to. I trust you. I trust you.

Ciara: Daddy, it's me. Well, I guess you know that. I hope you know that. A few weeks ago, I thought I would never see you again. I convinced myself that I could live with that. And then you came back, and I realized that I couldn't. But now I have to. I'm so sorry I gave up on you. Why did you have to die? Why?

Rafe: I don't think that Bo would want me to--

Hope: Rafe, please.

Rafe: Hope, please.

Hope: What? Tell me. Rafe: All right. I'll tell you. Bo came to me before he died. And he asked me to look out for you.

Hope: Why didn't you tell me? Rafe: I'm sorry. I promised him, hope. He told you right after.

Hope: Just stop, stop, stop. For the record, I do not need anyone to look after me.

Rafe: Come on, hope. Just--hey, come on. Listen, you're one of--you're one of the strongest people that I know. Everything you've gone through, it's just--

Hope: It's nothing--no. It's nothing compared to what Bo went through, and you will not-- not keep me from getting justice for him.

Rafe: You know what? I'm here. I'm trying to help you right now, but you are obviously in no condition--

Hope: That's not your call, is it?

Rafe: I'm your partner. And if you endanger yourself and others, then you are gonna force my hand. I'm gonna need to tell roman. I'm gonna have him take you--

Hope: Damn it, Rafe.

Rafe: I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna let you do something stupid and ruin your life, hope.

Hope: My God, don't you get it? Don't you understand? How can you ruin what's already been destroyed?

Abigail: No, Ben. Ben, your son needs to eat every two hours. He needs me. There's no stores that are gonna be open for baby formula, and he will die.

Ben: Come to your lover now.

Abigail: Ben, listen to me. Ben, no, stop it.

Ben: Come to your lover now. Let's go!

Abigail: No!

Ben: That's what you always wanted. This is just what you wanted. This is just what you wanted. Sit still, Abigail.

Chad: Ben, the baby needs breast milk, or it's gonna get sick. It's gonna get sick if it doesn't get its breast milk, okay?

Ben: Are you guys comparing notes? That's exactly what she just said.

Abigail: That's because it's true.

Ben: Sit back, Abigail.

Chad: Stop.

Abigail: Please don't do this. Ben, I love you. Ben, please. Don't do this, Ben, please. Ben.

Ben: Do not touch me. The baby will be fine. I will be fine. As you know, I am very good at disappearing. But you... you will not be fine. Can you believe this just happens to be sitting right here? It's meant to be.

Victor: Wait. Before you sign on the dotted line, are you absolutely sure?

Brady: You told me I had to choose between Theresa and you. I've made up my mind; I'm not about to change it unless you have.

Victor: Of course not. So now I guess it's just a matter of time before you realize that you've made a terrible mistake.

Brady: No, grandfather, it's you that's made the mistake. You're too proud to admit it. You lost your temper because you're in a bad place about what happened to Bo. It's understandable. But if you could just bring yourself to apologize to Theresa--

Victor: Apologize to Theresa? For speaking the truth? You think this is about my pride? It's about your lust. You're throwing away everything just to have sex with--

Brady: That is--stop. That is not what this is about. I don't want to discuss this with you.

Victor: You know, the most tragic part of this whole thing? You think you're actually falling in love with this--this--

Brady: Don't say it.

Victor: Mark my words, this woman is gonna be your downfall.

Rafe: Listen, I know that your heart is broken. But I promise you, your life is not destroyed. Come on, you have so much to live for, so much to give. I really think after everything that happened, that it would really help if you talked to someone.

Hope: It won't.

Rafe: Okay. How do you know until you've tried? What about Marlena? You could talk to her. Maybe you could join a bereavement group.

Hope: No, no, no. This is my grief. It's mine. I will not share it with anyone. Is it not okay to be sad and angry? Is it not okay?

Rafe: Of course it's okay, of course. You should be angry; you should be sad, but--

Hope: But what? What?

Rafe: You need to figure out a way, you know, with life, without--

Hope: Without? Without what? Say it. Without acting like a crazy person, someone who's insane? I know what I need, Rafe. I need to know who is responsible for Bo's death. I need to understand why. That is the only thing that is gonna help me, the only therapy that I need. And whatever ridiculous promise you made to Bo to take care of me... you're officially absolved.

Rafe: You know, I didn't just make that promise to Bo. I made it to you, because, well, hope, you're my friend. You're my partner. I care about you very much.

Hope: Yeah, well, if that's true, back the hell off, would you?

Rafe: Hope, would you wait a second?

Hope: What?

Rafe: If you're going to walk out of here like this, then I'm gonna need your gun.

Hope: You're not my superior.

Rafe: Roman, it's Rafe. Listen, we've got a big problem.

Brady: Theresa is the mother of your great-grandson.

Victor: So?

Brady: So I have an obligation to try to make this work.

Victor: Were you raised by a single father? Did you turn out all right? For the most part, yes, except for this lapse in judgment.

Brady: I was an addict living under my grandfather's roof and his thumb. I'm a father now, and I am done letting you control my life.

Victor: Do you remember the last time you got in over your head with Theresa? Do you remember the drugs, the drinking, the debauchery?

Brady: Yes, I do. And that was all on me, not her.

Victor: Almost got your father killed.

Brady: I can understand how it would be hard for you to imagine that I could forgive something like that. Hell, it's hard to imagine people forgiving a lot of things, grandfather. I know why you're doing this. I know it's coming from a place of love, and you're trying to protect me. But I need to live my own life. And right now, I think the only way for me to do that is to put some distance between you and me. So... there you go.

Victor: Well, then. Good luck to you. You're gonna need it.

Brady: I'm really sorry that things had to end this way.

Victor: Damn trollop. Philip, call me as soon as you get this message. I need you to come back to Salem right away.

Abigail: Ben. Ben. Ben, listen to me. Ben, I look at you, and I still see the man that I fell in love with. Remember when we first met at TBD? Remember, you were so shy, because I was all dressed up? Ben, I remember when you-- when you said you loved me for the first time, and when you asked me to move in with you. I always felt like you were unlike any man I've ever been with. You were so sweet and charming. And the more I got to know you, the more I fell in love with you every single day. Ben, remember when you told me that you wanted to become a social worker so you could change the world and make it a better place? What happened to that guy, hmm? Remember that guy, Ben?

Ben: That guy's gone. You destroyed him.

Abigail: No, Ben.

Ben: All I ever wanted was for you to love me. I gave you so many chances. We were gonna get married. We were gonna have a baby. Things couldn't have--they couldn't have been better. But that wasn't good enough for you. So you had to go and ruin everything... with him.

Abigail: Ben. I am so sorry, and I hate myself for that. I hate myself for that. I would do it all over again if I could. I would--I would--

Ben: You would've chosen him in the first place.

Abigail: No, Ben, I wouldn't.

Ben: Stop lying to me! Stop lying. I saw the way you were looking at him before. It couldn't be any more clear that you want to be with Chad. So now you can be. Forever and ever.

Theresa: Hi.

Brady: Hi. Dinner is served.

Theresa: Your daddy is the best.

Brady: It's not exactly up to cook's standards, but...

Theresa: Yeah, well, I will take lo mein over liver pâté any day. And you know what, when we get the pots and pans, I promise I'm gonna learn how to cook.

Brady: Maybe I should be the one to learn how to cook. I'm the one that's gonna have the free time while I hunt for a job.

Theresa: Hey, look, you won't be hunting for long. How'd it go with Victor?

Brady: It was hard. He's been a mentor to me, Theresa. I mean, he's been there for me through all the tough times, when he wasn't acting like a jerk, that is. But, regardless, I know I made the right move. I know I did. You know I did, too, don't you? Look at him, see? Come here. Come here. Where have you been? What have you been doing, huh? What do you think? You think we should let mommy get some leopard print in here?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Huh? Say no. No way. No way. You like your place, huh? Take a look around? You're gonna love it. You're gonna love it.

Malcolm: I hate to tell you this, but I was picked up by the police this evening. Yes, it seems that they know of my involvement with Bo Brady. Of course I kept my mouth shut. It was rather a harrowing experience, though. Yes. I had to--well, I had to make sure that they wouldn't detain me by threatening legal action. No, they don't know I'm connected to you. Although they did want to know who I was working for. Yes. Well, what would you have me do?

Hope: Ciara.

Ciara: What are you doing?

Hope: Just cleaning my service weapon.

Ciara: Hey, mom, about earlier, can we talk?

Hope: Yes. Yes, I would love that, honey.

[Knocks on door]

Hope: It's okay.

Roman: Hey. Hi.

Hope: Roman, hey.

Roman: Hi, sweetheart. Um, how you doing?

Ciara: I'm good.

Roman: Would it be okay if I had a word with your mom?

Ciara: Yeah, sure.

Roman: Thank you.

Hope: You talked to Rafe, right?

Roman: I sure did.

Chad: Ben.

Abigail: Ben, don't do this. Ben, what are you-- Colin needs me, Ben. You don't even have a car seat. How are you--

Ben: This is all your doing, Abigail, not mine.

Abigail: Ben, listen to me. You can't--you can't do this. Ben. Ben.

Ben: Come on, Colin.

Abigail: Ben.

Chad: Ben. Ben, don't do this.

Abigail: Ben, Colin needs me. You can't do this, Ben.

Chad: Ben, Ben. Ben, don't do this. Ben. Ben, there's still time, all right? Ben. Ben.

Abigail: Ben, don't do this. Ben, please.

Chad: Ben, Ben.

Abigail: Don't do this, please. Ben. Ben, please, don't do this. Ben, Ben.

Ben: Say good-bye to your ex-mama. Bye, mama.

Chad: Ben.

Ben: Bye.

Chad: Ben. Ben. Ben!

Abigail: Ben.

Chad: Ben! Ben.

Abigail: Don't take my son, Ben!

Chad: Ben!

Abigail: Don't take my son! Ben! Ben!

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