Days Transcript Thursday 12/3/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/3/15


Episode #12730 ~ Chad attempts to rescue Abigail from Ben; Lani & JJ take off to search for Abigail; Hope plays a dangerous game when she finally tracks down Dr. Malcolm; Belle gets sucked into Sami's mess.

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[Tense music]

Ciara: Uh, Mom, are you okay?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: Who's that?

Julie: Oh, good evening.

Seth: Oh, hello.

Julie: I hope you were comfortable in the martin suite last night.

Seth: Oh, it was splendid.

Julie: Oh, good. I apologize for the lack of homey touches in your room. You see, my husband and I just recently purchased this property and... unfortunately there was a death in the family, and we're just a little behind.

Seth: I am so sorry.

Julie: Thank you. I don't know if you had a chance to look at the newspaper I left under your door. There was a lovely article in it about Bo. He--he was a bit of a local hero here and... it's a shame you'll never have a chance to meet him.

Belle: Well, I promise I won't say anything to anyone, but, Sami, where did you get $250 million? And how worried should I be that you put it in an offshore account with my name on it? Call me. Mom.

Marlena: Hi. What's wrong?

Rafe: Lani? Have dispatch keep trying to get through to mammoth falls pd for me.

Lani: Yeah, will do.

Rafe: I'm gonna check with the phone company, see how fast they can get service restored. Now, if you can get the road updates for the closures, that would be a huge help, okay?

Lani: Sure.

Rafe: Thanks.

Lani: Hi.

Jennifer: Rafe, hey.

Rafe: Oh, Jennifer.

Jennifer: I'm sorry to bother you. I know that you're really busy. It's just I still haven't spoken to Abigail, so I'm getting a little worried... especially after I let her know about Bo. She would have come home if she could have. So I just--I feel like something's wrong.

Rafe: All right.

Jennifer: You're worried too. What--what do you know? Tell me what is going on.

Colin: [Crying]

Ben: Not another step, DiMera, or you're dead.

Colin: [Crying]

Hope: It's a police artist sketch for a case I'm working on.

Ciara: Mom, I know it helps to stay busy, but are you sure you should be going back to work so soon?

Hope: Ciara, honey, I'm doing my damnedest to find out who took your father away from us. You realize whoever kept him hostage probably cost him his life. If he'd have gotten treatment--

Ciara: We don't know that.

Hope: No, honey, I know that.

Ciara: Okay, fine. Even if that is true, why does it matter? Dad's gone, and this is not gonna bring him back. All this does is make you obsessed.

Hope: That's not fair, honey.

Ciara: No, what isn't fair is that you don't care about anything anymore! This has taken over your life and I hate it! I can't stand what it's doing to you!

Hope: Ciara, wait. Ciara. Ciara!

Rafe: Chad DiMera's been in here more than once to talk about Abigail. Unfortunately, there's not a lot that I--

Jennifer: Rafe, you know my daughter. She falls off the face of the earth, she texts me but she doesn't call, something is wrong.

Rafe: Jenn, I'm not taking this lightly. There's just not a lot that I have to go on. However, I was able to track Ben and Abigail's movements.

Jennifer: Okay, thank you.

Rafe: Yeah, and they were seen recently in the mammoth falls area.

Jennifer: What? That--that's an hour north of here. Let's go. We can just go find them ourselves.

Chad: Ben--Ben, I'm not-- I'm not here to hurt anyone.

Ben: Right. You braved the blizzard to come here because you can't keep your damn hands off of my fiancée, who just gave birth, if you haven't noticed, to a beautiful baby boy.

Colin: [Crying]

Chad: Congratulations.

Ben: You think I don't know how many times she cheated with you? Instead of a roll in the hay, you did it right under the rose bushes, thorns and all.

Chad: Ben, look, I know you hate me. I don't blame you, okay, but Abigail just had a baby. Your baby, so if--if you ever thought this was a contest, clearly, you--you win.

Ben: There was no contest. Ever.

Chad: Okay, but this is-- this is about--this is about life or death now. All right, now correct me if I'm wrong, but--but Abigail wasn't supposed to have that baby for another month or so. Has he--has he seen a doctor?

Ben: Shut up! Shut up! How dare you act like I'm not doing what's right for my son?

Chad: I know that's what you want to do, all right, but what about his health, all right? What about Abigail's health?

Ben: Of course it's all about Abigail. Don't you know? You ruined everything.

Belle: Everything is just weird. I feel terrible for Shawn. All this time that we've been away from his dad, and now... and the thing is, is I can't even be there for him because I just make everything worse.

Marlena: I'm sure that's not true.

Belle: Feels like it.

Marlena: Honey, you have suffered a loss, too. You loved Bo.

Belle: We all did.

Marlena: You know what. Why don't I cancel my meeting? We could just sit and have coffee and catch up.

Belle: [Chuckles] That would be great.

[Cell phone alert beeps]

Belle: Sorry. But I can't right now. Maybe later?

Marlena: Sure, of course. Let me know.

Belle: I will. I love you.

Marlena: Love you.

Rafe: Jenn. Jenn, there's a major snowstorm up in the mountains. The roads are impassable.

Jennifer: So what does that mean?

Rafe: The good news is, is that Ben and Abigail won't be going anywhere. Now, I've already alerted the local authorities, and they're keeping an eye on the situation.

Jennifer: So we're supposed to just sit here and wait?

Rafe: Yes, yes. I do not want anyone else getting hurt. I already told Chad that.

Jennifer: Chad?

Rafe: Yeah, he insisted on driving up there in the middle of the snowstorm. I haven't heard from him since.

Jennifer: I don't like the sound of this.

Rafe: Listen--listen to me. Try not to jump to conclusions, okay? Cell service up in the mountains, it's very spotty, and that could be one of the many reasons that you haven't heard from her.

Jennifer: She's gonna have her baby really soon, and I don't want to believe that Ben would hurt her.

Rafe: He was never violent with her before, was he?

Jennifer: No. I mean, she would have told me.

Rafe: Well, she's carrying his child.

Jennifer: Yeah, right.

Rafe: Right. Jenn, I will be in touch with you the minute that I hear anything, okay? Call me. If you need anything, just call me. All right?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Rafe: Okay.

Chad: Okay, Ben...Ben...

Ben: Shut the door.

Chad: Okay. Listen, I know I'm the last person that you want to see right now.

Ben: Chad, I might be the last person you ever see right now.

Chad: Listen, just don't take it out on the woman you love or--or your son.

Ben: Correction. The woman I loved.

Chad: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Why don't you just--just fight it out with me, man, man-to-man, all right? Why don't you just let them go?

Ben: Why shouldn't I take out my anger on the both of you? After what you both did to me? Two bullets, and you are out of my life forever. Give me the baby. Give me the baby!

Colin: [Fusses]

Abigail: Shh.

Colin: [Crying]

Ben: It's okay. It's okay. Shh. Shh. Daddy's here. Daddy's here. Hey, daddy's here. Shh. Why do you keep crying? No need for crying. Daddy's here.

Colin: [Crying]

Ben: Shh. Why should this poor, innocent child have to know about his lying slut mother? Or the man who ripped apart our happy family?

Abigail: Please, Ben, you don't have to do this. You--

Ben: Why not? Why not? Colin and I could just disappear, start over. Like I've done a dozen times before. No one will find us.

Abigail: [Cries]

Chad: That's where you're wrong, Ben.

Colin: [Crying]

Marin: Belle?

Belle: Marin, hey, wow. I haven't seen you in forever.

Marin: Since Sami dropped out of Salem high, had a kid, and stopped hanging with me and Jamie.


Belle: I think you were at one of her weddings.

Marin: Oh, yeah, or two. Or ten.


Belle: Well, she's gonna be really happy to see you.

Marin: She's not coming.

Belle: What?

Marin: She asked me to meet you here.

Belle: I don't understand.

Marin: I'm a CPA now. I've been helping your sister manage her money since she asked me to set up a college savings account for will. I'm--I'm sorry for everything that she and your family are going through.

Belle: Thank you.

Marin: When EJ became estranged from his father, I helped him set up some offshore accounts.

Belle: Ah. I see. So you're here to talk to me about the one that you set up for me.

Marin: Exactly.

Belle: Great. Well, I hope that you can tell me what's going on. Where is my crazy sister, and why did she deposit all of that cash into an account with my name on it?

Marin: I think you'd better sit down.

Rafe: Try and get the GPS coordinates of DiMera's cell phone so we can track him when the storm clears. Thanks.

Hope: What's that about?

Rafe: Oh, hi. Your--your cousin was just here, and she-- what's your read on Ben Weston?

Hope: Ben?

Rafe: Yeah.

Hope: I don't think my read on anything is of much value right now.

Rafe: Oh, come on. Don't say that.

Hope: Come on, Rafe, after everything that happened with-- wait a minute, why? What's going on?

Rafe: Oh, Jenn seems to be worried about Abigail. But I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. You know, I shouldn't even have brought it up. You know, no offense, but I'm surprised to see you here. You should take some time off.

Hope: Got an id on our guy.

Rafe: Already?

Hope: Yep. His name is Seth Malcolm. He's from Wales, but his last known residence was on the Yucatan peninsula, which happens to be exactly where Steve found Bo.

Rafe: Oh. He still there?

Hope: Nope. According to flight manifests he, uh... flew to Salem two nights ago. And unless he left by other means of transportation, he's still here.

Rafe: Well, that's pretty damn amazing, isn't it?

Hope: Mm-hmm. I have Lang tracing his credit card activity as we speak. But you know what, it just seems almost too easy.

Rafe: Yeah. Hey, be careful.

Hope: Yeah, I am. But I feel like Bo's guiding my hand, and... I want this scum erased from the face of the earth. I will not have Bo's death be in vain.

Julie: Now, would you care for some earl grey, mint, or lapsang souchong?

Seth: I think I'll have to go with the earl grey.

Julie: Oh, fine.

Seth: Thank you so much.

Julie: You know, my husband swears I must have been a Brit in a former life.

Seth: Really?

Julie: [Chuckles] Doug also told me you are considering relocating to Salem.

Seth: Yes, yes. I find it rather tranquil, and the people are so nice.

Julie: Well, I could tell you some stories. [Laughs]

Jennifer: Julie, hi.

Julie: Oh, darling, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Excuse me. Sorry.

Julie: No, no. Would you excuse me a moment?

Seth: Of course.

Jennifer: Hi.

Julie: Hi, sweetie. Thank you, Jennifer, for coming over. You know, I am such a social media virgin, I thought I'd better consult with a pr professional. Before I unintentionally walked into some awful faux pas.

Jennifer: That's okay. I'm sure you're gonna be fine.

Julie: Darling, I know none of us are up to this today. I just thought it would be a good distraction after the funeral.

Jennifer: Yeah, it's been-- it's been a really long day.

Julie: Is everything else all right?

Jennifer: I really hope so.

Chad: How do you think I tracked you down, Ben? Huh? The cops are on to you. They're on their way.

Ben: Then how come they didn't come with you?

Chad: They'll be here as soon as the storm settles.

Ben: I'll be long gone.

Chad: What, are you crazy? You can't go in this storm with a newborn.

Ben: You made it. Do you think you're tougher than me, Chad?

Chad: The baby isn't.

Ben: So are you trying to say I should just give up?

Chad: Turn yourself in. You cut a deal. Clyde has money. He can get you the best defense attorney in town.

Ben: [Laughs] So I can be like a DiMera and never pay? Mm-mm. How stupid do you think I am? My dad is in jail.

Chad: It's because he was arrogant. If he would have kept a low profile, no one would have ever known what happened in Florida.

Ben: What happened in Florida was about protecting me.

Chad: Because he was a good father.

Ben: Yeah, I guess he was.

Chad: Did he teach you to be a good father?

Colin: [Cries]

Chad: 'Cause now that you have that little kid, protecting him comes first.

Colin: [Crying]

Chad: Hey, Ben, you grew up without a mother. Okay. You wouldn't want to do that to the little guy, would you?

Julie: Jennifer, Abigail is just young and in love and that's all she can think about--her baby and her wedding and her handsome husband-to-be.

Jennifer: Yeah, I hope you're right. Listen, I don't want to disturb you and your guest. I can go upstairs and talk to Doug about the whole press release.

Julie: Oh, before you go, would you show me how to unload some photos from my phone?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, you-- you upload them.

Julie: Is that what I do, I'm uploading?

Jennifer: Yeah.

Julie: Okay.

Jennifer: It's really easy.

Julie: Oh, says you.

Jennifer: Listen, if Paris Hilton's dog can maintain an Instagram, I have faith that you can do this.

Julie: Okay.

Jennifer: Let me show you how to download that app.

Julie: Okay. It's over here.

Rafe: Hope, you know that I would do anything for you, and I want to catch this bastard, too, but not at the risk of your life, of your safety.

Hope: This is about my sanity, Rafe. I cannot go on until I've done this.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Lang. What do you got for me? Well, call back. And this time, don't take no for an answer, do you hear me?

Rafe: You know what I was thinking? As soon as we locate this guy, we can send a squad car over there. That way he doesn't get away from us.

Hope: No, no, no, no. If I bring him in, I have to follow the rules.

Rafe: I can bend the rules a little bit...

Hope: Rafe, listen to me.

Rafe: As long as you just--

Hope: I know you're worried I'm getting in over my head, but I can do this. I promised-- I promised myself I would handle this personally, and I will.

Rafe: Hope--

Hope: Thanks, but no thanks. If I need your help, I'll let you know, okay?

Lani: Dispatch says the tower's still out in mammoth falls. Sorry.

Rafe: Okay. Just stay on it, all right?

Lani: Will do.

Rafe: What, you got his credit card info already?

Hope: Even better. "Our first guest enjoying the living room and free Wi-Fi at the martin house." Leave it to Julie.

Rafe: You think anyone over there is in trouble?

Hope: God, I hope not.

Rafe: Hold--hold-- hold on a second. I'm coming with you. If you argue with me, I'm gonna keep you here longer.

Hope: Are you gonna keep talking, or are we going?

Rafe: Let's go. Give me a sec, will ya?

Hope: Hurry up.

Rafe: Lani, I need to go check up on a lead with hope. As soon as roads are passable, I need you to go up to mammoth falls and check in with local authorities there. And Chad if you can find him.

Lani: Okay, I will.

Rafe: Okay?

Lani: Yeah.

Marin: Sami and the kids had to leave the country kind of abruptly.

Belle: Because of this money? The money that she gave to me?

Marin: I don't know a lot of details. I'm sorry. Sami just said she felt that you would be the best person to watch over it for now.

Belle: Great, but if I'm in danger--

Marin: Nobody knows about it but me. No one will ever know as long as you keep your lips sealed.

Belle: Do you know where this money came from?

Marin: It was drawn from several numbered accounts. That's all the information I have.

Belle: Oh, my God, Sami. Why me? Well, I guess I know why. Because I'm really the only friend she has. Besides you, of course.

Marin: She loves you. She knows she was pretty awful to you growing up. She thought it would mean something that she turned to you. You know, sisterhood, the bond that--

Belle: Mm, yeah, the sisterhood, the bond that could get me killed or likely disbarred. Tell her I would have preferred a greeting card.

Marin: Belle, Sami really needs you to do this for her. Can she count on you?

Lani: The bypass is open? Great, thanks.

JJ: Hey, is Rafe still here?

Lani: He just left to check out a lead.

JJ: Oh, you heading home?

Lani: No, Rafe asked me to drive up to mammoth falls.

JJ: For what? There's nothing but, like, bears and outhouses up there.

Lani: I can't really discuss that with you.

JJ: Come on, I'm-- I'm in the academy. Does this have something to do with my sister? If something's wrong--

Lani: JJ, it's okay. Your mom is concerned that she hasn't heard from her in a while, and apparently Ben was recently seen in mammoth falls.

JJ: And?

Lani: And we would have checked on them sooner, but a snowstorm closed all the major roads. That didn't stop Chad DiMera, but we also haven't heard from him since he left, so...

JJ: Chad DiMera? I'm going up there with you.

Lani: Absolutely not.

Ben: I'm getting lectured in selflessness by Chad DiMera? The only person you've ever put first is yourself.

Chad: You're right.

Ben: I am?

Chad: I'm a selfish bastard. It's no wonder why everyone thought I was the killer. But as much evidence as they had piled up against me, nobody could get me behind bars or keep me there because my father knew the system. Ben, I can help you.

Ben: Why would you do that?

Chad: Because I am trying to get us all out of here alive today.

Ben: Even me?

Chad: Even you. That boy needs a father. Now, here's the deal. The cops think Aiden Jennings was the necktie killer. So much so that they had to let me go. Okay, that means that they don't have any hard evidence against you. I really think that you could get off, okay. But if you hurt Abby, the baby, or me, that is it. There will be no doubt in their minds that it was you.

Abigail: Ben, I think he's right. I think he's right.

Chad: Ben, the choice is yours. Okay, do you want your son to remember you as a man who got acquitted on bogus charges or a monster who killed his mother? Come on, Ben. Why don't you just put the gun down? Okay. This is your last chance. (Politely) wait, wait, wait! You can't put it in like that,

Lani: JJ, I understand you're worried about your sister, but I promise I will take care of this.

JJ: But why is Rafe sending you up there without backup?

Lani: It's just a well-being check. I'm fine.

JJ: What if my sister's not? I'm going with you.

Lani: JJ, you're a civilian, and I can't have a ride-along without a clearance.

JJ: So this is about covering your ass.

Lani: You know what, I don't have time to argue with you. So come on.

JJ: Really?

Lani: Commissioner Brady really likes you. He'd probably be okay with it. But if I catch hell for it, so will you.

JJ: That's fair enough.

Lani: Let's go.

Rafe: I had no idea Doug and Julie bought this place. Oh, bed-and-breakfast, huh?

Hope: They were gonna make a big announcement, but then--

Julie: Hope! Oh, sweetheart.

Hope: Julie.

Julie: Oh, I'm so glad to see you. I was just gonna bring you some dinner.

Hope: Julie, thanks, but I have three pot roasts in the fridge and 62 kinds of desserts, and no one feels like eating. You know what, maybe I should probably bring some of them here.

Rafe: I'll take some.

Julie: Can I help you, detective?

Hope: Actually, we're here on official business.

Rafe: Yeah.

Julie: You're working now? What business?

Hope: I saw the photos you just posted. There was a picture of one of your guests. His name is--

Julie: Dr. Seth Malcolm, our first and only guest. Oh, I suppose I should have asked his permission before I--

Hope: I'm glad you didn't. We need to ask him some questions about a case we're working on.

Julie: What kind of a case?

Rafe: Well, we're not really at liberty to discuss it.

Julie: Well, come on. Should I be worried? What--what--

Hope: Not at all, not at all. Which room is he in?

Julie: [Laughs] Well, he--he's--

Seth: Ah. More guests.

Hope: Not exactly.

Seth: Oh.

Hope: Dr. Seth Malcolm?

Seth: Yes.

Hope: Detective Brady.

Seth: Ah.

Hope: This is detective Hernandez, and we'd like to ask you some questions regarding a case.

Seth: Why? Let's all sit down. Shall we?

Julie: Yes, would someone like tea?

Hope: No, no, no tea, no coffee.

Seth: No.

Rafe: Don't want to trouble you at all. Why don't we just head down to the station?

Seth: Why? Should I be soliciting an attorney at this point?

Hope: No, no, no, no. This is strictly routine. It won't take long.

Seth: You do realize I've only been in Salem for two days. I can't possibly see why local law enforcement would want to question me about anything.

Hope: Dr. Malcolm, come with us and we'll explain everything on the way.

Seth: I-- well, lead the way.

Ben: So I'm supposed to just take your word that you'll help me?

Chad: Yeah, I'll write it in blood if you need me to.

Abigail: Ben, I know you want to do the right thing for your son. I know how much you love Colin and you would never hurt him.

Ben: Of course I wouldn't.

Abigail: You want him to be proud of you. And he will be. All you have to do is let us go.

Marlena: Sami, john has made sure that the phone lines are not tapped. So it's okay for you to call, sweetie. And I'm getting a little worried about--about you and the children. I-I wish you would call. Let me know that everything is okay. Oh, and--and you know what, if you do come home, we'll make sure that you're safe. That's the most important thing, making sure that you and the children are safe. And, Sami, you could also return the money that you took from the DiMeras so nobody else gets hurt.

[Cell phone disconnects]

Belle: It's not like Sami left me much choice. The money's already in my account.

Marin: I could transfer the money elsewhere. If you're not gonna keep your mouth shut, I'll have to. Of course, I don't have any other good options, and Sami could be in a lot of trouble--

Belle: Fine. Fine. I'll do it.

Hope: Dr. Malcolm, make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.

Rafe: I don't want you alone in there with him. It's too dangerous.

Hope: Yeah, you're right. I may kill him with my bare hands. Let's go.

Seth: Would you mind telling me exactly what it is I am doing here?

Hope: Yes, I'd like to know the extent of your involvement with these two people. And don't lie to the police, doctor. Tell me who hired you, and perhaps we can work out a deal.

Ben: All I ever wanted was to make a good life for you. To be a good husband. To be a good father to my son.

Abigail: Ben, it's not too late.

Ben: It is far too late for us.

Abigail: I meant for you and Colin, Ben, for your future. You have to make the right decision.

Ben: Don't you look at him! Chad! Chad! [Groans] Chad. Oh!

[Door opens]

Marlena: Oh. Hi.

Belle: Hi. I thought you had a meeting.

Marlena: Well, canceled. Are you all right? You don't seem yourself.

Belle: I told you, I'm just upset about Shawn.

Marlena: I know. I thought it might be something more than that.

Belle: Mom, please, I am not 12 years old anymore. I'm sorry. I just don't need to tell you everything that's going on in my life. If I have problems, I'll handle it myself.

Hope: Excuse me. Jenn, hey, honey, what's wrong?

Jennifer: Nothing. Did Abigail tell you that she wasn't coming tonight?

Hope: No, no, she didn't.

Jennifer: I mean, I know it was spur-of-the-moment, but that--that's rude. And Abigail isn't rude, is she? She would have told you herself.

Hope: Sweetie, I am sure she left a message for me. I don't know where my phone is right now, but-- are you worried?

Jennifer: No, she said that she was fine. It's just she didn't sign it, you know?

Hope: Sign it? Maybe she's in--

Maggie: Oh, there you are. Listen, it's hard--I'm sorry, but it's hard to have a wedding without the bride or the maid of honor.

Jennifer: I'm so sorry.

Hope: No, don't be sorry.

Maggie: No, don't be sorry. Let's get moving!

Hope: Okay. Come on, guys. I'm sure she's fine.

Jennifer: Honey, hi. Are you okay? Why aren't you and Ben here yet?

Abigail: Ben's-- something's going on with him.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Abigail: I don't know. He's acting really strange. I've never seen him like this before. I probably shouldn't have even said anything, mom. Really, it's--it's probably nothing.

Jennifer: No, honey, you said that he wasn't acting like himself. I want to know what you mean.

Abigail: It's just it's been really-- it's been really tense between us lately because of Chad, and like I said, he's just acting really strange.

Jennifer: Well, maybe he's just worried about you. You know, you used to be so close with Chad, and he was just accused of three murders, honey.

Abigail: I know everyone in this town thinks that Chad is guilty, but I swear, sometimes it feels like Ben... he needs him to be guilty. I should go. Ben's gonna be ready soon.

Jennifer: Honey, are you sure you're all right?

Abigail: Yeah, I'm gonna be fine, mom.

Chad: Have you seen Abby?

Jennifer: No, we haven't. I don't know where she is. I wish I did.

Chad: I don't--I don't understand what that means.

Jennifer: I got a call last night that--that Ben was acting strange, and then I got a text saying that they were going out of town to work things out. And she never told me where she was going.

Chad: Wait--wait a second, she's gone?

Jennifer: Yes, she-- I gotta go.

Chad: Wait.

Jennifer: Dear God, watch over her.

Abigail: Chad! Oh, please, Ben. Ben, this is going to end so badly.

Ben: Oh, not for me. I should have dealt with this a long time ago. Whatever you two have going on, it's not love. It's a sickness. The only way to cure it is to kill him.

Chad: [Groans]

Ben: Even you wouldn't climb into bed with a dead man.

Abigail: No, Ben. No. [Cries] No. No, Ben, no. Chad! No, Ben, no! Ben, don't! [Sobbing] No. Oh, Chad!

Seth: Look, I'm sorry, I can't lie, detective. I don't know who these people are. I've never seen them before...

Hope: You look at this picture...

Seth: In my life.

Hope: And you take a good look. This man here, he was my husband. He's dead now. He was held captive the last years of his life. Cheated of all that time with his family. He had a brain tumor, and because he didn't receive the treatment he needed, he died almost as soon as he came home to me.

Seth: I'm sorry.

Hope: Now, this woman here, she'd be hard to forget. She's missing a thumb.

Seth: Look, I wish I could help.

Hope: You're going to help me, damn it!

Rafe: Whoa, hope, hope, hope.

Hope: You're going to help me.

Rafe: Hey, hey. Dr. Malcolm, I apologize for the behavior of my colleague. She's obviously very distraught over the loss of her ex-husband.

Seth: Obviously. Look, I'm a physician. I spent my entire life saving people's lives. I came here to Salem to perhaps retire. But if this is the way that you treat people--

Rafe: Okay, let's-- let's start over, shall we? Huh? Let's do that. Okay, so here's the thing. A man matching your description may have taken part in what happened with Bo. Now, we have no proof that you are that man. So as long as you answer our questions satisfactorily, you're free to go. Can I get you some coffee?

Seth: Thank you. I'll take milk and sugar.

Rafe: Okay.

Seth: Oh, I see, he plays the good cop and then you--

Hope: I'm a grieving widow with a kick-ass aim.

Seth: What are you doing?

Hope: Can you guess what my favorite game is? It's Russian.

Seth: Detective.

Hope: You gonna talk? No?

[Gun clicks]

Seth: [Sighs] [Breathes heavily]

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