Days Transcript Tuesday 12/1/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 12/1/15


Episode #12728 ~ Things turn romantic for Kayla & Steve while they're trapped in a supply closet; Victor forces Brady to choose between Theresa & Titan; Daniel isn't thrilled when Fynn continues to flirt with Nicole; Gabi & Paul get new job opportunities.

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[Knocking on door]

Steve: Hey! Is anybody out there? We're locked in.

Kayla: You know what? You know what? Let me just call.

Steve: We're in the supply closet.

Kayla: Here, let me just call somebody from my phone. Here, come on. Here, hold this. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no! I left my phone on my desk.

Steve: Oh, I got mine.

Kayla: Okay, here.

Steve: [Scoffs] Out of juice.

Kayla: You're kidding.

Steve: It's dead. No. Hey, hello! Could somebody let us out of here?

Kayla: You know what? It's no use.

Steve: Why? Somebody's bound to hear us.

Kayla: No, no, no, no. You know, this wing is the administrative wing, and everybody's already gone home. I mean--

Steve: What about the janitor?

Kayla: No, they don't clean this until the very last thing, and this is the last thing. There's nobody around and you know what? These lights-- these lights are on a timer. They're gonna go out any second.

Steve: Really? Great.

Kayla: We're stuck, aren't we? We're really stuck.

Steve: No, we're not stuck. Let me try one more thing.

Kayla: No.

Steve: Oh! Whoa!

Kayla: [Screams]

Steve: [Sighs] That's great.

Nicole: [Clears throat]

Fynn: Oh, there's a sight.

Nicole: [Laughs] Where's Daniel?

Fynn: Prepping for surgery. I'm scrubbing in with him. Man needs help.

Nicole: Ah, well, he's lucky he has you.

Fynn: Taught him everything he knows.

Nicole: Really?

Fynn: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Why don't I believe that?

Daniel: Well, you should. It's true.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

[Telephone rings]

JJ: That smells good.

Gabi: Hi, yeah, these are turkey sandwiches for the guys on second shift. Thanksgiving leftovers.

JJ: Oh, that's nice.

Gabi: Was there a class at the academy today?

JJ: No, no. I just wanted to use the-- the resource center.

Gabi: Oh, so you're a good student. I knew that.

JJ: Hardly.

Gabi: I won't hold it against you.

JJ: Where's Ari at?

Gabi: She's with Rafe.

JJ: So you're free.

Gabi: I'm lost. It just feels kinda strange to have free time where I can walk around outside of a fence.

JJ: Hmm, what's the plan?

Gabi: I don't know. Seriously, I've looked into every single window in the Horton town square, and I don't--I don't feel tired.

JJ: Okay. Well, do you want to go grab a drink?

Gabi: Yeah. Yeah.

JJ: I mean--I mean, I have--I have time.

Gabi: Yeah, so is this like a-- like a date?

Theresa: [Sighs]

Brady: Theresa.

Theresa: Hi. Tate's asleep, and I didn't want to wake him up, so I'll be back in the morning. And I packed his stuff, too. So... I guess this is it. Good-bye.

Nicole: This guy taught you everything you know?

Daniel: Absolutely. What car to drive, what clothes to wear, what wine to order.

Nicole: Hmm, how to impress women.

Fynn: He's hopeless. You're not blaming me for that wardrobe or your car, mate.

Nicole: Hopeless? No. Daniel is kind and thoughtful and everything a woman would want.

Fynn: Such a lucky man, Jones.

Daniel: Oh, indeed I am.

Nicole: No, I am. Hey, baby.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: Have you spoken to Victor since the Thanksgiving debacle?

Daniel: No, I'm gonna give him a few hours to himself. I'll call him after surgery.

Nicole: Well, I'd say give him my best, but that would probably send him over the edge, so.

Daniel: Yeah, I just--

Nicole: Hey, listen. You--you left these at home.

Daniel: Okay.

Nicole: I have a Basic Black meeting at the pub, and I may be late, so.

Daniel: Hmm, well, I will catch up with you later.

Nicole: I'm counting on it.

Daniel: All right.

Nicole: Bye.

Daniel: Bye.

Nicole: Bye, Fynn.

Daniel: I know that look. What you up to?

JJ: No, not a date. Not that you're--you're dateable, 'cause you're more than dateable.

Gabi: That's okay.

JJ: No, no, seriously. It's just that I'm not...

Gabi: Dateable.

JJ: Ready.

Gabi: Yeah, you know, JJ, I'm still getting used to fresh air and not having to wait in a line to get a meal. So I'm not really looking for anything that's--

JJ: Nothing heavy.

Gabi: Exactly.

JJ: Well, then come on. Let a buddy buy you a drink.

Gabi: Okay. Let's do it.

Theresa: Listen, thank you for letting me stay here with Tate while I got back on my feet.

Brady: Theresa, I rented a townhouse for you. It'll be ready in a few days. It's only a 10-minute walk from here. It's right by the park. It's very nice.

Theresa: Thanks. And listen, when I get settled in, you can come by and we'll--we'll work out a visiting schedule for you and Tate.

Brady: Okay. I'm gonna miss seeing that little guy's face in the morning.

Theresa: Yeah, well, you have tomorrow morning.

Brady: I'm-- I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about this.

Theresa: No, Brady, you don't have anything to be sorry for. Listen, you've been so great. And come on, I mean, I was never really welcome in-- in this house anyway, so...

Brady: [Sighs] Well, at least you'll be out of the line of fire. I mean, Victor's not easy, even on his best day.

Victor: What the hell does that mean?

Kayla: Oh.

Steve: Oh. [Grunts]

Kayla: Time's up. Oh, no. I'm supposed to be at a fund-raiser right now giving that speech!

Steve: So this is working out for you then, huh?

Kayla: What?

Steve: I'm sorry, baby, it's just that sounds really boring.

Kayla: Come on now, those donors, they're--they keep everything afloat, you know. They pay my salary. They feed our son, bedpans and--

Steve: Did you just say "feed our son bedpans"?

Kayla: No.

Steve: You did.

Kayla: I just am really feeling kind of woozy.

Steve: You're feeling woozy? Oh, yes, these chemicals.

Kayla: Oh!

Steve: Some toxic stuff here. We gotta get this up and get it in some bags and--

Kayla: Oh, I'll help you.

Steve: It's all right.

Kayla: I'll help, I'll help.

Steve: No, no, no, no, no.

Kayla: No, I got it.

Steve: No, no, baby, no. Let me do it. Let me do it.

Kayla: No, here, I got it.

Steve: Hey, look at me.

Kayla: I got it, I got it, I got it.

Steve: You said you're woozy.

Kayla: I know, and I want to help.

Steve: I can handle this. Now, come here, come here.

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: Let me show you something.

Kayla: What are you doing? Stop it.

Steve: You stay here.

Kayla: Come on, let me help.

Steve: See this right here? This is the Kayla zone, right. You don't move out of there.

Kayla: Come on.

Steve: Hey, hey, hey. Back up. Stay right there. Come on. Let me get this up.

Kayla: I'm feeling kind of crazy.

Steve: Short breaths, short. All right.

Kayla: Come on, let me-- let me help.

Steve: No, no, no. Shh, shh, shh, stay back.

Kayla: Ooh.

Steve: All right. We're gonna get this up.

Victor: Don't let me keep you.

Theresa: I wouldn't dream of it.

Brady: Hold on, let--let-- let me get these into the car.

Theresa: My car's in the shop, but I'm gonna take a taxi.

Brady: Theresa, let me-- let me just--

Theresa: Please, Brady, I can do it, okay. Just let me do it.

Victor: Good riddance.

Brady: Are you happy now? Throwing Theresa out, did that make everything better?

Victor: It's a start.

Brady: You never even gave her a chance, Granddad.

Victor: You're damn right, I didn't. She's a gold digger and a parasite and your drug buddy.

Brady: Not anymore, she's changed. If you would have just opened your eyes, you would have seen that the way that I've seen it. Will--will you give that a rest for a minute? What's so damn important?

Victor: It's my eulogy. They also want me to pick a reading for the graveside service.

Brady: Use your toast from Thanksgiving.

Victor: It's too short.

Brady: Didn't you say that you always thought Bo was a better man than you'd ever be?

Victor: It's true.

Brady: Do you think Bo would have thrown Theresa out? I mean, he is her uncle.

Victor: He had nothing to do with her upbringing. He's not responsible for what she is.

Brady: So that means that he would have thrown her out of the house, is that what you're saying?

Victor: You know, I really don't need a lecture from you today, not today.

Brady: I know you're hurting, but you're taking this out on Theresa.

Victor: She's out of my home, she's out of my life. I can leave it alone now.

Brady: No, no, no! That is not the final word.

Victor: No, you're right. You seem to think that if you make a mistake with a woman she has a leash on you for the rest of your life. Not so. So until you come to your senses, I'll handle it for you.

Brady: What the hell is wrong with you?

Fynn: I'm not up to anything.

Daniel: Oh, I see the way you look at Nicole.

Fynn: Come on, man, who wouldn't?

Daniel: This one is not a competition.

Fynn: Of course not.

Daniel: I'm watching you.

Fynn: Keep watching, mate. Watch everything I do.

Nicole: Hey.

Kate: Hey.

Nicole: Have you been working all day?

Kate: Well, the launch is New Year's eve. We don't have a spokesperson. One of us?

Nicole: No.

Kate: Mm, someone young, international fame.

Nicole: Mm-hmm, someone who's already a star. [Clears throat] Him? You worked with him, right?

Kate: Justin hired him at Mad World, yes.

Nicole: What--what-- what's that voice? What happened? Did you go off on him?

Kate: [Sighs] No. No, not exactly. He was trying to break up Sonny and Will's marriage, and at the time, I was sure that's why Justin made me hire him and-- you know, it's funny. I thought that was the-- the worst that could happen to my grandson.

Nicole: Hey, are you sure you want to be working?

Kate: Yeah, no. Absolutely. Absolutely. Actually, it was very rocky in the beginning, but then we worked very well together. He's--he's a professional.

Nicole: Well, think he'd come over to us?

Kate: I know his contract has to be up soon.

JJ: Are you hungry?

Gabi: No. I'm--I'm just seeing if they had any new items on the menu.

JJ: I don't think the pub has changed since it opened.

Gabi: Different pies, depending on the season. I used to work here.

JJ: Yeah?

Gabi: Yeah, it's where I, um, met...

JJ: Oh, yeah.

Gabi: Nick, yeah. Huh.

JJ: So you were in school before?

Gabi: I was, yeah. I don't think I'm gonna go back.

JJ: I couldn't. I couldn't. 'Cause if I walk by the dorm--

Gabi: Yeah.

JJ: Paige. So do you want a beer? Wine?

Gabi: Yes.

JJ: Both?

Gabi: Either. This is like a first date, isn't it?

JJ: Yeah.

Gabi: Yeah.

JJ: How are we doing?

Gabi: We're not doing so good. [Laughs]

Kayla: Oh, oh, I really can't breathe now. I-I can't breathe. I need to get out of here. I think we used up all the air.

Steve: No, no, no, no.

Kayla: No, we did, we used up all the air.

Steve: There's plenty of air. It'll get better.

Kayla: We need to get out of here. Help me. Please help!

Steve: Hey, Kayla.

Kayla: Please, please let us out!

Steve: It's all right.

Kayla: No, no, I really need to get out. I-I need to get out now.

Steve: No, no, no, come on.

Kayla: Get out of my way. No, no, get out of my way.

Steve: Look at me. Look at me. Shh. You gotta calm down, baby. No, no, no. Calm down, calm down.

Kayla: [Breathes heavily]

Steve: I got you. Come on. There you go. Okay, baby, okay. Okay, shh. to them.

JJ: The best concert I saw all year.

Gabi: I can't even believe you like alt-J. It's so different from the stuff you play, right?

JJ: Mm-hmm, that's why. I can't believe you listen to them.

Gabi: Well, there's only so much of "uptown funk!" I can handle.

JJ: Yeah.


Gabi: Just felt like I could walk ten steps and I could hear it everywhere.

JJ: So alt-j was your answer?

Gabi: Yeah. And--and a little bit of muse.

JJ: You're an emo girl.

Gabi: Shut up, Shamir.

JJ: "Demon" was intense.

Gabi: Oh, you know it?

JJ: Mm-hmm. You have seriously diverse taste.

Gabi: [Chuckles]

Nicole: No, it--it's more than just modeling. I mean, we'd love to see you in our line, but it's bigger. It's much, much bigger.

Paul: I get where you're going.

Kate: But...

Paul: Aren't most of your lines for women?

Kate: Yes. But I have an idea.

Victor: Watch your tone.

Brady: Or what? You gonna send me to my room? I'm not a child, Victor. You can't--

Victor: Keep you safe? Stop you from the worst impulses of your life? What do you think I did every time that you--

Brady: Is that what this is about? You don't think I can handle my own life, even sober? Hmm?

Victor: Theresa was a drunken mistake, yet you kept her around.

Brady: I'm sober. She's sober. And I still want her to live here. What does that say? What does that tell you?

Victor: It tells me that you're not too bright when it comes to women. Don't feel bad, though, it runs in the family. I had to learn it the hard way. That's why I can make the hard choices.

Brady: This is not your choice to make.

Victor: I will keep my family safe.

Brady: I am not in danger.

Victor: If you think that Theresa has changed, then you are. You must know better. Why are you being so stubborn about this? Cut her loose.

Brady: She's the mother of my child, Granddad. She's the mother of my son. Who also will not be living in this house because of this. Was that part of your plan, too?

Victor: You'll sue her for custody. It'll be the fastest hearing in history. And you will win, I guarantee you that.

Brady: No, don't.

Victor: Tate will be raised right, without the influence of that vile woman screwing him up.

Brady: Stop it! Stop it now!

Theresa: Key lime and lemon?

Anne: Yep, perfect palate cleanser before happy hour.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, you wanna--you wanna go get a drink?

Anne: Is that a joke?

Theresa: No. I've been texting you all day.

Anne: Oh, while you were packing?

Theresa: Yeah. Look, I just need to stay at my old place for a few days. So, um...

Anne: Your old place? You mean my apartment.

Theresa: Yeah. I mean, it is 'cause I gave you the lease. Anyway, it's just for a couple of nights. But gosh, things are going so amazing, so if I can just hang on for, like, a day or two...

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: And act, you know, noble, which I totally can. I just need a place to sleep, so.

Anne: Yeah, so, I'm sorry, you're asking me for a favor?

Theresa: Is that a big surprise?

Anne: No. No, this is completely you.

Theresa: Anne, why are you being like this?

Anne: Because we're not friends anymore.

Kayla: Help!

Steve: Hey, hey, hey. You know what, now that is really gonna take all the air out of the room.

Kayla: What?

Steve: Yeah, that-- that yelling. When you yell, you know what it does? It sends the air up to the ceiling where it sticks.

Kayla: [Laughs] That makes no sense.

Steve: No?

Kayla: No.

Steve: I'm telling you, it is a science fact.

Kayla: Yeah, that air sticks to the ceiling, right?

Steve: It does, unless you-- unless you stir it. You gotta stir it. You gotta stir it with a-- with an air beater.

Kayla: Oh, right, like you mix a cake.

Steve: Yeah, well, similar.

Kayla: I don't see any beaters around here. I'm sorry.

Steve: Whatever, you know.

[Harmonica music]

Steve: I got the air beater blues baby

Kayla: Do you carry that everywhere with you?

Steve: I need some O2 in here

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: It's all stuck up on the ceiling but my baby needs it right down here

Kayla: [Laughs]

Steve: Sing it, baby. I got the air beater blues baby

Kayla: I got the air beater blues

Steve: I need some O2 in here come on, sing it!

Kayla: I think I called it.

Nicole: I think that's the missing piece.

Paul: Yeah, I like it. It gives us a lot more flexibility.

JJ: So the bass, the rhythm, and the drummer were playing three different songs.

Gabi: That's crazy, and then the crowd just went wild, right?

JJ: They did. They did.


Gabi: Wow.

JJ: I'm sorry, were-- were we being too loud?

Gabi: Yeah. We'll keep it down. Sorry.

Kate: No, no, of course not. It's really good to see you two enjoying yourselves. I did want to ask you, though, have you given any more thought to the modeling job?

Gabi: Oh, yeah. Yes, Kate. I'm--I'm so sorry. I've just been--sorry.

Kate: No, it's fine, because that offer is off the table.

Gabi: Oh.

Kate: I have another offer for you. What do you think about being the face of Basic Black?

Gabi: You mean, cosmetics?

Kate: I mean the spokesperson. Along with Paul Narita. You would do all of the advertising, the shows, meeting with the clients. You would be the brand.

Gabi: Are you serious?

Kate: Absolutely.

Gabi: Oh, my God.

JJ: Oh, that sounds amazing.

Gabi: Yeah, that's like a whole other level.

Kate: It is another level, and believe me, the launch is in two weeks, so we need to see how the two of you would look together, and we should have started yesterday, so.

Gabi: Oh, okay.

Kate: Come on over. Why don't you have a seat...

Gabi: Okay, sorry.

Kate: And we'll get started with this.

Gabi: Sorry. Thank you. Here, I'll grab that.

Kate: Yeah, here you go.

Gabi: Thank you.

[Indistinct conversation]

[Harmonica music]

Kayla: This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous!

Steve: Hey! It stirred up the air, though, didn't it?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Huh?

Both: Yeah.

Steve: What's up? What are you thinking about?

Kayla: I miss my book club, you know?

Steve: Your book club?


Kayla: You had to have been there, I'm telling you, but it was a lot of fun. Well, until Julie got her hands cuffed and taken away. [Laughs]

Steve: Oh, now I'm sorry I missed that.

Kayla: Yeah, well, me too. But had I known you were so talented, you could have been my--my musical guest. You're really very good.

Steve: Ah.

Kayla: No, you are.

Steve: That's the fumes talking.

Kayla: No, no.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: You're talented.

Steve: Well.

Kayla: You gotta own that.

Steve: Okay, so I have something to fall back on.

Kayla: Hmm, when your current career path fails you? [Giggles]

Steve: Exactly.

Kayla: [Laughs] What would that be?

Steve: What?

Kayla: What would that be? Tracking a cell phone stalker? 'Cause I got news for you. That is not working out very well for you.

Steve: No, no, no. I got something better. I got a big plan.

Kayla: Oh, really? Oh.

Steve: And I got a partner.

Kayla: Oh.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: Besides me? [Giggles]

Steve: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, John and I are gonna open up a PI shop. We're gonna call it... wait for it.

[Harmonica music]

Steve: Black Patch.


Steve: Don't laugh. I'm serious. It's gonna be great.

Kayla: I bet, I bet it is.

Steve: Me, John, the two amigos.

Kayla: No, it's not the two amigos. It's not two, it's gotta be three. It's supposed to be three amigos. [Laughs]

Steve: Yeah, it is. [Sighs] If Bo was here, it would be.

Theresa: We're not friends? Since when?

Anne: You know, it's been a slow and ugly slide downhill ever since you brought home the crumb catcher.

Theresa: Anne, look, I'm sorry. It's--it's just been--

Anne: Hectic, busy, and you're a mommy and a mogul and you got a big house with a gate and a yard you have to tend and people you have to see. Until now, right? So let me guess. The old Greek, he kicked you out.

Theresa: Why don't we just go home and we can talk about this.

Anne: Oh, yeah, see, you're not gonna manipulate me with your big, sad eyes and your big rolly ball suitcases.

Theresa: So you are not gonna help me.

Anne: Finally, she hears. You know, you're like a guy.

Theresa: What?

Anne: Yeah, I want nothing to do with you and now you want to spend some time. Total dude move. You don't make your girlfriends play that, Theresa. I shouldn't have to be a bitch and say no to get your attention. We were friends. You used to be fun.

Theresa: I still am.

Anne: Okay, great. So we'll go to happy hour sometime real soon. I'll text you. Or you know what? Maybe I just--I just won't get to it. Okay?

Theresa: God, Anne, no, look. I'm so sorry.

Anne: No, I know, I know, I know. I completely forgot.

Theresa: No, I was gonna call you.

Anne: Back. You were gonna call me back. You were gonna text me back, and you just didn't get to it. You got the advice you needed about boring business.

Theresa: Basic Black, and look, I really appreciate it.

Anne: Right, and then you had no use for me. I get it. Until now. Well, roll on by, honey, because Anne, she's out.

Brady: There is no way that I would take Tate away from his mother.

Victor: If you care about his well-being--

Brady: What--what, should I bring him here? What's the first lesson you're gonna teach my son, revenge? How about vindictiveness?

Victor: You know what, I really don't need this.

Brady: Granddad, neither do I, but it's probably time that I saw it for what it is. You see me as a child. You see me as a troubled child who just can't be trusted to make the right choices.

Victor: Nonsense. I have you running the company. I want you to do more. I want to be able to back off.

Brady: Then do it. You can start with my personal life.

Victor: If you can't see Theresa for what she is, I'm not sure I can trust your judgment.

Brady: So that's it?

Victor: Dump her. It can be done.

Brady: I won't. We'll just have to agree or disagree on that one.

Victor: No, no. This--this is a line. You want to be treated like an adult? All right, let me tell you what I say to the CEO of Titan. Choose.

Brady: What?

Victor: You're exhibiting bad judgment. I can't have that at the top. So choose. Either you choose the family and Titan, or you can take Theresa.

Fynn: Good thing I was there to save your bacon.

Daniel: Yeah, I don't know if I could have done my 200th resection without you.

Fynn: [Chuckles] Thanks to me, that woman's gonna have a scar a Beverly Hills surgeon would envy. She'll be in a bikini by summer.

Daniel: She'll also live till summer. Added bonus. I hate bust your bubble here, but anybody could have closed that one up. Even a nurse could have done it. Mona here, for example, is a great nurse.

Mona: Gee, thanks. Even from a doctor. It's nice.

Daniel: I'm gonna get post-op orders.

Fynn: Sorry about my socially challenged friend. [Laughs] Fynn Thompson. I'm new on staff here.

Mona: From Australia. I recognize the accent.

Fynn: You're good. Most people get it wrong. Can you help me out? I've barely set foot out of the hospital since I've been here. I need someone to show me around. Could I persuade you to volunteer?

Theresa: Anne, I had no idea that you were so hurt. Angry. You're angry. Righteously angry. Look, I get it, okay. And I honestly was gonna call you back. It's just being a mom, it's constant, and then I have all these designs due and I have to--they have to be really good 'cause Kate's gonna show them to the head designer.

Anne: [Sighs]

Theresa: Oh, and then things have been so amazing with Brady and-- oh, my God. I just heard myself. Anne. Oh, God, that was all about me. I'm--I'm really sorry. I am. Look, I've been a really lousy friend to you lately, and I really do want to try to make it up to you.

Anne: I'll hold my breath. [Inhales deeply]

Brady: Are you sure you want to make a decision about this right now? We could wait until after Bo's funeral.

Victor: Suit yourself. I won't change my mind.

Brady: Well, thank you for letting me stay as long as you have.

Victor: Stop talking like a guest.

Brady: I know that I wasn't a guest. But as much as I think that this is your grief talking, I think it's about time I grew up a little bit and left home.

Victor: You're welcome here at any age, any time.

Brady: As long as I follow your rules. I will not abandon Theresa. She's the mother of my son. That makes her family. You of all people should know that.

Steve: Whew. It's getting cold in here, huh?

Kayla: Yeah, well, they turn this heat off at 6:00, and there's nobody around here for the holidays, so.

Steve: There's nothing in here that I can put on you that isn't soaked in chemicals.

Kayla: No, that's okay.

Steve: How?

Kayla: 'Cause it keeps my mind off of no room and no air.

Steve: Hey, come here. Hey.

Kayla: No, no, no. It's all right. It's okay, it's all right.

Steve: Kayla, come here.

Kayla: You don't really have to do that.

Steve: Yeah, come here.

Kayla: You don't really--

Steve: Shh, take that.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: Give me your hands. Give me your hands. Come on, give me those hands.

Kayla: Uh-huh.

Steve: Here we go. See, we can warm up a little bit. Isn't that nice? Okay.

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Now, come here. How's that, hmm?

Kayla: Good.

Steve: Yeah?

Kayla: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: I don't believe I was so stupid with Mona. I am gonna have to make it up to her.

Fynn: Dark chocolate, good cabernet, dinner.

Daniel: That's a nice evening with my fiancée. Mona will get an apology, maybe lunch.

Fynn: You're saying Nicole wouldn't understand?

Daniel: I'm saying I wouldn't do it. Sends everyone the wrong message.

Fynn: So you're ready for one dinner date for the rest of your life.

Daniel: That's-- that is the plan.

Fynn: And you're happy with it?

Daniel: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Fynn: I just don't see it for myself.

Daniel: No? Well, if you find the right one, you'll see it.

Fynn: [Laughs] I couldn't imagine settling down, bro.

Daniel: [Laughs] Well, life with Nicole is a lot of things. Settled isn't really one of them.

Theresa: So do we want them both here or should one of them go to Milan for the launch?

Kate: I don't know. I could go either way.

Nicole: Are you willing to travel?

Paul: I've been on the road forever.

Nicole: That's great. Is that a yes or a no answer?

Paul: I'm good either way.

Nicole: Okay.

Gabi: I don't think I can leave.

Kate: No, you know, let's keep them here. Headquarters are in Salem. I think we should just own it.

Theresa: Yeah.

Nicole: Well, we'll have someone in Milan who speaks fluent Italian, someone who's known to them. You will need to travel to New York once in a while, though. What about London?

Gabi: Okay, yeah. I can--I can figure something out. Wait, you lived there, right?

JJ: Yeah.

Theresa: I have some new designs that'll be ready for New Year's.

Kate: Okay, get them to me. I'll send them to Flavia.

Theresa: One of them's perfect for Gabi for the launch, and I can design something for Paul that'll go with it.

Kate: All right, I'll take a look, but we need to get you to a stylist.

Gabi: Me?

JJ: I'll catch you later.

Gabi: Wait.

Kate: Yes, yes, yes, a stylist. We need to take tests, and-- and what--what's your schedule look like, Paul, over the next few days?

Man: Dr. Brady?

Kayla: [Gasps]

Man: Hi, I heard noises.

Kayla: Uh... sorry. Thank you so much. We were locked in here, and I'm so glad you could hear us. I need my paper. Thank you.

Man: Uh-huh.

Steve: Yeah.

Gabi: Hey, JJ, wait, wait. Hey, I'm sorry about that. I should have told them we'd talk about it tomorrow.

JJ: No, no, no. You shouldn't have. They were in a hurry.

Gabi: Yeah, but it was rude, you know?

JJ: Well, look, don't worry. This is exciting for you. I just left because I was ticked. It's just not my thing.

Gabi: So you won't show for any of my big events?

JJ: I have seen "forgetting Sarah Marshall." [Laughs]

Gabi: It wouldn't be like that.

JJ: Look, Gabi, any guy would be lucky to hang out with you on a night like that. It's--it's just a long way off for me.

Gabi: Totally. I was just kidding. Yeah, I wasn't asking you to do anything.

JJ: Okay. Well, we'll see.

Gabi: Yeah, whatever you want. But listen, if Bombay bicycle club is in town--

JJ: Oh, no, that's okay. You can go.

Gabi: Great. [Laughs]

JJ: If--if it's muse, I mean?

Gabi: I'm there.

JJ: And when you're not an international star, maybe we can hang out.

Gabi: Well, that'll be, like, 95% of the time. Starting now.

JJ: [Laughs]

Gabi: How about we just stop talking about work tonight? Deal?

JJ: Deal.

Gabi: Okay.

Nicole: Where is your buddy, Fynn?

Daniel: Oh, were you expecting him?

Nicole: Hmm?

Daniel: I'm sorry, no. He's just--he's just a player.

Nicole: Honey, I can handle him.

Daniel: We both can. Yeah, he's not going anywhere.

Nicole: Isn't that a good thing for you?

Daniel: You know what, it is. It is. He's a decent guy deep down. Yeah, he came from nothing, put himself through med school. He just wants to do good in the world.

Nicole: Ooh. He certainly has.

Fynn: Would have gladly taken you somewhere more elegant to celebrate your birthday. Is the clam chowder really that delicious?

Mona: It's my guilty pleasure.

Fynn: We'll have to get a few more of those. I'm surprised you didn't have this entourage of men begging to take you out for your birthday.

Mona: Who says I didn't?

Brady: Theresa.

Theresa: Hi.

Brady: Hi.

Theresa: Are--are you okay? What happened?

Brady: Oh, a good thing. Perhaps. Heads up, you're going to have a roommate at the new townhouse.

Theresa: Who?

Brady: I'm moving in with you to the new townhouse, I mean.

Theresa: [Laughs]

Brady: I'm assuming that was okay with you.

Theresa: Yeah, sure.

Brady: I'm also assuming nothing other than--than--than--

Theresa: No, right. Right. Wow.

Brady: Hmm.

Theresa: So what made you decide to move?

Brady: Victor and I, we had it out. I'll also be looking for a job.

Theresa: Oh, wow, that's a lot. That's--wow. I've been gone, what, an hour, and all that happened?

Brady: It's okay. It's probably overdue anyway. I would have left you a message but I didn't know where you were going to be staying.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, I just-- I checked into someplace, so.

Brady: Mm-hmm. Wow, breakfast burrito, microwave entrée, microwave this, microwave that.

Theresa: Yeah, there's-- there's a microwave in the place, so.

Brady: Microwave popcorn, too, with real cheez. Cheez spelled with a "Z." Do you know this color does not actually occur in nature?

Theresa: Oh, come on.

Brady: Yeah, you're crazy for eating this. You can't eat this.

Theresa: No, I--it's--it is a cheese-like product, okay? And I--listen, I was just gonna rent a movie and stay in and-- come on, give me a break! It's all I can afford right now.

Brady: Go to the Salem Inn. You're gonna ask for Don. He's a manager. I'm gonna call ahead, and he's gonna put you in a suite, all right? And you're not eating this. Order room service. Get some real food. Deal?

Theresa: Yeah, I'm gonna pay you back.

Brady: I--you don't have to. I don't expect you to.

Theresa: You know what, I don't want to be a charity case anymore. And you know, in the New Year, there should be some money coming my way. I've got new designs. I mean, that is if Flavia likes them, but--

Brady: She will. I have total faith in you.

Kayla: I am never going to be able to face that orderly again.

Steve: Oh, come on, you gotta own it, baby. He was impressed.

Kayla: I don't think so.

Steve: Trust me, you scored points with that dude.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: For what?

Kayla: Well, for making me laugh, and then for taking my mind off my brother for just a little while.

Steve: You're welcome, sweetness.

[Suspenseful music]

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