Days Transcript Wednesday 11/25/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 11/25/15


Episode #12726 ~ Belle & Claire arrive in Salem in time to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Belle has shocking news; Paul provides John with an important clue about his past; Steve tries to talk Hope out of seeking revenge; Eduardo makes Eve an unexpected offer.

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Cop: You have a visitor.

Rafe: Right on time. How are the two most gorgeous girls in Salem?

Cop: It's this gentleman here.

Rafe: Yeah.

Eduardo: Happy Thanksgiving, son.

John: Happy Thanksgiving.

[Knocking at door]

Marlena: Happy Thanksgiving. Yeah, look... not a word about Sami until we know what's happening.

John: All right. Happy Thanksgiving!

Marlena: Hi!

Brady: Hey, dad, how you doing? Hi, happy Thanksgiving.

Marlena: Aw, Brady, oh, welcome, welcome.

Paul: Thanks for having me.

John: Wouldn't have it any other way, kid--get in here.

Marlena: Where are Theresa and the baby?

Brady: Theresa and the baby? This is what happens when you have a kid--nobody wants to see you anymore.

John: No no no no, we're just surprised you'd leave Theresa alone with victor.

Brady: Ah.

Maggie: Victor... our guests are waiting.

Victor: I'm really not fit company.

Maggie: I know it's hard, but victor, it's--it's family. It's--and it's Thanksgiving.

Victor: Just... go on without me. I feel anything but thankful today.

Shawn: Grandma, you wanna come join us?

Caroline: I've got too much to do.

Shawn: Hey. We miss him too. We all do.

Caroline: [Sighs]

Shawn: You okay? You okay? Come join us, all right? Just leave this.

Caroline: Well, it's-- it's Thanksgiving. [Laughs, sniffles] Thank you... for being here. I'm so grateful for all of you.

Roman: Ma, we love you. So much. [Sighs]

Caroline: [Sobs]

Kayla: Oh, I know, I know,

Caroline: [Sobs] [Whispers] Yeah.

Eric: Grandma.

Roman: Where's Steve? Thought he'd be here by now.

Kayla: Yeah, me too. I think he had a pretty rough night last night.

Steve: [Grunts]

[Phone buzzing]

[Steve grunting]


Hope: Ciara, come on honey, we're gonna be late.

Bo: Give me something to be thankful for today.

Hope: I will--I promise you.

Bo: I love you.

Hope: Don't say that. Not yet. Not till I atone for giving up on you... on us.

Ciara: I forgot grandma hates the first outfit I was in. Hey, were you on the phone?

Hope: What?

Ciara: I heard you talking.

Hope: No, I-- where's chase? We're gonna be late.

Ciara: He's in the car, waiting.

Hope: Okay.

Ciara: You seem better. Something's different.

Hope: Go. Get in the car. I'll be right out. I have to make a phone call. Be two minutes!

[Line ringing]

Steve: Hey. You're a coward hiding behind a text. You want something from me? You come and get it, man. Show your face, you freak.

[Phone ringing]

Steve: Hello.

Hope: Steve.

Steve: Hope.

Hope: Did I wake you?

Steve: Uh, no, what's up?

Hope: I told you last night.

Steve: Yeah? Oh, yeah, right. Hope, li--listen to me.

Hope: No, you listen to me. I'll be right there. Stay where you are.

Eduardo: It's--it's good to see you, son.

Rafe: Don't call me that.

Eduardo: Well... I was just wondering if we might temporarily put aside our anger, I would... really love to spend the holiday with my family.

Rafe: You know, that-- that might have mattered 20 years ago, before you left us--

Eduardo: You and Gabriella have any plans today?

Rafe: That's really none of your business what our plans are--I mean, really?

Eduardo: Well...

Gabi: There's uncle Rafe. Hi, there.

Rafe: Hey.

Gabi: We're ready to go hand out a couple...

Eduardo: Hey.

Gabi: Hi.

Eduardo: Hi. Hi, happy Thanksgiving, Gabi.

Gabi: Yeah.

Eduardo: Hi, Ari. Hi.

Gabi: Hi.

Rafe: Hey.

Eduardo: So you're gonna go hand out something?

Gabi: Yeah, we're gonna go volunteer in the square. Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless.

Rafe: Yep, yeah, and we should probably get going.

Eduardo: That's great. You think there's any-- maybe I could--I could-- I could help out too, you think?

Rafe: No--

Gabi: I would love that, actually, and we're short on volunteers, so why don't you come?

Eduardo: Oh, that'd be great.

Gabi: Okay.

Eduardo: Okay.

Gabi: Great, let's go.

Justin: Uncle Vic! Sorry I'm late.

Victor: What the hell is she doing here?

Shawn: Hey, kid. How you doing?

Ciara: Okay.

Shawn: Yeah? Chase.

Chase: Yeah.

Shawn: So, where's mom?

Ciara: She said she had to do something. She dropped us off and bolted.

Caroline: There she is. My best pie taster.

Ciara: Hey, grandma. How are you doing?

Caroline: Better, now that you're here.

[Knock at door]

Steve: [Groans] [Clears throat] Ah, hello.

Hope: You look like hell.

Steve: Rough night.

Hope: Yeah, there's a lot of that going around. You sober now?

Steve: As a judge.

Hope: Then I need your help. I'm going after the people who killed Bo.

Steve: [Sighs] Hope...Bo was sick.

Hope: No, he had a condition that was treatable if he'd gotten help. The people who locked him up killed him. As sure as if they put a bullet in his head, and they have to pay for that, Steve.

Steve: I hear you. Now, hear me. This is a mistake. Woman: How are you doing in there baby girl?

Marlena: Well... I'm thinking the turkey needs to cool for a bit. Everything okay?

Brady: I texted Theresa a while ago, and she's not answering.

Marlena: Oh.

Paul: Are you sure you're all right about leaving the ISA? I mean, what about finding your family?

John: There really wasn't much to go on, anyway.

Paul: You're giving up? Remember, I knew the ball player who went to your old school?

John: Winterthorne, yeah.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, well, it turns out I was right. I called him, and his father went there about the same time as you. I mean, he might be able to help.

John: Well, I'll take all the leads I can get.

Paul: Well, his name is Eduardo Hernandez. It turns out... he just moved to Salem.

Rafe: Wow.

Gabi: You're really great at this.

Eduardo: Thank you. I ought to be by now. I've had a lot of experience in--a lot of poor countries.

Gabi: Oh, did they do charity work like this?

Eduardo: Well, not always, but pretty much everywhere you go, there's-- there's at least a church, you know, especially in central America.

Gabi: So you lived in central America. Rafe, did you know that?

Rafe: Nope.

Eduardo: You must have traveled a lot for the, uh... FBI.

Rafe: Some.

Eduardo: Any place in particular you're hoping you--

Rafe: You know, I'm trying to help these people today, not play catch up with you, okay? So would you quit trying to just worm your way back into our--

Gabi: Rafe, let's not... don't.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's not. Don't.

Eduardo: Maybe it's time you and me got a couple of things straight... son.

Victor: Did your invite for today say anything about byoh?

Justin: B-y-O...

Eve: Okay, okay.

Victor: Bring your own hooker? That's what this one is, you know that.

Justin: Do you mind waiting in the living room? I'll be right there.

Eve: Sure.

Justin: That was way out of line.

Victor: Ask around. It's true. Eve was a hooker. She hasn't told you that, has she?

Eve: Hi...everyone.

Victor: Guess it's not very good pillow talk.

Eve: I, um, don't think we've met.

Fynn: I'm Fynn.

Victor: I didn't forget who I was.

Maggie: Fynn is an old friend of Daniel's.

Victor: Adrienne is barely out the door and you're shacking up with--

Justin: Stop! I'm a grown man. And I'm single.

Eve: You know, excuse me.

Justin: I don't have to answer to you for--

Victor: For your hooker.

Justin: I know you're grieving.

Victor: I can multitask. I'm grieving, yes. But I can still remember that this one was a floozy and a gold-digger, and you were barely separated.

Eve: Justin, why don't you stay here and have Thanksgiving dinner with your family, and I'll just--I'll just head out, okay?

Justin: No. I've lost my appetite. Let's go. Happy Thanksgiving, uncle vic.

Hope: It's a mistake for the criminals who locked up Bo to pay?

Steve: I didn't say that.

Hope: Then help me. I'm going after them. There's the mistake.

Hope: I'm a cop. I can handle this.

Steve: You're a cop, not a vigilante.

Hope: This is justice, not revenge.

Steve: Hope, you're in no shape for this fight. Not now. Maybe someday--

Hope: If we don't go now, the trail will get cold, Steve.

Steve: Listen, I have a situation here with my family. You have kids here who need you. And when we're both more clear-headed, I will go with you, and we will make those bastards pay. But until then, let's take care of business right here. Can you do that?

Eve: Ah... "dropped by with Tate. Where are you? Call. Theresa." I thought she was supposed to be with Brady today.

Justin: Brady went to john and Marlena's.

Eve: Oh, well, she can't do that.

Justin: Give her a call. We have plenty of food here.

Eve: Voicemail. Hey, sweetie, it's eve. I'm home now. You can give me a call. Bye. Turkey sandwiches from the deli. I'm sorry I ruined your Thanksgiving.

Justin: No, you didn't. It was all victor. Besides, turkey sandwiches are my favorite part of the whole holiday.

Eve: I bet you're kind of wondering... what he meant when he called me a hooker.

Justin: No. No. I don't wonder. And I don't need to hear an explanation. Not now.

Eve: You are about the nicest thing that's happened to me since I came to this town. You know that?

Brady: I'm sorry I have to rush off.

John: Aw.

Brady: I loved the turkey.

Marlena: Oh, thank you. Sorry about the--well. Give that baby a hug for me, would you?

Brady: I'll text you a picture as soon as I can.

Marlena: Okay.

Brady: Paul, happy Thanksgiving, man.

Paul: You too.

John: Bye. You be careful out there.

Brady: I will.

John: All right.

[Both laughing]

John: He "loved the turkey."

Paul: You know, it's so weird to have a half brother. I mean, good weird, but I get why you wanna find your family.

John: Yeah. So--so tell me a little bit more about this Eduardo Hernandez.

Paul: Well, my friend didn't really know too much about him. The guy ditched his family early on. Apparently, they weren't the only ones. Sounds like he had wives and ex-wives and kids all over the place. But see, that's the reason why he came to Salem. Turns out Paige Larson was his daughter. But there was another family before her. There was A... son turned into a cop, and he used to manage victor's place. Rafe Hernandez.

John: Oh, sounds like Rafe Hernandez and I have a lot to talk about.

Eduardo: You and I both know that I can't change what I did, or what I didn't do for you kids or your mom, but I did change myself. I changed--

Rafe: No, I don't care.

Eduardo: Well, I'm not gonna stop trying until you do.

Rafe: You know what?

Eduardo: Thank you for spending part of your day with me. Appreciate it. And I appreciate you, little one. I'm grateful for all of you. But I hope one day we can spend a holiday together as a family. Or at least friends.

Steve: Hope, everyone's expecting us. Especially you.

Hope: I better get going.

Steve: No. Listen to me. You need to be here. You need to be here for Bo, for your kids, for everyone in there who loved him too. Okay? You can do it. Come on. Hey.

Shawn: Hey.

Ciara: Mom. It's about time.

Hope: Baby, I'm sorry. Hi, Kay.

Kayla: Good to see you.

Hope: Ciara, honey, where's chase?

Ciara: He's over there.

Hope: Aw, baby, please don't leave him alone, okay? Be with him, please.

Shawn: Hey, mom. Hi.

Hope: Hey.

Shawn: So grandma wasn't talking to anyone when we got here, and now she's, uh... well, she's trying, anyway. Yeah.

Hope: Good. What about you, honey?

Shawn: One foot in front of the other, you know?

Hope: Shawn,

Shawn: Yeah?

Hope: Belle.

Belle: Hi.

Shawn: Hey.

Hope: Hey, look who's here.

Jennifer: Is that Claire?

Belle: Hi, how are you?

Hope: Hi, sweetheart.

Eric: How are you?

Belle: Hey.

Eric: And who is this pretty young woman?

Claire: I'm Claire.

Kayla: He knew that. Come here, ya. Look at that.

Belle: Hi.

Shawn: Hey. You came.

Belle: Of course I did. Come here. Don n xi c

[Knock at door]

Justin: Could be your sister. It's okay. I don't mind spending time with Theresa.

Eve: I do. [Laughs]

Eduardo: Hey.

Eve: What are you doing here?

Eduardo: Uh, there's something I need to speak with you about.

Eve: Well, as you can see, I'm busy, so why don't you call me tomorrow, and we'll talk about--

Justin: Actually, eve, I gotta go to the station.

Eve: Oh?

Justin: It shouldn't take long. You can come with me if you want.

Eve: Oh, it's--

Justin: That way you don't have to deal with him.

Eve: It's all right, you know what, let me just... get this over with, okay?

Justin: All right. I'll be back soon.

Eduardo: Happy Thanksgiving.

Eve: All right... make this quick. What's this about?

Eduardo: It's about our daughter.

Fynn: The food was wonderful, Mrs. Kiriakis.

Maggie: Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Brady: Hi. Hi, sorry. Sorry I'm late. Did I miss pumpkin pie?

Maggie: Oh, we're waiting on dessert.

Daniel: Brady, this is Fynn, my old classmate.

Brady: Hi. Brady black.

Fynn: How you doing?

Brady: I'm sorry I miss-- I missed dinner. Where's Theresa?

Maggie: She didn't join us.

Brady: Why not?

Victor: I told her the table was full.

Brady: Table was full. Damn it, you know, it's Thanksgiving.

Victor: Why does everybody keep saying that? I have a calendar. I know it's Thanksgiving. What's that got to do with anything when you're dealing with a trashy baby mama-- I'm an ass. I've ruined the entire day for everyone.

Daniel: Look, we get it, victor--we get it.

Victor: No, don't excuse me. How many times you think you're gonna get to see me be contrite? Take it.

Brady: Well, for what it's worth, I think everyone's having a hard time this year.

Maggie: So much loss.

Victor: Well, maybe I should try and honor my son rather than... embarrass his memory. To say nothing of the family that's still living here and deserve better. Everyone, I'm sorry.

Shawn: Have you met your cousin Joey? Joey, this is my daughter, Claire.

Claire: Hi.

Joey: Happy Thanksgiving.

Claire: Thank you, you too.

Joey: Well, I'll see you around.

Claire: Yeah.

Eric: And you remember me, hmm?

Claire: Uncle Eric!

[Both laugh]

Eric: Good to see you.

Claire: You too.

Belle: Best guy we know! So good to see you.

Eric: It's good to see you.

Eric: Grandma...

Caroline: Yeah.

Eric: Look, it's belle, and look, it's Claire.

Caroline: Oh, you've gotten so big.

Claire: So good to see you.

Caroline: Aw.

Belle: So good to see you, Caroline.

Caroline: It's good to see you, belle. Okay. [Sighs] Hope.

Belle: Hope, I'm so, so sorry.

Hope: I'm glad you're here. And you too, sweetheart, of course. I wish we were back on the boat instead. I'm happy you're here.

Claire: Me too.

Hope: It's good to see you.

Claire: You too.

Caroline: Everyone, dinner is ready. But-- before we eat, everybody grab a glass, okay? There's an empty chair at the table. I think you all feel that too. Bo...leaves a big hole. But he also left us many gifts to treasure. He saved my life. I can never repay that gift of love. But I can love all of you for him. And that's how we keep him alive.

John: We've lost too many people in this town lately. But some people never leave us no matter where they go. Bo was like that.

Marlena: And will.

John: And will.

[Glasses clink]

Victor: Bo Brady was a better man in his short life than I could ever manage to be. He was unique, what every father hopes for his son.

Caroline: Mothers hold their children's hands for a little while, and... their hearts forever. To my son, who was larger than life. Until we meet again. May God hold you in the palm of his hand. To Bo Brady.

All: To Bo Brady.

Gabi: Hey, Rafe, whenever you get a chance, I think we should talk.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah. Hey, Justin.

Justin: I was just on my way to the office. There's a break in the Benton case.

Rafe: Oh, good. Hey, you got a second?

Justin: Yeah. What's up?

Rafe: Sis, you hold down the fort? Listen, I just wanted to talk to you because Chad DiMera came into the station, and he was raving about what a huge mistake we'd be making if we shut down the necktie case.

Justin: Why's that?

Rafe: Well, he thinks that we should look at Ben Weston, and I think that he's got a good point. We all know that Ben had motive to set up Chad. We've all seen, well, that Ben's got a really violent temper. I gotta tell you, when I was questioning him, after he put Chad in that coma, the guy was not right. My gut's telling me that there's something there.

Justin: Right. Then look into it.

Rafe: Well, I've already put an APB out on him.

Justin: Good. See what you find out.

Rafe: So you're okay with that?

Justin: I didn't trust your instincts the last time, and that was probably a mistake.

Rafe: Probably?

Justin: [Laughs] Let me know if you come up with anything.

Rafe: Okay.

Eduardo: I--I-- I want to honor my daughter. And maybe give you back a little of yourself that you lost. All those years caring for her alone.

Eve: What do you mean?

Eduardo: I--I'm going to establish a music program for low-income kids at the community center in Paige's name. And I want you to run it.

Eve: So, basically, you're just buying off your guilt, right?

Eduardo: I want to do the right thing, eve. Our daughter loved music. She got that from you. This way, you get your music back, and you keep Paige's memory alive. What do you think?

Eve: You know what, I think it's pretty. But it's too little, too late.

Eduardo: Again, I'm asking you to consider it. And I won't proceed until I hear from you.

Ciara: This is Claire, my niece. This is chase.

Chase: Hi.

Claire: Hi. Who are you related to?

Ciara: He's my stepbrother.

Claire: Oh.

Roman: You know what, ma, we are gonna make you toastmaster of the family. You are very good at it. I mean it, I mean it.

Caroline: Oh, please.

Kayla: Baby, how are you doing?

Hope: As well as I can.

Kayla: Listen to me. Why don't you take Ciara and go out of town? I mean, like, a vacation. Give yourself time to heal.

Hope: Everyone needs to worry less about me. You told Kayla what we talked about, didn't you? She won't be able to stop me any more than you will.

Justin: Sorry it took me so long.

Eve: Well, I'm just glad to see you back.

Justin: I'm glad to be back. So, what did Eduardo want?

Eve: Oh, nothing real. I don't really want to talk about it right now.

Justin: Okay. Did you save a turkey sandwich for me?

Eve: I saved you a little more than that.

Gabi: Why don't you just take a break? They said we can stop in a little bit.

Rafe: All righty. Yeah, and I haven't held her all day.

Gabi: Hi, you wanna say hi?

Rafe: Come here.

Gabi: She loves her uncle Rafe.

Rafe: Oh, yeah, of course she does, huh?

Gabi: Hey, can I-- can I just say something about our father?

Rafe: Who?

Gabi: Stop. You know who I'm talking about.

Rafe: Mm.

Gabi: I know that he's done terrible things in the past, but Rafe, doesn't he deserve a second chance? I got one. And I've done terrible things. But you don't say that's who I am. Look, the man's here, he's-- he says he's changed. He's staying here even though you treat him like a leper. Don't you think that he deserves a chance?

Rafe: I don't know.

Rafe: Rafe, we're-- we're grown-ups, okay? He cannot hurt us anymore. But he's the only father we've ever had. I just think that if you don't try, we're never gonna know. And yeah, we can-- we can try to make it work, and if it doesn't, we'll just tell him to go away.

Rafe: It's Thanksgiving. So I understand, you know. Everyone wants to be with their family, and I get it. You wanna give the man a second chance, so... you do what you have to do, and I'll--I don't know.

Gabi: Well, that's--

Rafe: I can't--I can't-- I just, you know... I can't yet.

Gabi: Okay, that's-- that's progress right there. Kind of. Kind of, right? [Laughs] Give him a kiss. [Laughs]

Victor: You know, I can still see the place where Bo built that tree castle for Ciara.

Maggie: Mm. No ordinary tree house for her.

Victor: She's a princess. She needed rooms.

Maggie: She had the two of you wrapped around her little finger.

Victor: You got to know him, victor. That's a blessing.

Victor: Yes, it was. It was just too damn short.

Marlena: You're working now?

John: Well, this Eduardo Hernandez could know something about my parents.

[Knocking at door]

Marlena: Brady? [Gasps] Ohh! Oh, hi, honey, honey, honey. Aw. Happy

John: Hey, sweetie.

Belle: Hi, dad.

John: I didn't know you were coming, honey. I'm so sorry it's such a sad time here.

Marlena: Honey? Is Shawn here?

Belle: It's over. Shawn and I are getting a divorce.

Hope: I can't make you help me. But you better not get in the way.

Steve: You hear yourself? I loved Bo as much as anybody else, and you think you have to threaten me?

Hope: You told Kayla.

Steve: I'm worried about you, hope. Also, it doesn't help to hold out on her.

Hope: You can make things harder for me, it's not gonna stop me.

Steve: All right. I get it. I can't be a part of it, but you do what you've gotta do.

Hope: I will. I will.

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