Days Transcript Thursday 11/19/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/19/15


Episode #12722 ~ Bo's family throw him a surprise welcome-home party; Abigail learns she's gone into premature labor; Chad seeks Marlena's help to track down Abigail; John & Marlena figure out a way to gain leverage against the DiMeras.

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Chad: Why don't I spell my last name for you? D-I-m-e-r-A. Mm-hmm, as in Stefano DiMera, as in he pays a lot of money for your services, and he's gonna be pissed when he finds out--I don't care! I want you to find Ben Weston and Abigail Deveraux, and I want you to do it today! [Sighs] What the hell is he doing?

Abigail: [Sighs]

Ben: They're getting closer.

Abigail: Ben. Ben, we need help. The baby is in trouble.

Ben: I'm getting help.

Abigail: No, Ben, not a midwife. Please, we need a doctor, baby. I need a doctor.

Ben: No!

Abigail: The baby needs--

Ben: No, this was your idea. You wanted a midwife. You wanted natural childbirth.

Abigail: In Salem, Ben, with my mother there, ready to help and call the EMTs the second something went wrong, and, Ben, and something is wrong. I'm telling you, please. This is your baby.

Ben: I know that! God. I'm gonna undo the ties. When that woman gets here, you need to make her believe that we came here to be alone and that everything is fine.

Abigail: Ben, I don't know if I can do that.

Ben: Well, you know what? Abigail, I really hope that you can.

[Dramatic music]

[Phone beeps]

Steve: No, no, no, no, no, no, don't get it. No, no.

Kayla: I have to. It could be about Bo. I have to. Oh, oh, god, it's Ciara. She texted before. It didn't come through. There's a...

Steve: What?

Kayla: There's a surprise party for Bo. I have to go. I... I... this was a mistake.

Bo: Ma?

All: Surprise!


Maggie: Well, he sure looks surprised to me.

Bo: Yeah, what the heck? Was this your idea?

Shawn: No, no, it was grandma's.

Caroline: No, no, it was Ciara's, and she's gone to get hope, and they'll be here just any minute.

Bo: Okay.

[All chuckle]

Hope: I can't, honey. Sorry, I just--I can't. I can't face a party today. [Sighs] I can barely keep it together in my own house.

Ciara: Okay, I'm not stupid. I get it. You're still freaked out. But, mom, this isn't a party. This is the family coming together to show the world that Aiden and those jerks that did that to dad did not win. We won. Our family is stronger than that.

Hope: You look just like your dad when you get all fired up.

Ciara: Just come with me. Hey, maybe a bribe will work.

Hope: Gonna bribe me or at least try?

Ciara: Well, I got you something to wear to the party.

Hope: Something shiny?

Ciara: I'm gonna show you why you need to be there today.

[Soft music]

Open it.

[Sad music]

Bo: Ma, I am happy that Ciara came up with this idea of a party and stuff, but I don't know if hope is gonna be up for this.

Caroline: Oh, well, Ciara and I discussed that, and we thought this might be the greatest thing for her, to have the family, the whole family, here for her.

Roman: Yeah, you know what? Uh, nobody has forgotten what hope went through, but we just thought we'd get everybody together, start to move on.

Caroline: Yes, and you know what Ciara called the party? The beginning of "happily ever after." Oh. [Laughs] Oh, my. You know, bad days are behind us.

Bo: You're right, ma. You're right.

Caroline: Yeah. Oh. [Chuckles]

Bo: Ma, look who's here.

Caroline: Hmm?

Kayla: Hi.

Caroline: Ooh, hi.

Kayla: Hi.

Caroline: Well, you're late. What have you two been up to?

Steve: Oh, I was just trying to get your daughter to marry me again.

Kayla: [Scoffs] That's not true, that's not true.

Caroline: Oh, well, she's really stubborn, you know. Her father was like that.

Roman: Oh, yeah, yeah, pop was the stubborn one.


Eric: Bo. Hey.

Bo: Oh, hey, man.

Eric: At the risk of stating the obvious, it's good to have you back.

Bo: Hey, thanks. Good to see you.

Eric: Yeah.

Victor: All right, let's hear it, Odysseus. Tell us about your travels. Run into any Cyclops?

Steve: Uh, yeah. Me.


Maggie: Well, you might as well tell us what happened. If not, we're not--we're just gonna keep pestering you.

Bo: Okay, I'll tell you the whole boring story. Some other time. Yeah, 'cause right now, I... at the risk of sounding a bit insane, I heard voices when I was in that dungeon. Ma, you were one. Yeah. Let's say the food wasn't up to your chowder, it was... they would bring it in, and I'd hear your voice: "Eat, son, eat! You gotta keep up your strength!" And, victor, you know, it's crazy, these guards, they were always yelling at me, and after a while, all I would hear was Greek coming at me. Yeah. And I would start to laugh like you guys did, and that was not quite the response they were looking for.

Victor: I guess.

Bo: My know-it-all brother and sister, heard your voices, too, telling me, "escape! There's gotta be a way to escape!" And I did, finally, but when things got really bad and I just wanted to close my eyes, lay down, and give up, that's when I saw my kids. You, your sisters, Zack. Hope--she was there too. You named her well. I could not... I could not give up hope. All I had to do was, um, picture her smile, her eyes, hear her... hear her voice. She got me through hell.

Shawn: Hey, dad?

Bo: What? [Laughs] Perfect timing.

Caroline: Oh.

Shawn: Whoa.


John: All right, stay on it. Well, I'm almost certain that Sami isn't being held at the mansion. I still have the house under surveillance, and André can't make a move without me knowing about it.

Marlena: So shall I assume that means we have nothing?

John: Yeah, something like that.

Marlena: Look, I can't believe I'm about to say this. I know that you left the ISA for me, but I'm feeling desperate, and I'm wondering if you could ask them for a favor.

John: Well, I'd try, but we didn't leave on the best of terms.

Marlena: What does that mean?

John: Actually, I didn't quit, doc. I was fired.

Abigail: [Sighs] Ben, it's freezing in here. I'm so cold. Please, can you find me another blanket?

Ben: Well, there's another one in the car.

Abigail: Perfect. Can you get it for me? Ben, please, it's not good for the baby for me to be this cold.

Ben: If I leave, I have to tie you up again.

Abigail: Ben, it's another matter of minutes before I have a contraction again, and you've seen what they're like. I'm not going anywhere.

Ben: Okay. [Sighs] Doesn't seem that cold to me.

Abigail: [Whispers] Ben.

[Tense music]

Ben: She's right in here. It's pretty early. You have to do something about the contractions.

Wendy: Okay, all right, I need to see what's going on here.

Abigail: Okay.

Wendy: Hi.

Abigail: Hey.

Wendy: I'm Wendy.

Abigail: Hi, Wendy, I'm Abigail Deveraux. This is my fiancé, Ben Weston, and we are from Salem.

Ben: I think maybe you should be quiet, honey.

Wendy: Relax.

Abigail: Ben, where's the blanket?

Ben: I'll get it right after Wendy here sees what's wrong. We're all in this together. I think I need to stay right where I am.

Julie: Well, we're all here to celebrate Bo's coming home to us, and I just wanted to remind everybody that there would be no us if not for Bo Brady. I'm thinking back, way back. Everybody raise their hand that was on Ernesto Toscano's cruise boat.

[All groan and laugh]

Julie: Remember what happened when the bomb went off? I remember what happened. Bo Brady got all of us off that sinking ship and into the lifeboats.

Victor: Right, son. If it hadn't been for you, none of us would be here.

Bo: [Exhales]

[Soft music]

Wendy: [Sighs] Okay. All right, your blood pressure's a little high, and so is your pulse.

Abigail: Okay, um, can you just tell me if my baby's gonna be okay?

Wendy: Well, let's take a look. Come here.

Abigail: [Groans]

Chad: Abby is all about family. She's not just gonna miss hope's wedding.

Andre: Father, I didn't know that Chad was authorized to mobilize, what would we call them, your special forces? Ah, but we must remember, mustn't we, that Abigail is important to Chad, and Chad is family.

Chad: Why don't you spare the speech and just send me a bill?

Andre: Sharper than a serpent's tooth. Shall we call off the fruitless search for the girl that got away?

Chad: No, no, no, no, no, no. Please, thank you for your help. Okay, I'm just--I'm mad at myself. The fight I got in with Ben the night that I went into the coma, if I could just remember what he said, then I could figure out where he took her, that's--

Andre: What, you think he told you his travel arrangements while he was smashing your head against the floor?

Chad: You son of A...

Andre: Hey, don't, don't, no, no, no, take it easy. Take it easy, otherwise you won't remember anything, if you're this agitated.

Chad: I need to get out of here.

Marlena: You were fired? Why didn't you tell me that?

John: Because I didn't want you to think it was in any way your fault. Look, I'm sorry I didn't say anything about it, but none of it matters now anyway. What we have to do is concentrate on finding Sami now.

Marlena: Okay. What do we do next?

John: I think it's time we have a talk with André face-to-face.

Marlena: Okay. I will pack up my tire iron.

John: [Laughs] As much fun as that is to think about, I don't think force is gonna work for us here. What we have to do is have a bargaining chip. Now, it's kind of obvious Sami didn't have those pass codes with her when she was abducted. Chances are she probably hid 'em somewhere.

Marlena: I wonder if that weasel André was right. I wonder if they're here somewhere.

John: Looks like we're on a treasure hunt. You want to start upstairs? I'll scrounge around down here.

Marlena: Yeah.

John: Try to think like Sami.

Marlena: Oh, god help us.

Shawn: So I remember asking this kid in school, "how many times has your dad saved your life?" And, yeah, exactly, he's looking at me like I'm crazy. So then I felt like, "okay, this is the moment that I'm realizing my dad isn't run of the mill. And then I felt like I had to explain it to the kid, so what story do I choose? And I'm like, "oh, I'll tell him about how my dad takes hanging out literally."

Bo: Hold on, Shawn. I'm almost there. Hold on. Give me your hand, come on. Give me your hand. [Grunts] Son, come on. [Grunts]

Shawn: So thanks, dad. Saved my life. I'm really glad that you're right back where you belong. Right, mom?

Hope: Hmm? Oh, um, I don't know, I guess.


Hope: All I can say is "thank god." Thank god.

Bo: Aww. I think that's enough stories for one day.

Hope: Oh, I don't know, you know, I'm really kinda loving this, Brady.

Bo: No.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Really?

Hope: Yeah, really.

Abe: You know, I think it's time for a toast.

Caroline: Oh, yeah, yes.

Bo: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Exploding cruise ships, helicopter rescues, plane crash--haven't I been through enough here?

Shawn: Everybody loves you. Deal with it, dude.


Hope: Hey.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: You okay?

Bo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm fi--fine, fine.

Abigail: The contractions are happening really fast now, and I feel--ah!

Wendy: Honey, you are definitely in labor.

Abigail: No, I can't be. But it's way too early. It's too soon. It's too soon.

Wendy: Okay, don't panic. I don't want you to panic, okay? The important thing right now is that we get you to a hospital, okay? I'm gonna call an ambulance.

Ben: I'm sorry, Wendy. That's just--that's not gonna happen.

Abigail: [Groans]

Bo: I'm good, I'm good. Just stood up too quickly.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: And haven't had one of these in quite a while.


Bo: Hey, roman, why don't you finish this up, huh? Or maybe I'll tell that story about you in the pub in kilkenny.

Roman: Oh, whoa, no, no, no. Okay, all right, all right. I will make this short and sweet.

Bo: Thank you.

Roman: Look, I know I speak for all of us in saying we are glad you're back. We're glad you're safe and sound, and I personally am glad to have you back, so I can once again kick your ass at golf, poker, and all things masculine.


Bo: Don't believe him.

Roman: Little brother, damn, I'm glad you're back. Things just weren't the same without you. To Bo Brady.

All: To Bo!

[Chatter and laughter]

Steve: You think we should get him out of here?

Kayla: I don't know. Maybe it's a good thing, you know, for the family. Good memory. A good-bye.

Steve: Sweetness. I got you, baby.

Maggie: So how are you holding up?

Hope: I-I-I don't think any of it's real yet.

Julie: You know, darling, maybe you and Bo could just get away for a while.

Hope: No, absolutely not. I want to stay right here. With him, right here.

Caroline: I'm so proud of you.

Bo: Oh, ma.

Caroline: [Laughs] [Sighs]

[Solemn music]

Caroline: [Gasps]

Bo: Ma, what's wrong? What is it?

[Indistinct chatter]

Bo: Ma, what is it? What's wrong?

Caroline: N-nothing's wrong. I...I... you're back, and I'm happy. I have to put out the pies.

Bo: Okay, I'll help you.

Victor: I'll do it.

Maggie: I'll help too.

Bo: Means an awful lot to me that you guys are here. If, uh, if Ciara had told me about this, I don't think I would have agreed. I don't know if hope's up to it.

Julie: Oh, she seems to be--

Bo: To be putting up a good front, yeah. Or she's happy to be with her family.

Doug: Probably some of both.

Bo: I also wanted y to know something that, I don't know, it was just easier being away, knowing that you were here to look after hope and Ciara and that, um, sometimes I don't know how to say what I feel.

Doug: Son, we know how you feel, Julie and I. We know how much you love hope. And one of the nice things about being old friends--and I believe that along with everything else, the three of us are friends-- we don't need words. We just know.

Julie: Amen.

Caroline: I told you. I don't need any help.

Victor: Caroline, I was right there. I saw you.

Maggie: You had a vision, didn't you? Bo hugged you, and you saw something.

Caroline: Damn it!

Victor: Tell us.

Caroline: Damn it. I saw Bo and hope in the park, and they were crying. I saw that damned hospital in Mexico, and what I see happens. They were crying.

Maggie: Well, maybe they were crying tears of joy.

Caroline: Yes, that's... that's possible.

Maggie: Yeah.

Caroline: Then... nothing's wrong. Nothing at all.

Marlena: I'm ready to swear that Sami did not hide the pass codes in this house.

John: I'm beginning to agree. Damn, did not want to face André empty-handed.

[Knock at door]

John: Just hold your hor-- what?

Chad: Mr. Black, I-I need to speak to Marlena.

John: Not a good time.

Marlena: No, no, no, it's okay, it's okay. Chad, uh, just a second.

John: Doc--

Marlena: Just a second.

Chad: I'm sorry.

Marlena: John, I was thinking that if the pass codes aren't here, then maybe...

John: [Sighs] The bank?

Marlena: The bank.

John: Yeah, I already thought about that. All right, I know the president. I'll see if Sami made any hard-to-trace transactions. You sure you want to deal with him right now?

Marlena: Maybe I can learn something.

John: Yeah, right. Always a pleasure, DiMera.

Chad: Look, I am so sorry. Okay, I can see that this is a bad time. It's just, all right, this is really important. I think Abigail Deveraux is in trouble.

Marlena: Abigail?

Chad: Yeah, she didn't show up to hope's wedding. All right, she sent texts that she and Ben went off, but she won't answer her phone.

Marlena: Well, after all that's happened, you can't be surprised she won't take your call.

Chad: Okay, she hasn't talked to her mother or her brother. All right, she's not returning their phone calls either.

Marlena: Oh. Why did you come to me?

Chad: Well, I need you to hypnotize me.

Marlena: What?

Chad: Yeah, the fight that I had with Ben, all right, I think if I could remember it, then I, you know, maybe I could figure out where he took her.

Marlena: Well, but wait a minute, they're engaged. They just went off together somewhere.

Chad: No, okay, she went off with a man who beat me into a coma, all right? She--she hasn't talked to her mother--or can't--and when I spoke to her, she let me know that she was in trouble. I told her to say good-bye and hang up quickly if there was a problem, and that is exactly what she did. [Stammers] Dr. Evans, I know this sounds crazy, but something is wrong, all right, something is really, really wrong.

Marlena: Sounds like it. Okay, okay, I will help you.

Chad: Okay.

Marlena: You have to promise that you will help me in return.

Ben: Hey, I don't think we need to panic. Abigail, tell her that you want a natural childbirth, with nobody around but me and Wendy here.

Abigail: Ben, listen to me. This baby--our baby's gonna be born soon, okay, and when it is, it's gonna need very special care.

Ben: Well, maybe this is false labor. We don't know for sure that this is it.

Wendy: Look, Ben, I'm telling you, your fiancée is in labor. She's going to have this baby soon.

Ben: Fine, but this is my decision, and I say we stay here.

Wendy: Abigail, is that what you want?

Abigail: I--ah!

Ben: It's exactly what she wants, Wendy. I told you.

Abigail: Ah!

Wendy: Okay, no, I'm sorry. I'm gonna have to call an ambulance.

Abigail: Ah, Ben!

Ben: Put the phone down, Wendy, now.

Abigail: Ah!

Bo: Yeah, Ciara put together this surprise party for me. Uh, pretty much everybody's here, and I just... just wanted to hear your voice. Chelsea, that can't... well, things are pretty much up in the air here, and... yeah. I miss you too. Yeah, I love you, kid. Okay, all right, listen, I gotta go. Yeah, just remember, I love you. All right, bye.

Eric: Hey, Jenn. Something wrong?

Jennifer: Hey. No, no, nothing. This is just really an emotional overload right now. You know, there's so much going on, and...

Eric: Yeah.

Jennifer: I'm just freaking out a little bit, you know. I keep checking my phone to see if Abigail called, and... but we're here to celebrate Bo, and I am in a funk over nothing.

Eric: Well, how long has it been since you heard from her?

Jennifer: Well, she just left last night, and she did text me and JJ. Listen, I haven't even said hi to Steve and Kayla, and I'm just being a helicopter mom.

Eric: Oh, yeah.

Jennifer: I'm sorry.

Eric: Yeah.

Jennifer: Hey there.

Steve: Hey.

Kayla: Hi.

Jennifer: This is so fun.

Steve: Oh, how you doing?

Jennifer: This is like old times.

Steve: Yeah.

Jennifer: You and Bo here with a beer in your hand.

Steve: Yeah, right.

Jennifer: Thank you for bringing him back to hope.

Eric: Yeah, so now that you accomplished that mission, how long you planning on staying in Salem?

Steve: Well, I'm here for good. I hope. I made a promise to Kayla and Joe, my vagabond days are over. I'm gonna keep that promise.

Marlena: Okay, so you and Ben had fought again.

Chad: Yes. But it's--it's not like the other fights.

Marlena: How was it different?

Chad: His eyes.

Marlena: What about his eyes?

Chad: They were...

Marlena: They were what?

Chad: Scary. Dead.

Marlena: Dead?

[Both grunting]

Chad: And I knew. I knew. I will prove it, and I'm gonna watch you rot in jail for the rest of your life, but first, I'm gonna get Abigail as far away from you as I can.

Ben: [Shouting]

[Scary music]

Marlena: Chad, clear! Okay. What did you remember?

Chad: I don't know. I don't--I don't--it's gone.

Marlena: Okay, you said you were going to see Ben rot in prison for what he did. What--what did that mean?

Chad: I don't know. I don't remember.

Bo: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Bo: Chelsea sends her love.

Hope: Chelsea?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: You called her at this hour? My gosh, it must be 4:00 in the morning.

Bo: Yeah, just something that couldn't wait.

Hope: Yeah, I bet.

Bo: I love having you here, sailor, but would've been much better to have your wife and daughter here with you.

Shawn: Yeah, pop, well, guess you're gonna have to settle for the solo act.

Bo: Yeah, it'll do.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Ciara: What about me, dad? Aren't you glad I'm here?

Bo: Eh...I'm kinda, sorta okay with it.

Hope: Hey.

Ciara: Come on.

Bo: Come here, you. Oh. My precious, precious girl. [Sighs] You are a huge, huge part of my heart. You always have been, and you always will be. You know that, right? Okay. I am so, so very proud of you. And I'd like to take a little credit for how--how smart and understanding and just darn beautiful you are, but that's all on your mom.

Ciara: But, dad, I'm so much like you. I mean, I make killer donuts, I love riding motorcycles, and I love playing baseball.

Bo: Yeah. Guess you're a little bit like me after all.

Ciara: [Laughs] But seriously, dad, I'M... I love you so much, and having you back, I keep thinking this is too amazing to be real, so it must be a dream. And, if it is a dream, can you please tell everyone not to wake me up?

Bo: Yeah, baby, I can do that. And, uh, thanks for putting this party together, huh? Bringing everybody here.

Ciara: Yeah. One big happy family, right?

Bo: Yeah.

Ciara: Wow.

Bo: Uh-oh.

Ciara: Wow.

Hope: Uh-oh.

Shawn: Oh.

Hope: Uh-oh.

Bo: I saw it happening.

Hope: We all know what that means.

Shawn: Everybody hide.

Ciara: No, no, no.

Hope: You got an idea.

Ciara: No, it's a great idea. I mean, everyone's here. I mean, we have a mom, and we have a dad, and we have Abe.


Shawn: A mom, a dad, an Abe? Where are you going with this?

Ciara: I mean, this party, it isn't just about dad being back, it's about us being a family again. And what better way to do that than for the two of you to get married again?

Bo: Here?

Hope: Now?

Ciara: Why not? I mean, it doesn't have to be legal. It'll be real. And you guys can go to city hall later. But right now, when... when we're all together...

Hope: Oh, baby, come here.

Ciara: I just want my mom and my dad to be together, and I want that awful time to be over. He's back. We need to be a family.

Shawn: Poor kid's really been through it.

Ciara: But it's over. Last night didn't happen. That wasn't real. This--this is real.

Hope: She does have a point.

Abe: Well, um, I am willing to do my part. Honored, in fact.

Hope: [Chuckles] What do you say?

Bo: Uh... I'm gonna need a minute. Laundry can wreak havoc on our clothes, ruining them forever.

Ben: Put the phone down, and back away from it.

Wendy: I don't understand. What's going on here?

Abigail: Ben, listen to me. Ben, we need to get to a hospital, okay? We're gonna lose the baby.

Ben: The baby is gonna be born right here, and it's gonna be fine. Wendy here is gonna help you. Everything is gonna be just fine. As long as you both do exactly what I tell you to do.

Marlena: [Sighs] Chad, I know you're still a little bit shaken, but...

Chad: Right, I'm sorry, excuse me.

Marlena: No, no, it's not that. I-I need your help. You see, I think that your father and André have kidnapped Sami.

Chad: Whoa, what?

Marlena: That's why john and I were so upset when you came in.

Chad: Well, what do you want me to--what do you want me to do?

Marlena: Well, if you could go to the mansion and see if it's true. And if it's true, see what they're planning.

Chad: I-I'm sorry, are you sure about this?

Marlena: John is sure, and he's usually right.

Chad: Yeah. I'll do whatever I can.

[Keys jingle]

Marlena: Oh.

John: Still here.

Marlena: John, please. Chad is going to help us. Uh, Chad, you'll call me?

Chad: Yeah, I will. I'm--I'm sorry.

Marlena: So... no luck at the bank?

John: None.

Marlena: [Sighs]

John: I should have known I was grasping at straws. Soon as I got there, I realized that Sami wouldn't do something as rational as go to a bank in the middle of a crisis.

Marlena: Oh, no, when Sami's in crisis, she... she tends to regress. She tends to be more like a little girl.

John: Doc.

Marlena: Hold on. Hold on.

John: Doc, what's going on?

Marlena: Give me a minute. Just a minute. Sami had information about Kate, and she put it in here.

John: Let's hope that she stuck with her MO.

Marlena: [Gasps] Oh. Thank god.

John: [Sighs] You know, I have a feeling the information here is going to finally and completely destroy Stefano.

Marlena: I've got a feeling it's finally gonna save Sami.

Hope: He's been pretending. He can't forgive me for giving up on him.

Kayla: That is not true.

Hope: It is true. It's true.

Bo: [Groaning]

Steve: What's going on, Bo?

Bo: I just... just had one of those headaches.

Steve: Okay.

Bo: Hey, listen, um, these are yours.

Steve: Triumph. I'm gonna share that.

Bo: That bike got us home. I don't have any use for it where I'm going.

Steve: Listen, buddy. You gotta tell hope. She needs to know.

Bo: Yeah. But how much time do I have? Hmm? How the hell do I tell my wife that I'm dying?

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