Days Transcript Friday 10/30/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/30/15


Episode #12708 ~ Steve & Bo risk their lives to get Bo home in time to stop Hope's wedding; Caroline has another disturbing vision of Bo; Marlena questions Chad to determine the truth; Nicole encourages Theresa to stand up to Kate.

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Nicole: You busy?

Daniel: Whoa. For you, never.

Nicole: Oh.

Daniel: Meow. Wow. Uh, what's in the bag?

Nicole: Oh, you know, nothing important. Just an awesome suit for the bicentennial and Hope's wedding.

Daniel: You don't really strike me as a suit type.

Nicole: Well, I'm not, honey, but you are.

Daniel: Oh, yeah?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Really? So, uh, who am I wearing here?

Nicole: I don't know. It's vintage, but it's going to look perfect on you.

Daniel: Well, I hope that you can take it back.

Nicole: Why would I?

Daniel: Well, because I already have what I'm going to wear.

Nicole: Ah! Ooh.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: Over my dead body.

[Door opens]

Theresa: Hi.

Brady: Hi. Why'd you want to see me? Is Tate okay, or...

Theresa: Well, yeah. If he wasn't, I'd do more than text. He's fine.

Brady: Okay, what's up?

Theresa: Um, listen, I did some thinking, um, but I don't think you're going to be very happy about it.

Brady: Okay, what'd you do?

Theresa: That--it's for you.

Brady: You bou--um, you bought me clothes?

Theresa: It's a vintage suit, so...

Brady: It's a vintage... suit? Doesn't that mean secondhand? Right?

Theresa: Yeah, listen, you can wear it to the bicentennial and the wedding. You'll be the sharpest looking guy there. And I've already had it cleaned and altered, and I also jazzed it up just a little bit.

Brady: Jazzed it up? Really?

Theresa: Please, I just-- I mean, just tell me you'll at least think about wearing it.

Brady: I'm sorry. Mm-mm. It's not a good idea.

Chad: Well, I'm not saying a word until I have an attorney right beside me.

Justin: That's your legal right.

Chad: Damn straight.

Justin: So, we'll just wait for Mr. Jennings.

Julie: Oh, those look beautiful, beautiful. We have to work fast. Gala starts in a couple of hours.

Caroline: [Gasps] Oh!

Bo: Hey, man, where are we?

Steve: He says we just entered U.S. Airspace.

Bo: Radio still out?

Steve: Yeah.

Bo: So we could have a midair collision at any moment.

Steve: Pretty much.

Bo: Well... I think we'll be okay as long as we avoid homeland security.

Steve: [Chuckles]

Hope: Wow. You and chase did this together, Ciara?

Ciara: Yeah, including freshly squeezed orange juice.

Hope: Well, I am very impressed, honey.

Chase: She was all over this. All she'd let me do was set the table and put muffins on the plates.

Hope: I'm sure. Well, I think this is the loveliest wedding day brunch I have ever seen.

Ciara: Uh, it's for Aiden, too.

Hope: Of course.

Chase: He was supposed to be here by now.

Hope: Yeah, well, he's probably just running late. He'll be here.

Aiden: Ahem.

Andre: Well, well, well. Don't you look the worse for wear. You better pull it together before the wedding. You need to be legally married, otherwise your plan doesn't work.

Aiden: All right, look. The reason I'm here is to tell you that our deal is off.

Andre: What?

Aiden: I'm--I'm not gonna do it. I-I-I can't. I can't do it. There's--there's no way in the world that I can kill Hope.

Andre: I told you. I knew he would not be able to handle this assignment. And after we made such a huge investment in him. It's clear that his love for her is far more important than the well-being of his son.

Aiden: Okay, look. Don't say that, all right? If you just give me a chance--

Andre: How many chances are we supposed to give you? We paid off your massive debt to that loan shark because he was threatening your life. And you made a promise that you would pay us back with the money you would get from Hope's life insurance policy. It would necessitate her death, but you knew that. But here you are hung over, babbling about that you can't go through with it. Did I correctly state my case?

Stefano: Absolutely.

Andre: But you know what the worst part about you not following through with our arrangement? It's that we all lose. Aiden! And you should know by now that father and I do not like to lose.

Aiden: And I'm telling you that nobody has to lose. I have another way.

Hope: Hey, maybe we should start to eat, huh?

Chase: What about Dad?

Hope: We'll save some food for him...maybe.

Chase: Okay.

Ciara: You dig in. We're gonna go make the eggs.

Hope: Okay.

[Knock at door]

Shawn: Good morning.

Hope: Hi.

Shawn: Hi.

Hope: Good morning.

Shawn: Ciara invited me for brunch.

Hope: Oh, I'm so glad.

Shawn: Yeah, so am I.

Hope: You sleep well?

Shawn: Yeah, I did, I did. Wow, she is turning into quite the hostess, Ciara.

Hope: Yeah, unlike your mom.

Shawn: [Chuckles] It's a big day, Mom.

Hope: Oh, sweetie, I can't tell you how much better this day is going to be now that you're a part of it.

Bo: Hey, man, how-- how bad is it?

Steve: Appears we're heading into another electrical storm. Can't try to find smoother air without talking to air traffic control.

Bo: Can't do that without a radio.

Steve: Yeah. This is gonna get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Bo: Well, I can live through anything as long as I get home. As long as I get back to my family.

Daniel: You don't like that?

Nicole: Well, honey, the thing is, uh, no, I don't. It looks like it was dragged here from Woodstock by a tractor.

Daniel: Okay, Maggie told me they're doing a '60s thing for the bicentennial, huh?

Nicole: But the '60s weren't just the age of Aquarius.

Daniel: The cool part was.

Nicole: Okay, depends on what your definition of cool is. You know, I was always taken by the sophisticated Madison avenue type look. Hold, okay? Look. Ahem. Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Voila. It's already been cleaned, and I had Theresa do a little tailoring on it. And it's gonna look so good on you. Please. Please think how proud and happy it'll make me. Honey, it's important, me being your fiancée and all. And you want to make me happy, don't you?

Daniel: Oh, every chance that I get.

Nicole: [Gasps] Hey! [Chuckles]

Daniel: Doesn't make you happy?

Nicole: No. Mm.

Daniel: All right.

Theresa: I don't understand why is the suit a problem?

Brady: [Exhales deeply]

Theresa: Why won't you even look at it?

Brady: It's not the suit. It's just that I don't think you should be picking out clothes for me.

Theresa: [Chuckles] There I go overstepping again.

Brady: I don't mean to hurt your feelings, Theresa, but yeah. You are a little bit.

Theresa: Listen, I'm not trying to dress you, okay? I'm just helping you out. I mean, you're a busy guy, and--and, you know, you don't have time to do shopping and stuff, and I do, so...

Brady: I was just gonna wear what I always wear. That's all.

Theresa: But you'll only be the only guy there who's not in a '60s getup. Come on, at least please just try it on. Please.

Brady: All right, show me the suit.

Theresa: Okay. Ahem. Look. It's not bad, right?

Brady: It's not bad at all. Actually, that's, uh, that's very nice.

Theresa: Thanks.

Brady: Thanks for doing all that work.

Theresa: Yeah, don't mention it.

Brady: I gotta go.

Theresa: Okay. Uh, well, I'll just hang this in the closet and, uh, I'll see you at the party.

Chad: Look, boys, the D.A. Himself said I don't have to say another word until my lawyer's here, so...

Rafe: Justin, I say you and I get out of here. Give Chad some time to think.

Justin: Marlena?

Marlena: Hi there.

Justin: When I asked for that list, I didn't think you would deliver it personally.

Marlena: Well, I want to make sure you get the right therapist for Chad's psych eval.

Justin: Thank you.

Marlena: Everybody on there's quite good and they're all-- they're experts in their fields. And if you need any advice from me, you can check back.

Justin: Okay, well, I'll start contacting them now. I'll call you after I talk to them.

Marlena: Okay. Uh, do you think it might be all right if I... talk to Chad?

Justin: That's a little tricky. He's charged with attacking you. And he also knows that you ID'd him.

Marlena: Do you think he might be dangerous?

Justin: Maybe. I also don't know what his lawyer would make of it. And he's due here any minute. I don't want to do anything that might keep you off the witness stand. Excuse me.

Marlena: Rafe.

Rafe: Yeah?

Marlena: How is Chad?

Rafe: Physically, he seems okay. Doesn't remember murdering anyone or attacking you.

Marlena: Do you think that's because he's innocent?

Rafe: Doesn't matter what I think anymore.

Chad: What are you doing here?

Marlena: The truth? I wanted to see if this memory lapse is a fake, or if you truly don't remember.

Chad: There's no way on earth I could ever kill anyone, Marlena. Let alone you.

Julie: Caroline, what happened?

Caroline: I-I have to clean up this mess.

Julie: No, no, no. I'll clean up the mess or a volunteer will. Why don't you sit down?

Caroline: I-I'm fine, I'm fine.

Julie: Oh, just humor me, okay? Sit down. You know, you might be a little dehydrated. You look dehydrated. I think I'll get you some water, okay.

Caroline: Oh, all right. All right. Dear God, please let Bo be all right.

Bo: Hey, man, what's happening?

Steve: He's gonna try to drop to a lower altitude. Fly under the storm.

Bo: And if he can't?

Steve: Then we have to land.

Bo: No! We gotta keep going. I gotta get to Salem.

Steve: You want to get there in one piece?

Bo: Listen to me. Something is wrong at home. I know it. I heard it in Hope's voice. She needs me. She needs me now.

Aiden: Okay, there may be another way to keep Chad from going to prison.

Andre: And what might that be?

Aiden: An insanity defense.

Andre: You want to say that Chad is insane?

Aiden: No, no, no. I just want to say he wasn't in his right mind when the crimes were committed. I've used this before successfully. I know what I'm doing.

Andre: You know, I hate to bring up a sore point, but what about the money?

Aiden: Look, if I get a high profile client like Chad off with this defense, I'm gonna get calls from all over. I could start charging hefty retainers, billing more hours. I'm gonna get that money back to you in no time.

Andre: And what happens to Chad if you succeed?

Aiden: Well, he'd have to be institutionalized for a while.

Stefano: No, absolutely not. My son is not insane.

Andre: Father.

Stefano: The hell is the matter with you?

Andre: You're getting your blood pressure up. I'll finish with Mr. Jennings. Okay?


Andre: Uh, my father needs some rest.

Stefano: [Growling] I'm gonna kill the son of a bitch.

Andre: You know, my father has been a lot kinder to you than I would have been. So I think we should stop with this, uh, legal maneuvering. Time to put your working boots on. You need to dig a grave. Unless you want us to do the digging. Two plots? For you... and your son, perhaps.

Marlena: Chad, I'd like to believe you. But the evidence is piling up against you.

Chad: You really think I could kill will? He was one of my best friends.

Marlena: I know that.

Chad: Someone set me up. And they must have drugged me. That's why I don't remember anything, even--even without an alibi, I just-- what reason do I have to kill Serena mason?

Marlena: You're a proud man. You fought. She slapped you in public.

Chad: And so I strangled her? What did Paige Larson do to me?

Marlena: Well, Paige saw you follow Serena out of the club. And maybe you wanted to make sure that she couldn't testify against you.

Chad: Okay, and then will? What did will ever do to me? Why--why would I try to kill you?

Marlena: I don't know.

Chad: You can see this doesn't make any sense, Marlena. Please, you have to help me clear my name.

Marlena: Even if I were willing, I don't know if that's possible.

Aiden: Um, looks like our deal still stands.

Andre: Mm, good boy.

Aiden: But I want assurances.

Andre: Assurances? What assurances?

Aiden: I want to know that once I fulfill my... obligation, that our business is done. I never want to see you or your father again.

Andre: Not to worry. You can trust us. Just as much as we can trust you right now.

Chase: I really thought Dad would be here by now.

Hope: Well, he, um, had to take on a big case last night.

Shawn: What, the night before your wedding?

Hope: Hey, I'm marrying a trial attorney. I better get used to it, right?

Ciara: Come on, chase. Let's clear these dishes.

Shawn: Here, I can help.

Ciara: No, you're a guest.

Shawn: Okay. That's fi--thank you. Than--thanks, sis.

Hope: She's a good girl.

Shawn: Yeah, she is. So, chase seems like a good kid.

Hope: Yeah, he is. He's great. And luckily he and Ciara are good friends.

Shawn: Are you ready to have a teenaged boy running around the house again?

Hope: You know, I look at him, and I remember you, honey. And I also wonder, um, what Zack would have been like at this age.

Shawn: Mom... things have been so hard on you for so long, and then I come here yesterday acting like a jerk. I just want to apologize.

Hope: No, no, no. Don't. I just want you to know something though, Shawn. A part of my heart will always belong to your dad. Always. And Aiden knows that he can never replace him.

Shawn: I appreciate that. It does make me feel better, but I came here to be your backup, so you need to know that.

Hope: [Chuckles] And that thought makes me feel very good.

Shawn: And...

Hope: Yeah?

Shawn: I have something-- well, belle sent me with this.

Hope: What did she send?

Shawn: She remembered that you're supposed to have something borrowed.

Hope: Uh-huh.

Shawn: So she thought this would be the perfect thing.

Hope: Aww, that was so sweet of her.

Shawn: Yeah. Yeah.

Hope: It's Gran's necklace. She gave it to belle to wear on her wedding day. Are you sure she's okay lending this to me?

Shawn: I don't know. She wanted you to have it.

Hope: You know, I still can't believe that you and belle tracked this down. We'd all given it up for lost.

Shawn: Yeah. Uh... belle always found that it brought us good luck, so, we want you and Aiden to have it. Come here, Mom. Come here. More "stay" per roll.

Brady: Neil young called. He wants his jacket back.

Daniel: Okay, you too? Really?

Brady: No, seriously. No, actually I want to wear it. I want to borrow it. Can I wear it to your wedding?

Daniel: Okay, ooh, speaking of that, we actually set a date, which is why I had you come on by. 'Cause I just want to make sure my best man is free.

Brady: When is it?

Daniel: It is valentine's day.

Brady: How original.

Daniel: Okay, could-- don't give me any grief. Are you free or not?

Brady: Well, you're in luck. I'm pretty sure this valentine's day, my calendar's wide open.

Daniel: Yes! Excellent.

Brady: Uh, Daniel...

Daniel: Yeah?

Brady: Theresa showed me a suit bag just like that.

Daniel: Yeah? Does hers have a suit in it?

Brady: Yeah.

Daniel: Ah. So Nicole and Theresa, they came up with this idea together, and according to Nicole, Theresa had that suit tailored just for me.

Brady: That's what she said. The idea of them working on anything together is--

Daniel: Weird?

Brady: Weird. Of course, so is Theresa ending up being a great mother, staying sober, having great design skills. Are you gonna wear that?

Daniel: Hmm. Well, I told Nicole I'd think about it.

Brady: Ah, you caved. You caved.

Daniel: Yeah, re-- what are you wearing? What are you wearing? What does yours look like?

Brady: I don't know what it looks like. I haven't really looked at it yet.

Daniel: Yeah, why?

Brady: Because Nicole picking a suit out for you is one thing. Theresa doing it for me, that's another.

Daniel: Oh, but Theresa talked you into wearing the suit, didn't she? Right? Right? I knew it.

Nicole: Ooh, nice. I love the neckline.

Theresa: Thanks. I'm hoping Kate will like these when she gets here.

Nicole: Don't bother. Your designs will never see the light of day.

Theresa: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Nicole: Kate. You know, the bitch who only used you to get her foot in the door and to sign her contract. Well, now that she's ensconced, she will never let a novice, even a talented one, have a say about anything.

Theresa: Why are you telling me this?

Nicole: Well, 'cause I... find myself being forced to admit, grudgingly, that you have real ability. And it seems you really are trying to turn your life around.

Theresa: Yeah. You know, I always wanted to be a fashion designer when I was little. I just-- I don't know, I never really thought I was good enough.

Nicole: Listen to me. Whether you're good doesn't matter to Kate. You are competition. And if you do not stand up to her, you will never make your dreams come true. At least at basic black.

Theresa: So I have to stand up to her how?

Nicole: Oh, honey. I have seen you in action. I know you know how.

Kate: Okay, sorry I'm late. I have a million things to do before this gala/wedding which is about to happen, so we should get to work right now. Theresa, could you get us some coffee?

Nicole: Uh, I have a phone call to return. I will make it quick. Excuse me.

Kate: Theresa, the coffee.

Theresa: You want coffee? Get off your ass and get it yourself.

Shawn: Okay, so that's about all the news from here, right?

Hope: Yes, belle, big kiss, honey. It was so good to talk to you. Please give Claire a big kiss for me, okay?

Shawn: All right. Don't hang up. Don't hang up.

Ciara: Bye, belle.

Shawn: I want to find out--

Chase: Bye.

[Phone ringing]

Hope: Oh. It's your dad.

Chase: Oh, good.

Hope: Hey. You missed an incredible brunch, Mr. Jennings.

Aiden: Uh, yeah, no, I'm-- I'm sorry. I was just working on Chad's case.

Hope: Yeah, I figured that was what it was.

Aiden: I'm just headed to the police station right now.

Hope: So I guess this means we won't, um, see each other before tonight then.

Aiden: Um, you know what? I'll, uh, I don't know. I'll try to stop by once I'm done.

Hope: Well, you know, actually, uh, Caroline and Julie are dropping my wedding dress off, so perhaps we should do this the old-fashioned way?

Aiden: You sure?

Hope: Yeah. I am. It'll make it that much better when I see you waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I love you.

Aiden: Love you too. [Exhales deeply]

Bo: We're going to fly out of this mess soon, right?

Steve: Come on, man. You remember that flight home from Ireland? That made this look like a pleasure cruise.

Bo: You're right. Compared to what we've been through, this is nothing.

Steve: Or not.

Brady: Are Theresa and I getting closer? You actually just said that?

Daniel: I did. But it's not just a question.

Brady: Okay. Uh, the answer's no.

Daniel: Oh, so you're wearing the suit that Theresa bought you just so her feelings won't get hurt.

Brady: So what?

Daniel: So I remember a time when hurting her feelings made your day.

Brady: We decided that it's best if we're not at each other's throats. It's beneficial for our son that way. Don't get me wrong, Daniel. I haven't forgotten about what she's done. She put my dad in the hospital for God's sake. She also worked it out so Melanie, your daughter, the woman that I did love, had to leave town. And then I would--or I would have lost my kid.

Daniel: No, I know. I remember all that. I remember it all, believe me. The thing is, I don't think Theresa would do those kind of things anymore. And it's because of you.

Brady: No, it's because of Tate. He has that effect on people.

Daniel: You and Theresa are both in a much better place. And you both have that pretty little boy in common, so it makes sense that you would be softening towards her.

Brady: I'm sorry, "softening"? Where in the hell did you get that?

Daniel: Well, from you. You mentioned Melanie as a woman you did love, past tense. So maybe you're starting to fall for someone that-- someone new.

Kate: Get off my what?

Theresa: Look, you may have title and experience, but I'm good at what I do. And I'm not here to get coffee. And the only reason I let you be a silent partner is because it's the only way I could be a designer. You may wear Prada, but if you think I am going to play Anne Hathaway to your Meryl Streep, you're dreaming, honey. I'm a partner in this company. And there is nothing you can do about that. I'm not here to be your errand girl. And I will not be ignored. Got it?

Aiden: What are you doing in here with my client? And why wasn't I told about it?

Marlena: Because I didn't ask anybody.

Aiden: Oh, don't give me that. This has Justin Kiriakis written all over it.

Rafe: Marlena, I heard Justin tell you not to come in here.

Marlena: I know. But I also knew that if I looked into Chad's eyes, I'd be able to tell if that were the man that tried to kill me.

Rafe: And? Did you do that?

Marlena: I did. I don't believe this is the man you're looking for.

Hope: Ah! Come on in, come on in.

Julie: Here it is. Fresh from the bridal shop.

Hope: Oh, thank you so much for doing that. The kids made brunch for Aiden and me today.

Julie: Oh, are Shawn Douglas and Ciara here?

Hope: No, they went for a walk with chase.

Julie: Okay. Darling, you will not believe how beautiful the martin mansion house looks now, oh, for your wedding and for the reception. It is going to be so grand, right?

Caroline: What?

Julie: Uh, I was just telling hope how--how elegant the house is going to look.

Caroline: Oh, yes, ni-- very nice.

Julie: And when she's walking down the aisle in that gorgeous gown.

Caroline: Going to be beautiful as usual.

Hope: Are you feeling okay?

Caroline: Yeah.

Julie: You don't seem quite like yourself, sweetheart.

Hope: I don't want you to overdo it today, okay?

Caroline: Well, I'll tell you, I've been having more visions about Bo. I'm--I'm sorry. I-I know this upsets you, but I think he's in real danger.

Bo: What'd Pete say?

Steve: You're not gonna like it. We have to land.

Bo: No!

Steve: Hey, Bo it's the--

[Loud boom]

Bo: We're losing altitude!

Kate: So, are you finished with your little diatribe?

Theresa: Well, that all depends on you. If we're going to revive basic black, the three of us need to be on the same page. And if that page says anything about you being the grand poobah and I'm the gofer, then I won't be there.

Kate: I like that you have the guts to go up against me. That's impressive. But you should know that the character Meryl Streep played was a fictionalized one, while I've been known to make the real life version check her mirror to see if she has spinach in her teeth.

Nicole: That is true. She can do that. Excuse me, Kate.

Kate: So here's the deal, Theresa. We treat you like a partner if you act like a partner. Which means no more playing Nicole and me against each other. No more schemes, no more backstabbing, which you have been known to do in the past.

Theresa: Oh, well you've often been compared to mother Teresa.

Kate: With a very strong work ethic. Which I'm not sure you have. You're going to need to keep up. Now, I think I'm going to get off my ass and go get myself some coffee.

Nicole: Okay.

Theresa: Whoa.

Nicole: Brava, chica. I'm proud of you.

Brady: Look, I've stopped actively trying to get Theresa out of the house because we are parenting together, it's working, Tate is happy. That ain't love.

Daniel: Okay, just checking.

Brady: This was just to get Nicole going, right? You're not actually gonna wear this out in public, are you?

Aiden: Chad, can you remember any more details that can help?

Chad: You heard Marlena. I told you I'm not guilty.

Aiden: No, no, no. I-I understand.

Chad: Justin seems to think he has an ironclad case and we don't have a chance.

Aiden: Listen to me, never mind Justin. He's trying to scare you so you'll incriminate yourself. Trust me. You won't get convicted. I'm going to make sure you walk out of here a free man.

Chad: Yeah? Is that a promise?

Aiden: It's a guarantee.

Andre: I think that Aiden finally got the message.

Stefano: Uh-huh, well, he better have.

Andre: You know, I think we should go to the bicentennial celebration. I'm not quite sure we're going to get a warm welcome, but come to think of it, I think you've been just as responsible in the success of this town as tom and Alice Horton.

Stefano: [Chuckles] If not more.

Andre: Yes, and I'm sure you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to see the beloved granddaughter of tom and Alice Horton on the last night of her life.

Caroline: Bo needs help.

Hope: Caroline.

Caroline: Has Kayla heard anything from Steve? I think we should call her.

Julie: Darling, I know you're worried about Bo. We've all been worried about Bo.

Caroline: No, no, no. This is different.

Julie: This is hope's wedding day. We came over here to deliver her dress.

Caroline: Bo is in trouble.

Hope: Caroline, please just-- look... I'm sorry. I-I know that you're upset, but if you could just try to understand that this is really hard for me to listen to right now. Please.

Caroline: I-I think that I should go back to the martin house.

Julie: Can you drive?

Hope: Caroline.

Caroline: Of course I can drive! I've been driving all my life!

Julie: Well, try and stop her. It's just a couple of blocks.

Hope: I shouldn't have lashed out at her.

Julie: You did not lash out at her. She wanted to--

Hope: I did. Please, Julie, just go. Make sure she's okay. Just go, make sure she's--

Julie: I want to see you in your dress.

Hope: I'll take a selfie. I'll text it to you. Please, just make sure she gets to the martin house.

Julie: Okay, be sure to send me the selfie.

Hope: I will. Go, please, make sure she's--

Julie: Caroline! Caroline, dear!

[Alarm wailing]

Steve: We're not leveling out!

Kate: So, when do I get the new sketches?

Theresa: Um, as soon as possible.

Kate: I hope I'll see some originality.

Theresa: You already said that. And you will.

Nicole: Well, uh, this has been a productive meeting.

Kate: Yes.

Theresa: Uh-huh.

Kate: You know, I'm really looking forward to seeing the sketches. You do have talent, Theresa.

Theresa: Thank you. And thank you for all of your suggestions. I will incorporate them all into the new designs.

Kate: Good.

Nicole: Well, we should probably wrap this up 'cause we all have a gala and a wedding to get to, right?

Kate: You know, I think this is going to be an unforgettable evening in Salem.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Ominous music]

[Door opens]

Caroline: Oh!

Bo: [Grunting]

Caroline: Oh!

Bo: [Grunts]

Caroline: Bo! Bo! Bo!

[Glass shatters]


[Alarm wailing]

Caroline: Oh!

[Alarm wailing]

Caution! Caution!

Caroline: Oh!

Caution! Caution!

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