Days Transcript Friday 10/23/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 10/23/15


Episode #12703 ~ Steve & Bo are finally reunited, but not under the best circumstances; Shawn returns to Salem to find Hope & Aiden celebrating their upcoming wedding; Ben receives welcome news from Eduardo; Jennifer & Abigail balk at JJ's new career choice.

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[Melancholy music]

Lucas: I just can't do it. I can't let you go. You were such a great son... and you had your whole life ahead of you. [Sighs] I close my eyes, I can still see the smile on your face when sonny put that ring on your finger. [Shuddering breath] I can't believe I'm never gonna see that smile again.

Justin: I want him to have visitors. Because the doctor said the stimulation will make him wake up that much sooner. And when that son of a bitch does wake up, I want you to slap cuffs on Chad freakin' DiMera so I can start making him pay for what he's done. Hey.

Adrienne: Hey yourself.

Justin: How are you doing?

Adrienne: You don't have to ask me like I'm on death's doorstep or something, okay? I have the brca1 gene. I don't have cancer. But I do have to get this payroll done for TBD, so you can go about your life and I can go about mine.

Justin: Okay. I understand why you're upset... but I think you're making a huge mistake.

Gabi: You probably don't remember this, but you were already a jack-o'-lantern, and you see that? That's a fairy princess dress. You're as pretty as a princess!

Arianna: Dada.

Gabi: What, honey? Sonny!

Sonny: Hey! Oh, come here. I missed you so much.

Arianna: You know, she said dada when she saw you. Can you say it again, mama? Hey, do you have a minute for coffee or something?

Sonny: No, I don't really have much time. I-I was actually looking for both of you because... I wanted to say good-bye.

Gabi: No.

Sonny: Catching a plane back to Paris. You are just cuter than ever. You know that, right?

Gabi: Give daddy a kiss. Eskimo kiss.

[Line ringing]

[Phone rings]

Eduardo: Yeah.

She's in the square with the baby. Talking to sonny Kiriakis.

Eduardo: I see. Is my son still at the station?

I just called. I was told Detective Hernandez is in a meeting, can't be disturbed.

Eduardo: All right. You keep your eyes on Gabriella.


[Tense music]

Lani: It seems our report didn't make you happy?

Rafe: Something's not right.

Lani: Weston's statement is pretty straightforward. Chad DiMera attacked him. He fought back.

Rafe: Very... very...straightforward.

Lani: And that bothers you.

Rafe: I just can't seem to let it go. Somehow... it just doesn't add up.

Chad: You killed an innocent little college girl and a woman I had a drink with.

Ben: Prove it.

Chad: I will prove it, and I'm gonna watch you rot in jail for the rest of your life. But first I'm gonna get Abigail as far away from you as I can.

Gabi: Hey, you really have to go? I thought you could spend a little bit more time with Ari.

Sonny: You know I'd love to. You just don't know what it's like in Salem now. Will's around every corner. When I go to the pub, I get sick to my stomach, I can't breathe. I look at this beautiful little girl... and I see his eyes.

Gabi: Yeah. I know what it's like to grieve. But you and will, you had something so great.

Sonny: Please don't. Please don't.

Gabi: I just wanna say that I'm always going to remember how wonderful you've always been with Arianna and how sweet you've been to me, and you always made sure I got to see her. Sonny, you really are her father. No matter what, no matter where you are.

Sonny: [Sighs] You know, will, uh, will and I talked about taking Ari to Paris. So, uh...if you wanna pick a date, I can get you on the titan jet. That'd be fun. Huh? Would you wanna go to the puppet theater?

Arianna: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Yeah? In Luxembourg gardens?

Gabi: That sounds wonderful.

Sonny: I love you. Au petite. [Sobs]

[Dramatic music]

Adrienne: A mistake. What kind of mis--mistake am I making now, counselor?

Justin: Adrienne, I worry about you, I care about you, and I just think instead of doing payroll, which surely can wait, I think you should be doing some research. Checking out your options. Using this time to start fighting back.

Adrienne: Look, I don't have to check out my options. I told you, I talked to Kayla. She said I'm gonna be fine--

Justin: Kayla is a great doctor, but she's not a specialist. I have a friend at the mayo clinic. I called him and I told him about your situation.

Adrienne: Ho-ho--hold on a second. Who are you to tell me what I should and shouldn't do? And making phone calls behind my back? Justin, you are not a part of life anymore, so you sure as hell aren't gonna be making decisions for me. Have I made myself clear? Have I? Lips appear to age faster than other skin.

Lucas: [Sobs] You were a great son. You were wonderful. And you didn't deserve a dad like me. I screwed up a lot. I'm sorry. [Sobs] It wasn't just my drinking, it was...

[Melancholy music]

Lucas: I didn't step up like I should have. I promise you... I promise you that I'll take care of all your loved ones. Especially that little girl. I promise every day I'll tell her what a great man you were. I'll tell her all about her dad. And I'll try...I'll try to be more like you. I won't drink. Promise I won't take a drink. Today, of all days, would be the day I climb back in the bottle, but I won't do it, okay? I promise you, I'll make you proud. I just miss you so much already. Oh, I miss you, my son, I miss you.

Rafe: Ben Weston states DiMera entered by crawling through the window, raving that he wasn't good enough for Abigail. Ultimately lead to him attacking Weston.

Lani: It seems that they have a history.

Rafe: Mm. Of course do they have a history. A history of Weston attacking first as a result of being taunted by DiMera.

Lani: By now Weston is living with Abigail Deveraux. They're having a kid and going to get married.

Rafe: No. He drove DiMera to break in the window, crawl in.

Lani: And you think that's out of character?

Rafe: No. DiMeras don't usually react well to someone taking what they think it's their property. But...

Lani: But what?

But... the evidence from all the murders less far, is being pretty damn methodical.

Lani: Right. Up until will Horton, they were all women. But you're right, it's odd that DiMera would be so obvious to physically attack Weston. He didn't try to take him by surprise. According to Weston, DiMera confronted him.

Rafe: Oh, yeah. And DiMera knew that Weston thought he was the killer, so, wouldn't that be risky to the point of stupidity to go to his apartment?

Lani: Seems to me that this one is all about the woman. Abigail Deveraux. Shouldn't we talk to her?

Rafe: Yeah. The problem is, she is looking out for both of them.

Lani: Detective Hernandez...

Rafe: Why so formal all the sudden?

Lani: I'm about to ask an impertinent question. We have a lot of evidence in front of us, including Weston's statement about the attack. Is the reason you keep going around in that circle because you basically still believe that Chad DiMera is innocent?

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: Hi, Chad, it's me. Abi. I don't know if you can hear me, but aunt Kayla says some doctors think that a person in a coma can hear and know what's going on around them, and I really hope that that's true. Because I had to come and see you. Not for you, Chad, but for me. I have to wrap my head around this, I have to-- now with what the police are saying, what Ben is saying. I have to know. Did you murder those poor women and will? Did you attack Ben? Please, wake up, Chad. Please, wake up. Open up your eyes, look into my eyes and tell me the truth.

Adrienne: Why don't you go back to your office where everyone has to do what you tell them to do. Because, I certainly, I'm not gonna do anything impulsive or irrational just because you want to be in control.

Justin: I really don't think talking to one of the top specialist in the field is impulsive or irrational. I'm concerned about you and I still care about you. The divorce doesn't change that.

Adrienne: I know that. I know that. And I know you're scare for me and the boys, but when I told you about this, I wasn't asking you to take over. We're divorced, Justin. Which means that you're not longer in the driver seat. Accept it. You and I are no longer husband and wife.

Sonny: Really? You could've fooled me.

We brought our freshly

made bed to the streets

Rafe: Weird. Hope said the same thing.

Lani: Does she think DiMera is innocent?

Rafe: Well, we're cops. And now we handed the case over to the D.A. As most cops, you have to let things go, which considering they way I feel about this this little creep, she just doesn't understand why I won't.

Lani: Mm. You and this little creep also have a history, right?

Rafe: Oh, yeah. He's the one who got me thrown off the force. Some anonymous letter, which is A... so manly.

Lani: That's the history. A really bad history. And yet, you're still ready to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Rafe: Yeah, 'cause I'm so noble.

Lani: Not noble, obsessive.

Rafe: Well, that's probably accurate.

Lani: Well, do you have an alternative theory of the crime?

Rafe: I do, but one that is not supportive by a lick of evidence. So, now it is in the D.A.'S hands, I've said it as soon as DiMera wakes up he's gonna be arrested and that's it. Who knows? Maybe Chad will confess and I can finally think about something else. I'll see you.

Lani: Hey, obsessive guy.

Rafe: Yeah.

Lani: I wanted to thank you for lunch. I had a good time.

Rafe: So did I.

Lani: How would you feel about introducing dinner to the relationship? Say, a dinner date?

Rafe: Look it, now that-- that's an impertinent question.

Lani: Is that your nice way of saying, "no, thanks"?

Rafe: No, see, that's my way of saying, "we work together, so we have to be careful."

Lani: Got it. Sorry.

Rafe: Me too. It would be fun. You know what we can do? We can get together with some of my friends who work here, and then you can get to know the people that you work with.

Lani: You know what? That sounds great.

Rafe: I'll set it up.

Lani: Okay.

Sonny: You two sniping at each other, sounds like old times.

Adrienne: Honey, we weren't sniping.

Justin: We were just talking about your mother's health scare and what she should do about it.

Adrienne: Damn you.

Sonny: What health scare?

Justin: You didn't tell him?

Sonny: Hey, tell me what?

Adrienne: No, Justin, I didn't. I thought maybe I wait till after he buried his husband. Or was that a mistake too?

Justin: I'm really sorry.

Sonny: Oh, okay. Can someone, please, tell me what's going on?

Adrienne: [Sighs] Okay. After grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer-- and you know, she's gonna be fine. The doctor suggested that I be tested for the brca1 gene as well.

Sonny: And you have it?

Adrienne: I'm fine, honey. There's nothing to worry about.

Sonny: Well then, why are you so upset?

Justin: Because I think she should be more aggressive, and get a second or third opinion.

Adrienne: And I think he should mind his own business.

Sonny: I'm sorry, mom, but I'm on dad's side.

[Dramatic music]

[Adrienne chuckles]

Rafe: What do you want? Mm? I thought you'd be long gone by now.

Eduardo: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I've decided to stay in Salem.

Rafe: Yeah, why? You already buried Paige, so what is god's name is here for you?

Eduardo: I intent to make things right with you and with Gabriella.

Rafe: [Giggles] Yeah. Well, sorry. Not possible.

[Dramatic music]

[Melancholy music]

Abigail: I guess I know you better than anyone in Salem. Which is why is so hard for me to believe that you could-- could kill... someone that I loved as much as I loved will. But after what Ben told me about how... violent, and how crazy you were... if you did what he says you did... if you kill all those people-- is it because of me?

Adrienne: Well, it does seem like old times. You two ganging up on me.

Sonny: No, we're not ganging up on you, we both love you. And we know how you like to sweep things under the rug.

Adrienne: You paid him to say that, didn't you?

Justin: No. It's just that we both know the same person, the person who says, "everything is fine," and denies that anything is wrong.

Adrienne: I'm not denying anything. I have this under control. Listen, my son is going through a horrible time, and I don't want you worrying about me.

Sonny: Well, I can't help it.

Adrienne: Which is why I wanted to wait to tell you. Please, the two of you, just let me be. I will handle this my own way.

Sonny: That's fine, but I don't see how it could hurt for you just to go get a second opinion.

Adrienne: Great job at that letting me be part.

Justin: Give it up, sonny. She's digging in her heels. Nothing is going to budge her.

Adrienne: Okay. Okay. Look, sonny, just take a couple of days, so that we're not reeling from the funeral anymore and we can talk about me and my second opinions.

Sonny: I-I can't. I'm getting on a plane back to Paris. This afternoon.

Justin: Sonny, you just--

Adrienne: To many memories.

Sonny: I'm sorry for sticking you with club TBD. I'm really sorry.

Adrienne: No, honey. It's okay, it's good.. keeping busy, helps to deny things or sweep things under the rug, etc., Etc., Etc.

Sonny: I love how you let things go.

Adrienne: I don't want to let you go though. Unless you would think is for the best.

Sonny: It is for now. I'm gonna miss you both so much. God, I'll miss Arianna.

Justin: And you know, your mother and I, will help Gabi in any way we can. Just let us know when you can stand your interfering parents--

[Adrienne giggles]

Adrienne: And, you know, you really got to twist my arm to get me to Paris. I'm just saying. Oh, baby, I love you so much.

Justin: Sonny, trust me, I'm gonna make Chad DiMera pay for what he's done. If is the last thing I do.

[Tense music]

Rafe: You come back after all these years, after all the pain you've caused our family, and now you want "make things right"? You're truly pathetic! And if you think that I'm gonna forgive you, you're delusional, too.

Eduardo: I believe I can be some real help to Gabriella.

Rafe: No. I got it, okay? I've been doing it since I was a teenager. Thank you.

Eduardo: Seems to me she should be the one to make that decision.

Rafe: Okay, you need to listen to me. Her baby's father just die and she just got out of prison, so she is vulnerable right now. Yeah, of course, she's gonna be excited to have her father back in town, but what happens when you leave again?

Eduardo: It's not gonna happen, I'm not leaving.

Rafe: No, you're leaving if I have to make you leave.

Eduardo: Don't push me.

Gabi: What's going on? What's wrong?

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: I'm all right.

Justin: I know how much it hurts you to let him go. But just like always, you put your son's need ahead of what you want.

Adrienne: What I wanted is for him to be able to grieve without worrying about me.

Justin: I'm sorry. But I just think that our son should know.

Adrienne: When there's absolutely nothing to do but worry, come on.

Justin: You shouldn't have to go through this without your family, Adrienne. Come on.

Adrienne: Justin, hear me out. You and I, are no longer family. And we have legal papers to prove it, which also means that you can't just come barreling into my life and do and say whatever you want because you think is right.

Justin: That is not fair. I don't do that.

Adrienne: And you said I'm in denial. Justin, you do, do that. And that is precisely the reason that we are in the mess that we are in.

[Dramatic music]

Gabi: Hey, what's going on? Are you all right?

Rafe: Yes.

Eduardo: I can explain.

Rafe: No. No!

Gabi: Aren't you the man that helped me returned my daughter's toy?

Eduardo: Yeah, that was me. And I remember the two of you very well. Just now, I mistook your brother for someone... he's not. And in the process, offended him. But it's very nice to see you again and, as I said, I'm sorry.

Rafe: Sorry. Sorry, mm-hmm.

Rafe: Why are you so upset? He just made a mistake. How did he know that you're my brother? Do you know him?

Rafe: I do. He's Paige Larson's father.

Gabi: Poor man, Rafe, and you were yelling at him.

Rafe: You have the right to know, listen.

[Tense music]

Rafe: He's not just Paige's father, that's Eduardo Hernandez. He's our father, too.

Both: Hey!

Adrienne: Mm, do you want some company? Or do you want to be left alone?

Lucas: Mm... I'd like your company.

Adrienne: You've got it. You've got it.

Lucas: I-I went to the cemetery today.

[Nostalgic music]

Lucas: And I... I just don't seem to be able to let him go.

Adrienne: Lucas, you won't. Ever. Let's get out of here. Come on. I know just where we should go. Come on.

Paul: I knew I'd find you here.

[Tense music]

Rafe: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know. I shouldn't just come out and said it.

Gabi: Rafe, there--there is no good way to say it. Okay, so-- so Paige's father is our father?

Rafe: Yeah.

Gabi: I don't even remember him. I mean, I remember-- I remember some pictures, I remember I asked Mami about him and she said, "forget about him" because she had. She said it so cold, Mami never said anything cold.

Rafe: Yeah. He hurt her.

Gabi: Yeah, that would explain it.

Rafe: Are you okay?

Gabi: I-I guess. I mean-- so--he just run off with Paige's mother?

Rafe: No, that was later.

Gabi: Why, he just left, he got tired of us? Is that what it was?

Rafe: Who knows? Who cares?

Gabi: I care. Rafe, it was just the central event of our lives. Wait a minute. You knew he was here, you knew that Paige was our sister and you didn't tell me anything?

Rafe: Okay, yes, I was waiting to tell you, I was waiting for the right moment, and then will... you know. I'm sorry-- you know, I just, I thought you were dealing with that.

Gabi: When was her funeral? And he's still here, so, where is he's staying?

Rafe: I don't know, Gabi. All right. Maybe the Salem inn. It doesn't matter. Listen to me. Hey. Don't go see him. All he does is hurt people, I'm telling you. All right? You've got enough on your plate.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Rafe: Oh, for god's sake. I've got to get back to work. Yeah, all right. I've got to go. Listen to me. Don't do it. Don't go see him, all right?

Gabi: Okay. I won't.

Rafe: Gabi.

Gabi: I won't. Just go. I'm fine.

Rafe: All right. I love you.

Gabi: I love you, too.

[Dramatic music]

Paul: Have you made up your mind about going to Paris?

Sonny: I'm leaving this afternoon. I just-- I can't be here. He's everywhere. He's in everyone that I talk to. I don't even know what's happened to me. Everyone's been so wonderful.

Paul: Everyone loves you.

Sonny: Just maybe I don't-- I don't want to feel anything right now. Even love.

Paul: Everyone, uh, just wants to help you through his.

Sonny: I know. And I hope that they're here when I get back.

Paul: I think you can count on that.

[Nostalgic music]

Abigail: Did you snap? Did you-- did you snap and that's how you were able to do all these terrible things because of me, because I chose Ben instead of you? I want to believe that you couldn't do this, Chad, I want to believe it so badly that you couldn't murder these people. I know you. And I know a part of you that is so gentle, and loving and kind. Like how you are with your nephews and your nieces. The amazing things that you did for me.

Justin: No, no, no, no, let her stay with him for as long as she wants. Maybe she can get through to him. So, under the new policy, Chad's first visitor is Abigail Deveraux. She's with him right now. Maybe she can get him to wake up. And if he does, you've got the warrant, right?

Rafe: Yeah. We're ready to move as soon as we get the word that he's awake.

Justin: So, you're finally on board?

Rafe: I am a realist. When DiMera wakes up, it's gonna play itself out one way or another.

Justin: Sonny just told us that he's going back to Paris. He can't handle being here anymore. Chad was his best friend. And Chad murdered his husband.

[Cell phone ringing]

Rafe: Hey, Tim. Thanks a lot for getting back to me. Yes, no. It's actually not about a case. It's, uh... well, it's about a guy who's a-- he's got a couple identities. One is Eduardo Larson. Yeah, yeah, that's right, he was her father. And... the other is Eduardo Hernandez. Hey, Tim, I don't really want to talk about it, just get back to me as soon as you get some information on him.

[Suspenseful music]

Adrienne: It's beautiful out here, isn't? So crisp, clear. Now you can see forever. Look, there's town square. And, uh, victor's hideous monument to his ego.

Lucas: It's the titan tower.

Adrienne: Is that what you call it?

Lucas: You're right though, I mean, you can see everything. You can see the cemetery where I buried my son. It is beautiful though, isn't it? This time a year, leaves changing like that. I went to the cemetery again. Today and I made him a promise. I promised that I would make him proud of me. I promised that I would take care of our family and... promised not to screw up like I did so many times in the past. I just pray to god that I won't do that again.

Adrienne: You won't. I promise you, while you're taking care of everyone else... I'm gonna be taking care of you.

[Nostalgic music]

Abigail: I know that if you would wake up, Chad, I know that I can get you to tell me the truth. But instead, you left me in this-- this limbo here. [Sobbing and crying] I know how angry you can get. Maybe there is something in you, Chad, that I just not see that makes you capable of doing all these awful things. You said that you loved me, Chad. You told me you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. Could you be a killer?

[Melancholy music]

No. No, you couldn't. I know you couldn't do that, Chad, you can't never destroy lives like that. And I believe in you. Chad, I will always, always believe in you. So...[Sobbing] I need you to fight really hard right now, okay? I need you to fight really, really hard and I need you to let me fight with you. Please, Chad. Please. Just open your eyes and wake up. Please, just wake up, Chad, please. Wake up. Chad, please. [Continues crying and sobbing]

[Sonny crying]

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