Days Transcript Thursday 10/22/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/22/15


Episode #12702 ~ Gabi receives shocking news from Rafe; Sonny says good-bye again; Abigail visits Chad in the hospital, still conflicted over whether he's innocent; Adrienne blows up at Justin when she feels he's trying to control her life.

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Abigail: Yes, Ben, I'm fine. Just--I'm just at the house with JJ and my mom talking about some family stuff. Okay, I'll be home soon. Love you too.

Jennifer: Just seems so odd to me that Roman would call this meeting and then be so late.

JJ: He's probably just busy. Hey, I saw where that story was retracted about you and me dealing drugs at the Horton center.

Jennifer: I know. Thank god, JJ.

Abigail: Yeah, mom was reinstated to the board too.

JJ: Yeah, yeah, I saw that. I guess now it's good how I got Clyde arrested.

Jennifer: Honey, I know that you're feeling pretty full of yourself right now 'cause you helped throw Clyde in jail, but the fact that you went out on your own and took chances that you had no business taking--

JJ: Mom, chill, okay? Everything worked out.

Jennifer: I just--really, I don't think you realize the danger that you were in.

JJ: You know what? Let's talk about something else. How come you just lied to Ben? How come you didn't tell him we're at the police station?

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Hey, Ben.

Ben: Hey.

Rafe: How's it going?

Ben: How do you think?

Rafe: Not good, huh?

Ben: My dad's under arrest and they're gonna be ship-- never mind. He says he's gonna beat the charges, and I believe him.

Rafe: Yeah, well, that's what they all say, and then they cop a plea.

Ben: Chad's not gonna be able to take a plea, is he?

Rafe: Chad, I don't know. Chad's still in a coma. You did quite a number on him.

Ben: Hey, I was defending myself. I didn't want to be his next victim, okay? I was defending myself.

Rafe: Yeah, you said that.

[Metal clangs]

Steve: [Grunts]

[Metal clanging]

Steve: [Groans]

[Door slams]

Steve: Hey, dude. Where is Bo Brady?

[Light piano music]

Bo: I... I have to go.

Lucia: No.

Bo: Get to a safe house.

Lucia: No, no, no. No go. No go.

Bo: Playa del Carmen. I have to go there.

Lucia: [Speaking Spanish]

Bo: I can talk to my wife and daughter there. They... they'll help me. It's not far.

Lucia: [Speaking Spanish]

Bo: No. They'll come. They're not far. I can go there.

Lucia: [Speaking Spanish]

Bo: [Mumbling indistinctly]

Lucia: [Speaking Spanish]

Hope: The plan was to have this little celebration tonight so we avoid a lot of the pressure later.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: There's gonna be a lot going on.

Julie: Well, you two are the ones that decided to have your wedding in the middle of our bicentennial celebration.

Aiden: Okay, first of all, Julie, you look amazing, stunning tonight. Did I tell you that? And tell you what, I don't think anyone's gonna care about that historical stuff. The only thing they're gonna care about is our wedding. Right? So with that, I'd like to propose a toast to the love of my life, hope, and her amazing family. May we all live happily ever after.

Julie: Oh.

[Glasses clinking]

[Dramatic music]

Hope: Daddy.

Doug: Before we congratulate ourselves on how perfect everything is going to be, I have some questions for the man who thinks he is good enough to marry my little girl.

Julie: Doug, what in the world? This is supposed to be a celebration.

Doug: That means I can't ask questions?

Julie: Well, not in that tone of voice.

Hope: You know, I still don't quite understand what is happening here because you said you were fine with Aiden. You said that you were happy for me, dad.

Doug: I am. Sweetheart, of course I am. I'm happy that you and Aiden have found love. There's nothing more important. However, I haven't spoken to Aiden since before he proposed, and unless I find out some things about him, it's gonna be very hard for me to jump on the old marriage bandwagon.

Julie: Oh, Doug.

Hope: Well, this is my decision.

Aiden: Oh, hope, it's okay. Look, I--I get it. I do. I understand completely, and I'm ready to answer any and all questions you have for me, so whatever you want to know, sir, please ask away.

Doug: All right. Perhaps you could begin by talking about your first wife's death.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: JJ, Ben's father is being extradited to Florida, and facing murder charges.

JJ: Damn right.

Abigail: Well, I'm really glad that this makes your day, JJ, but why don't you stop and think about how it makes Ben feel. I'm sorry, I didn't think that it was such a good idea for me to tell him that we were all meeting with the police commissioner.

Jennifer: Roman, hi.

Roman: Hey, good morning. All right. Clyde Weston's plane just took off for Florida with him in handcuffs. Turns out Weston is a lot more dangerous than anybody knew.

JJ: I knew. That's why I was ready to take him down any way I could.

Roman: Okay, well, what did you want to see me about?

Jennifer: Roman, you called this meeting.

Roman: I called this meeting?

Abigail: Yeah, well, JJ said we were all-- that you wanted us--

Jennifer: Sorry. Sorry, we thought this was your idea. Obviously it was JJ's.

JJ: Yeah. I'm sorry to kind of play you like that, but I wanted the whole family to be here when I talked to Roman.

Roman: Talked to me about what?

JJ: I'm thinking about joining the force. Becoming a cop.

Jennifer: This is absolutely not going to happen.

Abigail: Where is this even coming from, JJ?

Jennifer: You could have been killed more than once. I can't even tell you how many sleepless nights I had, worried sick about what was gonna happen to you.

JJ: Mom, I was fine.

Jennifer: Fine? No. I saw how frightened you were, how resigned you were that your life would be over, and I am not gonna let you deal with that on a daily basis.

JJ: Mom, you know, I wasn't even close to being--

Abigail: JJ, listen to me. You're still in college, okay? You have time. You can do this after you've graduated. Then you can make this kind of decision.

JJ: Wow. You know what, thank you for all the support. You said I did a standup job. At least you think it's a good idea?

[Dramatic music]

Ben: Sorry, man, when I start thinking about that son of a bitch DiMera, I just lose it sometimes, you know? I mean, the guy killed three people. They should bring back the death penalty just for him, and let's not forget that he tried to kill will's grandmother. Yeah.

Rafe: And you said he broke into your apartment and went after you, too.

Ben: What do you mean I said it? Abigail came home and found me unconscious. I'm lucky I'm not the one in a coma.

Rafe: Relax, I'm just making a statement, okay?

Ben: It sounded like you didn't believe me.

Rafe: Well, why wouldn't I?

Ben: Rafe, I don't know. I mean, with my dad getting taken away like that, I get a little paranoid sometimes.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Well, let's just wait and see what Chad says when he wakes up.

Ben: Well, at least tell me he's gonna be doing some time for the beat down I took in my apartment.

Rafe: Yeah. Why wouldn't he?

Ben: Rafe, come on. I need to make sure. I need to know. I mean, I heard the case against him is pretty solid, but still, he's a DiMera. They have a rep in this town.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ben: And for whatever reason, they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

Rafe: It has happened, yes.

Ben: Okay then. If Chad can somehow wiggle his way out of some murder charges, I want to make sure he at least does time for assault.

Rafe: I'm sure the D.A. Will add it to the list.

Ben: Good. I want that bastard locked up forever. I don't want him anywhere near me, near Abigail, or anybody else he can suck into that sick world he lives in. [Sighs] [Chuckles] You see? Rafe, you see? It happened again. I just lose it sometimes.

Rafe: Right?

Ben: Man, I'm sorry. I--I--it's got to be because of what's happening with my dad, you know? He's got the law coming at him at all kinds of angles.

Rafe: Yeah, well you know, a word to the wise: Sometimes our fathers aren't the men that we need them to be.

Eduardo: Hey, Rafe.

Rafe: Oh, my god. Yeah, I thought I told you that I didn't have anything to say to you.

Eduardo: That's all right. I'm actually here to see this young man. Hello, Ben.

Eduardo Hernandez.

Gustav: Now, at least I know you won't be wasting my time pretending you don't know Bo Brady. It'll also save you a great deal of pain.

Steve: That's good to know.

Gustav: My first question... no, really my only question: What was Bo Brady doing? What secret project was he working on, eh?

Steve: You mean he didn't tell you?

Gustav: Oh, we encouraged him, but he had little to say.

Steve: Well, Bo never was much of a conversationalist.

Gustav: We were very, very lenient with Mr. Brady. We won't be making that same mistake with you.

[Swelling ominous music]

[Dramatic music]

Bo: Fancy face? Fancy-- I've-- I've missed you so much. I miss your touch and your voice. I just want to be home. I-- tried to get back to you. I tried to get back to you so long, but I couldn't. Sometimes I thought I wouldn't make it back. I love you so very much. You're the love of my life. How--how-- how long have you been waiting?

Hope: A very long time, Bo, but I can't wait much longer. It's such a painful subject.

Julie: Why would even want to bring that up?

Aiden: No, no, no it's-- it's okay. My guess is that you've seen some of that garbage on the internet, you know. Apparently there's some people out there who believe I'm responsible for my wife's death. Well, there's no proof, of course. They just say that, so okay. Here's the deal. My wife's death was ruled a suicide by the police, and it was. It was a terrible night that changed everything. Now, if you'd like the details--

Julie: No.

Aiden: I can go into that.

Julie: No one wants to hear the details.

Doug: No, kids, this is not about being ghoulish. I'm sorry it ended so badly. It must have been horrible. No, I think what I'm asking is about the marriage itself. Apparently, it was not a happy one, correct?

Hope: Excuse me. Excuse me. When it comes to marriage, I don't think there's anyone at this table who can throw stones.

Aiden: No, hope, I think it's better if I explain if I can.

Sir, Meredith and I had our share of problems. Maybe more than most. Honestly, we were two people who never should've been married. Our marriage was one argument after the other. We could never agree on a thing.

Except one thing. We had an amazing son.

Doug: Chase.

Aiden: Chase. And he means the world to me, and Meredith, with all her problems, the trouble she was going through, he meant the world to her too. Maybe he was the glue that kept us together, you know? Now, look. I can look back on that marriage with regret, but if we hadn't met, if we hadn't married, chase would never exist, so that's something that I have to hang on to.

Julie: Good for you, Aiden.

Aiden: Thank you.

Doug: Thank you, Aiden. Thank you. You seem to have a good strong moral compass.

Aiden: Thank you, sir, for saying that. I appreciate--

[Ominous music]

Appreciate it.

[Swelling ominous music]

JJ: Come on, Roman, you're not gonna take it all back, are you? I stepped up, did the job, brought down a guy who was running drugs into Salem by the truckload.

Roman: Yes, you did, and I'm very proud of you, and frankly, yes, I think you'd make an excellent police officer.

Jennifer: What?

Abigail: Roman, that's--

Jennifer: Roman.

Roman: Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Jennifer: You have no idea--

Roman: Hey. Listen to me, okay? As far as a career choice, if JJ wants to be a police officer that's not a bad idea.

JJ: Law enforcement's something I feel really good about, mom.

Jennifer: That is fine. I respect that, but not until you finish college because you are too young to make a decision like that.

JJ: Mom--

Abigail: JJ, listen to us, okay? If you want to think about this, and this is something that you want to do after you've graduated in a couple years, then that's fine.

JJ: No, I am not waiting. This is my life and I want to do this now.

Abigail: JJ.

JJ: It is my call.

Jennifer: JJ, please. JJ!

Abigail: He's not doing this.

[Somber music]

Jennifer: This is not going to happen.

Eduardo: I just came from the nightclub where I believe you work. The edge of the square?

Ben: Okay.

Eduardo: Yeah, I left a message there for you there, but since we're here, I suppose we could conduct our business right now if you've got a moment.

Ben: What business?

Eduardo: Well, perhaps you're aware that I offered a reward of $100,000 to anyone who could lead the police to Chad DiMera.

Ben: Yeah, I saw that on the news.

Rafe: Hey, how about you get to the point?

Eduardo: Well, the point is very simple. I'm gonna give this young man $100,000.

Ben: What?

Eduardo: Yeah, because you fought so bravely. Because you risked your life. You were instrumental in the capture of DiMera, the man who murdered my daughter.

[Dramatic music]

Hope: To us.

Aiden: Yes, and everyone who's in love.

Doug: Hear, hear.

Hope: Hear, hear.

Julie: Now and forever.

Aiden: Yeah.

Julie: Oh, my god.

Doug: Is that Andre DiMera?

Julie: I thought he was dead.

Doug: I thought he was in prison.

Hope: From your lips to god's ears.

Doug: Isn't there anything the police can do? The list of crimes that man has committed is over a mile long.

Hope: Believe me, he didn't show his face in Salem until he had a pardon for every single one of them. He's a DiMera, remember?

Aiden: Yeah, apparently the governor is...

Julie: Oh, in Stefano's pocket. What a big surprise.

Doug: The gall of the man. Just walking around as if nothing had ever happened.

Hope: Roman said he even crashed will's wake.

Julie: Oh, for god's sake.

Doug: Oh.

Julie: I wonder if that coffee's hot enough to scald him.

Hope: I like the sounds of that, Julie.

Excuse me.

Hope: Oh.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding from the gentleman at the bar.

[Swelling ominous music]

[Dramatic music]

Ben: Seriously?

Eduardo: Yeah.

Ben: I'm gonna get $100,000?

Eduardo: $100,000. Your reward for leading the police to Chad DiMera.

Ben: Oh, my god.


Rafe: Ben actually fought Chad. That's what happened.

Eduardo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm aware of that, but if he hadn't taken on DiMera with his bare hands, the man would've gotten away yet again.

Ben: This is awesome.

Eduardo: Yeah. This is awesome, and I'm just glad that I can make you so happy. I think we all deserve to be happy.

My daughter was brutally murdered by that thug. Ben here played a very important part in making sure that he pays for what he did. Wouldn't you say?

Rafe: Well, Chad hasn't been formally charged yet.

Eduardo: Yeah, yeah. That's true. There are some tax issues that'll need to be ironed out, and of course DiMera will have to be charged and put on trial, but all of that will sort itself out in short order, I'm sure. And then, Ben, you're gonna get everything that you deserve.

Steve: Seriously, man? You're gonna use that thing on me to find out what Bo Brady was doing?

Gustav: That's the plan.

Steve: Well, you already know he was working on getting a new medical treatment developed, right? Some kind of wonder drug. Victor Kiriakis was footing the bill.

Gustav: We know all that.

Steve: Well, then if all you want is details, you skip the shock therapy. I'll tell you everything you want to know.

Hope: I've already come to accept that you're never coming home.

[Somber music]

Hope: It's why I've decided to move on with my life.

Bo: I'm here. I'm--I'm right here, fancy face. You can't-- you can't leave. I'm-- I'm here. Just take my hand. Hold-- fancy face, take my hand. Please. Take my hand. Fancy face. [Sobbing] Take my hand.

Hope: That bastard. That slimy piece of--

Aiden: Hey. Hey, hey, hey. It's okay.

Hope: No, it's not okay. He thinks he can waltz in here, send over a bottle of champagne-- cheap champagne at that-- and pretend we're friends?

Aiden: Okay, let's just try to relax.

Hope: No.

Aiden: We'll ignore him.

Hope: That's not gonna happen.

Aiden: Hey, hey, hey. [Exclaims] Then let me handle it.

[Dramatic music]

Julie: Honey, sit down. Don't let some spawn of the DiMeras ruin your evening. Now, focus on your center. Take a deep-- [Inhales deeply] Breath.

Aiden: Your gift was not appreciated by hope or her family, but of course you knew it wouldn't be. What's your game?

Andre: Oh, no game. I just came by to have a cocktail, and then I saw how happy you and hope look, and I wondered, "has he changed his mind about how he's going to repay his debts? Well, maybe he decided not to be a widower again."

[Swelling dramatic music]

Roman: [Sighs]

[Dramatic music]

Jenn, I know you know this, and you can tell me to butt out anytime, but JJ's going to do what he wants.

Jennifer: Not until he finishes college.

Roman: [Sighs] All right, Jenn, you do realize that JJ is of an age now where you can't make him do that if he doesn't want to. If he is bound and determined to join the police force, that's what he's gonna do.

Look, I have been a cop a lot of years. A few scars, a lot of close calls, but I'm still standing, and to be honest with you, I think JJ has what it takes to be a great cop.

[Metal clangs]

JJ: [Breathes deeply]

Abigail: I know why you're doing this.

JJ: Go away.

Abigail: No, JJ. I'm not just gonna go away, okay? I'm your sister, and I get to talk to you whenever I want.

JJ: Well, aren't I lucky.

Abigail: You're not thinking clearly, okay? You're being really selfish.

JJ: All right, will you just stop? If I want to be a cop, I want to be a cop. Me and a million other guys, so back off.

Abigail: No! No, JJ! Listen to me. You were on the dock facing someone who was a murderer, and he could have killed you. He would've killed you if he had any idea what you were actually doing, and before that, your girlfriend, Paige, you found her, and she was strangled--

JJ: I said stop.

Abigail: JJ. JJ, look at me. You can't do this. This is the wrong time for you. You've had too many emotionally raw things happen to you, and this is the wrong time.

JJ: No, let me as you-- let me ask you something. What if I had decided to be a cop a year ago? What if I had been able to arrest Chad before he started killing people? Like Paige? Like will? How would you have felt about that? Would you have jumped in and tried to protect him then, too?

Gabi: Want some company?

[Light instrumental music]

Hey. Looks like you could use a friend.

Ben: Mr. Hernandez, you have made this day one hell of a lot better.

Eduardo: Yeah, man, well, it's only because you did what you knew had to be done. We'll be in touch.

Ben: Thank you again, sir.

Eduardo: Yeah.

Ben: So long, Rafe.

Rafe: Ben.

Eduardo: Hey, you got a minute? I got a question.

Rafe: Yeah, well, like I said before, if it's about the case, I can't comment, and if it has anything to do with me, I really don't want to talk about it.

Eduardo: How about you just hear me out then? Just hear me out. Please. Please? We both know I made a terrible mistake.

Rafe: Yeah.

Eduardo: I stayed away. I focused on my own world. I blew any that chance I had to get to know my daughter Paige, but now I'm back, and there's the question of Gabriella. Have you told her about me?

[Dramatic music]

Steve: And it's gonna cure cancer, see. So this guy Salinas, this doctor, one of the top medical research doctors on the planet, by the way, he takes Kiriakis's money, and then he says he needs-- he needs more money, but just a little more. We're talking tens of millions of dollars, okay? And then guess what. He finally comes through. He delivers. Zilch. Zero. The drug's a dud. Totally worthless. I'm surprised the dude is still breathing, man, victor Kiriakis does not like being scammed, so if you got Bo Brady locked up somewhere, hoping that he will turn you on to the big new drug breakthrough, you got to let him go. Whatever he could tell you would be totally worthless.

Bo: Please, fancy face. You're all I've got.

Hope: Bo, you're exhausted. Rest. It's okay. Close your eyes. It's gonna be all right.

Bo: [Sobs]

[Light instrumental music]

Bo: I don't know, fancy face. I don't know. Something's wrong. I need you. [Sobbing] I love you, hope. [Sobs] [Whimpering]

[Dramatic music]

I have to go. I have to go now.

Lucia: [Speaking Spanish]

Bo: No, I have to go now. [Sniffles] [Groans]

Aiden: Andre, I'm not gonna have this conversation with you. Certainly not here.

Andre: I just asked you a simple question. Have you changed your mind about hope?

Aiden: Maybe you forgot. My debt is with your father, not his bastard son.

Andre: You forget who owns you, fool.

I'm a DiMera, which makes me one of my father's heirs.

I will have my cut of you no matter what.

Hope: Excuse me.

Aiden: Baby.

Hope: What are you two talking about? Looks pretty intense.

[Swelling ominous music]

Gabi: My brother is a cop. A detective, but being a cop isn't all bad guys and-- and high speed chases. I mean, he's-- he's really helped tons of people. Big things, little things. It's all in a day's work, and-- and it's what he wants to do, so if this is what you want to do, go for it.

[Light instrumental music]

JJ: Thank you. I just keep thinking, if I was able to help Paige, protect her. The thing is that I hurt her.

And we'd made up, but we never, you know, totally got past what happened, but we'd come to terms with it, you know? And because I couldn't save her, I'll never have a chance to make it up to her for all the stuff I did.

Gabi: JJ, I know that this is easier said than done, but--

you have to try to let Paige go, and not feel guilty.

JJ: You would've really liked her. Everybody that knew her just... just loved her.

Gabi: I wish I could've met her. Actually, I found out today that she was my half-sister.

JJ: What?

Gabi: Yeah. My father and her father. Same guy. He walked out on Paige's mom, but years before he walked out on my mom.

JJ: Seriously? That Ed guy?

Gabi: Eduardo Hernandez. He-- he was going by Larson for a couple years, and I guess now he's back to Hernandez.

JJ: Wow. That was Paige's dad.

Gabi: Yeah.

Yeah, I just-- I just wish I could've known her. My half-sister.

Hey, maybe you could help me with something.

JJ: Yeah, sure. What?

Gabi: Tell me about Paige.

Rafe: Of course I told Gabi about you. I had to because you wouldn't leave her alone.

Eduardo: Well, how do you expect me to get to know her--

Rafe: I also told her what kind of a man you are. How you marry someone, and then you start raising a family, and then you just abandon them, but, you know, Gabi's smart. She's gonna know to stay away from you.

[Dramatic music]

Aiden: After I returned his champagne, Mr. DiMera asked for advice about what his brother Chad should do after he wakes up.

Hope: Seriously? You come slithering in here hoping to get free legal advice from Aiden?

Aiden: Yeah, well, since he asked, you can tell your brother Chad that hope and the rest of Salem pd have built a very strong case against him. Overwhelming, in fact.

He should accept any deal the D.A. Offers, and may I suggest maybe you should leave town before you do something that will put you in jail along with your brother.

Andre: [Chuckles] You're very rude. Do you know that? Anyone ever tell you that? Especially when you're speaking to a man you don't even know. Or do you?

Hope: What did he mean by that?

Aiden: That guy, who knows? Hey, let's go back to our table, and enjoy the celebration. Mm?

Hope: Good idea.

Gustav: I'm glad you were so forthcoming. That very complete description of what dr. Salinas was doing with Kiriakis's backing, most enlightening. Thank you.

[Electrical buzzing]

Steve: [Grunts] [Panting] Is that how you always say thank you?

Gustav: When a man lies to me, yeah. Why don't you try telling the truth this time, huh?

Steve: Well, when a man tells the truth, and the idiot with the Taser doesn't know it, what's a man to do?

Gustav: Suffer.

Steve: Go for it.

Laundry can wreak havoc on our clothes, ruining them forever.

JJ: I used to tease her. I used to say, "how can you be so self-confident and innocent and shy all at the same time?" But she was. That's what made her so amazing. She was way smart too. She was pretty. She was really pretty. And forgiving.

[Light instrumental music]

Gabi: I'm sorry.

JJ: Why?

Gabi: I'm sorry, this-- this must hurt, just talking about Paige when you still miss her so much.

JJ: No, it's kind of good. It's... it's almost like seeing her again. You know, in a quiet way.

But yeah. Yeah, I miss her like crazy.

Gabi: I'm sure it's a lot. Yeah, it's a lot for me going on too. I-- you know, getting out of prison, and losing a sister that I never even knew I had, and losing will.

JJ: Finding out about your father.

Gabi: Yeah. Not exactly stuff I can talk about with my little girl.

JJ: Well, you know, if you--if you ever, you know, need someone to-- to just clear the air, you know, I'm here. Just text me.

Gabi: Thank you. I will, and if you ever want to talk about Paige or anything, same goes for me.

JJ: Great, and it did help, you know, just talking about her just now, so thanks for that.

Rafe: Well, I'd better go. Take care, okay?

Eduardo: Rafe, I realize that you are very angry with me.

Rafe: Angry doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about you.

Eduardo: Yeah, and you have every reason to feel the way you feel. I am 100% wrong in this, and yet I cling to hope that perhaps Gabriella will at least give me a chance to make things right, even if you never will.

Rafe: All right, well let's get this--

Rafe: Let's get it straight.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: If you ever, and I mean ever hurt Gabi, you will answer to me, and believe me, it will hurt.

Eduardo: [Sighs]

Abigail: Hey.

Ben: You're not gonna believe this.

Abigail: Okay. Tell me anyway.

Ben: We're gonna be rich.

Abigail: What?

Ben: Mm-hmm. I met Paige's father today. The guy who put up that reward for $100,000 for whoever turned in Chad DiMera. He's giving it to me.

Abigail: He... he--what do you--

Ben: He's awesome, right? We're gonna have money to burn, babe. I can't even hardly believe it.

Abigail: What? No, Ben, you-- no, that money--

Ben: What's the matter?

Abigail: That money was offered because people were murdered. People that we cared about. People that we loved. You cannot take that money. That's blood money. You--Ben, you have to promise me you will not even touch it.

Doug: To my little girl and her new husband-to-be, my love, my blessing, and the hope for a beautiful wedding day.

Julie: Hear, hear! Absolutely.

[Glasses clinking]

Hope: Thank you, daddy.

Aiden: Yes, thank you, Mr. Williams. I really appreciate it.

Doug: Aiden, you passed the test. From now on you may call me--

Aidan: Dad?

Doug: Doug.

Aidan: Oh.


Hope: Oh.

[Light instrumental music]

Oh, Shawn Douglas.

Shawn: Hi.

Hope: [Exclaims]

[Both laugh]

Shawn: Surprise.

So this is the guy you're gonna marry, huh?

[Dramatic music]

Gustav: I'd suggest you give in now. Believe me, I can do this all day.

Steve: [Panting] I got-- nothing to say.

Spotted this guy coming out of the woods. He was trying to sneak up into the house.

Steve: [Laughs]

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