Days Transcript Wednesday 10/7/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/7/15


Episode #12691 ~ Steve returns to Salem with disturbing news about Bo; Caroline has a vision of Bo; JJ tries to trap Clyde; Aiden realizes there may be another way for him to pay off his debts.

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Victor: Getting that serum developed took forever. If it turns out to be too late for Caroline, I don't know...

Maggie: Victor, stay positive. She could be doing much better now, any time. Isn't that right, doctor?

Salinas: That's my expectation. Right now the main thing is that Mrs. Brady's vital signs are all good.

Kayla: I'm still not sure we should have given her the serum.

Victor: Oh, Kayla, we had no choice.

Kayla: You know, victor, I appreciate everything that you've done, but that drug has never been tested, and we don't know how her system's gonna tolerate it. What if she never wakes up? What if she just shuts down and we--we lose her forever? I mean, Roman, what if that's the last time we just-- Roman?

JJ: All right, well, come on, Mr. Weston. Did you just threaten to kill me?

Clyde: What's the matter with you, boy? If you're gonna be working for me, you best learn how to tell when a man's serious and when he's just playing around.

JJ: Okay, but it sounded serious to me. I know you. When you want to take care of business, you do. If you say you're gonna kill somebody--

Clyde: I didn't say I would. I said I could, as a warning.

[Phone beeps] How stupid can you be?

JJ: Well, look what happened when you got mad at Kyle southern. One minute, he thinks he's your go-to guy, and the next minute--

Clyde: Hey, you just shut your damn mouth. I'm not gonna talk about that loser punk with you or anyone else. Now, you tell me why you called me down here, now. And it better be good.

[Metal rattles]

Steve: No. They wouldn't have had an armed guard in this place unless there was someone or something still here. What? Hello.

[Light bulb zapping]

Nordstrom: Today this man is either going to tell me what I want to know... or die.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Oh, yeah. [Gasps] Oh, buddy.

Kayla: Mom, we need you to come back to us. We're all having a really hard time here without you.

Maggie: Caroline, we're all here, right beside you, praying for you, honey.

Victor: You got to fight, Caroline. Fight like hell.

Hope: Yeah.

[Soft music]

Kayla: You know, mom... do you remember that time I got so mad at you? I don't know, I was, like, five--five years old or something. And I--I don't even remember what it was about, but... climbed out on the roof. Remember that? Like, way out there. And then, when I didn't respond to your pleas to come back inside, you crawled on your hands and knees, and you grabbed me by the wrists... and you pulled me back inside. And instead of yelling at me or scolding me... you just grabbed me and hugged me. You hugged me so tight, I could barely breathe. And when I looked up... you were crying. And that's how I'm feeling right now, except for I can't pull you back. You need to come back on your own.

Caroline: Kayla.

Kayla: Mom.

Steve: Hey.


Caroline: Ah. And Steve and Stephanie.

Kayla: Want to hold her?

Caroline: Need you ask? Aw.

Steve: Oh, yes.

Caroline: You little doll.

Steve: Here's grandma.

Caroline: Oh, you precious thing. She's just incredible.

Kayla: Couldn't wait for you to see her.

Caroline: [Murmurs]

Steve: Well, where's papa Brady and mama Johnson?

Caroline: Oh, they're still scrubbing.

Steve: I better go catch up with them, in case they get lost.

Caroline: All right. So how do you feel, sweetheart?

Kayla: I don't know how to describe it. I've never felt this way before.

Caroline: I remember, that's how I felt with all my children. And you just get-- it gets stronger every day.

Kayla: You know, mom, I think I understand why you took the blame for me. I think I'd do anything for my baby.

Caroline: Yeah. You think you love her now? You just wait. It just gets stronger every day. The way I love you now...

Kayla: I love you, mom. You have always, always been there for us. I want to be here for you. I don't know if you know how much you mean to me and how important--how important you are to me. Oh. [Crying]

Victor: You're an amazing woman, you know that, don't you? I always felt lucky to have known you... and loved you.

Roman: Hi, did you patch the call through?

Lani: Yes, sir. It's being recorded.

Roman: Can you locate the phone?

Lani: I'm pinging cell towers now, sir, trying to triangulate.

Roman: Okay, I need this ASAP, Lani, before JJ gets hurt or worse.

JJ: Mr. Weston, it's not like I'm trying to make you mad, okay? But you hired me 'cause you got rid of Kyle, and how you did that has been on my mind--

Clyde: Didn't I just tell you I'm not talking about that loser?

JJ: Yeah, but you've thrown a few threats my way too. You said if I turned you in, you'd come after me, my family--

Clyde: I don't know what you're blabbering about. You told me you wanted to see me on business. Why?

JJ: Because I got a message from you. A bullet was delivered to my house. Remember that?

Roman: Okay, come on, come on, come on, Lani. I need to know where they are.

Lani: Sir, JJ's phone is definitely at the docks, but we can't seem to get a more specific location.

Roman: Damn it, those docks go on forever. Okay. Order the nearest patrol cars in there now. No sirens, no lights. If Weston thinks JJ turned him in, it won't be good.

Clyde: What are you saying, JJ? That I sent you a bullet?

JJ: Hey, maybe you didn't have anything to do with it. Can we at least talk about it?

Clyde: Well, you can stand there and talk to yourself about it all you want, but I'm not interested. If you're gonna blame me for every time you get scared and wet your pants, then maybe you're not--

JJ: Don't get me wrong, Mr. Weston. I know you're not gonna kill me.

Clyde: Now, why's that?

JJ: Because I will be a top money-maker, as soon as you turn me loose.

Clyde: Oh, for god's sake. Now what are you talking about? Will you tell me what the hell you want?

JJ: Yes, sir, I want more responsibility, because right now you just have me moving stuff around when I ought to be moving it on the streets. You're acting like you don't trust me because Kyle didn't, when it turned out that Kyle was the one you couldn't trust, right? Now he's out of the way. I want in.

Kayla: [Sighs] My mom didn't respond at all.

Maggie: But she may still have heard you.

Hope: She could have, Kay.

Maggie: Why don't we take a walk? You know, get some air.

Kayla: I don't want to leave her.

Hope: We all have our phones on. If anything should change, I promise you, I will call you the second it does, okay?

Maggie: We could walk around the block a couple of times. You know, if you want.

Hope: Do it.

Kayla: Okay.

Hope: Okay?

Kayla: All right.

Hope: I'll be right here.

Kayla: Okay.

Hope: Love you. [Sighs]

[Phone beeps]

Hope: Hey, Rafe, it's Hope. Anything new on Chad? What do you think about taking a crack at Stefano's staff? Yeah. Who knows? Maybe one of them didn't get a big enough bonus last year, and they want to stick it to him. I mean, we should definitely offer--and promise immunity. Okay, thanks. No. It's not looking all that good for Caroline right now. But we're praying. We're praying a lot. That's all we can do. Yeah.

[Clears throat] Talk soon.

Aiden: Hey.

Victor: You know, I remember falling in love with you. I fought so hard. I knew it was wrong. We both did. But I couldn't help myself. [Chuckles] No, that's not true. I didn't want to help myself. I loved you too much.

Steve: [Gasps] No, man. No, man. Oh... [Groans]

Hope: No, that's the problem. There's been no change. We were praying. We were praying that she would react quickly. But who knows? She could get worse. She could get better.

Aiden: Yeah, well... sometimes the not knowing is worse than anything. I get it. But, baby, if you need anything, okay, you want me to bring in some sandwiches, you want me to make some calls, you want me to pick up your cleaning, you let me know.

Hope: Pick up my cleaning?

Aiden: Yes, I will do that for you.

Hope: Having you here is all I need, even if it's just for a little while. I don't think I could have done this alone.

Aiden: Well, I got news for you, detective. You're never gonna have to be alone again.

Kayla: Oh. It's just that my mother was going downhill so fast. I was desperate. But giving her an experimental drug with no clinical trials, it is so out of my comfort zone.

Maggie: But when Caroline didn't know who you were...

Kayla: Oh, that was the clincher. Still, there are doctors who would say that what I did was unethical.

Maggie: Not if it were their mother and they were watching her slip away.

Kayla: Maggie... there have just been so many things these last few months that are just upside down. I mean, Joey. My sweet Joey was always such a happy kid. Now he's decided to be some sullen teenager. He doesn't care who knows about it. And then Steve. Steve has shown up here in Salem and... and said he wants to be back in our family, like nothing has even happened. Then my mom. My mom has always been my rock. She was always the person that I could lean on.

Maggie: But she's still here, Kayla. She's a fighter. And there's still hope.

Nordstrom: Once this enters his veins, it doesn't matter how strong he is. He won't be able to resist. I'm giving him twice the dose considered safe.

What if he dies?

Nordstrom: Well, if he does, he does. He's useless to us unless he talks, anyway.

Lani: Unit 17 came in at the north end, Commissioner. It's clear.

Roman: All right. Tell 'em to keep coming. Slowly, no noise. All right, we're moving up from the south. Okay, Jenkins, let's go. All right, keep it quiet.

Jenkins: Yes, sir.

Clyde: Not sure what kind of position you're talking about, JJ.

JJ: Simple enough. I want to be your number two.

Clyde: Well, get your head out of the clouds, son. I don't have a number two, and I never will.

JJ: Well, being an errand boy is not gonna cut it for me. But, sir, I've got ideas on how to double your business. I've got the connections.

Clyde: Talk is cheap. Give me specifics.

Maggie: I know victor is thrilled that dr. Salinas finally came through with that serum. But now, of course-- he's not gonna admit this-- but deep down, he wanted Bo to be the one who brought it to Caroline.

Kayla: Because that would mean that Bo wasn't still missing.

Maggie: Mm. And since there stopped... being contact, every time Bo's name comes up, victor's eyes get so troubled.

Kayla: I know it's hard on him. It's hard on all of us, especially now that my mom is like this. I-- you know, Maggie, if the serum works and my mother wakes up, the entire Brady clan is not gonna be able to thank victor enough.

Maggie: And victor will just be happy that Caroline is well again.

Kayla: Is it difficult for you, how much he cares for my mother?

Maggie: Mm, he's always loved her. I think of it this way. If there weren't a "Caroline and victor," there wouldn't be a Bo and hope. And there wouldn't be a Ciara. So why would I ever want anything different?

Meanwhile, Eduardo Larson's $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Chad DiMera is still being offered. But, thus far, DiMera's whereabouts are unknown.

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: Hey.

Aiden: Anything new at the station?

Hope: No, but I have to keep checking in.

Aiden: Yeah, any leads on finding Chad, or...

Hope: You know I can't talk about that.

Aiden: Oh, no, no, no, Stefano fired me, remember? I'm no longer Chad's attorney. So, if you want to talk to me fiancée to fiancé, I'm all ears.

Hope: All right, I have a question.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Did he ever say anything about where he might go if he had to disappear?

Aiden: No. All he ever talked about was how he was innocent and that someone was...

Both: Trying to frame him.

Hope: And he needed to find a way to prove it.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Yeah, Rafe told me. He got an earful too.

Aiden: Yeah. Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. I'd like nothing better to find DiMera myself, so I can bring him in.

JJ: First of all, I'm young. No offense, but things aren't done the way they used to be. You need to move in at the university. You need to find the right students. Don't send in losers to push product from off campus. That guy you put in to replace Kyle, he's just loser number two. And you've got to start thinking about business people.

Clyde: Like?

JJ: High-powered salesmen, brokers, restaurant people, whatever. They want the product that'll give them an extra pop when they need it and then something to bring them back down when they're done. And trust me, they don't want to drive all over the wrong side of town just looking to score.

Clyde: Well, you're just full of good ideas, aren't you, JJ? Maybe sometime I'll sit down and talk about it. Right now there's someplace I got to be.

JJ: Hold on, you haven't even heard the best part. Just stick around, just two minutes. What do you say?

Victor: You know, we may not have had a chance to build a future together, but we had Bo. You gave me that. And I'll never be able to thank you enough.

Caroline: I am one lucky woman, to have two such wonderful men in my life.

Bo: Actually, we're the lucky ones. Ma? Are you okay? What happened?

Caroline: [Stammering]

Bo: Ma, look at me. What have you done?

Caroline: [Stammering]

Roman: Come on, Bo. This isn't possible. Hell, you arrest ma for murder? There's no way she could have done this.

Bo: We found ma alone at the scene of the crime, holding what was probably the murder weapon. I didn't have a choice. We'll find something to prove that it wasn't you or... that it could have been somebody else.

Caroline: Bo... don't do anything stupid. Do you understand me?

Bo: All I said was--

Caroline: I know what you said, and I know what you're thinking.

Bo: No, you don't.

Caroline: Yes, I do.

Bo: Ma...

Caroline: Don't "Ma" me.

[Intense music]

[Bo groaning]

[Caroline groaning]

Victor: Caroline?

[Bo groans, screams]

Victor: Okay, all right. Everything's all right.

[Caroline groaning]

[Bo grunting]

[Caroline groaning]

Victor: Nurse! Dr. Salinas! We need some help in here!

Caroline: [Groans]

Aiden: So, look, if there's anything that I can bring you, let me know, because...

Hope: No.

Aiden: Vending machine, you can't live off of that food.

Hope: I love the vending machines. I'm fine.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: You need to get back to the office. I'm sure your clients need you.

Aiden: Right. All right, well, look, if Caroline wakes up, I want you--

Hope: The doctor said it could be days. Who knows? Go. Love you.

Aiden: All right. I love you. Text me.

Hope: I'll call you.

Aiden: Okay.

Both: Bye.

Nordstrom: Now we're making headway. This could go on for a while. Let's see what his eyes are telling us.

Bo: [Groaning forcefully]

Nordstrom: For god's sake. Quick, get the cart!

Right, right.

Nordstrom: Damn it, just my luck, he's going into cardiac arrest. Quickly!

Caroline: [Groaning]

Victor: Relax, Caroline. You're gonna be fine. Everything is all right.

Hope: What's wrong?

Salinas: She's experiencing some agitation.

Hope: It's okay.

Victor: Well, you gonna give her something or not?

Salinas: Yes, right now.

Hope: Caroline.

Salinas: Okay.

Caroline: Bo! Bo!

Clyde: Two minutes. I'm listening.

JJ: Okay. So here's where you've been screwing up since the day you hit town. You need deniability. Yeah, okay, sure, you can scare the hell out of people who work for you. Maybe they won't rat you out when they get arrested. But better yet, limit the number of people who even know who you are or what you do. You build a blind network. Nobody has more than one contact, two at the most. I mean, seriously, trusting a guy like Kyle, that was a bonehead move from the get-go.

Clyde: You don't ever talk to me like that again.

Salinas: It's impossible to say. She may come awake again soon or not for another day or two.

Kayla: Or that serum could have destroyed whole sections of her brain, and she is never gonna wake up again.

Maggie: Honey...

Salinas: I can't speak to that, I'm afraid. Her reaction today is very much like a patient who's in a coma. Often they return to consciousness in fits and starts or sometimes all at once.

Maggie: Well, aren't there tests that you can run?

Salinas: Yes, I've drawn blood, and I'll run them right away. Excuse me.

Kayla: Mom. Mom, it's Kayla. Can you hear me? I just need you to squeeze my hand, all right? Just one little squeeze. That's all I'm asking. Of course, everybody here, they'd love it if you just woke up and you said hello. Could you just do that, mom? Could you please just...

Hope: Oh.

Maggie: Caroline?

Kayla: [Laughs]


Steve: What was going on in there?

Victor: Caroline was having a relapse, or maybe not. It's hard to tell. I brought this doctor in to develop a serum we thought could help her, but nothing yet. What are you doing here? I thought you were in Mexico.

Steve: I was. And thanks for the use of your jet. I couldn't have done it without it.

Victor: Done what? Did you find Bo?

Steve: I think we need to go someplace more private to talk.

Victor: If it's bad news, just tell me.

Steve: I tracked Bo down... to an old monastery in yucat*N. They had a couple of prison cells underground.

Victor: Is that where he is?

Steve: Not anymore. I got there too late. But the place is still active, and they definitely don't want anyone snooping around. And shortly after I got there, they sent someone in to kill me.

Victor: Well, obviously they weren't successful. Did the guy give you any news about Bo before he went on his way?

Steve: Some. Whoever kidnapped Bo and put him in that prison cell, they were trying to get their hands on that serum your people developed.

Victor: For Caroline.

Steve: Yeah.

Victor: Well, yes, that makes sense. If it works, it's gonna be worth a fortune. I don't understand why you're here telling me this. Get back down there and look for Bo.

Steve: Victor... I found...surveillance video of Bo when he was in that cell, what they were doing to him. I don't know how to tell you this. Bo's dead. They murdered him.

Kayla: Can you give me five words that start with c?

Caroline: I just gave you five words that started with M.

Kayla: Come on, humor me. Please.

Caroline: Car, cat, cranberries, chowder.


Maggie: Perfect.

Kayla: Excellent.

Caroline: Feel like I've just passed the spelling bee in the fifth grade.

Maggie: Ah, Caroline. I am so glad that you're back.

Hope: We all love you so much.

Caroline: Oh, well, I'm glad I'm back, but I don't know how I got here.

Maggie: Ah, you gave us a big scare at the martin house.

Kayla: So we brought you here to get you some help.

Caroline: Oh, well, I guess it worked. I feel like I've had 24 hours of solid sleep.

Hope: Good.

Caroline: Yes, lots of dreams. Memories, warm. Except for Bo.

[Eerie music]

Nordstrom: Quick, the cart! He's going into cardiac arrest! Give me that.

300, set.

Nordstrom: Stand clear. These carry one hell of a jolt. [Groans] Woman: My mom and I have the same hands.

[Phone ringing in background]

Aiden: Excuse me. I'm an attorney. I talked to my client down in holding. Thought I'd come up here and find out if there's any news about Chad DiMera.

Lani: All I know is that ever since that reward was offered, the phones never quit. Sorry, I'm in the middle of something.

Clyde: You think you're better than me, boy? You best think again. You don't call me down here and lecture me how to do business. I've seen more punk-ass kids like you come and go than I can even remember, and guess what, I'm still here. I'm still standing, and I'm untouchable. You hear me? So you get your punk ass home, little man. You wait for my call. And if I contact you, make sure of this: You do what I say when I say and how I say it. Is that clear enough for you, you little--

Roman: Freeze! Police! Turn around slowly. I said turn around slowly. I won't say it again.

Clyde: You set me up.

Roman: Do it. Hands behind your back.

[Handcuffs clicking]

Roman: All right, Jenkins, when you get him back to the station, do this again on video. Clyde Weston, you are under arrest for conspiracy to sell controlled substances. Other charges may and will follow. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.

Victor: No, that--that-- you got bad information.

Steve: I wish I had. But I saw Bo. He was stabbed. I saw video of him... being zipped up into a body bag, dragged out. I'm sorry.

Victor: My God. He worked so hard to help me. He made that whole research project happen. I never thought when he disappeared... now Caroline might be saved, and her son-- our son...

Steve: Wish I'd gotten there sooner. Hey, listen. I could be the one to tell hope.

Victor: No, don't tell her.

Steve: But she should know.

Victor: You don't know what it took for her to get her life back on track again after Bo disappeared. Don't bring him back to her and then make her mourn him all over again.

Steve: You're right.

Hope: Victor. Victor, Caroline's awake, and she's doing really well. Steve.

Steve: Hey.

Victor: That's terrific.

Hope: You came back to-- came back to good news.

Steve: Yeah.

Maggie: Victor, would you look who's awake and talking about going home?

Kayla: Well, not yet, mom.

Victor: Don't you look wonderful? Hello, Caroline.

Caroline: Hello.

Maggie: Caroline is telling us about Bo.

Victor: What about him?

Caroline: I've been dreaming a lot about him, only it was-- it was more than a dream. I mean, it was real. Bo was there. And he was uncomfortable, and... a lot of time went by. His beard was very heavy. And... he was in chains.

Maggie: Chains?

Caroline: Yes.

Hope: Sometimes...dreams can really fool us.

Kayla: You know, mom, you were given a really powerful drug.

Caroline: This was real. All those chains. Hope he's all right.

[Nordstrom groaning]


Bo: No, don't hit me. Please, no, no, not again. Not again--ah!

You like that?

Bo: No, no, please. Please, no--ah!

You want another one?

Bo: No, please-- ah!

Nordstrom: You get him.

Bo: [Coughing] No, no.

Okay, you want to play, huh? Get up! Come on.


Bo: Clear, you son of a bitch! [Grunting]

Nordstrom: It's business.

Bo: [Shouts indistinctly]

Nordstrom: It's business!

Bo: You shut up! I'm going home! [Grunts]

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