Days Transcript Tuesday 10/6/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/6/15


Episode #12690 ~ Chad & Stefano come up with a plan to flush out Clyde; JJ rescues Gabi from a tense situation; stress over Chad's predicament takes its toll on Abigail, who suffers a health crisis; Theresa & Brady fear something is wrong with Tate.

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Stefano: [Sighs]

André: Ah, I've been able to get some background on Clyde Weston.

Chad: And? What'd you find out?

André: Well, no matter how much Clyde donates to charity and how he pretends to be a simple fellow from the country...

Chad: It's all a load of crap. I already knew all that.

André: Do you also know that the police informed Father, our source there, that they are investigating, unofficially, allegations into drug trafficking?

Chad: [Laughs] Against Clyde Weston? They find anything?

André: If they found anything it wouldn't be a unofficial investigation.

Chad: I would love it if they pulled the rug out from under that cocky bastard. I know it's him that's framing me for killing Paige and Serena.

André: Is that the phone we gave you?

Chad: Yeah.

André: Who are you texting?

Chad: Clyde. "I know... what you're up to."

André: Do you think that was wise?

Chad: Well, you said the phone can't be traced, so... let's let Weston wonder who's on to him.

André: Where are you going?

Chad: Well, I have to handle a few things before this all blows up.

[Creaking floors]

JJ: God, why do these old houses have to make so many damn noises?

Roman: Hey.

JJ: That took you long enough.

Roman: Well, I was trying to decipher your message.

JJ: Well, I picked this place so no one would see her, I really hope.

Roman: JJ, what's going on here?

JJ: I am in big trouble. And it's dangerous for me to even meet you, but I am in way over my head, and I don't know how to get out.

[Baby crying]

Brady: What is wrong with him? I heard him crying all the way down here. What is it? What's going on?

Theresa: I tried everything. I tried to get him a bottle, and he won't take it. I've changed his diaper. I've rocked him. He just won't stop crying.

Brady: Did you try putting him down to sleep?

Theresa: Yes, he just cries harder.

Brady: Shh, shh, shh. He doesn't have a fever.

[Baby crying]

Brady: He's not warm.

Theresa: I'm getting scared. Should we take him to the emergency room? It's okay, shh-shh-shh-shh.

[Crying continues]

Abigail: Ooh.

Ben: Do you think it is morning sickness

Abigail: Uh-uh, no, that's kind of done with. This is like a weird crampy thing.

Ben: Hmm, well, I'm supposed to meet my dad over at the Edge. He wants to go over the deed to the new house, but if you're not feeling good, I can cancel.

Abigail: No, don't do that. I already started some peppermint tea anyway. And that always makes me feel better. I'll be fine.

Ben: Are you sure?

Abigail: Mm-hmm, yes. I'm sure.

Ben: Okay. Bye.

Abigail: Bye. Ooh, it's freezing in here.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: [Gasps] Wha -- what are you doing?

Chad: I waited until Ben left.

Abigail: To crawl through my window? Are you nuts?

Chad: Maybe, okay? But I had to see you.

Abigail: Do you really think that nobody saw you climbing through my window?

Chad: I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think it was important, okay? And I'm not gonna hang around, but I just had to make sure that you were protected.

Abigail: From what?

Chad: You remember how I told you I had an idea who was behind the killings? I wasn't sure then, but I am now. But think it's Clyde.

Abigail: No.

Chad: I think that he tried to kill Marlena. I think he killed Serena and Paige, too.

Abigail: Why? Why? Why would he do that?

Chad: Because I think he's trying to frame me.

Clyde: All the places where you and Abigail need to sign or initial are clearly marked. Okay, just make sure you get them all. 'Cause once you do, my lawyer will send it back to the seller's lawyer, and that house will be yours.

Ben: This is really great of you, Dad.

Clyde: Well, I'm just glad you decided to stay here in Salem, not let Chad DiMera drive you out of Abigail's hometown. Why shouldn't my grandbaby get to grow up where he or she's got family?

Ben: Well, I never really wanted to leave here. It's just... I just hope I'm doing the right thing by staying here.

Clyde: Listen to me. Chad's either going to prison for killing those girls, or his daddy will find some way to make sure he disappears from Salem for good. Either way, the day will soon come when you'll know you won't have to lay eyes on that little SOB again. And Abigail's momma and I, we get to watch our grandbaby grow up right here in Salem. Did I tell you I talked to her?

Ben: To Jennifer?

Clyde: Yeah.

Ben: Right.

Clyde: I just thought, you know, we should get to know each other, since we're gonna be family after the marriage.

Ben: So how'd it go? You never told me how she reacted.

Clyde: Well, I'll you the truth, she a little uptight. Maybe you could ask Abigail to talk to her, you know, let her know she's got nothing to fear from me.

JJ: I've been holding something back, something big.

Roman: JJ, did you not hear a word we said to you?

JJ: Listen, I was scared, man, and I'm trying to get out.

Roman: We told you, if this got too risky--

JJ: It did, and it just happened like that. And now there's no way out. I was trying to protect people, and I blew it. And now Paige--

Roman: Do you think your activities had something to do with Paige's murder?

JJ: I don't know. Maybe. What really keeps me awake at night is I went to work for you to be some kind of hero, to try to get her back. And I was never gonna get her back. I can't lose anybody else that I love. And I pretty much don't care what happens to me, so I'm gonna stop being a coward.

Roman: Oh, come on, when have you ever been a coward?

Chad: You know that's not the point, but I'm gonna do something now, to honor Paige and to protect my mom, because if something happened to my mom--

Roman: JJ, JJ, hold on. What are you trying to tell me?

JJ: I know who Kyle was working for, the guy running all the drugs in Salem, the guy that you and Agent Watts want me to nail. It's Clyde Weston.

Brady: Ok, can you-- you can hear him crying. I mean, his mother says he's been doing this for about an hour. Hold on. Dr. Elbert wants to know if he's done this before at this time of day.

Theresa: Um.. Emma said that it happened to her a few days ago. She said it was like this. He just kept crying and crying. But I don't know what time of day it was.

Brady: Okay, okay, so it's possible it's been happening. It might have happened before with the nanny, but we can't ask her because it's the day off. Check his abdomen muscles. Are they tense or tight?

Theresa: Yeah, but I think it's just 'cause he's been crying so hard.

Brady: Hold on, hold on. Talk to him, the doctor. I'm gonna take him, okay? Come here, buddy, it's okay. I know, I know, I know. Shh, what's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong?

Theresa: Okay, hi, Dr. Elbert.

[Crying continues]

Theresa: Yeah, yeah, I' tried all of that. I tried everything that worked before, and it just-- it doesn't anymore. Really? Is that serious? Oh. Okay, well, that's a relief-- I mean, I guess. At least we don't have to take him the emergency room. Well, listen, is there anything that we can do? Okay. Yeah, thank you. Thank you so much. Have a good night, bye.

Brady: What?

Theresa: All right, he says it sounds like it's the beginning of colic.

Brady: Shh--colic, colic. I' heard of that. What exactly is it?

Theresa: Just basically this, just uncontrolled crying for hours, and at the same time of the day.

Brady: All right, what do we do for him now?

Theresa: Just kinda have to let it run its course...

Brady: Shh, it's okay.

Theresa: And that, Brady, it could last for two to three months.

Brady: Two or three months? Are you kidding me? Of this? Like, for hours?

Theresa: Pretty much.

Brady: Okay. Okay, shh. Yeah, it's okay. It's okay. Well, we will stick it out together then. And we'll be there for him, and we'll do whatever we have to do, and... we can do that, right?

Theresa: Yeah.

Brady: And we have Emma as backup, so... shh.

[Crying continues]

Theresa: Yeah, we'll just get through this, like a team, together.

JJ: You said you wanted me to go work for Kyle, because he had already tried to recruit me, and you thought that I could make him trust me. Well, I did what you wanted.

Roman: His name is Kyle Southern. He's a low-level dealer. We need to destroy this operation, and it has to be done from the inside. Yeah, you did that because you knew Kyle was making a move on Paige, and that part you kept to yourself.

JJ: It made me motivated, didn't' it? I stole the key to his apartment, and I broke into his safe, and I saw the drug money and the gun.

Roman: Damn it, JJ. You could have gotten yourself killed, and none of your findings would have been admissible in court anyway.

JJ: Why the hell not?

Roman: Because you got your own personal reasons for bringing down Kyle. A defense attorney would tear you apart on the stand.

JJ: Do you want to hear what I have to say or not?

Roman: Yes, I do. Go.

JJ: Kyle had a shipment of meth coming in that he wanted to try, to see if it was the good stuff. I said no way. Then Kyle loses it, and he pulls a gun to my head and accuses of being a narc. He then called his boss and asked him to come over. He said there was a problem, something his boss would want to handle personally. Guess who showed up?

Roman: Clyde Weston.

JJ: Clyde went off on Kyle for being stupid enough to hire me. So then Kyle, he bashes me in the head with the butt of his gun, knocks me out cold. And then I come to, and Kyle's gone. And Clyde, he comes in. I asked him where Kyle was, and he told that Kyle was where all bad employees go. And then I see a streak of blood across the floor leading to the door.

Roman: How did Kyle find out about you in the first place?

JJ: Eve Larson told him that I was working for the feds.

Roman: Wait a minute. Eve Larson?

JJ: You should have heard me trying to convince Clyde that Eve was lying.

Clyde: She wanted you all for herself.

JJ: Yeah. And when I say it's over, she goes all psycho on me.

Clyde: Mm-hmm.

JJ: Yeah, she goes and tells her daughter so everything goes south for me and Paige. And she goes and tells Kyle that I'm working for the cops.

Roman: Why in the hell am I just hearing about this now?

JJ: If I wasn't desperate, you still wouldn't be hearing about it.

Clyde: You try to pull a fast one on me or you even think about telling anybody about what happened here today...

JJ: I won't.

Clyde: No, you won't, because you'll know that the first person I go after is that girlfriend you're so fond of.

JJ: I was afraid for my mom, my sister, and Paige.

Roman: Well, you should be afraid for yourself too. Now, listen. Do you have any idea how Eve Larson just happened to hit on the truth?

JJ: All I know is that I found this in the clock in the same room. I told my mom that I was working for you and Agent Watts. That's it. Now you know everything.

Ben: Now that Abigail's gotten to know you, Dad, she really likes you.

Clyde: Well, I should hope so.

Ben: It doesn't hurt that you just bought us a house. I'm sure she'll tell her mom how good you've been to us.

Clyde: Well, if there anything else I can do to help things along, just, you know-- I'd pay for a wedding.

Ben: Oh, Dad, thank you, but Abigail's mom wants to do that, you know? She feels like it's her responsibility, being the mother of the bride and all.

Clyde: Yeah, I know. Seems a bit old-fashioned to me, but I don't want to hurt anyone's pride. So maybe I'll just offer to... chip in.

Ben: I'm not sure she'll be cool with it. But I don't see any harm in suggesting it, I guess.

Clyde: I can just explain that, you know, I want to help them make this a joyous occasion for everyone. Hey. You tell Abigail, anything she wants. I mean, doves flying around or tuxedoed musicians. I mean, just go for it, all right?

Ben: Thanks, Dad.

Clyde: Yes, maybe I should call Mrs. Deveraux right now and let her know she's got nothing to... worry about.

Chad: Clyde murdered Serena and Paige. He tried to kill Marlena. I am--I am almost sure of it.

Abigail: Just--I-- I can't believe that. I mean, I know that he was abusive to Ben and Jordan and their moth--

Chad: Back up, what?

Abigail: No, that was a really long time ago, okay and Clyde, he hates himself for what he did, and he's worked very, very hard to make it up to Ben, and--

Chad: Yeah, okay, but what about Jordan? She left town, and nobody really knows why. Maybe Clyde's only a changed man when it comes to Ben.

Abigail: No, he's--no. But he's been generous with all his donations and--

Chad: Abby, my father does stuff like that all the time.

Abigail: Okay, okay, so maybe Clyde is a phony, hmm? That doesn't make him a murderer. So, what are you saying here? He strangled two women just to pin it on you. Why would he do that? Chad, why would he do that? I'm marrying Ben. I'm having Ben's baby.

Chad: What, do you think I'm just saying these things to get the heat off myself? Does it look like I'm enjoying any of this?

Abigail: I don't know why you're saying it.

Chad: 'Cause I'm starting to find out things that tell me Clyde is not the guy that he claims to be.

Abigail: What kind of things?

Chad: Well for one, my father says that the cops are looking into him because they think that he's the one responsible for the new wave of drug trafficking here in town.

Abigail: Since when do you believe anything that your father says to you, huh? About anyone.

Chad: Clyde was at the bar that night I was drinking with Serena. He was just sitting there, watching us. And he couldn't wait to find you the next morning and tell you that I was possibly the killer. I mean, come on.

Abigail: That doesn't mean that--it doesn't make him a murderer, Chad. You know, just a couple of days ago, you were telling me that it was Stefano that set you up. So maybe, maybe Stefano is telling you all this stuff about Clyde because he's trying to stop you from suspecting him.

Chad: No, I was wrong about my dad. He had the perfect opportunity to get me arrested, and he didn't take it.

Abigail: What are you talking about?

Chad: Justin was with my father, all right? He found out where I was hiding at the lake.

Abigail: How? What do you mean--how--how?

Chad: I don't know. That's not the point.

Abigail: What is the point, Chad?

Chad: My dad covered for me. He reached out to me. He told me that the cops knew where I was hiding, okay? My dad kept me from getting arrested.

Abigail: But that wasn't Clyde, that was me. I took you there.

Chad: No.

Abigail: I took you to Justin's cabin. I took you there. How stupid was I?

Chad: Abby, Abby, listen--

Abigail: No, no, Chad. Listen to me. I- I'm--you could be in jail right now. And it would have been my fault. I never would forgive myself if I did that to you.

Chad: Abby, Abby, Abby, come on, come on. Calm down, okay? Hey, you know whose fault it was that Justin figured out where I was? No, it was mine. Okay, I snuck back into my dad's house. A fishing lure must have fallen out of my jacket when I took off. Justin saw it, and he recognized it because Sonny made it when he was a kid.

Abigail: Chad, if Justin's looking for you, what are you gonna do?

Chad: I don't know. My father knows the underground tunnels of Salem like the back of his hand. He has his own passageways into them. Like Phantom of the Opera down there. Look I'm not kidding now, all right? Clyde is involved in these murders somehow.

Abigail: I can't- I just don't want to believe that.

Chad: Well, I'm telling you.

Abigail: Chad, listen. Just because--just because he saw you and Serena together, that doesn't mean that he killed her.

Chad: Well, somebody spiked my drink. That's why I can't remember anything from that night. I'm sorry, but I think it was Clyde.

Abigail: What about Paige? What about Paige? No, no. You think he knew that you guys were together? He saw you--

Chad: Well, he probably knows she was the club that night. I mean, he's trying to make it look like I'm killing off witnesses.

Abigail: I know that you want to clear your name more than anything, and I want that for you too. But, Chad, you can't just start pointing your finger at people without any solid evidence. You can't do that. What happened to that guy? Remember that guy that you were on to that you said you were gonna--he was gonna help you. He was gonna help you find a way to prove that you were--

Chad: I found him.

Abigail: What--

Chad: He was a homeless guy. A drunk. His brain was fried. He couldn't remember anything that happened ten minutes ago.

Abigail: I don't want you taking any more chances.

Chad: Well, I can't just do nothing.

Abigail: Yes, you can. I'm gonna look into this now.

Chad: Like hell you are. No.

Abigail: I'm gonna look into Clyde, if only to prove that you are wrong about him.

Chad: Abby, Abby. Look at me, hey. You're pregnant, okay? I can't have you doing anything like that. No, listen to me. The only reason why I told you about Clyde was so that you could have your guard up. That's it.

Abigail: Chad, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?

Chad: It's probably best that you don't know, all right? I'm gonna be all right. All right, I have to get going before Ben gets back.

Abigail: Chad. You're wrong about this. You're wrong about this. Just be careful, please. [Exhales]

JJ: My mom thinks Eve planned it. It makes sense, right? She is the one who ratted me out to Kyle.

Roman: I just don't see Eve Larson as an electronic mastermind.

JJ: Well, maybe I can find a connection between her and Clyde. I swear, she is the one who said that I was using the Horton Center to sell drugs.

Roman: All right, hold on hold on. You resigned from undercover work, remember? So you're in no position to get info on Clyde's connection to the drugs in Salem.

JJ: I just told you that he's Kyle's boss! What else you need? Do you not believe me?

Roman: Yes, I do. I do believe you. But I'm working with the DA's office. They're gonna tell me I don't have a case.

JJ: Why not?

Roman: Because of your record as a drug user, because Paige was involved with Kyle, because--I don't know--maybe you just didn't like Clyde Weston.

JJ: Okay, listen, there's got to be something I can do.

Roman: No, no, you've already done it. You gave me everything you have. Now, what you need to do is step back, get out of the way.

JJ: I am sorry, sir, but I disagree.

Ben: Whatever's in that text seems to be making you mad.

Clyde: No, it's just a business deal that got screwed up, but I'm gonna have to go take care of it.

Abigail: Hi, hi.

Ben: Hey, what are you doing out? I thought you were gonna stay home and take it easy today.

Abigail: I wasn't feeling great, but that peppermint tea made me feel better, and I knew you guys were gonna be signing the deed to the house.

Clyde: Well, there it is. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line, and you two are homeowners.

Abigail: That's so great. Thank you.

Ben: Oh, Dad and I were just talking about the wedding. Go ahead, Dad, you tell her. You tell her.

Clyde: Well, I was just telling Ben that I'd really like to help pay for the wedding.

Abigail: No. No, Clyde, you've already been so overly generous as it is, and, you know, my mom really wants to take care of that.

Clyde: Well, I know. Ben said that, and so did she. And I know it's tradition for the bride's family to cover all that stuff. But I'm not talking out, you know, footing the whole bill. I just want help with the extras, you know, so you can have the wedding of your dreams. Have whatever you want. You want a designer gown or a sit-down dinner for the entire town? Whatever, you should have it.

Abigail: But you already bought us a house.

Clyde: Well, don't you worry about that. And tell your mama not to worry about the money either.

Abigail: Oh, she's not. No, she's not. She's fine. My mom is just fine. She's not worried about money at all.

Ben: Thank you, though.

Abigail: So yeah, thank you. Thank you so much, Clyde, for everything that you have done for us. But I don't think...

Clyde: You don't think what? Is there a problem?

Abigail: I-- very suddenly, I'm not feeling as well I thought I was.

Ben: Yeah, she really didn't sleep very well last night.

Abigail: I didn't, no. I should have eaten something before I left, too.

Ben: What sounds good? I'll get the chef to make you whatever you want?

Clyde: Spoken like a true father-to-be. You got to keep your strength up. You're eating for two right now.

Ben: How about a bowl of soup?

Abigail: Yeah, that would be great, if it's not too much trouble.

Ben: Come on, I'm sure.

Abigail: Thanks. Clyde... you don't have to pay for the wedding. I mean, really, you've already given us the best wedding present ever. I don't know what to say.

Clyde: You don't have to say anything, Abigail, you have made my son the happiest man in the world. But unfortunately I have to go right now and take care of some business.

Abigail: Oh, okay.

Clyde: I want you to take care. You're family now.

André: So where did you go, and what did you do?

Chad: I wanted to see Clyde's reaction after he got the text.

André: You also stopped to see Abigail, didn't you?

Chad: What am I supposed to do, just sit around here while he plans his next move against me?

[Text message tone]

Chad: Weston just took the bait.

[Phone rings]

Clyde: Yeah.

JJ: I'm calling about the cat.

Clyde: You shouldn't be calling me at all, damn it. I thought I made it real clear you and I weren't gonna have anymore conversations about anyone.

JJ: It's an emergency.

Clyde: What the hell are you trying to pull?

JJ: I need to see you. I'm at the docks. Get down here now.

Clyde: Hey, you're in no position to give me orders, little man.

JJ: My sister is engaged to your son. She is pregnant with his child. Do you want that all blown sky-high?

Clyde: If you try anything--

JJ: I wouldn't start making threats if I were you, 'cause the cops know you were Kyle's contact.

Clyde: What? What the hell are you talk-- JJ? Don't you hang up on me!

Brady: How did you learn to do that? Baby massage.

Theresa: Oh, I just sort of notice what he likes. He likes when I rub his feet or I put my hand on his belly. He even likes my singing--ugh. You know what's weird? His favorite songs are "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" and "Moonlight Sonata."

Brady: You sing "Moonlight Sonata"?

Theresa: No, no, no, no. I play it on the piano. It was my recital piece when I was 12.

Brady: Oh, that's a side of you that I didn't know about.

Theresa: I didn't want you know about it. I guess I thought it was really uncool.

[Baby screeching]

Brady: What do we do now? Tell me.

Theresa: He likes the car. We could take him for a drive.

Brady: Will you sing "Ragtime Cowboy Joe"?

Theresa: [Laughs] Oh, my, buddy. You are going to regret asking that. He always sings raggedy music to the cattle as he swings

Both sing: Back and forth in the saddle


Gabi: I am sorry. I can't give you any directions, because I've never even heard of that bar.

Man: You're telling me you don't know the Sin Bin?

Gabi: Just leave me alone, please.

Man: You think you're better than me or something? Like, I don't know why you're down here.

Gabi: I don't know what you're talking about.

Man: Sure you do. How much?

Gabi: What?

JJ: Hi, honey. I'm sorry I had to make you meet me here. A lot of skeevy dudes hang around here. Get lost, man.

Gabi: Oh, my gosh. JJ, I am so glad you got here.

JJ: Yeah, I'm glad I did, too. You're like one of my sister's best friends.

Gabi: I don't even know what that guy was gonna do.

JJ: We got a good look at him. Do you want to call the cops?

Gabi: No. No, it's okay. Yeah, they're-- they're not gonna care that some guy was creeping on me. In their eyes, I'm not exactly a model citizen.

JJ: So, what are you doing down here anyway?

Gabi: Well, a friend, actually somebody I met in prison, she found out I was getting out and asked me to take her brother a letter. He is actually on Front Street and mentioned it was on the other side of this packing company warehouse. And then I got lost, and--

JJ: Your friend couldn't mail her letter?

Gabi: Our mail gets censored.

JJ: Gotcha.

Gabi: So, wait, now it's my turn. What are you doing here?

Brady: So now we know. Our go-to tactic is put him in the car.

Theresa: You can add my 40 choruses of "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" to that list.

Brady: Kid, you got to get another favorite song. You got to. How did you know that song anyway?

Theresa: My mom used to sing it to me, and, I don't know, I guess her dad taught it to her, and...I was little, and I thought she hung the moon.

Bra: What happened with you and her?

Theresa: Sometimes I felt like she only cared about my dad. And I don't know. She'd go into these deep depressions whenever he'd go off on assignment.

Brady: I know what it's like to be the kid of an ISA agent.

Theresa: And then middle school hit, and... you know, it's like you're either popular or you were, like, the enemy. And the only way to be popular was to hate your parents. But felt like everybody loved my parents already. And they looked at me and thought, you know, it's rough on them to have a kid like me and...

Brady: I've been there.

Theresa: And then high school came, and... I was just tired of everybody being mean to me. So I decided I'd be mean first. Guess I kind of got stuck there. [Sighs] That is, until he came along. I can't imagine ever being mean to him. I think about what Eve's going through, and--

Brady: I know. I know.

Theresa: I just... I feel like, I don't know, Brady. If anything ever happened to him, I... just wouldn't want to live anymore. I really want to be the best mom ever, but I'm just afraid that I want it so much that maybe I'll end up being the worst.

Brady: Hey. You're doing okay. I mean, he's sleeping like-- like a baby.

Theresa: [Laughs] [Sniffs] Yeah, he really is down for the count, huh? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Brady: That we can't leave him here in a car seat overnight, sleeping here.

Theresa: Okay, so... oh, Lord, should we risk it? Try to get him into the crib?

Brady: I mean, if you're in.

JJ: A guy from school, he works down here part-time. So when he got off, we were gonna hang out, but I guess I got the time wrong. By the way, the packing company is about two blocks that way.

Gabi: Thanks. I can't believe I missed it.

JJ: Well, just be careful, all right?

Gabi: I will. Thanks. Uh... thank you for coming to my rescue.

JJ: Anytime.

Gabi: Okay.

JJ: Hey, Roman, I just want to let you know that I'm here. Yeah, I know what to do.

[Suspenseful music]

Ben: You can't eat anymore?

Abigail: I think I lost my appetite, actually, a little. But it was so good. Thank you.

Ben: I guess you being under the weather and all, that's why you didn't make much of my dad's offer to help pay for the wedding.

Abigail: Well, I was just surprised. Just shocked. That's all. You know, my mom wants to be the one to pay for it. And I don't know how she would receive his offer, though it was very generous. What? You don't think that I sounded grateful?

Ben: No, you just actually... sounded...kind of rude.

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: I'm sorry. I didn't-- I'm sorry. I guess--I don't know. I think maybe I'm not feeling well, and I think that it's just getting to me.

Ben: Are you sure that's all it was?

JJ: I'm not wearing a wire. I'm not that stupid.

Clyde: All right, what the hell's going on? How would the feds know anything about me and Kyle?

JJ: They didn't hear it from me.

Clyde: If not you, then who was it?

JJ: Kyle.

Clyde: What?

JJ: He told me that he wrote a letter and left it with his mom, and if anything happened to him or if he disappeared, she was supposed to open it. He told me that he named names in that letter.

Clyde: Now, why would Kyle tell all that to one of his flunkies?

JJ: You can believe whatever you want, but all I know is that the feds are after me. And if you expect me to keep my mouth shut, we're gonna have to talk some terms.

Theresa: He looks so peaceful now. Maybe this crying jag was just a one-time thing.

Brady: I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Theresa: Oh, God. I'm so tired. Can barely keep my eyes open.

Brady: Me too. [Sighs]

Chad: Old Clyde sounds a little like he knows I got him on the ropes.

André: I hope your son doesn't become a victim of a rope-a-dope.

Chad: I can hear you, and that's not gonna happen. I've seen a lot of Clyde since he came back to town, and he never lets anyone think they have the upper hand.

André: So what are you going to do next?

Chad: I'm going to keep the pressure until we have him where we want him.

André: [Chuckles] Oh, your son knows what he's doing.

Abigail: Ben, you used to tell me that I was too much on your dad's side.

Ben: Well, that was before things changed between him and me.

Abigail: Now I'm not grateful enough to him?

Ben: I just want to know if there's something else bothering you.

Abigail: No. What else could be bothering me?

Ben: You tell me, Abigail.

Abigail: Ow, oh, my God.

Ben: What is it?

Abigail: Oh, my God, ow.

Ben: What's wrong?

Abigail: [Groans] Oh, my God. Ow, I don't know. [Groans]

Clyde: So you want to talk terms, do you?

JJ: Yeah, I do.

Clyde: What kind of terms?

JJ: For starters, money.

Clyde: So you want me to pay you to keep your mouth shut?

JJ: That works for me.

Clyde: Well, I've got another idea. How about... I kill you? Right now. That way, you'd be shut up permanently, and it wouldn't cost me a dime.

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