Days Transcript Monday 10/5/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/5/15


Episode #12689 ~ Bo struggles to keep the truth from his captors; Steve runs into danger as he looks for clues to Bo's whereabouts; Victor & Roman try to convince Kayla to allow the experimental drug to be used on Caroline.

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Kayla: Jenn, I am so sorry that I couldn't make it to Paige's funeral. I-I had to scrub in on an emergency surgery. Ugh, I know it's been such a tough day. Take care of yourself, okay? All right, bye-bye. Come in, hello. Whoa, let me guess what this is about.

Roman: I just came from seeing ma, and Victor just told me about the experimental drug that you--

Kayla: You know what? It's not gonna help.

Roman: How do you know?

Kayla: Who are you gonna listen to, him or your sister, the medical doctor?

Roman: I would just like a little more information.

Kayla: You know what? Here's the deal, Roman. I have mom's medical power of attorney. The answer is no. She is not getting that drug.

Maggie: Ciara circled the catering options that she'd prefer for your wedding.

[Phone ringing]

Hope: They're all desserts.

Maggie: Mm-hmm. So while your guests probably have eaten their way through the bicentennial celebration, they'll probably only need a chocolate fountain.

Hope: I just pray Caroline will be able to be there.

Maggie: Yeah. Me, too.

Hope: Do you know if Kayla's changed her mind about trying the experimental drug?

Maggie: Victor and Roman are talking to her right now. But I completely understand why she wants to proceed with caution. But Caroline just doesn't have any other options, does she?

Hope: Outside of a miracle.

Maggie: Her health, it will continue to decline unless we get some help soon.

Hope: It's just so sad to see. And Bo doesn't even have any idea that... he may never see his mother again. That would be a travesty.

Maggie: Yeah.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Yeah, john? Steve. Yeah, be on the lookout for that package I just sent you. Yeah, yeah, the pills. Listen, man, they were partially dissolved. It looks like the prisoner faked swallowing them and spit them out. He stuffed them in a crack in the wall. That's where I found them. Right. Yeah, get the lab to lift some DNA and see if they can match it to Bo's. Good, thanks, man. Yeah, I will. Now... what else? Well. Lookie here.

Eduardo: This is him, Chad DiMera. Remember the face. And I repeat, there's a reward on the table of $100,000 to anyone who can help bring this man to justice. He was last seen in the vicinity of--

Rafe: This is over. This is over. We're done here. Thank you. This will never make it to air, understood?

Eduardo: What the hell are you doing?

Rafe: What the hell are you doing? I told you that I don't need or want your help, and I also warned you not to do anything that would undermine our investigation.

Eduardo: Money is a great incentive.

Rafe: Oh, for--

Eduardo: It brings witnesses out of the woodwork, and from what I can tell, you need all the help you can get.

Rafe: I actually don't need help. I have a highly trained police force out there right now looking for Chad DiMera, but now, now I'm gonna have to allocate resources to investigate what will no doubt be a flood of calls trying to get your damn reward money.

Eduardo: You will get legitimate information in that flood as well. Somebody will have seen something.

Rafe: You just don't get it, do you? We're dealing with the DiMeras here. Now any witness who comes forward is gonna have a bounty on their head. And for those who don't give a damn, they might just rather see Chad DiMera dead. I am telling you, if someone else dies, this is on your head.

Eduardo: Chad DiMera killed my little girl. I don't care if he gets strung up.

Rafe: You know, for all you know, Chad DiMera cod be innocent.

Eduardo: Are you kidding me?

Rafe: Yeah, and who made you judge and jury?

Eduardo: He's dead!

Justin: Rafe, Rafe, Rafe, just take a deep breath. While Mr. Larson should have talked to us before contacting the media, let's not dismiss the whole idea of a reward out of hand.

Rafe: Oh, that's great. So now the D.A.'S office is condoning vigilante justice?

Justin: A reward is a tool that's been used by law enforcement for decades.

Rafe: Do you have any idea the chaos that it's gonna create? Or not mention the fact that Mr. Larson here has no intention whatsoever of cooperating with the police department?

Eduardo: Am I legally required to rescind my offer based on detective Hernandez's say-so?

Justin: Of course not.

Eduardo: Yeah.

Justin: You're a private citizen with first amendment rights.

Eduardo: Yeah, that's what I thought. So I'll be contacting the station to let them know my reward stands.

Rafe: Okay. You know what? If Chad ends up dead before he even has the benefit of a trial, his blood's on your hands.

Victor: You know, I really don't understand why you're dismissing this out of hand--

Roman: You know what, Victor? Why don't you let me handle this.

Kayla: I don't need to be "handled," Roman.

Roman: Just shush, shush. I'm just trying to understand, okay. I looked over dr. Salinas's findings. I admit, I didn't understand everything, but I got the gist. His research sounds very, very promising.

Kayla: Well, you know what? I did understand everything. Dr. Salinas has no control group, no placebo, no significant findings that that drug could even help her. And you know what? Given our mother's age, the side effects could be devastating.

Victor: She couldn't be much worse.

Kayla: She could be dead! And I am sorry, but I refuse to give my mother a drug that could kill her.

Victor: There's nothing in the research to make you think--

Kayla: Let me ask you a question, Victor. If this was one of your family members, do you think that you would take the chance?

Victor: Yes, I would.

Kayla: Well she is not your family, she is our family. This conversation is over. I'm going to go see how she's doing.

Hope: Sorry about that.

Maggie: That's all right.

Hope: Maggie, thank you so much. I might stop by the hospital after my shift to see how Caroline's dong. Of course, that may be a while, since paperwork is my nemesis.

Maggie: Hmm.

Hope: You know, the only person who hated paperwork more than me--

Maggie: I can close my eyes and I can see little hope Williams--

[Phone rings]

Maggie: In her princess crown and her high heels. I never would have guessed in a million years that you'd wind up here.

Hope: Me, either.

[Maggie laughs]

Hope: I didn't even mean to apply to the police academy, you know?

Maggie: [Laughs] I know, you came down to see Bo, and then before you know it, you were just swept up in a line of applicants.

Hope: Oh, yeah. He always knew how to push my every button, didn't he?

Maggie: Yes.

Hope: You know, I never would have gone through with it if he hadn't given me such a hard time, which he did. But here I am.

Maggie: Mm-hmm.

Hope: All these years later, and I'm still loving my job, you know.

Maggie: And you also happen to be very good at it.

Hope: Thank you.

Maggie: Hope, I know you're angry with Bo, and you have every right to be, but at the same time-- you know that the experiences that you both shared together are what make you who you are today. I've said enough. I'll see you at the hospital, okay?

Hope: Bye. Thanks.

Maggie: Sure.

Steve: Hmm, breadcrumbs... wow... looks like I got here before the rats. Oh, no.

Do not move.

[Intense music]

It was a scary sight...

Eve: Eddie?

Eduardo: You wanna chew me out too, eve?

Eve: No. No, I-- I want to thank you. I'm sure if somebody else had suggested a reward, Rafe would've jumped for joy.

Eduardo: Well in his defense, I'm sure there's a piece of--

Eve: No, don't defend him to me. My heart is not gonna bleed for Chad DiMera if somebody brings his head in on a platter.

Eduardo: Yeah, I don't think anybody's will, given what I've heard about the guy.

Eve: Do you really have that kind of money?

Eduardo: Surprised?

Eve: Yeah. Especially when we lived on ramen noodles.

Eduardo: My security business has done pretty well the last decade or so. But honestly? I'd give it all away to see justice for Paige.

Hope: Listen, I'm sorry about the stunt Eduardo Larson pulled today. Take a breath, though.

Rafe: Oh, is that on the news already?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: How many tips have we gotten?

Hope: Fifty and counting.

Rafe: Anything reliable? Decent?

Hope: Not so far.

Rafe: No, of course not. What a waste, I can't believe that Justin hasn't backed me up on this. What am I saying?

Hope: Rafe--

Rafe: Of course I can. No, seriously, I'm the lead investigator on the case.

Hope: Rafe--

Rafe: He's not gonna back me?

Hope: Listen, I agree. Justin made a bad call. Paige's father just wants to find his daughter's killer. He--he's grieving. He's lost his daughter.

Rafe: You know nothing about him.

Hope: I know he walked out on Paige and eve years ago. I'm sorry. I know that probably hits a little too close to home for you.

Rafe: You have no idea. You see, before Eduardo walked out on that family, he walked out on mine. Eduardo's my dad.

Roman: Victor, look, I know you want what's best for ma. And I have no doubt that dr. Salinas is a very talented researcher, but maybe, just maybe, he is telling you what he thinks you want to hear so you'll keep bankrolling him. And Kayla says this is a bad idea.

Victor: Kayla is too close to the situation to be objective.

Roman: And you're not?

Victor: Roman, you know how much I care for your mother.

Roman: I do, Victor, I do, and believe me, I am grateful for everything you've tried to do for her.

Victor: Look, there are no documented side effects to this drug. And even if there were, isn't it a risk worth taking?

Roman: Ma believes that every moment in life has meaning, and that if god has given her this burden to bear--

Victor: And if god gave her a cure, should she not take it? Don't you think your mother wants to be able to remember her family? To live life to the fullest? And you know better than anyone, Roman, one thing in this life that's not guaranteed, and that's time.

Caroline: Bo...

You're a tough nut to crack, Mr. Brady. I thought the sodium pentothal would do the trick. Not even the torture--

[Bo wails]

Would make you talk. So we have a new drug. The only side effect of which you need to know about is death. So, with that in mind, I would suggest that you start talking sooner rather than later.

[Bo grunts]

Steve: My apologies, sir. I was just doing a little sightseeing here. If I'm--if I'm trespassing-- I'll just be on my way.

No, you're coming with me.

Steve: I'm really not interested in buying any souvenirs, man.

Shut up and move.


Steve: Now it's my turn. Where is Bo Brady? Daddy gator couldn't push the throttle

Theresa: I thought you didn't even like Chad.

Brady: I'm not his biggest fan.

Theresa: So then why do you care what happens to him?

Brady: I just think still think he deserves a fair trial.

Theresa: You're not convinced that he did it?

Brady: Before Marlena was attacked, Chad came to me and he told me that--that he had blacked out a couple times after he had been drinking. I could tell it really freaked him out, but I'm just wondering now.

Theresa: What?

Brady: He asked me if I thought if he'd ever remember what happened. I mean, maybe he didn't even know if he killed Serena and Paige.

Theresa: You know, I remember when that psycho, Liam, was tormenting Jennifer and Daniel. Everyone was so positive that it was me, and I mean--I--I understand why they thought that, but--still--

Brady: They were wrong.

Theresa: I was glad I got another chance.

Brady: What do you say about giving JJ and Jennifer another chance?

Theresa: Don't push it.

Brady: Hmm. I'll get you another soda.

Eve: Why is Brady even here?

Theresa: He was just being nice.

Eve: Why?

Theresa: What do you mean, why--he's a nice guy, eve.

Eve: Oh, really? If he was such a nice guy, why is he trying to kick you and Tate out on the street?

Theresa: Look, we moved past that, okay?

Eve: Honey, I just don't wanna see you disappointed, that's all. Guys like Brady, they just see you as a former conquest. Tate's mom-- that's how guys think. That's why girls like us end up getting our hearts broken over and over and over again. Like I did with Eddie.

Justin: I wasn't aware that you knew Paige.

Brady: I didn't. I mean, I didn't that well. I wanted to be here to support Theresa.

Justin: Brady, I know this is none of my business, but you're not falling for her again, are you?

[Brady snorts]

Rafe: I hadn't seen my dad since I was 15. I mean, I was 15, I didn't know where he was. What the hell he was up to, I certainly didn't know that he started another family and then abandoned them too.

Hope: Rafe, I'm so sorry.

Rafe: So Paige was my sister. I never even got a chance to get to know her.

Hope: When'd you find this out?

Rafe: Couple days ago.

Hope: Rafe, you okay?

Rafe: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. I mean, honestly, I'm worried about Gabi, 'cause now Eduardo says that he wants to connect with her--I mean, she didn't even know him. She's not gonna miss him. The only thing he's gonna end up doing is hurting her.

Hope: You're probably right.

Rafe: I told him to stay the hell away from her. Listen, she doesn't know anything about this. Please don't say anything--

Hope: Not a word.

Rafe: Okay?

Hope: You have my word. Absolutely.

Rafe: I mean, I'm sorry. That did not even--I didn't mean to blurt all this stuff out--

Hope: Rafe--Rafe, it's okay.

Rafe: You know, it's just--

Hope: Rafe.

Rafe: I'm sorry.

Hope: It's okay. It's all right. You want to talk, I'm here.

Rafe: Okay. Yeah. I'm okay.

Hope: I'm here, okay?

Rafe: Okay, okay.

Hope: Come here.

Rafe: Okay. Thank you.

[Monitor beeping]

Roman: How's she doing? You know, I, uh-- I keep thinking about the speech ma gave at Sonny and Will's wedding last year. People got so worried when she got up and started to ramble on about her old friends. But she knew exactly what she was doing. And what she said was beautiful. So eloquent. Funny. Do you think we'll ever see that Caroline Brady again?

Kayla: I think she'll certainly have her lucid moments.

Roman: Yeah, but they'll be fewer and fewer as time goes on. She has declined so much since that stroke. Kayla? What if we could get our ma back?

Kayla: You don't think I want that?

Roman: I'm not doubting your love for her.

Kayla: Just my judgment.

Roman: Look, we have always deferred to you when it comes to medical decisions, naturally. And I'm not in your shoes. I don't know the potential problems.

Kayla: No, you don't. [Sniffles]

Roman: But let me ask you this: Are you afraid that if you make the wrong call, you won't be able to live with the guilt? What if you're making the wrong call now? What if that drug could help? And what if you are the only thing standing between ma and her only real chance?

Kayla: That is not fair.

Roman: Maybe not, but if it were any other patient, would you turn it down?

Kayla: Yes! I would never give a patient an untested drug that has dubious benefits--especially not my mother.

Who's Bo Brady?

Steve: Who's Bo Brady? The man you were holding here? You didn't even bother to ask his name? Hey. You tell me about this blood stain.

I never knew the prisoner's name. I never even knew why he was being held. I was just following orders.

Steve: Who gave you those orders? Huh? Who?

Justin: I don't mean to interfere, it's just-- I went through something similar with Alex's mother.

Brady: No--no, listen. No worries, no worries. I don't have romantic feelings for Theresa. And given everything that's happened, I never will.

Justin: I get that. I just wonder if she does.

Eduardo: It was a lovely service.

Eve: It was.

Eduardo: I shouldn't have tried to have a say in plans you'd made.

Eve: No, you shouldn't have.

Eduardo: Gotta say, it was remarkable to hear all those wonderful things about her. You obviously did a great job of raising our daughter.

Eve: I can't take any credit for that. She was just an amazing girl.

Eduardo: Yeah. Something like this happens, you take a hard look at your life. I know there's nothing I can do to make up for what I missed. I can only tell you how sorry I am. And how deeply I wish things had turned out differently.

Eve: Me too. [Laughs]

Theresa: Hey. Thanks.

Brady: You're welcome.

Theresa: Uh-- look, Brady, um-- [Sighs] I know that we've been avoiding talking about--you know, what happened, um, the other day. You know, and I-- I just wanted to apologize that I kissed you. It was just impulsive, and I was in the moment, and--

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: I mean, you were really clear, obviously, about how you feel about--

Brady: Theresa, we, uh--we don't have to talk about it. Because it's never going to happen again, right?

Theresa: Right, of course. [Laughs]

Kayla: It's hard to know which one of her symptoms are from her stroke or the underlying illness, and that drug is designed to just treat the latter. If she has another brain bleed--

Roman: How likely do you think that is?

Kayla: I have no idea.

Roman: The odds were against her after the stroke, weren't they? Look how hard she fought to get back. Look, I don't believe ma ever made a decision based on fear. In fact--you know, pop always said the only reason their business succeeded was because ma was willing to take chances. I mean, hell, they took a fish market--a fish market, turned it into a pub with no restaurant experience. It was crazy, it was nuts. But it worked.

Kayla: Yeah, it did.

Roman: And weren't you the first female altar server St. Luke's ever had? I don't think that was your idea. Have you asked yourself what ma would do if she had the capacity to make this decision herself?

Kayla: Of course I have.

Roman: I think we both know what she'd say.

Kayla: Can I just have a second with her, alone?

Roman: Sure. Sure. You take all the time you need. I love you, sis. I love you.

Kayla: Oh, mom. You know who I always come to for advice when I have a tough decision? You have no idea how much I miss being able to do that. The doctor in me says giving you an untested drug is just--it's ethically wrong, and potentially so dangerous. But the little girl in me just wants my ma back. It is so hard to let go. I don't want you to leave us. And I know you wouldn't, either. Is Roman right? Hi.

[Caroline moans]

Kayla: Hi, how you doing?

Caroline: Fine.

Kayla: Do you think that we could talk about something for a second, kinda serious?

Caroline: Yeah, what--what?

Kayla: It's about your medical care.

Caroline: Sure. Well, I--I think you--my daughter, dr. Brady, should be part of that conversation. Would you mind calling her for me?

Kayla: Sure.

Roman: Well, I think Kayla's on the fence, but I'm still not sure she's gonna change her mind.

Victor: Listen, if she's worried about the legal ramifications for the hospital, we can take Caroline anywhere.

Roman: No, Victor, no.

Hope: Hey--

Roman: That's not it.

Hope: Hi. How's Caroline doing?

Roman: The same. The same.

Hope: Yeah?

Victor: Kayla still won't give her the drug.

Roman: She has legitimate concerns, but ma's going downhill so fast, I just don't think we have any other alternative.

Hope: God, I am so sorry. This is a very difficult decision, especially with so little information on what the outcome might be. Victor, how did you find out about this treatment in the first place?

Victor: I didn't find out about it. Bo did.

Steve: Where do you get your orders? Answer me!

I don't know.

Steve: Don't give me that.

It's true. I got paid every week in cash, delivered by a messenger.

Steve: Okay. Now you are gonna tell me something you do know. Was Bo hurt?

We had to take some extreme measures to get him to answer some of the questions.

Steve: Extreme measures? You mean like torture?

Yeah, he was very determined not to talk.

Steve: Not to talk about what? What were you asking him?

About a formula. Or serum. That's all I know, I swear.

Steve: Where the hell is he now?


Steve: You are gonna talk to me and tell me where he is.

Brady: Tate's already asleep.

Theresa: I wanted to put him down. I just want to hug him and never let him go.

Brady: I know.

Theresa: Brady, thank you so much for your support today. It meant a lot to me.

Brady: I'm glad I could be here. I'm--I'm--I have some work to do, so I'm-- I'll be in the study if you need anything.

Theresa: Sure.

Justin: Excuse me. Mr. Larson?

Eduardo: Yeah.

Justin: Could I have a word with you?

Eduardo: Sure.

Justin: Rafe was right about one thing--we will need to coordinate your reward through the police department.

Eduardo: All right.

Justin: And next time you decide to go renegade, just give me a head's up first, all right? Trust me, I'm on your side. As long as your actions serve the case, I'll support you 100%.

Eduardo: Actually, Mr. Kiriakis, I don't really care if you support me or not. I want justice for my daughter. Somehow, I don't think that's what you're in this for.

Maggie: I think I'm gonna go down to the cafeteria. Would anyone like anything?

Hope: No--no, thank you.

Victor: No, thank you.

Roman: Well, you know what? I--I could use a walk. I think I'll tag along.

Maggie: Well, good.

Hope: What are you talking about? You haven't been in touch with Bo.

Victor: No, not for years. But, when he went to California to the clinic with Caroline, he ran down every lead he could find. That's what led him to dr. Salinas in Peru.

Hope: But that was three years ago. Why are we just talking about this now?

Victor: Well, although the research was very promising at the time, the drug was only in the developmental stage. Bo asked me if I would be able to fund it, and of course I said yes.

Hope: I don't understand. Why didn't he mention it to me? To anyone?

Victor: He didn't want people to be getting their hopes up.

Hope: Someone should've told Kayla at the very least, don't you think?

Victor: No, the other reason that we wanted to keep it under wraps is because it was potentially a huge breakthrough and a lucrative discovery. We didn't want people trying to get into this to make a quick buck. It would've compromised everything. So--I mean-- if the doctor lost control of the research, we could be in clinical trials for years. If it fell into the wrong hands. One thing Caroline doesn't have is time. We need to act now. I just hope that Kayla comes to her sense before it's too late.

Okay, Mr. Brady. Let's have a little chat.

[Bo mumbles]

Why don't you tell me about this secret serum that Victor Kiriakis is funding. Hmm? What's it being used for?

Bo: It's--Victor--

What is the serum being used for? And who has the formula?

[Bo mumbles] Come on, just relax, just relax. This could all be over today if you just tell me what it is I want to know. The formula.

Bo: Okay.


That's all I know, I swear. Look, please--I'm just doing my job. I needed the money! I--


Steve: [Gags]


Steve: You tell your boss I'm coming for him!

Justin: If you think I'm driving hard to bring in Chad DiMera to make a name for myself--

Eduardo: Nah, nah, nah. That's not what I meant.

Justin: Well the, what do you mean?

Eduardo: I think you know--

Eve: You know, I, uh-- I just gotta get out of here. Okay?

Eduardo: Yeah, it's--it's been a long day. Let me take you.

Eve: Fine. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Justin: Call me if you need anything.

Eve: Okay, I will.

Justin: This is Justin. I need you to find out everything you can about a guy named Eduardo Larson.

[Eerie music]

Eduardo: And I repeat: There is a reward on the table of $100,000 to anyone who can bring this man to justice.

[Rafe sighs]

[Baby screams]

Theresa: Oh, my god--Tate!

Kayla: Uh-- could I do it?

Of course.

[Tense music]

What type of serum is your father working on? What's it being used for?

Bo: It's a--

It's what?

Bo: It's for-- foot fungus.

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