Days Transcript Thursday 10/1/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 10/1/15


Episode #12687 ~ A desperate Chad attempts to secure his alibi; Justin finds a clue to Chad's whereabouts; Abigail seeks help with her wedding from an unlikely source; Eve lashes out at Jennifer.

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[Doorbell rings]

Theresa: Hey!

Anne: Go get your purse. We're springing you out of here.

Theresa: What?

Anne: It's tequila Thursday at chuco's, and then, you know, we can hit the square.

Theresa: I can't.

Anne: Theresa, are we friends?

Theresa: Sure.

Anne: So then, be a friend again, tonight. Starting now, because it's been too long. Go, get ready. I'll wait.

[Soft nostalgic music]

Sometimes my mind play tricks on me I think I hear your voice I feel you standing next to me then I come back...

Eve: [Sighs]

To reality and it's lonely

Jennifer: Mom, it's just a horrible, horrible tragedy, and everyone who knew Paige is just so crushed. Yeah, I mean, we... had this beautiful wedding, and Abigail has her little baby on the way, so that gives JJ something positive to focus on. Yes, she looks beautiful. She is just glowing. Oh, I can't wait for you to meet Ben. Yeah, Abigail did well. He's a keeper.

[Suspenseful music]

[Serena gasping]

Abigail: Ben, what's going on?

Chad: Hey, how about this? Okay, look, hey, we don't go to the police station. All right? You're just gonna come with me, and you're gonna tell a guy.

What guy?

Chad: This guy named Rafe. You're gonna tell him that you fought with me and you remember the time.

I can't say that!

Chad: Hey, come on, stop! Stop, stop, you told me that you remember.

With incentive.

Chad: What?

For 100,000 bucks, I'll remember everything just the way you want.

[Dramatic music]

Ben: Sorry, I thought I followed the instructions, but...the holes in the frame-- they don't match up with the straps, and it doesn't even come with enough--enough screws.

Abigail: Okay. We'll figure it out.

Ben: I have to get to work. [Groans]

Abigail: Ben, we don't-- we don't need that for, like, a month--months, months. And, you know, maybe even, like, a year from now. We have time.

Ben: I want to--I just want to be ready.

Abigail: We're gonna be ready, but, um, you remember that superstition I told you about bringing baby items into the household before the baby was here?

Ben: Well, you're finally showing, so I thought it was okay.

Abigail: No, it's not okay. Not if it makes you this upset.

Ben: You're right. You're right. This is the small stuff.

Abigail: Okay.

Ben: It's the small stuff.

Abigail: Yes. Small stuff. Save your stress for the... for the big stuff, like wedding dress shopping.

[Both laughing]

Abigail: Ah, wedding dresses, which I will be trying on later today.

Ben: You are gonna look great in anything and everything.

Abigail: You know, that's good. You should just--just keep telling me that from, like, now on.

Ben: Yeah?

Abigail: [Laughs]

Ben: Oh! This is really happening.

Abigail: Yes. Yeah, this is-- this is really happening.

Ben: Just feels like a dream.

Abigail: I know. You know, it's funny, sometimes--sometimes it feels a little weird that I'm gonna be pregnant on our wedding day, know, Ben, I think what it really means is just that our baby is gonna be there, with us, sharing in all of it with us, and... it's gonna be perfect.

Ben: It will be. It is. [Chuckles]

Chad: But it is true. I was here at the docks with you.

If I remember.

Chad: Okay, look, man, hey. Look, $100,000 is a lot of money, all right? How about if I get you $50,000 cash right--

No! No! 100,000. I can tell you need me. You're the one that's in trouble.

Chad: That's a lot of money. Okay, okay, okay. I'm gonna get it. Hey, I'm gonna get it. But after you talk to this guy, all right, maybe I'll get you some more money. How about a brand-new watch?

Forget the watch. Time is relative.

Chad: Except that number. Except that number.

Yeah. 235.

Chad: Yeah.

2:35 A.M. You and me fought at 2:35 A.M.

Chad: Uh-huh, you're gonna tell the cops that-- you're gonna tell Rafe that.

Yeah, sure.

Chad: Okay. Hey, listen, I need you to be clear, all right? I have a lot riding on this, do you understand?

[Dramatic music]

Ben: Sorry. It won't happen again. But I had to keep you safe... from Chad DiMera.

Chad: I'm gonna go get the money now, all right? You're gonna s--you're gonna stick around.


Chad: Okay. Now, I mean-- I mean, hey, I mean, hey. Look at me, look at me. You need to be right here, all right, if you want the money.

I'm not a moron! I get it!

Chad: Okay. Okay. I'm gonna be back as soon as I can.

235. 2:35. 2:35.

[Upbeat music]

[Jennifer laughs]

Abigail: I don't know, mom. I just feel like it's not--

Jennifer: What? No, no, it's good. I think you're being too critical.

Abigail: But there's, like, the whole-- I mean, they would have to do so much work to get this--

Jennifer: No, I think it's good. Look, if we just smooth it like this, I think it's gonna be great.

Abigail: No, you're gonna have to-- someone is gonna have to literally, like, hold there and smooth it.

Jennifer: I can do that. I will hold it the whole time.

Abigail: Mo--you're gonna hold this the--

Jennifer: I'm so happy that you and Ben are staying in town that I will do anything to make you happy.

Abigail: You don't have to do that.

Jennifer: I know, but the thought of my grandbaby growing up somewhere else...

Abigail: Yeah, I know. That was--that was the worst for me too. But, luckily, Ben came around.

Jennifer: Yeah. What changed his mind?

Abigail: Um, I don't know. I think it was just, um, you know, it was a little bit of everything. He's in school here, and we both ha great jobs here and, you know, our family, obviously, and... I mean, Clyde got us this beautiful home, and, you know, there's a lot. It's just so much to be happy about-- mom? Hey. You don't like that Clyde bought us a house, do you?

Jennifer: No, I don't. I don't. I think that not only is it extravagant, it is a huge responsibility and expense. Is Ben gonna always go to his dad for money?

Abigail: No, mom! Ben is doing fine, okay? His business is great right now, and he seems to be...fine.

Jennifer: Well, you just make sure that Clyde doesn't own his son. Or you.

Abigail: Look, if it gets to be too much, then we'll move, or... we'll move, and we'll tell him to sell the house, okay? I promise. It's not like we're gonna be trapped or anything.

Jennifer: Good. You just remember that. Okay, that was the last one, so I think we need another trip to Barron's, right?

Abigail: No, I already went to Barron's, and I tried on everything. There's nothing...there.

Jennifer: All right. Then I guess that means a trip to Chicago.

Abigail: Actually, um, I have another idea, but I know that you're probably not gonna like it.

Anne: Come on, chop-chop!

Theresa: I'm not going out with you tonight.

Anne: All right, what's the excuse now?

Theresa: Huh?

Anne: Well, you don't return my emails or my texts for weeks, and then when you do, it's like, "take this and take that."

Theresa: Anne, when you have a--

Anne: You have a nanny. That's the whole point of living here in the house of judgment and slut shaming, right?

Theresa: I am not a slut. And they don't judge me, they--

Anne: Oh, no, no, right. They--they love you. They love you, and everything is swell, and you've really just been truly too busy?

Theresa: I bought a company.

Anne: Okay, well... [Laughing] You're not Versace yet, so come on! While there's still time. There is a shot glass out there with your name on it, so let's go.

Theresa: I can't.

Anne: Okay. What's going on, huh? Why are you shutting me out?

Theresa: That's not what I'm doing.

Anne: Uh-huh.

Theresa: Look, I need to make some changes in my life, and that's what I'm doing, okay?

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: Anne, I love Brady so much, and I'm--I'm never gonna get him to fall back in love with me unless I can prove that I'm not a constant train wreck like I was.

Anne: When you--when you worked for me. When you hung out with me. So--so you're ditching me, is that it?

Anne: Oh, my god. You're like--you're like a pod. You're like a Theresa pod. Where is fun Theresa, huh? What have you done with my friend?

Theresa: Your friend grew up. And maybe you should too.

Jennifer: You want Theresa Donovan to design your wedding dress?

Abigail: She's actually a really good designer. Mom, I bumped into her, and I saw some of her sketches, and they were amazing. What?

Jennifer: Maybe you just need a refresher course in Theresa 101.

Abigail: Mom, okay, I know. She was a hot mess. I get you being skeptical.

Jennifer: Skeptical?

Abigail: Or rabidly opposed to the idea for good reason.

Jennifer: Okay, then, honey, why?

Abigail: I don't know, mom, maybe because I just want a wedding dress that fits, and I want it to look nice. I want to like it, you know? And I want one that not everyone else has worn before. Just... can we just please try it, mom? Can we just give it a try and see what she comes up with?

Jennifer: Yes, we can. We can do that.

Abigail: I'm sorry.

Jennifer: No, you're fine. We can just get her on over here, and I will go hide the silver...

Abigail: [Laughs] Well, you might want to hide the vodka while you're at it.

Jennifer: No, I'll have that.

Abigail: [Laughs] [Sighs]

[Dance music]

[Paige yelling]

Eve: Give me a bourbon, please.

[Suspenseful music]

Andre: The garden's that way.

Chad: Who the hell are you?

Andre: Andre DiMera. I'm your brother. Whoo-wee, you really know how to speed up your clean up!

Chad: I don't have time for this.

Andre: So you're golden boy 2.0.

Chad: What?

Andre: The newest... chosen son. In a very fetching disguise, I might add.

Chad: Okay, look, why don't you just tell "our father" that I had to borrow some money? Thanks.

Andre: Hot date?

Chad: My alibi needs-- do you even know what's going on?

Stefano: Chad!

Chad: Father, hi. Um, I need to borrow some money--more than I originally thought, and-- so I'll pay you back.

Andre: And what will you do with the money?

Chad: I found the homeless guy that I got in a fight with the night that Serena mason was killed. I need to get him to the police station, but he wants an incentive.

Andre: You expect to take a vagrant you've paid to the police and then have them believe that he's your alibi?

Chad: They won't know he was paid.

Andre: Yes, but Justin Kiriakis will know. He'll find out, and then he'll destroy your witness in court.

Chad: Okay, it won't get that far. I need--I need to stop them from coming after me, so they can find the real killer.

Andre: You think that the Salem pd is gonna give up on a DiMera and go after an unknown suspect? What, are you new in town, or are you just hopelessly stupid? Father tells me that you are being set up. He swears it's not him, so who do you think it could be?

Chad: My money is on the hillbilly. Clyde Weston.

Anne: Are you saying I should change?

Theresa: I can only speak for myself, but... Anne, I just--I don't want to self-destruct anymore.

Anne: And that means you can't hang out with me.

Theresa: You don't exactly bring out my best self.

Anne: Oh, okay, I see. So the meshuggaas that is your life, that's my fault?

Theresa: No, no, of course not. When you and I were together, we--[Sighs] Look, I made a lot of stupid choices, and you enjoyed them. Look, you didn't try to stop me. You just egged me on and--

Anne: Well, I'm not your mother.

Theresa: No, you're my friend.

Anne: Exactly.

Theresa: Anne, I am grateful, okay? You gave me a job when I needed it, and I really appreciate that. I do, but...

Anne: Mm-hmm. Why does this sound like a-- like a good-bye note?

Theresa: It's just a good-bye to who I was.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: If all you want to do is go out and get in trouble and get drunk, then... I can't.

Anne: Okay. If you want to grovel to people who don't give a damn about you, you go right ahead. Be my guest. They don't care about you. And they never will. I have always had your back, girl, and, yes, especially when you were a mess. So go ahead, good luck with the new you, okay? Because this time when you trip and fall...nobody will be there to pick you up.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Andre: Well, you could be right. But why would Clyde Weston have it in for you?

Chad: Because his son is engaged to Abigail Deveraux, and he thinks I'm a threat to that.

Andre: Are you?

Chad: Not-- not now, but I love her, and she loves me.

Andre: So the hayseed's son marries a Horton. Then he'll be firmly planted here in Salem.

Chad: Right. Look, if you want to help me, would you just lend me the money until I can get to my cash again?

Stefano: Just do it!

Andre: Not here. I have a burner phone. It's untraceable. The secure line here is programmed in. Use it if you get in a jam. Or we'll use it if we need to reach you.

Chad: Thanks. Father, I'll be in touch.

Stefano: All right, but be careful, you understand? Be careful!

Abigail: Thank you so much, Theresa, for coming so quickly.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, well, "wedding sos" always gets my attention.

Jennifer: Hi. Um, welcome. I'm so sorry about your loss. Paige was a special girl.

Theresa: She was.

Jennifer: And we're gonna be there tomorrow. I hope that's okay with your sister.

Theresa: Truth, I don't think she'll even notice.

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean, losing a child-- I can't even imagine.

Theresa: Yeah, I don't think I would've understood it before, but now, um...

Jennifer: Yeah. How is eve?

Theresa: A zombie. She can't even look at a picture of Paige.

Abigail: I'm so sorry.

Theresa: Thanks. You know, listen, that's not why you called me. You want a wedding dress?

Abigail: I do.

Jennifer: Abigail told me that you are a great designer.

Theresa: Yeah?

Abigail: Yeah! Well, it's the truth, so...

Jennifer: So just make it pretty.

Theresa: You're on board with this?

Jennifer: Yes, I am. I mean, it's Abigail's decision. It's her wedding day. I just want the two of you to have a lot of fun while you're doing this.

Theresa: Ah, okay. So tell me everything that you want this dress to be.

Anne: Dirty martini, up, three olives. Oh, I see. So what is this? This is like the--this is like the family party line now? You know, there was a time you were jealous of my friendship with Theresa.

Eve: What?

Anne: Yeah, oh, I could see it. Doesn't matter though. Whatever. The point is, if you want to make up for lost time with your sister, go ahead. Be my guest, okay? That is, if she can fit you in between her spin classes and her good works for the community.

Eve: What are you babbling about?

Anne: I mean, you know, that little girl, she's just a Kardashian wannabe, and you're welcome to her because I am done. I'm bowing out. She's all yours.

Eve: I don't care what you're talking about.

Anne: Do whatever you want with her, okay?

Eve: I'm burying my only child tomorrow.

Anne: I'm--I'm sorry. Eve, I-I forgot. I'm--I'm really sorry for your loss. I'm sorry for your loss.

Eve: [Sighs]

Anne: But just so you know, your sister...she didn't even mention it. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Thank you.

Stefano: [Inhales deeply] Ah...

Andre: That son of a--

Justin: Harold said you were ready to see me. I'll get right to the point. We would like to search your house and grounds.

Andre: Get a warrant.

Justin: Finding a judge your father hasn't bought is always a challenge, but I will find one. And if I learn that you've aided and abetted a serial killer, keeping him on the streets where he can kill again, I will make it my life's work to bury you, Stefano, and everyone in this family.

Andre: As if we haven't heard that for years.

Justin: But I know where your bodies are buried now. When I helped EJ in his takeover, I found all the corners where you swept the dirt, and I know exactly where to look.

Andre: You think I'd be stupid enough to leave things the way they were?

Justin: I learned how you think, Stefano. I will find you again. Give me Chad, and we can call a truce.

Stefano: I do not know where my son is.

Andre: Find your way out, will you? And don't come back without a warrant.

[Suspenseful music]

[Speaking indistinctly]

Chad: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, look. I got what we agreed on.

Blue car?

Chad: What, you want a car?

Did you come in a blue car?

Chad: What?

Blue cars are dangerous.

Chad: Forget about a blue car; I'm gonna get a black one to take us.

Take us where? Who are you?

Eve: [Sighs]

[Knocking on door]

Eve: Go away, Eddie!

[Knocking on door]

Eve: Go away! It's bad enough that I have to see you tomorrow.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Eve: What do you want?

Jennifer: I'm just checking on you.

Eve: I'm not on parole.

Jennifer: Maybe you shouldn't be alone either.

Eve: Maybe not. Funny story, that's exactly what I am--alone. And from now on, I will be.

Jennifer: No, there's a lot of people who could comfort you, people who really loved Paige. But not more than you. You--you were her mother.

Eve: Except when she turned to you.

Jennifer: I was never a substitute, eve.

Eve: No.

Jennifer: Mm-mm.

Eve: You didn't try to replace her selfish, twisted mother?

Jennifer: I cared about your daughter very much.

Eve: Just lie to me, Jennifer, lie to me.

Jennifer: Eve, please.

Eve: She died hating me. The only thing worse is if she died thinking that she didn't have anybody that she could count on. So, yeah. Please lie to me. Tell me she turned to you. Tell me that she--that she would have forgiven me.

Jennifer: Oh, she would have. In time, I know that.

Eve: Yeah. Hey, um, you--you want some?

Jennifer: No, thank you.

Eve: What, is there limits to this little pity visit here, or you think I had enough for the both of us?

Jennifer: Listen, have you talked to your parents?

Eve: I don't need a keeper, okay? I don't need a keeper! I need my daughter! That's what I need! It's just not fair.

Jennifer: No, it isn't.

Eve: Oh, well, like you would know, right? Right.

Jennifer: I-I do.

Eve: [Scoffs] You have your daughter. You have your son. You have a grandbaby on the way. Half the people in this town are related to you, and they adore you. You have lost absolutely nothing.

Jennifer: That is not true, eve.

Abigail: I know, it's--it's really hard to tell how big I'm gonna be before the wedding.

Theresa: Oh, no, no. I can design around that.

Abigail: Oh.

Theresa: So did you just pop? I mean, they say it's like... like you don't show, and you don't show, and you don't show, and then...pop!

[Both chuckle]

Abigail: Um, yeah. Yeah.

Theresa: Did you feel it? I mean, like, when it happened, did you feel it?

Abigail: No, not, like, that second. It was a little more... you know, it was a little more gradual than that, I would say. Why?

Theresa: Nothing. It's just, you know, I... you know, I was just curious because I was barely pregnant, and then Kristen struck and then nothing and then this whole baby and... he wasn't even a newborn anymore, and...I just... I don't know, I missed so much.

Abigail: That is... just so wrong.

Theresa: [Sighs]

Abigail: Well, at least your son is with you now, and... he has a father who's there.

Theresa: [Laughs] Yeah, what are the odds with me, huh?

Abigail: That's not what I meant.

Theresa: Right. No, yeah, it''s great that Brady and I can raise Tate together. And, you know, your baby's lucky that he or she has you and Ben.

[Dance music]

Ben: Cheers.

Will: [Laughs] Cheers. How's Abigail?

Ben: She's all good. It's all good. Have you heard from sonny?

Will: Yeah, he calls, you know, to--to check on Ari. He's really happy that Gabi is out of prison.

Ben: Yeah, yeah, that's good.

Will: Yeah. It helps to, uh, helps to fill the gap, for both of them.

Ben: But not you?

Will: Well, I-I don't know if sonny is ever gonna come home for me. I tried to get sonny to talk to Chad, you know. Sonny listens to Chad, but I don't know, you know...

Ben: But Chad's on the run, and I hope they catch the bastard.

Will: If he's guilty.

Ben: "If"? Will, you know what he's capable of. What he did to Abigail before.

Will: Look, he faked an illness, and that is not the same as committing multiple murders.

Ben: I guess so.

Will: You know, he took a bullet for his brother to save his life. Now, Ben, I know that you and Chad have had your troubles. I know that Chad is an ass, but--

Ben: But Abigail's well rid of him.

Will: I agree. That's what I told her to do. Oh, believe it or not, I've always been team Ben. Abigail is so much better off now.

Ben: Thank you, my man.

Will: Of course.

Ben: No, it means a lot.

Will: Of course. So have you guys set a date?

Ben: We're working on it.

Will: Yeah? Big wedding?

Ben: I want to keep it small. But, you know, if she comes up with 20 bridesmaids, I'm in trouble coming up with groomsmen.

Will: We are Hortons. We will have no trouble filling up a bridal party or a church.

Ben: I guess so.

Will: Is your dad gonna stand up for you?

Ben: No. No. I want it to be somebody who's friends with Abigail and me. So what do you say?

Will: What?

Ben: Will you be my best man?

Will: Absolutely!

Ben: Yeah?

Will: Yeah.

Ben: Get over here, man.

[Both laugh]

Chad: Hey, hey, buddy, okay. You remember me, all right? We had a fight over my watch. You're not in any trouble.

No, I'm fine because I never get in a blue car.

Chad: What are you talk-- look, look, hey, look at me. Look at me. Forget about the car, all right? I need you to tell this guy what you remember, all right, that we got in a fight.

I don't!

Chad: Yes, you do. You do! You told me a couple hours ago that you remembered. You do!

I wasn't here.

Chad: Yes, you were.

You're not here. You met the hologram, and...

Chad: All you have to do-- listen, all you have to do--

I do not submit to mind control. I do not submit to mind control from you or any government agency or foreign entity or alien alliances. I do not submit to mind control. No mind control! No blue cars! No tracking devices! You met the hologram!

Justin: That's a beauty. Have you been fishing lately?

Andre: The only one fishing here is you.

Justin: So this isn't yours? I'll get rid of it for you.

[Suspenseful music]

[Stefano grumbles]

Justin: Sonny made this lure for victor when he was ten years old, and the only place it could have come from is the old lake house. And there's only one way it ended up in Stefano's study. Chad DiMera is hiding on my property. Arrogant bastard. I already sent a unit. Meet them there.

Jennifer: Eve... I mean, you're right, nothing... nothing compares. I mean, the thought of losing a child--my god, I don't even-- but I lost jack. And he--he died saving my daughter, and that is something that she's had to carry.

Eve: were there for her. So, you see, Jennifer, you're right. It doesn't compare because I'm alone. Alone in a way that you will never understand.

Jennifer: I'm here.

Eve: Yeah, you are. You are here. You have done your good Samaritan deed for the day, sweet jenny. I will be glad to tell everyone that you are a charitable, gracious woman.

Jennifer: Genuinely, I want to help you, I do.

Eve: You can't.

Jennifer: Please.

Eve: You can't. Nothing can. Nobody can. You can't help this.

[Sad piano music]

Jennifer: We will be there tomorrow.

Eve: Yippee. Can't wait.

[Glass shatters]

Theresa: That's perfect for Abigail. And I'll save this one for my wedding to Brady.

[Dramatic music]

The cabin's empty. No sign of the suspect.

Will: You are looking at your official best man.

Abigail: Really? Aww, will! [Laughs] Thank you. That is so great. Thank you so much.

Will: Yeah. Well, I have to run, but... we'll talk soon, okay?

Abigail: Yeah.

Will: Okay.

Abigail: Oh, you're gonna love my wedding dress. Once it's done, I can't wait for you to see it.

Will: Can't wait. All right. I'll see you soon.

Ben: Ah, you will. Thank you again, man.

Will: Yeah. Bye.

Ben: See you.

Abigail: Bye.

Ben: So you picked the dress.

Abigail: Yes, I did.

Ben: Yes.

Abigail: I am going to have a custom designer dress.

Ben: Seriously?

Abigail: Yeah, um, Theresa Donovan is, uh, actually going to design it.

Ben: Really?

Abigail: Yeah, I know, but trust me, listen, okay? Just hear me out. She's actually a really good designer.

Ben: As long as you are happy.

Abigail: I am.

[Serena gasping]

Paige: Help! [Screams]

Abigail: Ben. Ben. Ben. Whoo. I couldn't breathe for a second.

Ben: I'm--I'm sorry. [Sighs] I guess I just-- I never want to let you go. And I never will.

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