Days Transcript Friday 9/25/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/25/15


Episode #12683 ~ Bo attempts to escape from his captors just as Steve makes headway looking for his missing friend; André DiMera returns to Salem to assist an ailing Stefano; Adrienne receives startling news about her mom's health; a cop from Miami arrives in town.

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[Nostalgic music]

Eddie: Thank you... for agreeing to see me.

Eve: What do you want, Eddie?

Eddie: Just to talk to you. I know how much pain you're in.

Eve: The hell you do.

Eddie: Paige was my daughter too.

Eve: Right. It really must be a tragedy for you... that the daughter that you abandoned...

to be gone. It must just break your heart into a million different pieces. Well, here is something I bet you didn't know about your daughter. She hated your guts as much as I do.

Stefano: You will have to assure Chad that I will do everything, everything in my power, to protect him.

Yes, sir.

Stefano: And you must be careful. Use the secret tunnels to bring him here.

It's not going to be a problem, sir.

Stefano: Allez. Oh, whoa, wait. Before you go, there is one more thing that I want you to do.

Andre: And what might that be?

[Suspenseful music]

Justin: I expect you to produce your client, Chad DiMera, as soon as possible.

Aiden: Justin, you have my word. If and when Chad DiMera contacts me, I'll let you know. And if the police department locates him, I hope you'll let me know.

Rafe: I will.

Aiden: Good. I hate to think your men have the order to shoot first, ask questions later because my client is a DiMera.

Rafe: Nothing is gonna happen to Chad... as long as he does the right thing and turns himself in.

Hope: [Chuckles] Well, Roman, I'm sorry, but I had some personal stuff to take care of. Rafe is. Yeah, he is in charge of the search for Chad right now. And may I say, he's doing a damn good job. Believe me, I wouldn't have left him in charge if I didn't believe that. Sure, yeah. I'll check in later. Hey, I'm so sorry for the interruption. But-- change of the subject, I'm so excited and so thrilled that you agreed to be my matron of honor.

Kayla: I would've been hurt if you hadn't ask me. I'm honored to do it.

Hope: Oh, my gosh, your support means so much to me. Thank you so much.

Kayla: Oh, you are always there for me too. Look, I couldn't help overhearing... are you deliberately taking a back seat to an important case?

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Thanks for meeting me here, Claudia.

Claudia: When I got your message, Mr. Johnson, I thought about ignoring it.

Steve: Mm. Sounds like you already know what I want from you.

Claudia: I think I do. Why don't you tell me and I'll tell you if I was right.

Steve: Well, I want to know how you earned that tattoo. Mainly, I want to know what happened to a man named Bo Brady.

[Suspenseful music]

Bo: [Breathing heavily]

Adrienne: Ugh, Mom. Stop worrying about me, I'm fine. And, uh, of course I'll think about it. Don't I always do everything you ask of me? Mom... I love you.

[Nostalgic music]

Adrienne: [Sighs]

Claudia: I should've follow my instincts. It was a mistake to come here.

Steve: No, no, wait, wait. You don't have to worry. No one's going to find out you talked to me.

Claudia: Why should I believe one word out of your mouth?

Steve: You showed up here tonight. I think that means you care enough about Bo to want to help him. I want the same thing. I have no interest in hurting you.

Claudia: You're telling me the truth?

Steve: Yes.

Claudia: All right. I'll tell you what I know.

Steve: Good. There's a story behind my skin. My only makeup? True match.

Eddie: You and I were both at fault for the failure of our marriage. I'm sure you know that.

Eve: I may not have been the perfect wife, but it's a little late for accusations, don't you think?

Eddie: Yeah, you're right.

Eve: Uh-huh.

Eddie: It is. But I'm-- I'm here now. I'm here... and I don't want you to have to plan and pay for our daughter's funeral all by yourself.

Eve: Oh, damn. That's mighty big of you.

Eddie: Eve. Once we bury our daughter, I promise, I won't bother you anymore.

Eve: Why are you being so caring and sensitive all of the sudden? [Chuckles] You're putting on a big show for your other kids, aren't you? The ones that are still so very much alive.

Claudia: I was paid to meet with your friend Bo. Told to pretend I was the daughter of a woman named Britta Englund.

Steve: That's why you have the tattoo? It'd help you convince Bo that you were for real.

Claudia: I was to tell Bo I got it to honor my mother.

Steve: [Sighs] Go on.

Claudia: I made contact with Bo. I told him my mother was still alive and I knew where she was hiding out.

Steve: And then what happened?

Claudia: Nothing. I did what I was told and that was the end of it.

[Suspenseful music]

Hope: If it looks like I am, uh, backing off, maybe-- maybe it's because I am. But just a little. It's to give Rafe the opportunity to remind Roman and the rest of the force what a damn good cop he is.

[Phone ringing]

Hope: Oops, excuse me. Hello?

Aiden: Hey, baby, I'm at the police station, I'm about to leave. Are you still at the martin house?

Hope: I am.

Aiden: Oh, great. I'm gonna meet you there.

Hope: I can't wait for you to see it.

Aiden: I'll see you in a bit. Love you.

Hope: I love you, too.

Kayla: Let me guess. Aiden is going to drop everything and come running over here.

Hope: Guy is a keeper, isn't he? Honestly, I never expect to get this lucky.

[Nostalgic music]

Hope: Did I say something wrong?

Kayla: No, uh, it's just-- you should know that Steve left town today.

Hope: Permanently?

Kayla: Uh-uh.

Hope: [Sarcastic laugh] He's looking for Bo?

Kayla: He says he has a lead.

Hope: Good old Steve. He said he wasn't gonna drop it.

Kayla: I'm just wondering if maybe he's on to something.

Bo: [Grunts] [Breathing heavily] [Groaning] [Grunting]

[Dramatic music]

Bo: [Panting]

Lucas: Hey, Aiden. Hey, I'm glad I ran into you. Um, I'm meeting will. We're gonna play a little pick-up basketball. I don't know if you have time-- we could use another body. Are you interested?

Aiden: Well, sounds great, but I'm meeting up with hope.

Lucas: Oh, what, are you gonna talk about the wedding? Got a lot to plan.

Aiden: Yeah, well, she wants to do the ceremony at the martin house, and she's going to give me a tour. I'll be honest with you, if she wanted to marry me in the alley behind Brady pub, I'd do that, if it'd make her happy.

Lucas: That's cool.

Aiden: Yeah.

Lucas: Good luck. Good luck with the wedding.

Aiden: Yeah, thanks.

Lucas: And if you ever want to ball, let me know, man.

Aiden: That sounds great. After the finger heals. All right.

[Suspenseful music]

Mr. DiMera wants to see you.

Aiden: Yeah, well, now is not a really good time. [Chuckles] Let me put it this way to you. It's not really a request, is it?

Stefano: Andre. Dear God.

Andre: Yes. I've been terribly worried about you, father.

Stefano: Why the hell are you back? I made it clear for you never to return to Salem.

Andre: You did indeed, mon père. Nevertheless, it did occur to me, that given the DiMera family seems to be imploding with a vengeance... I thought maybe you need my help.

Stefano: You know something? You thought wrong.

Andre: Oh, come on, father. Ever since we found out that I was your biological son, we knew this moment was going to happen. Someone needs to step in and try to... salvage what's left of this... venerable dynasty.

Stefano: Listen, do me a favor, will you? Just stop with all this boloney, okay? You're not safe here, André, you understand me?

Andre: Oh, come on, father. Don't you know me by now? That I'm indomitable? Invincible? And I am worried about you.

Stefano: Well, don't be, all right? Because it'll take more than a heart attack to bring me down.

Andre: About this heart attack out of the blue?

Stefano: An argument with Chad.

Andre: Oh. Let me guess. You were giving him holy hell for the killing of those two women, he had no alibi.

Stefano: He did not kill anybody!

Andre: I see. Well, given that all the evidence seems to be pointing to him, I assume that someone is out there... trying to destroy him?

Stefano: Exactly. Chad is a victim.

Andre: Then it's a good damn thing that I decided to return. Isn't it?

[Dramatic music]

(Music plays)

Eve: Now that Rafe and Gabi are all grown up, are you hoping they'll take care of you in your old age, um? It's that why you're playing at this... grieving father?

Eddie: I'm not playing at anything.

Eve: You know what I-- what I love the most? Is when you were telling me how you'd never met anyone like me. And I was your soul mate. But you never bother to mention that you have a bunch of other kids.

Eddie: Eve--

Eve: No, you know what? You need to hear it. I want you to know exactly... what our-- what Paige was like. On the anniversary of the day that you walked out on us, my little girl, my precious, precious baby girl... she got me through that day. She was gonna make breakfast for me in bed. She burned the pancakes. Coffee was cold. But she did her damnedest, because she knew I was upstairs crying half the night. And every year after that, we decided... that we were gonna take that rotten day and we were gonna make it our day. So we went shopping, we had lunch, we went to the movies, we had fun because of you. We had each other. And we didn't need you. We didn't need you in our lives anymore!

Eddie: She sounds amazing. And I... [Sighs] I am so sorry.

Eve: Yeah, you're sorry. You're about the sorriest son of a bitch I've ever laid eyes on.

Justin: Thanks for letting me know. Guess what? Stefano's out of the hospital. If you had bothered to arrest Chad when I asked you to, he would be in custody right now. And we wouldn't have a serial killer on the loose.

Rafe: Well, don't worry. We will find Chad.

Justin: Oh, I'm worried. Stefano probably has him hiding right now. Or maybe, he's just keeping him safe, right here in Salem, just in case, you know, Chad wants to strangle a few more women.

Rafe: You know, you still don't have a single eye witness who saw Chad commit any of those murders.

Justin: What do you call Marlena Evans? She's so reliable that you asked her to profile the murderer, and then he tried to strangle her.

Rafe: What Marlena said what that's who ever it was came at her from behind.

Justin: Uh-huh. And when she woke up, Chad was kneeling over her with the neck tie still in his hand.

Rafe: By the way, did it ever occur to you that maybe Chad interrupted the murderer?

Justin: Oh, for god's sake.

Rafe: Well, then--

Justin: What the hell else do you need? You find Chad DiMera, you arrest him, and you bring him in here.

[Tense music]

Hope: You were the last person I expected to buy into what Steve's been saying.

Kayla: You know what I thought of this idea of his about finding Bo--

Hope: Yeah, you said it was just one more of his macho heroics. And you know what, Kay? You were right.

Kayla: I know, but then, we talked and... I'm starting to think that's not it.

Hope: I cannot believe that you're starting to buy what he's selling you.

Kayla: He said it's his very last mission he's ever gonna go on.

Hope: Kay, he is the same man that left you and Joey high and dry in Africa. And rejoined the ISA.

Kayla: I'm sorry. I know this is upsetting you, I just-- I just felt as your friend I couldn't keep it from you.

Hope: I hope Steve does find him. God... I hope that. But doesn't change the fact that he chose whatever he's working on over us. And now, I... I've met a wonderful, honorable man that loves me. And I love him.

Andre: So, father, burning question. Does Chad know that I'm his long lost brother?

Stefano: No! And he must not find out.

Andre: Oh, come now, father. Don't you think it's a bit counterintuitive? Given your unwavering devotion to family?

Stefano: [Sighs]

Mr. Jennings, sir.

Stefano: You may go.

Aiden: [Sighs deeply] How you feeling, Mr. DiMera?

Stefano: Oh... I've had better days. But I'm still kicking. [Laughs] And I still have my wits about me.

Aiden: And you are?

Stefano: Never mind who he is, all right? Where is my check?

Aiden: Excuse me?

Stefano: The one that you stole from the checkbook that was in that drawer over here.

Aiden: [Laughs] You-- do you honestly think that I broke in here and I stole--

Stefano: I know you did, damn it! Which is why I called the bank and stopped payment on that check. So don't expect to see my funds showing up in your account at any time soon.

[Tense music]

Steve: I want to know the exact address you gave to Bo. I want to know where you sent him to met a woman that wasn't going to be there.

Claudia: That was a while ago. How am I supposed to remember something like that?

Steve: In other words, what's in it for you?

Claudia: Right.

Steve: I'll make it worth your while. I promise. You get used to the lingering

[Tense music]

Aiden: You keep trying to dodge the fact that you and I had a deal.

Stefano: [Coughing] Our... [Breaths deeply and coughs] Deal...[Coughing] Is off.

Aiden: No. Our deal can't be off. I lived up to my end of the bargain. Hope Brady fell for me. She divorced Bo. You're getting what you wanted. It's time for you to pay up. You need me to get you the check, so you can--

Andre: You son of a-- you just stay away from him.

Stefano: You can collect your money in hell. And... I'm also firing you as my son's attorney. Now get the hell out of here!

Aiden: You're not gonna pay up? Well, then you're leaving me with no choice, but to tell hope everything.

Stefano: Oh, please. You and I both know that's never gonna happen.

Kayla: I just want you to know that I-I don't expect you to change your feelings about Aiden. I thought that you should know this, okay? I- I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.


Kayla: Oh. I, uh, I think I have to run.

Hope: Is it from Steve?

Kayla: Um, no. Listen. I want you to know that I take this matron of honor stuff very seriously. And I'm gonna do everything in my power to make sure this is the best wedding any bride could ever want.

Hope: Thank you.

Kayla: Oh, baby.

Hope: I love you, Kay.

Kayla: I love you.

Claudia: You want to make it worth my while? You could seduce me.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Not interested.

Claudia: [Chuckles] All I was supposed to give Bo was a phone number. I told him if he called it, someone would tell him where Britta Englund was.

Steve: I don't suppose you still have that phone number?

Claudia: I wrote it down. But that was over a year ago. I probably threw it away.

Steve: Okay. Well... would A... thousand U.S. Dollars help you remember where that phone number was?

[Suspenseful music]

[Tense music]

Aiden: You think you're calling my bluff, uh? You're dreaming.

Stefano: Uh-huh.

Aiden: Yeah, I'll not only come clean to hope, I'll go to the cops. And maybe, they'll come to the conclusion that what happened between hope and me was just a subplot in a big picture directed by you.

Stefano: And how do you think hope Brady will feel about you, after you tell her that you only took her to bed so that you could get money out of me? Now, get the hell out of my house!

Andre: Charming fellow.

Stefano: He is an idiot.

Andre: Would you like me to take care of him for you?

Stefano: No. At the moment, Aiden Jennings is much more useful to us alive.

Adrienne: Oh, my God! What happened to your wrist?

Lucas: Ah, I just sprained it. I guess I was trying to play basketball still.

Adrienne: [Gasps] I hope it's not too painful.

Lucas: No, no, it's fine. Ah, how are things going with you and Justin?

Adrienne: Oh... we're--we're taking it slow. You know, trying to be careful with-- I don't feel comfortable really, it's just--

Lucas: I don't--I don't think you should do this. I think you're making a huge mistake.

Adrienne: [Sighs]

Kayla: Lucas.

Lucas: Hi.

Kayla: You want to go to my office?

Adrienne: Yes, please. That would be great. I'll see you soon, okay?

Lucas: Yeah. See you later.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Justin said Stefano may have already shipped Chad out of the country. And as much as I hate to admit it, he may be right.

Hope: I don't think Chad would go along with that plan. It's like admitting he's guilty. Keep searching. And find more man power.

Rafe: Yeah, where?

Hope: Ask Roman. Maybe he'll take people off other cases.

Rafe: I think you'd have better luck talking to Roman.

Hope: Just ask.

Rafe: Okay. Can I help you?

Lani: I hope so. My name is Lani price.

Rafe: You're the transfer from Miami?

Lani: Right.

Rafe: Well, you couldn't have come at a better time. Rafe Hernandez.

Lani: That's good to know.

Rafe: Yeah. Why did you leave all that sunshine?

Lani: I have a secret agenda.

Rafe: What?

Lani: Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm not supposed to start until tomorrow, but... I figured it couldn't hurt to show up a day early. Get the lay of the land. Maybe talk to commissioner Brady?

Rafe: I'm actually waiting to talk to commissioner Brady myself. He's in a meeting.

Lani: Well, maybe I can leave you my cell phone number and you could give it to him when you talk to him?

Rafe: No problem.

Lani: He can leave a message for me at the Salem inn.

Rafe: All right. Welcome to Salem P.D. I look forward to working with you, Lani.

Lani: Thanks.

[Mellow music]

[Dramatic music]

Aiden: Chase?

Chase: Hi, dad.

Aiden: What are you doing out so late? Where is Jody?

Chase: She's inside getting me a smoothie. I wanted to get ice cream, but she said you might not like that.

Aiden: Okay, well, um-- I tell you what, why-- why don't you go back inside, tell her you saw me, and I'm okay with the ice cream cone.

Chase: Thanks.

Aiden: All righty. And hey, I want you to wait for me, okay? I'm gonna give you a ride home.

Chase: Okay.

Aiden: Okay. All right. What the hell do you think you're doing? I want you to stay away from my son.

Let me put it like this. You got 24 hours to come up with what you owe my boss, or next time I bump into young chase, I'll be giving him a ride. And it won't be to your place.

[Tense music]

[Dramatic music]

Steve: You're sure this is the phone number you gave to Bo?

Claudia: Yes. And I swear, it's all I was given.

Steve: You better be telling me the truth. I know where you live.

Claudia: I hope so.

I hope you find your friend. I mean it. He seemed like a really decent guy. I don't meet that many of those.

Steve: John. Yeah, I just met with Claudia. She was hired to set Bo up. She sent him into a trap. I don't know where. She said she was never given an address; she just gave a phone number to Bo. Yeah, she actually gave it to me. John, you need to find out who had that number a year ago. I have a feeling Bo's life depends on it.

[Indistinct chatter]

The prisoner is--


[Both groaning]

Aiden: Hey. Sorry, I'm late. I ran into chase and his sitter at the Horton town square-- I really wanted to give him a ride home.

Hope: I am so excited for you to see this place. Are you ready for the tour?

Aiden: Baby, you know what? I really don't even need a tour. If this is what you want, then it's fine by me, really. I mean, I'D... marry you in a pup tent if that's what you wanted.

Hope: [Chuckles] Really, don't even want to look around? Is something bothering you?

Aiden: Um? No, no, no. It just hasn't been one of my favorite evenings, you know. I got, uh--Chad is on the run and Justin's screaming about it.

Hope: Yeah, I know. Rafe told me. What are you going to do about it?

Aiden: Uh... nothing. I was also summoned at Stefano DiMera's house so he me as Chad's lawyer, so I...

Hope: Well... that's Chad's problem. It's not yours. You have plenty of clients. Aiden, this isn't about Chad, is it?

Aiden: [Exhales]

Hope: Hey. You look almost scared. Please, tell me, what's going on?

Eve: You want the high school chorus to sing? What?

Eddie: Yeah. Paige was in that choir for, like, four years. I mean, you know, she must've thought it was great. It was important to her.

Eve: [Stuttering] You never went to one of her concerts--

Eddie: I thought you would like the idea, being a singer yourself, I mean. They could sing a song that she really loved.

Eve: Are you out of your mind?

Eddie: All right, it was a bad idea.

Eve: Yeah, it was a bad idea.

Eddie: But we have to do something--

Eve: No, you know what? We don't have to do anything. You got that? Nada.

Justin: Well, is everything okay here? What's going on?

Eddie: Oh, yeah, everything is fine, everything's fine. The funeral director is waiting to hear something.

Justin: Who is he?

Eve: Nobody. Nobody.

[Nostalgic music]

Paige's father.

Justin: That guy? He was Paige's dad?

Eve: Yeah, I haven't-- I haven't heard from him in years. I never thought that I would even see him again. [Sighs] But I'd never thought that I would lose my daughter.

Kayla: So, you want to tell me what's, uh, going on?

Adrienne: [Clears throat] I was wondering if you know how to reach Steve. Um, I called him, but he didn't pick up.

Kayla: Uh, he's out of town.

Adrienne: Oh.

Kayla: You want to tell me what's going on?

Adrienne: I-I talked to my mom yesterday. And, uh... she went for her usual mammogram, but they saw something, so, uh, they did a biopsy, and it's malignant.

Kayla: I am so sorry, Adrienne. Did they tell her what stage her cancer is?

Adrienne: No, she said that they told her they caught it in time.

Kayla: That's good.

Adrienne: Yeah, yeah.

Kayla: That's good news.

Adrienne: Oh, yeah.

Kayla: I'll call her.

Adrienne: Oh, no, she'd love to hear from you. But that's... not the reason why I came to see you, um...

[Dramatic music]

They told her that I should be tested too.

Kayla: Well, your mammogram is up to date. I could order a breast sonogram--

Adrienne: No, no, no. That's not it. They said that I... should be tested for the brca1 gene mutation.

Frankly, that scares the hell out of me.

Steve: John. What did you find out?

[Suspenseful music]

Is that a joke? The number Claudia gave to Bo it's registered to a monastery? Uh... where? Where in Mexico? Yucat*n? Why the hell would they lure Bo there? And who gave the order?

[Both grunting]

[Dramatic music]

Bo: [Breathing heavily]

Going somewhere? (Music plays)

[Nostalgic music]

Kayla: Adrienne, just because you have family history of that gene, doesn't mean that you're going to get it. And even if you have it, doesn't mean that you're gonna get cancer.

Adrienne: No, I know, I know, but I-I-I thought about it and I want to know one way or the other.

Kayla: I'll arrange for the test.

Adrienne: [Sighs] Thank you. Thank you.

Kayla: Oh, doll. [Giggles]

Adrienne: On second thought, maybe you shouldn't say anything to Steve. That's hard news to hear when you're not close to home.

Kayla: Right. Listen, don't worry, all right? I'll take good care of you. I promise. Oh, girl.

Justin: Look, eve. You are living every parent's worst nightmare. If your ex-husband is making things worse for you, I can always... trump up something to scare him out of town for a while.

Eve: I wish you could. But the truth is I don't think anything is going to make this bearable. I just--I have to-- I have to find the strength to get through-- and then, hopefully, Eddie will leave. I mean, he's damn good at that.

Justin: Is there anything I can do for you?

Eve: You're doing it. Just by being my friend. Thank you.

[Dramatic music]

Aiden: You're right. There is something wrong. [Exhales deeply] It's not about Chad.

Hope: Aiden, my God. Whatever it is, please know that you can tell me, you can talk to me.

Aiden: [Exhaling shakily] You know how much I love you. [Sighs] And that's why this is so hard for me. I have a confession to make. And you're not going to like what I have to say.

[Dramatic music]

Detective Hernandez. My partner and I, we just got a tip.

Rafe: Tell me is about Chad DiMera.

One of our snitches said a guy matching DiMera's description was spotted down near the docks.

Rafe: Okay, give me the location and I'll meet you there. Order dispatch to send all available units.

Andre: Here. A nice cup of chamomile tea.

Stefano: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. I'd prefer a nice brunello.

Andre: [Laughs]

Stefano: Salud.

Andre: Well, that will have to suffice.

Stefano: You know something? It really is good... to have close by again, André. Really, I must tell you that.

Andre: [Chuckles]

A nice and comforting word.

Stefano: Well...

Andre: I knew that would come... eventually.

Stefano: It is the danger that I'm concern about.

Andre: Mm.

[Tense music]

Don't worry about me, Father. No one is going to hurt me. Or this family. I'm back to ensure that. But in order for me to do that, I need to be apprised of what's been going on, starting with hope and Bo Brady. Why would you hire someone to seduce hope, so that she'll forget the love of her life? What exactly are you up to?

Stefano: All in good time, my son. All in good time.

[Phone ringing]

Kayla: Hi, Steve. Is, uh, everything all right?

Steve: Yeah, yeah. I'm just calling to check on you, guys. How is Joe?

Kayla: Oh, well, uh, you know, he's been different since he came back.

Steve: Different how?

Kayla: Uh... not so angry. More like the Joey I used to know. What did you say to him?

Steve: I just told him all the reasons I have for loving you.

Kayla: [Sighs] Really? You did?

Steve: It's true.

Kayla: Listen, I hope you didn't make Joey any promises that--

Steve: I don't intend to keep?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: I made my intentions very clear to our son. And I mean to live up to every word.

Kayla: So, are you saying that... after you finish this mission then... I mean, if you don't find Bo, you'll still, uh--

Steve: Be coming home? Yeah. And, Kayla, I think it might be sooner than I expected. I made real progress today. I'm a step closer to finding him. I really think I'm on the right track.

[Tense music]

Bo: [Breathing heavily] [Grunting]

Guess what? You and me are going on a little trip. But first... there's a little something you need for me to take care of.

Bo: [Breathing heavily]

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