Days Transcript Tuesday 9/22/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/22/15


Episode #12680 ~ Steve tells Joey the story of his & Kayla's relationship to prove how much he loves his family; Rafe explodes when a key figure from his past returns; Nicole fumes when she learns Theresa's silent investor is Kate; Eve & Kate form an unlikely bond.

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Rafe: Answer me. What the hell are you doing here?

Eduardo: I understand why you're not happy to see me, son.

Rafe: No. No, you do not call me that.

Eduardo: Yeah, I'm just-- yeah. It must be a huge shock to... run into the likes of me after all these years.

Rafe: Years? Years? Try decades. You abandoned your family, you son of a bitch, so why don't you just turn around and go back to whatever rock it is you crawled out from? Because nobody... nobody wants to see you here.

Brady: You're gonna love these when you get older. I promise you. Don't eat this one. This one's not gonna taste good. Little stinker. Hi. How's eve doing?

Theresa: Oh... I went over there to pack up Paige's stuff, you know, so she wouldn't have to, but I just, uh, I couldn't stop crying, so I actually think I made things worse, if that's even possible.

Brady: No, no, no, I doubt that. I'm sure she appreciated you being there.

Theresa: Well, if I didn't understand it before, now that I'm a mom, I just-- Brady, if anything ever happened to Tate, I would--

Brady: I know. Hey, I think mommy needs a little hug. Hm? Huh?

Theresa: Hey, hi.

Brady: Yeah.

Theresa: Hi.

Kate: Yes, yes, Victor. Miranda has been just wonderful. [Scoffs] You're like working with a sadistic tyrant. And they call me a bitch.

Eve: Sometimes you have to be a bitch just to get by. Thanks to the Victors of the world.

Kate: Amen to that.

[Somber music]

Kate: Eve Donovan?

Eve: Yeah.

Kate: I'm really sorry about your daughter.

Eve: Thank you.

Kate: She was a-- a beautiful girl. It's a terrible loss.

Eve: You have no idea.

Kate: I do. I know it's the worst thing that a parent can go through. I know that you probably feel alone.

Eve: I am alone.

Kate: That's not what I meant. I...I know what it feels like to mourn a child... to mourn children.

Eve: What happened?

Kate: It's a long story.

Eve: Well, I got nothing but time.

Kayla: Joey, I know that you're mad at me, and I understand if you need your space. But you need to let me know that you're okay. I--you know, when you disappear like this, it really makes me worry, so... will you just please let me know that you're all right?

Steve: Joe, what the hell, man? What are you doing?

Joey: I went to--

Steve: How'd you get in here?

Joey: I went to see you at your hotel. I saw you leaving with a bag, so I followed you, and I snuck onboard.

Steve: Why?

Joey: 'Cause I'm not gonna let you abandon us again.

[Dramatic music]

Steve: Joe... I'm not abandoning anyone. I'm coming back.

Joey: Yeah, right.

Steve: I mean it. I want to be a full-time dad. I want to work things out with you and with your mom.

Joey: You're not in the ISA anymore. So why are you sneaking off without even saying good-bye?

Steve: Your uncle Bo is in trouble.

Joey: Mom said he just ran off and left his family.

Steve: Everybody's saying that. I don't believe it. I don't believe he would do that.

Joey: Why not? You did.

Steve: [Sighs] Okay. Listen to me. If I didn't have a real good reason to think that Bo was in trouble, I would not be leaving Salem. He needs me, and he would do the same for me.

Joey: Does mom know?

Steve: No.

Joey: Wow, she's gonna be pissed.

Steve: You think she's gonna be upset if I bring her brother back to his family?

Joey: I'm not gonna talk you out of leaving, am I?

Steve: No.

Joey: Fine, then, but I'm gonna help you.

Steve: How you gonna help me?

Joey: I'm coming with you.

Kate: So then my no-good ex-husband Curtis let me believe that Austin and Billie were dead.

Eve: But they weren't?

Kate: No, but I didn't know that. And I missed their entire childhood. Two decades I thought they were gone. And the worst part was that I blame myself.

Eve: How did you go on?

Kate: I had to. I was pregnant with my son Lucas.

Eve: Well, so not only did you get Billie and Austin back, you had other blessings. I don't think that's gonna happen to me.

Kate: I'm sorry. I should never have compared my situation to yours.

Eve: No, no, it's--it's okay.

Kate: No, no, it's not okay. It was insensitive, and I can only imagine how devastating it would be to lose your only child at this point in your life.

Eve: I don't know, it's-- it's not so much the loss, it's--

Kate: It's what?

Eve: It's the guilt. I was gonna be the mother that I never had. Then I screwed everything up.

Kate: Well... when you don't have good role models, it's more difficult than you realize. I mean, and you had to do things as a kid--those wounds they last a lifetime.

Eve: Wait, wait. What do you know about that?

Kate: Well, Victor mentioned to me what you did as a teenager.

Eve: What did he tell you?

Kate: Eve--

Eve: That son of a bitch.

Kate: Eve, he knew he could tell me because I wouldn't pass judgment. I was in the life too.

Eve: Really?

Kate: Yup. Anything to survive.

Eve: I just wanted a little attention, that's all. That's all I wanted from men.

Kate: Hm.

Eve: So I let them use me and abuse me.

Kate: I hear you. I just ended a relationship with a sociopathic-- [Laughs] You'd think I'd know better, right?

Well, here. Men suck. Good riddance to all of them.

Kate: Hear, hear.

Eduardo: Rafe, wait, man. Look, you know, I'm not here to ask for your forgiveness.

Rafe: Really? That's--that's good, because you know what? That's be a huge waste of your time.

Eduardo: Yeah, you have every right to hate me. And I probably have no right to ask, but I--you know, I just--I just want to know, man, I mean, wha--what's going on with you? With Gabriella?

Rafe: Okay. You suddenly give a damn now? Huh? How about when Arianna grace was born? Or when Gabi was on trial?

Eduardo: Well, I didn't think you wanted to see me.

Rafe: No, I didn't. Still don't. And there's no use pretending that you do give a damn now.

Eduardo: Hey, I do. And I always have.

Rafe: Don't-- [Sighs]

Eduardo: I don't expect you to believe me. I know that actions speak louder than words. Okay, you don't want to talk to me, then I respect that. Maybe, uh... your sister will feel differently.

Rafe: No, no. You stay away from Gabi, you understand?

Eduardo: Well...

Rafe: What's it gonna take to keep you away from her?

Eduardo: Ten minutes. Just give me ten minutes.

Rafe: Not a minute more.

Eduardo: Thanks.

Theresa: I feel bad that I was always snarky with Paige. I hope she didn't take it personally. It's just who I am.

Brady: I'm sure she knew that, Theresa. I mean--

Theresa: No, I--you're right. [Sighs] You know, the truth is I think I was just kinda jealous of her. I mean, I guess because, you know, Paige always knew what she wanted in life and exactly how to get it. [Laughs softly] She probably got that from the other side of the family.

Brady: You're more driven than you think.

Theresa: Yeah. Just not always in the right way.

Nicole: Hey.

Brady: Hey.

Nicole: Henderson let me in. Is this still a good time to do business?

Theresa: Yeah, yeah. I was just gonna lay down...

Brady: Okay.

Theresa: Tate for a nap, so--

Brady: Okay, mm. Sweet dreams, my man. Don't eat those fingers. I love those fingers.

Nicole: Aww. Oh, he's so cute.

Brady: Yeah, he is.

Nicole: He looks more like you every time I see him.

Brady: [Laughs] Poor guy.

Nicole: Poor guy? Lucky guy. He's a handsome dude with a terrific dad. I told you you'd be a natural.

Brady: Parker's pretty lucky too.

Nicole: Yeah. I really love parker. You know sometimes I... I get this pang of what could have been if I had a munchkin of my own.

Brady: I'm sorry.

Nicole: No! Come on. Sometimes dreams aren't meant to be.

Brady: Nic--

Nicole: But running basic black? That is something I can make happen, and I promise you, Brady, I am not gonna let you regret believing in me.

Steve: As much I would love to take you with me, I can't. It's too dangerous.

Joey: It's too dangerous for me, but not for you?

Steve: I'm a trained is--

Joey: Ex-agent. You were recruited without any experience because of your mad skills, right? I just tailed an ex-spy all the way here without you noticing me.

Steve: How'd you pull that off anyway?

Joey: Well, I told my--

Steve: Never mind, never mind. I shouldn't be encouraging you. I bet your mother's wondering where you are right now. Don't you think you've put her through enough?

Joey: Don't you think you've put her through enough? You go off and leave and that's cool? But I want to do it, and I'm being a bad son?

Steve: Oh, come on. You're not a bad son.

Joey: Then why does it feel like you don't want me around?

Steve: Why--why do you say that, man?

Joey: As soon as you come to Salem, all of the sudden you decide uncle Bo's in trouble. He needs your help, so you need to leave again. No one else was even worried.

Steve: Well, maybe they should have been. You know whose plane this is? Victor Kiriakis. That's Bo's father, and he's plenty worried right now.

Joey: Yeah, well, I still think you're looking for and excuse to get away from us.

Steve: Why would I do that?

Joey: Why would you choose a dangerous mission over your family... over and over again?

Steve: I already told you there were other reasons why I had to leave Africa.

Joey: Like what?

Brady: This is crazy. I mean, I know-- I know he was downsizing the company, but I had no idea it was in such trouble.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Yeah, I could have told you that. The last two spring lines completely sucked. No offense to your dad though.

Brady: Well, he was a little preoccupied for a variety of reasons.

Nicole: Well, I-I thought investors would be lining up to buy the company.

Theresa: Yeah, well, apparently we're the only idiots who still see the potential in it.

Nicole: Okay, it's got a lot of potential. I just thought your dad would try selling a long time ago, but I guess the timing worked out for me, so--

Theresa: And me.

Nicole: Okay, the million-dollar question: Your resume has, like, a line on it. So who was gullible enough to bankroll you and why?

Eve: Well, without men and Paige, all that's left is me, myself, and I.

Kate: And your friends and your family.

Eve: Well, I'm not really close with my family, and I don't have any friends.

Kate: You are surrounded by supporters, people who love Paige, those who hated what happened to her. You know, I read that beautiful tribute in "the spectator." So she was gonna go to Stanford?

Eve: You know, she really wanted to be a doctor, and she was such a light in this world that I just don't understand how someone could-- do you think she was punished for something that I did?

Kate: I know that we can't help but have those thoughts, but you and I both know that's not how it works. And the only one who deserves blame is the son of a bitch who took her life.

Eve: And I hope he suffers, suffers just as much as she did. And I'm gonna make him pay.

Kate: You will.

Eve: Yeah.

Kate: I will bet on that.

Eduardo: Can I get a beer? What are you drinking?

Rafe: Nothing.

Eduardo: You on the wagon?

Rafe: No, I'm not on the wagon. I just don't want to owe you anything, certainly not a drink. So what do you need from me? New liver? You want mine?

Eduardo: You're on to me.

Rafe: Well, you must want something.

Eduardo: I just had to come back to Salem on some personal business.

Rafe: [Laughs] Oh, okay. So whatever the reason you're here, it doesn't even involve me and Gabi.

Eduardo: You know what? I've been thinking about reaching out--thank you, man. I've been thinking about reaching out for a long time. But I j--I didn't want to hurt anybody, didn't want to, you know, dredge up a lot of old stuff.

Rafe: Yeah, well... still there, whether you dredge it up or not.

Eduardo: Well, for what it's worth, I'm really glad I ran into you. I take it as a sign that I was supposed to come.

Rafe: Yeah, about the sign... the sign that says, you know, "leave town."

Eduardo: Hey. Please. Just let me know. How you doing? How's Gabi doing?

Rafe: [Laughs] Doing great. Just fine, all right? And we certainly don't need anything from you, so just stay away from us.

Kayla: Uh...

Steve: Believe me, Joe, I really wish I could have done things differently. But you gotta know nothing... ever has been or ever will be as important to me as my family.

Joey: You didn't answer my question. Yeah, I know. "I was a spy. Can't give you the details right now." It gets old after a while.

Steve: I bet it does.

Joey: I was always wondering... if it was me. Did I do something to make you want to leave?

Steve: No, no, man, don't ever say that. Don't ever think that. Son...I had a lousy father. I know you've heard stories about him. Your grandma Jo, she actually put me in an orphanage because she thought that was the only way she'd keep me safe. I resented her, I blamed her for years for abandoning me. But when I grew up, I understood why she had to do it.

Joey: Well, I'll never understand.

Steve: I hope that's not true. You know, the...the whole idea of being a father just scared the hell out of me. I was so afraid I was gonna be just like him. Little duke Johnson, Jr.

Joey: You were scared you'd hurt us, so you left?

Steve: No. No. I just... I mean, I didn't even get a chance to be a father to your sister. I wanted so bad to get it right this time.

Joey: Well, you blew that chance.

Steve: It's not too late.

Joey: Yes, it is! Go find uncle Bo, and don't bother coming back. We don't need you. I don't need you.

Steve: I need you, Joe. Look at me. Look at me. I love you and your sister and your mother more than I can even say.

Joey: Then show it, for god's sake.

Steve: I will.

Brady: It's Shane, isn't it? He finally caved, he didn't want us to know that daddy was helping you and--

Theresa: Why does it matter who my investor is? There's a reason they call it a silent partner.

Brady: Mm.

Nicole: Well, as long as it isn't someone insane, incompetent, or evil. Well, that rules out just about everyone, now, doesn't it?

Brady: It doesn't matter who it is if we don't get this company profitable within the next six months.

Nicole: I was looking at divesting all the foreign assets and then reinvesting any net revenue so we can build to a potential IPO hopefully within two years.

Brady: That's good, that's good, but it sounds ambitious to me.

Nicole: Yeah, but if we don't take chances, then we won't grow. I mean, look at the s&p ratings for the last six quarters.

Brady: I saw them, I saw them. What do you think, Theresa?

Theresa: Um, I think that sounds...good, sounds interesting.

Nicole: Well, who do you agree with, Brady or me?

Theresa: Brady, of course.

Nicole: You don't know what the hell we're talking about.

Theresa: I know if you wanna grow a business, you need to focus on the product. Now, basic black started with a little black dress, and I think that that's the iconic product that could be refreshed for spring. Simple lines and a little shine, and we could stand out from all the bold colors at fashion week. We'll be bold in our own way. That's what I think.

Rafe: And if you walked up to Gabi right now, she wouldn't know you from a stranger. You ever wonder why... why two of your sweet, smart, beautiful daughters went to jail? Did you ever think that maybe it was because you robbed them of a childhood?

Eduardo: No.

Rafe: You know, Ari used to ask me-- she must have asked me a thousand times why you left. She blamed mama. I blamed you. 'Cause I was the man of the house, you know? [Scoffs] You ever try and get a job and support a family as a teenager?

Eduardo: Man, I'm sorry.

Rafe: It's a little late for sorry.

Eduardo: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah.

Eduardo : I know I can't take any credit for the man you turned out to be, but... I'm proud of you, Rafe.

Rafe: You don't know anything about me.

Eduardo: I get why you didn't want to see me... when Arianna died. But did you ever tell Gabi that I reached out? Or Dario?

Rafe: No. No, I didn't. And you know why? 'Cause I had enough going on without dealing with your crap.

Eduardo: Yeah.

Rafe: Yeah. You even know where Dario is?

Eduardo: Nah. I tried to track him down but...

Rafe: Yeah. Well, he's in Argentina. He's... he's actually doing great, no thanks to you.

Eduardo: That's good. So when you talk to them, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell them...and your sister that I love them.

Rafe: Your ten minutes are up, all right? So... and you know what? Stay the hell away from me and Gabi. Why don't you just do everyone a favor and get the hell out of here? No one wants to see you.

Kate: What's Rafe so upset about?

Eve: I can only imagine. Excuse me. Well, you're just making friends all over the place, aren't you? Leave it to you to piss off a cop your first day in town.

Eduardo: Whoa! My son is a cop?

[Dramatic music]

Eve: Rafe is your son?

Steve: You have any idea what your mama and I had to go through to be together?

Joey: Kind of.

Steve: When we met... I was, uh... I guess I was a drifter.

Joey: No kidding.

Steve: Yeah, I didn't have a home to call my own. I hadn't done an honest day's work since the merchant marines. I was angry. I was angry at the world. Your mama... [Chuckles] She was all... sweetness and light. I'd never met a woman like her before. I had a lot of fun messing with her head. Sometimes I'd sneak up behind her. "Boo!" [Laughs] She'd jump a mile high. Matter of fact, um... I was hired to scare her. I was hired to scare her away from her home in Cleveland. Best job I ever got.

Joey: Good for you.

Steve: When Kayla came to Salem, she worked down at the know, the rough part of town. I guess she saw me as kind of a project... someone who needed saving. I got involved in some illegal activity. Whoa...was she mad. You shoulda seen her. She wanted me to get on the straight and narrow... and she convinced me. People, uh, people who hired me weren't too happy about that, though.

Joey: What happened?

Steve: Well, I found myself at the business end of a knife. Got hurt pretty bad. But your sweet mama... she patched me up.

Kayla: Steve!

Steve: Get away from me, Kayla.

Kayla: What happened to you?

Steve: Fell down in the snow.

Kayla: Are you bleeding?

Steve: Come on, just take your Florence nightingale act and get out of here.

Kayla: I don't care what you say. I'm not gonna let you stay out here and bleed to death. Now, come on.

Steve: I'm only on life number eight, babe. I got one more to go.

Kayla: Now, whether you like it or not, I am taking you inside. Now, come on.

Steve: I don't like it!

Kayla: That's tough! Come on. Let's go.

Steve: [Grunts]

[Gentle music]

Kayla: Ay-yi-yi.

[Keys clacking]

[Dramatic music]

Eve: How many kids did you have, Eddie? Huh? You had another family before Paige, and you never even bothered to tell me about it?

Eduardo: Eve, wait--

Eve: Oh, let me guess! Let me guess! You abandoned them too, huh? God, if I had known back then, I would have told you to go straight to hell. No, I wouldn't, because I never would have had Paige, and that is the only good thing that you have ever done in your sorry life! Rafe has a sister that he never knew about, and now he's never gonna get the chance to know her, you son of a bitch.

Eduardo: I tried reaching out to Rafe--

Eve: Oh, let me guess! Let me guess! He didn't want anything to do with you, did he? He's a smart guy. Go to hell! Go to hell! [Muttering] Go to hell.

Steve: Well, looks like I won't be flying anywhere anytime soon. We're still fogged in.

Joey: Since when does Steven earl "patch" Johnson let mother nature stand in his way?

Steve: Since I had someone else to live for besides myself.

[Plays harmonica]

[Playing bluesy song]

Joey: What song is that?

Steve:'s called "the patch daddy blues." You wanna try?

Joey: I don't know how.

Steve: I could teach you.

Joey: Nah, I'm good.

Steve: Yeah, took your mama a long time to get used to this old harp. She did like a little choo-choo train, though. [Blows note] [Mimics train chugging] [Mimics train whistle]


[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Do you have the projected financials for last quarter?

Brady: Right here. CFO put 'em together the other day.

[Phone chimes]

Nicole: Oh...

Brady: Uh...

see, take a look at this.

Nicole: Yeah, that week. Whew. We'll fix that.

Theresa: Excuse me. I just--I need to make a call.

Nicole: Yeah, go ahead. You know what, I think we're pretty much done for the day. I mean, we have a plan to take to john, and I don't think he'll have any doubt that he's selling the business to the right people.

Brady: I'm sure he'll be on board.

[Tate cries]

Brady: Oh, boy. I'll get him. I'll get him.

Nicole: Aw.

Brady: I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?

Nicole: Okay, yeah, yeah, I'll see you.

Uh, see you later, okay?

[Phone beeps]

Theresa: Yeah, hi. It's me. We just finished our meeting.

Steve: You know, I was the last person anybody expected would get married and settle down, have 2.2 kids. But your mama... is a miracle worker.

[Gentle music]

Steve: [Whispers] Courage... sweetness.

Kayla: I take you, Steve, to be my husband.

Steve: I thought that was the best day of my life. But I was wrong.

Kayla: Steve. Steve, I love you.

Steve: I love you. I love you so much, sweetness.

Kayla: Hey.

[Baby fusses]

[Dramatic music]

Where are you?

Eve: Uh... excuse me, detective Hernandez, do you have a moment? It''s important.

Theresa: Yeah, everything went really well. We put together a terrific proposal to present to john, and Brady thinks his dad's gonna be sure to sell to us, so...

Kate: Excellent. Then I look forward to meeting with you to discuss all the details.

Theresa: Great, yeah, just tell me where and when. Good.

[Phone beeps]

Nicole: Theresa, could you get me a glass of water? I worked out so hard earlier today, and the thirst just hit me.

Theresa: Yeah, sure, I'll go get you a water from the kitchen right now.

Nicole: Okay, thanks.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: Kate? Oh, hell to the no. There's a story behind my skin. My only makeup? True match.

[Dramatic music]

Rafe: Sorry. I wish I could tell you that there were some new leads in the case.

Eve: Well, I think you might be motivated once you--

Rafe: Trust me, I could not be any more motivated.

Eve: I think you might. 'Cause...this is personal, Rafe. Paige... was your sister.

Theresa: Hey. What do you think?

Brady: Ahem. I think I've underestimated you. Look, I know this has been a really, really tough time for you and your family, and in spite of it, you've worked very hard... and I recognize true talent when I see it.

Theresa: Thank you. Hey, maybe this isn't going to be such a disaster.

Brady: [Laughs] I think we might just pull this thing off after all.

Nicole: I should have known you'd try something like this.

Kate: Like what?

Nicole: "Like what?" Slither back into my life and cause trouble.

Kate: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Nicole: Oh, give it up, Kate. I know that you're Theresa's silent partner.

Steve: After all that... you were our second chance, Joe.

Joey: Must not have meant that much to you if you just walked away.

Steve: You and your sister and your mom mean everything to me.

Joey: Whatever. You barely even know me.

Steve: I wanna change that. Starting right now.

Joey: So I can come with you?

Steve: That I can't do, son. I wish I could.

[Phone line trilling]

[Phone rings]

Kayla: Steve?

Steve: Uh, I bet you can guess where I am right now.

Kayla: Uh, well, you're, uh, looking for Bo, right?

Steve: Yeah. And I should tell you, uh, Joe's here with me.

Kayla: What?

Steve: Yeah. Don't worry. He stowed away on the plane, but I'm gonna send him right home to you. I wanna tell you something before I take off. When I bring Bo home, that's it. I'm done. No more missions. When I come home the next time... it'll be for good, sweetness.

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