Days Transcript Monday 9/21/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/21/15


Episode #12679 ~ Armed with new info, Steve heads off to find Bo; Rafe fights his feelings for Hope as they continue to investigate the two murders; Julie & Maggie are concerned when Caroline's mental state worsens; Eve is furious when Paige's father shows up in Salem.

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Hope: And Chad never gave an alibi for Paige's murder.

Rafe: Not so far.

Hope: No, he's looking good for both killings.

Rafe: Well, Chad says he's being set up.

Hope: Do you believe that?

Theresa: Well, that's everything. Eve? It's the rest of Paige's things, except for three dresses I left on her bed. You can choose which one you want to... for her to wear... for the funeral. Someone should be by here really soon to help pick up the stuff.

Eve: [Sighs] Please tell me that you didn't give it to the Horton center, of all the places.

Theresa: No. No. I know how you feel about the Hortons. I-I called that women's shelter that Paige used to volunteer at. I thought she would be happy about that.

Eve: Yeah, she would. She would. Yeah, thanks.

Theresa: She was a great kid, your daughter.

Eve: So little of me in her, thank God.

Theresa: No, hey. Hey, she didn't get that good and smart out of nowhere.

Eve: Oh, you know what? I think she did. Thank you. Thank you for being here.

Theresa: Oh, of course. Hey, come on, you're family.

[Knocking at the door]

Theresa: I'll get it.

Eve: Right.

Theresa: Uh... hi. You must be from the shelter.

Eduardo: Excuse me?

Theresa: It's just these boxes. Not that one, though. We're still trying to figure it all out.

Eve: How the hell did you find us?

Theresa: Look, I gave them the address, so--

Eduardo: There must be a misunderstanding.

Eve: Isn't there always when it comes to you? Say hello to Paige's father, Eduardo.

Julie: Maggie, darling, I don't like the look of this molding.

Maggie: Well, they're still working on it. Let's check out the ballroom.

Julie: The ballroom is supposed to be finished. You know, if they haven't finished the ballroom, they're not gonna make their deadline.

Maggie: Okay, you know what? It's gonna be finished in time for the bicentennial. Now, let's go check that ballroom.

[Music box playing "Fur Elise"]

Kayla: I want you to stay right here for a second, mister, while I just check my messages.

Joey: If you need to work, I can just--

Kayla: Yeah, you know what? I do need to work, actually, and I hadn't penciled the part where I was rushing off to Salem high to pull you out of the principal's office.

Joey: I can just go home.

Kayla: Oh, not so quick, mister. I want to know what happened. I thought josh was your friend.

Joey: Yeah, so did I.

Kayla: So then why did you take a swing at him? Could we maybe use some words?

Joey: It's hard to explain.

Kayla: Well, okay, let me see. Was there an altercation? Was he picking on you?

Joey: It just escalated.

Kayla: From what to what? Okay, you know what? This part I have down. So why don't you try explaining to me how you not only bomb out at the school in Ohio, but then you make it very clear that you need to go to public school here in Salem? What was the phrase that you used? "I'm not a potted plant. I don't want to be placed," and that I need to listen to you. Well, I did listen to you, and now it hasn't even been a week and you've gotten in a fight.

Joey: You don't understand.

Kayla: You're right, I don't understand, and you know what? I need your help. What is going on with you? Are you trying to get your dad's attention?

Joey: [Scoffs]

Steve: I have a solid lead on where Bo was last seen, so I'm on a plane to Mexico today. But first, there's one more thing I need from you.

Victor: I've given you everything I have since Bo left.

Steve: Well, I want to go back a little further. I'm retracing Bo's steps the year before he left.

Victor: Why?

Steve: Well, you said he left abruptly. Bo doesn't just go off on a whim. There must have been some perp or something that set him off.

Victor: Fair point.

Steve: So I found a gap. Right after Bo took Caroline to California for treatment.

Victor: That's nothing.

Steve: Well, how can you be so sure?

Victor: I am, just leave it alone.

Steve: Victor?

Victor: Leave it alone. Trust me.

Steve: Come on, man, tell me what it is you know.

Bo: [Straining]

[Cage door opening]

Steve: You know Bo's in danger, right?

Victor: I know no such thing.

Steve: What? You still think he's off on some jaunt?

Victor: I think if the man was in trouble, he'd get in touch with the ISA. If he couldn't do that, then he'd let a Kiriakis know.

Steve: Why are you back-pedaling so hard? Where did Bo go after California?

Victor: Nowhere that could possibly have any effect on where he is now.

Steve: Why are you holding out on me, man? What do you think I'm doing here, just flapping my jaw?

Victor: I think you're trying to find a heroic way to get out of town that Kayla and your son would accept, so, jaw flapping, smoke and mirrors--

Steve: Oh, you are a stubborn old man.

Victor: A stubborn old man who has private security five seconds away, so be very careful forming your next sentence.

Steve: Okay. I got something to show you. Here we go. These are from a surveillance camera in a bar in Cancun. That's where Bo was after Copenhagen.

Victor: Good God.

Steve: I thought that'd get your attention.

Theresa: Um... I'm eve's sister.

Eduardo: Yeah, Jeannie.

Theresa: It's Theresa now, but--

Eduardo: Pleasure to meet you.

Eve: Theresa, you--you can go now, okay?

Theresa: No, no, that's okay, I'll stay here and help you--

Eve: No, honey, you-- go, it's okay.

Theresa: Are you sure you're gonna be okay?

Eve: I've been waiting ten years for this moment.

Theresa: Oh. Wow. Okay. Um, so just please make sure that when they come, they don't take this box of photos, okay?

Eduardo: Yeah.

Theresa: Eve, call me, just for anything, okay?

Eve: Yeah, okay.

Eduardo: Hi.

Eve: Why are you here?

Eduardo: I had to come.

Eve: You ignored court-ordered visitation for years.

Eduardo: Well, I... I never thought it would be forever, and when I left, I-I always thought I'd see her again... that there was time.

Eve: Eddie, come on. There was always, always time-- time that you blew off. There were years that your daughter needed you, that I needed you. How dare you show your face here now?

Eduardo: Well, maybe now you need me more than you ever did.

Eve: You're still good.

Eduardo: Hey, look--

Eve: No, Eddie, don't! You may know the right things to say, but I know everything out of your mouth is a lie.

Rafe: I gotta admit, the case against Chad, it feels too neat. And Justin thinks I forgot how to do my job.

Hope: Oh, that's bull. He's just--

Rafe: Driven?

Hope: I was gonna say eager. He wants this murderer behind bars.

Rafe: Yeah, I just want to make sure that we get the right guy.

Hope: And you will, you're a damn good detective. Let's go over this again, make sure we charge the right guy.

[Music box playing "Fur Elise"]

Julie: You were right and it looks wonderful.

Maggie: I told you.

Julie: [Laughs]

Maggie: Caroline?

Julie: Everything all right?

Caroline: Oh, sure. [Chuckles] Maybe you two should check the paint job upstairs. I'm gonna go in the hallway and check the carpets, make sure they're clean.

Maggie: Okay, sure.

[Music box playing "Fur Elise"]

Caroline: Oh. You're losing it. Get a grip.

Kayla: You know, I fail to see the humor.

Joey: No, it's just that you and dad, you're on, like, your own planets half the time.

Kayla: I-I don't know what that means.

Joey: Whatever, it doesn't matter, just go back to work.

Kayla: You know, I'm busy, but I'm not too busy for you. Look, you know what, you are a big guy now. You must that I've got to take care of your grandmother, I've got to look after the pub, and yes, I do have to work because I need to support us, but you tell me that you need something and--

Joey: I don't, I'm good.

Kayla: No, you are not good, 'cause you were just suspended today.

Joey: Yeah, I know, I was there.

Kayla: And the consequences don't stop there.

Joey: Okay, call me later.

Kayla: No, no, no, no, where do you think you're going? You're gonna go and sit in my office--

[Phone beeping]

Kayla: Just one second. Oh, I have an emergency, I--

[Phone beeps]

Joey: Better run.

Kayla: No, wait, Joey. Where are you going?

Joey: To see if I can catch dad before he leaves, or maybe he'll answer his phone wherever he is.

Kayla: Don't be disappointed if he doesn't, all right?

Joey: You're so sure about him.

Kayla: Yeah, I am. Look, I am sorry that he wasn't around for you, or for me, but one thing I really am sure about is that he puts what he wants ahead of his family.

Victor: Where'd you get these pictures? How do you know they're real?

Steve: Once I knew Bo hit Cancun, I started calling around some old friends of mine. I found a guy who remembered seeing Bo in this bar. I got the owner to get into the security tapes. What you're looking at is the last time Bo was in that bar.

Victor: With this woman?

Steve: Yeah. And he went silent with the ISA after that, no record of his movement.

Victor: So they were following him up till then?

Steve: I don't know. They have the file sealed. I couldn't get even get anyone to talk to me about it.

Victor: Because you're out.

Steve: They wouldn't even open it for john.

Victor: They think Bo was turned. That's ridiculous.

Steve: Is it? You're looking at this picture. Now, who do you think Bo is talking to there?

Victor: Some local. I mean, it couldn't possibly be who-- who I thought it was.

Steve: Let's go in a little closer. Check that out.

Victor: It's impossible. Britta Englund is dead.

Eve: Go ahead, Eddie, take your best shot.

Eduardo: You want a fight?

Eve: I want you gone.

Eduardo: I came to bury my daughter.

Eve: You did that a decade ago.

Eduardo: I never wanted a family.

Eve: You look me in the eye and you say that again.

Eduardo: I never wanted a family. That girl--our girl... she was an angel. You think I couldn't see that? Who wouldn't love that child?

Eve: You.

Eduardo: I wasn't worthy of her. Not then, probably not now, but I can't let them put her in the ground without...

Eve: What, Eddie?

Eduardo: Eve, I just-- I-I want to know her.

Eve: Too late!

Eduardo: [Sighs]

Eve: Right here. That's every picture, every birthday, every lost tooth, every science fair, every diary with a little gold lock that held every secret to a little girl's heart. Every triumph, every humiliation, every sadness, everything that you missed because you didn't have it in you to show up. Well, guess what, Eddie? I wasn't worthy either. Yeah. But I thank God that I had the sense to stick around and try, because every day-- every single day that little girl of mine made my life worth living. But you know what? Wow, you're here now, so here. You catch up.

Eduardo: [Sobs]

Hope: You're right. There's something in the shadow.

Rafe: Mm-hmm. Well, we got the lab blowing it up for us.

Hope: The dorm room's still taped off if it turns out to be something. Let's see what the lab comes up with.

Rafe: Yeah.

[Phone beeps]

[Police radio chatter]

Hope: Florist... for the wedding.

Rafe: Hmm. Did you set a date yet?

Hope: Actually, we're thinking about maybe doing it during the bicentennial. Family's already gonna be here.

Rafe: Huh. That's soon, that's-- well, that's great, there'll already be fireworks.

Hope: Yeah, and we will absolutely pretend they're for us.

Rafe: Oh, they will be. They will. Congratulations.

Hope: Thanks.

Rafe: It's a big step.

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, no kidding. A long road.

Rafe: Yeah, well, have to be after Bo.

Hope: Rafe?

Rafe: Yeah?

Hope: Are you really happy for me?

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, of course I am. Yeah, I--Aiden, he's a stand-up guy.

Aiden: Oh.

Evening, sunshine.

Victor: No way that could be Britta Englund.

Steve: Of course not.

Victor: She's dead and Bo knows she's dead.

Steve: Yeah, but whoever lured Bo to Cancun didn't think he knew that.

Victor: So you think it was some sort of a trap?

Steve: Right. There's Bo. Looks like he's playing along, but why? Where does he think it's gonna get him?

Victor: There's no way my son could have turned.

Steve: Not of his own free will, but after this, he was gone gone.

Victor: Good God. If someone has Bo... how could we have let this happen?

Steve: Victor, listen, man, there is no way you could've known where to look. Even hope didn't know where to look. Those contacts go all the way back to the merchant marine. Nobody could've known.

Victor: Except you.

Steve: Yeah. But listen to me. You can still help. Even if you think what you know is not relevant, help me fill in the blanks. Where did Bo go after he took Caroline to California? Why did he disappear?

Victor: He was trying to save his mother.

Caroline: Why are you here, Shawn?

[Music box playing "Fur Elise"]

Caroline: I mean, there must be a reason...for you showing up. I'm getting worse. Are you getting me ready to die? Now there's a razor that swirls and swerves

Aiden: [Sighs] What am I doing?

Sorry, sir?

Aiden: Hmm?

Your card was declined.

Aiden: Well, what are you talking about, for one drink?

Sometimes it's our machine. If you have another card...

Aiden: Yeah, let me... give you some-- you know what, let's make this easy, eh? There you go. Okay.

Hope: You know, I still can't believe I'm marrying a defense attorney.

Rafe: Hey, after this week, Aiden's made a believer out of me.

Hope: How's Gabi doing?

Rafe: Gabi? [Laughs] She's great. Great, I mean, I think she's still in shock, you know. She thought she was gonna be in Statesville for another ten years, so... yeah, seriously, I don't think she's put Arianna down.

Hope: Got your family back.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah. Feels good. We're lucky we get that chance. Well, I'm gonna go check out the crime scene.

Hope: All right, I'll come with you.

Rafe: No, no, I got it.

Hope: You sure?

Rafe: Yeah, just--you know what, give me a call when the lab results are back, all right?

Hope: Sure.

Victor: Caroline was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease.

Steve: I thought she had Alzheimer's.

Victor: No, the symptoms mimic Alzheimer's, but it's different. Bo went looking for a cure. He found a dr. Salinas in Peru who had had some success with experimental trials using native plants.

Steve: Didn't it help Caroline?

Victor: He hasn't completed it yet. I've been pouring money into it ever since.

Steve: I'm sure the family is grateful for that.

Victor: They don't know, and you're not gonna tell them. I don't want to give Caroline or the rest of the family any false hope. So, we'll just stay quiet until there's a breakthrough.

Steve: Who else knows about this research?

Victor: Bo, dr. Salinas. The good doctor is in a secure facility with specific instructions to keep at it until he succeeds.

Steve: Well, I hope it's soon enough to help Caroline.

Maggie: So you took care of the chairs?

Julie: I did it.

Maggie: Okay, good.

Julie: How about the music?

Maggie: I'll handle it.

Julie: I thought that was gonna be Caroline's responsibility.

Maggie: I'll take it. Maybe we shouldn't have pushed her into this.

Julie: She said she wanted to do it.

Maggie: It's just too soon after the stroke. I-I think she's overwhelmed.

Julie: Where'd she go?

Caroline: Can you tell me? I know I'm getting worse. The other day, I sat in Kayla's office 20 minutes. I couldn't think of her name. I didn't tell her. I can't tell any of them. [Sobs] I'm scared, Shawn. Sc--

Julie: Caroline? Are you feeling all right, darling?

Maggie: Caroline, let's go to the hospital for a quick check, j-j-just to be safe.

Caroline: [Sighs]

Maggie: Yeah.

Victor: Well, plane's all fueled and ready to go. Just bring it back in one piece, preferably with my son onboard.

Steve: Well, that's the plan.

Victor: If you need anything else, just let me know.

Steve: I'll do that.

Maggie: Hi, Steve.

Steve: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: You two seemed a little intense. What was that all about?

Victor: Well, Steve seems to think that Bo's in trouble, and I think he's right.

Maggie: Oh. Well, now, Victor, you can't say anything about this right now to anyone in the family.

Victor: I wouldn't. What?

Maggie: Um... they may have enough to handle right now. We had to take Caroline back to the hospital.

Kayla: Well, your vitals are good, considering. [Chuckles]

Caroline: So, why am I seeing your dad everywhere?

Kayla: Seeing pictures of him?

Caroline: No. Shawn, in front of me, waiting. I've never seen him before. Why now?

Kayla: I don't know.

Caroline: Please, dear, don't pussyfoot around this. If this is it, I need to know.

Kayla: It?

Caroline: I mean, if I am dying, then I need to take care of things, so please, be straight with me.

Eduardo: This one. You remember that day?

Eve: Mm-hmm.

Eduardo: Can--can I-- would you mind if I had this picture?

Eve: Take it. Take the whole box.

Eduardo: You want me to have this?

Eve: I just want it out of here, I can't look at it. That's all.

Eduardo: I'll keep it for you. I'd be grateful to have these things... for a while.

Eve: You run on home, Eddie, wherever that is, and dig in.

Eduardo: [Sighs]

Aiden: [Sighs]

Caroline: So there are things in there that you haven't told me?

Kayla: Um, I'm just looking at the lab reports that came back after you left the hospital.

Caroline: Tell me.

Kayla: Things are progressing.

Caroline: It means worse, not better.

Kayla: You know, mom?'re a fighter.

Caroline: Right.

Kayla: And we're gonna get through this.

Caroline: Right.

Kayla: Together.

Caroline: Yeah.

Kayla: No matter what.

Maggie: I'm not sure what the Bradys' next move will be.

Victor: Meaning?

Maggie: I don't think Caroline can live alone, never mind managing the pub anymore. They may have to find a facility to look after Alzheimer's patient--

Victor: She doesn't have Alzheimer's.

Maggie: Why would you say that?

Victor: Because it's true. Oh, I know she's sick, but it's something that looks like Alzheimer's at first.

Maggie: How would you know this? Caroline tell you?

Victor: She doesn't know.

Maggie: What?

Victor: Nobody wanted to tell her that she had another disease that was more aggressive and had no cure. Treatment would have been the same. Kayla's idea, just let her think...

Maggie: So Kayla knows?

Maggie: And who else?

Victor: Bo and... dr. Salinas.

Maggie: Who?

Victor: A doctor that Bo found who's been working on a cure for years. I've been pouring money into it. Looks very promising, but...

Maggie: Why? Why didn't you tell me about this?

Victor: Didn't seem to be any point, not until they came up with a real cure.

Maggie: Yeah, and now it might be too late.

Eduardo: So... do you want some help?

Eve: What, now you-- I got good at handling things on my own. I've grown up a lot since you left.

Eduardo: Yeah, well, I'm sure you did, but this is an extreme situation, and I'd really like to help you.

Eve: Did you know... that our daughter got into Stanford?

Eduardo: Wow. I knew she was a good student.

Eve: Oh, she wasn't good. She was great.

Eduardo: Why didn't she go?

Eve: Well, there's... [Sighs] She met a boy, so she deferred. But Stanford keeps writing, wanting to know when she's gonna show up. In fact, I think-- every week, wanting to know her arrival date, but yeah-- I don't know, I just--I-- I just can't bring myself-- I just always-- I hoped that that--

Eduardo: You thought there was more time.

Eve: There should have been. So--yeah, yeah, yeah, you can-- you could call--call them... and tell them that... she'll never--she'll never-- never arrive! [Sobs] She's never gonna arrive!

Eduardo: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Eve: She's never going to arrive, Eddie! [Sobs] She's never gonna arrive, Eddie.

Eduardo: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Eve: [Sobs] She's never gonna arrive.

Eduardo: Hey, hey, hey. Hey.

Eve: [Sobs]

Hope: Hey, excuse me.

Aiden: Hmm?

Hope: You know better than that, counselor.

Aiden: I'm just a concerned citizen.

Hope: Who represents our prime suspect.

Aiden: Yes, and that's why I could help you fill in the holes in your case so you and the rest of the Salem pd aren't wasting valuable time chasing the wrong man.

Hope: Oh, lord, let me get the shovel out, mm.

Aiden: Oh, is that a dig? I just want to spend a little more time with my fiancée, that's all.

Hope: Then stop wasting time talking, counselor.

Aiden: Oh.


Steve: Ready to go when you are, Captain. [Sighs]

Huh. I guess it won't be long now. Don't know why we bother feeding you anymore. [Chuckles]

[Door slams shut]

Rafe: Yeah, I bagged it and I'm bringing it in. Probably nothing, but... what the hell are you doing here?

Aiden: So... are you close to making an arrest?

Hope: You'll be the second to know.

Aiden: So you think you have it locked? 'Cause everything I saw was circumstantial, unless of course you have something new and you can put my client there at the scene.

Hope: Well, you would find that out in discovery, wouldn't you?

Aiden: If you arrest him, and that would be a big mistake.

Hope: You wouldn't be trying to talk me out of doing my job, would you?

Aiden: Not at all. This is the part you hate, isn't it? Being on opposite sides.

Hope: You have a job to do, and so do I.

Aiden: And I won't hold it against you.

Hope: May the best man win.

Aiden: I already did.

Bo: Come on. [Grunting]

Steve: Man. Really socked in.


Steve: Come on out!

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