Days Transcript Tuesday 9/15/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/15/15


Episode #12675 ~ Stefano has a major health crisis, and his fate is in Chad's hands; Ben & Abigail argue over his deception & her feelings for Chad; Kayla is upset by Steve's plans regarding Bo; Eve has a major meltdown.

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Hope: I am going to have some very big news to tell you later.

Ciara: About Aiden, right?

Aiden: No, sir. All debts will be paid by the deadline. No, no. No, no, I'm fine. I--I swear. I'm on schedule. Everything is going according to plan.

The commissioner's in a meeting.

JJ: Excuse me. This is important. Tell him it's JJ.

JJ. Okay, hang on.

Abigail: Ben, I'm having a really hard time understanding this. What are--are you saying you've been tracking me, you've been secretly following me?

Ben: If you're still in love with Chad DiMera, just say so.

Abigail: Why? Where did you even get that? Ben: Because I can take it! Just tell me. Either you are or you aren't.

Abigail: Ben.

Ben: But no more lies.

Abigail: Stop. Just calm down, okay?

Ben: Are you or are you not still in love with this son of a bitch?

Abigail: Ben! Oh, my God. Why does the fact that I was at Chad's mean that I love him and I don't love you? Listen to me. I want to marry you. I love you, and I'm carrying your child. Nothing has changed, Ben. Nothing has changed, so please, please don't destroy this; don't destroy everything that we have over something so meaningless.

[Dramatic music]

Chad: You know what? See, you're not a very good actor, father. A good actor would have maybe hit the floor a little bit, had some spasms. If you think faking a heart attack is gonna make me lose focus, think again.

Roman: You wanted to see me?

JJ: Yeah, I just came to find out what's happening. When are you gonna catch the guy who killed Paige?

Roman: JJ, that's an ongoing investigation. You know I can't discuss it.

JJ: I'll do anything I can to help.

Roman: Is there something you can do? Something you need to tell me?

Clyde: Excuse me for interrupting, commissioner. I overheard you two talking, and actually I came down here today to give some information I think the police might find useful about this case. I'm Clyde Weston.

Roman: Uh, yeah, I remember. We met about a month ago at the gala for Salem's youth. How are you?

Clyde: Right. I'm good, thank you. Of course I know this young man. His sister's about to be married to my son, Ben. How you doing, JJ?

JJ: Fine. Thanks.

Clyde: Pretty soon we're all gonna be one happy family, and I'm really looking forward to that.

JJ: Right.

Roman: Mr. Weston, you said you had some information.

Clyde: Yeah. Um, yeah, I read in the paper that ms. Larson was murdered last night about 11:00 P.M., And I thought you should know I saw Chad DiMera outside the entrance to her dorm about that time.

Roman: Really? What was he doing?

Clyde: Nothing, really. Just loitering.

Roman: What were you doing there, Mr. Weston?

Clyde: Well, I was on my way to my car. See, I had spent the evening with the university president who wanted to thank me in person for making this big donation to the library fund.

Roman: All right. Okay, well, thanks. Could be significant. We'll put it in the case files. If we need a follow-up, I'll be in touch.

Clyde: Good. I'm always ready and willing to do my civic duty. You have a good day.

Roman: Yeah. Take care.

Clyde: Take care, JJ.

Roman: JJ. What's going on with you? You seem real jumpy. Is there something else you want to tell me?

Ben: You sneak off to meet another man, you lie to me about it, and that's meaningless?

Abigail: Ben, I didn't sneak off, okay? I didn't sneak off. I--I... and, you know what, what I was doing there had nothing to do with you. Or us or the fact that I love you.

Ben: See, it seems to me, Abigail, that if anybody's going to be destroying what we have going for us, it's you. You go over to see an old lover who you say is a--a what?

Abigail: Ben, stop! Look, just, you--you have to stop, okay? You are acting like a completely different person all of a sudden. You're spying on me; you're accusing me; you're acting so paranoid about Chad. I don't even know who are right now! Ben, don't you trust me about anything at all?

Chad: It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that--that you're the only man with the guts and the crew to pull a frame-up like this off, you know?

Stefano: [Groaning softly]

Chad: Father? Father? Father? Father. Father. Father. Father.

Stefano: Help. Help me. I... I...

Chad: Help!

Stefano: I can't breathe.

Chad: It's okay. [Shushes] Help!

Aiden: Hey.

Ciara: Mommy just said she has some big news, and I know it's about you.

Aiden: You do, do you? And how do you know that?

Ciara: Because I'm too smart for my own good. Everybody says so. So...what's the news?

Hope: Well, actually we wanted to talk to both you and chase, so... we'll tell you after your sports physicals.

Ciara: Chase is at the yogurt shop with Michael and his babysitter. I'll go find him.

Hope: All righty. Thank you, honey.

Aiden: Thank you. I got to tell you, I have a hunch our news is going to over very well.

Hope: Yeah, I think you're right.

Aiden: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Mmm. Joey? Oh, my-- honey. [Laughs] It has been too long. Welcome home. It is so good to see you. Oh, I want you to meet Aiden Jennings. I am so sorry. Aiden, this is Joey Johnson. It's Kayla's son.

Aiden: Oh, hey. Nice to meet you.

Joey: Yeah.

Hope: You know, I would love to throw you a welcome home party; have the whole family over, friends. Ciara would absolutely love it, and of course you and chase would join. It would be so nice to have the whole family in one place.

Joey: Except you're not family, hope. Not anymore.

Kayla: Um, I'm printing it right now, and he is arriving as we speak. Dr. Steinberg is going to examine him while they're hooking him up. Okay, good. Got it.

Chad: His heart stopped in the ambulance, and they had--

Kayla: Okay, just keep it together, okay? It's not that uncommon. Don't try to go see him, okay? The next 20 minutes are critical.

Chad: Okay.

Ben: I want to trust you, Abigail. I do.

Abigail: Putting that app on my phone makes it sound like you don't. Ben, you're acting so paranoid. I don't even know if you believe that I love you.

Ben: No, I-- look, I told you: I think Chad's the killer. He killed Serena, then he killed your brother's ex-girlfriend Paige.

Abigail: Ben.

Ben: Okay, I was totally up front up front with you about that, so while I was being honest with you, trying to tell you to stay clear, you were lying to me, running over there and then--

Abigail: What? And what? Talking to a friend who's in serious trouble?

Ben: You make it sound so innocent.

Abigail: It is!

Ben: Then why did you lie to me about going there?

Abigail: I knew that you would get weird and you would act like this. And I have to be honest with you. Sometimes your-- your jealous scares me.

Ben: So it's my fault. It's my fault?

Abigail: How many times have I told you that I loved you? How many times? 1,000? 10,000? You say that you love me, but then you put that-- that disgusting app on my--

Ben: Because I wanted to protect you, Abigail. Because I love you so much, and if anything ever happened to you, I couldn't live with myself. Chad's already killed two people; I won't let you be next.

Joey: You divorced uncle Bo.

Hope: That doesn't change how I feel.

Aiden: And now you're hooking up with your new guy?

Hope: Excuse me, my children are Bradys.

Joey: That sort of makes you twice not a Brady.

Hope: I have loved the Bradys for decades. You and I will always be family.

Aiden: Joey, family's number one with hope. The divorce didn't change that. I can testify, believe me, that she is a Brady, through and through. And by the way, some of the nicest people I've ever met, so...

Joey: Yeah. Well, I don't believe either one of you.

Hope: Joey.

Aiden: [Sighs]

Kayla: Ah, Chad. I just spoke with dr. Steinberg, your father's cardiologist. Although the next 48 hours are crucial, he thinks that he's going to pull through this in good shape.

Chad: Thank you. Thank you.

Kayla: Listen, the EMTs told me that you were helping him breathe when they got there. You know, you may have saved your father's life.

Chad: Can I see him?

Kayla: Yeah. Just don't stay long, all right?

Steve: Kayla. What happened to Stefano?

Kayla: Uh... [Blows raspberries]

Steve: Uh-huh. Can't talk about it, huh?

Kayla: Nope.

Steve: Well, whatever it is, why are you the one that has to treat him?

Kayla: I'm not. I assigned a cardiologist to look after him who knows nothing about him.

Steve: A cardiologist, huh? So he had a heart attack? I hope that puts him on his ass for a good long time.

Rafe: Excuse me. Kayla. I heard Chad rushed Stefano over here in an ambulance.

Kayla: Yeah, he had a cardiac arrest.

Rafe: Is he going to make it?

Kayla: It looks like a good chance. He's tough.

Rafe: Oh, good. So you don't mind if I ask him a few questions, then?

Kayla: Well, Chad's in there now, but when he's finished, if Stefano's up to it, you can, but keep it short, all right?

Rafe: Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course. I will. Thanks.

Steve: Wait, wait, wait. Kayla. Can we talk somewhere private? It's about Joe.

Kayla: [Sighs]

Stefano: You saved my life.

Chad: Yeah. You know, I thought you were faking it.

Stefano: I've been known to cry wolf. [Laughs]

Chad: I have done the noble thing and called 911, but it--you know, it doesn't mean you're forgiven.

Stefano: My son, please, I swear to you, I did not have anyone killed.

Chad: Yeah, well, you're-- you know, you're the only one with the resources to frame me like that.

Stefano: I would never hurt you. Never. You know how much I love you.

Chad: You know, I just-- I don't believe in anything you say anymore.

Stefano: Son, listen to me, you do whatever it takes. Find the truth about these murders. The truth. For yourself. For la famiglia. La famiglia. [Mutters]

Abigail: You got to stop. Okay? You have to stop obsessing about Chad. You're-- you're freaking me out, Ben. Look, you need to focus on what we have. You need to focus on our-- on our future, on our wedding, and on this baby.

Ben: I know.

Abigail: You know that-- that this stress isn't good for our baby, right?

Ben: No.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Ben: It's true. My God, Abigail, I'm sorry. I know you love me. I know it, and I-- everything I do is for you.

Abigail: Will you prove it to me?

Ben: What do you mean?

Abigail: [Sniffles] Take the app off my phone.

Roman: Yeah, Higgins. Yeah, check that out. Okay good. All right, got to go. All right, sorry about that. Now, what'd you want to tell me?

JJ: Nothing.

Roman: JJ, if you wanted this to be private, why'd you come in the front entrance?

JJ: I... I just came to check on... Paige. I love-- loved her.

Roman: I know. I know. I know you did, and I'm so sorry about that. I know how much this hurts. It's gonna be bad. But just know we're going to get this guy, all right? Okay, now, hang in there. All right, if you need me, you get in touch, okay? All right.

[Cell phone buzzing]

Eve: I wish Paige had never met you. If you'd never been born, my daughter would still be alive.

Justin: Have him call me. No more emails. Eve.

Eve: Hi.

Justin: Hi.

Eve: Hi. Um, do you have a minute?

Justin: Sure. Sure. Let's--let's go inside.

Eve: Okay.

Justin: Have a seat over here. Eve, I just want you to know the police are working around the clock to get the guy who killed your daughter, okay? And they're going to keep doing that until we get him.

Eve: Thank you.

Justin: Confidentially, I think we're very close to an arrest.

Eve: Well, I haven't had the courage to look at the newspaper or the television. You got a name?

Justin: I'm sorry, I can't go there yet. But you won't have long to wait.

Eve: Maybe that'll help. Maybe that'll bring me some closure, but I doubt it.

Justin: I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do...

Eve: Could you stay with me awhile?

Abigail: Delete it.

Ben: Done. Deleted.

Abigail: And yours.

Ben: Right. [Sighs] Both clear.

Abigail: [Sighs] Thank you. Ben... can we just... can we just start over? Can we just--just pretend that none of this ever happened and try to trust in each other from now on?

Ben: Yes. What I did was totally wrong. And I kind of knew it all along, but... I don't know. I was just so scared for you.

Abigail: Ben, you don't have to be.

Abigail: We don't have to be scared, okay? I know that terrible things can happen to people, but I am not going to live my life in fear. We can't live our life in fear. We have to focus on-- on what's right in front of us, you know? You have to focus on our future and just being happy.

Ben: Absolutely. Absolutely.

[Both exhale deeply]

Ben: Just-- just one thing, okay? Please. Promise me you will stay away from Chad.

Kayla: Well, you know, Mr. DiMera is not a young man, so I think we should do that too. Great. Okay, get back to me, hank. Thank you. What?

Steve: Well, you hate Stefano, right? But there you are looking out for him like he's one of your own.

Kayla: Well, I'm not his attending, but I am the chief of staff, and I need to make sure that he's getting the proper care, not matter what horrible things he has done to the people I love.

Steve: People you love. Does that include me?

Kayla: Stefano is a patient of this hospital, and he deserves everything that we have to offer.

Kayla: You're so dedicated. You got a heart as big as all outdoors, especially when someone needs your help. You're an amazing doctor. Not to mention an amazing mom. You're an amazing woman, Kayla.

[Door slams]

Rafe: Hi. Oof. How you doing? I heard a lot of people say having a heart attack is like having an elephant sit on your chest. I'm sorry about that.

Stefano: Spare me the phony sympathy, all right?

Rafe: Listen, I got to ask you some questions. Normally I wouldn't bother you, but I am kind of up against it time-wise.

Stefano: I did not kill those two young women.

Rafe: No one's saying you did.

Stefano: Nor did my son.

Rafe: Well, see the thing about that is that there's a witness who says they say Chad angry and drunk. You know, sometimes people do things they wouldn't normally do when they're in that condition.

Stefano: My son is not a killer.

Rafe: No?

Stefano: Do you hear me? Huh? He is not a killer.

Rafe: You sure about that?

Stefano: Take your damn questions and your... [Coughing]

What's going on?

Rafe: Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know, I just-- I was asking him some questions and he got a little upset.

Sir, I can't let you stay.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay. No problem. No problem.

Stefano: [Groans]

Rafe: See, I should have known better. DiMeras, they always protect their family. You'd do anything to watch out for your son, wouldn't you?

Stefano: Blood is blood.

Rafe: Yeah.

Stefano: [Muttering]

Chad: What are you doing? Were you just in there?

Rafe: Yeah, I was just checking to see if your father knew anything about the investigation.

Chad: Okay, well, I just spoke to the cardiologist, and he's not out of the woods yet, so why don't you just let him rest.

Rafe: Don't worry; I won't be back. Your father didn't know anything anyway, not that he'd say anything if he did.

Chad: Right.

Rafe: Yeah.

Chad: So what? I'm still in the cross-hairs?

Rafe: You're the only suspect.

Chad: Yeah, I get that, but you know I'm being framed, right? Rafe, for a minute, I thought it was my father. It's not. I'm out of ideas. I don't know--I don't know what else to do.

Rafe: Let's go somewhere to talk.

Clyde: What the hell were you doing at the police station?

JJ: Went there to try to rattle somebody's cage, get an update on Paige. Would've looked kind of suspicious if I didn't push for answers, right?

Clyde: Right.

JJ: The weird thing is the business with Chad DiMera.

Clyde: I've seen the papers.

JJ: So obviously I was wrong about you being behind it.

Clyde: Yeah, whatever. Best thing you can do is forget about your girlfriend. Bad stuff happens. It's time to move on, 'cause we got work to do. (Vo) Maggie wasn't thrilled when Ben and I got married.

Justin: Eve, I'm afraid I am really swamped right now.

Eve: Oh.

Justin: But, you know what, if you'd like, I can refer you to some police counselors?

Eve: No, no.

Justin: They work with victim's families all the time.

Eve: You know, I just got to learn not to be so needy.

Justin: It's okay to ask for help.

Eve: You'll let me know if you get anymore new developments, right?

Of course. And like I said, an arrest is imminent.

Eve: Thank you. Take care.

Rafe: If you think that you're being framed, you're the one that's gonna have to prove it.

Chad: Because you've already decided I'm guilty.

Rafe: Oh, I haven't decided anything, but we are this damn close to arresting you. Think about it. You were the last person seen having an argument with the woman who was later found strangled. We just found out that you were near the dormitory of a student who was also found strangled.

Chad: I barely knew who she was.

Rafe: Maybe. But Paige was the one who saw that you had a cut on your lip, making her a witness for the prosecution. You tell me what you were doing by her dormitory at 11:00 that night? Yeah, I didn't think so. So now what do we have? We have the same MO for two murders. You know what else we have? We have that bloody napkin with your blood on it at the first scene and the key to your gate. And we also have physical evidence that links to the dormitory and the DiMera mansion. Now, the only good thing your damn lawyer has going for you is weak motive and the fact that there was no DNA found on either one of the ties that the victims were strangled with.

Chad: I know, all right, but can you tell me how much time I have?

Rafe: Very little. You're not going to be doing yourself much good if you're in prison.

Chad: Do you think I'm guilty? Yes or no.

Rafe: Well, if the evidence says so, then yes. And if not, then no, but the evidence is piling on up damn quick. I need you to rack that brain of yours and figure out who hates you so much that they want to see you go down for double murder.

Hope: Thanks for sticking up for me.

Aiden: Hey. So Joey has some serious family issues. You know, maybe he's just taking it out on you.

Hope: Oh, I suppose. Or maybe, you know, doesn't help that he's a teenager.

Aiden: No, no, not one bit.

[Both chuckle]

[Phone buzzing]

Ciara: Chase is all busy playing video games with his friend. Why can't you just give me the news now and tell chase later?

Hope: Because then chase would find out after you, and that wouldn't be fair.

Aiden: Hey, you know, I have to go see someone right away.

Hope: Don't roll your eyes.

Aiden: Can I meet you all at the hospital after the physicals?

Hope: Yeah, of course.

Aiden: Okay, all right, good.

Hope: Love you. Come on, Ciara. No rolling your eyes.

[Tense music]

Ben: Come on, Abigail. It's a pretty simple request.

Abigail: Ben, you know... I don't think that would Chad murdered anyone.

Ben: You can believe whatever you want, but I am going to protect you no matter what. And since I can't be with you 24-7, can't you just promise me you will stay away from this guy?

Abigail: Ben...

Ben: I need to know you're safe and that our baby is safe. Abigail, I love you so much. Please just promise me.

Abigail: Since you put it like that, I'M...

Ben: You promise?

Abigail: Yes. I promise. I can't say that I'm not going to run into him, but I... promise that I won't go looking for him.

Ben: [Sighs] [Mouthing]

Abigail: [Sighs]

Steve: What about his art class? Joe says that's the only class he really likes.

Kayla: Ah, well, I guess we could move that from second period to fifth period, but, you know, he still needs his science. Really important.

Steve: Well, you know he hates science.

Kayla: Oh, for Pete's sake. Uh, okay, um... why don't you pick? What would you suggest other than chemistry?

Steve: Ah. Let's keep it chemistry. How can he say he doesn't like a subject he's never studied?

Kayla: Wow.

Steve: What? I finally say something that makes sense?

Kayla: It's just better than a lot of the other things you've been saying lately.

Steve: Oh, okay. Here we go. Talking about your brother, right?

Kayla: Well, it's just that, you know, your theories on Bo missing. It just-- well, it's just so off-the-wall, and it's--it's really upsetting to everyone.

Steve: Then I apologize, but no way am I turning my back on a guy who's closer to me than my own brother.

Kayla: And he abandoned hope. Do you know how hard that was on my whole family?

Steve: Oh, man.

Kayla: I just--I just think it needs to be put to rest.

Steve: There's that word again: "Abandoned." Now, what if Bo didn't abandon anybody? I mean, think about the way he suddenly disappeared. He goes off with his mother to some clinic in California to get her tests, she shows up home alone, and he's never heard from again.

Kayla: That's not true. There were letters.

Steve: Letters? You mean like the ones Victor got that don't sound like Bo at all? Come on, think about it, Kayla. Hope wrote a letter to Bo saying she was divorcing him, and he never even responds?

Kayla: Exactly! She did everything she could to reach him, and she never heard back.

Steve: Now I'm just saying--

Kayla: No, what are you saying, really? I would like to know.

Steve: Okay, okay, don't get upset, but I've been thinking maybe, just maybe, if I were to retrace Bo's footsteps.

Kayla: Are you kidding me?

Sir, do you have permission to see Mr. DiMera?

Aiden: Ah, yes. Yes, I do. I'm Chad DiMera's attorney. I have to speak with his father about the case. I'm sure he wanted to do everything he can to help his son.

Well, if he's sleeping, let him rest.

Aiden: Sure.

[Dramatic music]

All: Milk! Milk! Milk! Milk! Milk!

Clyde: This is a burner. Keep it off. Keep it charged. Check it ever hour to see if I've left you a message.

JJ: Yes, sir. I will.

Clyde: That is the only way we will communicate from now on.

JJ: Got it. No more meeting in public.

Clyde: If you absolutely have to, you can call me on the number that's programmed on that phone. First words out of your mouth are "I'm calling about the cat." You got that?

JJ: I'm calling about the cat.

Clyde: That way if somebody else gets their hands on that phone--like, say a cop-- I'll know it's not you and I toss the phone into the evidence chain.

JJ: Okay. Cool.

Clyde: One more thing: You stay away from the police station. And any cops.

[Somber music]

Eve: [Sniffs] [Sobbing] She was all I had! [Sobbing] [Screams] She was my baby! [Sobbing] Baby... [Sobbing] Baby...

Ben: I'm just glad we worked things out.

Abigail: Me too. See? A little trust? Openness?

Ben: Right. Oh. [Sighs]

Abigail: What?

Ben: Great news, actually. My dad came by earlier today with a wedding gift. He bought us a house. [Chuckles]

Abigail: What?

Ben: Seriously.

Abigail: No way.

Ben: Yeah. He says we shouldn't have to worry about anything but our new baby. And since we're gonna need some more room here, hey... a house that's all ours.

Abigail: That's-- that's fantastic. Wow. Oh, my God, I can't believe it. That's...

Ben: We're going to have a great life, Abigail. A beautiful life. We're gonna be so happy and safe.

[Dramatic music]

Kayla: You think that I don't know what's going on? Seriously? You have been back, what, how long? What, two weeks? And you're going to use Bo missing as a excuse to go off on one of your little adventures?

Hope: What?

Aiden: Don't you dare die. Not until the job I'm doing for you is finished and I get my money.

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