Days Transcript Wednesday 9/9/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/9/15


Episode #12671 ~ Hope defends Aiden to Steve; Rafe realizes the latest murder can once again be traced back to Chad; Bo is determined to get home to Hope; Eve receives devastating news.

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JJ: Oh, my God. Paige? Paige? Paige? Please, please... no. No.

Chad: [Groans] [Coughs]

[Soft laughter]

Ben: Feeling better?

Abigail: Yes. Much better. I'm sorry, by the way, again, about earlier. I mean, not that you were dying to meet with the wedding planner.

Ben: Oh, yeah? Look what I bought. Voilą.

Abigail: What?

Ben: You should have seen the look I got from the cashier. Okay, so I'm not into centerpieces and wedding favors, but I am thrilled to be marrying you. And I cannot wait to see it all through your eyes.

Abigail: Ben.

Kayla: I'd like to talk to you about Joey.

Steve: Well, tell me where and when--I'll be there.

[Phone vibrates]

Kayla: Oh, uh... oh, I'm being called to the or. I'll have to be in touch. Bye.

Steve: Hey, hey, Jennings. I don't think we had a chance to finish our talk.

Aiden: Well, as far as I'm concerned, I think we did.

Rafe: Justin and Roman think we have enough to haul DiMera in, but I'm still not convinced that I like him for this murder. You?

Hope: Hmm? No, no, not yet.

Rafe: Well, thanks for backing me up on this.

Hope: Always.

Ochoa: Detective? For you.

Hope: Oh, my goodness. Wow. Uh, thank you. Aiden.

Rafe: Oh, Aiden, really? Really? Walking... sixth time this week.

Hope: Stop it.

Theresa: Hey, have you eaten? I can get cook to whip up something special for you.

Eve: Hmm, how about a cocktail?

Theresa: Oh, I try not to drink in front of the baby.

Eve: I meant for me. And really? You don't drink in front of the baby?

Theresa: Um, hey, Brady?

Eve: That went well, I see.

Theresa: Yeah, things are great. Eve, isn't he just the sweetest, happiest little baby in the whole wide world?

Eve: And how do you suppose that happened, Theresa?

Theresa: What? Hey.

Eve: Well, I--I just mean, maybe it's genetic, you know? 'Cause my Paige certainly was the sweetest, happiest--

Theresa: Do you want to hold him?

Eve: Um...

Theresa: Eve, come on. What's wrong?

Eve: No, I-I can't. It just--it makes me remember how much I miss my little girl. That's all. No.

JJ: [Gasping]

[Phone beeps]

[Receiver rings]

Operator: 911, what's the nature of your emergency?

JJ: I--I...

Operator: Hello? What is your emergency?

Rafe: Oh.

Hope: They're so beautiful.

Rafe: Yeah, well, Aiden's obviously a tasteful guy.

Hope: Yes, yes, he is. You know, sometimes I just can't believe how lucky I am.

Rafe: I know, right? But what if we arrest Chad? Is that gonna cause problems for the two of you?

Hope: You mean because Aiden would be defending him?

Rafe: Well, yeah, he wouldn't be able to talk about the case, and you'll be butting heads in court, I mean, it's--

Hope: We'll manage.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: We will.

Rafe: All right.

Hope: Can I clock out? Would you mind?

Rafe: Yeah, your shift ended half an hour ago. I'm sure you can't wait to thank Aiden for your special delivery.

Roman: Hey, all right, what's the latest? What do you got?

Rafe: Well, hope has an appointment so I'll fill you in.

Hope: Yeah. Um, I'll talk to you later. And I'll talk to you later. Give him my flowers!

Rafe: So, I know that your patience is probably wearing thin; you're under a lot of pressure.

Roman: You know, my patience does have its limits.

Rafe: I understand that, and I'm probably the last person that you want to talk to--

Roman: Rafe, listen to me, okay?

Rafe: Yep.

Roman: I'm glad you're back.

Rafe: Thank you.

Roman: You're a hell of a detective. Just follow the rules this time, okay? We won't have any problems. You think you can do that?

Rafe: Yes, sir.

JJ: My girlfriend, she's, uh--she's--

Operator: Is she in physical danger?

JJ: Just send someone, please. Salem u dorms, building z, room 202. Please hurry.

Chad: What the hell is happening to me? Fast-paced life?

Steve: Am I taking up your precious time? Huh? You gonna charge me by the minute?

Aiden: All right, look, I get it. You're Bo's best friend. You hate the fact that I'm in hope's life, but let me tell you something. He is the one that left her high and dry, okay? His choice.

Steve: Allegedly.

Aiden: What is that supposed to mean?

Steve: I'll tell you what it means.

Hope: Hey, guys. Hi. What's going on?

Aiden: Well, your old friend here hates the fact that I'm in your life, thinks you should spend the rest of your days pining away for Bo because he's the only man for you.

Hope: Steve.

Steve: I didn't say any of that.

Aiden: Well...

Steve: But I do have to wonder how you swooped in on her so fast and why you let him.

Hope: Stop. Stop. How dare you?

Bo: [Groaning]

Man: You're not making this easy for yourself. When are you just going to tell them what they want to know?

Abigail: This is kind of surreal, isn't it?

Ben: Oh, it'll be plenty real when we have a baby waking us up every three hours... all night long. I've been reading up.

Abigail: Are you nervous, Ben, at all?

Ben: A little.

Abigail: Me too.

Ben: Bringing a baby into this world is a big responsibility. A whole lot can go wrong. But a whole lot can go right too. And that's what it's all about. Right here. It's all happening for us, Abigail. We're gonna start our life together. And never look back.

Brady: Oh, sorry, man.

Chad: Sorry, didn't see you.

Brady: Chad. You look like hell, man.

Chad: Thank you.

Brady: You all right?

Chad: Well, apart from the murder charge hanging over my head, everything's peachy.

Brady: See you around.

Chad: Hey, Brady. Uh, can I ask you a question?

Officer: Police, open up.

[Knocking on door]

Officer: We're coming in. Step away from her.

JJ: I--I found her like this. I tried everything I could. I couldn't save her. Paige.

Rafe: I'm just trying to do the most thorough job I possibly can, sir. I saw Chad and Paige Larson, and, uh, there was a rather heated discussion earlier.

Roman: What about?

Rafe: Well, I only caught the tail end of it, sir, but it appeared as though Chad may have possibly been attempting to intimidate our witness.

Roman: Hmm. That's interesting.

Rafe: Yeah, I'm still not convinced that Chad's our man, but I promise you I am going to investigate every angle.

Roman: All right. Good.

Rafe: All right?

Roman: Nice job.

Rafe: Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Roman: Brady. All right. Okay. Yeah, I'll be right there.

Rafe: What is it?

Roman: Units responding to a 911 call at Salem U. Looks like we got another murder on our hands.

Eve: I'm sorry, Theresa. I mean, he is absolutely beautiful. I--he looks so much like Paige did at that age. I... I just miss her more than I can say.

Theresa: She'll come around. Just be patient.

Eve: I'm not patient. I used to just stare at Paige while she slept and wonder what in the world did I do to ever deserve someone so perfect. Such a perfect little girl. Now she says I'm dead to her.

Theresa: Well, eve, come on. I probably said that to my mom, like, a zillion times, and now I can be in the same room with her for at least five minutes without any bloodshed.

Eve: Really? That's supposed to help me?

Theresa: Maybe.

Eve: Well, it's hell not having Paige in my life. I can't imagine anything worse.

JJ: [Sniffs]

Steve: Could you give us a minute?

Hope: No. Absolutely not. I want Aiden to hear everything I have to say. First of all, Steve, he did not swoop in or prey on me like I am some helpless woman, for god's sake.

Steve: You're the least helpless woman I know.

Hope: Then what do you think I am? Disloyal? Is that what this is all about? He deserted me. Just like you deserted Kayla. I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

Steve: All right. Well, I'm back now, and Bo is not--

Aiden: Is still gone.

Hope: Listen, I don't pretend to know everything that happened in your marriage, but you absolutely have no idea what happened in mine.

Steve: What do you think, hope? You think Bo was on some kind of joyride? This is the ISA.

Hope: Damn the ISA. Do you think I give a damn about the ISA? Do you--do you think I care about how noble or important the mission was? Family always has to come first.

Steve: I have to tell you something, hope. I saw Victor earlier today, and he showed me a couple of letters Bo sent. There were some things in those letters that make me question whether Bo even wrote them.

Hope: This is ridiculous. It's ridiculous.

Steve: Maybe, but maybe not.

Hope: What did Victor think?

Steve: He wasn't sure.

Hope: Do you know how painful it was for me? To finally accept that my husband chose his job over his family? Do you know how hard that was for me?

Steve: Okay. How do you even know, hope? I mean, you filed for divorce; you never even heard back.

Hope: I heard nothing. That's right; I heard nothing. He didn't write back. He didn't call--nothing. If he wanted to fight for me, fight for our children, our family, don't you think I would have heard something other than silence?

Roman: JJ?

Ochoa: You know him?

Roman: Yeah. Where's the medical examiner?

Ochoa: On his way.

Roman: All right, start knocking on doors. Find out if anybody saw anything.

Man: Yes, sir.

Roman: Okay.

Rafe: JJ. You okay?

Ochoa: He claims he found the body. I pulled up his rap sheet--

Roman: Not now.

Rafe: Would you tell us what happened?

JJ: Paige called me, and she said that she wanted to meet me; she said she had something to tell me. And when I got here, she-- she was--

Rafe: All right, just--just take a deep breath.

JJ: I swear I didn't do this. I would never hurt her.

Roman: We know. We know that. We know that.

Rafe: Excuse me. Can you please get a blanket to cover her up?

[Solemn music]

Chad: I've been--uh, I've been hitting the bottle a little bit hard lately.

Brady: I see. You want the number of my sponsor or something?

Chad: No. No, no, no. A little while ago, I woke up, and I couldn't remember the last couple of hours.

Brady: And you want to know if I think that's normal or not because you figured I've been down that road a couple hundred times, is that it?

Chad: Okay, I didn't mean-- I didn't mean anything by--

Brady: No, no, no. I know you didn't. The fact is, Chad, if you drink too much, you're probably gonna black out once in a while.

Chad: It never happened to me before.

Brady: Maybe you never drank that much before.

Chad: Well, do you think I'll ever remember what happened? 'Cause right now, I've got nothing.

Brady: I hate to say it-- I think that time has passed. That's always the way it's been for me, anyway, but sometimes that's something to be grateful for.

Chad: Yeah.

Roman: All right, JJ. You said Paige was seeing Kyle southern. Do have any info that might lead you to believe that he was behind this? All right, okay. Well, think about it, okay? And if you come up with anybody else that might have wanted to hurt Paige, you let me know. Okay? What have you got?

Rafe: It's a flower petal. Crushed, almost like it came off of someone's shoe.

Roman: Could be Paige, could be JJ.

Rafe: Could be the killer. When your windshield needs fixed...

Rafe: Label this and get it to CSI ASAP.

JJ: A flower petal? Seriously? That's your big clue?

Roman: JJ.

JJ: Someone came in here and murdered her, and you're just standing around waiting for what? You need to go out and get the bastard who did this.

Roman: Hey, hey. I know this is hard. This is hard, but you've got to stay focused, in control. Ochoa, take Mr. Deveraux down to the station, get his statement.

Ochoa: Yes, sir.

Roman: All right, I'll see you back at the station.

Rafe: Where are you going?

Roman: Notify the next of kin.

Steve: Okay, hope, I see, I see you've moved on. You've re-built your life. Just tell me one thing. How long have you even known this dude?

Hope: Oh, my God, that's none of your business.

Steve: Somehow, I don't think Bo would approve.

Hope: Look around, Steve. Bo's not here. And he's probably never coming back.

Steve: Did you actually ever hear him say that?

Hope: Steve, please.

Aiden: Listen--no, no, no. Listen, that is it. All right? You say that you are hope's friend? Then try listening to her, man. Don't you realize that this is difficult for her?

Steve: It should be difficult. To give up on that kind of love. And something tells me you don't know a damn thing about that, do you?

Aiden: You need to back off.

Steve: What's going to happen if I don't?

Abigail: Mmm.

Ben: You're feeling better?

Abigail: Oh, yeah. Last week, I couldn't even think about dessert, and this week, I can't stop eating it. Thank you. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Ben: Come on, it's my job. I take it very seriously.

Abigail: Yes, you do.

Ben: Mm-hmm. All right. I'll see you after my shift at home.

Abigail: Okay. Oh, wait, Ben, I forgot--

Theresa: Oh, God.

Abigail: I'm so sorry.

Theresa: Just--no, don't touch these.

Abigail: Okay, I was just trying to help. Why don't you want me to see those? Did you steal them?

Theresa: Seriously?

Abigail: Wait, you drew those?

Theresa: Is that so hard for you to believe?

Roman: Eve?

Paige: Hey, Roman.

Roman: Hey, your neighbor told me you had an appointment here.

Eve: Yeah, I do, and actually I got to get going because--

Roman: I need to speak with you... if I could.

Eve: Why?

Roman: Uh, maybe we could find a quieter place to talk.

Eve: What's going on, Roman?

Roman: It's about Paige.

Eve: What?

Roman: Well, like I said, maybe we could--

Eve: Just tell me. Tell me. Is she okay?

Roman: Eve, I'm so sorry. Paige was killed tonight. Apparently someone broke in her room, and, uh...

Eve: No, no. No--you--you're wrong. I mean, she's-- she's my daughter. She's-- she's my heart. I would know if--

Roman: I wish I were wrong, believe me.

Eve: No. No. Oh, my God. Oh. No. Just no--I can't. My Paige. Oh!

Abigail: I had no idea you had such talent.

Theresa: Condescending much? Do you have any hidden talents, Abigail? Oh, wait, yours only come out in the dark, right? Look, I know you hate working with me as much as I hate working with you, so you'll be happy to know that you're part of the inspiration for my career change. Well, you and my beautiful little boy.

Abigail: Good for you.

Hope: Enough. Stop. Enough. Bo made his choice, and I've made mine. And, Steve, please. You have got to drop this.

Steve: Even if your husband's in trouble?

Hope: And you have given me absolutely no reason to believe that's true. Not one. I know, it's hard to wrap your head around that he walked away from his family, but that is exactly what he did. Steve, please. Let it go.

Steve: You do what you want, hope. But I won't let it go. I can't.

Hope: Aiden, I'm sorry. Steve's always had a hard time letting things go. I just-- please know that it has nothing to do with you.

Aiden: Oh, baby, baby, look. I--I'm the one who's sorry. He really shook you up there. But, um, do you really think that Bo is in some sort of trouble?

Hope: No. And I don't feel guilty for moving on and living my life. Very happy. Very happy.

Man: Hey. Look alive. Eyes on me. One, two, three. You're welcome.

[Door closes]

Bo: [Sobs]

[Phone rings]

[Phone beeps]

Rafe: Justin.

Justin: I understand we have another murder on our hands. Same mo as the Serena mason case?

Rafe: Seems so.

Justin: The public is gonna start panicking that we're dealing with a serial killer here.

Rafe: Yeah, well, forensics just dusted for prints, and they're trying to trace the necktie, and we're still looking for witnesses.

Justin: Oh, for the love of God. Did you check to see if Chad DiMera has an alibi?

Chad: Look, I--I need to remember it. It's happened to me twice now and I can't--

Brady: Chad, if you want to make sure that it doesn't happen again, I think you know what you gotta do. Look, I'll be happy to email you some information about a meeting. I'll even go to a meeting--

Chad: Look, I don't have a problem.

Brady: All right. I didn't say you did. But I'll tell you this. I hid my addiction for a long, long time. Kept telling myself I was in control. And I was lucky that I didn't kill myself or someone else.

Eve: Who would do something like that?

Roman: We don't know yet, but we will find whoever did it, I promise you that.

Eve: Who would hurt her? Who would hurt such a sweet, sweet girl? She was the sweetest girl in the whole world. She was everything to me, Roman.

Roman: Eve, why don't I take you to the station, okay? You can speak with the counselor, or I can call Marlena.

Eve: No. No.

Roman: I can do that.

Eve: No. I'm not going anywhere until I see my baby. Not until I see my baby.

Steve: This a better time?

Kayla: Sure. Come in. Did you talk to Joey today?

Steve: Uh... I talked. He grunted.

Kayla: Yeah. I actually got some words, but maybe I wish I hadn't. He really knows how to get to me.

Steve: Well, I'll keep at him.

Kayla: Well, what would you say to him? I mean, when you were his age, you--

Steve: I dropped out of school, hung around with my friends, and acted like a bum. Look how I turned out.

Kayla: You know, I know that I have made plenty of mistakes, and I'm not blaming you for everything that's happened. I--

Steve: Just most of it.

Kayla: You know, I don't-- I don't really want to look backwards. Joey is so angry and so aimless. I'm desperate to help him. I'm so desperate that I, um... I'm going to ask for your help.

Justin: Where's DiMera?

Rafe: I haven't talked to him yet. I just finished securing the crime scene.

Justin: You know, I know I'm no expert. But given the fact that Paige Larson was a witness against Chad, our main suspect in Serena's murder, and given the fact that both women were killed under the same unusual circumstances, call me crazy but--

Rafe: Talk to eve?

Justin: Does eve have any idea who might have wanted her daughter killed?

Roman: Let's give the woman a chance to grieve, all right?

Ochoa: CSI made an id on that flower petal. Turns out it's very rare. Not native to Salem or even this hemisphere.

Justin: What?

Rafe: I've seen this flower before. Lots of times. At the DiMera estate.

JJ: You got my message?

Clyde: Don't you ever summon me again, boy.

JJ: You son of a bitch. You killed her.

Clyde: I suggest you let go of me. Right now.

Eve: [Sobs sharply] Could you please leave me alone with my daughter?

Man: I'm sorry, but I'm not supposed to--

Eve: Leave me alone. [Cries] [Whimpers] Oh, my Paigey. My Paigey. Oh. Paige. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. [Sobbing] I'm so sorry.

Aiden: Agh.

Man: Looks like the universe knew I was coming to collect on your debts. This... is just a start. Give us the rest... or I'll be back.

Hope: As hard as it is, I have to let you go. I can't do this anymore. I have to say good-bye to you, Brady. Or the ghost of you. Which is all I seem to have left. If you do read this, I know you'll understand. I'll always love you. Always... love you.

Bo: Hope?

Hope: [Screams] Bo!

Bo: Fancy face!

Brady: What are you doing?

Theresa: Huh?

Brady: What are you doing?

Theresa: What are you doing?

Brady: Mommy doesn't need a drink right now.

Steve: Well, if Joe didn't hate me already, he's plenty angry with me now for dragging him back to Salem.

Kayla: In other words, it's all up to me. Like always.

Steve: I didn't say that. I'm not giving up, baby. On Joe... or on us.

Kayla: There is no "us," Steve.

Steve: We're still a family.

Kayla: Well, there's no you and me. Not anymore.

[Phone vibrates]

Kayla: I gotta go.

Steve: Of course you do.

Kayla: I've got a hospital to run. I don't have time to bang my head against the wall. [Sighs]

[Door opens]

[Dramatic music]

[Door closes]

Bo: [Coughs] [Coughing]

[Doorbell rings]

Aiden: Hi.

Hope: Hey.

Aiden: I thought that maybe you weren't home.

Hope: No, I was just thinking.

Aiden: Thinking about what?

Hope: A lot of things. Us. Come on in. So, um... I know in my heart that I really need to move forward in my life, and thank you so much. I mean, you've been so incredibly patient with me. Given me the time that I so needed in answering your proposal.

Aiden: Well, yeah.

Hope: But, um... I accept.

Aiden: Wh--wh--what? What are you--what?

Hope: I accept. Nothing would make me prouder than being Mrs. Aiden... Jennings.

Aiden: Oh. Oh.

Clyde: You're always in my sights, boy. My man there, he sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake.

JJ: You didn't have to kill Paige. I haven't breathed a word about you.

Clyde: You got one thing to worry about, boy, and that's our business. Everything else is just a distraction. You know what happens when people let me down. You do not want that to be you.

Eve: [Sobs]

[Loud knocking]

Chad: I'm coming.

[Banging at door]

Chad: I'm coming.

Rafe: Well, hello again.

Chad: I'm guessing this isn't a social call.

Rafe: You recognize this?

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