Days Transcript Tuesday 9/1/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/1/15


Episode #12666 ~ John takes Marlena on a romantic trip down memory lane; Theresa, Kate, & Nicole unwittingly set their sights on the same goal; Jennifer & Eve get into a physical confrontation over accusations of leaking false information; Kyle tests JJ's loyalty.

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[Dramatic music]

Theresa: You know, Tate is this close to crawling. And then it's "Look out, world." How do you think Victor would feel about having corner cushions on the living room furniture?

Brady: Victor would probably say something like, "Well, we didn't have toilet lid locks when I was a kid."

Theresa: [Laughs] Yeah, but I mean look how we turned out, right? You know, sometimes I wish that we could just swaddle our son in bubble wrap to protect him from the Xanders of this world. Look, Brady, I really can't thank you enough for putting that psychopath in jail.

Brady: I told you before. It's no big deal.

Theresa: No, but, Brady, wait. Listen, it is a big deal. Let me tell you why.

Nicole: Daniel.

Daniel: Hope I'm not interrupting.

Nicole: No, I can put together my hard-hitting story on killer house cats in ten minutes. No. You know, I was just daydreaming. You know, about what I'm gonna do with the money from my lawsuit. I know I donated Serena's and I don't exactly have Xander's, but, hey, a girl can dream.

Daniel: Nicole, I figured you'd be the first person to hear the news.

Nicole: Well, unless it involves gratuitous sex, violence, or alien abduction, it's not my department. What's the news?

Daniel: Serena was murdered last night.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Oh, my God. Well, do they know who did it?

Daniel: No. They found her strangled in the park.

Nicole: Oh, my. Why do I feel so terrible? And why do I feel like it's partly my fault?

Kate: Sorry I'm late. That business call took so long.

Clyde: Yeah, well, I suppose you think your time is more valuable than mine, don't you?

Kate: No. No, not at all.

Clyde: I'm just--I'm so tired of you being late and so tired of your excuses. I think things have gotta change right now.

[Dramatic music]

Marlena: [Laughs] Are we there yet? Please say we're there.

John: We're here.

[Sweeping romantic music]

Victor was kind enough to let us have the edge all to ourselves.

Marlena: Well, it's lovely. What is all this?

John: The story of us.

[Sweeping romantic music]

[Romantic music]

Marlena: You didn't have to do this.

John: Yes, I did. Look, I know you wish I weren't going back to the ISA. But I'm here to prove to you that you have always come first. Always have, always will. And I want this little trip down memory lane to remind you just how wonderful our life was and can be again. Does this remind you of anything?

Marlena: Um...

John: [Laughs] I know, I know. Just a generic restaurant table. I wasn't taking in the scenery much that day, myself. I was too busy looking at you.

Marlena: Shenanigans. I was too busy staring down the barrel of a gun. And you saved my life.

John: I didn't know who I was or where I'd come from. But the moment I laid eyes on you I knew I had my anchor. I had my purpose.

Marlena: I thought I was the one who was smitten.

John: Everything that I am now is because of you.

Marlena: [Sighs]

John: What?

Marlena: Well, I just-- when I think of how we've been tested, you know? And I think that couples that survive that are together forever and yet we're... being us against the world was so much easier than being us--

John: Against us.

Marlena: We lost the ability to trust each other. I just don't understand how this time things could be different.

Theresa: I was watching Tate sleep and I just kept thinking once upon a time Xander was a sweet, innocent baby too. But someone taught him to treat women as objects who don't deserve respect. And I told Tate that his dad is going to teach him to treasure women, to treat them like royalty. What you did for me yesterday-- it was beyond what I had any right to expect and I just hope someday that I can show you--

Brady: Whoa. You just don't know when to quit, do you?

Jennifer: Oh! I'm so sorry.

[Ominous music]

I didn't think it was possible for you to hurt my son any more than you already have. He could have been killed because of what you did.

JJ: What's up?

Kyle: Ready to start earning your raise?

JJ: Absolutely.

Kyle: Good. I just got this new shipment of meth. Now you're gonna sample it, make sure it's worth the price.

[Ominous music]

Daniel: Why would you think Serena's death would be your fault?

Nicole: Because I wished so hard for her to be punished for what she did to Eric and me. But she didn't deserve to die. I didn't want that.

Daniel: Of course you didn't. Honey, it's gonna be okay. Listen, it's not your--

Miles: Oh, man, I have got a hot story for you, doll.

Nicole: Really?

Miles: Yeah. Okay, all right. I need you to interview your ex. You know, your hot-- I mean very photogenic-- ex priest.

Nicole: About what?

Miles: The murder of that buxom redhead. What's her name?

Nicole: Serena mason.

Miles: Yeah. Yeah.

Abe: Thank you for coming.

Justin: What's going on?

Abe: Well, I just came from a very exciting city council meeting. [Laughs] Justin, there has been so much corruption and graft these past few months. The crime rate is up. There have been drug problems in areas of the city that used to be safe. You know what happened with Sonny. Which is why I need your help.

Justin: What can I do?

Abe: Please. The mayor's cut funding to our department three years running. He didn't want to do any press on Serena mason's murder or devote extra resources to finding her killer. The city council members have been calling for his head, and he finally gave it to them.

Justin: He quit? Now what?

Abe: Well, in absence of another candidate I happened to be the lucky guy on the scene who was appointed to the office.

Justin: Congratulations.

Abe: [Laughs] Well, thank you. I think.

Justin: You were a great mayor. You should've won the last election by a landslide.

Abe: I've got my work cut out for me now. My first move was to fire the DA who should've had Serena behind bars a month ago, in which case she might still be alive.

Justin: Yeah.

Abe: I need a DA who's driven. Who will go all out when we catch this killer. I want you.

Justin: I'm honored. But I don't have a lot of experience in this area, Abe.

Abe: You're smart, you're hard working, and you have a name that commands respect.

Justin: Hmm. You mean it scares the hell out of people?

Abe: [Laughs] Well, that's not a bad thing. So what do you say?

[Dramatic music]

Justin: I am looking forward to nailing the bastard who stabbed my son. And getting this killer off the street.

[Dramatic music]

Maggie: Hi.

Theresa: Hi, Maggie.

Maggie: What's wrong?

Theresa: Nothing.

Maggie: Theresa, if you ever want to talk about Xander or...

Theresa: I was just trying to thank Brady for saving me from being attacked and he took it as an opportunity to remind me, yet again, that he definitely didn't do it because he cares about me.

Maggie: I'll bet he didn't say it that way.

Theresa: He's never gonna love me, is he?

Maggie: None of us can see the future, Theresa. And the first step in finding love is loving yourself.

Theresa: Can we just please skip the twelve-step stuff.

Maggie: Okay, it might sound trite, but it's true. I'm talking about the real Theresa. The Theresa that you don't show the world very often.

Theresa: Yeah, well-- you know what? Brady's seen the real me. He knows how I feel about him. One time, Anne Milbauer spiked his drink--

Maggie: She what?

Theresa: Well, anyway, I knocked it out of his hand because, Maggie, I would die if something happened to him.

Maggie: And then what happened? Theresa: Well, we bonded for like a minute and a half. He was dating Melanie at the time--

Maggie: Oh, and you reverted back to scheming and manipulating.

Theresa: Look, Maggie, I'm so sorry. Oh, God. I know you must miss your granddaughter a lot, and-- look, I didn't mean to drive her away. I--exactly. I... it's just that I'm a mom now, and I really, really want to do things differently. I just--I don't know. I don't know. I just-- it's like I can't help myself.

Maggie: And why do you think that is?

Theresa: Because it's the only way I can get anyone to pay attention to me?

Maggie: Or maybe because somewhere in there there's this little girl who's afraid of getting hurt.

JJ: Look, I'm fine with selling the stuff. But I worked hard to get clean, and if I go back to using, I--

Kyle: JJ, I'm not asking you to go out and get ripped. How do you expect me to trust you if you're not willing to quality check the product?

JJ: How come you can't do it?

Kyle: Because I'm asking you to do it. And if you refuse I'm gonna really start wondering what your deal is.

[Dramatic music]

Jennifer: You gave Sonix that anonymous tip about JJ dealing drugs out of the Horton center.

Eve: Did you pull that accusation out of your tight little ass? You know what I should do? I should sue you--

Jennifer: Who else hates my son so much to spread such vicious, dangerous lies? Now he's got a target on his back.

Eve: Oh, please. Everybody knows that JJ is a user. And if he's gone back to his criminal ways you know you can't blame me, but I'm going to warn you. Once an addict, always an addict.

Eve: Everybody thinks that you are so sweet and innocent, don't they? Well, this is the second time you've accused me and assaulted me.

Jennifer: You want to make it three? You want to make it three times? Because I have no problem with that.

Eve: Don't mess with me. I could snap you like a wishbone.

Abe: What's going on here?

Justin: Ladies, please.

Abe: Hey, everybody. Let's keep moving. Move back, all right? What did she do this time?

Eve: Are you kidding me? She attacked me!

Jennifer: I don't have time for this. I have to go repair the damage you've done.

Abe: Jennifer!

Eve: Hello again.

Justin: Do you need to get something off your chest?

Eve: Yeah, I do. But I want a drink first.

[Dramatic music]

JJ: Look, man. I'm doing you a favor here, okay? Like, the last thing you need is a dealer using the product, shorting the customers.

Kyle: You wouldn't do that. Not if you want to live. But if you're not comfortable doing what I ask, that's fine. Gosh, needs to be cleaned again. Crazy. Don't worry about it. I'll find someone else to do the job. And I won't be needing you anymore on the payroll.

JJ: Fine, I'll do it.

Kyle: My man.

Clyde: I think it's time for some rules in this relationship. I want to be the most important thing in your life. Not hawking lipstick or perfume or meddling in your kids' lives.

Kate: Okay, so let me get this straight. Clyde Weston is the most important thing in my life.

Clyde: That's what I'm getting at.

Kate: Oh, I see. But I don't suppose you're going to stop running your trucking company or you're going to stop meddling in your children's lives. No. What is this, the 1960s? Did I wander onto the set of mad men? Is this the twilight zone?

Clyde: Do you have a problem with me asking for due respect?

Kate: I have with you acting like a chauvinistic jerk. Look, I've had a lot of losers in my life. I've been saddled with a lot of them. But I'm really learning how to cut my losses. I liked your confidence in the beginning. I did. But your ego is way, way out of control. You need to find someone who's going to like being with a narcissist, because that certainly isn't me. Just consider yourself dumped.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole: Miles, I will not knock on Eric's door with a Bundt cake and shove a microphone in his face. I will not exploit his grief.

Miles: Do I need to remind you that that is your job? Who better, Nicole, than to capture that raw emotion, that pain. Come on, you know what buttons to push, so to speak, to kinda get him to spill his guts.

Nicole: I won't do it.

Miles: Oh, right. Right, right, right. You've got moral objections. What was I thinking? I mean, come on. We wouldn't want you to lower yourself, Nicole. I mean, come on--

Daniel: I don't think I like where this conversation is going.

Miles: Then stay out of it.

Daniel: No, I'm not going to stay out of it.

Miles: Yeah, stay out of it. All right, look. I am your boss.

Nicole: Give it to someone else.

Miles: That is not an option.

Nicole: Or what? I'm fired?

Miles: Maybe.

Nicole: You can't fire me. Because I quit!

[Dramatic music]

John: I can't just tell you how things are going to be different, Doc. But I sure hope you'll give me a chance to show you.

Marlena: You'll never guess what I found when I woke up this morning.

John: Well, I guess if I will never guess, I'm not even gonna give it a shot.

Marlena: Oh. I suppose I'll have to tell you. On the pillow, right beside me, I found a perfect yellow rose.

John: The romance is never going to end, Doc. Do you remember what belle called us that morning?

Marlena: The most married parents she had ever met.


John: Doc, I know that showing you I love you is about more than just bringing you flowers or strawberries and whipped cream. These last few years, when things got rough for us, I kept trying to tell myself that we just need space. Actually what I was doing was running away.

Marlena: And joining the ISA.

John: I'm not going to use that excuse to disappear. I'm in this for the long haul. And you'll have to do a hell of a lot to get rid of me this time.

Marlena: Who ever said I want to get rid of you? How many more memories have you dug up?

John: As many as it takes.

Marlena: I want this to work.

John: So do I. But?

Marlena: But I'm scared.

John: What are you scared of?

Marlena: John, the years we spent together were the happiest years of my life. And they were also some of the most painful. We hadn't even ended our honeymoon before I thought that I had lost you. If I open up my heart to you again, my whole heart, I run the risk of going through that pain all over again. But you know what? Now it's even worse. Because in this job you'll be risking your life every single day.

John: So you do know what you're afraid of. You're afraid I'm going to hurt you again.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: You know, I know you probably think that my mom and dad are great people, and you're wondering how they could raise a hellion like me. But the truth is my dad-- he wasn't around a lot and my mom, well, she had her-- you know, she had her problems.

Maggie: That must have been very difficult for you.

Theresa: Well, I'm not asking you to feel sorry for me, okay? I learned how to take care of myself.

Maggie: Yes, you're a strong person.

Theresa: Yes.

Maggie: That doesn't mean you can't be vulnerable, too. And there's nothing wrong with showing Brady that side of you.

Theresa: No. I'd rather look like a witch than a pathetic, needy--

Maggie: Okay, fine. I hear you, okay? Enough unsolicited advice. Okay, do you know where Brady is?

Theresa: No. He just left.

Maggie: Okay, well maybe he's with John helping him sell Basic Black.

Theresa: What? Wait, wait, Brady's dad is selling Basic Black? Oh, God. There goes my chance.

Maggie: At what?

Theresa: Can you keep a secret, Maggie?

Maggie: Yeah.

Theresa: When I was little, I kind of always wanted to be a fashion designer. I wanted it so bad I used to beg my mom to play the family card to get my foot in the door. But she told me to stop doodling in class and study harder. Look what that got me.

Maggie: You don't seem like the type to give up your dream that easily.

Theresa: You know what? You're right. I'm not. I could be independent. I could earn Brady's respect.

Maggie: Don't forget self-respect.

Theresa: Maggie--

Maggie: You know what? I bet that Brady could get you an internship with whoever ends up buying the company.

Theresa: Oh, no, I gotta shoot for something bigger. Way bigger.

Daniel: Tiger. Whoa. Sure you're not going to miss this job?

Nicole: Ugh, not for a second. You know, you operate on people's brains. I turn brains into mush. You know, I asked myself if I could have the career of my dreams, what would it be? And I realized I was never more fulfilled than when I ran titan.

Daniel: You want to go back to titan?

Nicole: No. I don't want to go back. I want to move forward. And I just heard that Basic Black is on the market.

Daniel: You want to work for--

Nicole: No, I don't want to work for Basic Black. I wanna own it.

Kyle: What are you waiting for, JJ? Hmm, Christmas?

JJ: Dude, I'm sorry, man. I just can't risk getting hooked.

Kyle: What, you think this is April fool's? You think I'm a fool, JJ? Where's the wire? Where's the wire? You just failed, homeboy. You just failed your first and last test.

[Dramatic music]

John: We really put it all on the line when we fall in love, don't we, Doc? Shenanigans isn't the place where it really started for us.

Marlena: New Orleans.

John: At Maison Blanche, I lost my memories, my identity, the first half of my life. But if that hadn't happened, I wouldn't be who I am today. And I'm grateful for that time. Because, without it, I wouldn't have you. When I whisked you away to propose to you, you were certain I was gonna take you to Ireland, weren't you? Do you remember that? But I chose new Orleans because our future always starts with our past.

[Sweeping romantic music]

So... was it all worth it, Doc?

Theresa: Listen, I'm just saying, I don't know why I didn't apply for a job at Basic Black a long time ago.

Brady: Well, I wish you'd said something sooner, because my dad's selling the company.

Theresa: Yeah, I heard.

Brady: Look, maybe I can talk to the new buyer about getting you an entry-level position.

Theresa: I'm not interested in an entry-level position.

Brady: All right, what are you looking for?

Theresa: I'd like to buy Basic Black.

Brady: Okay. Where do you think you're going to get the money for that?

Theresa: I was hoping that you would front it to me.

Brady: Oh, God.

Theresa: Listen, I would pay you back with interest. I mean, I know the international branches have already been sold, but if Basic Black were to expand again--

Brady: You cannot be serious about this.

Theresa: How much experience did you have before you became a mogul?

Brady: The answer is no.

Theresa: Fine. You know what? I'm gonna find the cash somewhere else, and I don't care what you think about me Brady, okay? I will prove you wrong. I will make this happen.

Nicole: Wow, the asking price is pretty high for a rundown designer house. I don't have the money.

Daniel: Well, I think we could talk to Victor, get him to cover what Xander owes you.

Nicole: We?

Daniel: Well, me.

Nicole: I love that you're acting like this is your dream too.

Daniel: It is. My dream is to make you happy, okay? But, with Xander's money, and what I could chip in, I don't think it would still be enough.

Nicole: I don't suppose I could un-donate-- [Laughs] I'm just kidding. You know what? I'll figure something out. I always do.

Daniel: You do.

Justin: That wasn't supposed to be a shot.

Eve: I know.

Justin: Another?

Eve: That is not necessary.

Justin: Oh, no. It's my turn. Sorry you're having a bad day.

Eve: Every day has been a bad day since I arrived here in Salem. And, I'm sorry, I know that Jennifer is your ex-sister-in-law or whatever. But I'm telling you right now, that woman is as crazy as her schizo mother. And people in this town-- they don't know it, but someday she is going to cause a world of trouble.

Justin: Unlike you, who's never caused any trouble for anybody. Eve: [Sighs]

Kyle: I need you to come over. We have a little problem.

Clyde: I told you never to call me. And you are paid to deal with problems.

Kyle: Trust me. You're gonna want to handle this one on your own.

Clyde: All right. I'll be there.

Kyle: Sit your ass down.

[Phone rings]

JJ: It's my mom.

Kyle: Don't even think about answering that.

Jennifer: JJ, it's me. You haven't been answering my texts, so I just thought I would call. Everything's fine here. And I just wanted to make sure that you're fine too. Love you, honey.

[Ominous music]

Anne: When are you going back to work?

Theresa: Hopefully never.

Anne: Really? So he didn't kick you out on your tuchas?

Theresa: No. But it's going to be a lot of work to get him to stop hating me, let alone start liking me. Naggy Maggie thinks I should show him "the real me."

Anne: That is the worst advice I've ever heard.

Theresa: You know what? I don't need input about my love life from someone who's never had one.

Anne: I'm sorry, what? I beg your pardon?

Theresa: Anyway, I found a whole 'nother way to get to Brady's heart, so--

Anne: As opposed to through his pants?

Theresa: Yes, and that's where you come in.

Kate: The problem is men. Men are selfish, manipulative, and arrogant. No offense.

Roman: None taken.

Kate: God. I really need to take a nice, long break from dating.

Roman: You know what? I think every man in Salem will be relieved to hear that.

Kate: Oh, shut up. You know, the truth is, I'm bored. I'm running a company in name only. I'm not having fun anymore. Time to shake things up.

Marlena: Of course it was worth it. There was never a question in my mind.

John: The question is whether it's worth rolling the dice and trying it all over again. I can't promise smooth sailing, Doc. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that's not gonna happen. But what I can promise you is my commitment to you will be unshakable. We had been married a lot of years-- we thought so, anyway-- before we had our first official wedding. You're bouquet had flowers for each of our children... yours, mine, ours. You took your vows from the song of Solomon. Rise up my love, my fair one, and come away. For lo the winter is passed.

Marlena: Our bad times are over, and the good times are beginning. Now, I know that nobody can ever promise what the future will bring. But I will make you one solemn vow. I will love you, no matter what. Whether rain or drought, or sun or storm, whatever comes. I will laugh with you, weep with you, celebrate with you, and mourn with you. Whatever comes, I am yours, my love, until death part us.

John: And we've cheated death how many times, Doc? I am yours.

[Sweeping romantic music]

Marlena: It's blank.

John: This was our past. And it's been an amazing ride. This is our future. And I firmly believe the best is yet to be.

[Sweeping romantic music]

John: I'd like to fill these pages together.

Marlena: I'd like that too. And I know how I'd like to start page one.

John: How?

[Sweeping romantic music]

Anne: Yes, of course. Honey, I will do whatever I can to help. But, currently, the bank of Anne is overdrawn. So if you're looking for, you know, a new head of HR, the only perk I would ask for would be, like, a little company discount, or something.

Theresa: Anne, Basic Black doesn't make wrap dresses.

Anne: [Laughs] How is it that you propose you're going to get this money to buy this business to then impress Brady with all of your, you know, refined business acumen and savvy?

Theresa: I'm going to get an investor.

Nicole: All I need is an investor to provide the rest of the funding.

Daniel: Well, Basic Black is a very attractive company. John's not going to have any trouble trying to find a buyer now that the word's out it's on the market.

Nicole: In other words, honey, the clock is ticking.

Eve: Well, enough about my problems. What about yours?

Justin: I don't have any complaints at the moment. Actually, I got a new job this morning. You're looking at the new DA.

Eve: Well, damn. Congratulations. Looks like you're a very important person for me to make friends with.

Justin: As long as you stay out of trouble.

Eve: Can we be friends anyway? [Laughs] You know, I'm really sorry about what happened between you and Adrian. She was a fool to let go of you.

Justin: Actually, I was the one who--

Eve: Was a very, very bad boy?

[Dramatic music]

[Knock at door]

Kyle: It's open.

[Ominous music]

Clyde: Oh, Lord. Too many drug dealers for one room.

[Intense dramatic music]

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