Days Transcript Thursday 8/27/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/27/15


Episode #12663 ~ Jennifer & JJ find themselves in hot water thanks to Eve; Eric makes a shocking discovery; Hope confides in John that she is committed to moving on from Bo with Aiden.

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Marlena: I can't believe you worked on all these cases. You were barely there a year.

John: It's been a tough year for the city. Way too much violence.

Rafe: Oh, hey. Sorry. Thought you said the room would be empty.

John: Is that your reapplication?

Rafe: Yeah, that's it. Even though everything's still on file, I have to to redo everything to be reinstated.

Marlena: You a little nervous?

Rafe: Oh, no. I'm not nervous. No, just I'm excited, you know? It's like, being here, and-- it's good. Feels like home.

John: Well, we need you here, so make sure all your papers are in order and get them in.

Rafe: Well, this is everything. It's everything right here. Everything but my psych evaluation.

Marlena: Then let's get that taken care of. We need you back on the force.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: Hey, Eric.

Eric: Hope. I know I maybe jumped the gun, but Serena mason, she seems to be missing.

Hope: How is that?

Eric: She didn't show up for work, and the hospital called me.

Hope: Oh, well, surely plenty of people don't show up for work on time. Why did they call you?

Eric: [Sighs] I am her emergency contact. Serena just got a big project from the hospital she's really committed to. She wouldn't just not show up. She's not at her hotel, and nobody's seen or heard from her since yesterday.

Hope: Wasn't she going out of town?

Eric: Yes, but she changed her mind.

Hope: And you would know?

Eric: Yes, because even if she wouldn't tell me, she wouldn't just burn her bridges at work.

Hope: Okay, well, you know, it's still too soon for a missing persons report, but if I hear anything, I'll let you know, okay?

Eric: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Everything okay?

Chad: [Groans] [Panting] [Groans] [Panting] How did I get here? What happened to me last night? You will never have to be bothered by any of us again.

Paige: Us?

Chad: The DiMeras, my father, me.

Paige: We're getting married here, Chad. I need their help with the ba-- with the... [Clears throat] Baby. I'm having a-- Ben and I are having a baby.

Ben: Rise and shine, princess.

Paige: Princess? Who's that?

Ben: Well, I would say queen, but that sounds old. Is this a food morning? You up for it? Yeah?

Paige: Yes. I'm not queasy at all, actually.

Ben: All right.

Paige: Wow, Ben. How many people are we eating for?

Ben: Well, I heard you were eating for two these days, so I know you need your protein. And I stopped by the baker's corner to grab these muffins because I would never try to follow your pancakes. Ever.

Paige: You already went down to the river front?

Ben: Mm-hmm, and I think I got all your favorites.

Paige: Yes, there's six, so you did buy-- I can not eat all these.

Ben: Just take a bite out of each one.

Paige: You never let me do that, so you must be in a very good mood this morning.

Ben: Well, I am. I know I've been a pain lately.

Paige: I never said that.

Ben: Yeah, well, I was trying to push you to do things you didn't want to do. I'm sorry.

Paige: So does this mean that you're okay with...

Ben: Everything. Abigail, I haven't-- I never thought I would have just ended up with somebody like you. I mean, you are like royalty.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Ben: You are.

Abigail: Hardly.

Ben: In Salem you are, and to me you are. I'm gonna make sure to treat you that way.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Jennifer: Okay, no. These graphics are great. Do you think we could just kind of, like, lighten up the backsplash a little bit, you know? JJ?

JJ: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jennifer: Okay.

JJ: No problem.

Jennifer: I mean, because I want the donor's eyes to go right to the contribute button, you know? And then tomorrow, we're gonna set up a phone bank, bring in more donations...

JJ: You're doing so much for that place. They're lucky to have you.

Jennifer: We can't let the center go under. There's too many people who depend on it.

[Doorbell rings]

Jennifer: And you know how much I like a challenge. Jennifer: Hi.

Roman: Hey. Sorry to barge in.

Agent Watts: We have a big problem.

Hope: No. Probably all but nothing.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: Hey.

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: Ooh, how are the ribs?

Aiden: Oh, I like them smoked with a lot of BBQ.

Hope: Very funny.

Aiden: They're good. They're good.

Hope: You got beat up pretty badly. It's got to hurt.

Aiden: Well, just my pride. And baby, my pride would love it if you'd never mention it again.

Hope: Mention what?

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: What brings you by?

Aiden: I had to see a client, but I was wondering if I could use your office to make a call.

Hope: Official business?

Aiden: Oh, it's very personal, so I'm gonna need you to leave, please.

Hope: Hmm, actually, sounds like something I want to hear.

Aiden: Hmm, you get nothing out of me.

Hope: I don't like surprises that much.

Aiden: Yes, but this one, you will.

Hope: If you say so.

Aiden: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Don't steal anything.

Aiden: Just some office supplies.

Hope: Can't wait to find out what you're up to.

Aiden: With any luck, you never will.

Paige: Hey.

Kyle: Hey, how you doing, gorgeous?

Paige: Good. How about you?

Kyle: Great.

Paige: Are you busy?

Kyle: I'm actually on my way to a meeting.

Paige: With JJ? I mean, you have to find out what big secrets he's keeping, right?

Kyle: [Laughs] I hope that didn't keep you up at night.

Paige: No, no, no. It just seemed like it bugged you, and it's just... you have to take anything you hear about JJ with a grain of salt.

Kyle: Really?

Paige: Seriously. I mean, I just ran into this girl I know, and she used to hang out when JJ would play at the student union, and she said the stupidest stuff about JJ. I mean, things that I know are not true. He has a lot of fans, and they have some weird fantasies, so whatever you heard about JJ--

Kyle: Paige, Paige. This wasn't some random girl. This was a grown woman who knows JJ very well and his family.

Paige: Oh.

Kyle: Yeah.

Paige: Well, good.

Kyle: I'll catch you later.

Paige: Yeah, text me.

Kyle: All right.

Paige: Okay.

Kyle: You look beautiful.

Paige: Thank you. No, no, no, no. JJ? It's Paige, okay? I need you to call me. You're in danger.

Roman: We don't know how far it's gone, but...

JJ: What is it?

Agent Watts: There's a rumor going around about you. A source heard that you've gone back to dealing drugs.

JJ: Okay, well, that's what it's supposed to look like, right?

Agent Watts: To Kyle and his boss, yes.

JJ: Well, they know that I used to sell weed, so that's why they wanted me.

Agent Watts: Well, the rumor now is that you're selling meth, and you're doing it out of the Horton center.

Jennifer: What? Who would say something like that? What, they think that he's using the 12-step meetings to recruit customers? Who would even come up with something like that? And why? Why are they targeting JJ and the center?

John: Cooper, possession with intent, you wanted to work?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah, that goes on the pile with the rest of the drug cases. I'll take a look at it first.

John: You guys will crack it.

Hope: Yeah, I hope so. Nice seeing you and Marlena walk in together.

John: I wake up grateful every morning.

Hope: Yeah?

John: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Then don't let the ISA mess things up for you guys this time.

John: Don't worry, I won't.

Hope: It's hard enough with both partners on the job.

John: You and Bo were a great team, though.

Hope: And then we weren't. It's okay. Really. I am so past it. I built a beautiful life for Ciara and me, and she's happy. And I'm happier than I've been in a very long time. Years, in fact.

Aiden: No, that sounds too busy. I want private, isolated. Yeah, I want to have her all to myself.

Abigail: Okay. I don't know about the royalty thing, but this is totally working for me.

Ben: Yeah?

Abigail: Mm-hmm.

Ben: Breakfast in bed every day?

Abigail: While we can, yeah. When the baby comes, sleep is gonna be just a distant memory.

Ben: I'll help.

Abigail: Yes, you will help. My family is here. They're gonna help too. Not, like, they're gonna be moving in or anything, you know, but they'll be here, and that will matter.

Ben: Mm-hmm, I get that. I do. And I really am-- hey, I'm really okay with staying here in Salem.

Abigail: [Laughs] Our kid is gonna be the most loved kid of all, and that is the only thing that matters.

Ben: You are right. Can you feel anything yet?

Abigail: I mean, apart from queasiness, no. Just, I--sometimes it feels a little fluttery, but it's too soon for any kicks or anything.

Ben: That's okay. I can wait.

Chad: Oh, God. [Panting] [Groans] Abigail, you're probably wondering why I called. My father, he's suddenly consumed with the idea that I should be happy, and the only way I can be happy is if you and I get married.

Abigail: Chad, I--

Chad: No, that's a lie. Stefano really wants us to get married so he can get his hands on your fortune.

Abigail: I don't have a fortune.

Chad: Thank you for coming. You have a wedding to plan.

Abigail: We're getting married here, Chad.

Chad: Well, I'm sure your family will be very happy about that.

Paige: Yeah. I'm gonna need their help with the ba-- I'm having a-- Ben and I are having a baby.

Chad: Congratulations, Abby.

Abigail: You already said that.

Chad: I mean it. God, you're gonna be such a beautiful mother. I hope you and Ben are happy.

Stefano: Are you proud of yourself now? Huh? You think that that was the work of a man?

Chad: It was the work of this man.

Stefano: Get the hell out.

Chad: Fine. Sounds like a plan.

Stefano: And stay out.

Chad: Keep them coming.

Stefano: And no, I do not mean take a walk. Leave this house, because you are a disgrace to this family.

Serena: Sure could use a drink.

Chad: Serena. Serena. Oh, Serena. Oh, Serena. [Panting]

[Cell phone rings]

Eric: Serena? Where are you? No, I'm sorry. You got the wrong number.

Jennifer: All right. I'll have a statement drafted in five.

Agent Watts: Miss Horton.

Jennifer: I have a list of contacts, I have the local press. Has this gone any farther than Salem?

JJ: Mom, I am so sorry.

Roman: Jennifer, listen to us.

Jennifer: No, I'm sorry. This is not your fault, and we're gonna fix it.

Agent Watts: Jennifer, put the phone down. If you do anything at all, you'll only make the story worse.

Jennifer: How could this get any worse?

Agent Watts: We don't know how far it's spread.

Roman: Look, could be nothing. Could be just junkies talking, that's all.

JJ: And that's good for me, right? It gives me cred.

Agent Watts: Yeah, if it stays in the right circles.

JJ: But not in the Horton center. We've got to clear them.

Jennifer: He's right. We can't let that go unanswered.

Agent Watts: You want to get your son killed?

Jennifer: What?

JJ: Excuse me. Don't talk to her that way.

Jennifer: How is this dangerous for JJ if we're setting the record straight?

Roman: Jenn, listen to me, okay? You make a big stink about this, Kyle and his boss may decide that JJ is bringing too much attention to their business.

Agent Watts: Look, if JJ is known in their community as a reliable dealer, that's one thing. That's good. He's right. But if he starts getting too much heat in public, he's a liability. They'll drop him if he's lucky. If not, he will get hurt.

JJ: Mom, that's not going to happen. It's going to be okay.

Jennifer: No, you are not doing this. You're not going after that guy.

JJ: I have to. That reflects on you.

Jennifer: I don't care.

JJ: But a story like this about the Horton center could kill it. I could convince Kyle.

Roman: No!

JJ: Look, I can clear this up without it being a big deal.

Agent Watts: Let Roman and me see what we can track down about the source.

JJ: But I can't just sit here.

Roman: That is exactly what you're gonna do.

Eve: Oh, honey, what a nice surprise. I'm so glad you wanted to see me.

Paige: You seem happy.

Eve: Well, I get a call out of the blue from my beautiful daughter. Of course that puts me in a good mood.

Paige: You sure it's nothing else? Nothing else you did?

Eve: I--I don't know what you're talking about.

Paige: You ratted out JJ to Kyle southern.

Eve: Oh, those two.

Paige: Do you have any freaking idea what you've done?

Eve: Well, nothing that deserves that tone of voice from you, sweetheart.

Paige: Did you talk to Kyle southern?

Eve: I may have run into him, but I don't know what you're talking about.

Paige: You--you just painted a big, fat target on the back of JJ, and now Kyle is going to go after him, and who knows what he's going to do?

Eve: Honey, listen to me. Why are you in a situation like this? You are an honors student. You should be in Stanford right now. Please just let those two little thugs play their game, okay? And it'll all be over with very soon.

Paige: Over? Eve, what does that mean?

[Cell phone ringing]

Abigail: Hey, will. What's up? I'm fine. Thanks for checking on me the other day and letting me get everything off my chest yesterday. I really appreciated it, but it's settled. It's Ben and me and our baby. Oh, no, that's okay. Yeah, it's fine. I'll catch up with you later.

Ben: So, my dad gave me his credit card yesterday and said we should do some shopping for us or the baby if you want. What do you think?

Abigail: I think that sounds fun, but I actually have a lot of work to do.

Ben: That's okay. I'll just go to the hospital and wait while you do that, and then when you're done, we can go. If that's okay.

Paige: Yeah, of course it is. Sure. As long as you're not gonna be bored. But yes, no, that's fine. I want to spend as much time with you as I can. Every minute.

Eric: Hi, I'm sorry. You said everything is still there? Miss mason's luggage and her clothes? You're sure? Her computer is in the room? Yes, I understand that's not normal policy. I appreciate it. No, I'm not father Eric anymore. Listen, thank you, ma'am. Hey, Serena. This is Eric. Listen, I know you're still in town somewhere, so please. Would you just give me a call, because everyone is starting to get really worried. Bye.

Chad: [Groans] Why?

Serena: You've been very sweet, but I've got to put the brakes on.

Chad: Oh, what fun would that be?

[Serena struggling]

Chad: Smooth. What next? What did I do? I'm Deborah heritage,

Roman: Okay. Are we all clear here? You two know what you do and you don't do?

JJ: Yeah, yeah, I heard you.

Jennifer: Yeah, he's gonna do exactly what you said.

Agent Watts: Look, you needed to know that this was out there. That's why we came. But it could just blow over. Let us do what we can to squash it. And JJ, if you hear from Kyle...

JJ: I know what to do.

Roman. Okay. Now, you take care of yourself. Be careful, okay? We'll let ourselves out. Jenn, you call me any time, day or night, okay?

Jennifer: Thank you.

JJ: This is gonna go away, mom.

Jennifer: I hope so.

JJ: Look, I'm gonna make sure it goes away before he can hurt anybody.

Jennifer: No--Roman-- you heard him. You can't stop the rumor, or you're gonna be alerting Kyle.

JJ: Yeah, so that's why I'm gonna stop Kyle. Because the sooner I get what the DEA needs, the sooner that scum and his boss are off the streets, and then this whole story can--

Jennifer: JJ, no. You can't do any more than what you're already doing. You heard agent Watts.

JJ: Yeah, but he told me to respond when Kyle calls. He did say that.

Jennifer; yes, he said but don't initiate anything.

JJ: Listen, mom, I'm gonna stay between the lines. We'll be okay. I wasn't gonna say anything, because Watts is all about this rumor, but I am so close to nailing Kyle.

Jennifer: Honey, it's not worth it.

JJ: But mom, I so close to getting another chance with Paige.

Eve: My name is Mom.

Paige: Just tell me. What is going to be over soon? What do you know?

Eve: I know that JJ and Kyle are bad boys, and those kind always get what's coming to them in the end, sweetheart. Always.

Paige: And what is the end? Did you set them up? What have you done?

Eve: No, I did not set up anything. Is that the only reason you called me?

Paige: Only reason? Really?

Eve: No, honey, wait. Please, please, please.

Paige: If you did something-- if you did something, and JJ or anyone else gets hurt, you will answer to me.

Eve: Paige! Nice photo, Jenn. Go Sonix.

Aiden: Yeah, it's a surprise for the lady. She has no idea what's coming. Thanks.

[Cell phone buzzes]

[Door opens]

Hope: Aiden, what's wrong? Daddy gator couldn't push the throttle

Aiden: I have to go to the courthouse on a filing.

Hope: What? I thought we were gonna take a break together.

Aiden: Yeah, no, me too. I'm sorry, but the judge has some questions about the brief, and he's ruling today. If I don't leave right now, we could get punished by clients.

Hope: I don't want that on my conscience, unless, of course, it's an evil client.

Aiden: No, I dropped them all for you, sweetheart. I only represent the nice, likeable felons.

Hope: Hmm.

Aiden: Yeah. Civil thing, anyway, so yeah.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: So tonight?

Hope: Yes.

Aiden: Yeah?

Hope: Yes, I told everyone in the squad room I was unavailable for anything, so I'm all yours.

Aiden: Good, good.

Hope: This surprise, it better be good, Jennings.

Aiden: Oh, let me tell you something. It's gonna live up to all the hype. Okay.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jennifer: Jennifer Horton.

Agent Watts: This is agent Watts. Miss Horton, are you online?

Jennifer: I can be. Why?

Agent Watts: On the home page, bottom right. We're on it, but you and JJ need to lay low, and anything we can do to stop this--

[Cell phone rings]

Agent Watts: I have another call. Sit tight.

Jennifer: Wait, agent Watts. Don't hang-- [Sighs] All right. Come on. Load.


Jennifer: Oh, Julie, Aunt Maggie, hi. Come on in.

Julie: Why do you look okay? My darling, we thought you'd be in tatters.

Jennifer: What? Why would I be?

Maggie: Well, honey, we're concerned. And given that...

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Abigail: You know, it may not be at first, but I guarantee we are the only dual baby/bridal registry at Barron's right now.

Ben: I still don't get why we couldn't get the thing with the giraffe on it.

Abigail: Because I told you, Ben, it's bad luck to bring anything home for the baby too soon.

Ben: Oh, that's superstition.

Abigail: Maybe it is, but we are sticking with it. What did you buy? Ben, what did you-- cough it up right now. Is that--

Ben: Okay. All right, all right, all right.

Paige: You little sneak. Oh, they are pretty cute.

Ben: They're so tiny. That's our little boy's feet right there.

Abigail: Or girl's.

Ben: Yeah, okay, maybe I'll leave them in the car so it's not like bringing them home. Let's go. I need something to get used to.

Abigail: [Laughs]

Ben: How is somebody ever that tiny? He or she is gonna be mine to keep safe.

Paige: Ours.

Ben: At least better have your eyes.

Paige: The baby is gonna be the best of both of us.

[Line ringing]

Eric: [Sighs]

[Cell phone ringing]

Serena: Hi. This is Serena mason. Please leave a message, and I'll call you back.

Eric: [Gasps]

JJ: Paige, are you okay?

Paige: I'm not the one in trouble. You are.

JJ: All right, how am I in danger?

Paige: Someone told Kyle that you're a snitch.

Julie: Obviously you can see why we would be worried.

Jennifer: Well, don't be, because it's garbage.

Maggie: It reads like gossip.

Jennifer: Because it is. It says "sources say," "speculation is." It is total garbage.

Julie: Well, of course it is, and we knew that, darling.

Jennifer: I just can not believe what they are saying about the center. How dare they?

Maggie: Well, we've called the receptionist, and we've asked her to refer any questions to me. Now I just need to know what to say.

Julie: Besides "it's a damn lie."

Maggie: Yes.

Jennifer: You just tell them that Jennifer Horton doesn't work there and that I am not even on the board.

Julie: But you are.

Jennifer: Well, I am resigning. Effective immediately.

Maggie: Oh, honey. We can't let evil gossip drive you out of there.

Julie: The family supports you, and JJ too.

Jennifer: The center does not need this fight. It's hard enough to get funding. So if I just back away, the two of you can deny everything, and then I won't be around, and it'll just go away.

Maggie: Is JJ here?

Jennifer: No, he had to go out.

Maggie: How's he doing?

Jennifer: He's fine.

Maggie: Are you sure that--

Jennifer: Yes, aunt Maggie. He is fine. You can't believe this about him either.

Julie: Well, the story must have started somewhere. I mean, who would pull this out of thin air, darling?

Jennifer: JJ is not doing drugs.

Maggie: Okay, you're sure he's not dealing or--

Jennifer: Aunt Maggie, I wish I could-- I'm just telling you, when this whole story comes out, you will see, and I can't say anything about it, but just know it is not what it looks like or how this article makes it look.

Julie: Well, we knew you were not the new drug lord of Salem.

Jennifer: And neither is JJ. Have you been to the center?

Maggie: We were on our way there now.

Jennifer: Okay, well, why don't you head over there? I will get my resignation ready to go. I'll email it to you. You'll have it before you get there.

Maggie: That's not what we wanted.

Jennifer: It's what the center needs.

Julie: Oh, sweetheart. Call me later, okay?

Jennifer: I am so sorry about all of this, this whole mess.

Maggie: Oh, I love you, baby.

Jennifer: I'm sorry.

Maggie: Okay.

Ben: Hey, did you see this? Look at this. Come here, check this out.

Abigail: [Gasps]

Ben: Look at this little onesie.

Abigail : Oh, my God. That's the cutest thing.

Ben: That's perfect, right? It's perfect.

Abigail: Yes.

John: No, I left my notes on the top of every one of these files here, and I'll be around if you and Rafe have any questions.

Hope: Okay, great. Thanks.

Rafe: Hey.

Hope: Hey, how'd it go? Did you pass the psych evaluation?

Marlena: With flying colors.

Hope: What? Wow. I'm surprised he was able to fool you, because I happen to know he's a little...little crazy.

Rafe: I mean, you'd have to be to want to work in this place.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hope: Sorry. Excuse me. Eric, did you find Serena? Eric?

Eric: I found her. She's in the park, and she's dead.

Hope: What?

JJ: Okay. Thanks for the warning.

Paige: JJ.

JJ: I need to get going.

Paige: But we have to figure out who--

JJ: No, no, we don't. This is mine. I knew what I was getting into. You need to stay far away from me until this blows over.

Paige: I want to help.

JJ: You did, Paige. And now the worst thing that can happen is for Kyle to see you anywhere near me.

Paige: You're probably right. Just call or text me if anything happens, okay?

JJ: Sure.

Paige: You're really brave, JJ.

JJ: It'll be over soon. Go on.

Jennifer: JJ, hey, it's Mom. Call me as soon as you get this, all right? Before you talk to anyone, especially Kyle. I have some news for you.


Roman: Rafe. Shut the door. Come on in. Have a seat. your psych evaluations. We looked all through your paperwork.

Rafe: Commissioner. Excuse me, I just-- I want you to know how grateful I am that you're considering putting me back on the force.

Roman: John Black greased those wheels for you. Thank him.

Rafe: Right, yeah. I know he did, and I did.

Roman: Rafe, I'm gonna be straight with you here, okay?

Rafe: Okay.

Roman: I got concerns. You broke the rules once. You got to know, I'm gonna be breathing down your neck.

Rafe: I understand, sir.

Roman: I hope you do, because you break those rules again, I'll make damn sure you never come back to this force ever again.

Rafe: I won't be breaking any rules, sir. I just want you to know how much I admire you, and I have since we worked together, since I was your son-in-law.

Roman: I remember those days well.

Rafe: Yeah. Well, I believe that I had your respect then, and I intend to earn it back, sir.

Roman: I hope you do, Rafe. I really do. So, welcome back to the Salem police force.

Rafe: Thank you, sir. Thank you. It's an honor to be back.

Chad: [Sighs] Breakfast of champions.

Man on TV: Indictments are expected this week. We have breaking news. The murder victim found earlier in Salem Park has been identified. Her name is Serena Mason.

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