Days Transcript Wednesday 8/26/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/26/15


Episode #12662 ~ Chad & Serena's night takes an unpleasant turn; Eve's actions put JJ in a very dangerous situation; Hope, Aiden, Victor, Maggie, Doug, & Julie rally around Caroline; Will lashes out at Paul over Sonny's departure.

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Jennifer: JJ, just because Paige covered for you with Kyle, that doesn't mean that she still loves you.

JJ: After she got me out of his place, we talked. Like, really talked.

Jennifer: Okay, what did she say?

JJ: That she overheard me making a phone call. She knows I'm undercover for the DEA. I tried to lie my way out of it, but I just couldn't. Not after all the other lies that I've told her. I said the only reason why I'm doing this is to get Kyle off the streets, and away from her.

Jennifer: My goodness, I really hope that you're not putting--


Eve: [Sighs] Rash, brave, and so, so stupid.

Adrienne: Okay, he said to dress down.

Lucas: Yeah, I did. Dressing down agrees with you.

Adrienne: Well, thank you.

Lucas: Yeah.

Adrienne: Besides, I thought it was appropriate for the all-night waffle house down the highway, don't you think?

Lucas: Yeah, it would be, but that's not where we're going.

Adrienne: Wha--wha-- wha--where are we going?

Lucas: I told you, it was a surprise. Come on, you'll see soon enough.

Justin: Adrienne. I, um... I need to talk to you.

Adrienne: Um, okay. What's going on?

Justin: Well, I thought you'd want to know that I got a letter from sonny.

Marlena: Hi, will.

Will: Hey, grandma.

Marlena: Have you heard from sonny?

Will: No. And I don't think I'm going to.

Marlena: Why do you say that?

Will: It's over, grandma. I've lost him for good. And it's because of Paul.

John: These kids are gonna be over the moon.

Paul: Because they got baseballs signed by a has-been?

John: No, because they're gonna play their all star game with baseballs that were signed by a real MLB all star. Everything okay?

Paul: Not great.

John: Have you, uh, had a chance to talk to derrick lately?

Paul: He asked casually.

John: Just a simple question.

Paul: No, um, there's nothing really left to say to derrick. I haven't talked to him. And that's all thanks to will.

Ben: You said you were coming right home. Dad said I should just remember that I won and DiMera lost. That I'm a lucky guy. 'Cause you chose me. [Chuckling]

Serena: You know, Chad, if I haven't already told you that you have really great taste in scotch.

Chad: Mmm.

Serena: And in clothes. All in all, you're a really classy guy. And generous, too.

Chad: Shucks, you're gonna turn my head. [Giggling]

Serena: No, no, no. I told you, this was my last drink.

Chad: Yeah, you've said that more than once.

Serena: Mmm.

Chad: Mmm. You can just leave the bottle.

Serena: Oh, wow, this is a really dangerous idea.

Chad: Thank you. [Chuckling]

Serena: [Gasps] We didn't appoint a designated driver.

Chad: Uh-oh. I'll take good care of you.

Serena: Oh, you have a lis--

Chad: [Laughs] What?

Serena: A li--a limousine.

Chad: Mm.

Serena: Wow. A 20-year-old scotch and a limousine.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Serena: I really like you.

Chad: Right back atcha.

Paige: Why would you ever think that I would want you to?

JJ: An agent asked me, Paige.

Paige: Because you used to do exactly what Kyle does?

JJ: Because I gave it up. When I saw you with him, I couldn't say no. Come on, Kyle. You said you were gonna call. What the hell is going on?

Kyle: You.

Eve: Hi.

Kyle: Hi. What are you doing here? How do you know where I live?

Eve: Oh, you can find out anything if you want to know it badly enough.

Well, Paige isn't here, so if you came--

Eve: I'm not here about my daughter. Not directly, anyway.

Kyle: Oh, I--I get it. It's about her ex. JJ, right?

Eve: You're really gonna leave me standing out here in your hallway?

Kyle: No, come in. [Clears throat] So, what's... what about JJ? What's up?

Eve: You made him partner in your little illegal business enterprise, didn't you?

Kyle: Illegal business enterprise? Mrs. Larson, I'm terribly sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Eve: The little punk is working for the cops. Yeah. I thought that might get your attention.

Kyle: But Paige said that--Paige said you hated JJ. You'd say anything to get back at him.

Eve: That's true, I would.

Kyle: If you want me to keep listening to you, Mrs. Larson, I'm gonna need some proof.

Chad: What's--[Laughing]

Serena: Well, I did not expect to have this much fun on the day I got taken to the cleaners.

Chad: How'd you get taken to the cleaners?

Serena: Don't worry about it, I had it coming. I...need to go.

Chad: What?

Serena: Freshen up. [Laughs] I just love euphemisms. Did I say that right?

Chad: Yeah.

Serena: Good.

Chad: Whoa, ladies' room is that way, remember?

Serena: Sorry. It's a little drunk out tonight.

[Phone vibrating]

Clyde: Yeah. What do you got for me?

Abigail: I'm so glad I found you.

Chad: Abby? What's the matter?

Abigail: Chad, listen. I made a terrible mistake.

Chad: What are you talking about?

Abigail: The baby--

Chad: Is everything all right?

Abigail: The baby is yours.

Chad: What?

Abigail: I should be marrying you, not Ben. The baby is yours. I love you.

Chad: I--I--I don't understand. Are you sure?

Abigail: Chad, when you were telling me about how your father was pushing you to marry me because he thought I was coming into money, everything that you said to me--all of those horrible, hateful things, I finally understood everything that you did. You were pushing me away to protect me from him. You risked everything. I love you. Chad, I belong with you.

Caroline: But all I do is rest. I should be at the pub, you know, closing up.

Hope: I think it's time we tell her the real reason we're here.

Julie: Right.

Caroline: What real reason?

Maggie: You know about Salem's bicentennial, right?

Caroline: Yes, of course.

Doug: Well, hope and Maggie and Julie are all on the steering committee.

Julie: And we want you to get out of here so you can join us.

Caroline: Me?

Hope: Yes. Of course, are you kidding me? We can't plan a celebration like that without you.

Kayla: It sounds like pretty good motivation, you know, to do what you're told here so you can get out, go home. I mean, if you want to.

Caroline: Well, I'm sorry, but...well, I don't-- I can't.

Serena: What's wrong? Did you run out of the good scotch?

Chad: [Chuckles] No. We got plenty more where that came from.

Serena: So, I'm a journalist and my job is to have keen observations and I was observing that you were looking very sad.

Chad: Maybe I was just missing you.

Ben: Hey. I was wondering where you were.

Abigail: Yeah, no, I'm sorry. I'm late, I got caught up a little because I was looking at these.

Ben: Brides' magazines.

Abigail: Yes! Mm-hmm, my god, Ben. I found so many cool things in these magazines I can't wait to show you, I mean... wait, that would bore you to death, right?

Ben: No, no, it doesn't bore me at all.

Abigail: Really, are you sure?

Ben: It sounds great. Come on. But um, do you think we can read these magazines later?

Abigail: Oh?

Ben: There was just something else we could do. I can't wait.

Abigail: [Chuckles] Happy anniversary dinner, darlin'

JJ: She knows I'm undercover for the DEA. I-I tried to lie my way out of it, but I just couldn't. Not after all the other lies that I have told her. I said the only reason why I'm doing this is to get Kyle off the streets and away from her.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. I really hope that you're not-- okay, you wanted proof, now you got it.

Kyle: That could just be some line that he was feeding his mom.

Eve: JJ is the biggest mama's boy that ever walked the earth. He would never lie to her.

Kyle: How come you are far more interested in sticking it to JJ than you are nailing the possible drug dealer that's dating your daughter?

Eve: It's my business. What do you plan on doing about this, Mr. Southern?

Will: Arianna's starting to talk. When I woke her up this morning, she looked at me, and she said, "where daddy is?"

Marlena: Oh, that must have been very hard.

Will: What am I supposed to say to that? Tell her that I drove him away because I'm such A... I can't talk about this right now.

Paul: Will thought he was trying to save his marriage. I was such a threat to him.

John: It doesn't excuse what he did.

Paul: Well, if we're going to start blaming people, let's start with me. I mean, with what happened with will and me, my god, it was such a bad mistake. I mean, that was sonny's husband.

John: Will knew that. You didn't.

Paul: Yeah, well, regardless, it's done, right? Can't change the past.

John: What?

Paul: I'm just, uh... I mean, it never entered my mind that I'd be talking about this stuff with you. I mean, with my dad.

John: Well, just so you know, I'm really not an expert on the subject.

Paul: Yeah. But you're pretty good at the dad part.

John: I don't think Brady would agree to that.

Paul: I know he does. He told me.

John: You know that--that part you said about not being able to change the past? I sure wish to god I had gotten to know you earlier. You know, to get a free ticket to an all star game.

[Both chuckle]

Paul: Yeah, well, this is getting dangerously close to honest emotion.

John: Yeah, I know. Want to talk baseball?

Paul: [Laughing]

Justin: Sounds like he knows he made the right decision about leaving Salem for awhile.

Adrienne: Yes, but he also talks about how much he misses Ari. And will too.

Justin: I don't know why. After what will did to him.

Adrienne: I missed you even after what you did to me. Look, the only reason I bring that up is because I know exactly what sonny's going through. There's a part of him that just wants to turn off, forget his feelings for will. His love. But then there's another part of him that just knows he can't do that. And wonders if he ever will. I'm sorry, I'm running late. Ahem. Hey.

Lucas: Hey. Everything okay?

Adrienne: Yeah, no, everything's great. It's fine. Listen, so what's the surprise you've been banging on about?

Lucas: Well, you're just gonna have to wait and see.

Adrienne: Oh, no, no, no. Come on.

Lucas: Come on, come on. You're gonna love it.

Eve: No, this is an anonymous tip, but it's reliable and you can confirm all of it. You know the drug problem that has hit Salem recently? And hit it hard? Well, it can all be traced back to the legendary tom Horton's granddaughter, Jennifer rose Horton Deveraux. Mm-hmm. What? No, no, this is not a crank call. Mrs. Devereaux's son, JJ, is a known drug dealer, and you can check that fact out on the internet. Well, I will tell you how she factors into it. Mrs. Deveraux knows all about it and she's covering for her son just like she always does.

Marlena: The problem is not whether john and I love each other. We just had a breakdown in communication. And now we're trying to find our way back together step by step. Is it possible that's why sonny went to Paris? To begin that process?

Will: And I need to give him time. I can't push things. I can't try to make things happen.

Marlena: That's easier said than done. You just have to be patient.

Will: So grabbing Arianna and getting on an airplane and flying to Paris?

Marlena: [Chuckles] Not a great idea. No, sweetheart. You have to give sonny time.

Paul: September 14, and we were only half a game out of the wild card--

John: You know, you were so locked in that day. You went into the seventh inning throwing a no-no.

Paul: You--you saw it?

John: Yeah.

Paul: I just... [Chuckles] I wish that you would have known that it was your son pitching that game.

John: I wish that I had been around when you were growing up. Play a little catch in the backyard. Take you to your games.

Paul: You know, it's not too late. We can still do that. [Laughs]

Abigail: Ben, Ben, hey.

Ben: I just--I just want you so much.

Abigail: I know, and I-- babe, I want you, too. But we have all night.

Ben: Yeah.

Abigail: Ben. We have all the time in the world, okay? Let's just start over, and let's take it nice and slow.

Chad: [Coughs] [Chuckles] One more.

Serena: Oh, no, no, no, no. I give up, I give up, you win.

Chad: Oh, okay, so if I won, what's my prize?

Serena: Uh, well, I would pay for the drinks, but you know about my nonexistent financial status.

Chad: Mm-hmm. Well, the drinks are on the house, so... what about this?

Adrienne: [Laughing] I have never done anything like that in my life. And certainly not upside down.

Lucas: I know, it was insane. You were amazing. Really, I mean, for me, it was a no-brainer. I mean, we always have a great time together, so when I saw the ad for night time bungee jumping off of lookout bridge, I... I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather take the leap with.

Adrienne: Oh. That's why you asked me those weird questions about phobias. Oh, my god.

Lucas: Well, yeah, you know, bungee jumping isn't really a treat for people who are afraid of heights and...

Adrienne: Uh, the acrophobia thing.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah.

Adrienne: I get it now. Sly.

Lucas: Well, you confirmed what I thought.

Adrienne: What?

Lucas: That you're not afraid of anything.

Adrienne: No, not true. Not true. Justin and I, one time we were in Hawaii and we went parasailing.

Lucas: Right.

Adrienne: He basically had to...

Lucas: What? It's okay.

Adrienne: No, it's not.

Lucas: Adrienne, it's fine.

Adrienne: No, Lucas, it's really not. I'm sorry.

Hope: Aiden came up with the most amazing idea, and I pitched it to Julie and Maggie, and they loved it. Aiden?

Aiden: Hmm?

Hope: Tell her. Tell her the idea.

Aiden: Oh, well, um, we're putting together an official digital scrapbook of Salem, and we're collecting pictures and newspaper clippings and recording people's oral histories.

Hope: Yeah, and we're going to make copies for the library and put one of them in a time capsule.

Caroline: What?

Aiden: And we'd love for you to go through them with the other people who've, uh...

Doug: Who have been around forever.

Julie: Or at least it seems like we've been around forever.

Maggie: So if any of us can identify a picture or add details to a story, it'll just make history more human, more personal.

Kayla: And you know, from a doctor's perspective, I think it's good therapy for you. Stimulate your memory.

Maggie: Do you remember the gorgeous Victorian house next to the park?

Caroline: Yeah.

Maggie: Victor bought it. And we're gonna have the celebration there.

Julie: And everybody's gonna come in period costumes and-- and Doug is organizing a barbershop quartet, and there'll be horses and carriages.

Doug: Hmm

Maggie: It's gonna be like we're going back in time.

Julie: Caroline--Caroline, we really need you.

Victor: And besides, it'll be a lot more fun if you're there.

Caroline: Oh, well, it sounds wonderful.

Victor: Well, is that a yes or a no? And remember, I don't take no for an answer.

Caroline: Well, then I guess it's a yes.

All: Yay!

[All cheering]

Eve: [Gasps] Paige, Paige, Paige, please, please, please. Please, you've just got to let this anger go. Just let it go.

Paige: And let you off the hook?

Eve: No, just forgive me, okay? Look, you need someone right now in your corner.

Paige: Oh.

Eve: You need your mama.

Paige: No, no, no, no. Believe me, I don't need you.

Eve: No, Paige, please listen to me. This anger... look at me. This anger is causing you to make some really, really bad choices.

Paige: I don't know what you're talking about.

Eve: Really? Now think about this. You go from JJ to Kyle. I mean, that pretty much defines a bad decision, don't you think, honey?

Paige: You don't know anything about it.

Eve: Honey, what I know is a rumor I heard that JJ is working with the cops to bring down your new drug-dealing boyfriend.

Paige: Where did you hear that?

Eve: Honey, it doesn't matter where I heard it, okay? What matters is that you need to stay away from those two losers before--

Paige: Before what? Have you done something?

Eve: I don't have to do anything, but, honey, you need to think about what happens if Kyle finds out what JJ is up to, honey. Drug dealers, they live a very violent life, and you are playing with fire, sweetheart.

Paige: No, no, no, I am not playing. I am living my life, and you are no longer a part of it.

Eve: But Paige, just...

Kyle: [Chuckles] What's up? Good?

JJ: Yeah.

Kyle: Thanks for coming over on such short notice.

JJ: Not a problem. What's up?

Kyle: Nah, I was just thinking, you know, it's about time you and I had a talk. You know? I, um... if you want to work together, which you do, um...

JJ: Yeah, I told you that.

Kyle: Yeah. But--but you know, I... I got to thinking, JJ, I don't know that much about you.

JJ: Well, I think you know a lot about me 'cause you wouldn't think about working with someone that you haven't... what's the word? "Vetted"?

Kyle: You're right. Well, yeah, you're right. I mean, I know a lot about your stats.

JJ: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: I know some of your history. I know what you've done. But I'm not 100% sure I know how you think.

JJ: Let me tell you something about how I think.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

JJ: I don't like mind games. So if there's something wrong, just spit it out.

Kyle: Homeboy, I didn't say anything was wrong.

JJ: Okay--

Kyle: All right, so just relax, we're talking.

JJ: All right, well, if you want to talk about my stats...

Kyle: Okay.

JJ: The Horton town square is named after my mother's grandparents.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

JJ: Abe carver's like an uncle to me, and my mom is practically a sister to hope Brady. Detective hope Brady. I am connected in the ways that you will never be. This is my town. And I think you need someone that knows what I know.

Kyle: Okay. [Chuckles] My man. If that's the case, and that's what you want to prove, I got just the job for you. (Vo) Maggie wasn't thrilled when Ben and I got married.

Chad: Mmm.

Serena: Mmm.

Chad: Mm. Mm.

Serena: That is so not a good idea.

Chad: Why, was I doing it wrong? [Laughs]

Serena: No, no. You, um, your skills in that area are top notch. Uh... but as you can see, I'm plastered and I don't know if you know this, but I'm the town pariah, and I--it'd be no good for me to be in your life.

Chad: Well, I don't give a damn what anybody else thinks about you.

Serena: You should really listen to what I'm saying.

Chad: Well, I'm sick of thinking. I'd rather be doing what we were doing.

Serena: [Groaning]

Chad: No.

Serena: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Chad: Uh, my last name is DiMera, all right? We take pride on being the town pariah. There's nothing that you could do that would hurt my reputation.

Serena: Okay, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna say this a different way. seem like a really great guy.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Serena: But I've had a lousy day.

Chad: That's another thing we both have in common. So... why don't we be nice to each other? 'Cause who the hell else is gonna do it?

I gotta call the dentist this sweet tooth just will not go away it's on my mind like constant there must be some way I can medicate it's sugary sweet whenever I see you coming closer to me yeah you're so sugary sweet definitely exactly what I need I said give me a little and a little more give me a little and a little more sugar give me a little and a little more if it's gonna rain baby, let it pour give me a little and a little more sugar give it to me, baby oh, give it, oh, oh sugar, baby oh, you're so sweet ooh, ooh, ooh sugar uh, uh, uh, sugar so sweet

Hope: Aiden, what's wrong? Uh-oh. Are you upset with me because I told Caroline the time capsule idea was yours?

Aiden: Oh, shh.

Hope: Well, it's the truth.

Aiden: No, no, no, no, no. I just wanted to get you out of the room so no one in there would see me do this. 'Cause that was gonna happen one way or the other.

Hope: Yeah?

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Why?

Aiden: Why?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: First of all, you are so pretty and sweet. But I want to thank you. I want to thank you for making me a part of all this. Including me in your life. Making me a part of your history.

Hope: You don't have to thank me. 'Cause I wouldn't have it any other way.

Aiden: You're amazing. I'm not just talking about me, either, you know? Chase. Hope, you--you've included him. You've made him a part of this as well, and I can't tell you what that means to me. I know everyone in that room loves Bo, but... they've accepted me, and... you did that.

Hope: Aiden, when I wasn't with Ciara, seriously, I was just walking through life. Then I met you, and that changed.

Aiden: All right. I have a surprise for you.

Hope: Oh, a surprise?

Aiden: Yeah, yeah.

Hope: Really, for me?

Aiden: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hope: What is it?

Aiden: Well, I can't tell you. Then it won't be a surprise. What?

Hope: Don't make me put you in a chokehold, Jennings.

Aiden: No, no, no, no, no. Okay, you win, you win. Look, I know how much this bicentennial celebration means to you, and, uh, well, I have my own contribution to make that's gonna knock your socks off.

Hope: Really?

Aiden: Really, mm-hmm.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Kyle: Yeah, don't look so worried. I'm gonna promote you.

JJ: Really?

Kyle: Yeah, yeah.

JJ: Awesome.

Kyle: [Chuckles] Have a seat. I thought you'd like it.

JJ: What kind of promotion?

Kyle: [Sighs] I want you to do everything, JJ. Yeah, man, I want you to be involved in-- in the day-to-day stuff.

JJ: Okay. Great.

Kyle: Now, first things first. I got a shipment of meth coming in. Bro, it's top-notch stuff. And I want you to sample it for me. JJ, you're the guy. You're gonna tell me if it's--if it's the real deal.

Paul: Could you wait a minute?

Will: Haven't you done enough to screw up my life? Not only is my husband gone, I have to explain to my daughter why her daddy isn't here.

Paul: It wasn't just me, will, you know that.

Will: All I know is that I would be happily married if you hadn't come--

Paul: What, if I hadn't come to Salem?

Will: That pretty much sums it up.

Paul: Well, sonny's gone. And you sure as hell don't have to worry about me anymore. So why don't you just live your life, and I'll live mine.

Hope: So, this contribution.

Aiden: Hmm?

Hope: What is it?

Aiden: I'm not telling.

Hope: Not nice.

Aiden: Oh, are you going to sweat it out of me?

Hope: Such a teaser.

Aiden: Please say yes that you will.

Hope: Yes, I am.

Doug: Hope. Yo, sweetie pie.

Hope: Yes, daddy?

Doug: Sorry to interrupt, but we need you back in here for a second.

Hope: Oh, I'll be right there, okay.

Doug: Okey-doke.

Hope: You.

Aiden: Hmm?

Hope: Don't go anywhere.

Aiden: Oh, I wouldn't think of it. [Chuckles] Ooh. Talk about a contribution.

[Phone ringing]

Aiden: Yeah? I am doing my job, but I could use another advance. Okay, look. Don't insult me. I know what I'm doing. Well, ever since I came to town, I have been given one task by you, and that is hope Brady, and-- no, she is over Bo Brady. I'm sure of it. Trust me. She's mine now.

Ben: Can you believe that there's a new human being in there?

Abigail: [Chuckles] Yes, believe me, I know. Morning sickness kind of reminds you.

Ben: Oh. Well, I'm sorry you have to do all the heavy lifting right now. But when this kid is born, I'm gonna be a hands-on dad. We're gonna be a family. That's all I ever really wanted, and never had. But now I do. It's because of you.

Abigail: It's because of us.

Adrienne: I know how hard you worked to make this night really fun and cheer me up, and here we're having a good time and we're laughing, and I go and I bring up Justin.

Lucas: Well, do you really think that I want you to act like your past doesn't exist?

Adrienne: No, no. You've been wonderful. Lucas, you've been wonderful about everything. It's just this damn divorce is so hard.

Lucas: Yeah, gee, I wouldn't know anything about that, would I? Listen, I'm just gonna throw this out there, okay? Maybe you need a little more time to get used to the idea of being single. Before you start dating again.

Adrienne: The thing is, Lucas, I really like where I'm going. I love moving on to the next chapter of my life. I want to go late night bungee jumping and everything I don't know about. And I want to go to that all-night waffle house down the highway, and I want to do it all with you.

Lucas: You want to do all that with me?

Adrienne: I do.

Lucas: Really?

Adrienne: I really do.

Lucas: Then get off the ground and let's get out of here, okay?

Adrienne: Okay.

Lucas: Let's go do it.

Adrienne: [Laughing]

Justin: [Sighs]

Eve: Oh, man.

Justin: There you go.

Eve: Uh... thank you. It's, um... it's been a while since a man came to my rescue.

Justin: Does that mean you're alone?

Eve: Sadly, yeah. Unless, of course, you want to invite me to have a seat.

Justin: Eve?

Eve: Mm-hmm?

Justin: Have a seat.

Eve: Well, thank you. [Chuckles] [Sighs] Hope you don't mind if I butt in, but...

Justin: Butt away.

Eve: Why are you sitting here like this? This drink, lighting, pretty empty bar here, it's like the cover of a moody Sinatra album, you know?

Justin: It's not quite a quarter to three.

Eve: [Chuckles] So let's see if we can switch that mood around, shall we? Loosen your tie. I'll buy you another drink, and hell, who knows? Strangers in the night. [Chuckles]

Serena: Uh... you, um, you are very sweet, but I-I--I've got to put the brakes on.

Chad: Ah, come on. What fun would that be?

Serena: Oh! [Struggling] You need to learn that no means no.

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