Days Transcript Friday 8/21/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/21/15


Episode #12659 ~ John romances Marlena, hoping to move along their reconciliation; Eve discovers JJ's secret and vows to destroy his plans; Clyde threatens Aiden; Caroline & Victor bond when he pays her a late-night visit at the hospital.

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JJ: Hey, mom, is there any of that casserole left from dinner? I'm starving.

Jennifer: Uh, no, there isn't, but I can make you a sandwich.

JJ: Oh, no, don't worry about it. Read your book.

Jennifer: Wait, honey.

JJ: Yeah?

Jennifer: You seem different.

JJ: Oh, don't worry, I'm not high.

Jennifer: No, that's not what I was gonna say.

JJ: The most amazing thing happened tonight.

Jennifer: What?

JJ: I think Paige still loves me. For the first time in a long time, I-I have hope. No, it's better than that. No, I believe--I mean, I know that once I get Kyle out of the picture permanently, I'm gonna get Paige back.

Paige: Something happened.

Daphne: What?

Paige: Something with JJ.

Daphne: What did he do?

Paige: He didn't do anything. It was me.

Daphne: Well, great. What did you do?

Paige: I was nice to him.

Daphne: What? Why, Paige?

Paige: Okay, will you just calm down? I would have done the same thing for anyone. It wasn't a big deal.

Daphne: You're acting like this is kind of a big deal.

Paige: He said it was because--he said it meant I still loved him.

Daphne: Tell me that's not true.

Maggie: Victor? Huh. He's fallen asleep. Huh. Where did he go?

[Monitor beeping]

Caroline: Oh. Oh. I could feel somebody watching me.

Victor: Could you?

Caroline: [Laughs] Well, at this hour, I thought it must be one of the kids, but--but I certainly didn't expect to see my old love.

Rafe: Whoever did this, you think they were going after hope too?

John: It doesn't look that way. Hope just left the room to take something to Caroline when the assailant knocked on the door.

Rafe: So someone was after him.

John: We don't know about that. Could have just been looking for a room to rob.

Rafe: Well, it's a pretty strange mo for a burglary. I mean, usually if they knock on the door and someone answers, they don't punch 'em in the face. They'll say something like, "wrong room."

John: I know.

Rafe: But the Salem inn, they have video cameras, so maybe we can make an id using them. I'm gonna call hope.

Marlena: Oh, Rafe, before you do that, I should tell you that hope and Aiden were having a romantic evening at the inn when the attack happened, so you might want to wait and talk to her tomorrow.

Rafe: Yeah. Yeah, okay. Yeah, you're right.

[Cell phone ringing]

John: Important?

Marlena: Oh, you know what? I'm afraid it is. It's a patient I've been a little bit worried about. I'll excuse myself. Sorry.

John: Mm-hmm, sure.

Rafe: Hey, do you think hope's really okay?

John: You know, I've been thinking something for a while. I'm just gonna say it.

Rafe: Say what?

John: How long have you had this thing for hope?

Hope: Sorry.

Aiden: It's okay. It's okay. Do you really want me to spend the night at your place?

Hope: Would you rather stay here?

Aiden: [Chuckles] No. Being with you in the bed you sleep every night, I... I want that very much. But inviting someone into your bed that you shared with Bo I know is a big step for you, and I want--

Hope: I'm sure. I am...sure.

Aiden: [Chuckles] It's not because I got beat up? [Laughs] I've actually--

Hope: I have to admit, it did scare the hell out of me. But I don't want to stay here, not now, and I'm not gonna sleep at all unless you're right beside me. I'm just so sorry that it took something... something like this to make me realize just how much I want us to be together, Aiden, really.

Aiden: Then let's get out of here.

Hope: Okay, careful.

Aiden: Oh, I'm good. I'm good. Ohh.

Hope: Okay, take it slow. Take it slow. Are you okay?

Aiden: You know what? Would you mind going down and asking them to bring my car around? 'Cause my knees--

Hope: I'll tell you what. I will car, and I will drive us to my place, okay? And I'll explain... to the front desk.

Aiden: [Sighs] Be down in a few minutes.

Jennifer: How's your sandwich?

JJ: Awesome, I could eat another one. [Laughs]

Jennifer: Well, not until you tell me what happened.

JJ: Okay, well... I broke into Kyle's place.

Jennifer: You what?

JJ: I climbed in through a window.

Jennifer: JJ, are-- he is a drug dealer. Please tell me someone was with you or you had backup or something.

JJ: Backup? You've been watching too much Chicago P.D., Mom.

Jennifer: What the heck were you doing in Kyle's apartment?

JJ: He's got this safe, and I got it open. You should have seen how much cash he had in there.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh.

JJ: Anyway, Kyle came home.

Jennifer: Oh, dear God, JJ--

JJ: But no, but he had Paige with him, and he had to be out in the hallway to make a phone call, so she saw me first, and she totally covered for me. She made sure I got out of there without him even seeing me.

Jennifer: Thank goodness.

JJ: She wouldn't have done that unless she still cared, even if she won't admit it.

Jennifer: JJ, hold on--

Jennifer: Mom, I-- she still loves me. And I got a feeling that pretty soon, she's gonna tell me that herself.

Eve: [Sighs]

Rafe: I care about hope, all right? I always will. She's been a friend ever since I moved here. She was my partner, so we've always had each other's backs. You know, that doesn't just go away because you're not working on the job together anymore.

John: Okay, if you say so.

Rafe: Did Ciara say something to you?

John: No. Why would she?

Rafe: Oh, just because I've taken her ice skating a few times. I've been teaching her baseball.

John: So you're stepping in with Ciara?

Rafe: She's a good kid, man. She misses her dad, all right? Oh. Listen, hope and I, we're friends, all right? Friends. Yes, I admit, I am protective of her.

John: Yeah, well, so am I. She's been through hell. She deserves a little happiness, doesn't she?

Rafe: Yeah. I'll drink to that.

Quilted northern works so well people can forget

Caroline: What are you doing here?

Victor: I was worried about you. I wanted to see you for myself.

Caroline: Well, I do remember you telling me that--before I went to the memory clinic with Bo--is you would always take care of me.

Victor: And I meant every word of it.

Caroline: Why would you say that?

Victor: Because I was the man who loved the pilgrim soul in you, the man who loved the sorrows of your changing face.

Caroline: Did you make that up?

Victor: No. It was one of your people, a guy named Yeats.

Caroline: Oh.

Victor: [Chuckles]

Caroline: Oh. You can be a tricky guy, you know, but... that promise that you made me, I's the one thing I can count on.

Rafe: Well, look at that. Your date's on her way back. I got to start getting people out of here.

John: Rafe, you mind keeping this place open just a little while longer? Doc and I have a conversation we need to finish.

Rafe: Okay, sure.

John: And think maybe you could put on something a little romantic?

Rafe: Seriously? Okay, yeah. I'll tell everyone to get the hell out too, all right?

John: I got a lot of making up to do. Thanks.

Rafe: All right. Hey.

Marlena: Hey, don't leave because I came back.

Rafe: No, I think that john wants to be alone...with you.

Marlena: Oh. Okay.

Rafe: Yeah. You know, what you two have is special. Not everyone gets a second chance.

Marlena: Right, or a... fourth or a fifth.

Rafe: Yeah. That's right, I'll--

Marlena: Well, we've been down a pretty rocky road.

Rafe: Yeah, well, better to go down a rocky road with someone you love than a... four-lane highway all alone. Yeah.

Marlena: Sorry. All righty, where were we?

John: Oh, you mean before we went to check on hope and Aiden? Doesn't really matter. If I want you back, doc, it's gonna take a lot more than words. And I want you back. You know, I love my kids, I love this town, and I love my work, but...I need to put your needs first. That's something I haven't done in a very long time. But starting tonight, all that's gonna change.

Hope: Oh, hey.

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: How you doing?

Aiden: Good. Where were you?

Hope: Well, I wanted to make sure that everything was locked up. The doors are, the windows are locked, and the alarm system is on.

Aiden: You know, I don't think my mugger's gonna follow me back here and take a second crack at me.

Hope: I know that, but I want to make sure that you feel safe.

Aiden: Okay. Ow.

Hope: Stop, okay? I got it.

Aiden: No, I'm--I'm good.

Hope: Hey, wait. Just take it easy, okay? You do have some idea how much you mean to me, don't you? Right?

Aiden: Not half as much as you mean to me. I love being here with you, that you wanted me here.

Hope: No doubt about that.

Aiden: It's crazy. I just... never thought I was gonna find this kind of happiness with anyone really.

Hope: Is that one of the reasons you were so grouchy when we first met?

Aiden: Probably. Probably. But here we are.

Hope: Here we are.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Who ever would have thought, huh?

Aiden: Our kids... couldn't stand each other at first, they're like best friends, right?

Hope: I never thought I'd have this again. Truly. I love you, Aiden.

Aiden: Oh.

Hope: I love you.

Aiden: I love you. [Groans]

Hope: You okay?

Aiden: I'm sorry. I'm okay.

Hope: Let's take your shirt off.

Aiden: It's...

Jennifer: JJ, just because Paige covered for you with Kyle, that doesn't mean that she still loves you.

JJ: After she got me out of his place, we talked, like, really talked.

Jennifer: Okay, what did she say?

JJ: That she overheard me making a phone call. She's knows I'm undercover for the DEA. I-I tried to lie my way out of it, but I just couldn't, not after all the other lies that I've told her. I said the only reason why I'm doing this is to get Kyle off the streets and away from her.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness, I really hope that you're not putting Paige at risk now.

JJ: No, she'll be safer now that she knows what's going on.

Jennifer: But I thought that you promised Roman and agent watts that this was gonna be a secret. They didn't even want you to tell me any of this.

JJ: Yeah, well, stuff happens. And I'm glad that she knows, 'cause I tried everything I could possibly think of to keep her away from him, and none of it worked, and maybe the truth will.

Jennifer: JJ, she already knows he's a drug dealer.

JJ: Yeah, but he conned her into thinking that he was gonna leave that life because of her, and now she knows how bad the feds want him, and maybe that'll make her see that he's never gonna change.

Jennifer: Well, I really hope that happens. I really pray that Paige stays away from him, because then maybe you will give this whole thing up.

JJ: Well, whether she dumps Kyle or not, I'm gonna protect her, no matter what I have to do.

Daphne: JJ still thinks you're in love with him? When did he tell you that?

Paige: After I got him away from Kyle. He said that he was snooping around because of me, that everything he does is because of me.

Daphne: Paige, come on, he's just playing you.

Paige: I haven't forgotten the things he did, and I'm still hurting because of them. I told him that.

Daphne: Good, because you'd be crazy to ever trust him again. You know that, right?

Paige: I'm so confused now. I don't know what I know. And I really don't know what to do next.

Victor: Well, getting older is not for sissies.

Caroline: No. And when I started forgetting, there you were, right by my side.

Victor: Good God, woman, don't you know by now that I care about you?

Caroline: I do... when you showed up in California at the memory clinic.

Victor: Of course, I did. You were scared.

Caroline: Well, I'm still scared. I mean, it's frustrating to know something's very wrong. You don't know what it is.

Victor: You'll know at some point.

Caroline: In my lifetime?

Victor: Hopefully. Medical science is making advances in memory issues every day.

Caroline: How do you know that?

Victor: I read. Keep hoping to read about a cure.

Caroline: Wouldn't that be nice?

Victor: Well, don't give up hope. I'm gonna let you go back to sleep now. If you need anything, you just call the hospital staff. Ice cream, champagne, the works. I told them if they don't give you what you want, they're gonna have to answer to me.

Caroline: Do you think that they don't know by now that you're just one great big softy? I thought you'd gone to sleep. What are you doing here?

Maggie: Ah, I had a feeling I'd find my husband here.

Marlena: John, you said you want to put me before everything else in your life. Does that mean the ISA as well?

John: That's what I said.

Marlena: Then you'll turn down this job?

John: If I have to choose between them and you, I choose you.

Marlena: You know, you--you said that if you have to turn down this opportunity because it's what I want, you might come to resent me for it.

John: I know. And then I got to thinking about what I said. Doc, I can't lose you because of some feeling I might have in the future. So to hell with the ISA.

Marlena: No matter how I feel about the ISA, no matter how afraid I am of what might happen to--to you or to us if you go back, I know the work you did there was so important to you. I can't ask you not to do it.

John: But what about us?

Marlena: A wise man once said to me... that going down a rocky road with somebody you love is so much better than cruising down a four-lane highway all by yourself. I think he was right.

[Upbeat romantic music playing]

Where did that music come from? Why are we all by ourselves?

John: Shh.

Did you ever think it would end this way

John: Please dance with me.

For us running out the time we had together did you ever dream love would come and stay well, I did

Victor: I couldn't get to sleep. Then I started thinking about Caroline, and I was wondering if maybe she was awake too.

Maggie: And was she?

Victor: Sleeping like a baby.

[Both laugh]

Maggie: Well, you both-- you need your rest.

Victor: I'm fine.

Maggie: You know, what happened to Caroline was very scary.

Victor: Yeah, she sort of counts on me.

Maggie: Why wouldn't she? You're her rock, same as you are to me.

Victor: So you don't mind my spending extra time with her?

Maggie: Victor, she is the mother of your son and a very dear friend. How could I mind it?

Victor: I'll always care about her, but I want you to know one thing. There is no one--no one on this earth who means more to me than you.

Aiden: Figured you'd be out here.

Clyde: What are you, a glutton for punishment?

Aiden: No. I've had enough. You win.

[Upbeat romantic music playing]

[Music ends]

Rafe: Hey. Sorry, lovebirds, hate to interrupt, but I got to shut this place down, all right?

Marlena: Oh.

Rafe: So time to go home or somewhere.

John: Thank you.

Rafe: Anytime. Anytime.

John: I'm not ready for this night to end yet.

Marlena: What do you want to do?

John: How about we take a slow walk through the park on the way to your home?

Marlena: That'd be nice.

John: And if I play my cards right... I'll be right there with you when you wake up in the morning.


Maggie: So you ready to head home?

Caroline: Maggie, are you there? I'd like to talk to you.

Maggie: Sure, Caroline, I'll be right there. Um, why don't I meet you at home?

Victor: All right.

Maggie: Okay.

Victor: Thank you.

Maggie: No problem. Hi. Listen, did Victor and I keep you awake out there? I mean, I hope not.

Caroline: Oh, are you kidding? All I do is sleep.

Maggie: Oh. [Laughs]

Caroline: I'm sick of these four walls. I'll take all the visitors I can get.

Maggie: Ah. Well, it's good to hear you sounding like your old self.

Caroline: Yeah, well, Victor really made me feel better. I hope you don't mind my saying that.

Maggie: Not at all.

Caroline: Oh.

Maggie: I feel the same way.

[Both laugh]

Caroline: He's such a breath of fresh air, and he makes me laugh.

Maggie: Good. Sounds like you could use a laugh. Caroline, Victor and I, we were pretty worried about you.

Caroline: Well, I didn't do this to get attention, you know.

Maggie: I know. Caroline, your friendship with Victor will never be a problem for me.

Caroline: Oh. Thank you. Well, Victor and I, we worry about Bo so much.

Maggie: Yes, I know you do. Victor doesn't talk about it much, you know, but I know that he wakes up every morning hoping that this will be the day that he hears from Bo or that he'll find out where he is.

Caroline: I do the same.

Maggie: Well, that is one of the reasons that you are so important to Victor and why you always will be.

Caroline: He is as dear to me as any member of my family, and that's why I'm happy that he's given up going around with tramps and marrying lunatics, and I'm so glad that he found you and married you.

Maggie: Thank you. [Sobs]

Aiden: I covered for you.

Clyde: Did you now?

Aiden: Mm-hmm. I told the cops that I opened the door, I got punched in the face. Guy was wearing a mask, so I couldn't identify him.

Clyde: Okay.

Aiden: Mm-hmm. I played it like I was embarrassed that I got sucker-punched and I want to let the whole thing go. I told the same story to the woman I love, and I convinced her that I dropped looking into your background because you kept coming up clean. After tonight, I plan on getting amnesia about everything I ever dug up on you. It's like we never even knew each other. I just wish it were true. So if you are watching this house to see if I go to the cops, you're wasting your time, because they're not gonna hear a word about you from me.

Clyde: That's a real good decision on your part, counselor. I sure hope you mean it, 'cause otherwise, girlfriend, her little girl, your little boy that you're so fond of, never gonna be safe. I know that your boy, chase, is over at his friend Michael's tonight, and little Ciara's with her friend Becky.

Aiden: You can drop the threats. See, I'm not afraid of you. I just don't have time for you. I've got more important things to deal with.

[Both sigh]

Marlena: Wow. What a beautiful night.

John: I really didn't notice. All I can see is how beautiful you are.

Marlena: I'm glad you suggested this.

John: Which part? Walking home through the park or me being with you when we wake up in the morning?

JJ: That's not the main thing right now. It's Paige. I love her so much, and I hurt her in way that no one should ever get hurt. I'm gonna make it up to her. I'm gonna make sure no one hurts her like that again.

Paige: Daph, you don't have to worry about me, okay? I'm not gonna fall for JJ again.

Daphne: I hope you mean that. I mean, after the way he lied to you?

Paige: I don't think JJ's lying anymore.

Daphne: Oh, my God, come on.

Paige: Why should he? I already know the worst about him. And when he told me that he was trying to protect me, I believed him.

Daphne: Protect you from what?

Paige: Kyle.

Daphne: Paige, you're driving me crazy. What are you--

Paige: Shh. Kyle owns a gun.

Daphne: Are you kidding me?

Paige: Shh. Will you calm down?

Daphne: After you told me that the guy that you're going out with has a gun?

Paige: Okay, if you knew where Kyle came from, the kind of people that he has to deal with, I'm sure it's just for protection.

Daphne: Paige, this is bad... really bad.

Paige: Okay, well, I see now that dating someone like Kyle maybe wasn't the best idea.

Daphne: [Laughs] Maybe?

Paige: Well, I wanted to drive JJ crazy. I wanted to teach him a lesson. But now I see maybe I went too far.

Daphne: You were doing things that really scared me.

Paige: And now I'm caught between Kyle and JJ.

Daphne: You don't have to be. Just dump Kyle.

Paige: He wouldn't take that very well.

Daphne: That's no reason to stay with him, not if you think he might be dangerous. And if he has a gun, he is.

Paige: Okay. Now I really am starting to get scared.

Maggie: Hey.

Victor: Oh, you're back.

Maggie: [Laughs] Is that a nightcap or an attempt to calm yourself down?

Victor: No.

Maggie: Victor? Is everything all right?

Clyde: You're just kind of hurting all over, aren't you? That's a good thing, 'cause every time you hurt, you'll think of me, and that'll remind you that you ever cross me again, then someone you love is gonna hurt worse than you do right now. Well, seems to me like you're finally getting the message... so I guess this is our last meeting.

Aiden: Hmm. I sure as hell hope so.

Clyde: But, Aiden, how come I'm still getting the feeling there's more to you than you're letting on? [Laughs]

Maggie: I'm exhausted. I'll see you upstairs.

Victor: I won't be long.

Maggie: Okay.

Caroline: You came all the way to California just to see me?

Victor: I had to make sure you know you're not alone with this. I swear to you, I'll move heaven and earth to make you well again.

[Computer beeps]

Victor: Salinas, finally.

JJ: Everything that I'm going through will be worth it if I can get Kyle off the streets and maybe his boss. And once that is done and Paige is safe, mom, I promise I will be done with the DEA.

Jennifer: I am gonna hold you to that.

JJ: Don't worry. Once Kyle is in witness protection and Paige doesn't have to worry about him, all I want to think about is getting her back.

Eve: You just try, you little creep. You just try. [Sighs]

John: Okay, um... how about I just walk you back home, then I'll go back to my place?

Marlena: I'm sorry--

John: No, no, no, no apologies necessary. You tried to reach out to me so many times when I resented how you were handling Brady and Kristen and you kept quiet about Paul. Hell, I didn't even give an inch, so I have a lot to make up for. I know that.

Marlena: I'm not-- I'm not trying to punish you. You know th--

John: You're just not ready yet. That's fine. Because when it does happen for us, I want it to be perfect. I want you to be 100% confident of my love for you... and our future together, because, doc, I am going to make you believe in us again.

Rafe: Hey, Roman, it's Rafe. Listen, I just want to talk to you for a sec if you can give me a call back. You know, I'm not even gonna be mysterious about this. I just--I don't know, man. I'm just not cut out to run a nightclub, and...I'm just wondering if there's any chance in hell that I can get back on the police force.

Hope: Mm. You were gone a long time.

Aiden: It's just my knee and my jaw were hurting me. I was trying to find some aspirin.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: I'm fine now. Go back to sleep.

Hope: I love you.

Aiden: I love you too.

Hope: Good night.

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