Days Transcript Monday 8/17/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/17/15


Episode #12655 ~ Stefano implores Abigail to give Chad another chance; Hope fears she's put Aiden's life in danger; after his fight with Will, Sonny rushes off to see Paul; JJ comes up with a plan to keep Paige away from Kyle.

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Paige: You always want to think the best of JJ, but look at what he's done. He can lie. He's lied to you about drugs before. He lied to you about my mom. He will work you.

Jennifer: Honey--Paige--

Paige: JJ is in deep. I'm not making this up. The dealer's name is Kyle southern. Just please check him out. And soon, before JJ ends up in jail--

JJ: Paige! Okay, you have every right to be mad at me, but you don't get to do this. Get the hell out of my house.

Paige: Not until you tell your mom everything you're doing. And for once, tell the truth.

Will: I'm not stalling, honest. I'm just trying to put it into context. Look, derrick came to me before our night out because he wanted some help with Paul.

Sonny: What kind of help?

Will: Pointers. You know, the kind of things that you'd ask someone about a friend.

Sonny: Only you and Paul aren't really friends.

Will: I'm trying to be. I wanted to help both of them. So... I told derrick some things from my interview with Paul. Little stuff that never made it into the article. That's it.

Sonny: Why are you telling me this now?

Will: I just thought that you should know.

Sonny: Because you broke the rules?

Will: Well, technically, yeah--

Sonny: Technically? Isn't it the lowest thing a journalist can do?

Will: Sonny--

Sonny: Let me ask you again. Why are you telling me this now?

Will: Sonny, I'm just trying to be honest with you.

Sonny: Then be honest, damn it. Stop hedging.

Will: Fine. I didn't want you to hear it from Paul. He found out, and I was afraid he'd tell you before I could.

Rafe: How many different ways do I have to say no to you?

Hope: I was really hoping you were all out of no's today. Rafe. [Sighs] I need your help. I think Aiden's in over his head. Please.

Aiden: Now, what I'm asking for requires complete discretion.

I understand.

Aiden: All right.

[Dramatic music]

[Cell phone ringing]

Ben: Wait. There's something you should know.

Stefano: Hello, Abigail. My goodness, those are beautiful.

Abigail: Thank you. God, I haven't seen you since--

Stefano: Since the night that I almost lost my son Chad. In fact, he's the reason that I have come to see you.

JJ: I have my mother's trust. I earned it back long before I lost yours. But for you to come here? To what, stage your own personal intervention?

Paige: You're not really buying this, are you? My God, he's snowing you all over again.

Jennifer: I understand that you are very upset about this--

Paige: I'm not the one who should be upset. I never thought he'd go back to it either. But it's happening. He's a dealer or an addict or both, and this is what they do. They lie. Believe me, I don't want to be here, but I couldn't stand by and let this happen again.

JJ: Listen, if anyone is in danger, it's you. You're the one who's dating a dealer.

Paige: You're never going to stop, are you? You're as addicted to lying as you are to selling the stuff. You're worse than ever, JJ. You lie more than ever.

Chad: Something I should know?

Ben: And it's good news, actually. Well, for us, anyway-- Abigail and me. But I know it's me you're gonna really miss.

Chad: What the hell are you talking about?

Ben: When Abigail and I move to California.

Abigail: Chad and I are history, so, you know, there's really nothing to--

Stefano: Oh, my dear girl. You cannot be unaware that my son loves you deeply.

Abigail: I don't want to talk about this.

Stefano: And, you know, you love him just as much, don't you?

Abigail: How could you possibly think that I... oh, my God. You know, don't you? You know about what happened between Chad and me?

Eve: Yeah, I--I remember you now. You're Paige's friend. Is she here?

Kyle: No, no, I haven't seen her.

Eve: Well, it''s probably for the best anyway.

Kyle: Hey, Mrs. Larson.

Eve: Hmm?

Kyle: I hope you didn't think it was too forward of me to speak to you the way I did the other day. I just know Paige needs her space, and that's all I was trying to say.

Eve: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? I got that, yeah.

Kyle: Yeah. Anyway, it's none of my business, but I hope it works out for you guys. Really. Family is everything, right?

Eve: Yeah.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Kyle: Um, work.

Eve: You know, I used to know every detail of my daughter's life, and I don't even know what you do.

Kyle: [Laughs] We'll keep that for the next time, yeah?

Eve: Okay.

Kyle: All right, take care.

Eve: Mm-hmm. Gosh, if only you had met a nice boy like him instead of that rotten JJ. I miss you so much, sweetheart.

Paige: You can lie to me all you want. I've grown to accept it. But them? Your mom and your sister?

JJ: Shut your mouth, Paige.

Paige: What you've put them through? What you're going to put them through? JJ, it's cruel.

JJ: All right, what the hell is this? You think I haven't paid enough for hurting you, so you come to my house and you trash me to my mom and my sister?

Paige: No, I've been where they are, believing every stupid lie that came out of your mouth. You make it seem so sincere, like you mean every word. But you're a time bomb ready to go off, ready to blow up everything and everyone in your life. And I just hope that your mother and your sister take cover before it's too late. I wish I had.

JJ: Leave.

Jennifer: Paige, honey--

Hope: The file on Weston was seen right there on Aiden's desk. Why would he still have it if he dropped Clyde as a client?

Rafe: A file, hope? Really, a file? Okay, you're reaching. Okay, listen, I have a club to run, please.

Hope: Just, no. Just--Rafe, just hear me out, okay? It wouldn't be a breach of attorney-client privilege if Clyde had somehow used information that Aiden had given him innocently to commit a crime.

Rafe: Okay, but Aiden would be crazy to go after Clyde unless he knew exactly what had happened.

Hope: Thank you very much, which is why I need you to tell me what you know. What did you overhear that day--

Rafe: Listen to me, hope. For the last time, I am not getting into this, okay?

Hope: Okay, relax.

Rafe: All right.

Hope: I got it. I hear you.

Rafe: Good.

Hope: Can you at least call your friend at the FBI?

Rafe: No! No, absolutely not.

Hope: It would just be like calling a friend, that's it. It would give me something to work with. Could you do it, please?

Rafe: No, hope, listen to me. For god's sake, what do I have to do to get it through your head? I can't do this. I can't talk to you like this and go--no, I'm done, okay? We're done, you got it? We're done.

Come on, just help me out here, okay? I can't connect the dots between this and the whole case.

Aiden: It's not your job to connect the dots. It's your job to get me the information that I need, okay? I'm just doing a little cleanup, that's all, and I hate to have loose ends.

Got it.

Aiden: Now, call me if you get something. Anything, all right?

[Dramatic music]

Sonny: So this was a preemptive strike. You wanted to put your spin on it before I heard it from Paul so you could make what you did for derrick sound noble.

Will: Sonny, no, no.

Sonny: But it is anything but noble.

Will: Sonny, I know that. I know that it wasn't noble. But I was doing it for the right reasons, I swear. And, Sonny, you needed more time. Can't you see that?

Sonny: Time for what?

Will: Time to realize that what you had with Paul was really over.

Sonny: It is over. You're the one that couldn't see it.

Will: No. No, I couldn't. And you know why, Sonny? Because you were always defending him. You were always taking his side over me, looking for the littlest reason to walk out on me and go back to him.

Sonny: A little reason? Are you insane? You have done nothing but give me reason, endless reason. You cheated on me twice, with some guy in los Angeles and Paul. Then you tried to keep Paul from finding out that his father was john so he wouldn't stay in Salem. How about the fact that you bribed our therapist so that you would look better during the sessions? Reason upon reason upon reason. How many more do I need?

Chad: So you and Abigail are moving?

Ben: Yeah.

Chad: To California?

Ben: Well, we're not going right away. Probably before the summer's over, though.

Chad: That soon, huh? That doesn't really leave a lot of time for Abigail and her mother to plan that big wedding.

Ben: Oh, I don't think we want to do anything too fancy. In fact, we might just elope. I ran that idea by Abigail, and she really liked the idea.

Chad: Elope... and then head west?

Ben: Exactly.

Chad: Well, I guess you've really thought this through. Good for you.

Ben: It is, isn't it? [Laughs]

Stefano: My son did not tell me about the two of you. But I have ways of knowing things, especially when they happen under my own roof.

Abigail: I just hope...

Stefano: You hope that no one will ever know, hmm?

Abigail: Chad gave me his word.

Stefano: And I give you mine.

Abigail: It was a mistake.

Stefano: No, no, no, no, no. The mistake was what Chad said to you later. Those horrible, hurtful things. My son was only trying to protect you from me.

Abigail: Why are we even having this conversation, Stefano? If you know so much, then you know that I am marrying Ben Weston, and we are both very much in love.

Stefano: [Chuckles] I wonder if that is really true.

Abigail: Of course it's true.

Stefano: Well, in any case, I would hate to see you make such an error in judgment.

Abigail: Is that a threat?

Stefano: It's anything but. It's a plea for sanity.

Abigail: Sanity?

Stefano: You know, when you grow older, Abigail, your priorities change, you understand? What I care about more than anything is the happiness of my one remaining son.

Abigail: That's very touching.

Stefano: And if the reason you can't be with Chad has anything to do with me and my reputation, well... [Chuckles] I would be crushed.

Abigail: It doesn't. It doesn't have anything to do with you, Stefano. The reason I can't be with Chad has nothing to do with you. I had a choice to make, and I made it, and that's it. There's nothing else. There's nothing else to discuss, so if you'll excuse me now, I have to get back to work.

[Door clicks shut]

[Dramatic music]

JJ: What else did Paige say?

Jennifer: She wanted to make sure that I understood what she believes you're doing. Honey, I know that you want to think Paige came here and said the things that she said because she still cares about you. I thought that too. In fact, I even suggested to her that was the reason.

JJ: And?

Jennifer: And she just shut me down. And I should have known that was gonna happen. But, honey, it doesn't matter how Paige feels or doesn't feel. I'm concerned about you. Look at me. I mean it. It is over with Paige. Nothing that you can do is gonna change that. So tell me when you're gonna accept that and let it go.

Eve: Hi, honey. Gosh, I didn't know that you were working the early shift.

Paige: Well, now you do.

Eve: You know, I was just over at the club, and I ran into your new friend, Kyle. He's so charming. I--I want you to know that I really think--

Paige: Okay, whatever you think, you're wrong, and, you know, I don't care anyway. So I've got to get back to work.

Eve: Paige... hello, Julie. If you'll excuse me...

Julie: No, no, wait, wait. Eve, actually, I'm very glad I ran into you.

Eve: I'm so sure.

Julie: No, no, I mean it. I don't suppose you've heard. There is a developer in town who is trying to kick the Horton center out of the building they've occupied for 20 years. It's just outrageous.

Eve: Yes, it is, and I think I heard something about that. But I--you know, I--I--

Julie: You don't want to get involved, because you also heard that Jennifer is leading the charge to stop this developer dead in his tracks.

Eve: Well, I'm not surprised that the center would be very important to Jennifer, but I just need to get going--

Julie: Just give me one more minute, please.

Eve: Okay.

Julie: Because I think that you would be a huge asset to this worthy cause. In fact, I think your help would be invaluable.

Sonny: I keep telling myself over and over that I need to do what I can to hold on to this marriage, and then you go on and do something like this, and it makes me look like a fool. You make me feel like a fool.

Will: Sonny, no, don't say that.

Sonny: No, I'm not even judging you for what you've done, because I'm beginning to realize you can't help yourself. You can't help but do these destructive things, because you don't know what you want.

Will: But I do. Sonny, I do. I want you. I want us. I want our family. And, Sonny, even if you hate these things that I've done, doesn't this at least prove that to you? I--I just--I can't compete with Paul.

Sonny: Oh, my--damn it, will, this is not a competition. You're not getting it.

Will: No, I know it's not a competition. And I shouldn't think of it that way. And it's my problem. But, Sonny, I'll explore this with my therapist in our next session. We'll talk it all out.

Sonny: No, you won't. No, you won't. You are not gonna make promises that you can't keep anymore.

Will: I'm sorry.

Sonny: No, stop it.

Will: Please.

Sonny: No, I cannot do this right now, or I'm gonna say something I'll regret, and it won't be good for either one of us.

Will: Sonny. Sonny, please, don't go. Don't walk away.

Sonny: I cannot be here. You do not want me here. Trust me when I say that.

[Door slams]

[Bell tolling]

Hope: Hey, hi.

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

Aiden: Been waiting all day for this.

[Ominous music]

Eve: Why don't you get real, Julie? You honestly think that I want to stick my neck out to benefit Jennifer Horton? That woman wouldn't spit on me if I were on fire.

Julie: Wow. Well, in the first place, she would. And in the second place, this isn't about Jennifer. It's about the Horton center. It was created to help teens in trouble, and once upon a time, you were one of those teens. Tragically manipulated by every pimp in Salem.

Eve: Okay, that subject is off-limits, okay?

Julie: Okay. If it makes you uneasy, I won't go into the sordid details. But talk about getting real, eve. You did live through that horrible experience. It's part of your DNA.

Eve: I got to go.

Julie: You had it rough. Very rough. Dear God, it must have been a nightmare. But now you have this opportunity to make it a little less of a nightmare for some poor kid who's in the same situation now that you once were.

Eve: You... [Clears throat] You think that--

Julie: I don't have to think. I know it. Please.

Eve: Well, if you put it that way--

Julie: Thank you. I will look forward to hearing from you.

Eve: Hmm. You may not know it, Julie, but I think you just solved a big problem for me.

Chad: What are you doing here?

Abigail: I want you to tell me not to go. Ben asked me to leave with him, and I--I--I know that I told you that I chose Ben, but I don't know. The reality of it all just started to hit me, and I... I'm so confused.

Chad: Don't be. Don't be. Stay with me, okay? Stay with me. I can make you happy.

Abigail: [Sobs] Is that a promise?

[Dramatic music]

Abigail: Hi, will. What's wrong?

Will: Um... I did something stupid... again. Sonny's really mad at me. He just probably needs some time to cool off. We'll work it out.

Abigail: You don't look so sure.

Will: I'm sure. Oh, my God, your--your test. I forgot to call. What happened?

Abigail: Well, I got the results, and they came back exactly the way I wanted.

Will: So Chad is the father?

Aiden: All right, let's go.

Hope: What's this?

Aiden: The Salem inn awaits. Yeah.

Hope: Room 625.

Aiden: Mm-hmm.

Hope: The view to die for.

Aiden: Well, baby, any room you're in is a view to die for.

[Cell phone rings]

Hope: Oh, sorry.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Hello. Oh, great. [Laughs] Yes. Thank you so much. Okay, bye. I'll have to meet you there.

Aiden: Oh, okay. Well, I hope not too long.

Hope: 15 minutes?

Aiden: 15 minutes too long.

Hope: Deal with it, Jennings.

Jennifer: I know you want to help Paige. I know you want to keep her from making a mistake. But you saw her before, honey. She's angry, she's emotional. And you may end up getting the opposite of what you want. You may push her closer to Kyle. And she'll go for it, because she knows that's exactly what you don't want.

JJ: I need to get some air. I'll think about this. I can't afford to mess it up.

[Door clicks open and shut]

Sonny: Hey, uncle vic. I am--I'm calling to see if your offer still stands. Great, great. I guess I just wasn't thinking it'd be so soon. Can you just give me an hour to think about it? Okay, thank you so much. I really mean it.

Paul: I got your message.

Abigail: Will, why would you think I would want Chad to be the father of my baby? We talked about this. I mean, that would be a disaster.

Will: I'm sorry. I don't--I don't know what I was thinking. So Ben's the father, then?

Abigail: Yes. Yes, it's Ben's. And we, um... we're getting married.

Will: [Laughs] Um, I guess this is where I say congratulations. [Clears throat]

Abigail: Will, what's wrong with you?

Will: I'm sorry, I guess this argument with Sonny just kind of threw me a little. And, Abigail, I--I could have sworn that you were torn over having to choose between Ben and Chad.

Abigail: I was upset, will. I mean, I didn't know whose-- I didn't know whose child I was carrying, okay? That's a far cry from being torn.

Will: Okay, okay. It's just--it's okay if you were. I mean, there is a lot of history between you and Chad.

Abigail: Oh, my God, I don't want to talk about this, okay? I don't want to talk about this.

Will: I'm sorry... again. Look, as long as you're happy, that's--that's what I care about.

Abigail: Yes, I'm happy. Of course I'm happy. I mean, we have... we have some things that we need to, you know, figure out, but it's gonna be great.

Will: Yes, it is. I mean, having a baby... it's the best thing ever. Just like I keep telling you. And, Abigail, you are going to be an amazing mother.

Abigail: I hope so. [Sighs] Well, anyway, listen, the only people that know about this are JJ and my mom, so--oh, and also aunt hope and aunt Kayla. And you, obviously. But that's it.

Will: So Chad has no idea? Abigail, what are you going to do when he finds out?

Stefano: What the hell is going on here?

Chad: The Malaysia deal fell through.

[Ominous music]

[Knock at door]

Aiden: Ooh, that was fast.

Hope: Mwah. You think I invited you here to watch a movie?

Hope: It is not a movie, Mr. Jennings.

Aiden: No?

Hope: It's chase's last baseball game. I just picked it up from the videographer.

Aiden: Are you kidding me?

Hope: No. That call that I got earlier, it was the service saying that it was ready.

Aiden: Baby, that is fantastic. You know, I've been meaning to record his games. I love you for doing that.

Hope: Oh, my absolute pleasure, and I'm looking forward to watching it with you. But, um...

Aiden: But, um...

Hope: There is something I would rather do first.

Aiden: Really?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Oh. Mm. Mm-hmm.

Clyde: Hey.

Ben: Hey.

Clyde: Got your 911 text. What's going on? Everything all right?

Ben: Everything's great. I just wanted to share an idea I came up with.

Clyde: Lay it on me.

Ben: Well, I wasn't sure Abigail would go for it at first, but I just put it out there, and she said yes.

Clyde: To what?

Ben: Abigail and I are thinking of moving to California.

Clyde: Well, then stop thinking about it. You're not going anywhere.

[Knock at door]

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Eve: I know, no one is surprised more than me to be on your doorstep, so I will just cut to the chase.

Jennifer: What is that for?

Eve: Well, I ran into Julie at the square, and she was talking up your project to save the Horton center. And she used my less-than-pristine past to insist, more or less, that I had a moral obligation to help. So I'm hoping that this $200 check will be useful in saving the center, and those, uh... well, those, um, teens that, um, need it. And I--I just--it'd be really helpful, I mean, if... if I could do that.

Jennifer: Yes, of--of course it would help. Um, are you okay?

Eve: Yeah, I'm fine. Um, could--could I just-- spare a glass of water?

Jennifer: Yeah, sure, come on in. Let me get you some.

Eve: And then I'll--I'll be out of here.

Jennifer: Okay.

[Dramatic music]

JJ: Hey, Paige. That's a nice stunt you pulled back there.

Paige: I'm busy.

JJ: You know, I don't care, because you are going to listen to me, and you are going to listen to me very hard. You may think that you know what I am doing, but you have no clue. And showing up at my mom's house and trying to make trouble for me is not gonna get you anywhere. So you need to stop it.

Paige: Oh, of course. You know, whatever you say.

JJ: Damn it, Paige.

Abigail: Who cares what Chad thinks? It's Ben's baby. Why would you even bring that up, will?

Will: Because, Abigail, Chad can do the math. He's not--

Abigail: Enough, enough. Please. I didn't come here to talk about Chad, okay? I came here because-- I don't know. I mean, some support would be nice.

Will: Abigail, I will support you all day long. I'm--I'm just trying to figure out what you need.

Abigail: Stop it, okay? Just never mind. This is a really big mistake, and it was--it's a waste of my time. So good luck.

Will: Abigail, look, all--all I was trying to say is that I--

Abigail: What? What, will? Look, what you were saying about Chad is dead wrong, okay? And, frankly, it was actually mean. I love Ben, and I'm having Ben's baby. [Sighs] I thought you'd be happy for me.

Sonny: I called you because I wanted to apologize for what will did.

Paul: He told you.

Sonny: He wanted to beat you to it. Shows how little he knows you.

Paul: Well, I guess he knows me better than I'd like to admit.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Paul: When I confronted will, he had an accusation of his own. He said that I rushed over to tell you that I wasn't serious with derrick, because I didn't want you to get the wrong idea. He said that I did it because I'm still in love with you. (Music plays)

Eve: [Coughs and sniffles] [Sighs] [Sniffling]

Jennifer: Here you go.

Eve: Oh, thank you. Much better. Well, I'll, um...I'll get going.

Jennifer: Eve.

Eve: Hmm?

Jennifer: Thank you for that check. Really, it means a lot.

Eve: I'm glad I came by.

Kyle: [Clears throat] You all spend a lot of time together, I mean, for two people that don't like each other.

Paige: JJ was just leaving. He was under the mistaken impression that I actually cared what he had to say.

JJ: Actually, I think Kyle is the one who should be leaving.

Kyle: [Laughs] What?

Paige: Drop her now, or I promise you you'll end up in prison.

Clyde: No son of mine runs away from a DiMera.

Ben: That's not what I'm doing.

Clyde: No? Then tell me you'd still be headed west if Chad wasn't still sniffing around your girl.

Ben: Dad, it's a good plan business-wise. It could be a great opportunity for us. I'm thinking silicon beach. I could get in on the ground floor or a start-up. There's hospitals everywhere. And I was thinking maybe you could help us buy a small house.

Clyde: Yeah, well, I'm sure you thought of a lot of things, but they're not happening. You're staying right here with me in Salem.

[Cell phone rings]

Ben: But, dad, just listen to me; hear me out.

Clyde: Yeah? Hey, just cut to the chase, will you? Tell me what the hell Aiden Jennings is sniffing around for.

[Romantic music]

Will: No. Let him cool off. He'll call you.

Paul: When I told you that I wasn't looking for anything serious, when I said that I didn't want a relationship, you called me on it. You reminded me what I said a couple months back.

Sonny: Paul--

Paul: Just let me finish. You were right. I wasn't being honest with you. I've been trying to make myself believe that I'd gotten over you, that I just wanted you to be happy with will. But that's a lie. I mean, it's a lie to you and to myself. And I'm sorry, I just... I can't change the way I feel.

Sonny: Don't be sorry. Before, with will, he insisted that I still have feelings for you and that I'm not admitting them. He said it before. I think he knows me better than I think.

Paul: You mean...

Sonny: I don't know. I don't know what I mean. I wish I did. I don't--I cannot describe how I feel right now.

Abigail: [Sighs] [Exhales]

Chad: Tell me you're not leaving. Tell me you are not leaving Salem.

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