Days Transcript Thursday 8/13/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/13/15


Episode #12653 ~ Theresa realizes she can use Xander to her benefit; Eve secretly stirs up trouble for Jennifer; Hope is determined to get the goods on Clyde; Kate confronts Rafe about his feelings for Hope.

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Nicole: Oh, hi.

Daniel: Hi.

Nicole: Uh, did Chloe and parker get off okay?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. He said to tell you that he'll miss you.

Nicole: Oh, bless his heart. I'm really going to miss him too.

Daniel: Yeah? Is that why you have this worried look on your face?

Nicole: Part of it.

Daniel: Yeah? What's the rest?

Nicole: Well, I'm really glad Caroline Brady survived her stroke, but why did it have to be Serena who saved her?

Daniel: Serena was there, and she knew what to do. It's not like she planned it.

Nicole: Yeah.

Daniel: Honey, not even Serena could cause somebody to have a stroke.

Nicole: Well, I don't like this, for our sake or for Eric's.

Brady: Eric, where are you?

Eric: Club TBD.

Brady: Great. Look, stay there. I just had my meeting canceled, and we have to talk.

Eric: Well, I can't do it right now, but there's something I have to take care of. So why don't I get in touch with you and meet you at the pub as soon as I get this out of the way.

Brady: That's great.

Eric: All right. Bye.

Serena: So is that what this is? Get me out of the way?

Xander: Can't believe I'm up this early to water bloody flower beds. Well, at least it's over. Have a little break. "These pots should have stones in the bottom for drainage. Replant every one of them, and do it right this time. Your loving uncle, Victor."

Theresa: Hi, Evie, it's me.

Eve: Hey. So how's the broken ankle thing going?

Theresa: Uh... went up in flames. So I guess you don't have to back up my story anymore.

Eve: Okay. Well, I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but if you have to, you can move in with me.

Theresa: No, actually, I'm going to stay right here at the manse.

Eve: How did you get Brady to forgive you?

Theresa: I didn't. But I will.

Rafe: You want to explain what you just said? Huh?

Kate: What, about you falling for a woman that you don't have a chance of getting?

Rafe: Yeah, yeah.

Kate: Well, I think it's obvious, darling, don't you? I was talking about you and hope.

Rafe: [Scoffs]

Hope: Hey, Abe.

Abe: Hey.

Hope: Hi. Do you have a few minutes to talk?

Abe: For you, always.

Hope: Oh, thank you. Come on, let's have a seat. So good to see you. I'm not going to beat around the bush. Abe, I want your permission to use department resources to investigate Clyde Weston.

Clyde: Hello, counselor.

Aiden: Clyde, if you wanted to see me, customary to make an appointment.

Clyde: Yeah, but your girl would tell me you wouldn't have any time, and since you've dumped Ben and me as clients. But, you know, I just really wanted to see you.

Aiden: Why?

Clyde: I'd like to know exactly what it is that made you decide to dump Ben and me.

Rafe: [Laughs] That is so like you. So like you.

Kate: What does that mean?

Rafe: It means I call you out for hooking up with Clyde Weston, so you have to come back at me with some sort of ridiculous accusation.

Kate: Okay, first of all, it's an observation, not an accusation. And second of all, you and I both know it's not ridiculous.

Abe: So...

Hope: Thank you.

Abe: Do you have something new on Weston?

Hope: No. But there are a lot of little things starting to add up. Abe, I can't just let it go.

Abe: Any solid evidence of these little things? Ah, well, that makes me wonder. You want to do this just because you flat-out don't like the guy?

Aiden: See, Clyde, I'm under no legal obligation to divulge my reasons for withdrawing as your attorney, so...

Clyde: Oh, there you go again.

Aiden: There I go again doing what?

Clyde: Spouting legalese, going all professional on me, saying all these words that add up to nothing, just like you did when you said you didn't want to be our lawyer anymore.

Aiden: No, no, no, no. See, I'm assuring you that attorney/client privilege would stop me from talking to anyone about anything you and I discussed.

Clyde: Yeah, I remember what you said. What troubles me is that it's all a load of bull.

Daniel: You have every reason to be suspicious of Serena and upset about the situation. But you just--you know, just take it one--

Nicole: Okay, you know what? Eric got over her, and Serena was leaving town. And now she saved his beloved grandmother?

Daniel: Okay, honey, honey, honey.

Nicole: What?

Daniel: That's Eric's problem, not ours.

Nicole: No, but she is--

Daniel: No, he is a big boy, and he can handle Serena. Come on.

Nicole: But how is he going to do that?

Daniel: Well, that really is none of our business. But what is our business is being together, being happy. I mean, at least that's, you know, what I want.

Nicole: I want that too. Daniel, you know that.

Daniel: Okay, so here we are all alone, so why don't we just focus on us.

Nicole: Since you put it that way.

Daniel: Yeah? What way is that?

Nicole: [Laughs]

Daniel: Mmm...

[Knock on door]

Daniel: Okay, no, maybe they'll just go away.

Nicole: No, you know what? Wait, wait.

Daniel: What?

Nicole: Maybe it's Chloe.

Daniel: Maybe. Yeah, maybe she forgot something of Parker's. I don't know.

Jennifer: Hi.

Daniel: Hi.

Jennifer: I guess I should have called first, huh?

Theresa: So did you hear about my grandma?

Eve: Yeah, I did, you know, and I'm so sorry. Is she going to be all right?

Theresa: I hope so. Still, it made me think about how awful my life would be without her.

Eve: That's really sweet, sweetheart, but I don't know what that has to do with working things out with Brady.

Theresa: The one thing Brady and I both have in common is our beautiful little boy who needs both of us, and, well, I mean, sure Brady's furious at me now, but, you know, I think he'll look at Tate and--

Eve: I get it. You're still there because Brady knows if he kicks you and Tate to the curb that you have a legal right to take Tate with you for your half of every week. But I still don't understand, that means you have any kind of a shot with Brady, honey.

Theresa: You wait and see, eve, okay? I'll get Brady to come around. It's just going to take baby steps. Got to go. Hey, you're back.

Brady: The meeting was canceled.

Theresa: Oh. Well, good. I actually wanted to talk to you about Tate's schedule, and I was thinking that we could--

Brady: Theresa, did you not hear one word that I've been saying?

Rafe: Hope is with Aiden Jennings. She's happy.

Kate: Yes, exactly. She's so besotted with that white-bread attorney that she doesn't--she doesn't even see her old partner, her dear friend, the guy that her brat of a daughter is crazy about.

Rafe: Okay, leave Ciara out of this. She's a good kid.

Kate: She doesn't see you in the corner pining away for her.

Rafe: My God, do you hear yourself? You're just making stuff up now.

Kate: Rafe, seriously, we know each other. We know each other way too well not to be honest with each other, all right? I feel badly that she doesn't have any interest in you. I really do, because I'm seeing how you look at her, and it's sad, all right? And it's clear to me that you've chosen her to join Sami Brady and Jordan Ridgeway, that whole list of women who have broken your heart.

Abe: Without probable cause, nothing you have on Weston would be admissible in court.

Hope: You're turning me down.

Abe: You can continue to keep your ear to the ground, try to come up with some probable cause to justify an investigation. But until then... an official investigation of a man known mainly for donating a lot of money to the hospital? It ain't going to happen.

Aiden: I haven't done anything that would constitute a breach of attorney/client privilege. You, you're savvy enough about the law to know that you haven't done anything that would force me to do that.

Clyde: Force you? What in the world do you mean?

Aiden: Look it up online. Now, I have work to do. Good day.

Clyde: Well, it's a real shame we aren't working together anymore. I always like to make sure that the people I work with are well taken care of-- very well taken care of.

Daniel: Now, come, come. Come in, please.

Nicole: Uh, please do.

Jennifer: Okay. Um, I just... this is for the two of you. It's an engagement present. Daniel called me, told me.

Nicole: I know.

Jennifer: I really hope the two of you are very happy.

Nicole: Thank you, Jennifer. It means a lot to me coming from you.

Daniel: Me too.

Jennifer: I also have some big news. Abigail and Ben are engaged.

Nicole: Oh! A-a-and you're happy about that?

Jennifer: Yeah. You know, Ben's a great guy.

Daniel: Yeah. Well, give--give Abigail my congratulations.

Jennifer: Well, she'll be at work today, so you could just tell her yourself. And now might be a good time.

Daniel: You want to--you want to talk to Nicole alone?

Jennifer: Yeah, I do. If that's okay with you.

Nicole: Uh, yes. Sure. [Laughs] Why not?

Eric: Thank you for coming.

Serena: Eric, when we talked last night, you said something about seeing things differently, and I guess I was hoping that I was one of those things. Was I just fooling myself?

Eric: I'm never going to forget what you did for my grandmother. If you hadn't been there, she might not have gotten the early treatment that saved her life.

Serena: Anyone would do whatever they could for a woman like Caroline Brady.

Eric: Don't downplay what you did. I know you didn't do this because she was related to me. You would have done the same thing for anybody.

Serena: I would. Eric, I made a lot of mistakes because I got involved with a guy like Xander. And most of those mistakes were made with you. But I'm not a monster.

Xander: [Grunts loudly] Get it together, man. What was it you used to say to uncle Victor? Revenge is a dish best served cold. [Gasps] [Sighs]

Theresa: No, I understood every word you said, Brady. Look, I deceived you and it was wrong, and I won't do it again.

Brady: Right.

Theresa: But, listen, the reason I wanted to talk to you was about arrangements for Tate, and since you have a minute--

Brady: I don't.

Theresa: But you literally just said--

Brady: No, I don't have a minute for you. We are not going to have a few minutes together anymore, okay? If you have concerns, you tell Emma. Emma will relay them to me.

Theresa: But--

Brady: At some point you're going to have to get it through that stubborn head of yours that what you broke will not be fixed.

Rafe: You know, I told you that Clyde Weston is going to make a fool out of you, and now you're just trying to make me mad.

Kate: No. I'm just trying to keep you from getting hurt again.

Rafe: Hey, I'm going to tell you one last time. Hope is going out with Aiden, and they are friends of mine, and that's it. Now, if you want to try and start something--

Kate: No. No, I'm not going to say a word. I promise.

Rafe: Good. If you want to see someone who's going to get hurt, why don't you look in the mirror? Why don't you think about the man that you're going out with.

Theresa: Can never be fixed? What does that mean?

Brady: I'm going to explain this to you one more time. The only reason I'm allowing you in this house is because I don't trust you with our son. I want you here so people like Victor and Maggie and Emma and Henderson and Justin and Adrienne and the mommy cam that I'm going to install will keep an eye on you 24/7. Do you hear me?

Theresa: That's so insulting, Brady.

Brady: We will have our court-ordered time with Tate. But as far as the back and forth, someone else is going to take care of that, because I want no contact with you, do you understand? None, nada, zero--

Theresa: Yes, I get it!

Brady: Good! I hope to hell you do, because that's the way it's going to be.

[Door slams]

Daniel: Well, I will see you later for lunch.

Nicole: You bet.

Daniel: And thank you for... whatever.

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I hope you like it.

Daniel: I'm sure I will. Yeah. Okay, see you.

Nicole: Thank you for getting us a gift. You really didn't have--

Jennifer: I wanted to. And I also wanted to clear the air.

Nicole: This is so strange. You and Daniel were together for a long time, and I knew you had strong feelings for him.

Jennifer: That's why I'm here. I still do.

Serena: I know there's no hope for a future with you. I just... I want you to know. I need you to know. All those things I said about my feelings for you, they--they were all true. I love you.

Eric: Serena... it's over.

Serena: It's Nicole. She's getting married to Daniel, and you still love her, don't you? So you think this chip is nothing to worry about?

Kate: I appreciate your concern. I really do. But the truth is, Jordan filled your head with lies about Clyde.

Rafe: Jordan never talked about her father. In fact, all I knew was that she had a past, a past that she was terrified about. A past with him. You know I'm right. You know that I'm right. You're starting to see it now, aren't you? This thing that he shows you, it's all an act--

Kate: Will and Sonny, I think they have enough problems without you lecturing them, for god's sakes, about bringing the baby to Gabi...

Clyde: Hey.

Kate: Hey.

Clyde: What's going on?

Hope: Hey!

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: Hi. Hope I'm not interrupting you with anything important.

Aiden: No, come on in. Nothing is as important as you are, baby. Don't you know that by now? Mwah. [Sighs]

Hope: You okay?

Aiden: Yeah, why? Do I not seem okay?

Hope: You just seem, I don't know, maybe preoccupied with something.

Nicole: So are you telling me you realized you made a mistake by letting Daniel go?

Jennifer: No. Nicole, it's over between us. But he is still my very dear friend, and I want the best for him.

Nicole: So do I.

Jennifer: I believe that. I do. It's just, you know, life has a way of just throwing us these curveballs sometimes.

Nicole: Oh, it sure does.

Jennifer: I mean, I'm worried about Caroline right now. My kids, um, they are going through some stuff. So what I'm saying is, I'm just trying to figure out a way to keep this even keel, you know?

Nicole: Okay, this even keel thing, how do you manage it?

Jennifer: Nicole, you have to keep reminding yourself of the good things that are happening, and one of the good things is that Daniel has found the woman that truly makes him happy. And that is you. And you can never doubt that.

Nicole: There was never really anyone for me but him. You know, I think that's why I did all the horrible things I did to you when he chose you instead of me.

Jennifer: Well, I believe that you did those things because you desperately wanted that baby that you lost.

Nicole: You keep saying that. And you forgave me, and you tried to be my friend. And I turned on you, because you got in the way of me trying to land Eric, which would have been a disaster, by the way.

Jennifer: I'm working on letting that go. But you know what? I think that you can do the same thing.

Nicole: By forgiving myself?

Jennifer: Yes.

Nicole: That is a tall, tall order. You know what? I think I'll just settle with living the different kind of life.

Jennifer: Well, that's good.

Nicole: Yeah.

Jennifer: That's really great. It's great for Daniel, it's great for parker, and that you can just channel all the love that you have for a child into his son.

Nicole: Without preempting Chloe. She and I, we are in a really, really good place.

Jennifer: See, this is good.

Nicole: Yeah.

Jennifer: This is so good. And then maybe one day we can be friends again-- real friends.

Nicole: Don't worry, I will not hold you to that. Oh, my goodness, this is--this is so funny. I mean, two days ago I didn't think I had any women friends, and now Chloe and I are finding our way to each other. And maybe--maybe there's you. Not to mention I am marrying the most wonderful guy in the world. I mean, I don't think I've ever said this before, but I...I feel so blessed. [Laughs]

Eric: One of the priests at the seminary used to talk a lot about the healing medicine of time. You know, Nicole and Daniel, they're very happy. And I'm at peace. And I want there to be peace between you and I too.

Serena: I... I can settle for that. So if that's what you came to say...

Eric: No, no, no, that's not. That's not all of it. I just don't think you should be leaving Salem until you finish your research here.

Serena: You don't?

Eric: Well, I'm not saying we're going to be friends, but I just want us to be comfortable when we run into each other. Serena, I wish you the best.

Serena: Eric... thank you. That really means a lot. You have no idea. [Sniffles]

Theresa: [Grunts] There's a story behind my skin. My only makeup? True match.

Aiden: If I am preoccupied, I'm a little behind this morning. There's a lot going on.

Hope: I need to talk to you about something, but I'll make it brief, okay?

Aiden: Yeah, what is it?

Hope: John black mentioned you were asking questions about a case of his.

Aiden: You know I can't talk to you about that.

Hope: But you could talk to john about it? Sorry, forget I said anything. Not the real reason I came by anyway.

Aiden: Oh, yeah?

Hope: Yeah. I'll try to keep that brief too. But I thought that would be a little more challenging.

Aiden: Hmm?

[Cell phone rings]

Aiden: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. Just... Aiden Jennings. Yeah, I will file the motion this afternoon. That's right.

[Dramatic music]

Clyde: Well? I'm waiting.

Rafe: Well, Kate and I were just having a little disagreement.

Clyde: Oh. What about?

Rafe: About none of your business. You know how I feel.

Clyde: You two weren't talking about me by any chance, were you?

Kate: No, no. He was accusing me of trying to influence will against the baby's mother. You know, she's Rafe's younger sister, so--

Clyde: Yeah, I know. The one in prison. Who the hell is he to accuse you of anything?

Kate: Well, we share a history. You know how that goes.

Clyde: No, I don't know.

Kate: You haven't been entirely lighthearted lately, you know?

Clyde: Are you still mad at me for that phone call earlier?

Kate: Well, you left abruptly.

Clyde: I know. I've got a lot to deal with lately.

Kate: Maybe I could help you.

Clyde: I don't know. You got your own problems. I'll see you later.

Kate: Okay, look, actually, I have a phone call to the Hong Kong office. It's going to be late, so why don't we just cancel.

Clyde: No. Where the hell did that come from? I hope I haven't done anything to hurt your feelings, Kate.

Serena: Sorry. I guess I just got a little carried away.

Eric: It's okay. Listen, I've got to go talk to my brother. But thank you again for what you did for my grandmother.

Serena: [Sighs] Hi.

Daniel: Hi.

Serena: [Sniffles] How's--how's Caroline doing this morning?

Daniel: Kayla said she had a good night.

Serena: Good, good. Um, what you just saw with me and Eric, that was--he was just thanking me for helping his grandma. And the hug was just--it was just a gesture. Just a gesture of my gratitude.

Daniel: For what?

Serena: This thing with his grandma, Eric-- Eric said that it changed things with him and me.

Daniel: Oh, yeah?

Serena: He doesn't hate me anymore. I know there's no hope of me getting him back. It's just that he's a really kind and compassionate man. And...and I'm very lucky that he is.

Daniel: And why are you telling me this?

Serena: I, um... sure you can guess. I--I really need a favor.

Jennifer: Mr. Satterfield, how are you?

Riley: Not happy. I don't appreciate the nasty pr campaign you and your friends have launched against me.

Jennifer: Well, everything that we said is true.

Riley: I bought that land. I have every right not to renew the Horton center lease.

Jennifer: Yes, and we have every right to protest also.

Riley: Keep it up, you're going to have a fight on your hands.

Jennifer: Well, you bring that on.

Riley: Oh, I will. And you're going to lose. But if you decide to get reasonable about this, here's how to reach me. I'll try to find some time for you.

Jennifer: You know what? I am not going to need to get in touch with you, because everything I need to know about you, I learned years ago.

Riley: That piece you did on me was slander.

Jennifer: The truth is not slander. And the truth is, you are sleaze. And why you're not in prison for bribery and corruption is beyond me. And what you want to do to the town center, it is not only wrong, it is just mean. And you're doing it to get back at me. But I'm telling you right now, if I have to mobilize this whole town to stop you, I will do it.

Riley: Little girl, nothing's going to stop me.

[Dramatic music]

Theresa: Don't just stand there. Move that cart out of my way.

Xander: I see you don't have the crutches and cast anymore. That's a pretty quick recovery.

Theresa: You know what? Mind your own business. And while you're at it, put a shirt on. Katy Perry, quite contrary, how do your lashes grow?

Daniel: So what do you want now?

Serena: Eric just told me that he'd be okay if I stayed in Salem long enough to finish the work for the grant that I got, and I would really like to do that. But if I stay here, I want to have a friendly and cordial relationship with him, which would be impossible if you changed your mind and told Eric what I did.

Daniel: All right.

Serena: Which also means you can't tell Nicole, because you know what she would do if she--

Daniel: Okay, if you're going to go off on Nicole, I am not going to--

Serena: No, no, not... not anymore. I...I played that recording for you to get back at Nicole, and the person I hurt the most was you.

Daniel: I'm fine.

Serena: What I did was spiteful and malicious. And I know there's nothing that I can do to make it right. That's a lot to ask. If I stay here, are you--you going to tell Eric about it, or Nicole?

Brady: I'll make this brief. I've decided that I don't want Theresa to get her own place.

Eric: Why not?

Brady: Because of the baby. The idea of him living with her half the time in some other place. Eric, I am not going to sleep a wink.

Eric: But even with a live-in nanny?

Brady: I can't make a third party responsible for the--for the well-being of my son. But Theresa, no, she knows I will never trust her.

Eric: A person can never say never.

Brady: Well, I can, especially in this case.

Eric: Brady, I think Theresa does the things she does because she's desperate to feel loved.

Brady: I don't care.

Eric: You know, Brady, I understand. But I think for Tate's sake, I believe Theresa can learn from her mistakes and start to change. People do change.

Brady: Brother, why don't you look me in the eye and tell me that you believe Theresa can change. Yeah. I didn't think so.

Theresa: Hi.

Eve: You look awful. Hey there, little man.

[Tate cooing and giggling]

Eve: Oh, you...

Theresa: I am awful, eve.

Eve: What happened to all that confidence you had on the phone a while ago?

Theresa: Brady? He hates me. I mean, he really hates me. [Sighs] I figured I'd go on a walk and I would clear my head and, you know, maybe I'd calm down and think. But I wasn't out the door for two seconds before I ran into Xander cook.

Eve: That's Victor's nephew? Isn't he the one that the cops think tried to kill Eric and Nicole?

Theresa: Yup.

Eve: What's he doing at the house?

Theresa: Oh, Victor made him the new gardener.

Eve: He lives there now? Well, honey, are you scared?

Theresa: Well, I mean--and Brady made it pretty clear that he needs to stay away from me and Tate, so... I mean, seriously, I think Brady hates that creep even more than he hates me, and that's saying-- oh, my God. That's it.

Aiden: Yeah, don't worry. You won't have long to wait. The judge assured me he'd be ruling from the bench. Just stay calm and I'll see you tomorrow. All right, bye-bye. Sorry about that, baby.

Hope: No problem. I'll let you get back to work.

Aiden: Okay. Mwah.

Hope: I'll have you all to myself later.

Aiden: Love you.

[Ominous music]

Brady: You're too close to the house.

Xander: That's where these pots are. What do you want me to do?

Brady: If you go through that door for any reason, I'm going to make you wish you were never born, all right?

Xander: Well, I'm not inside right now, am I?

Brady: I'm watching every move you make.

Theresa: When I saw how upset Brady was about Xander being around me and the baby, I knew there had to be a way I could use that to my advantage.

Eve: And then you blew it with the broken ankle scam.

Theresa: You know what I love about you? How supportive you are. No, for your information, Brady is a very protective father, and I happen to be the only mother our baby has.

Eve: Oh, you poor little thing, you.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, you know what? How's your daughter? Have you talked to her lately, mother of the year? Huh, huh? Oh, I didn't think so. You know what? Xander's scary. He almost murdered two people. There's got to be some way I can make that work for me. [Sighs]

Jennifer: I just wish you could have been there, because Satterfield was just braying about how he's going to close down the center, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Eric: Yeah, well, that man is a jerk.

Jennifer: He is a jerk. But you know what? I don't want to talk about him. I want to talk about Caroline. She's doing well, huh?

Eric: Yeah. You know what? She looks like she's going to make a full recovery.

Jennifer: Good. And I understand it was Serena who got her help so quickly.

Eric: It was. In spite of everything, I can't help being grateful to her. Very grateful.

Daniel: I already told you, I'd keep my mouth shut about you recording Eric, and I have. So why do you keep talking about it?

Serena: I don't know. I guess I'm just afraid that you're going to change your mind.

Daniel: I won't. I want to forget anything that ever happened.

Serena: Really? You mean that?

Daniel: Yes.

Serena: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

[Cell phone beeps]

Daniel: All right, hold on here a second. All right, that's the hospital. I got to go. Okay.

Serena: Ah.

Kate: I said we needed to reschedule. I didn't say anything about hard feelings.

Clyde: I don't know, Kate. The last couple of days, I just get the feeling you're avoiding me. Except when you're pestering me with questions.

Kate: Pestering you? Well, I'll make sure to correct that impression.

Clyde: Good. I think we still make a great team.

Kate: I feel badly that she doesn't have any interest in you. I really do, because I'm seeing how you look at her, and it's sad.

[Cell phone rings]

Aiden: [Sighs] Certainly can't take that now.

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