Days Transcript Wednesday 8/12/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/12/15


Episode #12652 ~ Paul uncovers a stunning secret; Aiden starts to dig into Clyde's activities; Kate makes an honest admission to Marlena about Clyde; a conflicted Brady tries to come up with a solution to the Theresa problem.

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Brady: Oh, that's terrific. Kayla, thank you so much. Caroline's gonna be fine. She's getting stronger by the hour.

Maggie: Wonderful. Ah! So Theresa's at the hospital?

Brady: Probably.

Maggie: Hmm. Well, at least she had the courtesy to call me last night and tell me she wouldn't be back. I must say one thing for that girl. She's always been devoted to her grandmother.

Brady: I don't think Caroline's the only reason why Theresa didn't come home last night.

Theresa: Hey, grandma. Hi, hi. How are you feeling?

Caroline: Oh...

Theresa: Grandma?

Caroline: Huh? Actually, I feel pretty good, honey. [Chuckles]

Theresa: Good. That's amazing. I mean, aunt Kayla said that you were gonna be fine, but I've just been so worried.

Caroline: [Stammers] Whoa, be careful. But your ankle. Where are your crutches?

Theresa: Maybe I exaggerated a little bit.

Brady: It's called a lie.

Theresa: Well, that's harsh, Brady.

Brady: It's not harsh. A lie is a lie. You don't have a broken leg, do you?

Theresa: Well-- um... listen, about that...

Sonny: Thank you for doing this. The sitter's usually reliable, but lately--

Marlena: It's my pleasure. I had the morning free, and I know how much you and will want to go see Caroline. Is he still getting dressed?

Sonny: No, we're meeting at the hospital. He had an errand to run first.

Marlena: Uh-huh. Everything okay with you two men?

Will: What the hell, Derrick? You spent the night with Paul?

Derrick: Yeah. I thought everything was going really great, but--

Will: But what? Please, tell me you used the information that I gave you.

Derrick: Well, yeah, I mean, that's how I got as far as I did.

Will: What the hell did you do to make him pull away?

Derrick: I--he didn't-- look, will, I tried, okay? You can't blame me if Paul's still in love with your husband.

John: So I hear mad world is gonna make a bundle off those products you're endorsing.

Paul: Well, that's the hype anyway.

John: Trust me, with the name Narita, it's gonna make a killing.

Kate: Oh. This is special, father-son breakfast.

John: Yeah, special private father-son breakfast.

Kate: Oh, relax, I'm not gonna join you. I do hope you're proud of this young man, though. He's gonna do great things for mad world. But a word of advice. You need to move out of Salem inn. You need to find a place out of here. You know, you have to start thinking about your privacy, especially with that hot, new boyfriend.

Hope: Hey. Morning.

Rafe: Hi. Hey, there.

Hope: How are you?

Rafe: Good.

Hope: Good.

Rafe: We're closed, you know.

Hope: Yeah, but my ex-partner still has time to talk to an old friend, right?

Rafe: Right, yeah. Unless by "talk," you mean grilling me about Clyde Weston or what you think I heard Aiden say about Clyde Weston, then no.

Hope: You did hear something.

Rafe: Okay, hope, listen to me. For the last time, drop it. Weston is Aiden's client. I am not going--

Hope: Was.

Rafe: Was?

Hope: That's right. Not anymore, Aiden dropped him. So can we talk now? Hmm?

[Phone rings]

Clyde: Yeah? It's about time. Well, let me have it. What have you got for me on Aiden Jennings?

Kate: Uh-oh. You haven't told new dad about Derrick?

Paul: Kate, my personal life is none of your business.

Kate: Okay. Now, I couldn't agree with that more, and as long as you stay away from my grandson and his husband, I don't care how many bellboys you sleep with.

John: Oh, come on.

Paul: It's okay.

John: No, no, no, it's not. Excuse me for a minute. Kate, please? What are you doing? Come on, I want you just to back away from my son right now, okay?

Kate: All right. I have been nothing but supportive of Paul, including paying him a great deal of money.

John: Which he's giving all to charity.

Kate: Do you think I'm playing a game here? I'm not. I'm happy that he has an active love life, and that way, he'll stay out of sonny and will's. Now, I assume you and Marlena are on the same page when it comes to their marriage, right? Yeah, of course you are. Have a nice day.

Paul: Hey. Don't worry about her. I never let her get to me.

John: Good.

Paul: She's just protective of will, same way that you're protective of me.

John: Right. So this...Derrick guy?

Paul: It's nothing special, never will be.

John: You sound pretty sure about that.

Paul: I am.

Sonny: Things with will and I are fine. Really. And he loves the therapist you recommended, which is very helpful.

Marlena: Oh, I'm glad to hear that.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: I was also glad to hear that you and will went out with Paul and his friend.

Sonny: Derrick. Yeah, he's a really great guy. He is, and what was pretty cool is that will's the one that wanted us to go out together.

Marlena: Really?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Marlena: Wow. That's big.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. I don't think he feels threatened anymore around Paul.

Will: What is the matter with you? Why the hell would you say that Paul is still in love with sonny?

Derrick: 'Cause it's true.

Will: It's not. He slept with you last night, for god's sake.

Derrick: Nobody said he was a monk, will.

Will: He can't. My God.

Derrick: Hey... I mean, I wish it wasn't true. If I could have a real shot with Paul-- but I'm not stupid. I've seen the way that he looks at sonny... how he reacts when sonny says something--anything. He's in love with him.

Will: Shut up.

Derrick: You said so yourself. He went straight to sonny after he slept with me, just so sonny wouldn't think anything of it. Look, I've read the background info that you sent me on Paul. Sonny is the love of his life, and he always will be. It's pretty clear to me. Paul's sorry as hell he didn't marry sonny when he had the chance.

Theresa: Well, the stupid doctor overreacted. You know, he put a cast on me when he should've just told me to go home and ice it. Can you believe that?

Caroline: I thought x-rays were taken.

Theresa: Yeah, I guess. He was an intern, so... anyway, enough about that. Let's talk about you. I'm so glad that you're feeling better. Grandma, I don't know what I would have done if--

Caroline: Oh. [Scoffs]

Theresa: You know, my whole life, you're the only one I've been able to go to, and you always stick by me no matter what. You're the only one who understands me.

Caroline: You're not so hard to understand, honey, you just need so much.

Theresa: Well, I'm-- I'm doing better.

Caroline: Mm, yeah.

Theresa: You know, I have Tate, and... and you know, he's made me think about other people more, so...

Caroline: I'm glad, 'cause you should be home with Tate. I mean, every time I woke up, you were still here.

Theresa: I didn't want to leave you, I was so worried.

Caroline: Well, I'm fine. I'm fine. But Tate, now, he needs you, really. You should go home.

Maggie: I knew it. We knew it, we-- at least we suspected.

Brady: I made her take the cast off sitting right there.

Maggie: [Sighs] That girl, honestly.

Brady: I mean, how many times has she come up with some kind of scheme in order to stay here?

Maggie: Brady, it's not her staying here. It's her staying here with you.

Brady: I... I know, I'm aware of that. You know, Maggie, I went to the--I went to the hospital last night to see Caroline. Theresa was sitting there with her, talking to her, even though Caroline was asleep. She was pouring her heart out... talking about how unfair life is, lies that she's told, and her weaknesses. Maggie, it hit me. She...she is so alone.

Maggie: And you're worried about her.

Brady: No. I'm worried about my son.

Marlena: If will has finally reached a place where he doesn't feel threatened, well, that could be huge.

Sonny: I know. I think he knows it too. It would be nice if we could all be friends, especially with Paul.

Marlena: Oh. That wouldn't make you uncomfortable?

Arianna: Daddy!

Sonny: Somebody calls.

Marlena: No, no, no, no, no. You go on, I'll get it. Go ahead.

Sonny: Are you sure? Okay.

Marlena: Go, go, go, go, go.

Sonny: Well, thank you again, and my phone's on if you need me.

Marlena: [Laughs] Good-bye.

Sonny: [Sighs]

Will: Derrick, the research I gave you on Paul was from before he knew that sonny and I were married. Everything's changed now.

Derrick: You think?

Will: He'll honor sonny's decision and the marriage.

Derrick: Will, you slept with the guy. For you to do that means your marriage is already on thin ice.

Will: No, no. No, sonny and I, we've worked through all of that.

Derrick: Oh, really? Then why are you working your ass off to get me with Paul?

Will: said you wanted a chance--

Derrick: Yeah, I said I wanted a chance, and you helped me get that chance, by giving me the info from Paul's file.

Will: Derrick, you're not going to tell anybody about that.

Derrick: No, man. I'd never say it came from you. Besides, I'd still like a chance with Paul.

Will: Then go for it, Derrick, take that chance. Believe me, you have a good one. Just... take it slow.

Rafe: Wow. That is hard to believe that Aiden dropped Clyde.

Hope: I know, I was shocked.

Rafe:'re good. I'll give you that, hope, you're good.

Hope: I just found out last night. He dropped Ben too. Since Aiden is bound by attorney-client privilege, he obviously can't talk about why he made that decision.

Rafe: Hey, hope.

Hope: What?

Rafe: Do yourself a favor. Let it go.

Hope: There's something there, Rafe, you know there is. I know it and you know it. I can't keep going to Aiden. Learned my lesson there, believe me.

Rafe: Right, right, right, but it's okay to keep coming after me?

Hope: Oh, my God, seriously? What has happened to you? You've flipped on me. We both know that Aiden would never have dropped Clyde and Ben if he didn't find out something big. This changes everything. Rafe, please. You gotta help me out here. Please.

[Paper shredding]

Aiden: Huh. That's interesting.

Clyde: Do you think I care? You get yourself back out there and dig deeper then. Aiden Jennings made contact with people in Florida. I want to know who and I want to know why, so get on it.


John: This--this Derrick is just-- he's someone that you-- whoa. Strike that, okay?

Paul: What's wrong? What happened?

John: Nothing. Nothing, and I want to keep it that way. If there's something that I've learned from Brady, it's for me to stop sticking my nose in my son's life. So I just want you to be happy, Paul.

Paul: I am, I'm--I'm glad I came out, and I'm happy that I'm getting to know you.

John: Right back at you.

Paul: Actually, there's something I've been meaning to ask, and-- ever since I found out that you were my father, I-- I mean, I hardly knew what to say, and--or what to call you, but now, I--it kind of feels weird to call you john.

John: Well, let's fix that. I would be honored if you would just call me dad.

Paul: Sounds good. Dad.

Marlena: Shh, shh, shh. Ari's asleep.

Kate: And you're here because?

Marlena: Because sonny and will wanted to go see Caroline.

Kate: Oh, that's right. That poor thing.

Marlena: No, no, I think she'll be just fine.

Kate: Okay. Well, I'll get going then.

Marlena: No, you know, stay. She'll be up pretty soon, you can see her.

Kate: Okay. Know what I really want to do? I want to apologize for bringing up Clyde the way I did the other day.

Marlena: Do you know how well I understand you? I always have. And the truth is that I... I empathize with you over this situation.

Kate: "My situation," a euphemism for me being involved yet again with another man who will probably break my heart, what there is left of it.

Theresa: Tate doesn't need me.

Caroline: Oh.

Theresa: He's got his nanny and Maggie and Brady--

Caroline: Oh, sweetheart, the most important thing in a child's life is his mother, so go home.

Theresa: Uh, well, yeah--

Will: Who's ready for a visitor?

Caroline: Oh, yeah.

Theresa: Oh, hey. Hey, guys.

Will: Hey.

Theresa: Hi.

Will: Mwah.

Caroline: Oh!

Theresa: Long time no see.

Sonny: Hi, Theresa. How are you?

Will: Hey, there.

Theresa: Hi. How's Arianna?

Will: She's doing great. How's Tate?

Theresa: He's good. He's really thriving, it's-- he couldn't be better.

Will: Oh, that's really good to hear, but the question that I have to have answered is, how is my great-grandmother?

Caroline: Oh, just fine, fine, but we don't need to talk about me, and I have kept Jeannie Theresa here far too long. You should be home with Tate.

Theresa: [Groans]

Sonny: Don't worry, we won't tire her out.

Caroline: Now, go on, I mean it.

Theresa: Uh...[Chuckles] Okay, well... bye, grandma.

Caroline: A sweet kiss from me, hmm?

Theresa: Okay. Just get better, all right?

Caroline: Every minute, every minute. Give him that kiss.

Theresa: I will. Okay. Bye.

Will: Bye, hon.

Sonny: See you later.

Caroline: Ahh.

Theresa: [Sighs] Okay. No choice.

Brady: I tried, Maggie, from day one to make clear boundaries.

Maggie: I remember. She was gonna have her life, you were gonna have yours. The only important thing was Tate and his welfare. That was clear as a bell.

Brady: Mm-hmm, apparently not to Theresa.

Maggie: Well, maybe you shouldn't have been so considerate, letting her stay here to ease that transition.

Brady: All I want now is to have her head out that door. I want her out.

Maggie: Well, since her broken bone's been miraculously healed, looks like you're gonna get your wish. Honey, she is capable of living on her own. Brady.

Brady: Maggie, she is-- she is so lost. She's lost. I mean, the idea of her being alone with my son... for half the time with a joint custody agreement, I mean, she's gonna be raising him on her own. That's scary to me. I'm not okay with it.

Maggie: Well, Emma's gonna be with him.

Brady: Even with the nanny there, I mean, I don't-- I don't feel like my son is going--

Maggie: Safe. Safe.

Brady: Think about it. I mean, the only two people that Theresa has to rely on in this whole world is... her psycho sister eve and Anne Milbauer.

Maggie: Well, that says a lot. As angry as I am with that woman because of-- well, gee, that list could take me all day-- the point is... I am worried about her. I'm also worried about you. Victor and I will follow your lead, no question.

Brady: [Sighs]

Maggie: But if you let her stay here, that's yet another mixed signal.

Brady: You're--you're right.

Maggie: And that just tells her that she can pull any stunt that she wants and that you're gonna back down.

Brady: True.

Maggie: Okay, then she's got to understand, deep down, that unless she acts responsibly while she lives here, she's out the door. But ultimately, that's your call, Brady. You have to decide.

Derrick: Good, you got my text. Thanks for coming.

Paul: No problem. How are you?

Derrick: Fantastic. I had a great time last night.

Paul: Yeah, you know, I'm glad you brought that up, because I think it'll be good if we clear the air about some things.

Marlena: So, the situation with Clyde is--

Kate: Is going downhill fast.

Marlena: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

Kate: Oh, but I mean, it's not like it's big news. You know, it's not like I have a good track record with men. Victor, Stefano, Ian, and... then I run into a good guy like Rafe, and what do I do? I blow it.

Marlena: Hmm. What now?

Kate: Well, it looks like I've walked into it all over again, because Clyde is a dangerous man, most definitely. What are you thinking?

Marlena: I'm thinking you know I can't answer that question.

Kate: Yeah.

Marlena: And you know I can't answer the question, but you know what I can say? I'm pleased to see how you are analyzing yourself and the situation. I like that, and I think you're learning a lot in the process.

Kate: Let's hope so. Ugh, I really do have to go. Give Ari a kiss for me, okay?

Marlena: Oh, I will. She'll be so sorry she missed you.

Kate: Ah. Thanks for listening.

Marlena: Always.

Rafe: Hope, I would help you out if I could. You know I would. There's nothing I can do.

Hope: Then use Victor's people. He can get more intel in one day than the police can in a month.

Rafe: Really? Victor's people?

Hope: Yes.

Rafe: Do you not remember that Victor told me to back off of Clyde Weston?

Hope: There are ways around that.

Rafe: Hope, listen to me! I mean it! When--no, if Victor ever changes his mind, the best thing for you is to stay totally out of the loop.

Hope: Stop.

Rafe: No, yeah.

Hope: No, no, stop.

Rafe: No, you stop.

Hope: Rafe, stop, just--

Rafe: You took the words right out of my mouth. Detective, I've got work to do. If you'll see yourself out.

Hope: Rafe. [Sighs]

Rafe: Thank you.

Hope: Rafe, just-- Rafe!

Theresa: Okay, maybe I'll get lucky and no one will be home.

Brady: Theresa. Stop. So you think this chip is nothing to worry about?

Paul: I guess my point is, don't read anything into what happened between us.

Derrick: Right. Yeah, no, we're just having fun.

Paul: Thanks. I was hoping you'd understand.

Derrick: Yeah, sure, it's cool. So how was breakfast with your dad?

Paul: It was great, yeah. We're still getting to know each other, taking it slow. But we did take it up a notch, though. From now on, I'm calling him dad.

Derrick: Wow, that's-- that's a dream come true, right? I mean, soon enough you'll be playing ball with him at golden gate park.

Paul: Yeah, I always-- wait, how did you know that was my dream?

John: So do you need some information?

Aiden: Yeah, it's just... something that could help a problem I'm having.

John: All right, well, I'll help if I can.

Aiden: All right, well, it involves a case that you were working on a while back, a drug case.

Kate: Thank you. And thanks for meeting me.

Clyde: You don't have to thank me, Kate. I'd travel anywhere anytime to see you. I missed you last night.

Kate: I know, I'm sorry. I had one of those cannot-avoid-it meetings.

Clyde: Well, just don't make a habit of it, all right?

Kate: What's that supposed to mean?

Clyde: I like a woman who shows up when she says she's gonna.

Kate: You know, I--there is a time in a relationship when--

[Phone rings]

Clyde: Excuse me. Sorry. Yeah, what's going on?

Brady: Have a seat.

Theresa: Wow. Listen, Brady, if you want to talk, that's fine, but I really should call eve, you know? Go make arrangements--

Brady: That's gonna have to wait. How's Caroline?

Theresa: She's-- she's doing great. She's, uh, awake and alert. I mean, she's a little weak, but she's--she's doing good.

Brady: I'm glad to hear that.

Theresa: Thanks. When I thought she wasn't gonna wake up, I...

Brady: It's pretty scary. I know.

Theresa: Um... well, uh... now that grandma's doing better, I-I know you want me out of here. I should probably just go--

Brady: Theresa. Actually I want you to stay. about that dream-- golden gate park and the father you never had--remember?

Paul: I don't think so.

Derrick: No? Weird. I guess I must have read it in the article that will wrote.

Paul: That wasn't in the article.

Derrick: Well, then I guess I was right the first time. You must have told me about it.

Paul: What exactly did I tell you?

Derrick: That you had this fantasy as a kid that you'd find your dad at golden gate park and you'd play baseball with him.

Paul: Derrick, I-I didn't tell you anything about that at all, and it wasn't in the article. So you want to tell me how you knew?

Doctor's orders--sorry-- no extended visits. Mrs. Brady needs her rest.

Will: Got ya. Do that, okay?

Caroline: Yes.

Will: Get some rest. We'll be back soon, and maybe next time, we can bring Arianna.

Caroline: Oh, that would be heaven.

Sonny: All right, then we'll make it happen. The important thing is to see that you're feeling better. You've always been in our corner. We need you. I need you. You know how much I love you, right?

Caroline: Mm-hmm. Back at you, sonny.

Sonny: Get your rest.

Caroline: Thanks, thanks, thank you.

Aiden: So the police became aware of an increase in drug trafficking back in the fall? Is that--

John: Mmm, labor day, somewhere around there. I get back to the station, I'll check and let you know.

Aiden: Okay, great. Thank you, I appreciate it.

John: Yeah, no problem, but I got to get running. Uh, Aiden, quick question. I assume that this information is about a case you're handling?

Aiden: Well, not directly. Just trying to connect some dots.

John: All right, well, if I run across something on file, I'll let you know.

Aiden: All right, thanks again, john.

John: You got it.

Aiden: And thanks for stopping by.

John: Yup.

Aiden: [Sighs]

Clyde: All right, you keep at it, and keep me up to speed. Yeah. [Sighs] Uh... I am so sorry, Kate, but I'm gonna have to cut this short.

Kate: I just got here.

Clyde: I know, and I hate putting you out like this, but I gotta take care of something and it just won't wait. I'll see you tonight, okay?

Kate: The hell you will.

Clyde: What did you say?

Kate: It just seems that every time we meet lately, you have an excuse to go somewhere and do something else.

Clyde: Sweetheart, it's not an excuse, it's business.

Kate: You don't listen to a word I say!

Clyde: Of course that's not true.

Kate: Okay. You know, I guess what it is is I'm just getting tired of feeling like I'm an extra benefit in your life that you can take or leave.

Clyde: I hate this. I hate seeing you upset like this. I wish I could fix it. But we both got business to take care of, and... can we just set this aside for now and start over again tonight? My place?

Rafe: Trouble in paradise?

Kate: [Sighs]

Theresa: I... I'm a little lost, Brady. I mean, what's going on? What made you suddenly change your mind?

Brady: I'm gonna be very frank with you. I've been thinking a lot about your latest...stunt, Theresa, with your broken ankle.

Theresa: Brady, I really-- I'm sorry, I really--

Brady: Don't apologize. That's not gonna help. I'm sorry. I want to keep this civil with you, I really do. It's become very clear to me, Theresa, that you are willing to do anything you need to do to get what you want. Lie when it suits you. Threaten to leave the state. Force Melanie to... in any case, I've decided that I don't trust you with our son.

Theresa: What?

Brady: I'm not going to change the custody agreement. At least not yet. I don't think that has to be done. But because of your lies, because of your games, I've decided that I can only have somebody that I know and that I trust to keep an eye on you at all times when you are with my son. And that is why I want you to continue living here in this house.

Theresa: I--okay. Listen, Brady, I promise that I'm not gonna do--

Brady: I don't want you to promise any--you don't need to promise me anything. I think we both know how much those are worth. And there's only one thing left to say, Theresa. It's from me to you, and I suggest you listen up.

Brady: I love my son more than anything, but you... you, Theresa, you'll never be anything to me but his mother.

Theresa: Brady...

Brady: I will never forgive you for what you did to me, to Melanie, forcing her to leave.

Theresa: But I didn't--

Brady: Not to mention all of the lies, so let me be clear. You are here as Tate's mother. Nothing more. Stay away from me. Stay out of my life.

[Door closes]

Theresa: I'm still here. [Laughs]

Marlena: Think we'll get those changed and--

Will: Hi!

Marlena: Oh, look! Your daddies are home!

Will: Hey, sweetness! How was your nap?

Marlena: I think it was pretty good.

Sonny: Come here, sweetie.

Marlena: How's Caroline?

Will: She's looking good. I think she's gonna come through this just fine.

Sonny: You're kidding, right? She'll be stronger than ever, assuming that's even possible. She's an amazing woman. Ooh! Whoop! Someone needs changed. Someone needs changed.

Marlena: I was about to do that, really, I was. No, it's all yours, honey. You seem happy.

Will: I am.

Marlena: So can one assume that, I don't know, you and sonny are getting back on a even keel?

Will: Well, even better than even keel. Things are great, really great.

Derrick: Paul, come on, man. You must have told me about that dream.

Paul: No, never. And this isn't the first time that you pulled stuff out of my past either. You've known things about me that you couldn't have.

Derrick: All right, look, Paul. When I first met you, I thought you were really attractive and way out of my league and there was no way you'd be interested in some bellboy, so I went online, and--

Paul: None of this is online. This is all totally personal.

Derrick: Look, Paul. I was just trying to find a way to connect. All the snooping, it was-- it wasn't my idea.

Paul: Whose idea was it? Will Horton. He knew those things, every one of them, and he told you to bring them up so you could get to me.

Derrick: Okay, honestly... will sent me the notes from his interview sessions with you.

Paul: Seriously?

Derrick: Paul, I am so sorry, okay? I-I would never share that information with anyone. It's still totally private, okay?

Paul: Unbelievable.

Kate: Go ahead, dump on Clyde. Everyone else does.

Rafe: Oh, no, no. No, thanks. Making a judgment on that guy? It's not my call. Although I was hoping that by now you would have started to figure out what kind of guy Weston is.

Kate: Ah, there it is. Well, excuse me if I don't stick around and listen to it all. Although, FYI, maybe I'm seeing a guy who's difficult at times...

Rafe: Mm-hmm?

Kate: But at least I'm not pining away over someone who is completely unavailable.

Rafe: Wait. What? Hold on a second. What is that supposed to mean?

Kate: Oh, I think you know.

Rafe: No, I--

Hope: Pretty cut and dried. Typical politician--thinks he can skim and no one will ever find out. File's in my drop box if you want it.

John: Yeah, unfortunately I think I might have to go over it, so I better get cracking. Thanks.

Hope: Hey, welcome.

John: Oh, listen, one thing. Could you do me a favor and tell Aiden something? I just saw him but it slipped my mind. The venue for the little league game has changed to the middle school. Can you help me out?

Hope: Yeah, sure. I'll tell him. Oh, wait. So you saw Aiden?

John: Yeah, he wanted specifics on the Mendez investigation I was working on.

Hope: The drug case?

John: Yeah, drug case.

Hope: Yeah.

John: Thanks.

Hope: Bye.

Clyde: Hello, Counselor.

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